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Conservation DistList--Yearly Subject Index

A death
Byers, Barry, (01-27-2003)
Stamp, Ellen, (01-27-2003)
Barger, Susan, (03-12-2003)
Batterham, Ian, (03-31-2003)
Hurt, Perry, (04-02-2003)
Jacobson, Emily, (05-13-2003)
Minnick, Thor, (05-18-2003)
De Torres, Amparo R., (06-26-2003)
Silverman, Randy, (06-26-2003)
Derbyshire, Alan, (10-24-2003)
Henry, Walter, (10-29-2003)
Stoner, Joyce Hill, (11-03-2003)
Silverman, Randy, (12-03-2003)

A death--addendum
De Torres, Amparo R., (07-15-2003)

AAM Position statement on university natural history museums and collections
Henry, Walter, (11-25-2003)

AHRB session on textiles conservation
Wyeth, Paul, (12-06-2003)

AIC Angels project
Deller, Craig, (01-27-2003)
Deller, Craig, (03-26-2003)

AIC Architecture Specialty Group trip to Cuba
Jablonski, Mary A., (08-18-2003)

AIC Object Specialty Group Committee on Communications and Public Awareness
Griffin, Patricia S., (05-24-2003)

AIC Paintings Specialty Group rules of order
Galloway, Heather, (05-01-2003)

AIC Paintings Specialty Group tips session
Galloway, Heather, (03-27-2003)
Lewis, Mark, (10-21-2003)

AIC Photographic Materials Group
Daffner, Lee Ann, (01-09-2003)

AIC Photographic Materials Group--addendum
Watkins, Stephanie, (02-20-2003)
Daffner, Lee Ann, (02-26-2003)
DelHoyo, Julio, (03-10-2003)

ALCTS/PARS Cooperative Preservation Programs Discussion Group
Ogden, Barclay, (01-22-2003)

Romani, Ruben Dario, (06-21-2003)

ASHRAE guidelines
McManus, Noa Cahaner Neill McManus, (07-18-2003)

Prins, Steven, (08-01-2003)

Abstracts on indoor air quality
Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten, (12-18-2003)

Academic program in monument restoration
Hefnawy, Ahmed, (09-02-2003)

Account books and ledgers
Ridgen, Rob, (11-12-2003)
Craft, Angela, (11-17-2003)

McManus, Neill, (01-12-2003)
Lester, Stan, (02-07-2003)

Acrylic adhesives
Anderson, Priscilla, (05-01-2003)
Moy, Sara Anne, (05-05-2003)
Reidell, Sarah, (05-29-2003)
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (05-30-2003)
McManus, Neill, (05-31-2003)
Reidell, Sarah, (06-11-2003)

Acryloid B72
Espinola-Beery, Vera, (12-04-2003)
Monahan, Valery, (12-12-2003)
Koob, Stephen, (12-12-2003)
Perugini, Flavia, (12-12-2003)
Vine, Mark, (12-12-2003)

Adhesive for bronze and marble
Nilsen, Lisa, (11-05-2003)

Adhesive for exterior woodwork
Deurenberg, Rian, (05-21-2003)
Heller, Beth, (05-23-2003)
Self, Robert L., (05-28-2003)
Roundhill, Linda, (06-13-2003)
Roundhill, Linda, (06-13-2003)

Adhesive for mounting specimens on glass slides
Krotzer, Dorothy, (11-17-2003)

Adhesive for paper
Croney, Morgan, (10-13-2003)
Shores, Franklin, (10-17-2003)
McDermott, Allyson, (10-20-2003)

Adhesive for skin
Ramotnik, Cindy, (12-30-2002)

Adhesives for marble
Alvis, Alayne, (07-10-2003)
Maus, Michael, (07-16-2003)
Miller, Christine, (07-17-2003)
Griswold, John, (07-22-2003)

Adjustable metal shelving
Branigan, Liz, (12-10-2003)
Chapman, Vivien, (12-15-2003)

Henry, Walter, (01-28-2003)
Henry, Walter, (06-30-2003)
Henry, Walter, (06-06-2003)
Henry, Walter, (06-16-2003)
Henry, Walter, (09-26-2003)

Jeffers, Will, (02-06-2003)

Airborne concrete dust
Rimon, Hasia, (01-20-2003)

Album and ivory miniatures
De Veer, Marysa, (05-16-2003)

Albumen prints
Cameron, Becky, (09-27-2003)
Furic, Gwenola, (10-02-2003)

Algal growth on plaster
Briscoe, Frank, (11-14-2003)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (11-27-2003)

Altered paintings
Ross, John, (04-09-2003)

American Battlefield Protection Program
Henry, Walter, (06-23-2003)

Vacharopoulou, Kalliopi, (07-09-2003)

Anatomical specimen
Nash, Arthur, (07-22-2003)

Angels War Letters Project
Leeds, Wendy, (05-21-2003)

Archaeological wood
Sahlstedt, Malin, (03-21-2003)

Architectural plans
Hadlow, Elizabeth, (01-20-2003)

Archival Products News
Comer, Janice, (04-24-2003)
Comer, Janice, (06-04-2003)
Comer, Janice, (12-12-2003)

Archival storage of water samples
Howe, Mike, (03-04-2003)
Binnie, Nancy E., (03-14-2003)

Archives Conservation Discussion Group
St. John, Kristen, (05-19-2003)

Art Institute of Chicago receives Mellon grant
Hindman, John, (08-07-2003)

Tartt, Judith Watkins, (05-30-2003)
Mitchell, Matthew, (07-07-2003)

Arthur Eason
Moor, Angela H., (10-08-2003)

Article on restoring churches
Smith, Margaret J., (01-14-2003)

Artist conservators
Minsky, Richard, (01-06-2003)

Artist's books
Edmunson-Morton, Tiah, (03-22-2003)

Artists' studio collections
Roberts, Kate, (10-30-2003)

Asbestos fire screen
Vine, Mark, (10-28-2003)

Association of Forensic Document Examiners (AFDE)
Primanis, Olivia, (09-24-2003)

Authenticating manuscripts
Geiger, Barbara, (01-03-2003)

BPG discussion on use of adhesives on leather
Metzger, Consuela, (03-31-2003)

Back issues of JAIC sought
Murray, Alison, (02-17-2003)

Baghdad Museum
Chapman, Vivien, (09-26-2003)

Balaam workshops
Xarrie, Mireia, (09-15-2003)
Xarrie, Mireia, (10-02-2003)

Barbara Goldsmith Preservation Lecture
De Stefano, Paula, (05-01-2003)

Bay Area Art Conservation Guild
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (03-30-2003)
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (05-07-2003)
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret E., (11-30-2003)

Belgian rice starch
Geraty, Peter, (02-28-2003)

Binding archival materials
Merkel, Julia, (04-30-2003)
Nadal, Jacob J, (05-02-2003)

Biocides and sandstone
Gray, Donovan Michael, (09-12-2003)
Trinkley, Michael, (09-17-2003)

Biodeterioration and photographs
Lourenco, Miguel, (04-10-2003)

Birch bark manuscripts
Gilroy, Nicole, (04-08-2003)
Bentchev, Ivan, (04-11-2003)

Cheyne, Sally, (05-01-2003)
Moller, Berit, (05-05-2003)

Bleaching agents and masonry
Wells, Jeremy, (12-12-2003)

Maguire, Nuala, (12-05-2003)

Board shears
Jones, Wendy, (10-15-2003)

Bogle Pratt International Library Travel Award
Drewes, Jeanne, (09-24-2003)

Bollettino ICR
Buzzanca, Giancarlo, (04-10-2003)

Bollettino dell'ICR
Buzzanca, Giancarlo, (11-17-2003)

Kyriazi, Evangelia, (03-04-2003)
Stollman, Sasha, (03-13-2003)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (03-24-2003)

Bone fills
Beiner, Gali, (07-27-2003)
Haake, Sophie, (07-28-2003)
Stollman, Sasha, (07-31-2003)

Book and paper event
Aurand, Gudrun, (08-04-2003)

Book cradles
Kelly, Tony, (07-29-2003)
Clarke, Mark, (07-31-2003)
Hinz, Dagmar, (08-01-2003)

Dunlap, Sue, (02-13-2003)

Books on pest management
Ryan, Mark, (04-29-2003)
Di Bagno, Andrea, (04-30-2003)
Bignell, Graham, (04-30-2003)
Dabney, Karen, (04-30-2003)
Beerling, Heather, (04-30-2003)
Moore, Simon, (05-02-2003)
Bergh, Jan-Erik, (05-04-2003)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (05-25-2003)

Brass lacquer
Maltby, Susan L., (05-07-2003)

British Association of Paper Historians
Finch, Lorraine, (02-20-2003)
Finch, Lorraine, (10-06-2003)

Bubble wrap
Tsatsouli, Konstantia, (09-03-2003)

Bursaries for conservation research
Greenwood, John, (05-22-2003)

Bursaries for conservators and craftsmen
Spriggs, Jim, (12-12-2003)

Bursaries for course in glass conservation course
Black, James, (03-13-2003)

Butter paper on photograph
Singh, Madhavi, (01-11-2003)

C-type prints
Stamatopoulou, Eugenia, (07-04-2003)

CD jewel cases
Gillies, Karl, (10-28-2003)
Iraci, Joe, (10-29-2003)
Boral, John, (10-29-2003)
Farley, Jonathan, (10-30-2003)

CD jewel cases--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (11-06-2003)

Calcimine paint
Fry, Caroline Mary, (03-20-2003)

Calcium phytate
Ramsay, Linda, (01-23-2003)

Calibrating dataloggers
Knight, Barry, (06-23-2003)

Call for Papers--Archiving
Chapman, Stephen, (09-16-2003)

Call for nominations--Esther J. Piercy Award
Boomgaarden, Wes, (09-26-2003)

Call for papers--AIC Annual Meeting
Griffin, Patricia S., (02-20-2003)

Call for papers--AIC Architecture Specialty Group
Munsch, Guy, (08-15-2003)

Call for papers--AIC Book and Paper Group
Stauderman, Sarah, (10-17-2003)

Call for papers--AIC Objects Specialty Group
Paterakis, Alice, (07-30-2003)
Paterakis, Alice, (10-16-2003)

Call for papers--AIC Paintings Specialty Group
Lewis, Mark, (10-21-2003)

Call for papers--AIC Research and Technical Studies
Murray, Alison, (10-20-2003)

Call for papers--AIC Research and Technical Studies--corrigendum
Murray, Alison, (11-11-2003)

Call for papers--AIC Textile Specialty Group
Kiefer, Kathleen, (10-15-2003)

Call for papers--AIC Wooden Artifacts Group
Moore, Jeff, (10-29-2003)

Call for papers--Applied arts and ethnographic objects
Harter, Monika, (06-12-2003)

Call for papers--Archaeologist/Conservator collaboration
Machovec, Kimberly, (06-06-2003)

Call for papers--Architectural paint research in building conservation
Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten, (07-18-2003)

Call for papers--Archiving
Nishimura, Douglas, (05-30-2003)

Call for papers--Book, paper and parchment conservation
Kolar, Jana, (09-02-2003)

Call for papers--CAC Annual Conference
Bernicky, Chantal, (09-30-2003)

Call for papers--Chemical technology of wood, pulp and paper
Wouters, Jan, (01-14-2003)

Call for papers--Collection Forum
Pinzl, Ann, (11-10-2003)

Call for papers--Combination of materials in art technology and conservation
Corbach, Almuth, (07-26-2003)

Call for papers--Conservation of paper, books, and photographic materials
Peel, Rose, (03-25-2003)
Peel, Rose, (05-19-2003)

Call for papers--Environmental monitoring
Jackson, Rab, (02-17-2003)

Call for papers--Ethnographic conservation
Miles, Roisin, (09-29-2003)

Call for papers--ICOM-CC Wet Organic Archaeological Materials Working Group
Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten, (07-04-2003)

Call for papers--JAIC special issue
Pearlstein, Ellen, (05-28-2003)

Call for papers--Leather conservation
Watts, Siobhan, (08-08-2003)

Call for papers--Management of cultural heritage sites
Jaeschke, Helena, (02-20-2003)

Call for papers--Mounting and Housing Art on Paper
Kosek, Joanna, (09-23-2003)

Call for papers--Readings in Paper Conservation
Ellis, Margaret Holben, (05-31-2003)

Call for papers--Reviews in Conservation
Streeton, Noelle, (05-29-2003)

Call for papers--Reviews in Conservation--corrigendum
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (05-30-2003)

Call for papers--SPNHC Annual Meeting
Arenstein, Rachael, (12-01-2003)

Call for papers--Society of Archivists Conservation Training Conference
Ramsay, Linda, (10-30-2003)

Call for papers--Textiles conservation
Wyeth, Paul, (08-07-2003)

Call for papers--Working with the project culture
Bhambra, Surinder, (05-07-2003)

Call for posters--AIC Annual Meeting
Carroll, Valinda, (11-06-2003)

