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19th century adhesives
Mahoney, Beverly J., (05-14-1998)

A death
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (04-01-1998)
Spitzmueller, Pamela, (12-15-1998)

Caldararo, Niccolo, (10-31-1998)

AIC Electronic Media Special Interest Group
Messier, Paul, (05-20-1998)

AIC Textile Specialty Group election
Holdcraft, Therese, (04-30-1998)

AIC annual meeting
Spencer, Jeanette, (05-11-1998)

AIC meeting evaluation
Burke, John, (06-21-1998)

ALA preconference on audio preservation
Peek, Richard, (04-16-1998)

ALA/ALCTS/PARS discussion group topic
Wiseman, Christine, (06-10-1998)

ALCTS/PARS Preservation Course and Workshop Instructors Discussion Group
Wiseman, Christine, (06-10-1998)

ANSI update
Nishimura, Doug, (07-03-1998)

Acrylic interior latex
Untch, Katharine, (02-26-1998)

Actinic ink
Crespo, Luis, (05-11-1998)

Activated carbon beds
McCrady, Ellen, (01-19-1998)

Activated charcoal
Coxon, Helen, (07-08-1998)
Waller, Christoph, (07-15-1998)
Loughead, Ian, (12-03-1998)
Wexler, David, (12-14-1998)
Storch, Paul, (12-09-1998)

Active participation in DistList
Appelbaum, Barbara, (06-11-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (06-15-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (06-18-1998)
Eichelberger, Jeanne, (06-17-1998)
Graham, Peter, (06-17-1998)
Storch, Paul, (06-17-1998)
Thompson, Jack C., (06-16-1998)
Sinclair, Regina A., (06-17-1998)
Miller, Patricia L., (06-17-1998)
Motylewski, Karen, (06-18-1998)
Podany, Jerry, (06-23-1998)

Adaptive reuse
Hardin, Mel A., (06-12-1998)
Horton, John, (06-18-1998)
Kim, Blanche, (06-19-1998)

Adhesive for glass
MacDowell, Robert K., (07-27-1998)
Koob, Stephen, (07-30-1998)
Deller, Craig, (07-30-1998)
Sloan, Julie L., (07-30-1998)
Berrett, Kory, (08-03-1998)
Schmidt-Ott, Katharina, (08-11-1998)
MacDowell, Robert K., (09-01-1998)

Adhesive for metal
Ryan, Mark, (08-07-1998)
Storme, Patrick, (08-13-1998)

Adhesive for photographs
Murphy, Carolyn, (09-01-1998)

Adhesive for sensors in masonry walls
Jacob, Judy, (08-06-1998)
Lambert, Molly, (08-07-1998)

Adhesive for stone
Pung, Olaf, (02-19-1998)
Jaeschke, Helena, (03-03-1998)
Pung, Olaf, (03-09-1998)

Adhesive on CD-ROM
Dunlap, Sue, (08-21-1998)

Adhesives for Lalique crystal
Jane, Holland, (04-28-1998)

Henry, Walter, (08-12-1998)
Henry, Walter, (12-22-1998)

Aerolam and museum cases
Calver, Andrew, (02-23-1998)

Air quality
Tetreault, Jean, (12-24-1997)
Harrison, Sean, (06-16-1998)
Steemers, Ted, (06-17-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (07-01-1998)

Aircraft engine
Olsen, Pia, (12-09-1998)
Bailey, George, (12-17-1998)
Goetz, Kornelius, (12-16-1998)

Karaszkiewicz, Pawel, (03-21-1998)

Alkaline buffer in photographic enclosures
Rohan, Deborah, (04-16-1998)

Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride
Jackson, Cheryl, (03-04-1998)

Ammonia and beeswax
Sloan, Julie L., (09-10-1998)

Animation cels
Coco, Anne, (05-15-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (05-16-1998)

Von Lerber, Karin, (02-17-1998)
Trinkley, Michael, (02-23-1998)
Kerschner, Richard L., (02-23-1998)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (02-25-1998)

Anoxic storage
Nilsen, Lisa, (06-15-1998)
Daniel, Vinod, (06-17-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (06-18-1998)

Antique engines available
Storch, Paul, (03-03-1998)

Appointment of Mark Andersson at NBSS
MacDonald, Walter, (07-22-1998)

Appointments at University of Maryland Libraries
Carignan, Yvonne A., (01-05-1998)

Aquapon WB Interior Clear Epoxy
Martin-Weldon, Marianne, (09-14-1998)

Archaeological Leather Group meeting
Burnett, Nicholas, (07-18-1998)

Archaeological silver objects
Young, Lisa A., (08-13-1998)
Storch, Paul, (08-27-1998)
Harvey, David, (08-28-1998)
Bertholon, Regis, (08-31-1998)

Architectural drawings
Stilson, Randolph, (02-11-1998)
Esteva, Maria, (10-14-1998)

Art conservation session at ICASS - CTAS meeting
Murray, Alison, (07-11-1998)

Kaplan, Hilary A., (04-16-1998)

Asbestos contaminated book collection
Altman, Burt, (04-11-1998)

Audio tape and videotape
Smith-Hunt, Patricia, (05-05-1998)
Lindner, Jim, (05-06-1998)
Durham, Monique, (05-06-1998)
Messier, Paul, (05-08-1998)

BAACG field trip
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (11-11-1998)

BAACG meeting
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (05-01-1998)
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (08-09-1998)
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (09-17-1998)
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (10-27-1998)
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (11-25-1998)

Karaszkiewicz, Pawel, (12-07-1998)
Cser, Laszlo, (12-18-1998)

BEVA 371
Ormond, Dearbhla, (03-28-1998)
Cser, Laszlo, (04-05-1998)
Cser, Laszlo, (04-09-1998)

Baby shoes
Forsyth, Amy, (07-31-1998)

Barbara Goldsmith Preservation Lecture
Mikesell, Brian, (04-17-1998)
Mitra, Ursula, (10-13-1998)

Bark cloth samples sought
Daniels, Vincent, (02-19-1998)

Barrier materials
Rumming, John, (06-08-1998)

Bedacryl 122X
III, Harold Bledsoe Gill, (09-30-1998)
Vine, Mark, (10-02-1998)

Ben Shahn painting
Smithen, Patrica, (02-15-1998)
Vitale, Timothy, (02-24-1998)

Rocco, Cristina, (12-03-1998)
Lunas, Susan, (12-17-1998)

Rapin-Irrap, Andre, (10-09-1998)

Best of the Web
Trant, Jennifer, (03-10-1998)

Bowen, Craigen, (05-07-1998)

Beta-radiography and watermarks
Morris, Margaret, (04-22-1998)
Bowen, Craigen, (04-28-1998)

Beva film
Appelbaum, Barbara, (11-05-1998)
Barandiaran, Marta, (11-10-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (11-10-1998)
Burke, John, (11-17-1998)
Galea, Family, (11-13-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (11-15-1998)
Vitale, Tim, (11-18-1998)
Thompson, Jack C., (11-17-1998)
Cser, Laszlo, (11-19-1998)

Bibliography of Harold Plenderleith
Oddy, Andrew, (03-14-1998)

Bibliography on climate control
Kerschner, Richard L., (03-23-1998)

Binding machine
Subramanian, Jane, (02-26-1998)

Queyrel, Arnaud, (06-29-1998)

Blocking of 20th century coated papers
Clydesdale, Amanda, (11-03-1998)
Tremain, David A., (11-04-1998)
Ibsen, Soren, (11-04-1998)

Boar tusks
Scheerer, Stefanie, (08-16-1998)
Storch, Paul, (08-27-1998)

Board shears for sale
Baird, Brian, (10-21-1998)

Book drops
Armour, Annie, (12-14-1998)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (12-17-1998)

Book on papermaking
Aust, Laura Stirton, (04-08-1998)

Book on photo albums
Horton, Richard W., (02-03-1998)

Book on picture frames sought
Ocon, Noelle, (03-20-1998)

Book press
Page, Julie, (04-21-1998)

Book supports
Thomas, Priscilla, (05-05-1998)
Barrios, Pamela, (05-07-1998)

BookLab closes
Jensen, Craig, (10-28-1998)

BookLab web site
Jensen, Craig, (11-02-1998)

Boxmaking vendors
Milevski, Robert J., (10-29-1998)

Brass polishes
Fountain, Clint, (01-02-1998)
Bailey, George, (01-08-1998)
Storch, Paul, (01-08-1998)
Harvey, David, (01-13-1998)

Brass time capsule
Fountain, Clint, (10-26-1998)
Reinhold, Janet, (10-29-1998)
Hall, William, (10-29-1998)
Cannon, George W., (11-03-1998)
Chase, W. T., (11-08-1998)
Fountain, Clint, (11-04-1998)

Brettell and Starling book sought
Ocon, Noelle, (01-12-1998)

Toland, Erica, (04-13-1998)
Vigneau, Erin, (04-16-1998)

Bruce Miller
Spronk, Ron, (09-04-1998)

Bubble wrap
Kallmes, Kathryn T., (11-18-1998)

CAA/Heritage Preservation Award
Groce, Karen, (11-10-1998)

CAC web site
Bigelow, Sue, (02-07-1998)

CACG web site
Deller, Craig, (09-18-1998)

CAL budget
Caldararo, Niccolo, (12-24-1997)

CAL courses
Ballard, Mary W., (01-06-1998)

CAL/NCPTT environmental conference
Tumosa, Charles S., (01-09-1998)

CMDS/PARS discussion group
Brown, Meg, (01-02-1998)

Bertholon, Regis, (01-25-1998)

Call For Papers--Polymers in Museums
Baker, Mary T., (04-08-1998)

Call for Papers--ACS
Ballard, Mary W., (02-13-1998)

Call for Papers--CAC Annual Conference
Linklater, Shelagh, (11-13-1998)

Call for nominations--AIC/Heritage Preservation Joint Award for Outstanding Commitment to the Preservation and Care of Collections
Spencer, Jeanette, (11-03-1998)

Call for nominations--Esther J. Piercy Award
Drewes, Jeanne, (09-08-1998)

Call for nominations--Gaylord Collections Conservation Award
Verheyen, Peter, (10-15-1998)

Call for papers--CAC Annual Conference
Linklater, Shelagh, (09-29-1998)

Call for papers--CAC annual meeting
Poon, Carolynne, (01-15-1998)

Call for papers--IADA Congress
Koch, Mogens S., (04-11-1998)

Call for papers--ICOM
Edmonds, Penny, (02-10-1998)

Call for papers--Ironmasters Conference
Lowengard, Sarah, (10-22-1998)

Call for papers--Museum Computer Network
Harvey, Kerridwen, (01-23-1998)

Call for papers--Paintings
Phenix, Alan, (02-13-1998)

Call for papers--UKIC Furniture Section
Rogers, Dominique, (02-08-1998)

Call for papers--biodeterioration and biodegradation
Koestler, Robert J., (10-20-1998)

Call for papers--collection photography
Hesse, Wolfgang, (11-10-1998)

Call for papers--colour media on paper
Hoskins, Catherine, (05-02-1998)

Call for papers--conservation and urban sustainable development
Souza, Luiz A. C., (03-02-1998)

Call for papers--environmental and human safety in conservation
Linklater, Shelagh, (09-29-1998)

Call for papers--fakes and forgeries
Proden, Lynn, (05-09-1998)

Call for papers--glass, ceramics and related materials
Paterakis, Alice, (04-28-1998)

Call for papers--grey literature
Farace, Dominic, (12-03-1998)

Call for papers--human remains
Williams, Emily, (09-08-1998)

Call for papers--lighting
Appelbaum, Barbara, (04-09-1998)

Call for papers--modern materials
Rogers, Dominique, (06-08-1998)

Call for papers--photographic materials
Moor, Angela H., (12-14-1998)

Call for papers--reversibility
Carroll, Sara, (03-18-1998)
Oddy, Andrew, (12-03-1998)

Call for papers--textile conservation
McLean, Catherine, (09-29-1998)

Call for papers--urban libraries
Michael, Adams, (11-13-1998)

