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Conservation DistList--Yearly Subject Index

19th century stretchers
Kowalski, Vanessa, (07-11-2005)

3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid
Barry, Claire, (07-22-2005)

3M tapes
Simmons, John E., (07-22-2005)

A death
Meredith, Clare, (01-07-2005)
Tichane, Eileen, (03-14-2005)
Pavitt, Rebecca, (12-05-2005)

A death--addendum
Meredith, Clare, (01-24-2005)
Henry, Walter, (03-23-2005)

AATA Online survey
Zak, Jackie, (06-22-2005)

ACRL New England Chapter
Sagraves, Barbara, (10-03-2005)

AIC Annual Meeting
Paige, Sheila, (04-27-2005)

AIC Architecture Specialty Group
Munsch, Guy, (04-19-2005)

AIC Conservators in Private Practice
German-Carter, Ria, (01-24-2005)

AIC News Online Jobs
Henry, Walter, (09-22-2005)

AIC Objects Specialty Group election
Fernandez, Amy, (03-30-2005)

AIC Scholarships for Latin American and Caribbean conservators
Pourchot, Eric, (11-28-2005)

Abstracts on textile conservation
Wyeth, Paul, (07-12-2005)

Academic programs in conservation and conservation science
Brown, A. Jean E., (03-14-2005)

Academic programs in preservation ** of new media and digital information
Pollmeier, Klaus, (11-09-2005)

Clarke, Fran, (02-21-2005)

Acid-free tubes for storing rolled maps
Rohan, Deborah, (12-21-2004)
Welch, Stuart, (01-21-2005)

Acrylic wood sealants
Wall, Dominic, (02-25-2005)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (03-22-2005)

Acrylic wood sealants Polyurethane wood sealants
Storch, Paul, (03-17-2005)

Acryloid B-72 emulsion adhesive
Appelbaum, Barbara, (01-26-2005)

Activated carbon
Higgitt, Catherine, (07-21-2005)

Schubiger, Irene, (05-18-2005)

Adhesive for glass plates
Sirven, Marsha, (06-08-2005)
Siegel, Robin, (06-16-2005)
Innocenti, Sara, (06-24-2005)

Adhesive for inflatable PVC object
Poisson, Marie-Chantale, (04-08-2005)
Cone, Louise, (04-15-2005)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (04-15-2005)

Vine, Mark, (10-26-2005)

Henry, Walter, (01-21-2005)
Henry, Walter, (04-03-2005)
Henry, Walter, (06-04-2005)
Henry, Walter, (06-15-2005)
Henry, Walter, (07-08-2005)
Henry, Walter, (07-16-2005)
Henry, Walter, (07-21-2005)
Henry, Walter, (11-28-2005)
Henry, Walter, (12-06-2005)
Henry, Walter, (12-14-2005)

Air abrasion using baking soda
Lewis, Gordon A., (04-21-2005)
Moore, Simon, (04-27-2005)
Miller, Eric, (06-24-2005)

Almond milk
Lowengard, Sarah, (12-22-2004)

Amber provenance
Simon, Stefan, (03-21-2005)

Amelia Pelaez
Utermohlen, Hilda Abreu, (12-09-2005)

Anniversary of Florence flood
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (08-28-2005)

Bolourchi, Hassan, (02-21-2005)
Bergh, Jan-Erik, (03-03-2005)

Vine, Mark, (01-22-2005)
Koob, Stephen, (01-26-2005)
Hood, Peter Maitland, (01-26-2005)
Cohen, Benjamin, (01-26-2005)

Apprenticeship at University of Iowa
Verheyen, Peter, (02-28-2005)

Archaeological conservation dictionary
Babashahi, Maryam, (10-17-2005)

Architectural drawings
Kidd, Kathryn, (08-24-2005)
Feller, Robert L., (09-01-2005)
Gorstein, Irina, (09-01-2005)

Arshile Gorky
Appelbaum, Barbara, (04-11-2005)

Art Conservation Program at Queen's University
Spirydowicz, Krysia, (12-12-2005)

Article on Treasures of Croesus
Faltermeier, Robert B., (05-29-2005)

Automatic X-ray processor
Zycherman, Lynda, (06-27-2005)
Ocon, Noelle, (07-11-2005)
Knight, Barry, (07-18-2005)
Dixon, Tom, (08-02-2005)

BA festival of Science
Fields, John, (08-15-2005)

Roundhill, Linda S., (01-18-2005)

Back files of Abbey Newsletter available
Drewes, Jeanne, (11-09-2005)

Back issues of JAIC sought
Brunskog, Maria, (05-10-2005)

Back issues of conservation publications sought
Caldararo, Niccolo, (03-18-2005)

Garland, Patricia Sherwin, (03-05-2005)
Roundhill, Linda S., (03-14-2005)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (03-17-2005)

Batting in backs of framed paintings
Hignite, Sara Rowe, (06-07-2005)
Gayer, John R., (06-16-2005)
Sozzani, Laurent, (06-24-2005)
Levenson, Rustin, (06-25-2005)
O'Malley, Michael J., (06-27-2005)
Hignite, Sara Rowe, (07-07-2005)

Bibliography on standards in library and archives conservation
Wellheiser, Johanna, (05-02-2005)

Binder for cellulose powder
Arnold, Lori, (06-01-2005)
Griggs, Candis C., (06-04-2005)
Roundhill, Linda S., (06-07-2005)
Baija, Hubert, (06-15-2005)

Biocides for use in PEG treatments
Graves, David, (12-02-2005)

Bleached cap tissue
Herrity, Emma, (03-30-2005)
Brynjolfson, Carol, (04-11-2005)
Green, Simon Barcham, (04-15-2005)

Blistering on painting
Krauss, Sylvia, (06-23-2005)
Blackman, Christabel, (06-26-2005)

Bloom on lead
Dale, Maria Saffiotti, (01-25-2005)
Roundhill, Linda S., (02-18-2005)
Van Bennekom, Joosje, (02-20-2005)
Cannon, Linda, (02-19-2005)
Jeffers, Will, (03-01-2005)
Harris, Rupert, (03-12-2005)

Blue wool scales
Jaeschke, Helena, (03-10-2005)
Shiner, Jerry, (03-15-2005)

Faulkner, Tanya, (11-07-2005)
Potje, Karen, (11-14-2005)

Bollettino dell'ICR
Buzzanca, Giancarlo, (06-01-2005)

Book cleaning machine
Bolourchi, Hassan, (01-25-2005)

Book conservation
Konduk, Olga, (02-03-2005)

Book on Rheology
Beckley, Brent, (10-05-2005)

Book on limp vellum binding
Clarkson, Christopher, (09-27-2005)

Book with sticky cover
McPherson, Helen, (02-24-2005)
Elwing, James, (03-10-2005)

Book with wooden boards
Formby, Cyril, (04-07-2005)
Minsky, Richard, (04-15-2005)
Thompson, Jack C., (04-15-2005)

Bookbinding equipment for sale
De Veer, Marysa, (10-05-2005)
Ashman, John, (11-22-2005)

Bookbinding event
Roorda, Jolynne, (02-22-2005)

Bookbinding terminology
Farren, Donald, (11-30-2005)

Bread sculpture
Clarke, Mark, (10-24-2005)
Storch, Paul, (11-03-2005)

Budget for monument restoration
Sahione, Jorge, (02-16-2005)

Bursaries for archives conservators
Ramsay, Linda, (02-08-2005)

Butcher's wax
Kim, Seoyoung, (05-12-2005)
Kitto, Suzanne, (05-23-2005)
Braun, Tom James, (05-23-2005)

Byne's disease
Hackett, Joanne, (12-28-2004)
Garcia, Emma, (01-12-2005)

CAA-HP Award for Distinction in Scholarship and Conservation
Mossholder, Diane, (03-15-2005)

CAC Annual Conference and Workshops
Freake, Alison, (02-22-2005)

CAT scanning and terra cotta
Appelbaum, Barbara, (08-08-2005)
Gresson, Julia, (08-15-2005)
Maggen, Michael, (08-13-2005)
Applbaum, Nachum, (08-14-2005)

CDs and security
Bogus, Ian, (08-10-2005)

Liao, Zu-Chun, (01-28-2005)

Gillies, Karl, (04-11-2005)
Roundhill, Linda S., (04-15-2005)
Shiner, Jerry, (04-15-2005)
Storch, Paul, (04-20-2005)

Cal for papers--IFLA
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (10-27-2005)

Call For Papers--Book and Paper Group
Haude, Mary, (09-12-2005)

Call for nominations--Esther J. Piercy Award
Brown, Karen E, (09-01-2005)
Brown, Karen E, (11-07-2005)

Call for nominations--Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award
Selinger, Patricia P., (09-23-2005)
Selinger, Patricia P., (10-31-2005)

Call for papers--AIC Paintings Specialty Group
Rimer, Bonnie, (09-28-2005)

Call for papers--AIC Research and Technical Studies
Benson, Paul, (10-05-2005)

Call for papers--AIC Textile Specialty Group
Frisina, Ann, (09-08-2005)
Frisina, Ann, (09-29-2005)

Call for papers--AICCM
Mertens, Marion, (01-28-2005)

Call for papers--Alum
Brown, Jean E., (04-28-2005)

Call for papers--CAC Annual Conference
Webb, Marianne, (10-24-2005)

Call for papers--CIDOC
Rengman, Hans, (11-21-2005)

Call for papers--College Art Association
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (03-23-2005)

Call for papers--Conservation of archaeological materials
Williams, Emily, (02-01-2005)

Call for papers--Digital libraries
Rauch, Carl, (01-29-2005)

Call for papers--Dissemination of technical knowledge in the Middle Ages
Clarke, Mark, (02-15-2005)

Call for papers--Furniture
Kaner, Jake, (01-19-2005)

Call for papers--IIC Congress
Voce, Graham, (02-03-2005)

Call for papers--IPC Annual International Conference
Venables, Barbara, (01-06-2005)

Call for papers--Industrial heritage
Migone, Jaime, (08-09-2005)

Call for papers--Institute for Conservation Ethnography Section
Miles, Roisin, (02-15-2005)

Call for papers--Materials of modern sculpture
O'Neill, Morna, (08-16-2005)

Call for papers--NatSCA News
Rogers, Dominique, (10-29-2005)

Call for papers--Paint
Zagorski, Anna, (01-27-2005)

Call for papers--Printed media
Purinton, Nancy, (11-14-2005)

Call for papers--Raman spectroscopy
Robinet, Laurianne, (02-18-2005)

Call for papers--Reviews in Conservation
Streeton, Noelle, (06-20-2005)

Call for papers--Scientific Research in the Field of Asian Art
McCarthy, Blythe, (01-06-2005)

Call for papers--Stained glass
Cannon, Graeme, (07-26-2005)

Call for papers--Textiles and Text
Bennett, Christine G., (11-18-2005)

Call for papers--Transition metals in paper
Havermans, John, (03-07-2005)
Havermans, John, (08-17-2005)

Call for posters--AIC Annual Meeting
Maguire, Cary Beattie, (11-16-2005)

Call for posters--Clay bricks
Schur, Susan E., (05-24-2005)

Call for proposals--Digital preservation
Real, Will, (01-13-2005)

Call for proposals--Workshops on book and paper conservation
Hawkes, Richard, (08-08-2005)

Cape Cod polishing cloths
White, Susan, (12-16-2004)

Care of Collections Forum annual meeting
Broughton, Shona, (03-08-2005)

Caroline Villers Research Fellowship
Blewett, Morwenna, (10-05-2005)

Carved coal object
Herrity, Emma, (06-24-2005)
Knight, Barry, (07-07-2005)
Jaeschke, Helena, (07-08-2005)

Cast iron fountain
Maltby, Susan L., (10-31-2005)

Cataloging personal reference library
Portell, Jean D., (12-17-2004)

Caulk on bronze
Erdmann, Mark, (08-16-2005)

Cellulose acetate
Nishimura, Douglas W., (08-29-2005)

Cellulose acetate and polyester
Fairclough, Sophia, (12-23-2004)

Cellulose acetate butyrate
Moomaw, Kate Winston, (11-04-2005)
Storch, Paul, (11-11-2005)

Martin, James, (05-27-2005)

Checklist for certifying digital repositories
Dale, Robin L., (08-31-2005)

Chloride and liquid ammonia
Vike, Vegard, (03-02-2005)

Class on digital libraries
Riley, Alicia, (06-28-2005)

Cleaning acrylic paintings
Devi, Meenakshi, (06-17-2005)
Kyriazi, Evangelia, (06-27-2005)
Pilecka-Pietrusinska, Elzbieta, (06-24-2005)
Di Bagno, Andrea, (06-24-2005)

Cleaning galleries
Anheuser, Kilian, (02-11-2005)

Clear coatings for interior timbers
Peters, Greg, (01-17-2005)
Hodgetts, Ben, (01-27-2005)