Call for posters--Cultural web sites
Buzzanca, Giancarlo, (05-21-2003)

Call for posters--Granite and marble
Schur, Susan E., (09-25-2003)

Canvas stamp
Schaefer, Iris, (10-28-2003)

Barletta, Stefania, (10-28-2003)
Shores, Franklin, (10-29-2003)

Care of Collections Forum annual meeting
Berry, Janet, (05-12-2003)

Carpet pad
Burgess, Jo, (09-26-2003)

Casein based paint
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (08-27-2003)
Portell, Jean D., (09-04-2003)
Byrne, Richard O., (09-03-2003)

Cast polyester resin sculpture
Briggs, Barry, (09-26-2003)

Cellophane tape
Brennan, Niamh, (01-10-2003)

Ceramic funerary wreath
Murray, Will, (06-26-2003)
Barnett, Jenny, (06-27-2003)

Podany, Jerry, (12-18-2002)
Maish, Jeffrey, (12-19-2002)
Barbagallo, Ron, (01-08-2003)
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (01-10-2003)
Podany, Jerry, (01-15-2003)

Chestnut powder
Roundhill, Linda, (12-20-2002)

Chinese lacquer
Wolf, Julia, (07-17-2003)

Christmas tree in museum
Potje, Karen, (12-02-2003)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (12-05-2003)
Shiner, Jerry, (12-04-2003)
Bergh, Jan-Erik, (12-14-2003)
Seames, S. T.C., (12-16-2003)

Citing treatment reports and unpublished documents
Pine, Steven, (07-31-2003)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (08-01-2003)
Seeley, Nigel, (08-06-2003)
Lowengard, Sarah, (08-07-2003)
Hessling, Janet W., (08-09-2003)
Smith, Christine, (08-15-2003)

Cleaning acrylic sheeting
Tragett, Caroline, (04-24-2003)
Cannon, George W., (04-28-2003)
Stark, Ron, (04-25-2003)
Vine, Mark, (04-28-2003)

Cleaning manuscripts
Lesaca, Miren De Miguel, (02-01-2003)

Cleaning marble
Chua, Aihua, (09-16-2003)

Cleaning photographs
Treviso, Sara Filippin -, (09-24-2003)

Cleaning sculpture
Hayha, Heikki, (03-17-2003)

Cleaning services
Edgerton, Martha, (12-18-2003)

Cleaning steel
Ogden, Jack, (08-11-2003)

Cleaning textiles
Lavi, Mimi, (11-23-2003)

Cleaning vellum
Dunlap, Sue, (12-04-2003)

Cleaning with carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen
Kozarzewski, Marcin, (04-30-2003)

Coating on iron
Woor, Felicity, (05-06-2003)

Coil bindings
Krueger, Holly Huston, (10-07-2003)
Moss, Jim, (10-08-2003)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (10-08-2003)

Cold storage
Page, Julie, (10-19-2003)
Shiner, Jerry, (10-24-2003)

Phillips, Christina, (05-23-2003)

Collections Conservation Discussion Group
Hellman, Ethel, (05-28-2003)

Colloquium on scientific examination of art
Zimmer, Jeffrey, (01-29-2003)

Color measurement spreadsheet--addendum
Perkinson, Roy, (06-10-2003)

Color targets for digital imaging
Re, Christine Del, (08-13-2003)
Vitale, Tim, (08-18-2003)
Cupitt, John, (08-26-2003)
Vitale, Tim, (10-24-2003)

Color targets for digital microscopy
Whitbeck, Michael, (08-27-2003)
Padfield, Joseph, (08-29-2003)

Compact shelving
Cook, Eleanor, (10-28-2003)

Condition glossary for maiolica tiles
Cleere, Duygu, (03-28-2003)

Condition reports sought
Quinlan, Terrence, (04-24-2003)

Condition surveys
Hain, Jennifer E., (08-01-2003)

Conductivity meter
McAfee, Chris, (06-12-2003)
Braun, Tom James, (06-20-2003)
Shiner, Jerry, (06-21-2003)
Wells, Jeremy, (06-20-2003)
Roundhill, Linda, (06-26-2003)
Schwartz, George, (06-28-2003)
Bischoff, Judy, (07-02-2003)
Severson, Kent, (07-02-2003)

Conference host sought
Hanna, Hany Aziz Hanna, (08-12-2003)

Conference on Digital Printing and Photography
Smith, Anthony W., (01-22-2003)

Conference on Reigate stone
Band, Jenny M., (10-31-2003)

Conference on anoxia
Collins, Chris, (07-15-2003)

Conference on anoxia--addendum
Jacobs, David, (09-26-2003)

Conference on authentication
Espuna, Anna Vila, (06-05-2003)

Conference on building projects in libraries and archives
Riley, Alicia, (03-10-2003)

Conference on conservation of plastics
Dobrusskin, Sebastian, (05-18-2003)

Conference on conservation of the built environment
Jackson, Rab, (06-10-2003)

Conference on digitization
Singh, Juanita, (07-18-2003)

Conference on digitization--addendum
Foley, Lori, (09-26-2003)

Conference on disasters
Wellheiser, Johanna, (04-20-2003)

Conference on exterior architectural metals
Schur, Susan E., (01-27-2003)

Conference on image re-integration
Brown, Jean E., (05-01-2003)

Conference on indoor air quality
Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten, (11-04-2003)

Conference on manuscripts librarianship
Muller, Anne, (02-03-2003)

Conference on metal detecting and conservation
Dillon, Jo, (11-27-2003)

Conference on mold
Rauch, Angelika, (04-22-2003)

Conference on photographic collections
De Lusenet, Yola, (05-28-2003)

Conference on photographic collections--addendum
De Lusenet, Yola, (07-17-2003)

Conference on preserving America's printed resources
Rosenberg, Tracy, (03-19-2003)

Conference on reference library of deteriorated fibers
Merritt, Jane, (02-13-2003)

Conference on textile conservation
Iannuccilli, Claudia, (03-13-2003)
Iannuccilli, Claudia, (05-23-2003)

Conference on textiles
Wyeth, Paul, (06-05-2003)

Conferences on history of paper
Finch, Lorraine, (05-09-2003)

Conservation and Art Materials Encyclopedia Online (CAMEO)
Derrick, Michele, (09-20-2003)

Conservation assessment
Schlesinger, Cara, (03-07-2003)

Conservation books for sale
Maire, Marc, (11-17-2003)

Conservation equipment for sale
Lindsay, Helen, (08-07-2003)

Conservation fiction
Henry, Walter, (08-22-2003)

Conservation services sought
Hanna, Hany Aziz Hanna, (08-18-2003)

Conservation technicians
Lester, Stan, (04-16-2003)
Grandinette, Maria, (04-17-2003)

Conservator listing
Burns, Jason M., (11-10-2003)

Consolidating bone
Cardenas, Sayde Sortibran, (06-26-2003)
So, Tanya, (06-28-2003)
Maus, Michael, (06-30-2003)
Jaeschke, Helena, (07-02-2003)

Consolidating fossil redwood
Maus, Michael, (10-08-2003)

Consolidating marble
Hernandez, Pilar, (05-09-2003)
Wells, Jeremy, (05-14-2003)

Consolidating paint
Heller, Beth, (05-12-2003)
Heller, Beth, (05-15-2003)

Cooperative purchase of folder stock
Facini, Michelle, (01-28-2003)

Copying photographs
Elwing, James, (04-02-2003)
Ribeiro, Luis, (04-04-2003)

Perugini, Flavia, (09-24-2003)
Norton, Ruth, (09-30-2003)

Sixbey, Pete, (08-18-2003)
Storch, Paul, (08-20-2003)

Flinn, Alex, (01-10-2003)
Harvey, David, (01-11-2003)
Gallagher, Patrick, (01-16-2003)
Flinn, Alex, (06-20-2003)

Cosmati pavement
Simeoni, Vanessa, (07-02-2003)

Cotton headtape
Cheyne, Sally, (10-08-2003)
Bubb, Ruth, (10-17-2003)
Shiner, Jerry, (10-17-2003)

Woollett, Kate, (10-28-2003)
Dixon, Tom, (10-29-2003)
Fahey, Mary, (10-29-2003)
Scott, Graeme, (10-30-2003)
Manitta, Sharon, (11-02-2003)
Svoboda, Marie, (11-03-2003)
Marshall, Tina, (11-11-2003)

Course on X-ray radiography
O'connor, Sonia, (05-20-2003)

Course on ceramics conservation
Botha, Hazel, (02-21-2003)

Course on chemistry
Pilette, Roberta, (04-10-2003)

Course on chemistry for conservators
O'Brien-Miller, Laura, (12-27-2002)

Course on conservation of flint buildings
Campbell, Liz, (07-01-2003)

Course on conservation of masonry
Mecklenburg, Mike, (06-13-2003)

Course on costume and textiles collections management
Varnell, Cara, (01-09-2003)

Course on digitization
Maroso, Amy, (12-05-2003)

Course on gilding
Campbell, Liz, (03-05-2003)

Course on health and safety in museums
Hawks, Catharine, (12-19-2003)

Course on history of decorated bookbinding
Marshall, Tina, (05-15-2003)

Course on laser cleaning
Sochanik, Zofia, (07-18-2003)
Morelli, Francesca, (08-28-2003)
Sochanik, Zofia, (09-01-2003)

Course on medieval colorants
Henry, Walter, (09-30-2003)

Course on painting
Xarrie, Mireia, (05-27-2003)

Course on paper conservation
Albillos, Cristina, (03-05-2003)

Course on photographic preservation
Xarrie, Mireia, (10-31-2003)

Course on removing pressure-sensitive tape
Pourchot, Eric, (06-27-2003)
Pourchot, Eric, (07-29-2003)

Course on restoration of Japanese swords
Del Bianco, Carlotta, (07-01-2003)

Course on rigging and safety
Wellman, Howard B., (09-03-2003)

Course on rigging and safety--addendum
Wellman, Howard B., (10-16-2003)

Course on sharpening edge tools
Campbell, Liz, (08-04-2003)

Course syllabi sought
Paine, Shelley Reisman, (12-20-2003)

Courses at Centre for Photographic Conservation
Moor, Angela H., (10-22-2003)
Moor, Angela H., (11-18-2003)

Courses at South African Academy of Ceramics Conservation
Botha, Hazel, (12-01-2003)

Courses at West Dean College
Campbell, Liz, (12-18-2002)
Campbell, Liz, (03-28-2003)
Campbell, Liz, (07-15-2003)
Thurston, Isabel, (10-24-2003)

Courses at the Centro del bel libro Ascona
Mesmer, Renate, (02-21-2003)

Courses in bookbinding
Bearman, Fred, (03-06-2003)

Courses in building archaeology
Self, Robert L., (03-11-2003)

Courses in glass conservation and pest management
Black, James, (01-20-2003)

Courses on bookbinding
Bearman, Fred, (04-11-2003)

Courses on disasters and housekeeping
Mouzouropoulos, Sophia, (12-02-2003)

Courses on furniture conservation
Deller, Craig, (05-30-2003)

Courses on laser cleaning
Thomas, David, (12-24-2002)
Sochanik, Zofia, (05-15-2003)

Courses on laser cleaning--addendum
Thomas, David, (02-03-2003)

Courses on photographic conservation
Moor, Angela H., (01-24-2003)

Cultural Heritage Search Engine
Tine, Sergio, (01-15-2003)

Cultural heritage in Iraq
Adams, Christine, (04-07-2003)
Wadum, Jorgen, (04-15-2003)
Wadum, Jorgen, (04-14-2003)
Primanis, Olivia, (04-16-2003)
Primanis, Olivia, (04-16-2003)
Primanis, Olivia, (04-17-2003)
Jullien, Valerie, (04-28-2003)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (04-29-2003)
Tumosa, Charles S., (04-30-2003)
Mussey, Robert, (05-01-2003)
Minnick, Thor, (05-06-2003)
Cremers, Ton, (05-07-2003)

Weichert, Maja, (11-21-2003)
Strehle, Helle, (12-01-2003)
Blana, Matthias, (12-06-2003)

DNA and conservation
Vuissoz, Annick, (03-10-2003)

DVD on preservation of analog video
Vitale, Tim, (02-27-2003)

Damaged ebonized finish
Shaw, Suzi, (06-18-2003)

Kern, Fran, (01-16-2003)

Pearlstein, Ellen, (03-27-2003)
Lobon, Mar Gomez, (05-20-2003)
Dickens, Jenny, (05-28-2003)
Clarke, Tony, (05-30-2003)
Thompson, Jack C., (06-02-2003)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (06-02-2003)
Lamb, Carolyn, (06-03-2003)
Wheeler, June, (06-04-2003)
Ellis, Scott, (06-17-2003)
Wharton, Glenn, (08-23-2003)
Urich, Jim, (08-27-2003)
Ellis, Scott, (08-27-2003)
Knapp, Betsey, (08-27-2003)
Arenstein, Rachael, (08-27-2003)

Dead Media Project
McAfee, Chris, (02-21-2003)