Call for papers--wood and furniture
Greebe, Bart, (02-14-1998)

Call for presentations--Restoration & Renovation
Berg, Ron, (04-22-1998)

Calls for papers--Art, technology, and moving images
Lowengard, Sarah, (01-06-1998)

Camberwell alumni association
Bearman, Frederick, (07-31-1998)

Campaign Hat
Floyd, Susan, (04-25-1998)

Car bubbles
Weldon, Marianne, (04-10-1998)
Bailey, George, (04-15-1998)
Prytulak, George, (04-16-1998)

Care and handling policies
Lennox, Allison, (06-15-1998)
Steemers, Ted, (06-17-1998)
Kriner, Gretchen, (06-23-1998)

Caroline Keck
Portell, Jean D., (09-30-1998)

Carpet beetles
Lord, Allyn, (04-19-1998)
Storch, Paul, (04-23-1998)

Untch, Katy, (12-04-1998)
Storch, Paul, (12-09-1998)
Cannon, George W., (12-09-1998)

Cartes de visite
Ullrich, Christine, (09-24-1998)

Catherine Aster
Fortson, Judith, (08-21-1998)

Caulking outdoor sculpture
Welter, Joel, (12-14-1998)
Lambert, Molly, (12-16-1998)

Celluloid ribbon
Ullrich, Christine, (09-24-1998)

Cellulose acetate samples sought
Ballany, Jane, (05-20-1998)

Cellulose ethers
Stone, Tom, (01-20-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (01-21-1998)

Cellulose ethers as consolidants
Spies, Ralph, (12-02-1998)

Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (02-20-1998)

Central library for conservation
Moss, Jim, (03-25-1998)
Mibach, Lisa, (03-27-1998)

Tichgelaar, James H, (05-26-1998)
Sommermeyer, Barbara, (06-01-1998)

Chancel slab
Montinari, Giulio, (09-07-1998)

Chicago Area Conservation Group
Deller, Craig, (01-14-1998)
Deller, Craig, (02-09-1998)

Chicago Area Conservation Group (CACG)
Deller, Craig, (09-03-1998)
Deller, Craig, (11-10-1998)
Deller, Craig, (12-09-1998)

China National Institute of Cultural Property
Yuming, Xu, (06-24-1998)

Chloramine T and stamps
Knight, Barry, (04-28-1998)
Maggen, Michael, (04-30-1998)

Chlorine dioxide
Shores, Franklin, (10-04-1998)

Citation sought
Henderson, Jane, (08-30-1998)
Lunas, Susan, (11-11-1998)
Mellon, Lori, (11-10-1998)
Davis, Vicki, (11-13-1998)

Class on Watts Towers
Goldstone, N. J. Bud, (12-08-1998)

Cleaning anodized aluminum
Addleson, Jill, (02-20-1998)

Cleaning film
Wrightson, Bob, (08-21-1998)

Cleaning phonograph discs
Dunlap, Sue, (05-06-1998)
III, George R. Leake, (05-07-1998)

Cleaning photographic negatives
Gaynor, Edward, (08-05-1998)
Saretzky, Gary, (08-06-1998)

Cleaning sculpture
McCraith, Iona, (08-17-1998)

Cleaning silk
Blaylock, Lisa, (04-20-1998)
Fatemi, Susan, (04-22-1998)
Herbert, Teri L., (04-28-1998)
Goodman, Barry, (04-30-1998)
Ballard, Mary W., (05-04-1998)

Cleaning smoke-damaged acrylic paintings
Jablonski, Elizabeth, (06-24-1998)

Clock labels
McLain, Gail, (12-03-1998)
Klein, Detlef, (12-10-1998)

Co-operative Preservation Activities for Archives and Libraries
Roberts, Jill, (02-09-1998)

Coating for concrete walls
Sugarman, Jane, (05-28-1998)

Coating on Henry Moore model
Webster-Cook, Sandra, (11-18-1998)

Coatings database
Olsen, Pia, (01-20-1998)

Cold storage
Hamill, Michele, (12-08-1998)

Collections management and documentation system
Potje, Karen, (02-18-1998)
Park, Heritage, (02-27-1998)

Colloquium on Archaeological Iron Conference on Archaeological Iron
Goetz, Kornelius, (07-25-1998)

Colloquium on conservation of organs
Bare, Patricia, (10-15-1998)

Color of paper and board
Reynolds, Frank A., (11-13-1998)
III, George R. Leake, (12-17-1998)

Communication of conservation information
Mibach, Lisa, (04-29-1998)
Deller, Craig, (05-02-1998)
Thompson, Jack C., (05-02-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (05-02-1998)
Owen, Bryan, (05-06-1998)
Podany, Jerry, (05-07-1998)
Carli, Alice, (05-07-1998)
Dignard, Carole, (05-07-1998)
Eichelberger, Jeanne, (05-07-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (05-15-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (05-15-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (07-01-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (07-09-1998)

Communication of conservation information Professionalism and certification
Thompson, Jack C., (05-15-1998)

Compact shelving
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (01-06-1998)
Grzywacz, Cecily, (12-07-1998)

Compact shelving and disasters
Henry, Walter, (11-30-1998)
Wexler, David, (12-01-1998)

Composition of grease
Dean, J. Claire, (12-02-1998)

Concrete dust
Alcock, Johann, (11-25-1998)
Preusser, Frank D., (11-30-1998)
Moss, Jim, (12-01-1998)

Concrete sculpture
Leirens, Isabelle, (12-17-1998)
Weeks, Christopher, (12-18-1998)
Goldstone, N. J. Bud, (12-19-1998)
Knight, Barry, (12-21-1998)

Conditioning silica gel
Brand, Jennifer, (07-17-1998)
Knight, Barry, (07-20-1998)

Conference on 20th century art
Bartley, Tracy, (02-10-1998)

Conference on Watts Towers
Goldstone, N. J. Bud, (01-09-1998)

Conference on alternative archival facilities
Calmes, Alan, (10-13-1998)

Conference on architectural drawings
Rowlands, Jane, (09-11-1998)

Conference on art and technology
Lowengard, Sarah, (10-05-1998)

Conference on building projects
Horie, C.V., (05-27-1998)

Conference on conservation of antiquities
Jaeschke, Helena, (12-01-1998)

Conference on conservation of archaeological leather
Burnett, Nicholas, (01-27-1998)

Conference on cultural property protection
Wulff, Roger, (02-18-1998)

Conference on digital imaging guidelines
Dale, Robin, (07-21-1998)

Conference on examination of paper
Sutherland, Linda, (02-03-1998)

Conference on human remains
Chapman, Deborah S., (07-12-1998)

Conference on iron
Harvey, David, (03-18-1998)

Conference on microbiology and conservation
Tiano, Piero, (09-22-1998)

Conference on oral traditions
Ralph, Manning, (11-23-1998)

Conference on partnerships for government collections
Cato, Paisley S., (09-16-1998)

Conference on photographic conservation
Woods, Chris, (02-02-1998)

Conference on photographic, moving image, and sound collections
Purewal, Vicky, (04-28-1998)
Adcock, Edward, (04-30-1998)

Conference on reformatting visual materials
Tracy, Gay, (07-02-1998)

Conference on scanning
Tracy, Gay, (07-02-1998)

Conference on the ecology of information
Tracy, Gay, (01-06-1998)

Conservation Assessment Program
Dingilian, Sonia, (11-04-1998)

Conservation assessment plans
Humphrey, Vicki, (09-02-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (09-04-1998)

Conservation courses at Camberwell
Bearman, Frederick, (07-23-1998)

Conservation exhibits
Harvey, David, (03-31-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (04-04-1998)
Maggen, Michael, (04-08-1998)
Putt, Neal, (04-10-1998)
Clarke, Mark, (04-11-1998)
Batton, Susan Sayre, (04-13-1998)
Swaffield, Shane, (04-15-1998)
Kjelland, John, (04-21-1998)

Conservation of firearms
Coxon, Helen, (02-17-1998)

Conservation of niello
Robbins, Marie-Odile, (05-14-1998)
Angeli, David Cottier, (05-18-1998)
Northover, Peter, (05-20-1998)

Conservation of tiered collections
Dumka, Heather, (01-28-1998)

Conservation of toilets from shipwreck
Smith, Nicola, (06-17-1998)
Gallagher, Pat, (06-18-1998)
Turner, Jessica, (06-30-1998)
Goldberg, Lisa, (07-08-1998)
Ianna, Christine, (07-09-1998)
Dickens, Jenny, (07-15-1998)

Conservation videos
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (10-09-1998)

Conservation web sites
Greathead, Alexandra, (03-30-1998)

Conservators sought for preservation awareness workshop
Ruzicka, Glen, (04-02-1998)

Lee, Siew Wah, (06-08-1998)

Contact spray adhesives
Hargrove, Suzanne, (03-17-1998)

Contaminated shellac
Moss, Jim, (03-13-1998)
Glastrup, Jens, (03-19-1998)

Contributions for Cuban institutions
Drewes, Jeanne, (07-09-1998)
Drewes, Jeanne, (07-18-1998)
Drewes, Jeanne, (08-21-1998)

Cooperative preservation activities in the UK
Gadd, Elizabeth, (06-18-1998)

Liao, Zu-Chun, (09-11-1998)
Storme, Patrick, (09-20-1998)

Copper oleates
Jablonski, Elizabeth, (03-08-1998)

Copper printing blocks
Lane, Anne, (09-21-1998)

Cor-ten steel sculpture
Favero, Patricia, (06-24-1998)
Gallagher, Patrick, (07-11-1998)
Scott, John, (07-21-1998)
Gallagher, Patrick, (07-22-1998)
Scott, John, (07-23-1998)
Scott, John, (07-24-1998)

Koons, Kimberly, (09-21-1998)

Costs of treatment
Ellis, Margaret Holben, (06-30-1998)
Goldstone, N. J. Bud, (07-03-1998)

Course on anoxic enclosures and microenvironments
Wright, Margot M., (06-11-1998)

Course on care of outdoor bronze sculpture
Scott, John, (03-06-1998)

Course on care of outdoor bronze sculpture--corrigendum
Scott, John, (03-07-1998)

Course on care of photographic collections
Williamson, Sandra, (01-12-1998)

Course on cleaning with lasers
Fowles, Stephen, (02-23-1998)

Course on new techniques in designing cleaning systems
Deller, Craig, (03-20-1998)

Course on photographic conservation
Black, Jim, (10-01-1998)

Course on spot testing
Carroll, Scott, (08-26-1998)

Courses at Camberwell
Bearman, Frederick, (02-06-1998)

Courses on conservation and archaeology
Black, James, (02-13-1998)

Courses on photographic conservation
Moor, Ian L., (01-29-1998)
Moor, Angela, (09-09-1998)

Courses on textiles
Centre, Textile Cons., (04-30-1998)

Cradle for displaying fore-edge paintings
Silverman, Randy, (09-21-1998)

Dahlia sprayer
McGee, Mo, (04-29-1998)

Dahlia sprayers
Maggen, Michael, (04-29-1998)

Deciphering obliterated text
Katterman, Grace, (05-01-1998)
Hickey-Friedman, Laramie, (05-03-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (05-06-1998)
Jaeschke, Helena, (05-07-1998)

Defining conservators
Portell, Jean D., (12-09-1998)

Degradation of VHS Tapes
Williamson, Colin, (11-21-1998)
Lindner, Jim, (11-25-1998)

Delaware Valley SAS meeting
Scott, John, (05-12-1998)

Desalination of iron artifacts
Schmidt-Ott, Katharina, (07-15-1998)

Design of microform facilities
Brown, Heather, (01-10-1998)

Desktop printing
Coco, Anne, (05-15-1998)
Clarke, Mark, (05-17-1998)
Crook, Jo, (07-07-1998)

Deterioration rates
Sanchez, Arsenio, (08-10-1998)
Stauderman, Sarah, (08-28-1998)

Determining source of odour
Potje, Karen, (12-10-1998)
Brown, Jonathan P., (12-16-1998)

Determining whether artifact has been buried
Martin, James, (02-26-1998)

