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A death
Holt, Jayne, (12-29-2000)
Bridgland, Janet, (04-12-2001)
Bridgland, Janet, (04-12-2001)
Storz, Betty, (04-13-2001)
Ballard, Mary W., (05-09-2001)
Brown, William P., (10-22-2001)
Martin, Susan, (11-12-2001)

AATA volumes offered
Alden, Gary, (09-26-2001)

AIA Conservation and Heritage Management Award
Logan, Judith A., (02-05-2001)

ALCTS/PARS Cooperative Preservation Programs Discussion Group
Mason, Tina, (06-12-2001)

ALCTS/PARS Reformatting Discussion Group
Cybulski, Walter, (06-12-2001)

ANSI and ISO update for imaging materials
Nishimura, Doug, (10-18-2001)

ASTM paper aging research program
Arnold, R. Bruce, (11-26-2001)

Prins, Steven, (04-23-2001)

Academic programs at Malta Centre for Restoration
Spiteri, Martin, (08-01-2001)

Academic programs in conservation
Weeks, Christopher, (06-29-2001)

Accreditation clinic
Neville, Elizabeth, (11-03-2001)

Acid hydrolysis of protein
Araya, Carolina, (02-23-2001)

Acquisition of library materials
Jones, Wendy, (01-04-2001)
Gertz, Janet, (01-10-2001)

Acrylic paint cross sections
Favero, Patricia, (02-06-2001)

Additives for HVAC systems
Fairbanks-Harris, Theresa, (04-17-2001)

Adhesive for wood
Piena, Hans, (09-14-2001)
Kaner, Jake, (09-19-2001)
Knight, Barry, (09-27-2001)

Krantz, Peter N., (08-06-2001)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (08-09-2001)
Welch, Stuart Macdonald, (08-15-2001)

Henry, Walter, (02-13-2001)
Henry, Walter, (02-21-2001)
Henry, Walter, (05-22-2001)
Henry, Walter, (05-22-2001)
Henry, Walter, (05-22-2001)
Henry, Walter, (06-06-2001)
Henry, Walter, (07-06-2001)
Henry, Walter, (07-09-2001)
Henry, Walter, (07-12-2001)
Henry, Walter, (07-13-2001)
Henry, Walter, (12-07-2001)
Henry, Walter, (12-20-2001)
Henry, Walter, (12-20-2001)

African stool
Low, William, (07-11-2001)
Hornbeck, Stephanie, (07-13-2001)

Air fresheners
Myers, Ken, (04-18-2001)

Air fresheners and incense
Brynjolfson, Carol, (04-11-2001)
Dixon, Tom, (04-20-2001)
Mibach, Lisa, (04-22-2001)
Schaeffer, Terry, (04-27-2001)
Ogden, Jack, (04-24-2001)

Airborne glycol and glycerin
Harrison, Sean, (05-07-2001)

Tsamasfyrou, Ioanna, (08-05-2001)
Utermohlen, Hilda Abreu, (08-17-2001)

Alternative to 1,1,1-trichloroethane
Vine, Mark, (04-02-2001)

Aluminum honeycomb
Low, Bill, (02-16-2001)

Moesgaard, Anne Le Boedec, (12-11-2001)

Amines in steam humidification systems
Stroud, James, (02-04-2001)
Williams, Scott, (02-06-2001)
Himmelstein, Paul, (02-06-2001)
Mibach, Lisa, (02-06-2001)
Contompasis, Margaret, (02-07-2001)
Dumka, Heather, (02-15-2001)

Amylase poultices
Landry, Julia M., (08-09-2001)
Corbach, Almuth, (08-13-2001)
Derow, Jonathan Paul, (08-10-2001)

Anglo-Saxon manuscript materials
Clarke, Mark, (07-01-2001)

Anoxic storage
Lonnve, Jon, (12-11-2001)

Kollandrud, Kaja, (08-16-2001)

Archaeological iron
Faltermeier, Robert B., (02-14-2001)

Arsenic in natural history collections
Morris, Jeffory, (03-22-2001)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (03-27-2001)
Akerlund, Monika, (04-04-2001)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (04-05-2001)

Art installations along hiking and bicycling trails
Deller, Craig, (01-02-2001)

Art loss at World Trade Center site
Roundhill, Linda, (10-16-2001)

Artificial aging of wood
Petrou, Maria, (06-29-2001)

Stubbs, Dee, (06-14-2001)

Asbestos hazard at World Trade Center site
Goldberg, Lisa, (10-15-2001)

Audiovisual supplies
Vine, Mark, (05-13-2001)

Authenticating flag
Schaly, Becky, (03-26-2001)

BEVA 371
Bernicky, Chantal, (01-22-2001)
Laine, David, (01-23-2001)
Down, Jane, (01-29-2001)
Chin, Lawrence, (01-28-2001)
Karsten, Irene F., (02-01-2001)
Sreekumar, Menon V., (12-08-2001)

BPG mailing
Watkins, Stephanie, (03-29-2001)

BPG session on board reattachment
Hellman, Ethel, (03-22-2001)

BPG session on paint consolidation
Keynan, Daria, (04-25-2001)

Back issues of JAIC sought
Caldararo, Niccolo, (02-17-2001)

Back issues of Studies in Conservation sought
Wardius, Janine, (01-31-2001)

Bacteria in parchment and paper
Haude, Betsy, (11-09-2001)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (11-12-2001)

Ball, Marieanne Davy, (01-16-2001)

Bay Area Art Conservation Guild
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (03-09-2001)
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (05-12-2001)
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (08-23-2001)
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (10-19-2001)

Bedacryl 122X
Vine, Mark, (03-30-2001)

Schmidt, Anne Lisbeth, (08-03-2001)

Benzimidazolone yellow in watercolor paint
Wickenhiser-Schaudt, Carol, (01-04-2001)

Bettman archive
Henry, Walter, (04-19-2001)
Wilhelm, Henry, (04-23-2001)

Bibliography of preservation literature
Schnare, Robert E., (02-06-2001)

Bibliography on contemporary art techniques
Pugliese, Marina, (02-08-2001)

Biblioteca Gallardo
De Torres, Amparo R, (01-23-2001)

Bird control and outdoor sculpture
Ozen, Latif, (09-29-2001)

Roth-Wells, Nina, (09-27-2001)

Holland, Harold, (04-25-2001)
Tremain, David A., (04-30-2001)

Blocked parchment
Wall, Dominic, (02-20-2001)

Board shears
Dunlap, Sue, (03-07-2001)
Dabney, Karen, (03-23-2001)
Welch, Stuart Macdonald, (03-23-2001)

Board slotting machine
Withycombe, Celia, (10-02-2001)

Bollettino ICR
Buzzanca, Giancarlo, (01-15-2001)

Bollettino ICR vol 2
Buzzanca, Giancarlo, (06-20-2001)

Fitz, Suzanne, (10-04-2001)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (10-09-2001)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (10-09-2001)

Book and Paper Group
Martin, Miranda, (05-10-2001)

Book repair kit
Johnson, Margaret H., (01-29-2001)

Connell, Sharon, (05-16-2001)

Botanical materials
Meehan, Anna, (04-03-2001)

Fuss, Carolyn, (02-09-2001)
Moss, Jim, (02-15-2001)

Quinn, Erin, (04-16-2001)
Carl, Nynne, (04-20-2001)
Storch, Paul, (04-24-2001)

Buddhist manuscript book
Cameron, Becky, (03-13-2001)
Decoux, Sandrine, (03-28-2001)

Building renovation
O'Dwyer, Dervilla, (07-06-2001)
Shiner, Jerry, (07-06-2001)

Buried paper
Usman, Lisa, (08-10-2001)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (08-18-2001)

Burton medical lamps
Hargrove, Suzanne, (09-24-2001)

C&H Manufacturing
McCraith, Iona, (10-04-2001)

Calcareous deposits on painting
Bernard, Catherine, (02-11-2001)

Calipr and archives surveys
Rees, John, (01-02-2001)

Call for nominations--AIC/Heritage Preservation Joint Award for Outstanding Commitment to the Preservation and Care of Collections
Hansen, Clare, (11-07-2001)