Demolition of neighboring buildings
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (04-23-2003)

Lowry, Kate, (09-05-2003)

Describing photograph collections
Klijn, Edwin, (04-03-2003)

Designing a conservation facility
Dzikic-Nikolic, Aleksandra, (12-01-2003)
Gardner, Cindy, (12-12-2003)

Detached old plaster
Riyad, Nurjihan, (04-24-2003)

Deteriorated magnetic tape samples sought
Nishimura, Douglas, (12-17-2003)

Dibasic ester paint removal systems
Evans, Jocelyn, (03-27-2003)
Pearlstein, Ellen, (03-29-2003)

Digital imaging of paper and parchment
Lowe, Adam, (12-12-2003)

Digital prints
Segal, Joe, (10-10-2003)

Digital projection
Vitale, Tim, (10-13-2003)

Disaster resources in UK
Arribas, Angels, (06-10-2003)

Disaster resources in UK--addendum
Arribas, Angels, (03-10-2003)

Discoloration of printing papers
Rasmussen, Michael Hojlund, (03-24-2003)

Discolored paper
Kraan, Marieke, (07-28-2003)
Green, Simon Barcham, (07-31-2003)
Singh, Madhavi, (08-01-2003)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (08-01-2003)

Display and storage
Perugini, Flavia, (05-06-2003)

Display cases
Pigniolo, Loren C., (09-26-2003)

Displaying archaeological amber
Brough, Janet, (04-04-2003)

Displaying brass in water
Campbell, Lynn, (05-29-2003)
Whitbeck, Michael, (05-30-2003)
Harvey, David, (05-31-2003)

Displaying large photographic print
Birkmaier, Ulrich, (05-01-2003)
Juergens, Martin, (05-03-2003)

Distance learning on disaster planning
Riley, Alicia, (12-03-2003)

Maganari, Maria, (11-19-2003)

Documenting conservation materials
Vine, Mark, (02-08-2003)

Donations of materials sought
Wilson, Lara, (05-08-2003)

Dragon's Blood
Smith, Gregory, (04-28-2003)
Woodcock, Sally, (04-26-2003)
Prins, Steven, (04-26-2003)
Prince, Clare, (04-27-2003)

Bogdahn, Nicole, (04-06-2003)
Thompson, Jack C., (04-09-2003)

Dry slaked lime
Soffer, Orit, (07-11-2003)

Phillips, Laura, (07-28-2003)

Sakowski, Edward, (06-20-2003)
Fraser, Ian, (06-21-2003)
Oleszewski, Craig, (06-21-2003)
Moss, Jim, (06-24-2003)

Dust cloths
Downey, Anne E., (05-08-2003)
Hickey-Friedman, Laramie, (05-13-2003)
Lloyd, Helen, (05-14-2003)
Fox, Lisa, (05-14-2003)

Dust cloths--corrigendum
Lloyd, Helen, (05-20-2003)

Greenan, Monica, (01-10-2003)
Editor, Swiss, (07-22-2003)

Earthen wall decorations
Karimy, Amir Hosein, (11-25-2003)

Eastern Analytical Symposium
Scott, John, (05-22-2003)

Educational opportunities in Germany
Kuon, Rosanna, (08-03-2003)

Elsec 764
Downey, Anne E., (05-13-2003)
Ellis, Shirley, (05-14-2003)
Kerschner, Rick, (05-20-2003)

Embroidery pattern ink
Barnett, Jenny, (03-24-2003)

Enclosures for data loggers
Breeze, Hope, (01-21-2003)
Jeffers, Will, (01-21-2003)

Enclosures for dataloggers
Joerger, Tricia, (01-16-2003)

English mandrake
Greig, Anne, (03-17-2003)

Scott, Matthew, (12-08-2003)
Kerschner, Rick, (12-17-2003)

Enzymes and silk
Takami, Mika, (12-03-2003)

Eprint repository
Davidson, Joy, (08-06-2003)

Lorenz, Anja, (04-28-2003)

Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (08-05-2003)

Euchologion of Mar Saba
Rivero, Alejandro, (04-14-2003)

Exhibit display and mounting techniques
Bye, Pat, (12-10-2003)

Exhibition on bookbinding and conservation
Bearman, Frederick, (11-05-2003)

External coatings on historic buildings
Soffer, Orit, (06-05-2003)
Pellissier, Pierlucio, (06-21-2003)
Guerra, Edgardo Pinto, (06-29-2003)

Extranets for conservation clients
Lowengard, Sarah, (09-10-2003)
Lowengard, Sarah, (10-21-2003)

FAIC scholarships for conservation professionals from Latin America and the Caribbean
Pourchot, Eric, (11-14-2004)

FTIR spectra of organic pigments
Decoux, Sandrine, (09-04-2003)
Martin, James, (09-08-2003)
Whitbeck, Michael, (09-05-2003)

Fabrics for lining
Knutas, Per, (11-11-2003)

Cosmin, Gliga, (05-05-2003)

Facing systems for easel paintings
Friendship, Emma Louise, (03-24-2003)

Fellowship at Historic Scotland
Mitchell, David S., (03-20-2003)
Brown, Carol E., (10-07-2003)
Brown, Carol E., (12-15-2003)

Fellowship at Huntington Library
Rogers, Susan, (01-24-2003)

Fellowship at Menil Collection
Epley, Bradford A., (01-24-2003)

Fellowship at NARA
De la Rie, Rene, (08-29-2003)

Fellowship at National Gallery of Canada
Maheux, Anne, (11-19-2003)

Fellowship at SCMRE
N'Gadi, Ann B., (01-17-2003)

Fellowship at SPNEA
Godla, Joe, (01-24-2003)

Fellowship at Vienna University of Technology
Linke, Robert, (09-30-2003)

Fellowship at Worcester Art Museum
Albertson, Rita, (10-13-2003)

Fellowships at Quinque Foundation
Goldberg, Lauren A., (02-12-2003)

Fellowships at SCMRE
N'Gadi, Ann B., (12-20-2002)
N'Gadi, Ann B., (01-17-2003)

Fellowships at Winterthur
Buggeln, Gretchen, (06-19-2003)

Fellowships at the National Museum of the American Indian
Kaminitz, Marian, (10-02-2003)

Fellowships sought
Kapoor, Priya, (09-21-2003)

Zarazua, Isabel, (11-04-2003)

Felt-tip pens
Waller, Christoph, (05-25-2003)

Fiberglass sculpture
Gare, Justin, (11-11-2003)

Fillers and matting agents
Poulsson, Tina Grette, (11-09-2003)

Film about the burning of National Library, Bosnia
Doyle, Beth, (08-01-2003)

Finishing wood
Hennebury, Mark, (03-11-2003)

Fire at University of Georgia Library
Henry, Walter, (07-28-2003)

Fire extinguishers
Berry, Cynthia Kuniej, (01-30-2003)

Fire protection
Bendix, Caroline, (06-02-2003)

Fire suppression systems
Hickey-Friedman, Laramie, (01-02-2003)
Wells, Jeremy, (01-09-2003)
Trela, Richard, (01-17-2003)
Trebbe, Jill C., (03-14-2003)

Fishing flies
Vine, Mark, (01-10-2003)

Flaking gilding
Robinson, Christopher, (04-02-2003)

Flameproofing velvet curtain
Von Lerber, Karin, (10-28-2003)
Untch, Katharine, (10-30-2003)
Mibach, Lisa, (11-01-2003)
Mussey, Robert, (11-07-2003)

Flooring for microfilm storage area
Baily, Stephanie, (05-29-2003)

Fluorescent lighting for exhibitions
Potje, Karen, (06-05-2003)
Himmelstein, Paul, (06-27-2003)

Foam-laminated garments
Shiner, Jerry, (12-20-2002)

O'Loughlin, Ben, (09-03-2003)
McKay, Prue, (09-19-2003)

Forum on conservation of post-war paintings
Foster, Rebecca, (01-30-2003)

Puglisi, Cristina, (08-06-2003)
Moss, Jim, (08-09-2003)

Fountain and mineral deposits
Lisella, Jennifer, (11-13-2003)

Lougheed, Sandra, (07-31-2003)

Frame conservation facilities in Paris
Easter, Jeanmarie, (05-11-2003)

Framing equipment sought
Wynne-Jones, Robert Ellis, (08-14-2003)

Farancz, Alan M., (04-03-2003)
Tremain, David A., (04-04-2003)
Tremain, David A., (04-08-2003)
Martin, Miranda K., (04-13-2003)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (04-17-2003)

Freeze-drying equipment
Van Walle, Frederick de, (09-19-2003)

Freezers and freeze-drying facilities
Dunlap, Sue, (10-27-2003)
Dean, John F., (10-29-2003)

Fume extraction system
Rimon, Hasia, (06-30-2003)

Fungal growth on photographic materials
Florian, Mary-Lou, (01-09-2003)

Fukumaru, Naoko, (09-30-2003)
Arnold, Lori, (10-07-2003)

GCI Conservation Guest Scholar program
Saperstein, Sheri, (07-21-2003)

GCI Project Bibliographies online
Saperstein, Sheri, (03-12-2003)

Galvanic reaction
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (11-18-2003)
Whitbeck, Michael, (12-01-2003)

Garment hangers
Shiner, Jerry, (01-14-2003)

Gasket materials
Graham, Fiona, (05-12-2003)
Moss, Jim, (08-23-2003)
Thompson, Jack C., (08-27-2003)

Georges Mathieu
Pugliese, Marina, (05-30-2003)

Gerry Hedley Student Symposium
Kessel, Maria E., (03-11-2003)

Gessoed parchment
Geraty, Peter, (08-22-2003)
Derbyshire, Alan, (08-26-2003)
Mowery, Frank, (08-27-2003)

Girdle books
Smith, Margit J., (02-10-2003)

Glass plate negatives
Innocenti, Sara, (01-15-2003)
Flesch, Balint, (01-18-2003)
Innocenti, Sara, (04-22-2003)

Glass slides
White, Susan, (03-29-2003)

Graduate program in conservation science
Caruana, Martina, (06-16-2003)

Graphite on gilded lead ornaments
Barnes, Nancy, (09-18-2003)

HEPA filter hood
Biddle, Michaelle, (04-07-2003)
McCraith, Iona, (04-08-2003)

HOBO weather stations
Galea, Mario, (12-18-2003)
Ellis, Scott, (12-22-2003)

Handling materials on television
Jones, Shirley, (07-03-2003)
Waymouth, Robyn, (07-04-2003)
Pickwoad, Nicholas, (07-04-2003)
Bendix, Caroline, (07-06-2003)
Buelow, Anna, (07-08-2003)
Shaftel, Ann, (07-08-2003)
Moss, Jim, (07-08-2003)
Ogden, Jack, (07-11-2003)
Fountain, Clint, (07-11-2003)
Jones, Shirley, (07-23-2003)

Handmade paper
Lee, Lex, (08-23-2003)

Handmade sticky traps
Hernandez, Pilar, (10-10-2003)
Spencer, Helen, (10-17-2003)

Hayle Mill
Green, Simon Barcham, (08-03-2017)
Green, Simon Barcham, (12-23-2003)

Hayle Mill damaged by fire
Green, Simon Barcham, (06-23-2003)

Hinging photographs
Derow, Jonathan Paul, (04-07-2003)

History of preventive conservation
Rodriguez, Anel, (04-25-2003)
Brown, Jonathan P., (04-27-2003)

History of technology web sites
Cather, Sharon, (01-09-2003)
Chase, W. T., (01-11-2003)

History of web sites concerning conservation
Buzzanca, Giancarlo, (01-29-2003)

Hornemann Institute Newsletter
Brune, Cord, (02-26-2003)

Household products database
Riss, Dan, (09-03-2003)

Long, Jane, (09-15-2003)

Lewis, Gordon A., (07-25-2003)

Hygrothermographs available
Kelly, Katherine Swift, (08-19-2003)

IADA Congress
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (06-10-2003)

ICCROM publications
Paganelli, Gianna, (12-30-2003)

ICN courses and masterclasses
Siedenburg, Loes, (01-20-2003)

ICOM resolution on threats to museums
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (08-10-2003)

ICOM-CC Newsletter
Wadum, Jorgen, (03-30-2003)

ICOM-CC Preprints
Wadum, Jorgen, (01-23-2003)

ICOM-CC Wood and Furniture Working Group
Hanna, Hany Aziz Hanna, (02-14-2003)

ICOM-CC and war
Wadum, Jorgen, (03-02-2003)

ICOM-CC-Wood, Furniture and Lacquer Newsletter.
Hanna, Hany Aziz Hanna, (12-04-2003)

IPC library
Neagu, Cristina, (03-06-2003)

IPI receives grant for preservation of magnetic tape collections
Henry, Walter, (06-26-2003)

IR spectra of ink
Jakobsson, Sigurdur, (12-18-2002)

Identifying 18th century artifacts
Franklin, Marianne, (03-10-2003)

Identifying adhesives
Kaner, Jake, (02-18-2003)

