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Subject: Digital imaging literature citations

Digital imaging literature citations

From: Timothy Vitale <tjvitale>
Date: Thursday, July 23, 1998
    **** Moderator's comments: NB many of the URLs in this article
    have had a newline added for email.

Rodney, A., Color Management: How Photoshop 5.0 Handles Color
Profiles, PEI (PHOTO>Electronic Imaging), Vol 41, No 8, August 1998,
<URL:>, pp 28-33.
    An excellent article by one of the guru's of online prepress
    Color Management (and Photoshop).  Lots of technical talk, but
    sets the record straight with many definitions.  The new color
    management scheme is the other significant new feature, in PS5,
    along with 99 levels of undo (up from one).

Also see the PEI web site <> for
other online articles on digital imaging.  You'll need Acrobat
Reader 3.0.

There are many new digital imaging product reviews out now, and even
a new magazine: Digital Camera: Guide to electronic Imaging and
photography.  Most of the material below is on the newsstand now, or
was within the past week. URL's have all been checked and are
current 7/22/98.

New magazine:

    Digital Camera, Vol 1, No 1, July, 1998
    Telephone subs at:  516-349-9333
    Fax: 516-349-9334;
    Web subscribe <URL:>
    email subs: subs [at] digicamera__com

Highlights in Digital Camera are below, but there are 31 articles on
digital cameras, software and printers in the first issue:

    Digital Camera, Vol 1, No 1
    Bleich, A, Digital Camera Primer, p.16
    Breitenbach, A., Inside the CCD, p.54
    Mitchell, D., Olympus D-600L, p.30 (1280 X 1024, consumer
    Giordan, D., Adobe Photoshop 5.0,
    Jewell, J., Output: Epson Stylus 3000, p.46

Other valuable article out now are:

Eds, Epson Stylus Color 3000, Photographic, August 1998, p. 28-29,
53; great article, especially taken with the excellent article in
Digital Camera, above.  Also, see Bulldog Products for the Lyson ink
(more light stable) set for the Epsons

Drafahl, J. & S., ArcSoft: PhotoStudio 2.0 and PhotoFantasy,
Photographic, August 1998, p. 48-49; Photoshop 4.0 & 5.0 are still
the leaders, but this maybe an intermediate package worth

Brooks, D. B., The LinoColor Saphir Scanner, Shutterbug, Vol 27, No
9, Issue 334, July 1998. p. 28-34;  A mid-priced ($1600) scanner
(1200 X 600 dpi) from one of the high-end drum and flatbed
manufacturers (Linotype-Hell), evidently the software is the same as
their high-end machines ($40-100K); WOW!!

Brooks, D.B., Canon-Kodak DCS-520/D2000 Pro Digital SLR, Shutterbug,
Vol 27, No 9, Issue 334, July 1998. p. 50-56; interchangeable
lenses, 1728 X 1168, IEEE 1394 firewire direct to the computer at
$15K; when this type of resolution and usability is at $2-3K we'll
be talking "arrival" in the Conservation Studio

Brooks, D.B., Quality 35mm Scans, Shutterbug, Vol 27, No 9, Issue
334, July 1998. p. 44-48

Brooks, D.B., First Look: Photoshop 5.0, PhotoDelux Business
edition, and ImageReady 1.0, Shutterbug, Vol 27, No 9, Issue 334,
July 1998. p. 70-72; check out Adobe ImageReady 1.0 for emulating
different web browsers when previewing sites *you* are building.

Desktop Publishing Magazine has a web site with reviews of many
valuable products for use in digital imaging, its a little difficult
to access but worth the work:

At CNET a review of the Olympus ES-10, $500 for a 2400 X 1600, 24
bit, 2.8 dynamic range, 40 sec/scan slide and film scanner:
(you'll have to unfold this one before using it too).

Reviews of Microtek's ScanMaker 35t Plus slide scanner, a
single-pass, slide and filmstrip scanner with 30-bit color, optical
resolution of 1950 dpi (maximum interpolated up to 3900 dpi) :
Rothenberg, M. (matthew_rothenberg [at] macweek__com), Microtek hones
ScanMaker slide scanner, MacWeek GA, Vol 10, No 33, August 26, 1996,
p. ?; article at

I've been trying to find a great review of the HP PhotoSmart Photo
Scanner (HP marketing URL for it at
    (you'll have to unfold this one before you can use it),
because it has the high probability of being a good tool for
Conservators to digitize their existing slides.  It scans slides and
film at 2400 dpi (prints at 300 dpi) with 30 bits of color for $400.
Haven't found a solid review yet; this is odd because its been out
for a year.  A review of the printer is the PhotoSmart series
includes some info on the slide scanner at

Two very tame reviews were found in a search: Pepper, J., HP
PhotoSmart Photo Scanner, FamilyPC, June 1997, p.?; article at
(you'll have to unfold this one first, too).  Another article:
Klare, M., A User-Friendly Photo Saver: The HP PhotoSmart Photo
Scanner, Computer Shopper, October, 1997, P.?; article at


    (you'll have to unfold this one, too).

A comment to a discussion group: Dennis@Photo, Re: How good are
shadow reproduction with HP PhotoSmart, Photoshopper Digital
Photography Forum, March 30, 1998 at 21:27:58, URL:
Possibly, there are two more reviews, but both had broken links
which I'm tracing with their posters/Webmasters.

Timothy Vitale
Paper & Photograph Conservator
and Preservation Consultant
Aptos, CA
831-684-2731 (another area code change in silicon valley)

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