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Subject: Colour Index--addendum

Colour Index--addendum

From: Tom Learner <tom.learner<-a>
Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2005
Further to the recent Colour Index announcement about the
possibility of producing a Heritage Edition on DVD (Conservation
DistList Instance: 18:51 Tuesday, April 26, 2005), here is some
additional information on its contents and pricing. It is very
important that any potential buyers who have not already informed
the Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC) of their interest, do so
quickly and *directly* to the SDC so that the offer price can be
lowered. Full contact details are given below, but their e-mail
address is: colour.index<-a t->sdc< . >org< . >uk

The publishers of the Colour Index are frequently asked for
historical information about colorants and their classification. We
are keenly aware that a great deal of valuable information on dyes
and pigments becomes effectively locked away once new editions of
the Colour Index are published, and that many people in the
coloration industry would find access to such information very
beneficial. This is the reason we are proposing to publish the
Colour Index Heritage Edition, which would bring together on one DVD
all the material published in the Colour Index between 1924 and
1998, prior to the publication of the Fourth Edition Online. The
following publications would be included:

    First Edition
        Main volume (1924)
        Supplement (1928)

    Second Edition
        Volume 1 (1956)
        Volume 2 (1956)
        Volume 3 (1956)
        Volume 4 (1956)
        Supplement (1963)
        Additions and Amendments (where available)

    Third Edition
        Volume 1 (1971)
        Volume 2 (1971)
        Volume 3 (1971)
        Volume 4 (1971)
        Volume 5 (1971)
        Volume 5, 1st Revision (1976)
        Volume 5, 2nd Revision (1982)
        Volume 5, 3rd Revision (1987)
        Volume 6 (1975)
        Volume 7 (1982)
        Volume 8 (1987)
        Volume 9/5 (1992)
        Additions and Amendments 1-116

    Pigments and Solvent Dyes Edition
        Main volume (1997)
        Supplement (1998)

The material would be presented in Portable Document Format (PDF) as
scanned page images, which could be navigated by a series of
hyperlinked 'bookmarks'.

There would be over 16,000 pages of information on the DVD, which we
feel would represent invaluable archive material for any library or
literature collection run by organisations with an interest in

The publishers would publish the Colour Index Heritage Edition on a
subscription basis. We are therefore seeking pre-publication orders,
which we would like to offer to potential subscribers on the
following terms:

    1.  The Colour Index Heritage Edition will go ahead only if we
        can secure sufficient subscribers to make the project

    2.  We have set a maximum subscription guide price of UKP750,
        which will only be invoiced once the decision to go ahead
        has been taken; payment must be made at that time.

    3.  The more subscribers we can identify the cheaper the
        subscription price will be.

    4   Once subscriptions are closed the Colour Index Heritage
        Edition will be supplied to subscribers within 6 months of
        all payments being received.

    5   Once subscriptions are closed the price of the Colour Index
        Heritage Edition will immediately rise by at least 20%,
        although subscribers (and member companies of the Color
        Pigments Manufacturers Association) will be entitled to
        order additional copies at the lower subscription price for
        a further 12 months.

A demo version is available, showing the presentation of the pages
and how they are referenced by bookmarks, via the introductory home
page. The demo version contains 50 pages on the application
properties of pigments and 50 pages on chemical properties of
monoazo colorants, both from the Third Edition. The active bookmarks
in the demo are shown in red. Please contact the Colour Index at
colour.index<-a t->sdc< . >org< . >uk to obtain a copy. If you have already
expressed your interest there is no need to respond to this message.

We hope you will agree that this represents a low-cost way of
capturing for your organisation an immense amount of historically
valuable information that can often have application to the present

    Society of Dyers and Colourists
    PO Box 244, Perkin House
    82 Grattan Road
    Bradford BD1 2JB
    +44 1274 725138
    Fax: +440 1274 392888
    colour.index<-a t->sdc< . >org< . >uk

Tom Learner
Tate Collection UK

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