Clinics on accreditation
Bradshaw, Susan, (03-29-2005)

Cold storage
McAfee, Chris, (07-13-2005)
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (07-17-2005)

Cold storage for glass plate negatives
Hopkins, William L., (06-16-2005)

Colibri Cover Book System
Campbell, Harry, (03-08-2005)
Cullinane, Jane, (03-18-2005)
Baum, Kristin Alana, (04-06-2005)

Collections care contractors for works on paper
Perkinson, Roy, (01-12-2005)

Colloquium and symposium on mural paintings Symposium on mural paintings
Taniguchi, Yoko, (08-30-2005)

Colour Index
Learner, Tom, (04-11-2005)

Colour Index--addendum
Learner, Tom, (06-01-2005)

Condition surveys
Tarnowski, Amber, (05-17-2005)
Lamb, Carolyn, (05-23-2005)
Middlebrook, Sophie, (06-06-2005)

Conference on 19th and 20th century secular wall paintings
Gowing, Robert, (01-24-2005)

Conference on Dresden
Vega, Patrick, (07-28-2005)

Conference on Japanese lacquer
Rivers, Shayne, (05-11-2005)

Conference on Japanese lacquer--corrigendum
Rivers, Shayne, (05-20-2005)

Conference on archaeological conservation
Williams, Emily, (07-12-2005)

Conference on architectural paint research in building conservation--addendum
Bregnhoi, Line, (01-07-2005)

Conference on cellulose acetate microfilm
Novotny, Deborah, (02-21-2005)

Conference on clay bricks
Schur, Susan E., (12-13-2005)

Conference on consolidation
Donaldson, Colleen, (12-22-2004)
Powell, Christine, (03-04-2005)

Conference on cultural property protection
Cremers, Ton, (09-04-2005)
Guerin, Lyn, (11-21-2005)

Conference on damp and dry rot
Jackson, Rab, (01-07-2005)
Singh, Jagjit, (05-15-2005)

Conference on digital preservation
Carlson, Julie, (07-18-2005)
Carlson, Julie, (09-13-2005)
De Lusenet, Yola, (09-20-2005)

Conference on digitization
Wilson, Cynthia, (03-25-2005)

Conference on egg tempera as a retouching medium
Turnbull, Rachel, (01-19-2005)

Conference on furniture
Kaner, Jake, (09-27-2005)

Conference on iron gall ink
Brown, Jean E., (04-28-2005)
Havermans, John, (11-11-2005)

Conference on library fire
Anders, Manfred, (05-13-2005)

Conference on metallurgy
Hook, Duncan, (03-11-2005)

Conference on metals in paper
Havermans, John, (10-12-2005)

Conference on modern materials
Bennett, Chris, (04-15-2005)

Conference on mold
Jackson, Rab, (01-07-2005)
Meier, Christina, (03-04-2005)
Singh, Jagjit, (05-10-2005)

Conference on newspapers
Ryder, Rebecca, (01-20-2005)

Conference on painting conservation
Fuster, Laura, (01-27-2005)

Conference on preservation and access
Yamada, Elizabeth, (06-21-2005)

Conference on preservation of the Charters of Freedom
Schneider, Richard, (05-13-2005)

Conference on preservation of the Charters of Freedom--addendum
Schneider, Richard, (08-02-2005)

Conference on report writing
Turnbull, Rachel, (09-23-2005)

Conference on scrolls
Maggen, Michael, (05-15-2005)

Conference on stained glass
Rothman, Victor, (09-11-2005)

Conference on technical specifications
Kitto, Suzanne, (12-17-2004)

Conference on textile conservation
Iannuccilli, Claudia, (04-05-2005)

Conservation Assessment Program
Galban, Maria, (11-01-2005)

Conservation Awards
Hughes, Susan, (01-31-2005)
Hughes, Susan, (05-09-2005)
Hughes, Susan, (07-18-2005)
Henry, Walter, (11-23-2005)
Hughes, Susan, (11-24-2005)

Conservation equipment for sale
Bansaghi, Miklos, (09-22-2005)
Baltuskonis, Dennis, (10-19-2005)

Conservation exhibition
White, James, (04-25-2005)

Conservation grants
Jr., Michael J. Deegan, (03-21-2005)
Arenstein, Rachael, (04-11-2005)

Conservation of hominid bone
Hale, Ashley, (11-02-2005)

Conservation of hominid bone--addendum
Hale, Ashley, (11-04-2005)

Conservation of sacred objects
Hall, Annie, (03-18-2005)
Maggen, Michael, (03-26-2005)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (04-11-2005)
Eckert, Alexander, (04-10-2005)
Heller, Beth, (04-15-2005)

Conservation studio space available
Scarpini, Maria, (04-07-2005)
Scarpini, Maria, (09-23-2005)
Cane, Simon, (11-21-2005)
Cunningham, Alastair, (11-24-2005)

Conservation surveys
Cameron, Rebecca, (02-25-2005)
Marks, Kate, (03-09-2005)

Conservation training and chemistry
Muccigrosso, Lisa, (02-19-2005)

Conservator's Emporium
Mecklenburg, Peter, (12-07-2005)

Consolidating distemper paint
Bjorke, Anne, (08-15-2005)
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (09-01-2005)

Consolidating leather
Moffett, Dana, (02-11-2005)
De Veer, Marysa, (02-19-2005)
Gopfrich, Jutta, (02-25-2005)

Consolidating mica
Sozzani, Laurent, (02-07-2005)
Bartlett, Jeff, (02-11-2005)

Consolidating polychrome limestone altarpieces
De Alarcao, Catarina Gersao, (09-13-2005)
Weeks, Christopher, (10-02-2005)
Pung, Olaf, (10-04-2005)

Consolidating rubber
Dumka, Heather, (07-14-2005)

Consolidating silk passementerie
Textiles, General, (01-19-2005)

Consolidating wood in vacuum chamber
Lukovic, Vojislav, (01-24-2005)
Storch, Paul, (01-31-2005)

Consolidating wood on painted panels
Garcia, Miguel Alexandre Oliveira, (01-23-2005)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (01-26-2005)

Contaminated air
Scott, Matthew, (06-07-2005)
Jeffers, Will, (06-08-2005)

Copper beads
Duran, Carrie, (06-09-2005)
Scott, David A., (06-16-2005)
Beiner, Gali, (06-17-2005)
Storch, Paul, (06-22-2005)

Mahrer, Neil, (02-21-2005)
Wellman, Howard B., (03-03-2005)
DeStefano, Rhea, (10-31-2005)
Shiner, Jerry, (11-04-2005)

Parkin, Helen Mar, (05-19-2005)
Ormond, Devi, (05-24-2005)

Course on Thangka conservation
Elias, Christine, (08-17-2005)

Course on X-ray radiography--addendum
Pourchot, Eric, (02-10-2005)

Course on ancient and historic metals
Muros, Vanessa, (03-21-2005)
Scott, David A., (11-05-2005)

Course on archives conservation
Tandon, Aparna, (01-12-2005)

Course on biodeterioration
Xarrie, Mireia, (02-14-2005)
Xarrie, Mireia, (04-27-2005)

Course on book and document conservation
Reali, Nadia, (07-19-2005)

Course on chemistry for conservators
Black, James, (05-26-2005)
Black, James, (10-31-2005)

Course on cleaning library and archive collections
Walker, Alison, (11-08-2005)

Course on dyeing
Lennard, Frances J., (02-02-2005)

Course on gold finishing
Silverman, Randy, (11-22-2005)

Course on historic interiors
Campbell, Liz, (02-02-2005)

Course on lace making
Knaller, Regina, (04-08-2005)

Course on metrics in management
Mort-Putland, Lisa, (07-14-2005)

Course on microscopical identification of pigments
Swider, Joseph R., (04-28-2005)

Course on new media
Brysbaert, A.N., (04-05-2005)

Course on project management
Xarrie, Mireia, (05-02-2005)

Course on textile conservation
Nhan, Jerome, (04-22-2005)

Course syllabi sought
Baker, Whitney S, (08-29-2005)
Lowengard, Sarah, (11-13-2005)

Courses at West Dean College
Thurston, Isabel, (01-17-2005)
Thurston, Isabel, (06-20-2005)
Campbell, Liz, (07-19-2005)
Campbell, Liz, (11-30-2005)

Courses from International Academic Projects
Black, James, (01-20-2005)

Courses on Book Conservation
Dugan, Denise, (10-28-2005)

Courses on Indo-Persian painting
Chowdry, Anita, (01-23-2005)

Courses on conservation
Borruso, Cristina, (03-15-2005)
Black, James, (04-20-2005)
Pourchot, Eric, (11-30-2005)

Courses on cultural resource management
Mort-Putland, Lisa, (11-07-2005)

Courses on photographic conservation
Moor, Angela H., (06-07-2005)

Covers for display cases
Connell, Sharon, (03-10-2005)

Nawroth, Katrin, (09-06-2005)

Cultural material in China
Horovitz, Philippe, (02-01-2005)

Cuneiform tablet
Lobaton, Paulina, (03-30-2005)

DVD on Chinese scroll mounting
Peel, Rose, (02-13-2005)

Fox, Lisa, (12-02-2005)
Reid-Cunningham, James, (12-07-2005)
Parkin, Helen Mar, (12-07-2005)

Daniel Langlois Foundation
Kemp, Jonathan, (02-05-2005)

Database software
McKay, Prue, (05-18-2005)
Meek, Elizabeth, (10-10-2005)

Stubbs-Lee, Dee, (07-04-2005)
Duran, Carrie, (07-11-2005)
Wellman, Howard B., (07-11-2005)
Wellman, Howard B., (10-05-2005)
Downey, Anne E., (10-05-2005)
Kerschner, Rick, (10-19-2005)
Urich, Jim, (10-19-2005)
Hall, William, (10-19-2005)
Jeffers, Will, (10-19-2005)
Jeffers, Will, (10-19-2005)
Ellis, Scott, (10-21-2005)
Hughes, Patricia, (10-22-2005)
Basso, Gregory, (10-23-2005)
Arenstein, Rachael, (10-28-2005)
Hughes, Patricia, (10-22-2005)
Curteis, Tobit, (11-02-2005)
Basso, Gregory, (11-04-2005)
Arenstein, Rachael, (11-10-2005)
Curteis, Tobit, (11-21-2005)
Basso, Gregory, (11-21-2005)

Deaccessioning and destruction of hazardous artifacts
Potje, Karen, (05-09-2005)

McMann, Joanna, (10-21-2005)

Decorative painted surfaces on metal
Gorman, Cynthia Jane, (02-19-2005)
Pavlopoulou, Lydia-Chara, (03-03-2005)
Murray, Will, (03-12-2005)

Delamination of paint films
Baltuskonis, Dennis, (11-04-2005)

Demand CS
Lodge, Robert, (06-07-2005)

Desalination of polychrome limestone altarpieces
De Alarcao, Catarina Gersao, (09-13-2005)

Yeager, Nicholas, (08-17-2005)

West, Stephanie, (09-08-2005)
Harvey, David, (09-12-2005)
Fuller, Richard, (09-20-2005)

Deteriorating Foam
Brewer, Kasey, (10-05-2005)

Deterioration of acrylic glazing
Granowski, Caitlin, (09-20-2005)
Braun, Tom James, (09-23-2005)
Andrews, Kim, (10-05-2005)

Deterioration of plastic
Franzon, Maria, (02-28-2005)

Diatomaceous earth and pest control
Gopfrich, Jutta, (01-18-2005)
Kerschner, Rick, (01-26-2005)
Parker, Sophie, (01-31-2005)
Parker, Thomas A., (02-11-2005)
Tepe, Juergen, (02-11-2005)
Weaver, Lyn, (02-14-2005)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (02-23-2005)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (02-23-2005)

Digital Preservation Award
Bradford, Kate, (04-12-2005)
Bradford, Kate, (07-12-2005)

Digital collections
Carlson, Julie, (09-29-2005)

Digital imaging of archival records
Rekrut, Ala, (06-24-2005)

Digital printing and digital photography
Stewart, Dawn, (08-02-2005)

Akolkar, Anand S., (06-09-2005)
Vitale, Tim, (06-16-2005)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (06-24-2005)
Kemp, Jonathan, (06-28-2005)
Jameson, Rowena, (07-11-2005)

Digitizing video
Spoliansky, Vivian, (04-11-2005)

Discolored paintings
Stow, Cynthia, (10-26-2005)

Discolored paper
Hopkins, William L., (10-24-2005)

Displaying dress
Tritton, Andrea, (10-30-2005)
Manitta, Sharon, (11-07-2005)

Displaying posters
Douglas, Ann, (01-27-2005)
Kay, Patrya, (03-03-2005)
Cheffins, Christine, (04-27-2005)
Jacobson, Emily, (05-17-2005)