Crook, Jo, (05-12-1998)

Laburu, Belen, (03-11-1998)

Digital cameras
Williamson, Colin, (02-02-1998)
Clarke, Mark, (02-07-1998)
Sass, Shelley, (02-09-1998)
Stevens, Andrew, (02-10-1998)

Digital cameras and scanners
Vitale, Timothy, (01-30-1998)
Strauss, Linda A., (06-17-1998)

Digital imaging
Motylewski, Karen, (09-04-1998)

Digital imaging and surface topography of paper
Stoneham, Rachel, (04-02-1998)

Digital imaging literature citations
Vitale, Timothy, (07-23-1998)
Riccardelli, Carolyn, (07-26-1998)

Dimensions of herbarium specimen sheets
Farley, Jonathan, (12-01-1998)

Directory of fan conservators
Melnick, Cheryl, (05-15-1998)

Disaster recovery and natural history collections
Maierhoffer, Andrea, (03-20-1998)
Shelton, Sally, (03-26-1998)

Dismantling printing press
Colligan, Dorothea, (03-23-1998)

Displaying lantern slides
Lavrencic, Tamara, (04-29-1998)
Berrett, Kory, (05-03-1998)

Distance education
Weatherston, Brenda, (11-04-1998)

Distance education in collections management
Weatherston, Brenda, (12-08-1998)

Distance learning in preservation
Wilson, Paul, (01-19-1998)

Documentation discussion at AIC meeting
Moss, Jim, (05-23-1998)

Double-sided tape
Wickenhiser-Schaudt, Carol, (03-11-1998)
III, George R. Leake, (03-12-1998)
Dannhauser, Dave, (03-17-1998)
So, Tanya, (03-18-1998)

Draft standard for library binding
Ogden, Barclay, (06-17-1998)

Drew University Book History MA Program
Rose, Jonathan, (07-08-1998)

Dry starch paste
Connell, Sharon, (08-12-1998)
McCraith, Iona, (08-14-1998)

Hartford, Marty, (06-22-1998)

Dye stability in C41 B&W films
Hiscock, Philip, (06-11-1998)

EAS conservation sessions
Scott, John, (07-31-1998)

EMSIG web site
Vitale, Timothy, (07-23-1998)

Early history of conservation and technical studies at the Fogg Art Museum
Bewer, Francesca, (09-25-1998)

Bradford, Owen, (10-21-1998)

Edge recognition software
Riss, Dan, (12-31-1997)

Effect of light on fine art materials
Reynolds, Frank A., (11-13-1998)
Vitale, Tim, (11-18-1998)

Electric engravers
Coxon, Helen, (02-09-1998)

Emergency Assistance Program for Massachusetts libraries and archives
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (08-31-1998)

Epoxy and flooring
Deller, Craig, (10-30-1998)
Ketcham, Jane D., (11-05-1998)

Eric Alstrom
Sagraves, Barbara, (11-12-1998)

Erika Heinen
Conway, Paul, (09-15-1998)

Ethafoam and other polyethylene foams in conservation
Williams, Scott, (08-10-1998)

Appelbaum, Barbara, (07-01-1998)
Klinger, Jane E., (07-06-1998)

Exhibit on Jacques Maroger and his followers
Nowell, Beth, (05-12-1998)

Exhibit on information preservation
Sinclair, Regina A., (10-03-1998)

Exhibiting coins
Cojocaru, Lucia, (04-28-1998)

Fourie, Talita, (01-08-1998)

Exhibition lighting for fluorescent ink
Luxner, Alison, (12-16-1998)
Downey, Laura, (12-18-1998)

Exhibitions on pap
Berg, Kristi, (08-05-1998)

Exterior terra cotta ornaments
Tisdale, Jane, (02-24-1998)
Rabinowitz, Mark, (02-27-1998)
Horton, John, (03-06-1998)
Himawan, Joice, (03-09-1998)
McNamara, Mary Ellen, (03-10-1998)

FAIC Kress Fellowships
Appelbaum, Barbara, (10-21-1998)

Fabric stiffener
Crunk, Jeffrey, (11-10-1998)

Facing materials for mosaics
Appelbaum, Barbara, (03-04-1998)
Perkins, Rachael, (03-12-1998)
Clarke, Mark, (03-17-1998)
Griffin, Pat, (03-23-1998)
Kjelland, John R., (03-30-1998)

False raised bands on Punjabi manuscripts
McManus, Neill, (08-20-1998)

Fashion sketches
Lawrence, Deirdre, (10-20-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (10-23-1998)

Atwood, Cathy, (10-30-1998)

Fellowship at American Textile History Museum
Lind, Cristin, (10-22-1998)

Fellowship at Yale Center for British Art
Fairbanks, Theresa, (04-21-1998)

Fellowship in conservation science
Barclift, Deborah A., (01-30-1998)

Fellowships at American Textile Museum
Lind, Cristin, (03-18-1998)

Fellowships at Winterthur Museum
Buggeln, Gretchen, (10-08-1998)

Field work opportunity
Rabinovich, Rivka, (01-14-1998)

Field work opportunity--addendum
Rabinovich, Rivka, (01-20-1998)

Final edition of North American Permanent Papers
McCrady, Ellen, (07-14-1998)

Fire at Thomas Wolfe Memorial
Horton, John, (07-29-1998)

Fire damage to paintings
Phenix, Alan, (11-23-1998)

Fire extinguishers
Conn, Donia, (05-07-1998)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (05-15-1998)
Buchanan, Sally, (05-19-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (05-16-1998)
Angeli, David Cottier, (05-18-1998)
Trinkley, Michael, (05-27-1998)

Fire in sprinklered facility
Boyden, Richard, (06-15-1998)

Fires in Florida
Richards, Sharla, (07-06-1998)

Flaking ink on manuscript
Holmes, John, (07-03-1998)
Thompson, Jack C., (07-11-1998)
Maggen, Michael, (07-14-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-14-1998)
Humphrey, Vicki, (08-10-1998)

Flattening pastels on parchment
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (02-16-1998)

Flexible fill material
Lougheed, Sandra, (04-22-1998)

Flood at Higgins Armory Museum
Moss, Jim, (01-04-1998)

Knight, Barry, (07-03-1998)

Floor coverings for historic structures
Jessup, Wendy Claire, (02-02-1998)

Houston, Joe, (06-26-1998)
Sanchez, Arsenio, (08-10-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (08-13-1998)
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (08-27-1998)

Formaldehyde-free fiberboard
Cannon, George W., (01-02-1998)

Framing photographs
Todd, Stephen, (09-17-1998)

Free reprocessing of water-damaged microfilm
Silverman, Randy, (10-05-1998)

Freezing motion picture film
Ruby-Sanderson, Diana, (09-15-1998)
Lindner, Jim, (09-18-1998)

French clamps
Procter, Eileen, (01-09-1998)
Storch, Paul, (01-12-1998)
Zycherman, Lynda, (01-12-1998)

Fuel oil spill
Cremers, Ton, (03-03-1998)

Fulbright Scholar Program
Henry, Walter, (05-14-1998)

Furniture polish
Hathaway, Andrea, (02-24-1998)
Storch, Paul, (03-03-1998)
Deller, Craig, (03-01-1998)

Egunnike, Lydia C., (11-17-1998)
Simmons, John, (11-18-1998)
Storch, Paul, (11-18-1998)
Sass, Shelley, (12-01-1998)

Gel ink
DeBolt, Dean, (09-23-1998)

Glass colored prints
Fowles, Stephen, (04-24-1998)
Tremain, David A., (04-28-1998)
Sloan, Julie L., (04-28-1998)
Povlsen, Anne, (04-29-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (05-02-1998)

Glassine envelopes for storing photographic materials
Pietro, Giovanna Di, (01-21-1998)
Nadeau, Luis, (01-24-1998)

Glassine for storage of negatives
Landry, Joe, (03-23-1998)
Farley, Jonathan S., (03-26-1998)
McCrady, Ellen, (04-08-1998)
Farley, Jonathan S., (04-15-1998)

Glossary on bookbinding
Fan, Esther C., (02-25-1998)

Ewer, Patricia, (07-01-1998)
Motylewski, Karen, (07-09-1998)
Ewer, Patricia, (07-17-1998)
Harvey, David, (07-15-1998)
Goldberg, Lisa, (07-15-1998)

Selby, Stephen, (05-15-1998)
Cullhed, Per, (05-18-1998)
Buhner, Ruth, (05-21-1998)
Thompson, Jack C., (05-23-1998)
Ahearn, Michael, (06-03-1998)

Glue guns
Lane, Anne, (03-20-1998)
Evans, Rupert N., (03-26-1998)
Cannon, George W., (03-26-1998)
Jusko, Michael J., (04-06-1998)

Greatness in art conservation
Stoner, Joyce Hill, (08-03-1998)

Griffen Mill
Carla, Hanin, (03-30-1998)
Lanning, David M., (04-06-1998)

Guidelines for sketching and copying in the museum
Lawrence, Sandra, (01-13-1998)

Gypsum and photographs
Talley, Sarah, (06-16-1998)

HPLC citation
Clarke, Mark, (05-01-1998)
Lunas, Susan, (05-06-1998)

HX 187
Ketcham, Jane D., (09-17-1998)

Yardley-Jones, Audrey, (01-23-1998)
Ballard, Mary W., (01-29-1998)

Kauth, Jens, (09-07-1998)
Koga, Dean, (09-16-1998)
Kjelland, John, (09-18-1998)
Koga, Dean, (09-23-1998)
Kjelland, John, (09-28-1998)

Harvard University Art Museums' Conservation Center alumni sought
Bewer, Francesca, (10-29-1998)

Health hazards in archives collections
Goldberg, Lisa, (10-09-1998)
Trinkley, Michael, (10-20-1998)
McCrady, Ellen, (10-26-1998)

Heated spatulas
Williams, Jane, (03-16-1998)

Help offered for flood victims
Scheer, Jonathan, (02-10-1998)

Horology reference books sought
Moss, Jim, (04-03-1998)

House museums
Fourie, Talita, (05-19-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (05-20-1998)
Rounds, Shawn, (05-20-1998)

Human hair
Smith, Laura Katz, (04-25-1998)
Himawan, Joice, (04-28-1998)

DeFord, Carole, (02-11-1998)
Marcon, Paul, (02-23-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (02-27-1998)

Hygrothermograph charts
Milevski, Robert J., (03-27-1998)
Vine, Mark, (04-05-1998)
Boral, John, (04-13-1998)

Harrison, Sean, (06-30-1998)
Coxon, Helen, (07-03-1998)
Parr, Bonnie, (07-06-1998)
Knight, Barry, (07-10-1998)
Hernamperez, Arsenio Sanchez, (07-15-1998)
Jeffers, Will, (07-21-1998)
Wheeler, June, (07-27-1998)
Jeffers, Will, (07-30-1998)

Hygrothermographs sought
Scott-Childress, Katie, (04-22-1998)

ICOM joint interim meeting on paintings
Phenix, Alan, (06-18-1998)

IMLS National Leadership Grants
Bullard, Giuliana, (09-28-1998)

IMLS grants
Giuliana, Bullard, (12-18-1998)
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (12-21-1998)

Identification of photomechanical plate
Barandiaran, Marta, (11-20-1998)
Crawford, Carol, (12-01-1998)
Nadeau, Luis, (12-06-1998)

Identifying chrome tanned leather
Knops, Cor, (07-27-1998)
Lanning, David M., (07-30-1998)
Carroll, Scott, (08-04-1998)
Robbins, Marie-Odile, (08-03-1998)
Silveira, Denise, (08-06-1998)
Nolley, Scott, (08-07-1998)

Imaging web site
Spronk, Ron, (04-13-1998)

Impressions from stamping dies
Milevski, Robert J., (11-24-1998)
Pavelka, Karen L., (11-30-1998)
Yeager, Nicholas, (12-01-1998)

Information on fires sought for documentary
Van Eyk, Robert P., (06-11-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (06-17-1998)
Boyden, Richard, (06-26-1998)