Call for nominations--Esther J. Piercy Award
Dale, Robin L., (10-10-2001)

Call for nominations--Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award
Pilette, Roberta, (10-03-2001)

Call for nominations--Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award--corrigendum
Pilette, Roberta, (10-09-2001)

Call for paper--Biodeterioration of cultural property
Daniel, Vinod, (03-26-2001)

Call for papers-- Materials Issues in Art and Archaeology
Vandiver, Pamela, (02-23-2001)

Call for papers--AIC Objects Specialty Group
Griffin, Pat, (07-31-2001)
Griffin, Pat, (11-02-2001)

Call for papers--AIC Objects Specialty Group and Textile Specialty Group
Griffin, Pat, (07-31-2001)

Call for papers--Archaeological and historical materials
Vlachou, Constantina, (08-09-2001)

Call for papers--Arms and armour
Smith, Robert, (11-13-2001)

Call for papers--Art on paper, books, documents and photographs
Woodcock, Sally, (04-10-2001)

Call for papers--Biodeterioration
Daniel, Vinod, (01-10-2001)

Call for papers--Conservation of paper, books, and photographic materials
Leggio, Angeletta, (03-21-2001)

Call for papers--Conservation of the built environment
Lambert, Molly, (04-17-2001)

Call for papers--Conservation science
Wilthew, Paul, (11-07-2001)

Call for papers--Digitization and preservation
Capderou, Christine, (03-30-2001)

Call for papers--Disaster management
Schnare, Robert E., (04-18-2001)

Call for papers--Furniture conservation
Kaner, Jake, (11-15-2001)

Call for papers--ICOM-CC Triennial Meeting
Verger, Isabelle, (01-15-2001)

Call for papers--Image re-integration
Brown, Jean E., (08-06-2001)

Call for papers--Metal conservation
Ogden, Jack, (01-15-2001)

Call for papers--Reviews in Conservation
Woodcock, Sally, (04-10-2001)

Call for papers--Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association
Blanche, Helen Terre, (10-29-2001)

Call for papers--Silicates
Henry, Walter, (09-25-2001)

Call for papers--Synchrotron radiation
Watts, Siobhan, (07-09-2001)

Call for papers--Textile conservation
Karasow, Heather, (01-12-2001)

Call for papers--Unusual materials
Stephens, Morwena, (10-18-2001)

Call for papers--Wooden Artifacts Group
Heginbotham, Arlen, (10-25-2001)

Call for participants--Wet treatments of works on paper
Pavelka, Karen L., (02-23-2001)

Call for posters--Cellulose and paper deterioration
Havermans, John, (01-29-2001)

Call for posters--Eastern Analytical Symposium
Scott, John, (05-08-2001)

Canvas stamps
McLaughlin, Brian, (11-05-2001)

Care and Handling of Library Materials
Bond, Elayne, (01-10-2001)

Hadlow, Elizabeth, (09-06-2001)

Casein paint
Atira-Soncea, Rae, (08-16-2001)

Cataloging software
Silverstone, Franklin, (10-22-2001)

Cellulose acetate
Elwing, James, (06-13-2001)

Stone, Douglas, (01-17-2001)

Chicago Area Conservation Group
Deller, Craig, (01-12-2001)
Deller, Craig, (02-10-2001)
Deller, Craig, (04-10-2001)
Deller, Craig, (05-21-2001)

Chinese lacquer
Harrison, Paul, (05-23-2001)
Griffin, Pat, (05-25-2001)
Knight, Barry, (05-25-2001)
Harrison, Paul, (05-29-2001)
Webb, Marianne, (06-01-2001)

Chinese parasol
Stone, Anna, (08-09-2001)

Chrome shelving
Rogers, Juliette, (09-20-2001)

Chromotropic acid tests
Jeffers, Will, (01-09-2001)
Thickett, David, (01-10-2001)

Citation sought
Clarke, Mark, (02-22-2001)

Claes Oldenburg
Cloughley, Denyl, (05-24-2001)

Clamshell boxes
Dunlap, Sue, (02-05-2001)

Cleaning coins
Miller, Patricia L., (10-17-2001)

Cleaning plaster
Privett, Helen, (06-05-2001)

Cleaning stone
Recanati, Paolo, (09-03-2001)
Lodge, Robert, (09-07-2001)
Himawan, Joice, (09-14-2001)
Sigel, Tony, (09-19-2001)
Naude, Virginia, (09-24-2001)
Sass, Shelley, (09-22-2001)
Lodge, Robert, (09-24-2001)

Cleaning suede
Vine, Mark, (05-05-2001)

Cleanliness of storage areas
Lau, Jack, (10-10-2001)

Cleanroom technology and conservation
Martin, James S., (05-02-2001)

Cloak rooms
Scott, Matthew, (08-13-2001)

Coating for wood
Wellman, Howard B., (03-05-2001)

Walter, Blake, (03-28-2001)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (04-05-2001)
Selavan, Barnea and Shoshanah, (06-09-2001)

Coins adhered to wood
Campbell, Tim, (02-14-2001)
Roundhill, Linda, (03-13-2001)

Cold storage
Martin, Miranda, (06-12-2001)

Cold storage and plastics
March, Tina S., (01-28-2001)
Williamson, Colin, (01-31-2001)

Color standards
Arendt, Beatrix, (05-16-2001)
Cullhed, Per, (05-23-2001)
Savage, Bob, (05-23-2001)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (06-13-2001)

Colorimeters and densitometers
Potje, Karen, (06-13-2001)
Olson, Allison McGuire, (06-26-2001)

Columbia/University of Texas programs Reunion
II, David B. Gracy, (05-17-2001)

Stewart, Ann, (10-11-2001)

Confectionery Rust
Shiner, Jerry, (10-17-2001)

Conference on biodeterioration
Daniel, Vinod, (08-09-2001)

Conference on bookbinding
Loon, Josee Van, (03-24-2001)

Conference on care of wooden ships and boats
Seifert, Betty L., (06-15-2001)

Conference on collodion process
Albright, Gary, (07-10-2001)

Conference on conservation of contemporary art
Muir, Alison, (06-29-2001)

Conference on deterioration of artists' paints
Phenix, Alan, (04-20-2001)
Phenix, Alan, (07-30-2001)

Conference on digital librarianship
Sanderson, Belinda, (01-24-2001)

Conference on disasters
Calmes, Alan, (11-27-2001)

Conference on fungi
Rauch, Angelika, (02-06-2001)

Conference on history and future of conservation
Oddy, Andrew, (05-18-2001)

Conference on maintenance of contemporary public art
McNally, Rika, (05-20-2001)

Conference on metal conservation
Ogden, Jack, (07-04-2001)

Conference on metal corrosion
Ogden, Jack, (09-17-2001)

Conference on outdoor bronze monuments
Argyropoulos, Vasilike, (11-24-2001)

Conference on paint deterioration
Phenix, Alan, (02-22-2001)

Conference on preservation of newspapers
Moxham, Roy, (02-09-2001)

Conference on preservation of printed materials
DuMerer, Danielle, (12-18-2001)

Conference on preserving physical evidence of artifacts and records
Calmes, Alan, (02-09-2001)

Conference on preventive conservation
Zych, Katarzyna, (02-23-2001)

Conference on security
James, Robert, (02-09-2001)
James, Robert, (03-01-2001)

Conference on textile conservation
Vuori, Jan, (09-05-2001)
Vuori, Jan, (12-10-2001)

Conference on virtual libraries
Riley, Alicia, (09-04-2001)

Conservation Information Network
Davis, Vicki, (05-29-2001)

Conservation and Heritage Management Award
Sease, Catherine, (01-26-2001)

Conservation facilities and the public
Bleckner, Fern, (08-07-2001)
Carroll, Valinda, (08-09-2001)
Untch, Katharine, (08-09-2001)
Watkins, Stephanie, (08-10-2001)
Dodd, Beth J., (08-15-2001)

Conservation fiction
Davis, Vicki, (10-16-2001)
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (10-16-2001)

Conservation management software
Officer, Bronwyn, (04-06-2001)

Conservation of archaeological composite object
Abelskamp, Karin, (10-10-2001)
Botfeldt, Simon, (10-11-2001)
Lodge, Robert, (10-11-2001)
Boissonnas, Valentin, (10-17-2001)
Wellman, Howard B., (10-18-2001)