Disposal of radioactive material
Knight, Barry, (09-29-2005)
McConnell, Catherine, (10-07-2005)

Dissertation defenses
Chin, Zee-Young, (10-24-2005)

Distance education
Riley, Alicia, (06-13-2005)

Document repair tape
Gray, Christopher, (01-19-2005)
Gray, Christopher, (01-19-2005)

Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art
Lambert, Molly, (10-05-2005)

Kronthal, Lisa, (03-22-2005)

Dust and health hazards
Jaeschke, Helena, (07-14-2005)
Stable, Charles, (07-20-2005)
Bolourchi, Hassan, (07-26-2005)

Early 20th century paper repair
Smith, Christine, (04-26-2005)
Smith, Christine, (04-28-2005)

Early phenol-formaldehyde and urea-formaldehyde plastics
Tapley, James, (01-04-2005)
Storch, Paul, (01-24-2005)
Fenn, Julia, (01-26-2005)
Kitto, Suzanne, (01-26-2005)

Earthquake in Muzaffarabad
Henry, Walter, (10-20-2005)

Earthquake materials
Stollman, Sasha, (04-12-2005)

Eastern Analytical Symposium
Scott, John, (04-06-2005)

Educating museum visitors
Paine, Shelley Reisman, (08-03-2005)
Clarke, Mark, (08-13-2005)
Rogers, Dominique, (08-14-2005)
Gee, Rebecca, (08-15-2005)
Jaeschke, Helena, (08-16-2005)

Hall, Michael, (09-16-2005)
Thomas, Carrie, (09-27-2005)

Educational opportunities
Mort-Putland, Lisa, (05-31-2005)
Vedmore, Hazel, (12-15-2005)

Egyptian faience
Bogle, Lindsey, (12-12-2005)

Elevator cab
Binnie, Nancy E., (02-08-2005)
Gerstad, Robin, (02-11-2005)
Gilligan, Eliza, (02-22-2005)

Potje, Karen, (11-24-2005)
Shiner, Jerry, (12-05-2005)

Eller, Olivia, (01-06-2005)

Brewer, Kasey, (08-23-2005)
Knight, Barry, (09-01-2005)
Untch, Katharine, (09-01-2005)
Smith, Gregory D., (09-01-2005)
Jeffers, Will, (09-01-2005)

Etherington Conservation Center
Lee, Michael, (06-13-2005)

Europa Nostra Award
Bergh, Jan-Erik, (06-06-2005)

Event recognizing conservation efforts
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (08-17-2005)

Examples of risks to objects and data sought
Waller, Robert, (08-08-2005)

Exposition on book conservation
Baum, Kristin Alana, (01-10-2005)

Faded photograph prints
Hanson, Mark D., (01-18-2005)
Cammeraat, Casper, (01-26-2005)
Vanderlinden, Tom, (01-26-2005)
Kelly, Tony, (01-27-2005)
Castronovo, John, (01-27-2005)
Hoffman-Chin, Jackie, (01-28-2005)
McManus, Neill, (02-13-2005)
Saretzky, Gary, (03-01-2005)

Fading of fluorescent paint
Hinde, Lizzo, (03-04-2005)

Saretzky, Gary, (10-30-2005)

Fellowship at American Textile Museum
Tinkham, Rebecca, (04-07-2005)

Fellowship at Appalachian State University
Cook, Eleanor, (12-06-2005)
Cook, Eleanor, (12-06-2005)

Fellowship at Art Institute of Chicago
Dahm, Kristi, (02-17-2005)
Dahm, Kristi, (02-17-2005)
Wojchik, Megan, (03-25-2005)
Casadio, Francesca, (11-02-2005)

Fellowship at Balboa Art Conservation Center Position at Balboa Art Conservation Center
West, Kara, (02-15-2005)

Fellowship at Carnegie Museum of Art
Baxter, Ellen, (05-24-2005)
Baxter, Ellen, (06-15-2005)

Fellowship at Courtauld Institute of Art
Meredith, Clare, (04-19-2005)

Fellowship at Getty Conservation Institute
Zagorski, Anna, (01-20-2005)

Fellowship at Intermuseum Conservation Association
Williamson, Sandra, (04-14-2005)

Fellowship at Library of Congress
Beyer, Carrie S., (12-22-2004)
Adams, Jeanette, (08-18-2005)

Fellowship at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
MacBeth, Rhona, (12-27-2004)

Fellowship at National Gallery of Art
Skalka, Michael, (02-16-2005)
Skalka, Michael, (09-09-2005)
Skalka, Michael, (11-30-2005)

Fellowship at Philadelphia Museum of Art
Konin, Peter, (06-14-2005)

Fellowship at SCMRE
N'Gadi, Ann B., (12-12-2005)

Fellowship at Walters Art Museum
Drayman-Weisser, Terry, (02-02-2005)

Fellowship at Worcester Art Museum
Groll, Louise, (06-02-2005)
Luxner, Alison, (11-15-2005)

Fellowships at Carnegie Museum of Art
Atencio, Aleen, (12-08-2005)

Fellowships at HABS/HAER/HALS Internships at HABS/HAER/HALS
O'Connor, Richard, (11-18-2005)

Fellowships at Historic New England
Godla, Joe, (03-31-2005)

Fellowships at Smithsonian Institution
N'Gadi, Ann B., (12-12-2005)

Fellowships at UMCA Positions at UMCA Internships at UMCA
Markell, Melinda, (04-13-2005)

Fellowships at University of Texas
Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen, (08-26-2005)

Fellowships at Winterthur
Collins, Kay, (09-13-2005)

Fellowships at the National Museum of the American Indian
Kaminitz, Marian, (01-06-2005)

Fire extinguishers
Corlis, Tim, (04-09-2005)

Fire retardant on historic textiles
Hutton, Fiona, (02-09-2005)

Fluorescent tubes and UV
Baker, Whitney S, (02-18-2005)

Food and drink
Brynjolfson, Carol, (08-15-2005)
Contompasis, Margaret, (09-06-2005)

Forum on ethnographic and folk material
Miles, Roisin, (04-17-2005)

Forum on timberwork and pews
Woodcock, Sally, (08-15-2005)

Frank Sullivan
Tartt, Judith, (06-05-2005)

Freezing botanical specimens
Stubbs, Dee, (01-12-2005)
Purewal, Vicky, (01-24-2005)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (01-30-2005)
Farley, Jonathan, (02-11-2005)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (02-23-2005)
Farley, Jonathan, (03-09-2005)

Freezing composite objects
Hallett, Kathryn, (01-24-2005)
Bergh, Jan-Erik, (01-26-2005)

Freezing composite objects Freezing botanical specimens
Beiner, Gali, (01-26-2005)

Freezing wet textiles
Von Lerber, Karin, (10-25-2005)
Marsh-Letts, Glennda, (11-03-2005)
Moore, Simon, (11-02-2005)

Frida Kahlo and lipstick
Lockshin, Nora, (06-15-2005)

Fume hood
Primanis, Olivia, (02-16-2005)

Fumed silica and Regalrez
Gleason, Kevin, (03-30-2005)

Funding strategies for conservators' jobs
Pudsey, Jane, (07-13-2005)

GCI Conservation Guest Scholar program
Zagorski, Anna, (07-12-2005)

Galvanised steel
Fryer, Emily, (02-28-2005)

Geotextile for Egyptian archaeological site
Siver, Noel, (02-06-2005)
Richards, Elizabeth, (02-13-2005)
Severson, Kent, (02-19-2005)

Gerry Hedley Student Symposium
Miller, Michael, (05-07-2005)

Getty Grants
Wilmering, Antoine, (11-22-2005)

Gilded painting on canvas
Muscat, Charlene, (10-14-2005)

Merkel, Julia, (09-01-2005)
Koob, Stephen, (09-04-2005)
Keil, Sebastian, (09-05-2005)

Glass bristle brushes
Miles, Roisin, (09-06-2005)
McConnell, Catherine, (10-29-2005)
Stevens, Donna, (11-04-2005)

Glass colored prints
Swift, Rachel, (06-30-2005)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (07-11-2005)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-17-2005)

Glossary on conservation
Xarrie, Mireia, (02-06-2005)

Glossary on conservation--addendum
Xarrie, Mireia, (04-27-2005)

Appelbaum, Barbara, (01-05-2005)

Gouache Public discussion and offline responses
Appelbaum, Barbara, (01-18-2005)

Kemp, Jonathan, (05-08-2005)

Grants for ICOM Triennial Meeting
Verger, Isabelle, (01-28-2005)

Guidelines for internships
Barrio, Nestor, (01-27-2005)
Lester, Stan, (01-31-2005)

Guild of Book Workers--Potomac chapter
Dambrogio, Jana, (09-12-2005)

Bustos, Liliana, (08-19-2005)
Roundhill, Linda S., (09-01-2005)

HEPA-filtered enclosures
Fredericks, Maria, (06-28-2005)

HRHRC reunion
Baughman, Mary, (06-03-2005)

Fairbanks-Harris, Theresa, (12-08-2005)

Hans Hofmann
Rogala, Dawn, (07-20-2005)

Hard wood for flooring
Himmelstein, Paul, (06-01-2005)
Self, Bob, (06-06-2005)

Hayle Mill
Green, Simon Barcham, (09-16-2005)

Heat and oil paintings
Botkin, Diana Moses, (07-23-2005)

Heavy metals and preservation of cadaver and grave goods
MacKenzie, Mark, (07-18-2005)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-26-2005)

McMorrow, Mark, (12-15-2005)

Heritage Health Index
Rogers, Mary, (12-06-2005)

High impasto oil paintings
Nicosia, Grazia, (05-11-2005)

Historic lime mortar
Dotter, Kara R., (11-12-2005)

History of gypsum board
Potje, Karen, (04-19-2005)

Hologram emulsion
Low, Bill, (01-05-2005)

Clancy, Jason, (11-16-2005)
Scheerer, Stefanie, (11-20-2005)
Thompson, Jack C., (11-20-2005)
Byrne, Richard O., (11-20-2005)
Glover, Hugh, (11-20-2005)
Harris, Rupert, (11-20-2005)

Hot melt adhesives
Parkin, Helen Mar, (07-19-2005)

Humidification chambers
Cruickshank, Pippa, (04-21-2005)
Smith, Christine, (04-29-2005)
Shiner, Jerry, (04-27-2005)

Hurricane Katrina
Henry, Walter, (09-02-2005)
Carlson, Julie, (09-07-2005)
Bowen, Craigen, (09-07-2005)
Messier, Paul A., (09-15-2005)
Beardsley, Barbara, (09-11-2005)
Idels, Helene, (09-11-2005)
Wolf, Sara J., (09-16-2005)
Smith, Christine, (09-16-2005)
Sheren, Molly, (09-16-2005)
Frellsen, Ann V., (09-28-2005)
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (09-23-2005)
Henry, Walter, (10-14-2005)

ICN masterclasses
Boeve, Angeniet, (07-01-2005)

ICOM-CC Triennial Meeting
Raymakers, Marina, (03-24-2005)

IIC Bulletin back issues available
Paris, Jan, (01-26-2005)

IPC meeting
Herford, Imogen, (07-06-2005)
Herford, Imogen, (10-24-2005)

ISO update for imaging materials
Nishimura, Douglas W., (09-30-2005)

Identifying adhesive
Lang, Stefan, (03-07-2005)
Roundhill, Linda S., (03-14-2005)
Chase, W. T., (03-16-2005)

Identifying damage to book
Bogus, Ian, (11-10-2005)
Verheyen, Peter D., (11-11-2005)

Identifying file format
Potje, Karen, (06-20-2005)
King, Steve, (06-24-2005)

Identifying nitrate negatives
Augenbraun, Leslie, (03-04-2005)

Illinois State University appointment
Schobernd, Beth, (09-01-2005)

Image on reverse of painting support
Bacon, Anne, (04-29-2005)
Gayer, John, (05-18-2005)
Hurt, Perry, (05-19-2005)
Wilson, Lara, (05-22-2005)

Imitation leather
Lovett, Doon Laura, (08-18-2005)

Important changes to British regulations for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
Phenix, Alan, (10-13-2005)

Faltermeier, Robert B., (03-11-2005)
Kroll, Naomi, (06-28-2005)

Infrared digital cameras
McClure, Ian, (11-28-2005)
Leith, Marcella, (12-01-2005)
Kushel, Dan, (12-04-2005)

Boal, Gillian, (09-09-2005)
Ryan, Cindy Connelly, (09-16-2005)

Insect infestations in vehicle upholstery
Ryan, Renita, (02-25-2005)
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (03-08-2005)

Insoluble salts on tanned leather
Guggenheimer, Salome, (01-12-2005)

Institute of Conservation
Esdaile, Sally A., (04-19-2005)

Institute of Conservation (Icon)
McCapra, Alastair, (10-17-2005)