Infrared thermometer
Strahan, Donna, (12-03-1998)

Ink damaged parchment
Rushfield, Rebecca A, (04-06-1998)
Thompson, Jack C., (04-08-1998)

Ink inscriptions on stone
Weld, Susan, (11-12-1998)

Ink stains on limestone
Bickersteth, Julian, (12-24-1998)

Dixon, Thomas, (02-09-1998)
Dean, J. Claire, (02-10-1998)
Braun, Thomas J., (02-10-1998)
Parkes, Phil, (02-11-1998)
Prytulak, George, (02-11-1998)
Himawan, Joice, (02-11-1998)

Institute on library binding
Muller, Karen, (11-16-1998)

Interim meeting on glass, ceramics and related materials
Paterakis, Alice, (04-28-1998)

International Fine Art Conservation Studio
Ewer, Patricia, (09-08-1998)

Internship at Art Gallery of Ontario
Lawrence, Sandra, (03-12-1998)

Internship at Canterbury Shaker Village
Williams, Marc A., (05-29-1998)
Williams, Marc A., (08-20-1998)

Internship at Colonial Williamsburg
Harvey, David, (06-19-1998)

Internship at Guggenheim Museum
Nagy, Eleonora E., (12-01-1998)

Internship at Herzog August Bibliothek
Corbach, Almuth, (05-07-1998)

Internship at Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Halvorson, Bonnie, (08-31-1998)

Internship at Kathryn Myatt Carey & Associates
Carey, Kathryn, (04-21-1998)

Internship at National Park Service
Burke, Martin, (05-21-1998)

Internship at New York Academy of Medicine
Schlefer, Elaine R., (02-25-1998)

Internship at University of British Columbia
Morrison, Darrin, (05-07-1998)

Internship at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Untch, Katy, (03-19-1998)
Untch, Katy, (10-22-1998)
Untch, Katy, (12-18-1998)

Internship sought
Jankowiak, Monika Z., (01-20-1998)
Masi, Horacio M. Garcia, (06-20-1998)
Storme, Patrick, (06-28-1998)
Jankowiak, Monika Z., (07-07-1998)

Internships at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Harvey, David, (02-10-1998)

Internships at Missouri Historical Society
Longford, Nicola, (02-23-1998)

Internships at New York City Department of Parks
Rabinowitz, Mark, (01-24-1998)

Iron gall ink
Muller, Anne, (11-02-1998)
Jaeschke, Helena, (11-24-1998)

Iron gall ink corrosion web site and list
Muller, Anne, (12-15-1998)

Gabrieli, Smadar, (02-17-1998)

Ivory Brooch with watercolour portrait
Rowney, Nicole, (09-10-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (10-02-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (10-05-1998)

Japanese oiled paper rain clothing
Green, Melanie Li, (03-19-1998)
Green, Melanie Li, (06-12-1998)

Japanese paper
Aurand, Gudrun, (10-21-1998)
Pavelka, Karen L., (10-26-1998)

Japanese paper in book repair
Silverman, Randy, (11-25-1998)
Schrock, Nancy, (12-11-1998)

Kerosene odor in storage boxes
Lane, Anne, (12-02-1998)
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (12-03-1998)

Cannon, Alice, (03-09-1998)
III, George R. Leake, (03-12-1998)
Witte, Guy De, (03-13-1998)
Van Dyke, Alan P, (05-07-1998)
Lane, Anne, (10-20-1998)

Choe, Yangsook, (11-02-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (11-03-1998)
Hesse, Wolfgang, (11-03-1998)
Knight, Barry, (11-05-1998)
Vine, Mark, (11-04-1998)

Lawrence J. Majewski
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (11-13-1998)

Leaky roof
Cook, Eleanor, (09-02-1998)
Fansler, Craig, (09-04-1998)
Atwood, Cathy, (09-04-1998)
Eichelberger, Jeanne, (09-04-1998)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (09-08-1998)

Leather consolidation
Shelton, Martha, (10-22-1998)

Leather dyes
Andersson, Mark, (02-23-1998)

Leather hinge repairs
Hathaway, Andrea, (07-08-1998)

Lecture on decorative American bookbinding
Pape, Whitney, (08-14-1998)

Lecture on decorative American bookbinding--addendum
Pape, Whitney, (08-24-1998)

Lecture on preservation of the Washington Monument
Spencer, Jeanette, (05-28-1998)

Library conservation in Beijing
Paris, Jan, (03-19-1998)

Library of Congress contract for mass deacidification
Harris, Kenneth E, (03-06-1998)

Library of Congress/Ameritech National Digital Library Competition
Paulson, Barbara, (07-28-1998)

Light exposure limits for art on paper and photographs
Larsen, Jonna, (09-14-1998)
Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten, (09-21-1998)

Limestone impregnated with cellulose acetate
Pung, Olaf, (10-09-1998)

Lougheed, Sandra, (09-17-1998)
Storch, Paul, (09-18-1998)
Goetz, Kornelius, (09-18-1998)
Mense, Montserrat Le, (09-23-1998)

Literature on adhesives
Cyr, Nancy J., (04-15-1998)

Location of conservation studios
Baya, Hubert, (04-18-1998)

Long-term monitoring of historic furniture
Brown, Jonathan P., (09-15-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (09-17-1998)
Jeffers, Will, (09-17-1998)
Brown, Jonathan P., (09-18-1998)
Lloyd, Helen, (10-09-1998)

Kriner, Gretchen, (11-07-1998)
Trinkley, Michael, (11-11-1998)
Braun, Thomas J., (11-10-1998)
Braun, Thomas J., (11-13-1998)
Stevens, Glenda, (11-16-1998)
Henry, Walter, (11-17-1998)
Vine, Mark, (11-13-1998)

Magnetic photo albums
Stevens, Glenda, (05-18-1998)

Manta ray wing
Rennie, Sarah-Jane, (08-13-1998)
Storch, Paul, (08-27-1998)

Addleson, Jill, (02-20-1998)

Marking RC prints
Murphy, Carolyn, (11-19-1998)
Orchanian, Ani, (11-24-1998)
Himawan, Joice, (12-02-1998)

Mass deacidification
Lockshin, Nora, (03-17-1998)
Harris, Kenneth E, (03-20-1998)
Knops, Cor, (04-06-1998)

Master classes on building conservation
Robbins, Marie-Odile, (01-20-1998)

Masterclasses on building conservation
Robbins, Marie-Odile, (12-03-1998)

Materials and techniques database
Shoemaker, Heida, (01-06-1998)
Lapointe, Anne, (10-15-1998)
Baker, Jennifer, (10-16-1998)

Mats for medieval tiled pavement
Knight, Barry, (09-11-1998)

Measuring tear strength of water damaged paper
Lieberman, Ron, (10-08-1998)
Lieberman, Ron, (10-19-1998)

Medical readout paper
Aust, Laura Stirton, (01-22-1998)

Meeting on pollution-induced artefact deterioration
Gibson, Lorraine, (01-14-1998)

Melamine polish
Ghuwalewala, Saloni, (05-24-1998)

Meltonian shoe cream
Green, Marlan, (03-03-1998)
Millard, Jacqueline, (03-09-1998)

Metal spraying
Cremers, Ton, (01-31-1998)
Harvey, David, (02-08-1998)
Kotei, Ebenezer Nsiah, (02-13-1998)

Microcrystalline wax
Borgarp, Catinka, (12-01-1998)
Tokumaru, Isabelle, (12-03-1998)

Microfilm preparation
Brown, Heather, (01-22-1998)

Banks, Margaret, (07-30-1998)
Stewart, Charles, (07-31-1998)
Saretzky, Gary, (08-03-1998)
Hughes, Susan, (08-03-1998)

Microscope slides reference library of fiber specimens
Hanson, Robin, (04-28-1998)

Military banner with metallic threads
Schwartz, George, (11-03-1998)

Miniature painting on ivory
Schlefer, Elaine R., (09-25-1998)

Rebok, Thomas, (03-07-1998)

Vine, Mark, (05-19-1998)
Liao, Zu-Chun, (05-19-1998)
Szczepanowska, Hanna, (05-20-1998)
Crespo, Luis, (05-28-1998)
Cullhed, Per, (06-03-1998)
Glastrup, Jens, (06-02-1998)
Herbert, Teri L., (12-10-1998)
Page, Julie, (12-17-1998)

Mold inhibitors
Brown, Karen, (09-21-1998)
Nishimura, Doug, (09-22-1998)

Mold species
Buchanan, Sally, (12-16-1998)

Monitoring air quality
Posey, Alaric, (03-01-1998)

Monitoring for shifts in color and transparency
Portell, Jean D., (09-16-1998)

Mount board
Todd, Stephen, (10-23-1998)

Mounting a large quilt
Klein, Susan, (07-27-1998)

Mounting adhesive
Storch, Paul, (01-08-1998)

Mounting photographs in bound material
Gubkin, Sharlane, (07-13-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-14-1998)
Trinkley, Michael, (07-16-1998)
Piercy, Angie, (07-15-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-18-1998)

Mounting quilts
Lane, Anne, (05-21-1998)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (05-27-1998)

Moving chemicals
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (10-20-1998)
Knight, Barry, (10-23-1998)
Goldberg, Lisa, (10-29-1998)

Mummy wrappings
Bacon, Louise, (02-20-1998)
Rosenberg, Amy, (03-06-1998)

Museum Services International web site
Wulff, Roger, (06-26-1998)

Williams, Marc A., (06-16-1998)
Grant, Lynn, (06-17-1998)
Thompson, Jack C., (06-18-1998)
Krueger, Jay, (06-24-1998)
Dean, J. Claire, (06-20-1998)

NCPTT Preservation Technology and Training Grants
Gale, Fran, (07-01-1998)

NEH Grants and awards
Paulson, Barbara, (04-29-1998)

NEH Preservation and Access application deadline
Paulson, Barbara, (02-12-1998)

NISO environmental standards for exhibiting library and archival materials
Henderson, Cathy, (11-29-1998)

NMAI publications
Carroll, Scott, (07-20-1998)

NRMM records available online
Reed-Scott, Jutta, (03-30-1998)

NYSL Grants
Lilley, Barbara, (07-16-1998)

National Conference on Cultural Property Protection
Wulff, Roger, (01-21-1998)

Naval jelly
Glaser, Mary Todd, (12-09-1998)
Burke, John, (12-15-1998)
Storch, Paul, (12-16-1998)
Lambert, Molly, (12-16-1998)

Neobond synthetic paper
Bunting, Victoria, (01-05-1998)

New England Conservation Association
Carey, Kathryn, (02-11-1998)

New England Preservation Calendar
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (03-09-1998)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (05-06-1998)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (07-02-1998)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (10-02-1998)

New England Preservation/Conservation Interest Group
Sagraves, Barbara, (10-22-1998)

New GCI director
Radoyce, Julie, (12-18-1998)

New address for Keepsafe Systems
Shiner, Jerry, (02-13-1998)

New edition of Middleton
Fan, Esther C., (04-01-1998)

New list: Conserva-Lista
Souza, Luiz A. C., (08-03-1998)

New list: bookbinding
Gouey, Denis, (03-17-1998)

New list: irusers-l
Martin, James, (04-03-1998)

New name for CAL
Van Zelst, Lambertus, (01-29-1998)

New training program at Cardiff University
Parkes, Phil, (12-02-1998)

Nineteenth century photo albums
Silverman, Randy, (09-25-1998)
Saretzky, Gary, (09-28-1998)
Nadeau, Luis, (10-01-1998)

Nitrate negatives
Shoemaker, Heida, (09-10-1998)
Nishimura, Doug, (09-16-1998)
Nishimura, Doug, (10-20-1998)

Northern India paintings on cotton
Wunderle, Norbert, (03-06-1998)
Gabrieli, Smadar, (03-07-1998)
Connelly, Cindy, (03-13-1998)

OP-3 plexiglas
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (11-23-1998)

Objects Specialty Group List
Harvey, David, (11-24-1998)
Gabrieli, Smadar, (11-28-1998)
Booth, Laurie, (12-03-1998)
Henry, Walter, (12-08-1998)
Martin, Miranda, (12-22-1998)

