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Subject: ANSI update

ANSI update

From: Doug Nishimura <dwnpph>
Date: Friday, July 3, 1998
I suppose that it's time for a quick ANSI update. I've had questions
from several people (included several Europeans!) about the status
of several new standards.

I can't remember when the last update was made to this list so I'll
include current published standards with notes as well as those out
for publication.

ANSI/NAPM IT9.1-1996 and ANSI/ISO 10602-1995 (Joint ANSI/ISO
<Processed Silver-Gelatin Type Black-and-White Film--Specifications
    for Stability>

    This standard is generally only of interest to film
    manufacturers. However, it is the only ANSI document that
    specifies residual hypo limits for wet-processed, silver-gelatin
    photographic films.

ANSI/PIMA IT9.2-1998
<Imaging Materials--Photographic Processed Films, Plates, and
    Papers--Filing Enclosures and Storage Containers>

    *This is a new document*. It is now listed in the ANSI catalog
    as being available. I've seen a copy of this new edition so it
    is apparently published. Among the changes has been the list of
    acceptable plastic enclosure materials. Also the Photographic
    Activity Test has been removed from this document since the test
    method got its own standard (IT9.16) back in 1993.

ANSI/NAPM IT9.6-1991R96 (Reaffirmed 1996) and ANSI/ISO
    543:1990(R1995). Joint ANSI/ISO standard.
<Imaging Materials--Photographic Films--Specifications for Safety

    This document specifies the burn requirements for a film to be
    classified as "safety" film. Includes both a lab and field burn

ANSI/NAPM IT9.9-1996
<Imaging Materials--Stability of Color Photographic Images--Methods
    for Measuring>

    The corresponding ISO document is ISO 10977:1993, although this
    is NOT a joint standard. This document is a test method for
    testing the light and dark stability of color photographic
    images. Work has been underway for the past several years to
    expand the test sets to include digital hardcopy media. I might
    add that the current sub-committee responsible for this document
    has 52 members representing 32 companies and institutions.

ANSI/NAPM IT9.11-1993
<Imaging Media--Processed Safety Photographic Films--Storage>

    Corresponding ISO document is ISO 5466:1996. This not a joint
    standard. A new version has been approved by ballot and will
    probably be out in a year or so. These documents, once they pass
    committee ballot, need to pass through several levels of
    approval to ensure that there is time for public review and to
    ensure that any and all technical objections to the proposed
    standard have been addressed appropriately. After all of the
    approval stages (which I've talked about in a past posting) have
    been passed, the document is finally sent out for publication.

ANSI/NAPM IT9.13-1996
<Imaging Materials--Glossary of Terms Pertaining to Stability>
No ISO reference.

    This glossary uses generic definitions that apply to the entire
    imaging industry. Many less common terms such as "leafing" are
    defined as well as ANSI/ISO specific terms such as "LE
    designation." It is also useful for those who need to
    distinguish between a cartridge and a cassette.

ANSI/NAPM IT9.16-1993 and ANSI/ISO 14523:1997 (Joint ANSI/ISO
<Imaging Media--Photographic Activity Test>

    This describes the method and interpretation of the PAT.
    Enclosures, inks, adhesives, etc. must pass the PAT (among other
    things) in order to meet the requirements of ANSI/PIMA
    IT9.2-1998. This document is due for its five year review and
    will need to be reaffirmed, updated, or withdrawn as a standard.

ANSI/NAPM IT9.17-1993 and ANSI/ISO 417:1993 (Joint ANSI/ISO
<Photography--Determination of Residual Thiosulfate and Other

    Chemicals in Processed Photographic Materials--Methods Using
    Iodine-Amylose, Methylene Blue and Silver Sulfide> This is a
    test method which describes the methods for quantifying residual
    hypo (fixer) in wet processed, silver-gelatin photographic film
    and paper. It is also due for its five year review this year.

ANSI/NAPM IT9.18-1996
<Imaging Materials--Processed Photographic Plates--Storage

    Corresponding ISO document ISO 3897:1997. This is not a joint

ANSI/NAPM IT9.20-1996
<Imaging Materials--Reflection Prints--Storage Practices>

    Corresponding ISO document ISO 6051:1997. This is not a joint
    standard. This standard includes recommendations for storage of
    other non-photographic imaging materials (including ink jet).

ANSI/PIMA IT9.23-1998
<Imaging Materials--Polyester Base Magnetic Tape--Storage>

    *This is a new document* and is now listed in the ANSI catalog.
    This standard applies to all polyester base magnetic tape
    including video, audio, and computer data tapes.

ANSI/PIMA IT9.24-1997
<Imaging Materials--Arrhenius - Type Predictions--Test Method>

    For anyone who is curious about how experiments are performed
    (in generic terms) for making Arrhenius predictions for life
    expectancy, this standard describes the method.

ANSI/PIMA IT9.25-1997
<Imaging Materials--Optical Disc Media--Storage>

    *This is a new document, but is not yet available*. It is
    expected that this standard will be available by about the end
    of August or the beginning of September 1998. The standard
    applies to a variety of optical discs including CD-ROM, CD-R (or
    CD-WO), CD-RW, and magneto-optical discs (MO) for many
    applications including audio, video, and computer use. Only
    storage conditions for extended-term storage are defined. In
    addition, recommendations for storage facilities, enclosures,
    and inspection are covered. You can check to see if the standard
    is available by searching the on-line catalog at
    <URL:> under IT9.25.

<Imaging Media--Humidity Measurement and Control in Photographic

    This technical report is directed towards research labs
    conducting studies on the physical properties and permanence of
    imaging materials. However, it contains a good general
    discussion about the pros and cons of a variety of humidity
    measurement methods including wet and dry bulb psychrometers,
    electronic sensors, hair hygrometers, and dew point/frost point
    measuring devices.

For anyone interested in a behind-the-scenes look at how life
expectancies are being determined for optical disks, there are three
standards that may be of interest:

ANSI/NAPM IT9.21-1996
<Life Expectancy of Compact Discs (CD-ROM) - Method for Estimating,
    Based on Effects of Temperature and Relative Humidity>

ANSI/PIMA IT9.26-1997
<Imaging Materials--Life Expectancy of Magneto-Optic (MO) Disks -
    Method for Estimating, based on Effects of Temperature and
    Relative Humidity>

    *This is a new document* now listed in the ANSI catalog.

ANSI/PIMA IT9.27-1998(?)
<Imaging Materials--Life Expectancy of Information  Stored in
    Recordable Compact Disc Systems--Method for Estimating, Based on
    Effects of Temperature and Relative Humidity>

    This document was approved at the last ANSI meeting in May, but
    needs to go through the approval process and publishing.

Please also refer to the AIC presentation in Arlington at the PMG
session by Steve Puglia, vice-chair of ANSI committee IT9,
responsible for the physical properties and permanence of image
materials, entitled "Recent and Upcoming Changes in ANSI Standards
Concerning Photographic Materials (IT9)"

Many see the ANSI standards as documents created by a bunch of
unknown people from industry, but people like Peter Krause and Henry
Wilhelm, both well known faces around the AIC/PMG, have been
involved for more than 15 years. Steve Puglia, whom many of you
know, accepted the role of vice chair of IT9. Sarah Wagner has also
been very involved with the standards process. She has been the
primary voice on the committee (and several sub-committees) speaking
as a conservator, rather than a user or manufacturer. She has also
drafted a number of the newer documents (which are edited by

Douglas Nishimura
Image Permanence Institute

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