Insurance and liability
Caldararo, Niccolo, (08-14-2005)
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (08-18-2005)
Thompson, Jack C., (08-18-2005)

Intellectual property and conservation
Bunch, Rebecca, (05-25-2005)
Bracker, Alison, (06-04-2005)

Interleaf paper for enzyme poultice
Steel, Anne-Marie, (01-25-2005)

International Restoration and Arts Center in Tashkent
Apostolidis, Asteris, (10-27-2005)

Internship at American Museum of Natural History
Kronthal, Lisa, (05-05-2005)

Internship at Chicago Conservation Center
Jones, Megan Ann, (02-16-2005)

Internship at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Burger, Gary, (06-29-2005)

Internship at Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust
Haydon, Beth, (02-23-2005)

Internship at Iowa State University
Seo, Hilary, (09-06-2005)

Internship at John Milner Associates, Inc.
Burritt, Lane Maben, (02-02-2005)

Internship at McMaster University
Cooper, Linda, (09-29-2005)

Internship at NEDCC
Newman, Walter, (01-12-2005)
Newman, Walter, (05-12-2005)

Internship at National Gallery of Art
Howard, Cori, (02-28-2005)

Internship at New York Academy of Medicine
Martin, Susan, (02-28-2005)

Internship at Oriental Institute Museum
D'Alessandro, Laura, (03-22-2005)

Internship at Poggio Colla excavation
White, Chris, (03-29-2005)

Internship at SCMRE
N'Gadi, Ann B., (02-18-2005)

Internship at Shelburne Museum
Kerschner, Rick, (01-26-2005)

Internship at University of Chicago
Byrne, Sherry, (10-24-2005)

Internship at Vermont Museum and Gallery Alliance
Corcoran, Eileen, (01-19-2005)

Internship at Washington State University
Aurand, Gudrun, (03-16-2005)

Internship at the Hamilton Kerr Institute
Page, Regine, (12-09-2005)

Internship opportunities sought
Andersson, Mark, (01-27-2005)

Internships at Agora excavations
Anastassiades, Amandina, (10-26-2005)

Internships at Citywide Monuments Conservation Program, New York
Seelenberger, Martha, (01-18-2005)
Seelenberger, Martha, (01-18-2005)

Internships at ConservArt, Inc.
Chartier, Duane R., (02-11-2005)

Internships at Historic Scotland
Pearce, Michael, (04-28-2005)

Internships at Milwaukee Public Museum
Re, Christine Del, (01-14-2005)

Internships at NCPTT
Striegel, Mary, (03-17-2005)

Internships at SCMRE
N'Gadi, Ann B., (01-14-2005)
N'Gadi, Ann B., (01-14-2005)

Internships at the Hamilton Kerr Institute
Page, Regine, (12-09-2005)

Internships at the National Museum of the American Indian
Kaminitz, Marian, (01-06-2005)
Kaminitz, Marian, (09-06-2005)

Internships in Peru
MacLean, Margaret G.H., (02-09-2005)

Interpreting textile data
Lupia, John Nicholas, (08-26-2005)

Japanese paper
Senfett, Chiara, (06-16-2005)
Moore, Simon, (06-24-2005)

Jewish quilts
Sheren, Molly, (04-06-2005)

Justus Susterman and Tiberio di Tito
Prins, Steven, (05-31-2005)

Khosrof, Slim, (02-02-2005)
Jeffers, Will, (02-11-2005)
Elwing, James, (02-13-2005)

Kilgarlin center alumni sought
Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen, (05-12-2005)

Kodakrome slide film
Evans, Jocelyn, (02-11-2005)
Elwing, James, (02-13-2005)

L'Istituto per l'Arte e il Restauro "Palazzo Spinelli"
Acosta, Liegh, (02-02-2005)

Lab design
Lanave, Tiziana, (07-21-2005)
Cook, Clifford, (08-15-2005)
Grillparzer, Alex, (08-13-2005)

Labeling material
Williams, Scott, (04-12-2005)

Labelling plastic
Reuby, Dianne, (04-12-2005)
Roth, Vanessa, (04-28-2005)

Laser cleaning
Warren, Rick, (10-26-2005)

Lead in graveyards
Harrison, Paul, (06-24-2005)
Jaeschke, Helena, (07-08-2005)

Branigan, Liz, (03-18-2005)

Lecture on Marbling
Benson, Jake, (08-24-2005)

Lecture on containers
Wolton, Joanna, (10-10-2005)

Lecture on fiber identification Workshop on fiber identification
Hare, Andrew, (09-15-2005)

Lecture on library binding
Nolan, Deb, (06-16-2005)

Lecture on preservation science
Sierra, Marta Lucia, (05-03-2005)
Adams, Jeanette, (06-06-2005)
Adams, Jeanette, (07-19-2005)
Adams, Jeanette, (09-19-2005)
Adams, Jeanette, (11-17-2005)
Adams, Jeanette, (12-06-2005)

Lecture on protective enclosures
Wolton, Joanna, (07-21-2005)

Lecture on sustainable heritage
Berry, Janet, (09-28-2005)

Lecture on textile conservation
Tate, Jim, (08-30-2005)

Lectures on paper conservation
Fairclough, Sophia, (01-05-2005)

Lectures on science and art
Tinkham, Rebecca, (12-13-2005)

Liability insurance
Lewis, Gordon, (06-20-2005)
Macqueen, Joan Mary, (06-23-2005)
Ryan, Victoria Montana, (08-15-2005)

Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group
Kaufman, Heather, (03-21-2005)

Library destruction in Muzaffarabad
Henry, Walter, (10-20-2005)

Light box
Ameringer, Charlotte, (07-12-2005)

Light exposure for kauri gum
Morton, Joanna, (05-05-2005)

Medina, Isabel, (07-11-2005)
Kerschner, Rick, (07-18-2005)

Lining tapa
Geisler, Ivonne, (03-18-2005)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (04-04-2005)
Thompson, Jack C., (04-19-2005)
Wright, John, (04-19-2005)

Linseed oil
Ozkilinc, Gulsum, (02-25-2005)

Loading dock seals
Brown, Bill, (11-04-2005)

MA Program in Conservation of New Media and Digital Information
Pollmeier, Klaus, (12-12-2005)

MA Program in Photographic Preservation
Kozlowski, Eliza, (01-31-2005)
Nordstrom, Alison, (11-10-2005)

Pudsey, Jane, (12-07-2005)

Magazine article
Nishio, Yoshi, (04-19-2005)

Maiolica pitcher
Fukumaru, Naoko, (02-13-2005)

Maori feather cloak
Kaio, Karel, (03-10-2005)

Vlkova, Veronika, (05-25-2005)

Margaret Hey
Esdaile, Sally A., (08-19-2005)

Kissel, Eleonore, (11-16-2005)

Material aspects of cubist art
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (12-07-2005)

Max Beckmann
Schwemer, Florian, (07-10-2005)

Measuring fading of light-sensitive pigments
Lewis, Rob, (11-28-2005)
Heginbotham, Arlen, (12-07-2005)

Meeting for Scottish conservation professionals
Nilsen, Lisa, (03-14-2005)

Meeting for paper conservators
Gowland, Judith, (03-13-2005)

Meeting on conservation science
Bradley, Susan, (01-24-2005)

Mekatronics Handi-Bind
Payne, Charlotte, (03-09-2005)

Menda bottles
Moore, Simon, (04-19-2005)

Merger of Dutch conservator-restorer's associations
Van Reekum, Janine, (06-27-2005)

Methyl bromide
Plitnikas, Jill, (02-07-2005)
Von Monschaw, Ele, (03-09-2005)

Shiner, Jerry, (01-05-2005)

Microwave fumigation
Georgiew, Sebastian, (02-17-2005)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (02-27-2005)
Burke, John, (03-09-2005)
Books, Ian Bates - Sage Old, (03-17-2005)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (04-04-2005)
Schulze, Henning, (04-27-2005)

Midwest Archives Conference
Kahn, Miriam, (02-28-2005)

Midwest Regional Conservation Guild Annual Meeting
O'Connell, Christina, (10-05-2005)

Bagley, Stuart, (05-24-2005)
Cappitelli, Francesca, (06-05-2005)
Tarnowski, Amber, (06-06-2005)

Mold on books
Duncan, Alice Smith, (08-10-2005)
Parker, Thomas A., (08-19-2005)

Mold on paintings
Baltuskonis, Dennis, (07-11-2005)
Cannon, Alice, (07-18-2005)

Mold on photographs
Adler, Lavinia, (10-23-2005)

Mold on stone
Paine, Shelley Reisman, (10-24-2005)
Trinkley, Mike, (10-30-2005)
Gerstad, Robin, (11-04-2005)
Roundhill, Linda S., (11-11-2005)
Scheerer, Stefanie, (11-11-2005)
Vine, Mark, (11-30-2005)

Mold on stone--corrigendum
Gerstad, Robin, (11-11-2005)

Monitoring light
Privett, Helen, (11-16-2005)
Juergens, Martin, (11-24-2005)

Montefiascone Project
Fredericks, Maria, (01-18-2005)

Sanchez, Eduardo, (05-13-2005)

Ballard, Mary, (12-23-2004)

Mount Rushmore
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (07-07-2005)
Green, Simon Barcham, (07-09-2005)
Nadolny, Jilleen, (07-11-2005)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-17-2005)
Confer, Deborah, (07-18-2005)
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (07-17-2005)
Quinn, Erin, (07-18-2005)
Green, Simon Barcham, (07-23-2005)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-26-2005)
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (07-25-2005)
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (11-10-2005)
Jacob, Judith M., (11-21-2005)
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (11-23-2005)

Mounting adhesive
Wynne-Jones, Robert Ellis, (02-10-2005)
Gothorp, Cliff, (02-14-2005)
Marsh, Ian, (02-14-2005)

Mounting prints on metal substrate
Wild, Liz, (01-31-2005)

Moving collection materials
Pearce, Robert, (12-15-2005)

Moving viking ships
Braovac, Susan, (09-20-2005)

Curteis, Tobit, (03-14-2005)

Grunow, Gregg, (07-19-2005)
Pellissier, Pierlucio, (07-23-2005)
Curteis, Tobit, (07-23-2005)
Leckie, Carolyn, (08-24-2005)

Museum Assessment Program
Plaisted, Laura, (11-17-2005)

NARA Preservation Conference
Schneider, Richard, (12-13-2005)

NATCC board members sought
Thomassen-Krauss, Suzanne, (11-30-2005)

NEDCC workshops
Primeaux, Aimee, (08-24-2005)

Paulson, Barbara, (12-20-2004)

NEH Preservation Assistance Grants
Curtin, Bonnie, (04-06-2005)

NEH grants
Curtin, Bonnie, (05-03-2005)
Henry, Walter, (08-20-2005)

NYPL appointment
Frangakis, Evelyn, (05-11-2005)
Frangakis, Evelyn, (08-08-2005)

National Preservation Office Annual Conference
Walker, Alison, (10-03-2005)

Neatsfoot oil
Richwine, Beth, (10-19-2005)
Thompson, Jack C., (10-21-2005)
Moore, Simon, (11-02-2005)

Flaiani, Enrico, (06-04-2005)

New Journal: International Journal of Cultural Property
Gilbert, Jeanette, (02-18-2005)

New Journal: Technical Briefs in Historical Archaeology
Williams, Emily, (03-02-2005)

New book on icon painting technique
Belishki, Stefan, (01-16-2005)

New book on metals and corrosion
Ramsay, Shanna, (01-27-2005)

New book on preservation of electronic records
Ramsay, Shanna, (05-09-2005)

New books on conservation and museology
Prakashan, Sundeep, (01-18-2005)

New journal: Conservar Patrimonio
Cruz, Antonio Joao, (03-13-2005)

New list: Conservators in Turkey
Cleere, Duygu, (10-01-2005)

New list: Spiritual and ethical considerations in heritage conservation
Greenwood, John, (09-09-2005)

New web site--Books on books
Fan, Esther C., (01-12-2005)

New web site--Job opportunities
Lanning, David, (09-29-2005)

New web site--McCrone Atlas of Microscopic Particles
Swider, Joseph R., (07-01-2005)

New web site--National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP)
Gottesman, Laura, (06-02-2005)

New web site--Prorestauro Multilanguage Conservation Message Board
Bordalo, Rui Miguel Azevedo, (03-14-2005)

New web site--Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists (SRMA)
Shelstad, Mark L., (06-06-2005)

New web site--Time-based media
Laurenson, Pip, (08-18-2005)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (08-27-2005)

Newberry Library Alumni sought
Russick, Susan, (03-01-2005)

Nicholas Hadgraft Memorial Scholarship
Welch, Stuart, (06-08-2005)

Nicholas Hadgraft Scholarship
Welch, Stuart, (02-24-2005)

Nigel Williams Prize for Conservation for Glass and Ceramics
Peek, Sarah, (11-28-2005)