Objects Specialty Group list
Harvey, David, (11-04-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (11-10-1998)
Gabrieli, Smadar, (11-16-1998)
Untch, Katy, (11-19-1998)

Oddy test
Bacon, Louise, (08-04-1998)

Oddy tests
Jeffers, Will, (07-23-1998)
Thickett, David, (07-23-1998)

Offsite storage of film
Herrick, Roxanna, (01-08-1998)

Oil paintings damaged in shipment
Wickenhiser-Schaudt, Carol, (03-11-1998)

Oil staining
Seifen, Charlotte, (11-19-1998)

Omega sprinkler heads
Wulff, Roger, (03-07-1998)

Online courses on digital imaging
Atwood, Cathy, (11-05-1998)

Online exhibit on paper bindings
Mikesell, Brian, (04-06-1998)

Online preservation courses
Henninger, Maureen, (07-09-1998)

Open Day at West Dean College
Robbins, Marie-Odile, (01-15-1998)

Organic chemistry curriculum
De Sousa, Joao Aires, (08-14-1998)

Outdoor storage of industrial objects
Goetz, Kornelius, (05-19-1998)
Shiner, Jerry, (05-20-1998)

PARS Binding Automation Discussion Group
Baird, Brian, (06-18-1998)

PARS Cooperative Preservation Programs Discussion Group
Wiseman, Christine, (06-10-1998)

PARS Library Binding Discussion Group
Baird, Brian, (06-18-1998)

PARS Meeting
Smith, Steven D., (06-17-1998)

PARS Photographic and Recording Media Discussion Group
Wiseman, Christine, (06-10-1998)

PARS Physical Quality and Treatment Discussion Group
Campbell, Harry, (06-04-1998)

PARS Preservation Film Festival
Walter, Katherine L., (06-01-1998)

PARS Reformatting Discussion Group
Cybulski, Walter, (06-05-1998)

PARS schedule
Smith, Steven D., (02-06-1998)

Packing material
Knutas, Per, (11-09-1998)

Painted window
Lane, Anne, (04-07-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (04-23-1998)

Painting on animal hide
Johnson, Lydia, (03-27-1998)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (04-06-1998)

Mild, Ann-Marie, (06-22-1998)

Paper coated with red lead
Wang, Peng-Peng, (05-05-1998)
Stavroudis, Chris, (05-08-1998)
Kaplan, Hilary A., (05-08-1998)
Tremain, David A., (05-07-1998)
Trinkley, Michael, (05-07-1998)
Jaeschke, Helena, (05-07-1998)
Searl, Margie, (05-14-1998)
McCrady, Ellen, (05-16-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (05-18-1998)
Riss, Dan, (05-18-1998)

Paper contaminated with formaldehyde
Bark, Jed, (09-27-1998)

Paper damaged by cigarette smoke
Maltby, Sue, (11-17-1998)

Paper stained by windex
Keynan, Daria, (11-04-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (11-10-1998)

Paraloid B72 and microcrystalline wax
Larsson, Rikard, (03-18-1998)

Paranarium nut paste
Abend, Karen, (12-15-1998)
Bailey, George, (12-21-1998)

Kastritis, Ilias, (09-28-1998)
Thompson, Jack C., (09-30-1998)
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (10-02-1998)
Thompson, Jack C., (10-04-1998)
Leader, Jonathan M., (10-13-1998)
Clarke, Mark, (10-11-1998)

Portsteffen, Hans, (09-03-1998)

Paste cooker
Lee, LaHoma, (04-30-1998)
Potje, Karen, (05-04-1998)
Crawford, Carol, (05-05-1998)
Derow, Jonathan, (05-02-1998)

Patron education
Clark, Elizabeth, (02-10-1998)

Pen humidifier
Weaver, Gawain, (03-16-1998)
Futernick, Robert, (03-21-1998)
Dignard, Carole, (03-23-1998)

Pest control
MacDowell, Robert K., (10-05-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (10-13-1998)
Bergh, Jan Erik, (10-09-1998)
Shiner, Jerry, (10-08-1998)

Pest control--corrigendum
Shiner, Jerry, (10-14-1998)

Pest management
Brand, Jennifer, (10-21-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (10-23-1998)
Trinkley, Michael, (10-23-1998)
Millard, Jacqueline, (10-29-1998)
Trinkley, Michael, (11-03-1998)

Pesticides on Indian books
Drewes, Jeanne, (08-26-1998)

Philatelic supplies
Burd, James E., (02-24-1998)

Phonograph discs
BonaDea, Artemis, (06-22-1998)

Photo buttons
Nadeau, Luis, (09-14-1998)

Photo engraving on magnesium
Draffen, Jennifer, (10-15-1998)

MacDougall, Mary-Anne, (08-06-1998)
McCraith, Iona, (08-07-1998)
Towery, Stephanie, (12-04-1998)
Eichelberger, Jeanne, (12-09-1998)

Photograph conservator sought
Herbert, Teri L., (07-15-1998)

Photographic Materials Conservation Group-UK
Woods, Chris, (10-15-1998)

Photographic conservation resources
De Polo, Andrea, (02-22-1998)

Photographic documentation of mold-damaged postcards
Potje, Karen, (11-06-1998)
Saretzky, Gary, (11-10-1998)
Reynolds, Frank A., (11-13-1998)

Pigment dispersions
Sixbey, Pete, (11-23-1998)
Stark, Ron, (11-27-1998)
Shiner, Jerry, (11-27-1998)

Pigments used on tree fern figure
Wright, Margot M., (07-17-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (07-24-1998)

Pine tar and lye soap
Dean, J. Claire, (08-12-1998)

Plant gums as paint medium
Spies, Ralph, (12-02-1998)

Plaster adhesive
Wright, Margot McKay, (01-28-1998)
Jaeschke, Helena, (02-01-1998)
Rogers, Dominique, (01-31-1998)

Plastic pallets
Smyth, Elaine, (04-01-1998)
Williamson, Colin, (04-09-1998)

Vine, Mark, (01-05-1998)

Plastics research
Pagliarino, Amanda, (03-19-1998)

Plextol B500
Vine, Mark, (02-28-1998)
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (03-12-1998)
Maggen, Michael, (03-11-1998)

Plextol B500--corrigendum
Maggen, Michael, (03-17-1998)

Policies on deaccessioning
Lilley, Barbara, (03-23-1998)

Policy on scanning
Sterrett, Jill, (01-27-1998)

Polyester film
Owen, Bryan, (03-31-1998)

Polypropylene storage boxes
Johns, Darby, (11-11-1997)

Polyurethane and modern human bones
Bodkin, Tom, (11-23-1998)
Shelton, Sally, (11-27-1998)
Hodgins, Greg, (11-26-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (12-01-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (12-03-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (12-10-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (12-16-1998)

Polyvinyl acetate emulsion
Gray, David, (11-10-1998)
Vine, Mark, (11-19-1998)

Polyvinyl alcohol
McElroy, Sara, (02-23-1998)
Mibach, Lisa, (02-28-1998)
Woods, Chris, (03-09-1998)

Position South Carolina Department of Archives and History
Nancy, Piester, (11-05-1998)

Position at American Museum of Natural History
Levinson, Judy, (09-23-1998)

Position at American Textile History Museum
Lind, Cristin, (10-22-1998)

Position at American Textile Museum
Lind, Cristin, (03-18-1998)

Position at Auckland Art Gallery
Hillary, Sarah, (01-22-1998)

Position at Auckland City Libraries
Theresa, Graham, (02-11-1998)

Position at Boss Associates
Smith, Steven D., (09-30-1998)

Position at CCAHA
Ruzicka, Glen, (04-06-1998)
Schwarz, Robert, (06-08-1998)

Position at Camberwell
Bearman, Frederick, (06-16-1998)

Position at Cape Town restoration studio
Rebok, Thomas, (02-23-1998)

Position at Carnegie Museum of Art
Real, William, (05-29-1998)
Wozniak, Rhonda, (08-10-1998)

Position at Center for Creative Photography
Downey, Laura, (05-01-1998)

Position at Colonial Williamsburg
Harvey, David, (03-20-1998)

Position at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Bare, Patricia, (09-28-1998)

Position at Connecticut State Library
Newell, Lynne, (06-19-1998)

Position at ConservArt Associates, Inc.
Chartier, Duane R., (07-15-1998)

Position at ConservArt, Inc.
Chartier, Duane R., (08-26-1998)

Position at Cooper Hewitt
Commoner, Lucy, (11-05-1998)

Position at Dartmouth
Sagraves, Barbara, (04-01-1998)

Position at Deller Conservation Group
Deller, Craig, (07-13-1998)

Position at Denver Museum of Natural History
Chaney, Amanda, (06-29-1998)

Position at Denver Museum of Natural History--addendum
Chaney, Amanda, (07-10-1998)

Position at Dorset Record Office
Woods, Chris, (01-08-1998)

Position at Emory University Libraries
Frellsen, Ann V., (07-16-1998)

Position at Florida Bureau of Archives and Records Management
Golding, Elisabeth, (08-14-1998)

Position at Graphic Conservation Company
Marusich, Christina L., (07-13-1998)

Position at Harvard
Bowen, Craigen, (07-28-1998)
Hamilton, Malcolm, (10-08-1998)
Cox, Diane, (11-30-1998)
Mondini, Michele, (12-17-1998)

Position at Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village
Deck, Clara, (05-06-1998)

Position at Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village
Deck, Clara, (03-23-1998)

Position at High Museum of Art Regional Conservation Center
Lewis, Mark, (08-11-1998)

Position at Huntington Library
Roosa, Mark, (07-22-1998)
Foote, Carl, (07-28-1998)

Position at Huntington Library--corrigendum
Foote, Carl, (07-30-1998)

Position at ICA
Williamson, Sandra, (11-04-1998)

Position at Institute of Archaeology, London
Price, Clifford, (08-20-1998)

Position at Institute of Nautical Archaeology
Wellman, Howard, (05-14-1998)

Position at Institute of Nautical Archaeology-Egypt
Wellman, Howard, (10-14-1998)

Position at Italian workshop
Flaiani, Enrico, (04-06-1998)

Position at Kaman Kalehoyuk excavation
Wharton, Glenn, (11-04-1998)

Position at LACMA
Blyth-Hill, Victoria, (03-13-1998)

Position at Library of Congress
De Torres, Amparo R., (01-08-1998)
Martinez, Joanne Veronica, (05-29-1998)
De Torres, Amparo R., (10-30-1998)
Hamburg, Doris A., (11-17-1998)

Position at Library of Congress--addendum
De Torres, Amparo R., (01-21-1998)
De Torres, Amparo R., (12-03-1998)

Position at Long Island University
Campo, Terri, (03-20-1998)

Position at MIT
Bogan, Mary Patrick, (08-03-1998)

Position at Marriott Library
Silverman, Randy, (09-11-1998)

Position at Marsh's Library
Woods, Chris, (09-24-1998)
Woods, Chris, (10-01-1998)

Position at Maryland State Archives
Szczepanowska, Hanna, (03-05-1998)

Position at Metropolitan Museum of Art
Block, Rick, (01-16-1998)
Abramitis, Dorothy H., (06-25-1998)

Position at Midwest Conservation Services, Inc.
Booth, Laurie, (06-12-1998)

Position at Missouri State Archives
Atwood, Cathy, (08-21-1998)

Position at Museum of Modern Art
Buchberg, Karl, (01-09-1998)

Position at Museum of Tropical Queensland
Hallam, David, (11-06-1998)

Position at NARA
Roley, Diana, (09-01-1998)
Roley, Diana, (10-06-1998)

Position at NEDCC
O'Leary, Kim, (01-12-1998)
Brown, Karen, (05-26-1998)
Trebbe, Jill, (11-09-1998)

Position at NYU
Mitra, Ursula, (08-28-1998)
Mathisen, Susan A, (09-30-1998)

Position at National Agricultural Library
Carignan, Yvonne A., (10-14-1998)