Conservation of our own careers
Stoner, Joyce Hill, (01-15-2001)

Conservation resources in Pakistan
Cameron, Becky, (01-28-2001)
Madani, Zubair Ahmed, (01-31-2001)

Kench, Rebecca, (08-07-2001)

Consolidation of stone
Mann, Jim, (02-06-2001)
Ginell, Bill, (02-08-2001)
Tiano, Piero, (02-15-2001)

Consolidation of wood
Messinger, Michelle C., (07-24-2001)
Williams, Marc A., (08-04-2001)
Arnold, Lori, (08-06-2001)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (08-05-2001)
Waanders, Nicolaas, (09-11-2001)

Constructing vacuum hot table
Kenney, Chris, (06-14-2001)

Contemporary photography
Falcao, Patricia Marinho, (10-10-2001)

Contributions for Cuban institutions
Drewes, Jeanne, (07-16-2001)

Convex glass
Carroll, Scott, (09-05-2001)
Maroney, Kasia, (09-06-2001)
Pavitt, Rebecca, (09-06-2001)
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (09-07-2001)
Derbyshire, Alan, (09-14-2001)

Cooperative Preservation Programs Discussion Group
Tina, Mason, (01-05-2001)

Cooperative disaster preparedness
Yardley-Jones, Audrey, (12-28-2000)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (01-05-2001)
Campbell, Lynn, (01-08-2001)

Coptic textiles
Douglas, Kate, (07-11-2001)
Gissing, Mary, (07-13-2001)

Cornelis de Wael
Pelter, Richard, (04-20-2001)

Young, Lisa, (10-03-2001)
Bailey, George, (10-09-2001)
Lodge, Robert, (10-09-2001)
Stock, Susan, (10-12-2001)

Costume and textiles
Maginnis, Tara, (10-08-2001)

Course on European bookbinding, 1500-1800
Corbach, Almuth, (07-18-2001)

Course on business management
Boyle, Tina, (08-14-2001)

Course on ceramics conservation
Botha, Hazel, (09-07-2001)

Course on conservation and repair of timber
Stayt, Kathy, (06-20-2001)

Course on conservation of natural history collections
Ellis, Linda, (01-13-2001)

Course on conservation of wallcoverings
Stayt, Kathy, (03-30-2001)

Course on conservation of wax objects
Stayt, Kathy, (04-06-2001)

Course on dyeing
Martin, Vivienne, (01-18-2001)

Course on heritage conservation project management
Mort-Putland, Lisa, (09-25-2001)

Course on history of stationery bindings
Boyle, Tina, (08-14-2001)

Course on identification and care of videotape
Studt, Mary, (01-02-2001)
Studt, Mary, (10-16-2001)

Course on managing cultural organizations
Mort-Putland, Lisa, (10-05-2001)

Course on moulding and casting
Black, James, (07-10-2001)

Course on mycology
Florian, Mary-Lou, (08-10-2001)

Course on mycology--corrigendum
Florian, Mary-Lou, (08-21-2001)

Course on paper preservation
Studt, Mary, (01-22-2001)

Course on pigments and painting technology
Smithuis, Justine, (03-26-2001)

Course on removing pressure-sensitive tape
Studt, Mary, (01-02-2001)

Course on removing pressure-sensitive tape--Addendum
Studt, Mary, (01-22-2001)

Course on scaffolding of historic buildings
Nan, Gutterman, (01-29-2001)

Course on spot testing
Carroll, Scott, (09-20-2001)

Courses at IPC
Boyle, Tina, (06-12-2001)

Courses at University of Victoria
Mort-Putland, Lisa, (08-14-2001)

Courses at West Dean College
Stayt, Kathy, (02-09-2001)
Stayt, Kathy, (03-02-2001)
Stayt, Kathy, (04-04-2001)
Thurston, Isabel, (09-25-2001)
Thurston, Isabel, (11-16-2001)

Courses at the Centro del Bel Libro
Mesmer, Renate, (04-25-2001)

Courses at the Centro del bel libro Ascona
Mesmer, Renate, (12-07-2001)

Courses from International Academic Projects
Black, James, (02-27-2001)

Courses in microscopy
Alden, Harry, (02-02-2001)

Courses on bookbinding and design
Mesmer, Renate, (06-27-2001)

Courses on conservation
Stayt, Kathy, (01-10-2001)
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (04-12-2001)

Courses on hazardous materials
Goldberg, Lisa, (01-19-2001)

Courses on microscopy
N'Gadi, Ann B., (08-30-2001)

Courses on photographic conservation
Moor, Angela H., (09-05-2001)

Crack monitors
Cross, Christine, (02-13-2001)
Pellissier, Pierlucio, (02-15-2001)
Thomas, Paul, (02-17-2001)
Wexler, David, (03-27-2001)

Crayon on paper
Schell, Audrie, (07-05-2001)
Todd, Stephen, (07-09-2001)
Burke, Ellin, (07-09-2001)
Clarke, Mark, (07-10-2001)
Thompson, Jack C., (07-16-2001)

Humphrey, Vicki, (11-15-2001)

Cryovac system
Gatenby, Sue, (12-05-2001)
Shiner, Jerry, (12-06-2001)

Cuban book artists
Drewes, Jeanne, (10-31-2001)

Curved plywood
Kaner, Jake, (10-10-2001)

Heginbotham, Arlen, (06-26-2001)
Griswold, John, (06-29-2001)
Pung, Olaf, (07-01-2001)
Haake, Sophie, (07-02-2001)
Maggen, Michael, (06-30-2001)

DTD for ejournal archiving
Geller, Marilyn, (12-10-2001)

Beckett, Mary, (08-31-2001)
Anichini, Cristina, (09-01-2001)
Flesch, Balint, (09-01-2001)

Damp course system
Dickens, Jenny, (07-11-2001)
Curteis, Tobit, (07-13-2001)
Horton, John, (07-13-2001)

Knight, Barry, (06-22-2001)
Knight, Barry, (07-17-2001)

Data recovery services
McCraith, Iona, (08-14-2001)

Bjorke, Anne, (12-18-2001)

O'Reilly, Emily, (04-09-2001)
Arenstein, Rachael, (04-16-2001)
Gothorp, Cliff, (04-17-2001)
Arenstein, Rachael, (05-23-2001)

David Harris Conference postprints published
Rogers, Dominique, (04-11-2001)

Decision trees
Nyland, Flora M., (02-21-2001)

Degradation of photographic materials
Gialdi, Ercole, (12-05-2001)

Dehumidification cooling equipment
Jeffers, Will, (05-02-2001)
Jeffers, Will, (05-10-2001)
Jeffers, Will, (05-11-2001)
Chris, Michael Chris, (05-16-2001)

Demonstrations of anoxic techniques
Shiner, Jerry, (09-10-2001)

Deterioration of plastic
Kitto, Suzanne, (12-07-2001)
Braun, Tom, (12-10-2001)
Bailey, George, (12-10-2001)

Digital licensing
Clyde, Jerremie, (01-25-2001)

Digital print terminology
Juergens, Martin, (07-16-2001)

Digital thermohygrometer
Bevilacqua, Paola, (10-26-2001)

Digitizing Japanese prints
MacKinnon, Fiona, (09-05-2001)

Cullinane, Jane, (10-01-2001)
Thompson, Jack C., (10-03-2001)
Cullinane, Jane, (12-17-2001)

Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages
Payne, Charlotte, (03-13-2001)
Eichelberger, Jeanne, (03-26-2001)

Disaster plan for clothing and textiles collection
Becker, Alyssa, (11-30-2001)

Disaster planning
Cross, Jim, (02-16-2001)

Disaster recovery
Yeh, Atsuko, (07-27-2001)

Displaying a mosaic
Lewis, Rob, (12-20-2001)

Distance learning in curatorship and conservation
Mort-Putland, Lisa, (07-19-2001)

Distance learning in paper and photographic conservation
Tsiorbatzis, Dan, (10-12-2001)

Document on digital collections
Gertz, Janet, (12-17-2001)

Schafer, Irmhild, (06-12-2001)

