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Subject: Stabiltex


From: Irene F. Karsten <ikarsten<-a>
Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2005
Heike Wichelmann <heike.wichelmann [at] gmx__de> writes

>I am looking for mechanical and chemical properties of Stabiltex.
>Does anyone have any information about it or could give me some

The following information on the structure and mechanical properties
of polyester Stabiltex comes from testing of undyed Stabiltex
(Tetex) 4/0 using standard test methods, done as part of my graduate
research on adhesive treatments for textiles.  Mechanical properties
were determined on 25mm wide specimens in a standard textile testing
environment of 20 +/- 2 deg. C and 65 +/- 2% RH and are averages of
7 specimens.

    Weave: plain
    Mass (g/sq.m): 12.3
    Count (yarns/cm): 23 (warp), 23 (weft)
    Linear Density (tex, g/km): 2.6 (warp), 2.7 (weft)
    Yarn Diameter (microns): 56 (warp), 58 (weft)
    Yarn Twist: S (warp, weft)
    Fibres per Yarn: 4
    Fibre Cross-sectional Shape: circular
    Tensile Strength (N): 73.6 +/- 1.5
    Extension at Break (%):19.1 +/- 1.6
    Initial Modulus (N/mm): 8.1 +/- 0.9

Details of the tests used along with comparisons with silk crepeline
and nylon net can be found in:

    I. Karsten. (2003).
    Factors affecting the bond strength of textile
    artifact/adhesive/support fabric laminates.  Unpublished
    doctoral dissertation, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta,
    Canada, Table 2.10

The effects of light exposure on the mechanical properties of
Stabiltex can be found in (note that the specimens tested were only
10mm wide and therefore the values lower than those presented

    Karsten, I., and Kerr, N.  (2002).
    The properties and light stability of silk adhered to sheer silk
    and polyester support fabrics with poly(vinyl acetate) copolymer
    adhesives.  Studies in Conservation, 47 (3), 195-210.

    Karsten, I. F. (1998).
    The light stability of silk adhered to sheer silk and polyester
    backing fabrics with poly(vinyl acetate) copolymer adhesives.
    Unpublished master's thesis, University of Alberta, Edmonton,
    Alberta, Canada.

Chemical properties of Stabiltex can be deduced from those for
polyester fibres.  A summary with references is given in the above
master's thesis, Table 1.  A few possible references are:

    Cook, J. G.  (1984b).
    Handbook of textile fibres II. Man-made fibres (5th ed.).
    Durham, UK: Merrow.

    Hatch, K. L. (1993).
    Textile science. Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN: West Publishing.

Irene Karsten
Departments of Human Ecology / Museums and Collections Services
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB Canada
1-780-492-7678-1-780-492 0776

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