Identifying chemical
McGuinne, Niamh, (02-25-2003)

Identifying materials in special effects projector
Stewart, Rod, (06-17-2003)

Illustrated glossary for mosaics in situ
Zak, Jackie, (12-12-2003)

Image on glass
Renault, Sue, (11-14-2003)
Braun, Tom James, (11-17-2003)
Gayer, John R., (11-27-2003)

Imitation leather
Gold, Mijanou, (05-20-2003)

Imitation of stone on medieval wooden sculptures
Pracher, Martin, (07-09-2003)

Increasing humidity
Howe, Shelley, (05-16-2003)
Guin, ElizaBeth Bede, (05-22-2003)
Bye, Patricia, (05-23-2003)
Shiner, Jerry T, (05-23-2003)

Clarke, Tony, (12-05-2003)

Infrared and Raman Users' Group (IRUG)
Price, Beth, (01-29-2003)

Inkjet prints
Castronovo, John, (05-01-2003)
Juergens, Martin, (05-03-2003)

Inkjet receptor coatings
Wiebold, Bill, (09-17-2003)

Poulsson, Tina Grette, (02-19-2003)
Marshall, Tina, (02-25-2003)
Hadlow, Elizabeth, (02-21-2003)

Insecticides used in India
Neville, Elizabeth, (05-02-2003)

Waymouth, Robyn, (07-09-2003)

Institute of Conservation Science (ICS)
Watts, Siobhan, (09-18-2003)

Interleaving paper
Davis, Scott, (07-28-2003)

International Congress of Classical Archaeology
Manning, Karen, (06-17-2003)

International Congress: Surface Cleaning--Material and Methods
Goetz, Kornelius, (04-26-2003)

Internet resources
Henry, Walter, (06-27-2003)

Internship at American Museum of Natural History
Kronthal, Lisa, (11-14-2003)

Internship at American Philosophical Society
Downey, Anne E., (12-01-2003)

Internship at Centro Cultural Eduardo Lesn Jimenes
Utermohlen, Hilda Abreu, (04-17-2003)

Internship at Chinati Foundation
Esmay, Francesca, (07-28-2003)

Internship at English Heritage
Knight, Barry, (01-09-2003)

Internship at Freer Gallery
Hare, Andrew, (10-15-2003)

Internship at Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory
Wellman, Howard B., (01-02-2003)

Internship at Missouri Historical Society
Landry, Linda, (02-06-2003)

Internship at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Gansicke, Susanne, (03-21-2003)

Internship at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Pine, Steven, (08-26-2003)

Internship at National Gallery of Art
Howard, Cori, (12-11-2003)

Internship at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Collas, Tania, (11-07-2003)

Internship at New York Botanical Garden
Marder, Olga, (10-06-2003)

Internship at SCMRE
N'Gadi, Ann B., (01-17-2003)

Internship at Scottish Conservation Bureau
Brown, Carol E., (08-19-2003)

Internship at Shelburne Museum
Ravenel, Nancie, (01-27-2003)

Internship at Stichting Kollektief Restauratieatelier Amsterdam
Glanzer, Irene, (06-20-2003)

Internship at Tate, London
Day, Laura, (07-04-2003)

Internship at at Robert Mussey Associates
Mussey, Robert, (03-17-2003)

Internship sought
Catania, Anton, (03-15-2003)
Andersson, Mark, (03-24-2003)
Araoz, Gustavo, (03-27-2003)
Montalto, Nicola Attard, (04-06-2003)
Cauchi, Kenneth, (06-19-2003)
Wurfbain, Lisca Fockema, (08-18-2003)
Kapoor, Priya, (09-21-2003)

Internship sought--corrigendum
Wurfbain, Lisca Fockema, (08-25-2003)

Internships at Agora excavations
Paterakis, Alice, (10-14-2003)

Internships at Citywide Monuments Conservation Program, New York
Seelenberger, Martha, (01-13-2003)

Internships at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Bare, Patricia, (06-26-2003)
Bare, Patricia, (06-26-2003)

Internships at Intermuseum Conservation Association
Williamson, Sandra, (02-04-2003)

Internships at Intermuseum Conservation Association--addendum
Williamson, Sandra K., (04-02-2003)

Internships at Library of Congress
Seibert, Ann I., (02-01-2003)

Internships at London Metropolitan Archives Position at London Metropolitan Archives
Lindsay, Helen, (10-29-2003)

Internships at NCPTT
Striegel, Mary F., (01-09-2003)

Internships at Peebles Island Resource Center
Trupin, Deborah Lee, (01-06-2003)

Internships at Shepherds Bookbinders
Bearman, Fred, (08-12-2003)

Ionic fixatives
Vasta, Marco, (03-25-2003)

Iraq Cultural Heritage Act
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (08-22-2003)

Iron gall ink corrosion on silk
Borghese, Barbara, (11-05-2003)

Iron gall test paper
Gothorp, Cliff, (01-20-2003)

Italian canvas weave
Hurt, Perry, (06-20-2003)

Ivory and shell
O'Dell, Shannon, (10-29-2003)

Ivory miniatures
Wiebold, Bill, (06-04-2003)
Derbyshire, Alan, (06-05-2003)

Japanese woodcuts
Ward, James, (03-29-2003)
Ginsberg, Tatiana, (03-31-2003)

Joint Technical Symposium
Frost, Hannah, (08-28-2003)

Kelvin Quadrant Electrometer
Hawk, Alan J., (12-01-2003)

Kodak Scientific Imaging Film
Scott, David A., (06-04-2003)

Kodak slide projectors
Minter, William, (09-16-2003)

Krylon varnish
Horridge, Simone Vogel -, (02-25-2003)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (04-08-2003)

LED lights in exhibition cases
Potje, Karen, (06-05-2003)
Chase, W. T., (06-24-2003)
Kerschner, Rick, (06-24-2003)
Fahey, Mary, (10-16-2003)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (10-17-2003)

Paine, Shelley Reisman, (06-23-2003)

Hingst, Volker, (12-19-2003)

Lamination guidelines
Firnhaber, Natalie, (05-23-2003)

Language courses for art conservators
Xarrie, Mireia, (04-08-2003)

Laser eye surgery
Griggs, Candis C., (05-28-2003)
Green, Simon Barcham, (05-30-2003)
Paquette, Eloise, (05-30-2003)
Rock, Joanne, (06-02-2003)
Smith, Christine, (06-16-2003)

Lasers and textiles
Nirmaier, Petra, (12-12-2003)

Goldman, Joseph, (12-03-2003)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (12-04-2003)

Wiebold, Bill, (07-30-2003)
Minter, William, (08-05-2003)
Brown, Jane McCutchen, (08-01-2003)
Krantz, Peter, (08-07-2003)
Minnick, Thor, (08-14-2003)
Martin, Susan, (08-26-2003)

Leather dressing
Greathead, Alexandra, (02-26-2003)

Lecture on 19th century book covers
Milevski, Robert J., (05-30-2003)

Lecture on conservation
Lock, Leon, (10-07-2003)

Lecture on durability of lime
Saperstein, Sheri, (06-03-2003)

Lecture on horological materials
Rose, Natalie, (03-11-2003)

Lecture on preservation science
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (07-08-2003)
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (11-14-2003)

Lectures on preservation science
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (01-09-2003)
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (03-17-2003)

Lectures on preservation science--addendum
Van der Reyden, Dianne Lee, (02-12-2003)
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (04-23-2003)
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (05-28-2003)

Light bleaching
Rugheimer, Alice, (08-13-2003)

Junker, Amy, (02-03-2003)

Lime grout additives
Kroll, Naomi, (06-11-2003)
Guerra, Edgardo Pinto, (06-27-2003)

Linda A. Blaser
Calmes, Alan, (01-31-2003)

Givotovsky, Andrei, (02-24-2003)
Lamb, Carolyn, (03-05-2003)

Lining drawing on tracing cloth
Cheffins, Christine, (09-08-2003)
Rogers, Dominique, (09-12-2003)

Linseed oil
Rogers, Dominique, (04-19-2003)

Low reflectance acrylic sheeting
Dredge, Paula, (09-25-2003)
Saunders, David, (09-30-2003)
Bark, Jed, (09-30-2003)

Magnesium Nitrate for RH Control
Schnabel, Lorraine, (02-06-2003)
Knight, Barry, (02-19-2003)

Maiolica colander
Catania, Anton, (05-20-2003)

Manganesed Phospholene #7
Kaplan, Lara, (05-22-2003)
Burke, John, (05-22-2003)
Gallagher, Patrick, (05-29-2003)
Sullivan, Brigid, (06-02-2003)

Vine, Mark, (01-31-2003)

Marker ink on paintings
Smith, Amber, (02-15-2003)

Lomas, Heather, (02-14-2003)
Casjens, Laurel, (05-01-2003)
Braun, Tom James, (05-05-2003)
Waller, Christoph, (05-25-2003)

Marking lantern slides
O'Dell, Shannon, (09-10-2003)

Nascimento, Ana, (09-22-2003)

Masterclass on Japanese paper conservation techniques
Colbourne, Jane, (11-05-2003)

Masterclass on decorative finishes and lettering
Spriggs, Jim, (12-12-2003)

Masterclass on paper conservation
Revell, Jason, (02-25-2003)

Materials analysis labs
Smith, Kenneth, (06-02-2003)
Sheldon, Libby, (06-11-2003)
Broughton, Shona, (07-02-2003)
Barnett, Jenny, (07-04-2003)

Materials and techniques of illustration
Wickenhiser-Schaudt, Carol, (02-21-2003)

Measuring indoor air flow
Kejser, Ulla, (05-07-2003)
Brown, Jonathan P., (05-13-2003)

Medium density fiberboard
Woolmore, Harriet, (06-17-2003)
Dixon, Tom, (06-23-2003)
Oleszewski, Craig, (06-21-2003)
Shiner, Jerry, (06-21-2003)
Jeffers, Will, (06-24-2003)

Mellon Advanced Residency Program in Photograph Conservation
Nishimura, Douglas, (05-22-2003)
Nishimura, Douglas, (07-15-2003)
Hemmenway, Dana, (08-18-2003)
Nishimura, Douglas, (08-21-2003)

Menda bottles
Moore, Simon, (07-15-2003)
Robinson, Christopher, (07-16-2003)

Mending plates
Allen, Mark, (09-23-2003)
Moss, Jim, (09-30-2003)
Williams, Jim, (10-09-2003)
Lack, Cyndie, (10-29-2003)
Phibbs, Hugh, (12-16-2003)

Message in a bottle
Bignell, Graham, (06-17-2003)

Metal printing plates
Alstrom, Eric, (09-19-2003)
Bailey, George, (09-30-2003)
Knight, Barry, (09-30-2003)
Laakso, Raili, (10-01-2003)
Berger, Sidney, (10-07-2003)
Sussex, Graham, (10-10-2003)

Metal soap aggregates in oil paintings
Noble, Petria, (04-17-2003)

Methyl paraben propyl paraben
Nunes, Aida, (03-11-2003)

Michelangelo's David
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (07-15-2003)

Microcrystalline wax and marble
Humphreys, Berenice, (11-11-2003)

Microfilming bound manuscripts
Waymouth, Robyn, (01-06-2003)

Microscope manual sought
Reading, Paulette, (10-21-2003)

Microscope sample mounting resin
Curteis, Tobit, (09-16-2003)
Eastaugh, Nicholas, (10-02-2003)

Minerva Project
Buzzanca, Giancarlo, (04-10-2003)

Modified dextrine
Measures, Patricia, (09-29-2003)

Modigliani drawing
Shervington, Ruth, (06-30-2003)

Santacana, Julietta, (04-24-2003)
Santacana, Julietta, (04-28-2003)
Baija, Hubert, (04-30-2003)

Mogens S. Koch receives DGPh Cultural Award
Hesse, Wolfgang, (11-13-2003)

Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (02-03-2003)

Mold in photograph albums
Robinson, Debra, (12-11-2002)

Mold on Phonograph discs
Wheeler, Molly, (07-07-2003)

Mold on parchment
Chela, Georgina, (10-04-2003)

Monitoring exposure to organic solvents during conservation treatments
Phenix, Alan, (10-24-2003)
Lamb, Carolyn, (10-29-2003)

Montefiascone Project
Porter, Cheryl, (01-20-2003)

Mounting board
Furuhata, Soko, (08-29-2003)

Mounting botanical specimens
Egunnike, Lydia C., (04-04-2003)
Purewal, Vicky, (05-01-2003)

Moving companies
Appelbaum, Barbara, (10-10-2003)
Arenstein, Rachael, (10-17-2003)
Chase, W. T., (10-21-2003)

Eriks, Nickan, (03-14-2003)
Gjefle, Anne, (03-20-2003)
Roundhill, Linda, (03-21-2003)

Karimy, Amir Hosein, (06-26-2003)
Roundhill, Linda, (06-28-2003)
Khajeian, Saye, (10-02-2003)