Position at National Archive of Scotland
Ramsay, Linda, (08-13-1998)

Position at National Archives of New Zealand
London, Jonathan, (02-05-1998)
London, Jonathan, (12-03-1998)

Position at National Gallery
Barclift, Debbie, (05-06-1998)
Barclift, Debbie, (06-24-1998)
Barclift, Debbie, (06-24-1998)
Barclift, Debbie, (06-24-1998)
Barclift, Debbie, (08-20-1998)
Barclift, Debbie, (09-16-1998)

Position at National Gallery of Art
Walmsley, Elizabeth, (06-10-1998)

Position at National Museum of Denmark
Johnsen, Jesper S., (01-15-1998)

Position at Nebraska State Historical Society
Koelling, Jill M., (09-15-1998)

Position at Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Moon, Susan, (03-13-1998)

Position at New Mexico State University
Gregory, Gwen, (04-06-1998)

Position at New York Historical Society
Balicki, Alan, (05-11-1998)

Position at New York Public Library
Nordfors, Kristin, (06-10-1998)

Position at New York State Library
Lilley, Barbara, (05-26-1998)

Position at North Carolina Preservation Consortium
Hart, Andrew, (06-04-1998)

Position at Northwestern
Howe, Deborah, (05-27-1998)
Kerr, Virginia, (06-05-1998)
Klauba, Marlene C., (11-18-1998)

Position at Northwestern University
Klauba, Marlene C., (11-03-1998)

Position at Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Peacock, Elizabeth, (08-22-1998)

Position at Notre Dame
Wittorf, Robert, (01-21-1998)

Position at Nottingham City Museums & Art Galleries
Calver, Andrew, (07-02-1998)

Position at Ohio University Libraries
Theodore-Shusta, Eileen, (10-29-1998)

Position at Peabody Museum--addendum
Holdcraft, Therese, (01-13-1998)

Position at Philadelphia Museum of Art
DeMuzio, David, (12-02-1998)

Position at Preservation Technologies
Burd, James E., (01-22-1998)

Position at Prince Edward Island Museum
Severance, Chris, (01-26-1998)

Position at Public Record Office, Kew
David, Crook, (12-21-1998)
Craft, Angela, (12-22-1998)

Position at Queen's University
Spirydowicz, Krysia, (04-23-1998)

Position at SOLINET
Huggins, Betty, (09-09-1998)

Position at San Francisco Public Library
Hoffman, Mike, (05-06-1998)

Position at Shelburne Museum
Kerschner, Richard L., (01-20-1998)

Position at Southern Methodist University
Primanis, Olivia, (10-13-1998)

Position at Swiss National Library
Herion, Susan, (07-15-1998)

Position at Swiss National Museum
Leuthard, Markus, (05-05-1998)

Position at Tate Gallery
Crook, Jo, (07-23-1998)

Position at Te Papa
FitzGerald, Julie, (11-09-1998)

Position at UCSF
Wakeford, Paul J., (07-07-1998)

Position at UT Austin
Mueller, Peggy, (06-24-1998)

Position at University College London
Price, Clifford, (10-22-1998)

Position at University of Canberra
Sharp, Ann, (04-21-1998)
Sharp, Ann, (09-15-1998)

Position at University of Canberra--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (04-27-1998)

Position at University of Florida
Katz, Melissa R., (09-24-1998)

Position at University of Kentucky
Ryder, Becky, (10-15-1998)

Position at University of Kentucky--corrigendum
Ryder, Becky, (10-29-1998)

Position at University of London Library
Moxham, Roy, (09-16-1998)

Position at University of Maryland
Carignan, Yvonne A., (04-06-1998)

Position at University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Walter, Katherine L., (05-18-1998)

Position at University of Nevada Las Vegas
McCarty, Patsy, (12-10-1998)

Position at University of Oslo
Koppang, Mimi, (03-11-1998)

Position at University of Tennessee
Conner, Gail, (07-29-1998)

Position at University of Tennessee, Knoxville
French, Jeff, (12-04-1998)

Position at University of Washington Libraries
Leonard, Kathryn, (12-21-1998)

Position at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Padway, Janet, (11-17-1998)

Position at Vermont Newspaper Project
MacLennan, Birdie, (09-02-1998)

Position at Victoria and Albert Museum
Sanders, Emma, (04-14-1998)

Position at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Untch, Katy, (03-19-1998)

Position at West Dean College
Robbins, Marie-Odile, (10-21-1998)

Position at West Lake Conservators Ltd.
Blakney, Susan, (06-20-1998)

Position at West Yorkshire Archive Service
Sweetmore, Keith, (09-01-1998)

Position at Yale
Conway, Paul, (02-12-1998)
Conway, Paul, (02-12-1998)

Position at the Australian National Maritime Museum
Hadlow, Elizabeth, (03-17-1998)

Position at the British Museum
Phillips, Lesley, (02-11-1998)

Position at the Freer Gallery
Jett, Paul, (05-27-1998)

Position at the National Trust (UK)
Seeley, Nigel, (02-23-1998)

Position at the University of Florida
Kesse, Erich, (01-07-1998)

Position at the University of Southampton
Steel, Anne-Marie, (07-16-1998)

Position in New York
Bansaghi, Miklos, (12-16-1998)

Position in Northern Ireland
McCandless, Edith, (11-27-1998)

Positions at Alexandria Archaeology Museum
Young, Lisa A., (04-29-1998)

Positions at Autry Museum
Nottage, Mary Ellen Hennessey, (07-21-1998)

Positions at Bodleian Library
Blaxland, Lucy, (06-10-1998)

Positions at Canterbury Shaker Village
Williams, Marc A., (02-25-1998)

Positions at Canterbury Shaker Village--addendum
Williams, Marc A., (03-18-1998)

Positions at Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village
Larson, Minoo, (11-25-1998)

Positions at Horniman Museum
Bacon, Louise, (02-12-1998)

Positions at Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Halvorson, Bonnie, (06-17-1998)

Positions at Minnesota Historical Society
Block, Jean, (05-19-1998)

Positions at Museum of Scotland
Tate, Jim, (02-11-1998)

Positions at National Museum of American History
Thomassen-Krauss, Suzanne, (08-28-1998)

Positions at New York Landmarks Conservancy
Polo, Steven De, (08-14-1998)

Positions at New York Public Library
Pilette, Roberta, (12-03-1998)

Positions at Smithsonian Institution
Cardamone, Jan, (11-02-1998)

Positions at Tate Gallery
Montgomery, Cassy, (12-22-1998)

Positions at the Australian War Memorial
Wain, Alison, (12-09-1998)

Positions at the British Museum
Thickett, David, (12-17-1998)

Positions at the Hampton Court Palace
Howell, David, (02-09-1998)

Positions at the National Trust
Seeley, Nigel, (02-04-1998)
Seeley, Nigel, (10-27-1998)

Positive pressure ventilation systems
Wardius, Janine, (07-15-1998)
Himmelstein, Paul, (07-21-1998)

Possible republication of Krill book
Boal, Gillian, (09-14-1998)

Poultices and electrolysis
Roth, Kylie, (08-06-1998)

Poultices for cleaning limestone
Russick, John, (05-22-1998)

Poultices for cleaning marble
Kim, Blanche, (06-10-1998)

Powderpost beetles
Dumka, Heather, (12-15-1998)
Griffin, Elizabeth, (12-17-1998)

Preprints of SSCR conference Site Effects
Wright, Margot M., (06-01-1998)

Preprogram internship sought
Ryan, Mark, (06-08-1998)

Presentation on frame conservation
Rogers, Dominique, (06-06-1998)

Preservation Education and Outreach Discussion Group
Verheyen, Peter, (06-19-1998)

Preservation Issues in Small to Mid-Sized Libraries Discussion Group
Mook, Cathleen L., (01-03-1998)

Preservation Management Institute
Novick, Karen, (07-07-1998)

Preservation awareness web site
Lancaster, Sally, (07-31-1998)

Preservation awareness workshop
De Torres, Amparo R., (03-10-1998)

Preservation databases
Kriner, Gretchen, (06-23-1998)
Goldstone, N. J. Bud, (06-25-1998)

Preservation map of europe
Herweijer, Mariska, (04-17-1998)

Preservation of clippings
Most, Linda, (11-30-1998)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (12-01-1998)
Boone, Jenni, (12-01-1998)
Stewart, Charles, (12-01-1998)
Saretzky, Gary, (12-01-1998)
Frost, Gary, (12-04-1998)
Mundell, Eric, (12-03-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (12-03-1998)
Kaplan, Hilary A., (12-09-1998)
Most, Linda, (12-09-1998)

Preservation of digital information
Henry, Walter, (01-21-1998)

Preservation of digital information--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (01-27-1998)

Preservation of magnetic media
Platt, Liss, (01-08-1998)

Preservation specifications for integrated library system
Sinclair, Regina A., (05-22-1998)

Preventing blocking in photocopies
Havermans, John, (09-01-1998)

Preventive conservation
Ormond, Dearbhla, (02-26-1998)

Printing on Tyvek
Vine, Mark, (09-30-1998)

Problems with epoxy in stone conservation
Pung, Olaf, (02-19-1998)

Professional qualifications in conservation
Clarke, Mark, (07-20-1998)

Professional salaries
Graham, Peter, (06-25-1998)

Professionalism and certification
Appelbaum, Barbara, (05-18-1998)
Thompson, Jack C., (05-25-1998)

Protecting textiles from insects
Bowen, Craigen, (07-13-1998)
Trinkley, Michael, (07-16-1998)

Protection of floor coverings
Sixbey, Pete, (08-06-1998)

Publication on Italian painting techniques
Black, James, (02-11-1998)

Publication on carbonyl pollution
Gibson, Lorraine, (10-16-1998)

Publication on conservation of indigenous collections
Coote, Karen, (10-01-1998)

Publication on cyanotype
Ware, Mike, (08-05-1998)

Publication on digitization
Atkinson, Rob, (09-11-1998)

Publication on digitization--corrigendum
Atkinson, Rob, (09-16-1998)

Publication on glass, ceramics and related materials
Black, Jim, (10-19-1998)

Publication on identification of vegetable fibres
Black, James, (08-06-1998)

Publication on leather and fur
Books, Archetype, (02-05-1998)

Publication on mountmaking
Dignard, Carole, (08-06-1998)

Publication on music boxes
Vine, Mark, (08-20-1998)

Publication on numismatics and conservation
Black, Jim, (12-16-1998)

Publication on painting restoration
Black, James, (01-16-1998)

Publication on paintings
Black, James, (05-30-1998)

Publication on paintings conservation
Caldararo, Niccolo, (09-04-1998)

Publication on pest control
Akerlund, Monika, (09-28-1998)

Publication on textiles
Black, James, (02-05-1998)

Publication on underwater sites
Books, Archetype, (06-26-1998)

Publications on watermarks and bookbindings
Grunder, Henry, (05-04-1998)

Publications sought
Keyser, Barbara, (04-09-1998)

Purchasing seamless envelopes
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (01-15-1998)

Maya, Maria Celina Contreras, (02-21-1998)

Quantifying light exposure
Potje, Karen, (05-19-1998)
Koehnline, Evelyn, (05-20-1998)

Questionnaire on exhibition of archives materials
McIntyre, Marg, (03-17-1998)

Questionnaire on exhibition of archives materials--corrigendum
McIntyre, Marg, (03-22-1998)

RAP web site moved
Wiseman, Christine, (06-22-1998)

RBMS Curators and Conservators Discussion Group
Brown, Charlotte B., (06-12-1998)

RBMS Preconference
Fox, Katherine, (04-13-1998)

RC papers stained by ink
Kecskemeti, Istvan, (11-16-1998)

RLG DigiNews
Dale, Robin, (02-19-1998)
Dale, Robin, (04-23-1998)
Dale, Robin, (06-23-1998)
Dale, Robin, (08-20-1998)
Dale, Robin, (10-19-1998)

Raman spectroscopy
Lau-Greig, Deborah, (03-17-1998)
Knops, Cor, (03-23-1998)
Schaefer, Stephan, (03-25-1998)