Documents on electronic communication available
Portell, Jean D., (11-13-2001)

Gray, David, (01-24-2001)

Draft report on artifact preservation
Smith, Abby, (04-11-2001)

Draft report on digital repositories
Dale, Robin L., (08-30-2001)

Drawing stuck to glass
Potje, Karen, (11-19-2001)
Easterbrook, Sandy, (11-21-2001)
Marsh, Terry, (11-29-2001)

Dry paper pulp
Fong, Kecia, (10-22-2001)
Vine, Mark, (10-23-2001)
Haake, Sophie, (10-26-2001)

Dry pigments
Bunting, Victoria, (10-17-2001)
Rivers, Shayne, (10-22-2001)

DuPont Mylar Type D
Minter, William, (06-20-2001)
Minter, William, (06-26-2001)
De Torres, Amparo R, (06-27-2001)

Dust cloths
Harrison, Sean, (03-15-2001)
Windham, Andi, (03-26-2001)
Goldberg, Lisa, (03-24-2001)
Stall, Claudia, (03-29-2001)
Burke, Ellin, (03-28-2001)

EDTA as cleaning agent for brass
Langeveld, Michiel, (02-18-2001)

Dale, Robin L., (11-30-2001)

Early polymers in ethnographic collections
Boissonnas, Valentin, (01-16-2001)
Reuss, Margrit, (01-25-2001)

Eastern Analytical Symposium
Scott, John, (05-24-2001)

Eastern Analytical Symposium--addendum
Scott, John, (09-20-2001)

Hallden, Christina, (02-27-2001)
Williams, Scott, (03-23-2001)
Warren, Sue, (03-23-2001)

Editorial on International Copyright Law
Clyde, Jerremie, (04-23-2001)

Education opportunities
Kanjo, Katarina, (01-31-2001)

Educational opportunities in Denmark and Norway sought
Jensen, Brynn, (10-13-2001)
Moller, Berit, (10-18-2001)
Braovac, Susan, (10-17-2001)

Educational opportunities in stone conservation sought
Woodcock, Sally, (10-11-2001)

Educational opportunities sought
Soares, Mario J., (05-17-2001)

Effect of low temperature on paintings
Soler, Belin Lahoz, (02-22-2001)
Beiner, Gail Gali, (03-23-2001)

Effectiveness of Internet job postings
Portell, Jean D., (03-30-2001)

Egyptian coffins
Collins, Carolyn, (06-07-2001)
Gansicke, Susanne, (06-21-2001)

Electron beam irradiation
N'Gadi, Ann B., (11-09-2001)

Elephant trunk ventilation systems
Conn, Donia, (01-09-2001)
Wellman, Howard B., (01-10-2001)
Prytulak, George, (01-10-2001)
Sigel, Tony, (01-12-2001)
Place, Heather, (07-27-2001)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (08-07-2001)
Williams, Marc A., (08-04-2001)
Maish, Jeffrey, (08-06-2001)

Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel
Olsen, Cindy, (07-02-2001)

Emergency manual
Yardley-Jones, Audrey, (08-01-2001)

Emergency manual for historic buildings and collections
Winsor, Peter, (10-26-2001)

Von Lerber, Karin, (11-07-2001)

Environment in historic house
Appelbaum, Barbara, (12-29-2000)
Oleszewski, Craig, (12-23-2000)
Jeffers, Will, (12-26-2000)
Kerschner, Rick, (01-02-2001)

Environmental monitoring
Smith, Robert, (05-08-2001)

Enzyme poultice
Evans, Emrys, (05-09-2001)
Gehnrich, Babette, (06-11-2001)

Ephemeral objects
Von Lerber, Karin, (02-20-2001)

Bieler, Christine, (01-24-2001)

Linklater, Shelagh, (06-21-2001)
Gilligan, Eliza, (06-25-2001)
Minter, William, (06-29-2001)

Erich Heckel
St.George, Caroline, (02-25-2001)

Ethanol soluble ink
Grossman, Annlinn Kruger, (01-09-2001)

Evaluating condition
Green, Susan, (06-21-2001)

Exhibit procedures
St.John, Kristen, (01-03-2001)

Exhibition lighting for photographic materials
Bustos, Liliana, (03-30-2001)

Exhibition lighting standards
Dixon, Tom, (12-05-2001)
Knight, Barry, (12-12-2001)

Exhibition maintenance
Reuss, Margrit, (08-27-2001)
Derbyshire, Alan, (08-29-2001)

Exhibition on art forgery
Dolice, Joe L., (11-16-2001)

Exhibition on art, science, and conservation
Passafiume, Janice, (02-12-2001)

Exhibition on conservation
Griffin, Pat, (03-08-2001)
Szczepanowska, Hanna, (12-05-2001)

Exhibition on photograph conservation
Kennedy, Nora, (01-24-2001)

Exhibition supports for books
Clark, Julia, (03-29-2001)

Faded signature
Ohm, Kim, (05-28-2001)

Cini, Marius, (12-07-2001)
Murdoch, Lauren, (12-11-2001)
Scroope, Kylie, (12-10-2001)

Feather and static electricity
Harrison, Sean, (02-05-2001)

Fellowship at Art Institute of Chicago
Severson, Doug, (04-10-2001)

Fellowship at Guggenheim Museum
Stringari, Carol, (10-18-2001)

Fellowship at Harvard
Breuker, Margaret, (03-12-2001)

Fellowship at Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Griesser, Martina, (03-15-2001)

Fellowship at LACMA
McLean, Catherine, (12-26-2000)

Fellowship at Museum of Modern Art
Buchberg, Karl, (01-23-2001)

Fellowship at National Gallery of Art
Sarraf, Suzanne, (01-29-2001)

Fellowship at National Gallery of Canada
Maheux, Anne, (03-27-2001)

Fellowship at New York State Archives
Holden, Maria, (01-09-2001)

Fellowship at Phillips Collection
Steele, Elizabeth, (04-13-2001)

Fellowship at Saint Louis Art Museum
Hargrove, Suzanne, (06-21-2001)

Fellowship at Shelburne Museum
Ravenel, Nancie, (05-14-2001)

Fellowship at Shelburne Museum--addendum
Ravenel, Nancie, (08-28-2001)

Fellowship at Smithsonian American Art Museum
Ingalls, Helen, (12-10-2001)

Fellowship at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Klinger, Jane E., (10-29-2001)

Fellowship at the National Museum of the American Indian
Johnson, Jessica, (09-14-2001)

Fellowships at Philadelphia Museum of Art
Karasow, Heather, (01-26-2001)

Fellowships at Winterthur Museum
Buggeln, Gretchen, (09-19-2001)

Fellowships at the National Museum of the American Indian
Johnson, Jessica, (12-20-2001)

Fiber optic illuminators and guides for microscopy
Kim, Blanche, (12-05-2001)

Fiber optic spectrophotometer
Olson, Allison McGuire, (01-12-2001)

Aalling, Anette, (08-02-2001)
Grant, Jim, (08-10-2001)

Field microscope
Thomson, Chris, (01-03-2001)
Ogden, Jack, (01-04-2001)
Heginbotham, Arlen, (01-04-2001)
Commoner, Lucy, (01-08-2001)

Fill material for glass sculpture
Place, Heather, (10-26-2001)

Fire damaged paintings
Baltuskonis, Dennis A., (03-29-2001)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (04-30-2001)

Fire suppression
Muller, Norman E., (06-04-2001)
Wulff, Roger, (06-11-2001)
Coddington, Jim, (06-15-2001)
Talley, Sarah, (06-20-2001)
Pearson, Colin, (06-22-2001)
Schnare, Robert E., (07-05-2001)

Fire suppression systems
De Polo, Andrea, (02-06-2001)

Fitch Grant
Katz, Melissa R., (05-15-2001)

Frangakis, Evelyn, (07-09-2001)

Flame retardant cushion wrap
Vine, Mark, (02-15-2001)

Flame retardants
Zak, Jackie, (02-01-2001)

Flash photography
Mijares, Carlos, (04-29-2001)