Nipping press
Bennett, Aaron, (10-12-2005)

Non-destructive testing of bronze sculptures
Roth, Vanessa, (05-12-2005)
Galea, Mario, (05-25-2005)

Nozzle for vacuum cleaner
Daley, David, (09-12-2005)

Odor in textiles
Heins, Lucie, (06-23-2005)
Glover, Hugh, (06-24-2005)
Hackett, Joanne, (06-24-2005)

Oil paint on a historic lime plaster wall
Jarvela, Elina, (10-11-2005)

Oil paint on paper
Neil, Melissa, (12-01-2005)

Oil painting
Gladwin, JayJay, (09-01-2005)

Oil painting on plywood
Kumar, Lalit, (05-10-2005)
Glover, Hugh, (05-23-2005)
Witlox, Maartje, (06-01-2005)
Prins, Steven, (06-06-2005)

Oil stain in book
Sanders, Dawn, (02-17-2005)

Online course in preservation
Alten, Helen, (01-30-2005)

Online course on collection management policy
Alten, Helen, (03-25-2005)

Online course on disaster planning
Alten, Helen, (10-24-2005)

Online course on exhibitions
Alten, Helen, (07-27-2005)

Online course on facilities
Alten, Helen, (06-19-2005)

Online course on grant writing
Alten, Helen, (12-12-2005)

Online course on museum registration
Alten, Helen, (03-25-2005)
Alten, Helen, (06-19-2005)

Online course on museum storage
Alten, Helen, (03-25-2005)

Online course on object numbering
Alten, Helen, (03-25-2005)
Alten, Helen, (10-24-2005)

Online course on pest management
Alten, Helen, (07-27-2005)

Online course on restoration theories and methods
Weyer, Angela, (03-11-2005)

Online courses in preservation
Alten, Helen, (07-31-2005)
Alten, Helen, (11-30-2005)

Online courses on disaster planning
Alten, Helen, (01-30-2005)

Online courses on disaster planning--addendum
Alten, Helen, (02-15-2005)

Online training material on disaster planning
Thomas, Carrie, (04-20-2005)

Online workshop on fund raising
Alten, Helen, (02-28-2005)

Online workshop on marketing for conservation
Pourchot, Eric, (03-07-2005)

Optical media pen available
Murray, Kate, (04-19-2005)

Outdoor bronze sculpture
Van Bellegem, Maickel, (02-11-2005)
Green, Connie, (07-25-2005)
Croveri, Paola, (09-13-2005)

Outdoor sculpture
Green, Connie, (05-30-2005)

Oversized architectural drawings
Stauderman, Sarah, (04-21-2005)

PARS Physical Quality and Treatment Discussion Group
Doyle, Beth, (01-05-2005)
Haun, Werner, (06-10-2005)

PARS Physical Quality and Treatment Discussion Group RBMS Curators and Conservators Discussion Group
Doyle, Beth, (01-27-2005)

PEM/Climate Notebook
Nishimura, Douglas W., (09-02-2005)

PVA emulsion
Hart, Andrew, (06-15-2005)
Hart, Andrew, (06-16-2005)
Smith, Gregory D., (06-16-2005)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (06-16-2005)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (06-16-2005)
Geraty, Peter, (06-16-2005)
Shiner, Jerry, (06-23-2005)

Gayer, John, (02-05-2005)
Learner, Tom, (02-14-2005)

Paint and varnish remover
Vine, Mark, (10-26-2005)

Painting on photographic base
Gomez, Mar, (10-26-2005)

Paintings Conservation Catalog
Wardius, Janine, (02-19-2005)

Paintings conservator sought
Francisco, Ricky, (05-28-2005)

Palestinian cultural property
Maniscalco, Fabio, (02-19-2005)

Paper strengthening
Formby, Cyril, (02-24-2005)

Jaworek, Wolfgang, (03-13-2005)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (06-06-2005)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (09-01-2005)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (12-12-2005)

Henry, Walter, (12-18-2004)

Paraloid B-72
Kissel, Eleonore, (11-16-2005)
Hurt, Perry, (11-21-2005)
Koob, Stephen, (11-23-2005)
Smith, Gregory D., (12-01-2005)
Alten, Helen, (11-30-2005)
Koob, Stephen, (11-23-2005)

Geraty, Peter, (02-07-2005)
Roundhill, Linda S., (02-12-2005)

Ph.D. Program in Preservation Studies
Reedy, Chandra, (08-10-2005)

Photocatalytic oxidation
Cato, Paisley, (09-23-2005)

Dotterer, Janet L., (12-17-2004)

Photographic Materials Conservation Group (PhMCG)
Moor, Angela H., (07-23-2005)
Moor, Angela H., (09-12-2005)

Photographic filters for sale
Hawkes, Richard, (01-06-2005)

Photographic sleeves
Kievit-Mason, Barbara, (06-15-2005)

Photographing black shiny objects
Reventlow, Victor, (06-25-2005)
Cooper, Courtenay, (07-07-2005)
Pellissier, Pierlucio, (07-10-2005)
Kyriazi, Evangelia, (07-18-2005)

Photographs stuck to glass
Harris, Jessica, (01-26-2005)

Pictures of mold on art objects sought
Meier, Christina, (01-13-2005)

Pigeon droppings
Connor, Patrick, (02-15-2005)
Vine, Mark, (02-27-2005)
Connor, Patrick, (04-18-2005)

Pink fingerprints on photographic print
Vitale, Tim, (07-21-2005)
Pollmeier, Klaus, (08-15-2005)
DiPietro, Giovanna, (08-26-2005)
Pigniolo, Loren C., (08-17-2005)

Cangia, Fabiana, (10-05-2005)

Plastic bags
Hawk, Alan J., (10-05-2005)

Plastic boxes for sale
Asai, Kaori, (01-27-2005)

Plastic storage enclosures
Cannon, Alice, (05-26-2005)

Polychromed iron bed
Van Bennekom, Joosje, (12-19-2004)

Polyester canvas
Klaas, Tom, (03-13-2005)

Polyurethane foam
Jaeschke, Helena, (09-26-2005)

Polyurethane wood sealants
Chin, Zee-Young, (02-26-2005)

Portable fire extinguishers
Brown, Liz, (11-15-2005)

Portfolio display at Winterthur
Kiefer, Kathleen, (10-05-2005)

Position at Amann Conservation Associates
Amann, Sandra, (08-01-2005)

Position at Amann Conservation Associates--addendum
Amann, Sandra, (08-16-2005)

Position at American Museum of Natural History
Kronthal, Lisa, (07-19-2005)
Levinson, Judith, (10-24-2005)

Position at Amigos
Elder, Rebecca, (01-24-2005)
Elder, Rebecca, (02-27-2005)
Elder, Rebecca, (02-27-2005)
Elder, Rebecca, (05-31-2005)
Elder, Rebecca, (05-31-2005)

Position at Amon Carter Museum
Penichon, Sylvie, (05-28-2005)

Position at Arch Con Labs Ltd.
Devine, Erica, (03-14-2005)

Position at Archives of Ontario
McPhee, Wendy, (07-15-2005)

Position at Arizona State Museum
Moreno, Teresa, (05-05-2005)

Position at Art Institute of Chicago
Casadio, Francesca, (01-06-2005)
Hall, Barbara, (08-03-2005)

Position at Artlab Australia
Brown, Heather, (06-24-2005)
Brown, Heather, (09-02-2005)
Brown, Heather, (10-26-2005)
Brown, Heather, (11-12-2005)

Position at Binghamton
Eden, Barbara B., (06-22-2005)

Position at Bristol Museum, Galleries and Archives Service
Hinchcliffe, Frances, (02-16-2005)

Position at Bristol Museums and Art Gallery
Hinchcliffe, Frances, (12-08-2005)

Position at British Library
Mohamed, Mehboob, (07-07-2005)
Atkinson, Catherine, (08-31-2005)
Mohamed, Mehboob, (09-06-2005)

Position at British Museum
Obertelli, Sophie, (02-17-2005)
Burillo, Richard, (06-29-2005)
Burillo, Richard, (10-31-2005)

Position at British Postal Museum and Archive
Hulse, Allan, (08-24-2005)

Position at Buffalo State College
Hamm, James, (08-04-2005)

Position at CCAHA
Bruno, Chris, (05-10-2005)

Position at Camberwell
Velios, Athanasios, (07-20-2005)

Position at Cambridge
Clarke, Mark, (11-24-2005)

Position at Canterbury Cathedral
Seliger, Leonie, (12-01-2005)

Position at Carnegie Mellon
Lawrence, Amy, (05-09-2005)

Position at Carnegie Museum of Art
Atencio, Aleen, (12-08-2005)

Position at Chicago Conservation Center
Jones, Megan Ann, (02-16-2005)
Jones, Megan Ann, (08-11-2005)
Jones, Megan Ann, (09-20-2005)

Position at Chicago Historical Society
Linn, Debbie, (01-04-2005)
Linn, Debbie, (01-18-2005)
Linn, Debbie, (03-03-2005)

Position at Cincinnati Art Museum
Hart, Jennifer, (11-07-2005)

Position at City of Calgary
McMann, Joanna, (10-17-2005)

Position at Cliveden Conservation Workshop Limited
Hale, Tony, (12-17-2004)

Position at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Blanchfield, David, (10-17-2005)

Position at Columbia
Marshall, Sonya, (01-11-2005)
Gertz, Janet, (09-02-2005)
Gertz, Janet, (09-02-2005)
Gertz, Janet, (09-02-2005)

Position at Corporation of London
Fisher, Seren, (05-26-2005)

Position at Detroit Institute of Arts Fellowship at Detroit Institute of Arts
Heller, Barbara, (08-12-2005)

Position at Doncaster Museum
Dalton, Carolyn, (01-19-2005)

Position at Dorset Archives Service
Donovan, Elizabeth, (09-30-2005)
Donovan, Elizabeth, (10-31-2005)

Position at Duke University
Atkins, Winston, (02-07-2005)

Position at Dunedin Public Libraries
Morris, Raewyn, (03-08-2005)

Position at Durham University
Branigan, Liz, (07-13-2005)
Branigan, Liz, (09-13-2005)
Branigan, Liz, (12-06-2005)

Position at Durham University--addendum
Branigan, Liz, (12-12-2005)

Position at English Heritage
Thickett, David, (01-27-2005)
Rumsey, Tony, (11-04-2005)

Position at English Heritage--addendum
Rumsey, Tony, (11-14-2005)

Position at Etherington Conservation Services
Lee, Michael, (05-04-2005)
Lee, Michael, (06-08-2005)
Lee, Michael, (08-23-2005)
Lee, Michael, (10-10-2005)

Position at Field Museum
Norton, Ruth, (05-20-2005)
Norton, Ruth, (06-23-2005)

Position at Fine Art Conservation Group
Im, Helen, (02-25-2005)

Position at Fine Arts Conservancy
Jr., Gordon A. Lewis, (03-29-2005)
Jr., Gordon A. Lewis, (05-26-2005)
Lewis, Gordon, (12-07-2005)

Position at Fitzwilliam Museum
Withycombe, Celia, (01-12-2005)

Position at Getty Conservation Institute
Gergen, Melena, (01-13-2005)

Position at Glasgow Museums
Maule, Lorraine, (01-10-2005)

Position at Guggenheim Museum
Parrott, Jacqueline, (11-09-2005)

Position at Guildhall Art Gallery, London
Wade, Nancy, (11-01-2005)

Position at Guildhall Library, London
Powell, Alice, (05-25-2005)

Position at Harvard
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (01-20-2005)
Kennelly, Kathleen, (09-19-2005)
Fay, Richard, (12-13-2005)

Position at Heckman Bindery
Baird, Brian, (06-10-2005)

Position at Herzog August Bibliothek
Corbach, Almuth, (01-11-2005)

Position at Historic Mount Vernon
Perugini, Flavia, (11-28-2005)

Position at Historic New England
Thibodeau, Ryan, (07-19-2005)

Position at Historic Royal Palaces
Hallett, Kathryn, (01-13-2005)
Hallett, Kathryn, (01-13-2005)
Hallett, Kathryn, (06-07-2005)

Position at Horniman Museum
Sainsbury, Eve, (02-08-2005)
Sainsbury, Eve, (02-24-2005)

Position at Illinois State University
Schobernd, Beth, (05-18-2005)

Position at Institute of Conservation
Marshall, Tina, (01-13-2005)
Esdaile, Sally A., (04-11-2005)

Position at Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
Marincola, Michele, (04-21-2005)

Position at Intermuseum Conservation Association
Williamson, Sandra K., (12-20-2004)

Position at International Tennis Hall of Fame
Downey, Laura, (06-23-2005)

Position at Jewish Theological Seminary
Armstrong, Amy, (10-28-2005)