Mural on steel bulkhead of battleship
Smyer, Susan, (09-02-2003)
Shiner, Jerry, (09-05-2003)

Museophile discussion forums web site
Bowen, Jonathan, (03-29-2003)

Museum Wax
Keris, Holly, (06-09-2003)
Jones, Sonia Alexandra, (06-20-2003)
Bye, Patricia, (06-25-2003)
Espinola, Vera B., (08-06-2003)
Bye, Patricia, (08-11-2003)
Chase, W. T., (08-10-2003)
Brynjolfson, Carol, (08-12-2003)
Stubbs, Dee A., (08-19-2003)

Museum cabinets for sale
Gottfried, Linda, (11-03-2003)

Museum in renovated carriage house
Bowman, Georgianne, (01-26-2003)

Musical manuscripts in the Philippines
Melzer, Elizabeth, (11-19-2003)
Teygeler, Rene, (11-27-2003)

NEH Preservation Assistance Grants
Word, Laura, (01-29-2003)

NMS/SCB Seminars
Spencer, Helen, (04-10-2003)

National Vocational Qualifications
Hingley, Mark, (08-04-2003)

Natural history specimens
Myall, Susanne, (01-22-2003)

Near Eastern manuscripts
Boal, Gillian, (11-25-2003)

Need for architectural conservation practice in U.S. Pacific Northwest
Wells, Jeremy, (09-30-2003)
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (10-07-2003)

New editor for Abbey Newsletter
McCrady, Ellen, (02-15-2003)

New journal: Cr
Kroon, Andrea A., (03-28-2003)

New list: ArtConservation
Harvey, David, (07-14-2003)

New list: Herbaria
Pinzl, Ann, (10-16-2003)

New list: IRRdistlist
Rimer, Bonnie, (07-16-2003)

New list: Integrated Pest Management
Arenstein, Rachael, (07-23-2003)

New list: Jewellery and Precious Metal mailing list
Ogden, Jack, (12-17-2003)

New technologies for conservation of artifacts damaged in Iraq
Hearn, Kelly, (04-21-2003)
Graham, Peter S., (04-24-2003)
Sixbey, Pete, (04-28-2003)
Unruh, Julie, (04-26-2003)
Bergh, Jan-Erik, (04-27-2003)
Harvey, David, (04-29-2003)
Juergens, Martin, (04-29-2003)

Nitrile gloves
Jeffers, Will, (06-26-2003)
Pearlstein, Ellen, (06-26-2003)
Jeffers, Will, (07-07-2003)
Roth, Vanessa, (07-10-2003)
Jeffers, Will, (08-25-2003)

North American Textile Conservation Conference
Iannuccilli, Claudia, (08-22-2003)

North Bennet Street School workshops
Collins, Janet A., (09-09-2003)

North Carolina Preservation Consortium
James, Robert, (02-18-2003)

Nylon and firearms
Miller, Gary, (06-17-2003)
Harvey, David, (06-25-2003)

Nylon and firearms--corrigendum Shelving and earthquakes--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (06-27-2003)

OSG postprints for sale
Harvey, David, (11-05-2003)

Oak tree in exhibit
Reed, Tanja, (12-17-2003)

Obsolescence of photographic film
Reynolds, Frank A., (10-01-2003)
Stewart, Charles, (10-07-2003)
Barger, M. Susan, (10-09-2003)

Odour Zapp
Van Breda, Cobus, (06-25-2003)

Offset film
Ataman, Bekir Kemal, (11-03-2003)

Oil stain on leather
Moore, Simon, (06-23-2003)

Online discussion forums
Bowen, Jonathan, (05-20-2003)

Strlic, Matija, (02-04-2003)

PARS Discussion Group
Teper, Thomas H., (01-09-2003)

PARS Library Binding Discussion Group
Rock, Joanne, (05-27-2003)
Rock, Joanne, (06-18-2003)

PARS Micro/Digital Publishing Discussion Group
Cybulski, Walter, (01-07-2003)

PARS Physical Quality and Treatment Discussion Group
Doyle, Beth, (01-06-2003)
Kaufman, Heather, (06-05-2003)
Doyle, Beth, (12-12-2003)

PARS Reformatting Discussion Group
Cybulski, Walter, (01-07-2003)

PARS/IIRT program on Preservation Education
Brown, Karen, (06-06-2003)

PMG Winter Meeting
Daffner, Lee Ann, (01-28-2003)

Paint for exhibition space
Connell, Sharon, (03-14-2003)

Painted tinware
Jankowiak, Monika, (01-07-2003)

Hambleton, Len, (02-21-2003)

Paper stained by windex
Caldararo, Niccolo, (10-11-2003)

Jaworek, Wolfgang, (12-17-2003)

Gilroy, Nicole, (06-17-2003)
Lubick, Amy, (06-23-2003)
Ashman, John, (06-23-2003)
Lau-Lamb, Leyla, (06-24-2003)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (06-29-2003)
Leach, Bridget, (07-02-2003)

Pest management
Utermohlen, Hilda Abreu, (07-15-2003)

Armes, Norman, (09-05-2003)

Peter Waters
Silverman, Randy, (05-27-2003)

Phosphene gas
Garland, Patricia, (06-18-2003)
Parker, Thomas A., (06-20-2003)
Gallagher, Patrick, (06-19-2003)
Shiner, Jerry, (06-20-2003)
Gialdi, Ercole, (06-21-2003)

Photocopy paper
Barr, Jeffrey, (06-11-2003)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (06-24-2003)

Photographic Materials Conservation Group (PhMCG)
Moor, Angela H., (02-24-2003)
Moor, Angela H., (06-03-2003)
Moor, Angela H., (12-15-2003)

Photographic Materials Conservation Group (PhMCG)--addendum
Moor, Angela H., (04-01-2003)

Photographic emulsion on Canvas
Innocenti, Sara, (02-26-2003)

Picasso etchings
Holt, Jayne, (01-28-2003)
Garcia, Jose F., (03-25-2003)

Pictoglyphs and spray paint
Hoffman, Tracy, (12-08-2003)

Pilgrim Trust Conservation Awards
Jones, Maggie, (08-20-2003)

Pine walls
De Veer, Marysa, (07-04-2003)
Greebe, Bart, (07-08-2003)
Hingley, Mark, (07-08-2003)

Plant materials in museums
Lange, Nina, (04-11-2003)

Plaster casts
Simmons, John E., (09-29-2003)
Ruppel, Jorun, (10-07-2003)

Polyester film and light
Hadlow, Elizabeth, (02-21-2003)

Polyethylene bags
Smyer, Susan, (10-08-2003)
Hanson, Mark D., (10-17-2003)

Polyethylene deterioration
Morin, Kateri, (04-30-2003)
Minter, William, (05-20-2003)
Grant, Lynn, (05-23-2003)
Sales, Microclimate, (05-29-2003)

Polyethylene glycol
Marshall, Don, (04-06-2003)
Wellman, Howard B., (04-08-2003)

Polyethylene glycol and parchment
Clavain, Javier Tacon, (05-20-2003)
Kennedy, Craig, (05-23-2003)
Vervoorst, Juergen, (05-28-2003)

Polyfilla and Moltofill
Joest, Daniel, (05-05-2003)
Haake, Sophie, (05-08-2003)
Laine, David, (05-14-2003)
Griffin, Patricia S., (05-20-2003)

Portable XRF equipment
Ogden, Jack, (10-21-2003)

Portrait miniature
Prins, Steven, (03-26-2003)
Derbyshire, Alan, (03-28-2003)

Position at AMTeC Co-op
Goodburn-Brown, Dana, (08-18-2003)

Position at AMTeC Co-op--corrigendum
Goodburn-Brown, Dana, (08-19-2003)

Position at Advanced Residency Program in Photograph Conservation
Nishimura, Douglas, (03-14-2003)
Nishimura, Douglas, (03-14-2003)

Position at Agora excavations
Paterakis, Alice, (10-14-2003)

Position at American Textile History Museum
Lieurance, Maureen, (08-20-2003)

Position at Arizona State Museum
Odegaard, Nancy, (06-16-2003)

Position at Art Gallery of Western Australia
Scoullar, Natalie, (04-14-2003)

Position at Auckland City Libraries
Rose, Miriam, (02-04-2003)
Rose, Miriam, (03-28-2003)

Position at Balboa Art Conservation Center
Perkins, Beverly, (05-27-2003)

Position at Biltmore Estate
Rosebrock, Nancy, (05-30-2003)

Position at Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery
Cant, Louise, (01-20-2003)
Cant, Louise, (02-21-2003)

Position at Brighton and Hove Museum Services
Brough, Janet, (05-21-2003)

Position at British Library
Mohamed, Mehboob, (01-14-2003)
Mohamed, Mehboob, (01-16-2003)

Position at British Library--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (01-24-2003)

Position at British Museum
Bradley, Susan, (03-03-2003)

Position at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College
Kaner, Jake, (08-15-2003)

Position at Buffalo State College
Kushel, Dan, (10-17-2003)

Position at CCAHA
Corr, Helen, (12-11-2003)

Position at Cambridge
Lewery, Sarah, (06-19-2003)

Position at Canterbury Cathedral Archives
Dudley, Jane, (12-10-2003)

Position at Citywide Monuments Conservation Program, New York
Seelenberger, Martha, (01-13-2003)
Gerstad, Robin, (07-22-2003)

Position at Columbia
Fredericks, Maria, (10-16-2003)

Position at Conservation Service, Salisbury
Burden, Louisa, (08-19-2003)

Position at Contemporary Conservation Ltd
Scheidemann, Christian M., (01-24-2003)

Position at Council for the Care of Churches
Woodcock, Sally, (08-29-2003)

Position at Daedalus, Inc.
Craine, Clifford, (04-24-2003)

Position at Dorset Archives Service
Lucas, S. B., (01-14-2003)
Donovan, Elizabeth, (12-09-2003)

Position at Edinburgh University Library
Allison, Mary, (10-20-2003)

Position at English Heritage
Knight, Barry, (05-01-2003)
Smith, Claire, (11-20-2003)

Position at Etherington Conservation Center
Draper, Bryan L. W., (06-02-2003)

Position at Field Museum
Norton, Ruth, (01-02-2003)
Norton, Ruth, (08-13-2003)

Position at Field Museum--corrigendum
Norton, Ruth, (08-15-2003)

Position at Folger Shakespeare Library
Baier, Rhea, (01-31-2003)

Position at Getty Conservation Institute
Gergen, Melena, (09-02-2003)
Gergen, Melena, (10-28-2003)

Position at Getty Grant Program
Wadum, Jorgen, (05-02-2003)

Position at Gonzaga University
Kingma, David, (10-07-2003)

Position at Griswold Conservation Associates, LLC
Griswold, John, (06-09-2003)

Position at Guildhall Art Gallery, London
Woodcock, Sally, (07-04-2003)

Position at Guildhall Library, London
Whitehead, Peter, (02-14-2003)

Position at Hagley Museum and Library
Hinz, Jim, (06-09-2003)

Position at Harvard
Spitzmueller, Pamela, (06-02-2003)
Burns, Dorothea, (09-15-2003)
Schrock, Nancy, (11-06-2003)

Position at Historic Mount Vernon
Naulin, Melissa, (01-10-2003)

Position at Historic Royal Palaces
Julien, Sophie, (05-07-2003)
Hallett, Kathryn, (12-19-2003)

Position at Historic Scotland
Pearce, Michael, (10-01-2003)

Position at Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Hunt, Leslie, (02-12-2003)
Hildebrand, Sharon, (06-18-2003)

Position at Horniman Museum
Golding, Heather, (04-22-2003)
Evans, Adam, (06-28-2003)
Howard, Marie, (12-18-2003)

Position at Indiana State Museum
Lundskow, Peter, (01-22-2003)

Position at Indiana University
Davis, Betty Jean, (02-19-2003)

Position at Intermuseum Conservation Association
Koerner, Jennifer, (05-08-2003)
Williamson, Sandra K., (12-15-2003)

Position at Iowa State University
Boydston, Jeanne, (10-01-2003)

Position at J. Paul Getty Museum
Hazen, Deborah, (03-03-2003)
Lee, Yu, (03-10-2003)

Position at Jewish Theological Seminary
Gerbracht, Amy, (05-12-2003)

Position at Lambeth Palace Library
Atkinson, Janet, (07-31-2003)

Position at Lincoln Cathedral
Heidschuster, Carol, (10-28-2003)

Position at London Metropolitan Archives
Lindsay, Helen, (04-24-2003)

Position at MIT
McCarthy, Christine, (04-28-2003)

Position at Malta Centre for Restoration
Caruana, Martina, (04-17-2003)
Caruana, Martina, (07-08-2003)

Position at Metropolitan Museum of Art
Cintron, Jimmy, (01-27-2003)

Position at Michigan State University
Drewes, Jeanne, (07-23-2003)

Position at Microform and Imaging Review
Smith, Steve D., (10-15-2003)

Position at Morgan Library
Fitzpatrick, Martha, (02-07-2003)
Fitzpatrick, Martha, (02-14-2003)