Maish, Jeffrey, (08-06-2001)
McCabe, Connie, (08-09-2001)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (08-09-2001)
Artal-Isbrand, Paula, (08-13-2001)
Clausen, Carol, (08-16-2001)
Gilligan, Eliza, (11-08-2001)

Brunskog, Maria, (05-23-2001)
Griffin, Pat, (05-25-2001)
Barger, M. Susan, (05-30-2001)
Martin, James S., (06-07-2001)

Fluorescent tubes
Krantz, Peter, (03-28-2001)
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (04-04-2001)

Foam tape
Jeffers, Will, (02-22-2001)

Folder stock
Russick, Susan, (12-04-2001)
Atwood, Cathy, (12-05-2001)
Russick, Susan, (12-17-2001)

Food and drink in the library
Egunnike, Lydia C., (05-03-2001)

Foot and mouth disease
Kitto, Suzanne, (04-04-2001)

Ianna, Christine, (10-05-2001)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (10-09-2001)
Rogers, Dominique, (10-09-2001)
Rivers, Shayne, (10-10-2001)
Roundhill, Linda, (10-09-2001)
Fox, Marilyn, (10-10-2001)
Koob, Stephen, (10-11-2001)
Rogers, Dominique, (10-11-2001)
Shelton, Sally, (10-19-2001)
Koob, Stephen, (10-17-2001)
Bradley, Susan, (10-22-2001)
Koob, Stephen, (10-23-2001)
Pung, Olaf, (10-24-2001)

Frans Post
Schaefer, Stephan, (02-20-2001)

Freeze-dried strawberries
Holt, Jayne, (09-19-2001)

Freeze-drying equipment
Stubbs, Dee, (08-07-2001)
Shiner, Jerry, (08-09-2001)

Mary, McIntyre, (06-21-2001)

Freezing objects
Roblee, Ellen, (03-27-2001)
Stubbs, Dee, (04-04-2001)
Roundhill, Linda, (04-10-2001)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (04-30-2001)

Fulbright Commission-Antorchas Foundation Grants
Schlefer, Elaine R., (09-06-2001)

Fume extraction unit
Player-Dahnsjo, Ylva, (01-31-2001)
Player-Dahnsjo, Ylva, (03-29-2001)

Fume hood
Perugini, Flavia, (06-11-2001)

Fumigation chamber
Jakovleska-Spirovska, Zorika, (07-09-2001)

Funding for conservation training
Zinsmeister, Morgan, (08-24-2001)

Funding for museums, museum organizations, and museum-library partnership
Maxwell, Eileen, (02-06-2001)

Funding for outdoor sculpture condition assessments
Nichols, Susan, (08-08-2001)

Falcon, Tatiana, (04-06-2001)
Glastrup, Jens, (04-17-2001)

GCI Conservation Guest Scholar program
Saperstein, Sheri, (08-02-2001)

Gael de Guichen
Pellissier, Pierlucio, (05-03-2001)

Gerry Hedley Student Symposium
Izat, Adelaide, (03-24-2001)

Widera, Adam, (03-24-2001)

Glass beaded coin purse
Pagliarino, Amanda, (10-30-2001)
Williams, Scott, (11-14-2001)

Glass plate negatives
Falcao, Patricia Marinho, (03-21-2001)

Glass window sign
Cooke, Krista, (09-21-2001)
Fuller, Richard, (09-27-2001)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (09-27-2001)
Roundhill, Linda, (09-27-2001)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (09-27-2001)

Glazing oversized objects
Russick, Susan, (08-13-2001)
Russick, Susan, (12-17-2001)

Appelbaum, Barbara, (07-10-2001)
Shiner, Jerry, (07-13-2001)

Gloves for handling glass objects
Gibbons, Patti, (01-18-2001)
Koob, Stephen, (01-23-2001)

Graduate program at Institute of Archaeology, UCL
Dullaghan, Jo, (03-01-2001)

Group purchase of infrared camera
Epley, Brad, (03-05-2001)

Guidelines for Information About Preservation Products
Geller, Marilyn, (04-19-2001)

HEPA vacuum cleaners
Zappala, Vito, (02-11-2001)

Heat set tissue
Kruth, Leslie, (07-17-2001)

Herbarium materials
Tikka, Eeva-Maria, (09-07-2001)
Farley, Jonathan, (09-13-2001)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (09-20-2001)

Heritage preservation directory
Henricksen, Angela, (10-01-2001)

History of the Intermuseum Conservation Association
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (11-21-2001)

Hollow concrete outdoor sculpture
Paine, Shelley Reisman, (10-26-2001)

Jr., Gordon A. Lewis, (06-29-2001)

Hydrogen peroxide
Fornas, Anna, (12-10-2001)

IAQ hotline for New York City businesses and residents
Goldberg, Lisa, (09-25-2001)

ICOM-CC Photographic Records Working Group
Clark, Susie, (06-29-2001)

ICOM-CC Triennial Meeting
Souza, Luiz A.C., (10-26-2001)

ICOM-CC Working Group on Education
Reifsnyder, Joan Marie, (05-05-2001)

ICOM-CC working group on Theory and History of Conservation-Restoration
Hanssen-Bauer, Francoise, (02-16-2001)

IMLS Grant awarded
Doyle, Jamie, (10-22-2001)

IMLS budget briefing
Maxwell, Eileen, (04-03-2001)

Ice melting compounds
Strobridge, Barbara H., (09-20-2001)

Ice on outdoor sculpture
Tsakri, Peppy, (06-25-2001)
Weeks, Christopher, (06-29-2001)
Knight, Barry, (06-27-2001)

Identification of plastics
Ogden, Jack, (12-11-2001)

Identifying metals
Quinlan, Terrence, (10-10-2001)
Odegaard, Nancy, (10-25-2001)

Identifying tin
Thistlewood, Jevon, (07-29-2001)
Pearce, Michael, (08-06-2001)

Impact of WTC smoke on museum HVAC systems
Brown, Jonathan P., (10-19-2001)

In situ fumigation
Brewer, Kasey, (05-02-2001)

Indoor Air Pollution Working Group meeting
Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten, (02-19-2001)
Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten, (06-14-2001)
Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten, (09-21-2001)

McCord, Tim, (08-27-2001)

Infrared cameras
Ocon, Noelle, (05-15-2001)

Inhouse microfilming
Smith-Hunt, Patricia, (09-24-2001)

Institute on digitization
Riley, Alicia, (05-03-2001)

Insulating shipping container
Messinger, Michelle C., (03-20-2001)

Van Alstine, Kristin N, (09-13-2001)
Chase, W. T., (09-21-2001)
Thompson, Jack C., (09-27-2001)

Internship at Canadian Centre for Architecture
Potje, Karen, (09-07-2001)

Internship at Canterbury Shaker Village
Williams, Marc A., (04-19-2001)
Williams, Marc A., (09-26-2001)

Internship at Central Park Conservancy
Maley, Blaine, (01-25-2001)

Internship at Cornell
Dean, John F., (05-10-2001)

Internship at Dorset Archives Service
Woods, Chris, (05-04-2001)

Internship at Elm City Parks Conservancy
Macaluso, Laura A., (02-19-2001)

Internship at Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village
Read-Miller, Cynthia, (02-01-2001)

Internship at Hispanic Society of America
Rabinowitz, Mark, (02-08-2001)

Internship at Intermuseum Conservation Association
Williamson, Sandra, (06-19-2001)

Internship at Museum Textile Services
Breeze, Camille Myers, (04-25-2001)

Internship at New York Academy of Medicine
Schlefer, Elaine R., (01-29-2001)

Internship at New York Botanical Garden Library
Marder, Olga, (05-16-2001)
Marder, Olga, (09-14-2001)

Internship at New York Botanical Garden Library--addendum
Marder, Olga, (07-11-2001)

Internship at Newberry Library
Klos, Anne, (01-30-2001)

Internship at Northern Arizona University
Sutherland, Laine, (02-01-2001)

Internship at Peabody Museum
Holdcraft, T. Rose, (03-15-2001)

Internship at Peebles Island Resource Center
Miksch, Heidi, (05-17-2001)

Internship at Tate Britain
Hackney, Stephen, (05-18-2001)

Internship at University of Calgary
Bowes, Andrea, (04-15-2001)