Position at Johns Hopkins
Piekarski, Carolyn, (08-29-2005)
Jordan, Sophia, (11-15-2005)

Position at LACMA
Gilberg, Mark, (09-08-2005)
Gilberg, Mark, (10-31-2005)
Kamau, Zebidah, (11-17-2005)

Position at Library of Congress
Palleiro-Dawe, Jeanette, (05-31-2005)
Beyer, Carrie S., (12-12-2005)

Position at Lincoln Cathedral
Heidscuster, Carol, (10-06-2005)

Position at MIT
Banks, Jennifer S., (09-23-2005)

Position at Manchester Metropolitan University
Jones, Yvonne, (12-06-2005)

Position at Mariners' Museum
Schindelholz, Eric J., (08-02-2005)

Position at Metropolitan Museum of Art
Cintron, Jimmy, (01-19-2005)
Cintron, Jimmy, (03-01-2005)
Cintron, Jimmy, (07-08-2005)
Cintron, Jimmy, (07-13-2005)
Cintron, Jimmy, (10-19-2005)

Position at Michael Heidelberg studio
Heidelberg, Michael, (08-24-2005)
Heidelberg, Michael, (09-16-2005)

Position at Michigan State University
Drewes, Jeanne, (11-09-2005)

Position at Midwest Art Conservation Center (MACC)
Markell, Melinda, (10-05-2005)
Turner, Colin D., (11-17-2005)

Position at Military History Institute
Tarnowski, Amber, (08-29-2005)

Position at Morgan Library
Silverman, Randy, (04-08-2005)

Position at Musees d'art et d'histoire, Geneva
Anheuser, Kilian, (07-20-2005)

Position at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Manick, Annette, (05-10-2005)

Position at Museums of New Mexico
Thompson, Mina, (06-01-2005)

Position at NARA
Lee-bechtold, Susan, (01-24-2005)
O'Neill, Marta G., (01-27-2005)
Hamburg, Doris, (05-23-2005)
Puglia, Steven, (10-03-2005)
O'Neill, Marta G., (11-25-2005)
Puglia, Steven, (11-28-2005)

Position at NYU
Contakos, Kate E., (09-15-2005)

Position at National Air and Space Museum
McManus, Ed, (08-17-2005)

Position at National Archives of Scotland
Ramsay, Linda, (06-09-2005)

Position at National Archives, Ireland
Reid, Zoe, (03-30-2005)
Reid, Zoe, (04-08-2005)

Position at National Archives, Kew
Pamment, Loretta, (02-16-2005)

Position at National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh
Gollan, Graeme, (01-26-2005)

Position at National Gallery of Art
Skalka, Michael, (07-14-2005)

Position at National Gallery of Australia
Tworek-Matuszkiewicz, Beata, (08-02-2005)

Position at National Gallery of Canada
Lefebvre-Rahim, Josee, (10-24-2005)

Position at National Gallery of Ireland
Von Monschaw, Ele, (07-04-2005)

Position at National Gallery of Victoria
Begg, Jan, (04-20-2005)

Position at National Gallery, London
Higgitt, Catherine, (09-15-2005)

Position at National Library of Medicine
Dugan, Mary Kate, (05-23-2005)

Position at National Library of New Zealand
Najar, Pamela, (05-31-2005)
Najar, Pamela, (10-20-2005)

Position at National Library of Scotland
Jackson, Rab, (02-22-2005)

Position at National Maritime Museum
Hughes, Penny, (04-20-2005)

Position at National Museum of Fine Arts, Sweden
Wretstrand, Karin, (12-13-2005)

Position at National Museum of Ireland
Miles, Roisin, (06-16-2005)

Position at National Museum of Wales
Renault, Sue, (11-22-2005)

Position at National Museums of Scotland
Telford, Helene, (03-21-2005)
Telford, Helene, (04-29-2005)
Telford, Helene, (10-21-2005)

Position at National Trust for Scotland
Griffin, Isobel, (01-18-2005)
Griffin, Isobel, (02-25-2005)

Position at Nebraska State Historical Society
Long, Deb, (05-23-2005)

Position at Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Wien, Gail Halverson, (04-01-2005)

Position at New York Botanical Garden
Marder, Olga, (07-14-2005)

Position at New York Public Library
Frangakis, Evelyn, (02-25-2005)
Smith, Shelly, (11-07-2005)
Smith, Shelley M., (12-06-2005)

Position at Northwestern University
Grant, Tyra, (05-24-2005)
Conn, Donia, (09-27-2005)

Position at Notre Dame
Dube, Liz, (04-13-2005)

Position at Nottinghamshire Archives
Weber, Jerry, (09-01-2005)
Weber, Jerry, (11-06-2005)

Position at Oriental Institute Museum--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (04-05-2005)

Position at Poggio Civitate
Pancaldo, Susanna, (05-04-2005)

Position at Princeton
Milevski, Robert J., (06-06-2005)
Milevski, Robert J., (10-28-2005)

Position at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Farley, Jonathan, (05-09-2005)

Position at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew--addendum
Farley, Jonathan, (06-01-2005)

Position at Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
Gregory, Neil, (11-17-2005)
Gregory, Neil, (12-08-2005)

Position at Royal Institution of Great Britain
Paul, Katharine St, (08-31-2005)

Position at Royal Ontario Museum
Wowk, Keenan, (02-16-2005)

Position at Royal Saskatchewan Museum
Bryant, Harold, (10-17-2005)

Position at Royal Saskatchewan Museum--addendum
Bryant, Harold, (10-24-2005)

Position at SOLINET
Riley, Alicia, (06-08-2005)

Position at Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
Winner, Calvin, (11-14-2005)

Position at Saint Louis Art Museum
Perkins, Zoe A., (04-26-2005)
Perkins, Zoe A., (08-18-2005)

Position at San Francisco Public Library
Nyhan, Cathy, (03-10-2005)

Position at Science Museum, London
Hazel, Newey, (01-24-2005)

Position at Science Museum, South Kensington
Derek, Brain, (10-18-2005)

Position at Shepherds Bookbinders
Wray, Dan, (05-17-2005)
Wray, Dan, (06-02-2005)
Wray, Dan, (06-23-2005)
Wray, Dan, (06-23-2005)
Wray, Dan, (07-04-2005)

Position at Simon Gillespie Studio
Gillespie, Simon, (03-31-2005)

Position at Sorlandet Art Museum
Jessen, Randi, (08-30-2005)

Position at St Paul's Cathedral
Atkinson, Catherine, (01-31-2005)

Position at Studio for Conservation and Restoration Singapore
Feldman, Bob, (01-30-2005)

Position at Tate
Anderson, Anna, (06-30-2005)

Position at UC Berkeley
Boal, Gillian, (05-24-2005)
Boal, Gillian, (08-23-2005)

Position at UC Riverside
Davis, Sheryl, (08-11-2005)

Position at US Army Heritage and Education Center
Tarnowski, Amber, (12-06-2005)

Position at UT Austin
Cleere, Chris, (10-18-2005)

Position at University College London
Berry, Janet, (03-01-2005)

Position at University at Buffalo
Morse, Karen Walton, (01-05-2005)

Position at University of Chicago
Byrne, Sherry, (06-22-2005)

Position at University of Delaware
Behrens, Susan, (11-07-2005)

Position at University of Dundee
Sterlini, Philippa, (12-09-2005)
Sterlini, Philippa, (12-12-2005)

Position at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Teper, Thomas H., (06-13-2005)

Position at University of Kansas
Baker, Whitney S, (04-04-2005)

Position at University of Maryland
Carignan, Yvonne, (09-21-2005)

Position at Victoria and Albert Museum
Price, Shakira, (11-07-2005)

Position at Walters Art Museum
Quandt, Abigail, (08-12-2005)

Position at Wellesley
Smith, Steve D., (12-01-2005)

Position at West Lake Conservators Ltd.
Blakney, Susan S., (11-02-2005)

Position at Western Archeological and Conservation Center
Voeks, Gretchen, (02-07-2005)

Position at Wisconsin Veterans Museum
Andres, Angela, (04-20-2005)
Andres, Angela, (07-08-2005)

Position at Yale
Pilette, Roberta, (05-13-2005)
Fairbanks-Harris, Theresa, (05-19-2005)
Fairbanks-Harris, Theresa, (06-03-2005)

Position at the Frick Collection
Winfield, Dana, (01-28-2005)

Position at the National Archives
Pamment, Loretta, (06-02-2005)
Pamment, Loretta, (11-25-2005)

Position at the National Trust
Staniforth, Sarah, (01-26-2005)
Lithgow, Katy, (06-15-2005)
Craig, Philippa, (06-20-2005)
MacCarthy, Catherine, (07-07-2005)

Position at the National Trust--addendum
Craig, Philippa, (06-20-2005)

Position at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Natural History Museum
Book, Victoria, (11-18-2005)

Position in Albania
Papadopoulos, John, (02-24-2005)

Positions at AOC Archaeology Group--addendum
Stoddart, Lynda, (10-24-2005)

Positions at Andrea Pitsch Conservation
Pitsch, Andrea, (03-18-2005)
Pitsch, Andrea, (07-06-2005)
Pitsch, Andrea, (08-18-2005)

Positions at Archives of Ontario
Foucault, Lisa, (10-05-2005)
Foucault, Lisa, (10-05-2005)

Positions at Art Gallery of Ontario
Phillips, Sherry, (01-27-2005)
Underell-Mason, Lorraine, (02-08-2005)

Positions at Art Restorations International
Chapman, Becky, (08-18-2005)

Positions at British Library
Mohamed, Mehboob, (06-24-2005)
Mohamed, Mehboob, (07-01-2005)
Greenhalgh, Alistair, (08-31-2005)

Positions at Chicago Conservation Center
Jones, Megan Ann, (10-06-2005)

Positions at Conservation Solutions, Inc.
Gerstad, Robin, (10-28-2005)

Positions at Edinburgh University
Honeybone, Ruth, (04-19-2005)

Positions at Etherington Conservation Services
Lee, Michael, (09-12-2005)

Positions at Exeter City Museum
Bishop, Alison Hopper, (08-26-2005)

Positions at Getty Conservation Institute
Gergen, Melena, (10-05-2005)

Positions at HABS/HAER/HALS
Arzola, Robert, (01-14-2005)

Positions at Historic Royal Palaces
Hallett, Kathryn, (09-29-2005)

Positions at International Fine Art Conservation Studios Ltd
Pelter, Richard, (11-24-2005)

Positions at Jewish Theological Seminary
Armstrong, Amy, (01-19-2005)

Positions at Malta Centre for Restoration
Caruana, Martina, (03-10-2005)

Positions at Manchester City Art Galleries
Wallace, Amanda, (09-02-2005)

Positions at Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory
Wellman, Howard B., (08-25-2005)

Positions at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Hatchfield, Pamela, (05-25-2005)

Positions at NIKU
Winness, Merete, (05-05-2005)

Positions at National Museum of American History
Thomassen-Krauss, Suzanne, (04-08-2005)

Positions at National Museums Liverpool
Gillies, Claire, (09-12-2005)

Positions at National Museums of Scotland
Telford, Helene, (01-13-2005)
Telford, Helene, (08-29-2005)

Positions at National Museums of Scotland--addendum
Telford, Helene, (09-29-2005)

Positions at National Museums of Scotland--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (01-24-2005)

Positions at New York Public Library
Smith, Shelly, (10-21-2005)

Positions at Oxford
Woods, Chris, (11-18-2005)

Positions at Pennsylvania Heritage Society
Ries, Linda, (10-26-2005)

Positions at Royal Albert Memorial Museum
Jaeschke, Helena, (09-21-2005)

Positions at Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
Bailey, Rebecca, (01-12-2005)

Positions at SOLINET
Mason, Tina, (11-04-2005)

Positions at Syracuse University
Verheyen, Peter, (10-05-2005)

Positions at UMCA
Markell, Melinda, (05-18-2005)

Positions at Yale
Pilette, Roberta, (02-25-2005)

Positions at Yale--addendum
Pilette, Roberta, (02-25-2005)

Positions at the National Trust
Lithgow, Katy, (08-15-2005)

Potato starch
Zucker, Joyce, (07-29-2005)

Schafer, Mary, (05-17-2005)

Preprints of conference on fur
Brunn, Margot, (12-07-2005)

Presentation on accreditation
Bradshaw, Susan, (03-29-2005)

Presentation on microclimates
Shiner, Jerry, (06-17-2005)

Presentation on on health and safety
Wolton, Joanna, (07-21-2005)

Preservation Administration Discussion Group (PADG)
Hedberg, Jane, (05-19-2005)
Hedberg, Jane, (12-15-2005)

Preservation Instruction, Education and Outreach Discussion Group
Rawnsley, Jill, (01-04-2005)

Preservation Issues in Small to Mid-Sized Libraries Discussion Group
Croft, Jeanann, (12-20-2004)
Croft, Jeanann, (06-10-2005)

