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Subject: Central library for conservation

Central library for conservation

From: Jim Moss <clkmkr>
Date: Wednesday, March 25, 1998
I brought up this subject on the OSGL list a few days ago and it was
suggested that I put it on the DistList so, here it is and open for
your comments:

    As I am unfamiliar with the proper process for introducing a
    motion or address an idea at (I believe) the business meeting,
    would some of you give me some guidance?

    The idea: At this point in time, if one needs information on a
    subject, one needs to search all over the world for out of print
    or obscure papers as well as standard reference texts or jump
    through hoops to get it. I have noticed that the AIC does not
    have a central library where one can go to obtain this
    information and, as everyone is concerned about a "body" of
    knowledge, I thought that I would make a motion (?) to establish
    an AIC central lending library committee to study the
    feasibility of such a service to members. If we have 4000
    members and added $20/yr to the dues, that would provide
    ($80,000 per year) enough to cover the salary of a librarian and
    the space to store the books and manuscripts. It would be like
    joining a sub-group on information.  The initial library could
    be supplied with books donated from the membership. I am sure
    that retiring members would consider donating their reference
    books and I'll bet that some of the schools of conservation have
    duplicate copies that could be donated.

    How did this come about? The idea came about as a result of my
    inquiry of the other day on this list and searching for the
    references suggested ( does anybody know where Butterworth went
    to?). Also, a few weeks ago I was doing some research and I
    called another organization that I belong to and asked for a
    reference book and two days later it arrived on my door step for
    a four week stay. I thought that if they could do this , then
    AIC (which is a much more professional organization) could do
    this also.

        **** Moderator's comments: See Butterworth-Heinemann

    So, I welcome your comments as well as your guidance regarding
    getting the AIC board to take this on.

    Jim Moss

Some of the replies to this suggestion were quite enthusiastic
others were cautionary. Some were concerned about duplication of
effort, costs, fairness, and some suggested that it could be a joint
effort between some Conservation groups such as AIC and CAL. Some
conservators use CHIN and SIRIS and then use their local library to
obtain a copy of a book. Others feel that this process could be too
cumbersome or the local libraries are too far away. Some felt that
deciding how to spend the money and on what books could be
challenging especially because the conservation field is so broad.
Someone suggested that NCAC had this idea: does anyone know what
happened to it? Would anyone know if there would be grant monies to
pursue this?

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