Internship at the Field Museum
Norton, Ruth, (10-25-2001)

Internship at the Menil Collection
Epley, Brad, (04-27-2001)

Internship at the Oriental Institute Museum
D'Alessandro, Laura, (03-06-2001)

Internship in Textile Conservation at Peebles Island Resource Center
Trupin, Deborah Lee, (02-02-2001)

Internship programs
Wellman, Howard B., (09-27-2001)

Internship sought
Cahill, Fiona, (02-12-2001)
Moreno, Teresa K., (02-20-2001)

Internships at City Parks Foundation Monuments Conservation Program
Short, Elizabeth, (02-02-2001)

Internships at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Bare, Patricia, (06-18-2001)

Internships at Freer Gallery
Hare, Andrew, (02-12-2001)

Internships at Getty Conservation Institute
Saperstein, Sheri, (11-06-2001)

Internships at Peebles Island Resource Center
Trupin, Deborah Lee, (12-05-2001)

Internships at Shelburne Museum
Kerschner, Rick, (02-26-2001)

Interviewing technicians
Brown, Meg, (09-05-2001)
Kaplan, Hilary A., (09-06-2001)
Schiro, Joseph, (09-18-2001)

Iron and steel
Yasick, Steph, (03-15-2001)
Shiner, Jerry, (03-24-2001)

Iron gall ink
Rohan, Deborah, (05-31-2001)

Iron gall ink on parchment
Wall, Dominic, (02-19-2001)

Isolating varnish
Halstead, Walt, (09-20-2001)

Tapley, James, (09-24-2001)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (09-27-2001)
Tauber, Gwen M., (10-01-2001)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (10-03-2001)
Dijkstra, Reshma, (10-04-2001)
Moy, Sara Anne, (10-09-2001)

Moy, Sara Anne, (10-11-2001)

Hanselman, Deb, (02-08-2001)

JAIC online
Burke, John, (05-12-2001)

Jet fuel
Downey, Laura, (03-15-2001)

Job resource
Clough, David, (09-28-2001)

Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies
Labadi, Sophia, (12-10-2001)

Carroll, Valinda, (02-16-2001)
Thompson, Jack C., (02-17-2001)
Van Velzen, Bas, (02-17-2001)

Keepsafe Systems
Shiner, Jerry, (10-31-2001)

Khmer glazed stoneware
Baskin, Bonnie, (06-29-2001)

Kodak Professional Duraclear
Leggio, Angeletta, (08-29-2001)
Juergens, Martin, (09-03-2001)

LZ tissue
Green, Simon Barcham, (03-26-2001)

Lab design
Rosenberg, Amy, (02-11-2001)

Rogers, Juliette, (07-11-2001)
Berrett, Kory, (07-13-2001)
Gabrieli, Smadar, (07-15-2001)
Stubbs, Dee, (08-16-2001)

Kaplan, Hilary A., (06-11-2001)
Nolley, Scott, (06-15-2001)

Kennedy, Tara, (01-17-2001)

Laser displays in galleries
Hillary, Sarah, (12-03-2001)
Ogden, Jack, (12-18-2001)

Laser printers and ozone
Place, Heather, (07-05-2001)
Trinkley, Michael, (07-08-2001)
Green, Simon Barcham, (07-08-2001)

Laws and regulations
Nikolic, Vojin, (04-13-2001)

Lead on icons
Kagiopoulou, Kiki, (10-09-2001)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (10-09-2001)
Espinola, Vera B., (10-18-2001)
Bentchev, Ivan, (10-20-2001)
Ginsberg, Tatiana, (10-20-2001)

Leather dressing
Spoor, Joe, (01-20-2001)
Ibsen, Soren, (02-08-2001)

Leather from archaeological site
Redwine, Charles Pendleton, (09-19-2001)
Unruh, Julie, (09-24-2001)

Leather shoes
Measel, Jeanine, (09-07-2001)

Lecture on digital imaging
Sarraf, Suzanne, (09-06-2001)

Lecture on iron gall ink
Studt, Mary, (07-18-2001)

Lecture on microscopy of synthetic fibers
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (10-19-2001)

Lecture on microscopy of synthetic fibers--corrigendum
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (10-22-2001)

Lecture on preservation
Holmes, Emily, (11-19-2001)

Lecture on the Kennicott Bible
Milevski, Robert J., (02-01-2001)

Eriks, Nickan, (01-15-2001)
Koob, Stephen, (01-23-2001)

Library Binding Discussion Group and Binding Automation Discussion Group
Sagraves, Barbara, (06-12-2001)

Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group
Hellman, Ethel, (02-06-2001)

Library binding automation
Smits, Marco, (09-25-2001)
Smits, Marco, (12-18-2001)

Library of Congress mass deacidification contract
LaValle-Hagag, Dorothy A, (12-21-2001)

Light sheet
Evans, Emrys, (05-08-2001)
Oldale, Sharon, (05-09-2001)
Welch, Stuart Macdonald, (05-11-2001)
Smith, Theresa, (08-22-2001)
Reynolds, Frank A., (09-04-2001)
Petersen, Dag-Ernst, (09-20-2001)

Chase, Holly, (03-23-2001)
Himmelstein, Paul, (03-30-2001)
Metro, Bruce, (06-12-2001)

Lime and gypsum plaster floors
Watt, David, (05-08-2001)

Lime painting on plaster
Reymond, Catherine, (10-18-2001)
Blundell, J. Bryan, (10-23-2001)
Sommermeyer, Barbara, (10-23-2001)
Curteis, Tobit, (10-24-2001)
Curteis, Tobit, (11-02-2001)

Chetcuti, Frenkie, (05-08-2001)
Horton, John, (05-09-2001)
Fowles, Stephen, (05-11-2001)

Limiting number of visitors
Braovac, Susan, (10-05-2001)

Lined map
Blunt, Dorothy, (08-02-2001)
Shores, Franklin, (08-04-2001)

Lithographic stones
Herbert, Teri L., (02-07-2001)

Farmer, Stewart, (06-13-2001)

Stanway, Sondra P., (06-22-2001)
Trinkley, Michael, (06-27-2001)
Minter, William, (06-29-2001)

Maintenance of outdoor sculpture
Lougheed, Sandra, (04-04-2001)
Rabinowitz, Mark, (04-09-2001)

Maintenance schedule
Rokhvadze, Mary, (04-06-2001)

Manuscript inks
Atwood, Cathy, (05-01-2001)

Marking microscope slides
Simmons, John E., (10-17-2001)

Marvel Century anti-tarnish paper
Singer, Martha, (12-10-2001)

Mass Deacidification for the UK and Ireland
Rhys-Lewis, Jonathan, (04-27-2001)

Mass deacidification
Gertz, Janet, (01-10-2001)

Mass spectra for terpenes
Sansoucy, Genevieve, (12-04-2001)
Mussey, Robert, (12-06-2001)

Mat board
Smith, Dan, (08-09-2001)

Materials for storage cabinet
Gray, David, (05-09-2001)

Meeting about accreditation
Neville, Elizabeth, (02-14-2001)

Meeting about accreditation--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (02-21-2001)

Memorial fund for David Findley
Ocon, Noelle, (10-29-2001)

Mending plates
Utermohlen, Hilda Abreu, (05-22-2001)

Mercury backing on mirrors
Klein, Detlef, (09-27-2001)
Spirydowicz, Krysia, (09-28-2001)
Monahan, Valery, (09-28-2001)

Methyl bromide
Zappala, Vito, (02-12-2001)

Microcrystalline wax
Vine, Mark, (05-05-2001)
Bailey, George, (05-09-2001)

Kaplan, Hilary A., (07-11-2001)

Hargrove, Suzanne, (02-05-2001)

Milk as colorant
Savage, Kate, (08-06-2001)

Minoan palette
Kagiopoulou, Kiki, (03-30-2001)
Muller, Norman E., (04-04-2001)
Koob, Stephen, (04-12-2001)

Modelling paste
Antognini, Alfredo, (01-14-2001)