Position at Morgan Library--corrigendum
Fitzpatrick, Martha, (02-12-2003)

Position at Museum Conservation Services Ltd
Burnett, Nicholas, (10-31-2003)

Position at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Gansicke, Susanne, (04-11-2003)
MacBeth, Rhona, (08-04-2003)
MacBeth, Rhona, (09-24-2003)

Position at Museum of London
Hermans, Johan, (07-17-2003)

Position at NCPTT
Striegel, Mary F., (07-30-2003)

Position at NEDCC
Glaser, Mary Todd, (09-03-2003)

Position at NYU
De Stefano, Paula, (08-01-2003)
Marcotte, William, (10-07-2003)

Position at NYU--addendum
De Stefano, Paula, (09-12-2003)

Position at National Archives of Scotland
Ramsay, Linda, (05-16-2003)

Position at National Archives, Kew
Wilson, Kerry, (04-24-2003)
Wiltshire, Samantha, (07-31-2003)
Wiltshire, Samantha, (11-25-2003)

Position at National Gallery of Art
Rimer, Bonnie, (07-16-2003)
Skalka, Michael, (09-29-2003)

Position at National Gallery of Australia
Hughes, Janet, (03-22-2003)

Position at National Gallery of Victoria
Millikan, Catherine, (01-15-2003)

Position at National Library of Scotland
Kerr, David, (04-11-2003)

Position at National Maritime Museum
Cannon, Joanne, (10-08-2003)

Position at National Museum of Fine Arts, Sweden
Wretstrand, Karin, (04-29-2003)

Position at National Museums Liverpool
Gregory, Vicky, (10-31-2003)
Gregory, Vicky, (11-07-2003)
Gregory, Vicky, (12-17-2003)

Position at National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside
Gregory, Victoria, (02-28-2003)

Position at National Museums of Scotland
McDonald, Stuart, (05-02-2003)

Position at Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage
Den van Berg, Klaas Jan, (10-10-2003)

Position at New York Public Library
Salcedo, Lailani, (06-12-2003)
Salcedo, Lailani, (08-22-2003)
Salcedo, Lailani, (12-08-2003)

Position at Painted Theater Curtain Project of Vermont
Hadsel, Chris, (02-26-2003)

Position at Pitt Rivers Museum
Brooks, Sue, (05-01-2003)

Position at Princeton
Milevski, Robert J., (04-02-2003)

Position at Public Record Office, Kew
Wilson, Kerry, (01-29-2003)

Position at Queensland Art Gallery
Doyle, Sara, (01-06-2003)

Position at Renate Kant Pte Ltd
Kant, Renate, (02-22-2003)
Kant, Renate, (05-18-2003)

Position at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Scharff, Mikkel, (10-04-2003)

Position at Royal Library, Copenhagen
Schmalz, Bente Green, (11-26-2003)

Position at Royal Ontario Museum
Knox, Linda, (03-17-2003)

Position at Royal Ontario Museum--addendum
Knox, Linda, (04-07-2003)

Position at SCMRE
N'Gadi, Ann B., (05-16-2003)
N'Gadi, Ann B., (11-24-2003)
N'Gadi, Ann B., (12-03-2003)

Position at SOLINET
Riley, Alicia, (03-04-2003)
Riley, Alicia, (04-14-2003)

Position at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Sterrett, Jill, (07-23-2003)

Position at Shepherds Bookbinders
Bearman, Fred, (06-04-2003)
Bearman, Fred, (09-30-2003)

Position at Simon Gillespie Studio
Gillespie, Simon, (06-16-2003)

Position at Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Gilligan, Eliza, (06-20-2003)

Position at St Paul's Cathedral
Fuller, Vivien, (07-28-2003)

Position at State Library of Queensland
Egunnike, Lydia C., (04-22-2003)

Position at State Library of Victoria
Hogan, Melissa, (07-30-2003)

Position at State Records NSW
O'Reilly, Emily, (02-13-2003)

Position at Stichting Kollektief Restauratieatelier
Kirsch, Kathrin, (11-28-2003)

Position at Stichting Kroller-Muller Museum
Van der Loeff, Luuk, (09-02-2003)

Position at Tainan National College of the Arts
Wen, Tsai Fei, (11-14-2003)

Position at Tate
Spenceley, Sally, (03-28-2003)
Spenceley, Sally, (04-30-2003)
Day, Laura, (05-15-2003)
Spence, Sally, (07-24-2003)
Allt, Nicci, (11-06-2003)

Position at Tate Gallery
Spenceley, Sally, (01-16-2003)

Position at Tromso Museum
Nordby, Camilla, (06-24-2003)

Position at UCLA
Brown, Charlotte B., (09-12-2003)

Position at Union Theological Seminary
Manias, Clare, (03-20-2003)

Position at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Klinger, Jane E., (03-17-2003)

Position at University College London
Taylor, Joel, (03-06-2003)
Cassar, May, (04-14-2003)
Saxon, Joanna, (10-22-2003)

Position at University of Bergen
Heimvik, Karen, (10-17-2003)

Position at University of Dundee
Martin, Lorraine, (11-17-2003)

Position at University of Dundee--addendum
Player-Dahnsjo, Ylva, (12-01-2003)

Position at University of Durham
Branigan, Liz, (07-04-2003)

Position at University of Durham--corrigendum
Branigan, Liz, (07-11-2003)

Position at University of Kansas
Gilliland, Sandy, (08-08-2003)

Position at University of Kentucky
Ryder, Rebecca, (05-05-2003)

Position at University of London Library
O'Callaghan, Tracey, (04-04-2003)

Position at Victoria and Albert Museum
Hubbard, Charlotte, (01-21-2003)

Position at Walters Art Museum
Quandt, Abigail, (11-13-2003)

Position at West Dean College
Harris, Veronique, (03-11-2003)

Position at West Lake Conservators Ltd.
Blakney, Susan, (01-13-2003)

Position at Winterthur Museum
Castle, A. Shonie, (01-17-2003)

Position at Worcester Art Museum
Albertson, Rita, (04-07-2003)

Position at Worcester Art Museum--corrigendum
Albertson, Rita, (04-09-2003)

Position at World Bank
Millett, Leigh, (04-17-2003)

Position at at Agora excavations
Paterakis, Alice, (04-03-2003)

Position at the Australian National Maritime Museum
Hadlow, Elizabeth, (02-11-2003)

Position at the National Trust
Schofield, Gille, (04-17-2003)

Position at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Natural History Museum
Harvey, David, (10-23-2003)

Position at the Smithsonian Institution Archives
Stauderman, Sarah, (02-07-2003)

Positions at AIC
Pourchot, Eric, (10-02-2003)

Positions at Bodleian Library
Bysouth, Sarah, (09-11-2003)

Positions at British Library
Mohamed, Mehboob, (10-28-2003)

Positions at British Museum
Parker, James, (05-08-2003)
Bradley, Susan, (12-01-2003)

Positions at Chicago Conservation Center
Bauman, Barry Robert, (08-27-2003)

Positions at Courtauld Institute of Art
Arthur, Michael, (05-06-2003)

Positions at EverGreene Painting Studios, Inc.
McFarland, Margo, (04-08-2003)

Positions at Freer Gallery
Jett, Paul, (01-02-2003)

Positions at Glasgow Museums
Rowlands, Jane, (01-07-2003)

Positions at Graciela Ainsworth Sculpture Conservation and Restoration
Ainsworth, Graciela, (12-18-2002)

Positions at HABS/HAER/HALS Fellowship at HABS/HAER/HALS Internship at HABS/HAER/HALS
Arzola, Robert, (12-08-2003)

Positions at Historic Royal Palaces
Hallett, Kathryn, (12-19-2002)

Positions at Library of Congress
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (04-04-2003)
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (07-08-2003)

Positions at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Hatchfield, Pamela, (10-08-2003)

Positions at NARA
Lee-bechtold, Susan, (01-30-2003)
Lee-bechtold, Susan, (12-08-2003)

Positions at NARA--addendum
Lee-bechtold, Susan, (02-28-2003)
Lee-bechtold, Susan, (12-18-2003)

Positions at National Museum of Science and Industry
Helen, Kingsley, (08-28-2003)

Positions at National Museums and Galleries of Wales
Renault, Sue, (04-29-2003)

Positions at Queens
Cook, Dianne, (06-19-2003)

Positions at Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
Blum, Kiki, (02-26-2003)

Positions at Rupert Harris Conservation
Roberts, Wil, (12-12-2003)

Positions at Saint Louis Art Museum
Hawkins, Janet, (01-31-2003)

Positions at Savannah College of Art and Design
Kaufman, Julie, (10-14-2003)

Positions at Tate
Rutherford, Rachel, (12-04-2003)

Positions at Trinity College, Dublin
McIntyre, Sharon, (08-13-2003)

Positions at UCLA
Scott, David, (11-14-2003)

Positions at the Australian National Maritime Museum
Hadlow, Elizabeth, (06-17-2003)

Positions at the National Trust
Staniforth, Sarah, (05-05-2003)

Postage stamps
Pouwels, Elly, (11-04-2003)
Edquist, Linda, (11-25-2003)
Negus, Ron, (11-17-2003)

Preparing molds of bones
Van Breda, Cobus, (03-27-2003)
Dandridge, Pete, (03-28-2003)
Thomas, David, (04-02-2003)

Preprogram internship sought
Serotta, Anna N., (01-16-2003)

Presentations on electronic media available
Frost, Hannah, (06-23-2003)

Preservation Instruction, Education and Outreach Discussion Group
Hain, Jennifer E., (06-16-2003)

Preservation Issues in Small to Mid-Sized Libraries Discussion Group
Schobernd, Beth, (01-13-2003)
Grant-Suttie, Atalanta, (12-18-2003)

Preserving bottled beverages
Moxham, Roy, (04-15-2003)

Preserving heritage and resolving conflicts
Tondan, Aparna, (03-05-2003)

Pressure-sensitive tape
Baker, Whitney S, (06-02-2003)

Preventive conservation policies
Renault, Sue, (01-09-2003)
Bouwmeester, Wilma, (01-13-2003)

Preventive conservation strategies in Europe
Taylor, Joel, (12-15-2003)

Princeton Preservation Group
Stanley, Ted, (09-11-2003)
Stanley, Ted, (10-30-2003)

Proceedings of conference on mold
Rauch, Angelika, (09-05-2003)

Professional Accreditation and the Conservation Register
Bradshaw, Susan, (09-30-2003)
Bradshaw, Susan, (12-10-2003)

Professional qualifications and AIC
McCall, Gene, (06-18-2003)
Harvey, David, (06-19-2003)
Wiebold, Bill, (06-20-2003)
Untch, Katharine, (07-02-2003)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-06-2003)
Wiebold, Bill, (07-08-2003)
Schwartz, George, (07-09-2003)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-17-2003)

Proposed course on rigging
Wellman, Howard B., (06-30-2003)

Proposed financial rules for U.S. foundations
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (06-08-2003)

Protective covers for outdoor stone sculpture
David, Frances, (09-10-2003)

Publication on architectural conservation
Corr, Helen, (03-31-2003)

Publication on architectural metal
Schur, Susan E., (09-23-2003)

Publication on disaster planning
Ellis, Shirley, (08-10-2003)

Publication on paper aging
Arnold, R. Bruce, (04-09-2003)

Publication on preservation management of digital materials
Vine, Mark, (03-04-2003)

Publication sought
Murphy, Carolyn, (10-01-2003)

Publications sought
Neagu, Cristina, (01-23-2003)

Publications sought sought
Khandekar, Narayan, (02-21-2003)

Qualifications for conservation technicians
Rohan, Deborah, (03-20-2003)
Thompson, Jack C., (03-28-2003)

Questionnaire on Aquazol
Arslanoglu, Julie, (06-19-2003)

Questionnaire on Aquazol--addendum
Arslanoglu, Julie, (07-02-2003)

Questionnaire on digital documentation of conservation treatments
Green, Marlan, (03-30-2003)

Questionnaire on manuscript fragments
Brandt, Sonja, (05-08-2003)

Questionnaire on relative humidity and temperature controls
Kotze, Erica, (03-13-2003)

Quilted table covers
Seddon, Tracey, (12-18-2003)

RFID systems
Pigniolo, Loren C., (07-27-2003)
Nagel-Stuart, Marguerite, (08-11-2003)

RLG DigiNews
Dale, Robin L., (02-18-2003)
West, Linda, (04-15-2003)
West, Linda, (06-16-2003)
Dale, Robin L., (08-18-2003)
Henry, Walter, (10-16-2003)
Dale, Robin L., (12-15-2003)

Rare book damage at Yale
Widener, Mike, (06-03-2003)

Recording tape for oral history project
Berrett, Kory, (06-30-2003)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (07-02-2003)

Red ink
Green, Simon Barcham, (10-12-2003)

Stevens, Donna, (02-21-2003)
Bachmann, Konstanze, (03-04-2003)
Williams, Emily, (03-05-2003)