Preservation and Conservation Interest Group
Sagraves, Barbara, (08-26-2005)

Preservation education directory
Brown, Karen, (02-11-2005)

Preservation needs assessment consultant
Lilley, Barbara, (08-22-2005)

Preservation of modern materials
Tengner, Christina H., (02-22-2005)

Pressure washer
Tarnowski, Amber, (07-07-2005)

Princeton Preservation Group
Saretzky, Gary, (02-10-2005)

Proceedings of IADA symposium
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (06-23-2005)

Proceedings of symposium on curatorial issues
Alix, Jean, (04-13-2005)

Program on film preservation
Croft, Jeanann, (05-17-2005)

Proposal for book on ethics
Richmond, Alison, (02-25-2005)

Protecting paintings
Summers, Barbara, (10-06-2005)
Gialdi, Ercole, (10-07-2005)

Public outreach
Cavanaugh, Jan, (06-09-2005)

Publication on Japanese pigments
Jett, Paul, (07-12-2005)

Publication on conservation of cyanotypes
Nishimura, Douglas W., (01-26-2005)

Publication on cooperative conservation
Caldararo, Niccolo, (01-22-2005)

Publication on disaster planning
Wellheiser, Johanna, (03-07-2005)

Publication on environmental monitoring
Zinn, Edward, (12-06-2005)

Publication on funding for disaster planning and response
Rogers, Mary, (10-19-2005)

Publication on funding for disaster planning and response--corrigendum
Rogers, Mary, (10-21-2005)

Publication on metadata in digital preservation
Frangakis, Evelyn, (03-14-2005)

Publication on mounting and housing works of art on paper
Black, James, (05-26-2005)

Publication on photograph coatings
Bernier, Brenda, (04-13-2005)

Publication on photographic conservation
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (02-06-2005)

Publication on stability of optical discs
Kemp, Jonathan, (12-17-2004)

Publication on theory of restoration
Buzzanca, Giancarlo, (06-01-2005)

Publication on water-damaged photographic prints
Nishimura, Douglas W., (01-07-2005)

Publication sought
Simsek, Gulsu, (02-16-2005)
Pourchot, Eric, (05-24-2005)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (08-27-2005)

Publications available
Appelbaum, Barbara, (07-22-2005)

Publications available--addendum
Appelbaum, Barbara, (08-11-2005)

Publications on library and archives preservation
English, Catherine, (06-08-2005)

Publications on powder coatings
Beckley, Brent, (03-29-2005)

Publications sought
Phenix, Alan, (12-17-2004)

Questionnaire on archaeological conservation
Peachey, Claire, (10-04-2005)

Questionnaire on audiovisual collections
De Lusenet, Yola, (06-15-2005)

Questionnaire on backing and glazing
Bugeja, David Frank, (03-02-2005)

Questionnaire on filling materials
Fuster-Lopez, Laura, (07-15-2005)

RBMS Curators and Conservators Discussion Group
Teper, Jennifer Hain, (06-15-2005)

RFP: Book cleaning
Pilette, Roberta, (07-21-2005)

RFP: Museum mounts
Stumpff, Marie, (02-25-2005)

RLG DigiNews
Dale, Robin L., (12-14-2004)
West, Linda, (06-20-2005)
Dale, Robin, (08-16-2005)
Dale, Robin L., (10-18-2005)

Raking light
Bark, Jed, (07-23-2005)

Rare Book School
School, Rare Book, (02-02-2005)
Belanger, Terry, (10-25-2005)

Recorded lectures on heritage conservation
Thomas, Paul, (10-18-2005)

Bjordell, Ewa, (02-01-2005)
Montalto, Nicola Attard, (02-12-2005)
Brandon, Jon, (02-11-2005)
Lapointe, Anne, (02-22-2005)

Removing bat urine stains from painted wood
O'Connell, Eimear, (01-24-2005)
Curteis, Tobit, (01-26-2005)

Removing cellulose acetate butyrate from paper
Siroky, Miroslav, (10-02-2005)

Removing chewing gum from carpets
Perugini, Flavia, (01-13-2005)
Clydesdale, Amanda, (01-24-2005)
Von Lerber, Karin, (01-27-2005)
Wallert, Arie, (01-28-2005)
Hood, Peter Maitland, (01-25-2005)
Miller, Eric, (01-26-2005)
Hodgetts, Ben, (01-27-2005)
Halsberghe, Lieve, (01-31-2005)
Cohen, Benjamin, (01-31-2005)

Removing felt-tip pen ink from wood
Sertic, Lisa, (05-18-2005)
Vine, Mark, (06-02-2005)

Removing fixative from parchment
Cohen, Benjamin, (05-22-2005)

Removing graffiti from bronze
Gray, Donovan Michael, (11-04-2005)
Roth, Vanessa, (11-11-2005)
Storch, Paul, (11-11-2005)
Vine, Mark, (11-30-2005)

Removing ink from bone
Karsten, Irene F., (06-03-2005)
Moore, Simon, (06-08-2005)
Guerra, Edgardo Pinto, (06-24-2005)
Jaeschke, Helena, (07-08-2005)

Removing mack tack
McMann, Joanna, (08-01-2005)

Removing polyacrylate from paper
Siroky, Miroslav, (10-02-2005)

Removing stain from tracing cloth
Sgaravato, Elisa, (03-08-2005)

Removing stains from textiles
Appelbaum, Barbara, (09-12-2005)

Renaissance Metal De-Corroder
Fullick, Diane, (08-17-2005)

Repairing birdskin splits
Sharma, Nalini, (06-17-2005)
Moore, Simon, (06-24-2005)

Repairing hot table
Scarpini, Maria, (12-31-2004)

Repairing wax
White, Susan, (12-03-2005)
Marsh, Terry, (12-09-2005)

Report on conservation in the East Midlands, UK
Weber, Jerry, (09-01-2005)

Buzzanca, Giancarlo, (03-09-2005)

Reverse painting on glass
Langus, Irma, (11-11-2005)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (12-04-2005)

Rhinoceros skin
Langeveld, Michiel, (03-07-2005)

Rhoplex N-580
Lebwohl, Murray, (12-20-2004)
Burke, John, (01-05-2005)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (01-05-2005)
Dwan, Antoinette, (01-11-2005)
Streeton, Noelle, (01-23-2005)

Roommate wanted for AIC
Maguylo, Christina, (04-06-2005)

Royal Microscopical Society (RMS) meeting
Oxenbury, Clare, (09-20-2005)

Rubber doll
Vine, Mark, (07-01-2005)

Rubber object
O'Dell, Shannon, (05-17-2005)

Rundbrief Fotografie
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (06-23-2005)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (10-04-2005)

Kwartek, Steve, (10-05-2005)

Tumosa, Charles, (08-15-2005)
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (08-18-2005)

SERCA Annual Meeting
Squires, James, (02-02-2005)

SOLINET workshops
Riley, Alicia, (08-03-2005)

SPNHC Annual Meeting
Collins, Chris, (04-04-2005)
Pinzl, Ann, (04-08-2005)

Sample grinder/polisher sought
Krotzer, Dorothy, (12-17-2004)

Scholarship for fine metalwork conservation
Kellagher, Kathryn, (05-05-2005)

Scientific Research in the Field of Asian Art
McCarthy, Blythe, (06-17-2005)

Scoullar, Natalie, (05-24-2005)

Scroll mounting
Moller, Kathryn, (05-26-2005)

Sealants for stained and leaded glass
Makau, Ariana, (05-21-2005)

Secco ceiling painting
Poticar-Dalisay, June, (08-24-2005)

Seminar on conservation of outdoor bronze sculpture
Scott, John, (02-28-2005)

Seminar on conservation of transparent paper
Homburger, Hildegard, (05-12-2005)

Seminar on environment
Tate, Jim, (06-06-2005)

Seminar on historic interiors
Hallett, Kathryn, (02-08-2005)

Seminar on history of papermaking
Green, Simon Barcham, (02-17-2005)

Seminar on history of papermaking--corrigendum
Green, Simon Barcham, (02-19-2005)

Seminar on parchment
Poulsen, Dorte Vestergaard, (03-11-2005)

Seminar on pest management
Akerlund, Monika, (07-01-2005)

Seminar on photographic preservation
Nishimura, Douglas W., (04-04-2005)
Griva, Dessy, (04-19-2005)
Xarrie, Mireia, (05-17-2005)

Seminar on photographic preservation--corrigendum
Griva, Dessy, (05-03-2005)
Griva, Dessy, (05-03-2005)

Sharing conservation publications
Appelbaum, Barbara, (09-19-2005)

Short courses on photography and materials testing
McCandlish, Debbie, (05-18-2005)

Silica gel and lithium chloride
Dredge, Paula, (02-14-2005)
Lau, Deborah, (03-02-2005)

Quye, Anita, (02-22-2005)
Jaeschke, Helena, (03-07-2005)

Silk pole screen
Slade, Helen, (04-19-2005)

Silver Plater
Rogers, Dominique, (10-29-2005)
White, Rachel, (11-05-2005)
Roundhill, Linda S., (11-13-2005)

Smith, Sandra, (02-23-2005)
Ballard, Mary, (03-03-2005)
Jaeschke, Helena, (03-07-2005)
Hodgetts, Ben, (03-15-2005)
White, Rachel, (03-18-2005)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (04-04-2005)

Site for course sought
Silverman, Randy, (06-16-2005)

Stockmeyer, Anne, (05-10-2005)
Warren, Sue, (05-24-2005)

Smoke and soot
Reichert, Andrea, (04-09-2005)
Primanis, Olivia, (04-15-2005)

Smoke damage
Prins, Steven, (04-13-2005)

Soap boxes
Stires, Julie, (03-29-2005)
Baija, Hubert, (04-11-2005)

Softening painting layers
Runeberg, Ulrik, (05-12-2005)
Roth-Wells, Nina, (05-21-2005)
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (06-04-2005)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (06-28-2005)

Solvent gels
Gall-Ortlik, Agnes, (05-27-2005)
Phenix, Alan, (06-05-2005)

Phillips, Deborah, (07-15-2005)
Miller, Eric, (07-18-2005)
Vine, Mark, (07-22-2005)
Marsh, Terry, (08-06-2005)
Schwoll, Sonja, (10-16-2005)

Soot on stainless steel
Shepherd, Anna, (05-23-2005)

Sound recordings
Pratt, Carol, (06-24-2005)

Source for blotters sought
Derow, Jonathan Paul, (08-08-2005)

Source for fabric sought
Warren, Sue, (02-22-2005)
Hay, James, (03-03-2005)
Out, Hans, (03-14-2005)
Hodgetts, Ben, (03-15-2005)
Trupin, Deborah Lee, (03-21-2005)

Source for paper sought
Gehnrich, Babette, (12-23-2004)
Devine, Erica, (05-11-2005)

Source for photographic retouching paints sought
Sanders, Douglas, (04-19-2005)

Source for polyfilla sought
Studebaker, Anna, (09-13-2005)
Stewart, Rod, (09-16-2005)
Bigelow, Sue, (09-26-2005)

Source for porphyry sought
Simeoni, Vanessa, (05-03-2005)
Pung, Olaf, (05-17-2005)

Source for rolled cotton sought
Levenson, Rustin, (04-02-2005)
Betts, Pamela, (04-19-2005)
Koob, Stephen, (04-21-2005)
Squires, James, (04-15-2005)
Phenix, Alan, (04-27-2005)
Prins, Steven, (04-27-2005)

Source of MS2A resin sought
Routledge, Vince, (10-30-2005)

Spot testing
Abelskamp, Karin, (10-21-2005)
Langeveld, Michiel, (10-23-2005)
Lavoie, Myriam, (10-21-2005)
Hendrix, Elizabeth, (10-24-2005)
Wellman, Howard B., (10-24-2005)

Wichelmann, Heike, (01-13-2005)
Karsten, Irene F., (01-25-2005)
Von Lerber, Karin, (01-27-2005)

Standing press for sale
De Veer, Marysa, (11-11-2005)

Starch paste on historic embroidery
Douglas, Kate, (11-23-2005)

Sticky traps
Bogus, Ian, (02-01-2005)
Stanley, Bethan, (02-11-2005)
Vine, Mark, (02-27-2005)

Stipends for Latin American conservators to attend NATCC meeting
Iannuccilli, Claudia, (08-03-2005)

Stoddard solvent
Phenix, Alan, (11-01-2005)
Phenix, Alan, (11-04-2005)

Storing LightCheck cumulative exposure indicators
Shiner, Jerry, (05-10-2005)

Storing Roman fresco fragments
Miller, Eric, (09-28-2005)

Storing adhesive labels
Kidd, Kathryn, (06-17-2005)

Storing archival materials
Kapoor, Priya, (10-17-2005)

Storing coins
Loizidou, Eleni, (07-01-2005)