Inserra, Simona, (01-29-2001)
Breeze, Camille Myers, (03-14-2001)
Bell, Brendan, (03-07-2001)
Aitken, Richard, (04-04-2001)
Von Wettberg, Merle, (05-15-2001)
Gatenby, Sue, (05-30-2001)
Trinkley, Michael, (06-07-2001)
Jackson, Rab, (06-12-2001)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (07-10-2001)
Ramotnik, Cindy, (08-02-2001)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (08-05-2001)

Mold on carpet
Fletcher, Jessica, (01-25-2001)
Ann, Frisina, (01-29-2001)
French, James, (01-27-2001)
Hay, James, (01-31-2001)
Stam, Julian, (01-30-2001)

Mold on mummy
Espinola, Vera B., (11-28-2001)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (12-06-2001)
Espinola, Vera B., (12-07-2001)

Mold on videotape
Wellman, Howard B., (11-19-2001)

Mondrian exhibition and web site
Spronk, Ron, (05-23-2001)

Montefiascone Project
Porter, Cheryl, (03-29-2001)

Mortars and plasters
Moss, Elizabeth, (10-26-2001)

Mounting an iron sign
Beiner, Gail Gali, (01-05-2001)

Mounting large flags
Wallsmith, Debbie L., (03-26-2001)
Schwartz, George, (04-05-2001)

Mounting large photographs
Leggio, Angeletta, (10-11-2001)
Anichini, Cristina, (10-17-2001)

Mounting posters
Marsh, Terry, (06-27-2001)

Mourning jewellery
Hambleton, Len, (12-20-2001)
Derbyshire, Alan, (12-21-2001)
Harvey, David, (12-21-2001)

Moving a laboratory
Fallon, Rosemary, (01-31-2001)
Dixon, Tom, (02-06-2001)

Moving collections
Real, Will, (02-06-2001)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (02-08-2001)

Multilingual Conservation Dictionary
Argyropoulos, Vasilike, (11-24-2001)

Sullivan, Brigid, (01-08-2001)

Mummy portraits
Prins, Steven, (04-23-2001)

Roth-Wells, Nina, (11-14-2001)

Museum Exhibit Framing System
Schwartz, George, (10-21-2001)

Museum Victoria
Fraser, Jude, (06-25-2001)

NEH Preservation Assistance Grants
Paulson, Barbara, (02-15-2001)

NISO standards
Gertz, Janet, (01-03-2001)

NLM's preservation practices
Byrnes, Margaret, (04-19-2001)

National Manuscripts Conservation Trust grants
Sanderson, Belinda, (07-17-2001)

Natural rubber
Agnese, Maria, (07-10-2001)

Needlework on perforated paper
Ellis, Shirley, (11-29-2001)

Neuchatel clocks
Boissonnas, Valentin, (12-27-2000)

New journal proposed
Murray, Toby, (11-07-2001)

New journal: The Moving Image
Zellmann, Stacy, (11-16-2001)

New list: Museum Professionals
Henry, Walter, (06-29-2001)

New list: NCCR
Weber, Jerry, (04-11-2001)

Nadeau, Luis, (10-26-2001)

McAlister, Sheila, (07-10-2001)

Nicholson Baker book
Schnare, Robert E., (04-18-2001)

Higgs, Samantha, (04-17-2001)

Non-English conservation literature
Watkins, Stephanie, (06-21-2001)

Non-reflective Plexiglas
Muller, Norman E., (10-30-2001)
Phibbs, Hugh, (11-07-2001)

Nonionic detergents
Shelly, Smith, (01-25-2001)

Notes on procedures
Wynne-Jones, Robert Ellis, (10-22-2001)

OCLC events at ALA
Behler, Erica, (12-20-2001)

Oddy test
Gall-Ortlik, Agnes, (02-19-2001)
Robinet, Laurianne, (03-06-2001)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (03-07-2001)
Harvey, David, (03-26-2001)
Bradley, Susan, (04-03-2001)

Borges, Richard C., (04-09-2001)
Storch, Paul, (04-24-2001)
Clark, Tamara, (04-30-2001)
Hammond, Jane C., (05-08-2001)

Tonnes, Markus, (04-03-2001)

Open house at West Dean College
Stayt, Kathy, (01-10-2001)

Ottawa Regional Group
Clark, Bonnie, (09-19-2001)

Outdoor sculpture
Winkelmeyer, Iris, (06-07-2001)
Sullivan, Mary Edna, (08-07-2001)

Wrynn, Susan, (01-05-2001)

PADIUpdate database
Thomas, Susan, (07-03-2001)

PARS Library Binding Discussion Group/Binding Automation Discussion Group joint meeting
Sagraves, Barbara, (01-03-2001)
Gertz, Janet, (01-08-2001)

PARS Photographic and Recording Media Discussion Group
Gertz, Janet, (01-03-2001)

PARS Reformatting Discussion Group
Cybulski, Walter, (01-05-2001)

PEM/Climate Notebook field trial
Nishimura, Doug, (02-19-2001)

PH7-70 Tape
Miller, James, (04-28-2001)

PHOCUS records in BCIN
Davis, Vicki, (04-25-2001)

PMG Winter Meeting
Robb, Andrew, (01-05-2001)

Painted textiles
Carlsson, Sofia, (01-05-2001)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (03-07-2001)

Paintings on newspaper.
Burrowes, Trevor, (10-17-2001)

Paintings on softwood
Thistlewood, Jevon, (04-10-2001)

Komejan, Diana, (04-12-2001)
Down, Jane, (04-20-2001)
King, Adrienne F., (04-20-2001)
Brown, Gregory, (04-20-2001)

Panel discussion on conservation
Per, Knutas, (01-25-2001)

Paper clothing
Nielsen, Ingelise, (01-18-2001)

Paper conservation lab available
Salah, Shamil, (03-30-2001)

Paper damaged by copper pigments
Strebel, Martin, (09-03-2001)
Mesmer, Renate, (09-06-2001)
Petersen, Dag-Ernst, (09-27-2001)

Paper impregnated with beeswax
Clouse, Mary Britton, (06-19-2001)
Clydesdale, Amanda, (06-20-2001)
Clark, Tamara, (06-20-2001)

Addleson, Jill, (02-15-2001)

Paraloid B-72
Chang, Josephine, (09-17-2001)

Paraloid B-72 and Tinuvin
Araya, Carolina, (09-07-2001)
Bourdeau, James, (09-14-2001)

Paraloid B72
Lanca, Teresa, (11-09-2001)
Beiner, Gali, (11-13-2001)
Maggen, Michael, (11-18-2001)

Inserra, Simona, (07-25-2001)

Pastels, charcoals, and transport
Downey, Anne, (08-23-2001)

Patriotic graffiti
Dean, J. Claire, (09-25-2001)
Rabinowitz, Mark, (09-27-2001)

Pencil marks and encapsulation
Miller, Michael, (07-11-2001)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (07-13-2001)

Stanley, Jos, (01-29-2001)

Pest management
King, Adrienne F., (07-05-2001)
Shiner, Jerry, (07-06-2001)
Wardius, Janine, (07-12-2001)
Lavrencic, Tamara, (08-02-2001)
Williams, Marc A., (08-04-2001)

Fletcher, Jessica, (06-13-2001)

Stevens, Donna, (06-25-2001)

Phonograph discs
Bailey, George, (09-27-2001)

Photocopying and scanning
Connell, Sharon, (04-09-2001)

Photographs in the tropics
Orraca, Jose, (06-13-2001)

Photography in China
Moor, Angela H., (04-04-2001)

Plasti Dip
Wooton, Kunane, (08-11-2001)

Plasticine models
Griffin, Isobel, (12-07-2001)
Paine, Shelley Reisman, (12-08-2001)
Braun, Tom, (12-10-2001)

Lunas, Susan, (06-21-2001)

Polarizing filters
Hinwood, Jane, (02-12-2001)
Vine, Mark, (02-15-2001)

Policy on electronic art
Gillis, Kathy, (11-02-2001)

Polyester film and shelving
Steckman, Betty, (07-09-2001)
Rogers, Juliette, (07-11-2001)
Shiner, Jerry, (07-13-2001)

Polyester films
Rekrut, Ala, (06-20-2001)

Polyester sleeves
Visser, Michelle, (04-10-2001)

Polyester webbing
Cocuzza, Dominique, (02-14-2001)
Vine, Mark, (02-17-2001)
Carbone, Martin R., (02-17-2001)