Removing Cararra glass panels from masonry
Miller, Christine, (10-16-2003)
Pellissier, Pierlucio, (10-17-2003)

Removing cement from ceramic panels
Fukumaru, Naoko, (10-07-2003)
Burden, Louisa, (10-28-2003)

Removing graffiti from mural
Perry, Amy, (07-15-2003)

Removing polish from stone floor
Van Oosterom, John, (03-25-2003)

Removing soft solder
Peeters, Dietlinde, (09-25-2003)

Renzo Giachetti receives Lifetime Achievement Award
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (04-05-2003)

Repair cloth for album hinges
Carr, Elisabeth, (06-09-2003)
McManus, Neill, (06-20-2003)
Puglia, Alan, (06-20-2003)

Repair cloth for album hinges--corrigendum
McManus, Neill, (06-24-2003)

Report on Library of Congress mission to Baghdad
Selavan, Barnea, (12-03-2003)

Request for bids--Studies on stewardship in the East Midlands, UK
Weber, Jerry, (10-20-2003)

Request for bids: Conservation assessment
Ferguson, Lesley, (02-06-2003)

Request for proposals--Artifact conservation
Strauss, Linda A., (05-12-2003)

Request for proposals--Microfilming
Fox, Lisa, (12-01-2003)

Request for proposals--Public art
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (06-23-2003)

Request for proposals--Watts Towers
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (11-26-2003)

Responsibility for cleaning work and storage areas
Lowengard, Sarah, (08-13-2003)
Wiseman, Christine, (08-20-2003)

Stanfill-McCarty, Nancy, (04-25-2003)

Risk assessment and decision-making
Ashley-Smith, Jonathan, (04-15-2003)

Risk assessment and earthquakes
Bir, Mike, (03-24-2003)

Robert Fieux, Enzo Tassinari, and L. Yashkina
Black, James, (01-20-2003)

Robotic book scanning
Henry, Walter, (05-12-2003)

Robotic book scanning--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (05-13-2003)

Rome Prize
Puglisi, Cristina, (07-01-2003)
Upton, Erin, (08-25-2003)

Rubber stamp
Clarke, Mark, (01-25-2003)

Rufino Tamayo
Schafer, Mary, (04-01-2003)

Rusted nails on modern painting
Bernicky, Chantal, (02-25-2003)

Rusted pistols
Burke, John, (09-24-2003)

SOLINET workshops
Riley, Alicia, (03-14-2003)
Riley, Alicia, (06-13-2003)
Riley, Alicia, (07-10-2003)
Riley, Alicia, (09-19-2003)
Riley, Alicia, (11-20-2003)

Cant, Louise, (01-27-2003)

Henry, Walter, (04-10-2003)
Di Bagno, Andrea, (04-11-2003)
Lundskow, Peter, (04-11-2003)
Wells, Jeremy, (04-12-2003)
Yordy, Mary, (04-14-2003)
Carroll, Valinda, (04-17-2003)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (04-22-2003)
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (04-17-2003)
Sanders, Douglas, (04-24-2003)
Sixbey, Pete, (04-25-2003)
Kroll, Naomi, (04-28-2003)
Sixbey, Pete, (04-29-2003)
Davis, Suzanne, (04-29-2003)
Hurt, Perry, (05-06-2003)
Sanders, Douglas, (05-07-2003)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (05-13-2003)

Salt on glass
Phibbs, Hugh, (07-07-2003)
Lau, Deborah, (07-08-2003)
Wiebold, Bill, (07-16-2003)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-18-2003)
Derbyshire, Alan, (07-17-2003)
Pigniolo, Loren C., (07-21-2003)
Koob, Stephen, (07-28-2003)

Salvage exercises
Tremain, David A., (01-28-2003)

Sample grinder/polisher sought
Pelter, Richard, (05-14-2003)

Sand on paper
Strehle, Ute, (02-18-2003)
Aiken, Carol, (02-24-2003)

Perotti, Deborah, (08-08-2003)

Save America's Treasures grants
Paulson, Barbara, (01-28-2003)
Paulson, Barbara, (03-17-2003)

Akolkar, Anand S., (01-12-2003)

School of Information, UT Austin
Hansen, Claudia, (11-13-2003)

Scottish framers
Evans, Jocelyn, (10-01-2003)
Burnett, Nicholas, (10-16-2003)

Sea Gel
Humphreys, Berenice, (06-05-2003)
Thompson, Jack C., (06-20-2003)

Paquette, Eloise, (06-05-2003)

Pekarkova, Josefina, (06-18-2003)
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (06-29-2003)

Securing chests of drawers
Roth, Vanessa, (08-25-2003)

Securing tiles to steel reinforced concrete sculpture
Dixon, Tom, (10-02-2003)

Security strips
Doyle, Beth, (08-12-2003)

Seminar on Tudor warship
Spencer, Helen, (09-24-2003)

Seminar on audiovisual materials
O'Hara, Patti, (11-18-2003)

Seminar on digital preservation
Greenan, Monica, (01-13-2003)

Seminar on exhibition design
Hastreiter, Kristine L., (02-20-2003)

Seminar on metadata in digital preservation
Editor, Swiss, (06-02-2003)

Seminar on metadata in digital preservation--addendum
Editor, Swiss, (07-17-2003)

Seminar on natural aging
Taylor, Joel, (03-06-2003)

Seminar on photographic conservation
Nishimura, Douglas, (05-06-2003)

Seminar on preservation of marble monuments and architectural landmarks
Munsch, Guy, (10-02-2003)

Seminar on spectral imaging
Bitsakis, Yanis, (11-04-2003)

Seminars on conservation
Spencer, Helen, (07-18-2003)

Seminars on papermaking
Green, Simon Barcham, (08-15-2003)

Lachmann, Kathy, (04-15-2003)
Bartlett, Karol, (04-19-2003)
Hopkins, Mark, (04-24-2003)

Shelving and earthquakes
Rastonis, Vasare, (06-06-2003)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (06-24-2003)

Shepherds bookbinding courses and masterclasses
Bearman, Fred, (09-30-2003)

Moellering, Lisa, (09-29-2003)

Silica gel
Michael, Chris, (06-11-2003)

Silicone release paper
Herrick, Roxanna, (08-01-2003)
Kelzer, Marie, (08-13-2003)

Silk and metals
De Utermohlen, Hilda Abreu, (09-11-2003)
Barnett, Jenny, (09-17-2003)
Thickett, David, (09-17-2003)

Silk scarves
Gamber, Eve DeMoss, (10-13-2003)

Silver leaf on painting
Bubb, Ruth, (05-06-2003)
Roundhill, Linda, (05-07-2003)

Silvered brass
Cottier-Angeli, David, (05-07-2003)
Cottier-Angeli, David, (05-14-2003)

Sketching in galleries
Dixon, Tom, (02-17-2003)

Skin Deep
Lanning, David, (05-19-2003)
Lanning, David, (10-08-2003)

Small suction tools
McCarthy, Christine, (04-02-2003)
Hingley, Mark, (04-03-2003)

Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting
Swetland, Luke, (05-14-2003)

Soft solders on silver
Van Bellegem, Maickel, (03-21-2003)

Soldering pewter
Beerling, Heather, (12-17-2003)
Wiebold, Bill, (12-22-2003)

Soot on ceramics
Alvis, Alayne, (02-07-2003)
Harrison, Paul, (02-10-2003)
Vine, Mark, (02-08-2003)

Yeager, Nicholas, (09-22-2003)

Source for Mowilith sought
Baily, Stephanie, (02-05-2003)
Vine, Mark, (02-08-2003)

Source for boxwood
Moss, Jim, (07-03-2003)
Mussey, Robert, (07-08-2003)

Source for cotton wool sought
Phenix, Alan, (10-02-2003)

Source for dragon's blood sought
Heckenberg, Norman, (04-25-2003)

Sources for acidic paper
Zicherman, Joe, (09-03-2003)
Green, Simon Barcham, (09-05-2003)

Specifications for permanent paper
Osinovsky, Maxim, (01-15-2003)

Quinlan, Terrence, (02-28-2003)
Binnie, Nancy E., (03-14-2003)
Perkinson, Roy, (04-02-2003)

Spine labeling
Dabney, Karen, (10-21-2003)

Spray booth for sale
Scarpini, Maria, (11-27-2003)

Ash, Nancy, (03-04-2003)
McHugh, Michael, (03-14-2003)
Holland, Harold, (03-13-2003)
Price, Lois, (10-07-2003)
Wexler, David, (10-08-2003)

Standard mount sizes
Elliott, Kirsten, (07-16-2003)
Gollan, Graeme, (07-17-2003)
Schwartz, George, (07-22-2003)

Standard vocabulary for condition of photographs
Georgitis, Nathan, (07-09-2003)

Standards for adhesives
Youket, Michele H., (04-15-2003)

Storage palettes for furniture
Zoran, Milic, (11-10-2003)

Storing Byzantine glass
Jessup, Wendy, (03-29-2003)
Koob, Stephen, (04-07-2003)

Storing DVDs
Summers, Barbara, (10-21-2003)
Iraci, Joe, (10-24-2003)
Farley, Jonathan, (10-24-2003)

Storing leather objects
Von Lerber, Karin, (08-27-2003)

Storing movie props
Jensen, Craig, (06-24-2003)

Storing papyrus
Greathead, Alexandra, (02-26-2003)

Storing photographs
Gundersen, Anne Margrethe, (02-11-2003)
Van der Burg, Jaap, (02-17-2003)

Storing plastic
Asai, Kaori, (02-01-2003)

Storing rubbings
Barger, M. Susan, (08-14-2003)

Storing tents
Von Lerber, Karin, (08-27-2003)

Storing textiles
Lavrencic, Tamara, (08-18-2003)

Studentship at Courtauld Institute of Art
Young, Christina, (11-03-2003)

Studentship at RCA/V&A
Baden, Joanna, (04-16-2003)
Baden, Joanna, (08-14-2003)
Lindsay, William, (12-21-2003)

Studentship at RCA/V&A--addendum
Baden, Joanna, (03-06-2003)

Studentships at Northumbria University
Phenix, Alan, (05-13-2003)

Substitute for Vinamul 3252
Marsh-Letts, Glennda, (05-06-2003)
Bradley, Susan, (05-08-2003)
Moy, Sara Anne, (05-07-2003)
Vine, Mark, (05-13-2003)

Support for lining
Lukovik, Vojislav, (04-15-2003)

Survey of conservation literature
Lowengard, Sarah, (10-01-2003)

Survey on adhesives used in book conservation
Marshall, Heather, (04-30-2003)

Survey on feathers
Falcon, Tatiana, (05-22-2003)

Survey on feathers--corrigendum
Falcon, Tatiana, (06-10-2003)

Survey on information needs of museum visitors
Kravchyna, Victoria, (03-25-2003)

Survey on memorial artifacts
Sandy, Mark, (02-13-2003)

Survey on microfilming
Ryder, Rebecca, (05-16-2003)

Suzanne Hargrove
Hargrove, Suzanne, (02-04-2003)

Symposium on Digital Preservation
West, Linda, (12-18-2002)

Symposium on adhesives and leather
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (09-15-2003)

Symposium on audio preservation
Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen, (02-24-2003)

Symposium on conservation of synthetic materials
Kessler, Kathrin, (03-05-2003)
Kessler, Kathrin, (10-01-2003)

Symposium on loss compensation and conservation
Konin, Peter, (10-27-2003)

Symposium on mural conservation
Page, Thea, (04-29-2003)

Symposium on online archives
Greenan, Monica, (03-13-2003)

Symposium on painting materials
Aizu, Chika, (09-19-2003)

Symposium on paper restoration using laser technology
Havermans, John, (10-23-2003)

Symposium on paper restoration using laser technology--addendum
Havermans, John, (11-18-2003)

Symposium on preservation education
Dini, Erin L., (11-05-2003)

Symposium on preservation of electronic records
Davis, Vicki, (04-08-2003)

Symposium on preservation of electronic records--addendum
Down, Jane, (07-04-2003)

Symposium on scientific research in the field of Asian art
Jett, Paul, (06-02-2003)

Table covering
Devitt, Cliodna, (06-06-2003)

Tack bind machines
Payne, Charlotte, (07-30-2003)

Tall case clock
Haley, Jill, (01-24-2003)
Moss, Jim, (01-27-2003)

Tannite Rust Passifier
Dewey, Catherine, (02-10-2003)

De Veer, Marysa, (09-30-2003)

Technical books for sale
Maire, Marc, (12-20-2002)

Technical study of Inness paintings
McGrath, Kathyrn Rose, (02-04-2003)

Temporary storage
Kriner, Gretchen, (01-11-2003)

Ten agents of deterioration
Myall, Susanne, (04-16-2003)
Simmons, John E., (04-17-2003)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (04-20-2003)
Costain, Charlie, (04-25-2003)
Simmons, John E., (04-24-2003)

Terracotta tile floor
Fodaro, Davide, (04-14-2003)
Wells, Jeremy, (04-18-2003)