Storing corroded iron
Waller, Christoph, (04-04-2005)

Storing deteriorating acetate sheet film
Jackson, Cheryl, (06-15-2005)

Storing digital images
Finn, Clare, (11-24-2005)
Esdaile, Sally A., (12-01-2005)

Storing filmstrips
Altman, Burt, (01-29-2005)

Storing framed paintings
Stires, Julie, (03-29-2005)

Storing medicinals
O'Dell, Shannon, (11-28-2005)

Storing phonograph discs
Connell, Sharon, (05-09-2005)

Storing photographs
Green, Simon Barcham, (11-18-2005)
Castronovo, John, (11-19-2005)

Storing silk in buffered boxes
Karsten, Irene F., (11-25-2005)

Studentship at RCA/V&A
Baden, Joanna, (12-21-2004)

Studentship at University of Southampton and Victoria and Albert Museum
Keneghan, Brenda, (04-20-2005)

Studentship at Victoria and Albert Museum
Rivers, Shayne, (04-20-2005)

Studentships at RCA/V&A
Baden, Joanna, (11-14-2005)

Subsidized preservation surveys
Bruno, Chris, (02-01-2005)
Hortz, Laura, (10-05-2005)

Suction tables
Ramsay, Linda, (03-07-2005)

Summer work project at Shelburne Museum
Kerschner, Rick, (01-31-2005)
Ravenel, Nancie, (12-13-2005)

Support for large ceramic
Fukumaru, Naoko, (03-24-2005)
Roundhill, Linda S., (04-11-2005)
Svoboda, Marie, (05-19-2005)

Survey on attitudes and policies
Pavelka, Karen L., (10-03-2005)

Survey on backing, glazing and enclosures for paintings
Bugeja, David Frank, (01-06-2005)

Survey on biocides for stone
Scheerer, Stefanie, (11-11-2005)

Survey on conservation of contemporary artists' books
Kocsis, Marika, (10-18-2005)

Survey on cultural heritage management
Hutchings, Jeremy Donald, (10-05-2005)

Survey on digital collections
O'Brien, Shannon, (04-22-2005)

Survey on iron gall ink
Havermans, John, (11-22-2005)

Survey on moldy materials
Primanis, Olivia, (07-12-2005)

Survey on packaging for loans
Furuhata, Soko, (09-30-2005)

Suspended floors
Simeoni, Vanessa, (02-24-2005)

Suzan Etkin
Utter, Jodie Lee, (05-06-2005)

Syllabus web site
Lowengard, Sarah, (09-10-2005)

Symposium on Florence flood
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (11-18-2005)

Symposium on adhesives
Buelow, Anna, (02-09-2005)

Symposium on baryta layer research
Messier, Paul A., (11-03-2005)

Symposium on conservation of contemporary paintings
Young, Christina, (05-13-2005)

Symposium on conservation of synthetic materials
Kessler, Kathrin, (08-09-2005)

Symposium on mural paintings
Murray, Margo, (09-13-2005)

Symposium on paper, books, and photographic materials
Heikell, Vicki- Anne, (12-02-2005)

Symposium on plastic conservation
Kessler, Kathrin, (05-23-2005)

Symposium on the preservation of religious textiles--addendum
Boersma, Foekje, (12-18-2004)

Symposium on video art
Falcao, Patricia Marinho, (05-24-2005)

Synthetic stone
Kelly, John, (08-13-2005)

Roundhill, Linda S., (09-26-2005)

Kutzke, Hartmut, (01-31-2005)
Miller, Michael, (02-11-2005)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (02-12-2005)
Fukumaru, Naoko, (02-13-2005)
Stone, Douglas, (02-19-2005)
Severson, Kent, (02-19-2005)
Gresson, Julia, (03-04-2005)
Bishop, Mitchell, (03-09-2005)

Tar barrel
Ehanti, Eero, (06-14-2005)

Temperature control
Huber, Joachim, (12-05-2005)
McHugh, Michael, (12-07-2005)

Stewart, Rod, (06-21-2005)

Terry Belanger awarded MacArthur Fellowship
Henry, Walter, (09-22-2005)

Ellis, Shirley, (03-15-2005)

Textile Conservation Center (TCC)
Tinkham, Rebecca, (06-03-2005)

Thangka conservators sought
Shaftel, Ann, (04-05-2005)

The Paper Conservator
Eagan, Jane, (07-14-2005)

Topics for imaging tutorial
Nishimura, Douglas W., (08-19-2005)

Tour of Russian libraries, museums and archives
Steadley, Marianne, (02-08-2005)

Trade Specific Denatured Alcohol (TSDA) regulations
Weeks, Christopher, (03-11-2005)
Hingley, Mark, (03-15-2005)

Training for Audiovisual Preservation in Europe (TAPE)
De Lusenet, Yola, (12-21-2004)

Translation service
Barnett, Jennifer, (03-01-2005)

Transporting and storing anthropological materials
Marakis, Yiorgos, (01-11-2005)

Transporting art
Jain, Sandhya, (08-28-2005)

Transporting materials
Boal, Gillian, (06-13-2005)

Salik, Aaron, (08-08-2005)
Smith, Gregory D., (08-17-2005)
Stavroudis, Chris, (10-16-2005)

Menegazzi, Cristina, (01-20-2005)

Twisted paper support
West, Jean M., (05-26-2005)

UMCA Preservation Assistance Programs
Markell, Melinda, (01-14-2005)

UV filtering materials
Huber, Joachim, (06-27-2005)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-16-2005)
Knight, Barry, (07-18-2005)
Trupin, Deborah Lee, (07-25-2005)
Jeffers, Will, (07-25-2005)
Ryan, Victoria Montana, (08-31-2005)
Rothman, Victor, (09-03-2005)

UV lamp
Ribbe, Julia, (06-28-2005)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (07-09-2005)

UV protection for art installation
Gallagher, Michelle, (03-07-2005)

Ultrasonic humidifiers
Lunas, Susan, (09-22-2005)
Shiner, Jerry, (10-03-2005)

Unfired decoration on Campanian ceramic
Fukumaru, Naoko, (02-13-2005)
Koob, Stephen, (03-12-2005)

United States work visas for conservators
Bansaghi, Miklos, (01-09-2005)

Users' Group for Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography (MaSC)
Higgitt, Catherine, (06-13-2005)

V&A Conservation Journal online
Campbell, Fiona, (09-21-2005)

Vacuum packing system for drying wet materials
Bolourchi, Hassan, (09-16-2005)

Marpa, Maria Fe Z., (06-17-2005)

Victorian dolls
Nason, Gill, (10-11-2005)

Video spectral comparator
Clarke, Mark, (06-05-2005)
Ramsay, Linda, (06-09-2005)

Miller, Michael, (10-19-2005)

Visiting conservation facilities in Florence
Greenwood, John, (11-04-2005)

Visiting in Japan
Kemp, Jonathan, (03-16-2005)

Volunteers sought for building conservation
Donahoe, Jamie, (11-30-2005)

WAAC Annual Meeting
Perkins, Beverly, (08-09-2005)

Washington Conservation Guild
Jacobson, Emily, (12-20-2004)
Jacobson, Emily, (01-18-2005)
Jacobson, Emily, (02-10-2005)
Jacobson, Emily, (03-16-2005)
Jacobson, Emily, (03-16-2005)
Young, Lisa, (04-14-2005)
Gilligan, Eliza, (08-29-2005)
Kovner, Davida, (09-27-2005)
Brouard, Scott, (11-23-2005)
Young, Lisa, (12-10-2005)

Water damage to unbound journals
Herbert, Teri L., (10-05-2005)

Water purification
Greathead, Alexandra, (12-01-2005)

Water treatment systems for sculptures in fountains
Belknap, Jim, (12-17-2004)
Arnold, Lori, (01-05-2005)
Bolourchi, Hassan, (01-13-2005)

Waterlogged wood
Zissi, Angeliki, (05-17-2005)

Watts Towers
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (03-15-2005)
McHugh, Michael, (03-17-2005)

Wax flower arrangement
Lavoie, Myriam, (05-23-2005)

Wax writing tablets
Baharad, Ruhi, (04-05-2005)

Web site on disaster planning and mitigation
Drewes, Jeanne, (11-09-2005)

Web site on encapsulation
Aurand, Gudrun, (08-16-2005)

Appelbaum, Barbara, (07-06-2005)

Window films
Jaeschke, Helena, (02-28-2005)
Hall, William, (03-03-2005)

Wire stitcher
Kennedy, Tara, (02-03-2005)

Duran, Carrie, (08-12-2005)
Keil, Sebastian, (08-31-2005)
Blundell, J. Bryan, (09-06-2005)

Wood beetles
Arnold, Lori, (08-22-2005)
Parker, Thomas A., (09-01-2005)
Koutsomitopoulou, Vicky, (09-05-2005)
Gialdi, Ercole, (09-03-2005)

Wooden object
Foley, Jane, (03-21-2005)
Roundhill, Linda S., (04-04-2005)

Wool felt
Vine, Mark, (09-29-2005)

Workshop on 18th century negative processes
Kennedy, Nora, (02-01-2005)

Workshop on Digital Preservation Management
Buckley, Ellie, (05-31-2005)

Workshop on Modular Cleaning Program
Williamson, Sandra K., (03-18-2005)

Workshop on audiovisual collections
De Lusenet, Yola, (06-28-2005)
Berenholz, Robin, (09-15-2005)

Workshop on book and paper conservation
Hillam, Anne, (03-10-2005)

Workshop on bookbinding
De Veer, Marysa, (02-08-2005)

Workshop on cemetery preservation
Striegel, Mary, (03-17-2005)

Workshop on classical art
Kirsh, Andrea, (01-27-2005)

Workshop on conservation
Cappitelli, Francesca, (05-12-2005)

Workshop on conservation and building projects
Markell, Melinda, (08-11-2005)

Workshop on conservation framing
Hawkes, Richard, (03-05-2005)

Workshop on digital imaging
Selinger, Patricia P., (04-07-2005)

Workshop on disasters
Riley, Alicia, (06-14-2005)
Riley, Alicia, (06-20-2005)
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (10-27-2005)
Blakney, Susan, (11-03-2005)

Workshop on enzymes
Hawkes, Richard, (03-05-2005)

Workshop on ephemera and oversize materials
Kohut, Lauren, (10-25-2005)

Workshop on exhibition
Bruno, Chris, (02-25-2005)

Workshop on for edge painting
Edgerton, Martha, (01-11-2005)

Workshop on fund raising
Berenholz, Robin, (08-12-2005)

Workshop on grant writing
Markell, Melinda, (01-20-2005)
Silbergleit, Beth, (03-01-2005)

Workshop on human remains
Comerford, Gillian, (10-06-2005)

Workshop on inpainting
Pourchot, Eric, (12-14-2005)

Workshop on iron gall ink
Hillam, Anne, (09-16-2005)

Workshop on microbiology
Weyer, Angela, (02-28-2005)
Weyer, Angela, (08-31-2005)

Workshop on painting conservation
Pourchot, Eric, (12-14-2005)

Workshop on parchment
Carbone, Denise, (04-07-2005)

Workshop on photographic collections
Silbergleit, Beth, (03-01-2005)
Riley, Alicia, (09-30-2005)

Workshop on photographic conservation
Kennedy, Nora, (12-02-2005)

Workshop on porcelain restoration--addendum
Xarrie, Mireia, (02-23-2005)

Workshop on portrait miniatures
Grace, John, (03-23-2005)

Workshop on portrait miniatures--addendum
Grace, John, (04-13-2005)

Workshop on preventive conservation
Taylor, Joel, (10-04-2005)

Workshop on recovery of wet materials
Pourchot, Eric, (03-07-2005)

Workshop on restoration of cloth and leather bindings
Dugan, Denise, (06-28-2005)

Workshop on scanning
Carlson, Julie, (01-05-2005)
Carlson, Julie, (05-04-2005)

Workshop on setting up a conservation practice
Pourchot, Eric, (02-07-2005)

Workshop on tapestries
Hallett, Kathryn, (02-25-2005)

Workshop on varnishes for paintings
Pourchot, Eric, (04-19-2005)

Workshop on writing for conservation publication
Pourchot, Eric, (02-07-2005)
Pourchot, Eric, (07-28-2005)

Workshops on adhesives
Pourchot, Eric, (05-26-2005)

Workshops on collections care
Sites, Melissa, (01-31-2005)

Workshops on collections management
Markell, Melinda, (03-21-2005)

Workshops on conservation
Donahoe, Jamie, (03-01-2005)

Yaqui Pascola masks
McMann, Joanna, (01-18-2005)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (02-12-2005)

conservation of sacred objects
McMann, Joanna, (03-14-2005)

pH meter and electrodes
Withycombe, Celia, (02-02-2005)
Bowerman, Liz, (02-21-2005)

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