Rare Book School 1998
Buchtel, John, (03-09-1998)

Rare Book School 1998--addendum
Press, Book Arts, (05-13-1998)

Recent literature on slide/film scanners
Vitale, Timothy, (08-12-1998)

Recovering film from Mount Everest
Moore, Gary L., (11-04-1998)
Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten, (11-10-1998)

Recycled paper for photographic prints
Keyser, Betty, (05-02-1998)

Reducing stains on linen using dry pigments
Maheux, Anne, (12-21-1998)

Reformatting video
Campbell, Scott, (06-15-1998)
Lindner, Jim, (06-17-1998)

Removal of crayon markings
Silberg, Steven H., (01-14-1998)
Ellis, Margaret Holben, (02-02-1998)
Fredericks, Maria, (02-09-1998)
Burke, John, (03-07-1998)

Removing adhesive from leather
Robertson, Nancy R., (06-15-1998)
Benson, John, (06-17-1998)
Storch, Paul, (06-17-1998)

Removing ball-point pen ink
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (12-10-1998)
Cullhed, Per, (12-16-1998)

Removing paint from plaster moldings
Myers, Catherine, (05-02-1998)
Horton, John, (05-12-1998)

Removing shellac oil varnish from frames
Crook, Jo, (01-26-1998)

Renovation of rare books room
Clausen, Carol, (02-24-1998)

Repairing animation cels
Campbell, Timothy L., (03-24-1998)
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (03-27-1998)

Repairing cloisonne
Stubbs, Dee, (08-10-1998)
Freedman, Dale, (08-13-1998)
Grant, Jim, (08-17-1998)

Reproduction of museum objects
Esteva, Maria, (08-28-1998)
Messier, Paul, (09-03-1998)
Podany, Jerry, (09-08-1998)
Motylewski, Karen, (09-04-1998)
Fowles, Stephen, (09-16-1998)
Jeffers, Will, (09-17-1998)
Geary, Angie, (09-21-1998)
Turner, Jessica, (09-21-1998)

Caldararo, Niccolo, (03-07-1998)

Restoration of marble floor
Slade, Sarah, (03-25-1998)

Richard G. Louth
Mecklenburg, Peter, (11-20-1998)

Risk assessment
Marcil, Sylvie, (03-23-1998)

Roommate for AIC
McCrady, Ellen, (04-03-1998)
Bennett, Wendy, (05-05-1998)
Minter, William, (05-11-1998)

Stone, Tom, (08-26-1998)
Rogers, Dominique, (08-28-1998)
Rogers, Dominique, (09-02-1998)

Rose petal beads
Merrill, Diane, (06-01-1998)

Rubber fire bucket
Runge, Christen E., (10-26-1998)

SAA Workshops in Orlando, FL
Sander, Joan E., (07-23-1998)

SOLINET workshops
Riley-Walden, Alicia, (03-20-1998)
Riley-Walden, Alicia, (06-23-1998)
Riley-Walden, Alicia, (09-03-1998)

SPNHC conference
Garvey, Charlene, (01-30-1998)

SPNHC receives NCPTT grant
Shelton, Sally, (11-13-1998)

SSCR web site
Rose, Elizabeth Robertson, (06-22-1998)

Salt in stone
Northover, Peter, (06-13-1998)

Scanning policy
Engram, Chesley, (12-15-1998)

Scheele's green
Lowengard, Sarah, (06-29-1998)

Scholarships at West Dean College
Robbins, Marie-Odile, (01-06-1998)

Scientific and Technical Academy Awards
Henry, Walter, (01-14-1998)

Keller-Anderson, Craig, (08-14-1998)

Sculpture carving medium
Lougheed, Sandra, (03-09-1998)

Sealing wax
Buchanan, Sally, (08-26-1998)
Nolley, Scott, (08-27-1998)

Selection for digitization
Gertz, Janet, (04-01-1998)

Seminar on Bodleian Library
Zonn, Lucia, (02-16-1998)

Seminar on conservation of decorated surfaces
Rogers, Dominique, (06-06-1998)

Seminar on disaster response
Jilovsky, Cathie, (10-15-1998)

Seminar on funding
Eden, Paul, (12-17-1998)

Seminar on museum lighting
Sixbey, Pete, (05-11-1998)

Seminar on photographic preservation
Fuentes, Angel Maria, (02-25-1998)

Seminars on emergency Preparedness
Balloffet, Nelly, (09-02-1998)

Seminars on parchment
Playerdahnsjo, Ylva, (08-06-1998)

Seminars on parchment--corrigendum
Playerdahnsjo, Ylva, (08-12-1998)

Cyr, Nancy J., (06-02-1998)
Storch, Paul, (06-11-1998)
Harrison, Sean, (06-16-1998)
Steemers, Ted, (06-17-1998)

Shelving books spine up
Jones, Joseph, (12-02-1998)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (12-10-1998)

Short courses for mid-career conservators
Robbins, Marie-Odile, (07-10-1998)

Silica gel
Noseworthy, Gillian, (01-12-1998)
Knight, Barry, (01-14-1998)
Espinola, Vera B., (02-11-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (02-17-1998)

Silver cloth
Untch, Katy, (10-26-1998)
Griffin, Pat, (10-29-1998)
Sucha, Donald, (10-29-1998)
Dignard, Carole, (11-03-1998)

Silver foil for Oddy tests
Gorman, Laura, (09-30-1998)
Potje, Karen, (10-02-1998)
Jeffers, Will, (10-02-1998)
Thickett, David, (10-08-1998)
Chase, W. T., (10-04-1998)
III, George R. Leake, (10-05-1998)

Skin Deep Newsletter
Lanning, David M., (02-12-1998)
Lanning, David M., (08-21-1998)

Slovenian flute
Caldararo, Niccolo, (04-29-1998)

Smoke damage
Cyr, Nancy J., (07-02-1998)

Solander boxes
Egunnike, Lydia C., (09-18-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (09-24-1998)
Bullock, Veronica, (11-02-1998)

Soot on fur
Loretta, Greene, (12-08-1998)
Shiner, Jerry, (12-10-1998)

Soot on wall painting
Cerrina, Barbara, (11-18-1998)
Marek, Isabelle and, (11-19-1998)
Ibsen, Soren, (11-19-1998)
Gonzalez, A. Diana Harvey, (11-23-1998)
Mense, Montserrat Le, (11-24-1998)
Vine, Mark, (11-24-1998)
Mibach, Lisa, (11-29-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (12-04-1998)

Source for AnalR metal foil
Potje, Karen, (02-19-1998)
Jeffers, Will, (02-24-1998)

Source for Dahlia sprayers
Derow, Jonathan, (04-23-1998)

Source for Micador Workable Fixer
Randal, Luckow, (07-16-1998)

Source for Rhoplex N-560
Waller, Robert, (09-10-1998)
III, George R. Leake, (09-17-1998)

Source for Saran film
Fossa, Bianca, (07-02-1998)

Source for Tyvek envelopes
Hartford, Marty, (06-04-1998)
Silberg, Steven H., (06-11-1998)

Source for albumen paper
De Polo, Andrea, (05-10-1998)

Source for bible paper
Milevski, Robert J., (01-22-1998)
McCrady, Ellen, (01-24-1998)
Spitzmueller, Pam, (01-29-1998)

Source for brass moldings
Smart, Michael, (02-06-1998)

Source for collagen
Dignard, Carole, (12-09-1998)
Thompson, Jack C., (12-16-1998)
De Groot, Henk, (12-16-1998)
Trottier, Marie, (12-16-1998)
Sease, Catherine, (12-16-1998)
De Groot, Henk, (12-17-1998)

Source for double-edged razor blades
BonaDea, Artemis, (02-18-1998)
Padgett, Shaun B., (02-23-1998)
III, George R. Leake, (02-24-1998)

Source for funori
Derow, Jonathan, (04-23-1998)
Maggen, Michael, (04-29-1998)
Vitale, Timothy, (04-30-1998)
Kariya, Hiroko, (04-29-1998)
Thompson, Jack C., (05-02-1998)

Source for gas detection ampoules
Vitale, Tim, (12-16-1998)
Wexler, David, (12-18-1998)
Ravines, Patrick, (12-20-1998)
Senior, Robson, (12-22-1998)

Source for glassine envelopes
Nichols, Heather, (02-06-1998)
Pietro, Giovanna Di, (02-11-1998)

Source for handmade Indian papers
Derow, Jonathan, (06-11-1998)

Source for horn
Vine, Mark, (02-03-1998)
Dean, J. Claire, (02-07-1998)
Vine, Mark, (02-28-1998)

Source for polyvinyl acetate
Baxevanis, Susan, (02-16-1998)

Source for tissue for Barrow Laminator
Mecklenburg, Peter, (04-09-1998)
Banks, Paul N., (04-27-1998)

Source for tubes for paste storage
Andersson, Mark, (03-18-1998)
Perkinson, Roy, (04-05-1998)

Source for wide fiberglass
Lodge, Robert, (02-12-1998)

Source for x-ray film
Rogers, Dominique, (06-11-1998)

Sources for cabinets and fire suppression systems
Boral, John, (04-13-1998)

Sources for textiles supplies
Hulsberg, Beatrice, (01-21-1998)

Spanish language version of Calipr
Drewes, Jeanne, (12-21-1998)

Spanish version of Calipr
Drewes, Jeanne, (04-01-1998)

Specifications for glazing
Deck, Clara, (06-09-1998)
Trinkley, Michael, (06-15-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (06-17-1998)
Sloan, Julie L., (06-17-1998)

Specifications for leather
Okanishi, Richard, (09-08-1998)

Spectrum library
Clarke, Mark, (04-15-1998)

Spider beetles
Aster, Cathy, (11-18-1998)
Maggen, Michael, (11-24-1998)
Trinkley, Michael, (11-27-1998)
Bergh, Jan Erik, (11-26-1998)
Simmons, John, (11-29-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (12-04-1998)

Spray booths
Dixon, Tom, (12-21-1998)

Sprinkler systems
Makridou, Elana, (10-20-1998)
Wulff, Roger, (10-23-1998)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (10-27-1998)

Stone sculpture
Kotei, Ebenezer Nsiah, (08-20-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (09-21-1998)
Deller, Craig, (09-23-1998)
Tribe, Adrian, (09-23-1998)
Kotei, Ebenezer Nsiah, (09-28-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (09-30-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (10-02-1998)
Kotei, Ebenezer Nsiah, (10-02-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (10-05-1998)
Deller, Craig, (09-23-1998)

Dean, J. Claire, (06-09-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (06-11-1998)

Storage Guide for Color Photographic Materials
Mace, Andrew, (05-04-1998)

Storage Guide for Color Photographic Materials--corrigendum
Nishimura, Doug, (05-08-1998)

Storage of Dead Sea Scrolls
Maggen, Michael, (01-29-1998)

Storage of acetate film
Hopkins, William L., (10-26-1998)
Saretzky, Gary, (10-29-1998)
Cook, Tony, (10-30-1998)

Storage of ammunition
Hamann, Barbara, (10-15-1998)
Bailey, George, (10-19-1998)
Leader, Jonathan M., (10-19-1998)

Storage of bone
Milic, Zoran, (02-03-1998)
Johnson, Jessica, (02-09-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (02-11-1998)
Milic, Zoran, (02-13-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (02-27-1998)

Storage of cigarette packages
Baskin, Bonnie, (10-24-1998)
Goldberg, Lisa, (10-29-1998)
Trinkley, Michael, (11-03-1998)

Storage of cutting tools
Moss, Jim, (12-04-1998)
Carow, Ingo, (12-10-1998)

Storage of electronic fuses
Harrison, Sean, (11-05-1998)

Storage of garments
Harrison, Sean, (12-11-1998)
Shiner, Jerry, (12-16-1998)

Storage of matchbooks
Baskin, Bonnie, (10-25-1998)

Storage of microfilm masters
Esteva, Maria, (12-14-1998)
Hesse, Wolfgang, (12-16-1998)
Grundmann, Erica, (12-22-1998)