Testing materials
Akolkar, Anand S., (09-12-2003)

Textile Conservation Group
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (01-18-2003)
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (02-14-2003)

Textile cap
Nikolaidi, Myrto, (10-09-2003)

Textile samples sought
Vuori, Jan, (03-25-2003)

The Paper Conservator
Marshall, Tina, (10-22-2003)

Thermolignum system
Samantha, Taylor, (06-05-2003)
Fraser, Ian, (06-20-2003)

Thomas Gainsborough
Parkin, Helen Mar, (04-17-2003)

Ticker tape
Dillon, Jo, (12-20-2002)
Lau, Deborah, (01-09-2003)
Braun, Tom James, (12-20-2002)
Heginbotham, Arlen, (01-09-2003)
Ayers, Anthony D., (01-11-2003)

Tinsel prints
Baier, Rhea, (04-15-2003)

Tortoise shell
Peters, Greg, (04-26-2003)
Braun, Tom James, (04-29-2003)
Greebe, Bart, (04-30-2003)
Obrien, Martin, (04-29-2003)

Tours of OCLC Digital and Preservation Resources Center
Behler, Erica, (12-23-2002)

Traineeship at Harvard
Mitchell, Ralph, (05-27-2003)

Training in architectural conservation
Wells, Jeremy, (04-14-2003)
Wells, Jeremy, (04-25-2003)

Training materials on preservation microfilming
Hanley, Marian, (11-11-2003)

Transferring fossil specimens from stone
Beiner, Gali, (03-17-2003)

Transitional Metals in Paper
Havermans, John, (09-03-2003)

Treating leather with PEG vapors
Vuissoz, Annick, (04-03-2003)
Knight, Barry, (04-22-2003)

Triammonium citrate
French, Pamela, (06-24-2003)
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (06-29-2003)

Triple beam balance for sale
Smith, Christine, (04-15-2003)

Brough, Janet, (05-29-2003)
Harrison, Garry, (12-02-2003)

U.S. grants for renovation of historic churches
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (06-03-2003)

UKIC Historic Interiors Section
McDermott, Allyson, (12-22-2003)

UKIC Metals Section postprints
Lack, William, (09-12-2003)

UNESCO draft declaration on destruction of cultural heritage
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (08-10-2003)

UV and glazing
Davies, Arfon, (08-22-2003)
Oleszewski, Craig, (08-24-2003)

UV filtering materials
Seifert, Betty L., (09-24-2003)
Knight, Barry, (09-30-2003)
Herdin, Marcus, (09-30-2003)
Byrne, Richard O., (10-07-2003)
Self, Robert L., (10-09-2003)
Pinichon, Sylvie, (12-18-2003)
Floray, Steve, (12-23-2003)

UV monitors
Lundskow, Peter, (07-29-2003)
Oleszewski, Craig, (07-31-2003)
McManus, Neill, (07-31-2003)
Davies, Arfon, (07-31-2003)
Jeffers, Will, (07-31-2003)
Hall, William, (08-03-2003)
Basso, Gregory, (08-03-2003)

UV protection for art installation
Sperber, Devorah, (08-25-2003)
Dixon, Tom, (08-27-2003)
Arnold, Lori, (08-31-2003)
Fahey, Jerry, (08-28-2003)
Fuller, Richard, (09-03-2003)

Ukranian Private People's Museum
Makarov, Pavel, (12-29-2096)

Ultrasonic dehumidifier
Bella, Marco Di, (07-31-2003)

Umbrella wrapper
Rumbold, Julie, (02-03-2003)

Thomsen, Fonda, (03-25-2003)

Ghiardi, Fonda, (04-09-2003)

Units of measurement
Watson, Roger C., (10-03-2003)

University of Texas Preservation and Conservation Studies Program
Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen, (01-09-2003)
Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen, (06-02-2003)
Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen, (10-27-2003)

Unpaid graduate internships
Shutts, Larry, (12-19-2003)
Shutts, Larry, (12-22-2003)

Users' Group for Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography (MaSC)
Higgitt, Catherine, (04-16-2003)

Vacuum cleaners
Murphy, Carolyn, (01-28-2003)

Vacuum hot table sought
Bauman, Barry Robert, (11-23-2003)

Vacuum suction worktop
Heller, Dawn, (11-20-2003)

Varnish removal and revarnishing
Whitten, Jill, (06-13-2003)

Varnish spray booth
Tauber, Gwen M., (10-23-2003)
Burke, John, (10-27-2003)
Dixon, Tom, (10-28-2003)
Glover, Hugh, (10-29-2003)
Dixon, Tom, (11-07-2003)

Varnished chromolithograph
Keil, Michaela, (05-12-2003)
Leeds, Wendy, (05-14-2003)
Rogers, Dominique, (05-18-2003)
Lebwohl, Murray, (05-20-2003)

Varnishing outdoor sculpture
Gallagher, Michelle, (02-26-2003)
Coryat, Isabel M.P., (03-04-2003)

Vibration and loosely stretched canvas paintings
Pilz, Kathrin, (06-20-2003)
Dixon, Tom, (06-23-2003)
Schwartz, George, (06-20-2003)

Videos on conservation
Fairbanks-Harris, Theresa, (02-03-2003)
Thompson, Jack C., (02-12-2003)

Vinamul 3252
Down, Jane, (05-13-2003)

Visitor impact
Mitchell, Gillian, (05-19-2003)

Voyager integrated library system
Gertz, Janet, (01-03-2003)

Ross, Suzanne Julie, (02-22-2003)
Arnold, Lori, (03-05-2003)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (03-10-2003)
Rivers, Shayne, (03-11-2003)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (03-11-2003)

WAAC Annual Meeting
Henry, Walter, (09-11-2003)

Langerova, Johana, (07-22-2003)

Washing paper
Jancar, Janet L., (06-05-2003)

Washington Conservation Guild
Creager, Ann, (03-21-2003)
Young, Lisa, (04-29-2003)
Creager, Ann, (09-12-2003)
Edquist, Linda, (12-02-2003)

Washington Conservation Guild--corrigendum
Creager, Ann, (09-17-2003)

Water damage to furniture
Heginbotham, Arlen, (12-27-2002)

Water purification
McKay, Alison, (05-02-2003)
Biggs, Julie, (05-08-2003)

Water purity for masonry conservation
Cappeto, Jenn, (07-14-2003)

Waterlogged archaeological leather
Spriggs, Jim, (01-16-2003)

Waterlogged wood
Zachariou, Haralambos, (02-05-2003)
Zalal, Tahe, (03-01-2003)
Johns, Dilys A., (03-13-2003)

Waterlogged wood--addendum
Zachariou, Haralambos, (03-08-2003)

Watts Towers of Simon Rodia State Historic Park
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (12-18-2003)

Web site about Pollaiuolo engraving
Stanton, Moyna, (04-18-2003)

Web site about historic ironwork.
Mitchell, David S., (11-27-2003)

Web site on historical monuments research
Leboucher-Namoianu, Elise, (01-14-2003)

Web site on history of photography
Brueckle, Irene, (04-16-2003)

Web site on risk to cultural heritage in Iraq
Blank, Ralf, (03-27-2003)

Web site on silver mirroring
Pietro, Giovanna Di, (03-04-2003)

Web site on silver mirroring--addendum
Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten, (01-01-2001)

Web site on underwater archaeology and maritime history jobs
Burns, Jason M., (11-10-2003)

Wheat starch paste
Knowles, Katherine, (01-28-2003)

Wicker basket
Greene, Loretta, (04-09-2003)

Smit, Ingeborg, (09-24-2003)

Window films
Grunow, Gregg, (11-03-2003)
Pearlstein, Ellen, (11-09-2003)
Low, William, (11-04-2003)
Mibach, Lisa, (11-15-2003)

Pilecka-Pietrusinska, Elzbieta, (05-14-2003)

Workshop on DSpace installation
Davidson, Joy, (07-24-2003)

Workshop on Iron gall ink corrosion
Di Franco, Maria Lilli, (10-17-2003)

Workshop on Spanish for art historians
Xarrie, Mireia, (09-03-2003)

Workshop on Spanish for art professionals
Xarrie, Mireia, (11-18-2003)

Workshop on Spanish for conservators
Xarrie, Mireia, (07-22-2003)
Xarrie, Mireia, (08-12-2003)
Xarrie, Mireia, (10-18-2003)

Workshop on analytical techniques
Pourchot, Eric, (01-27-2003)

Workshop on analytical techniques--addendum
Pourchot, Eric, (04-04-2003)

Workshop on audio preservation
Seeger, Nancy, (03-11-2003)

Workshop on book repair
Riley, Alicia, (08-07-2003)

Workshop on care of costumes
Markell, Melinda, (06-06-2003)

Workshop on care of large technology objects
Wain, Alison, (08-19-2003)

Workshop on cemetery preservation
Trinkley, Michael, (09-17-2003)

Workshop on collections care
Riley, Alicia, (10-30-2003)

Workshop on commercial library binding
Riley, Alicia, (07-23-2003)

Workshop on decontamination in heritage collections
Di Franco, Maria Lilli, (09-03-2003)

Workshop on digital libraries
Riley, Alicia, (08-25-2003)

Workshop on digital preservation
Eden, Barbara B., (04-16-2003)

Workshop on digitization
Tibbo, Helen, (12-17-2002)
Doyle, Jamie, (09-04-2003)

Workshop on disaster planning
Miller, Michael, (02-27-2003)

Workshop on disaster response
Markell, Melinda, (07-15-2003)

Workshop on disasters
Markell, Melinda, (07-07-2003)

Workshop on electronic records in Cuba
Garcia, Rau, (08-06-2003)

Workshop on fiber identification
Xarrie, Mireia, (10-13-2003)
Xarrie, Mireia, (11-13-2003)

Workshop on fungi
Black, James, (07-08-2003)

Workshop on hurricane preparedness
Riley, Alicia, (05-08-2003)

Workshop on inpainting
Pourchot, Eric, (01-13-2003)

Workshop on laser cleaning
Lau, Deborah, (01-29-2003)
Postma, Sjoerd, (11-20-2003)

Workshop on leather conservation
Pourchot, Eric, (07-09-2003)

Workshop on management of photographic collections
De Lusenet, Yola, (04-29-2003)

Workshop on microfilming and Digitization
Leerintveld, Ad, (01-31-2003)
Doyle, Jamie, (03-28-2003)

Workshop on mold
Riley, Alicia, (07-09-2003)

Workshop on museum lighting
Dupont, Anne-Laurence, (09-08-2003)

Workshop on packing and shipping works of Art
Dean, J. Claire, (08-27-2003)

Workshop on paper preservation
Markell, Melinda, (02-26-2003)

Workshop on patination
Carroll, Valinda, (03-04-2003)

Workshop on photographic conservation
Briant, Giulia Cucinella, (02-07-2003)
Kennedy, Nora, (04-03-2003)
Kennedy, Nora, (11-07-2003)

Workshop on porcelain restoration
Xarrie, Mireia, (12-02-2003)

Workshop on preservation of databases
Greenan, Monica, (01-24-2003)

Workshop on preservation of databases--addendum
Greenan, Monica, (02-26-2003)

Workshop on preventive conservation
Daniel, Vinod, (06-16-2003)

Workshop on restoration of murals
Xarrie, Mireia, (01-24-2003)

Workshop on risk management
Cornish, Eve, (05-01-2003)

Workshop on structural conservation of paintings
Blakney, Susan, (04-02-2003)

Workshop on structural conservation of paintings--addendum
Blakney, Susan, (08-07-2003)

Workshop on structural conservation of paintings--corrigendum
Blakney, Susan, (08-09-2003)

Workshop on transport
Heller, Barbara, (09-19-2003)

Workshop on varnishes and retouching media
Phenix, Alan, (03-26-2003)

Workshop on varnishes and retouching media--addendum
Phenix, Alan, (06-20-2003)

Workshop on video preservation
Frost, Hannah, (03-24-2003)

Workshops on book conservation
Spitzmueller, Pamela, (08-04-2003)

Workshops on care of paper and identification of photographic processes
Martin-Weldon, Marianne, (07-08-2003)

Workshops on environment
Lull, William P., (02-03-2003)

Workshops on exhibitions
DuBois, Susan, (10-07-2003)

Workshops on glass and ceramics
Pagliarino, Amanda, (02-05-2003)

Workshops on pests and mold
Dean, J. Claire, (09-02-2003)
Barrett, Susan, (09-03-2003)

Workshops on photographic conservation
Briant, Giulia Cucinella, (04-08-2003)

Workspace design
Wall, Karen, (07-28-2003)

Woven asbestos theater curtain
Lapointe, Anne, (12-12-2003)

X-ray film
Rohan, Deborah, (09-01-2003)
Pearlstein, Ellen, (12-03-2003)

XML schema for conservation documentation
Brown, Jonathan P., (04-08-2003)
Obarzanowski, Michal, (04-11-2003)

Yupo paper
Merkel, Julia, (08-25-2003)

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