Storage of nitrate negatives
Engram, Chesley, (07-06-1998)

Storage of photo collections
Winslow, Erin, (06-15-1998)
Steemers, Ted, (06-17-1998)
Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten, (06-20-1998)

Storage of plastic
Pagliarino, Amanda, (05-19-1998)

Storing collection materials in trailer
Trinkley, Michael, (01-01-1998)

Storing phonograph records in original jackets
Dunlap, Sue, (10-15-1998)

Stress corrosion cracking
Moss, Jim, (05-04-1998)
Gallagher, Pat, (05-06-1998)

Structural support for mural panels
Wozniak, Rhonda, (07-02-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-06-1998)
Stavroudis, Chris, (07-13-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-15-1998)
Erhardt, David W., (07-16-1998)

Student research at Queen's University
Loughead, Ian, (03-20-1998)

Studentship at University of Wolverhampton
Halsey, Dave, (03-25-1998)

Studentship in the conservation of plastic and rubber
Christensen, Mads Chr., (01-28-1998)

Subsidized preservation surveys
DuBois, Susan W., (04-15-1998)

Support for preservation overview surveys
Corr, Helen, (01-07-1998)

Supporting sewing in book repair
Wise, Anna, (02-20-1998)
Thompson, Jack C., (02-25-1998)

Supports for antique cars
Zycherman, Lynda, (10-27-1998)
Bailey, George, (10-30-1998)
Wexler, David, (11-12-1998)
Cannon, George W., (11-13-1998)

Surface cleaning paper
Connell, Sharon, (03-03-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (03-07-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (03-13-1998)

Survey on authenticity of records
Park, Eun G., (05-20-1998)

Survey on computer use by museum professionals
Saganace, Sara, (03-07-1998)

Survey on conservation of porous calcareous stone
Griswold, John, (10-28-1998)

Survey on preparation of materials to be digitized
Dale, Robin, (09-01-1998)

Survey on preservation of geoscience materials
Wishard, Lisa, (09-30-1998)

Harris-Serrao, Mary, (11-19-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (12-02-1998)

Syllabus web site
Lowengard, Sarah, (06-14-1998)

Landry, Joe, (04-05-1998)
Charles, Vanessa, (04-30-1998)

Symposium on African collections management
Scott, Nadine, (07-15-1998)

Symposium on art history and conservation
Henry, Walter, (02-24-1998)

Symposium on building conservation
Jacob, Judy, (11-03-1998)

Symposium on conservation of art on paper
Todd, Stephen, (08-13-1998)

Symposium on examination of paper
Sutherland, Linda, (09-28-1998)

Symposium on insect pest control
Akerlund, Monika, (07-14-1998)

Symposium on lighting
Himmelstein, Paul, (07-23-1998)

Symposium on lighting--addendum
Himmelstein, Paul, (10-26-1998)

Symposium on varnishes
Whitten, Jill, (01-23-1998)

Symposium on varnishes--addendum
Barclift, Debbie, (03-12-1998)

Symposium on wood and furniture conservation
Greebe, Bart, (11-06-1998)

Table of contents alert service
Lawrence, Sharron, (08-17-1998)

Teachers sought for workshops on waterlogged materials
Wellman, Howard, (05-14-1998)

Teachers sought for workshops on waterlogged materials--corrigendum
Wellman, Howard, (05-17-1998)

Teleconference on collection care
Alten, Helen, (01-16-1998)

Temple of Jupiter at Baalbeck
Weingarten, Judith, (06-16-1998)

Teslin Synthetic Printing Sheet
Conn, Donia, (03-12-1998)
Vanderlinden, Thomas M., (03-17-1998)

Testing for lead
Cser, Laszlo, (08-26-1998)
Carroll, Scott, (08-31-1998)
Strehle, Helle, (09-07-1998)

Testing stone
Nelligan, Bill, (03-23-1998)
Storch, Paul, (03-26-1998)

Textile conservator sought
LaSala, Christina, (09-01-1998)

Clover, Cecile, (02-04-1998)

The Preservation Educators' Exchange web site
Wiseman, Christine, (07-14-1998)

Time lapse films of deterioration
Waller, Robert, (09-18-1998)

Tin pest
Johnson, Jessica, (10-07-1998)
Knight, Barry, (10-09-1998)
Minnick, Thor, (10-15-1998)
Hall, Kathy, (10-23-1998)
Hughes, Janet, (10-29-1998)
Knight, Barry, (11-02-1998)

Heaver, Melissa, (06-19-1998)
Harvey, David, (06-26-1998)
Rogers, Dominique, (06-27-1998)
Berrett, Kory, (07-04-1998)

Tortoise shell
Bacon, Louise, (02-20-1998)

Training materials
Hartford, Marty, (04-10-1998)
Page, Julie, (04-21-1998)
Kriner, Gretchen, (04-16-1998)

Transcription discs
Bowes, Andrea, (11-25-1998)
Paton, Christopher Ann, (12-01-1998)
Gibson, Gerald D., (12-01-1998)
Seubert, David, (12-01-1998)
St-Laurent, Gilles, (12-01-1998)

Treatment of termite infested wood
Roth, Vanessa, (04-13-1998)

UKIC Ceramics and Glass Section
Tribe, Adrian, (09-08-1998)

UKIC Furniture Section outings
Rogers, Dominique, (02-08-1998)

UKIC Furniture Section visit to Amsterdam
Rogers, Dominique, (08-29-1998)

UKIC Furniture Section visit to Tate Gallery
Rogers, Dominique, (08-29-1998)

UKIC accreditation proposals
Tribe, Adrian, (08-07-1998)

UKIC celebration
Piper, Lyndsay, (10-17-1998)

UMCA Awarded Grants from NEH and IMLS
Alten, Helen, (08-17-1998)

UV filters
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (01-06-1998)
Lane, Anne, (08-27-1998)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (08-28-1998)
Irvin, Bea Weicker, (11-18-1998)
Wexler, David, (11-20-1998)

UV output of T8 lamps
Smith, Steven D., (03-03-1998)

UV sleeves melting
Green, Susan, (01-22-1998)

UVC radiation and mold
Rolich, Andrea, (02-20-1998)
Atwood, Cathy, (02-25-1998)

Michalski, Stefan, (05-22-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (05-24-1998)

University of Texas Preservation and Conservation Studies Program--addendum
Puglia, Alan, (01-23-1998)

University of Texas Preservation and Conservation Studies program
Motylewski, Karen, (01-15-1998)

Unpaid positions
Cameron, Becky, (11-30-1998)
Bunting, Victoria, (12-02-1998)
Stroh, Gretchen Fulforth, (12-01-1998)
Ellis, Margaret Holben, (12-06-1998)
Booth, Laurie, (12-03-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (12-03-1998)
Clarke, Mark, (12-03-1998)
Motylewski, Karen, (12-10-1998)
Grunder, Henry, (12-10-1998)
Haude, Mary E., (12-18-1998)

Unrolling a leather scroll
Jaffee, Martin, (02-17-1998)

Buhner, Ruth, (05-21-1998)
Thompson, Jack C., (05-23-1998)
Maines, Christopher, (05-26-1998)
Kawanobe, Wataru, (05-28-1998)

Use of CD-ROMs in training
Gale, Fran, (07-15-1998)

VPD papers
Brown, Jane McCutchen, (04-06-1998)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (04-23-1998)

Vacudyne fumigation chambers available
Gehnrich, Babette, (05-12-1998)

Vacuum cleaners
Koons, Kimberly, (07-16-1998)
Knight, Barry, (07-20-1998)
Cannon, George W., (07-27-1998)

Vacuum hot table available
Maltby, Sue, (04-23-1998)

Sanders, Gail, (03-19-1998)

Hall, Kathy, (08-07-1998)

Virginia Conservation Association meeting
Palmer, Patricia, (05-06-1998)

Visiting Preservation Resources during ALA midwinter meeting
Bellinger, Meg, (10-06-1998)

Visiting Princeton during ALA midwinter meeting
Milevski, Robert J., (09-18-1998)

Visiting to USHMM during AIC meeting
Klinger, Jane E., (05-27-1998)

Houston, Joe, (11-19-1998)

Vivian Milner Akers
Beardsley, Barbara, (11-18-1998)

Vocabulary control
Hambleton, Len, (03-12-1998)

Volunteers sought at Oxford
Taverner, Emma, (11-20-1998)

WAAC Newsletter
Strauss, Linda A., (10-01-1998)

Warped phonograph records
Campbell, Lynn, (01-13-1998)
Peberdy, Warwick, (01-27-1998)

Water damage to wood floors
Horton, John, (08-06-1998)
Kjelland, John, (09-09-1998)

Waterlogged ivory
Christensson, Eva, (06-24-1998)
Grant, Jim, (06-28-1998)
Turner, Jessica, (06-30-1998)
Jaeschke, Helena, (07-03-1998)
Dickens, Jenny, (07-07-1998)
LeMoine, Genevieve M., (07-08-1998)
Ianna, Christine, (07-08-1998)

Waterlogged wood and leather samples available
Young, Lisa A., (09-25-1998)

Wax and earthquakes
Hascall, Jamie, (12-01-1998)

Wax model
Haeggstroem, Carola, (04-21-1998)
Thomas, Linda, (04-23-1998)

Wax moth
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (01-25-1998)
Phippen, Will, (01-29-1998)
Trinkley, Michael, (01-28-1998)
Shiner, Jerry, (01-27-1998)

Weber Wax
Reutter, Laura, (08-11-1998)

Wheat starch paste
Aurand, Gudrun, (05-27-1998)
Aurand, Gudrun, (06-09-1998)
Aurand, Gudrun, (08-10-1998)

Winterthur fellowships awarded
Buggeln, Gretchen, (04-28-1998)

Smith, Wendy, (01-29-1998)

Works on Paper in the Tropics
Bark, Jed, (02-10-1998)
Waller, Christoph, (02-15-1998)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (03-04-1998)
Gallagher, Pat, (03-16-1998)

Workshop on adhesive binding
Drewes, Jeanne, (06-10-1998)

Workshop on adhesives
Dignard, Carole, (10-22-1998)

Workshop on archaeological conservation
Logan, Judith A., (03-19-1998)

Workshop on care of geological sites postponed
Shelton, Sally, (03-12-1998)

Workshop on care of historic sites
Blackburn, Eve, (01-12-1998)

Workshop on disaster preparedness
Tancin, Charlotte A, (10-05-1998)

Workshop on disaster response
Jilovsky, Cathie, (10-15-1998)

Workshop on fund raising
Groce, Karen, (03-17-1998)

Workshop on historic mortars
Hughes, John, (08-19-1998)

Workshop on historic mortars--corrigendum
Hughes, John, (08-24-1998)

Workshop on infrared reflectography
Spronk, Ron, (01-14-1998)

Workshop on microscopy
Reeves, Marc, (10-07-1998)

Workshop on preservation management
Sander, Joan, (07-16-1998)

Workshop on preservation microfilming and digital imaging
Tracy, Gay, (07-14-1998)

Frost, Gary, (03-06-1998)
Mathisen, Susan A, (05-20-1998)
Alten, Helen, (08-17-1998)

Workshops on architectural records
DuBois, Susan W., (02-18-1998)

Workshops on book repair
Corlee, Lisa H., (09-30-1998)
Drewes, Jeanne, (10-02-1998)
Minsky, Richard, (10-02-1998)

Workshops on imaging
Smith, Steven D., (09-15-1998)

Workshops on photographic processes
Klaus, Pollmeier, (02-11-1998)

Workspace design
Paris, Jan, (12-09-1998)

X-ray equipment
Braovac, Susan, (09-07-1998)
Harvey, David, (09-16-1998)

Year 2000 problem
Real, William, (10-14-1998)
Henry, Walter, (10-16-1998)
Ellison, Todd, (10-19-1998)
Wheeler, June, (10-16-1998)
Knight, Barry, (10-23-1998)

Yellow dye on Chinese paper
Morse, Elizabeth, (05-21-1998)
Wang, Peng Peng, (05-23-1998)

Storch, Paul, (08-11-1998)

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