Polyethylene boxes
Beiner, Gail Gali, (01-30-2001)

Polyfluted sheeting
Jablonski, Elizabeth, (02-05-2001)

Polypropylene CD cases
Gray, Heather, (09-27-2001)

Portable steamer
Paine, Shelley Reisman, (03-24-2001)

Position at AIATSIS
Lewincamp, Barbara, (05-17-2001)

Position at American Textile History Museum
Lieurance, Maureen, (10-03-2001)

Position at Amigos
Lee, Blythe, (08-08-2001)

Position at ArchCon Labs Ltd.
Daly, Cathy, (05-29-2001)

Position at Art Institute of Chicago
Zuccari, Frank, (05-18-2001)

Position at Association for Manitoba Archives
Rekrut, Ala, (10-19-2001)

Position at Auckland Art Gallery
Hillary, Sarah, (03-19-2001)

Position at Auckland Museum
Gresson, Julia, (01-16-2001)

Position at Bishop Museum
Bolton, Marcia, (05-16-2001)

Position at British Museum
Bradley, Susan, (04-02-2001)

Position at Buffalo State College
Kushel, Dan, (02-01-2001)
Kushel, Dan, (07-18-2001)

Position at California State Department of Parks and Recreation
Messinger, Michelle C., (06-13-2001)

Position at Camberwell
Smith, Anthony, (06-07-2001)

Position at Canadian Museum of Nature
Waller, Robert, (05-04-2001)

Position at Carnegie Museum of Art
Schwabe, Diane, (04-06-2001)
Schwabe, Diane, (07-11-2001)

Position at Case Western Reserve University
Gubkin, Sharlane, (01-03-2001)

Position at Chicago Historical Society
Thompson, Joel, (07-24-2001)

Position at Chicago Public Library
Jordan, Sophia K., (05-02-2001)

Position at Cincinnati Art Museum
Biaglow, Laura, (06-19-2001)

Position at City Parks Foundation Monuments Conservation Program
Short, Elizabeth, (02-02-2001)

Position at Columbia
Gertz, Janet, (06-05-2001)

Position at Conservation Solutions, Inc.
Sembrat, Joe, (03-30-2001)

Position at Conservation and Restoration Center for Furniture and Wooden Artefacts
Piper, Colin, (02-08-2001)

Position at Courtauld Institute of Art
Cather, Sharon, (08-16-2001)

Position at Duke University
Atkins, Winston, (07-03-2001)

Position at Durham University
Branigan, Liz, (09-10-2001)

Position at EVTEK Institute of Arts and Design
Kecskemeti, Istvan, (04-26-2001)

Position at Emory
Albright, Charlotte, (02-19-2001)

Position at Fowler Museum
Hill, Jo, (07-11-2001)

Position at G. Bignell Paper Conservation
Bignell, Graham, (03-20-2001)

Position at Georgetown University
Seo, Hilary, (04-12-2001)

Position at Getty Conservation Institute
Peutet, Jennie, (01-08-2001)
Flordeliza, Sal, (07-13-2001)

Position at Goddard and Gibbs Stained Glass Studio
Becker, Bernard, (09-07-2001)

Position at Goddard and Gibbs Stained Glass Studio--corrigendum
Becker, Bernard, (10-08-2001)

Position at Handbridge Bindery
Fukunaga, Glenn M., (05-22-2001)

Position at Harvard
Spitzmueller, Pamela, (02-20-2001)
Groff, Melissa, (04-18-2001)

Position at Harvard Historical Society
Breeze, Camille Myers, (04-25-2001)

Position at Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village
Deck, Clara, (01-30-2001)

Position at Heritage Preservation
Olsen, Cindy, (07-13-2001)

Position at High Museum of Art
Lewis, Mark, (03-21-2001)

Position at Historic House Trust of New York City
Tseng, Nahn, (03-13-2001)

Position at Historic Scotland
Pearce, Michael, (07-09-2001)

Position at Huntington Library
Rogers, Susan, (07-09-2001)
Rogers, Susan, (10-25-2001)

Position at Image Permanence Institute
Nishimura, Doug, (04-26-2001)

Position at Image Permanence Institute--addendum
Nishimura, Doug, (05-21-2001)
Nishimura, Doug, (05-21-2001)

Position at Indiana University
Mcafee, Melissa Ann, (02-20-2001)
Radom, Rachel Colleen, (07-09-2001)
Mcafee, Melissa Ann, (08-08-2001)
Davis, Betty Jean, (08-20-2001)
Davis, Betty Jean, (10-08-2001)

Position at Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
Mathisen, Susan, (03-12-2001)

Position at J. Paul Getty Museum
Maish, Jeffrey, (01-04-2001)

Position at Jewish Theological Seminary
Steinberger, Naomi, (01-24-2001)

Position at Kaman Kalehoyuk excavation
Wharton, Glenn, (10-17-2001)

Position at Kelsey Museum
Baker, Helen A., (02-28-2001)

Position at Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
Baker, Helen A., (05-10-2001)

Position at Lake Assad
Williams, Emily, (11-23-2001)

Position at Lambeth Palace Library
Barber, Melanie, (11-30-2001)

Position at Library and Information Service of Western Australia
Baily, Stephanie, (02-07-2001)

Position at Library of Congress
Roosa, Mark, (02-01-2001)
Haun, Werner, (04-26-2001)
Roosa, Mark, (11-07-2001)

Position at Library of Congress--addendum
Roosa, Mark, (12-14-2001)

Position at Malta Centre for Restoration
Caruana, Martina, (01-04-2001)

Position at Manchester Metropolitan University
Collinson, Wendy, (01-04-2001)

Position at McMaster University
Schell, Audrie, (06-20-2001)

Position at McMaster University--Corrigendum
Schell, Audrie, (06-22-2001)

Position at Metropolitan Museum of Art
Kennedy, Nora, (08-31-2001)

Position at Morgan Library
Osorio, Sandra, (03-01-2001)

Position at Museum Victoria
McCubbin, Maryanne, (06-05-2001)

Position at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Hanlon, Gordon, (05-17-2001)
Gansicke, Susanne, (08-21-2001)

Position at Museum of Modern Art
Hughston, Milan, (06-26-2001)

Position at NARA
Lee-Bechtold, Susan, (06-18-2001)
Lee-Bechtold, Susan, (07-24-2001)
Puglia, Steven, (11-30-2001)

Position at NARA--addendum
Lee-Bechtold, Susan, (12-07-2001)

Position at NCPTT
Striegel, Mary, (06-12-2001)

Position at NCPTT and Northwestern State University
Striegel, Mary, (03-13-2001)

Position at NEDCC
Owen, Bryan, (06-21-2001)
Saryan, Debbie, (06-06-2001)
Glaser, Toddy, (09-20-2001)

Position at NEH
Paulson, Barbara, (11-07-2001)

Position at NYU
Epstein, David G., (05-31-2001)
Stefano, Paula De, (12-05-2001)

Position at National Archives of Australia
Donovan, Elizabeth, (01-09-2001)

Position at National Archives of Scotland
Ramsay, Linda, (07-02-2001)

Position at National Library of Medicine
Clausen, Carol, (01-24-2001)

Position at National Library of New Zealand
Fabry, Frank, (01-04-2001)
Fabry, Frank, (02-01-2001)
Najar, Pamela, (05-24-2001)

Position at National Library of New Zealand--addendum
Fabry, Frank, (02-08-2001)

Position at National Museum of Fine Arts, Sweden
Ahlgren, Charlotte, (02-16-2001)
Wretstrand, Karin, (08-22-2001)

Position at National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside
Sportun, Samantha, (03-27-2001)
Watts, Siobhan, (07-05-2001)
Stewart, Ann, (08-16-2001)
Watts, Siobhan, (10-25-2001)

Position at National Park Service
Voeks, Gretchen, (01-04-2001)
Burke, Martin, (01-19-2001)
Burke, Martin, (07-06-2001)

Position at National Task Force on Emergency Response
Olsen, Cindy, (07-13-2001)

Position at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Gambill, Vicki, (03-20-2001)

Position at Nebraska State Historical Society
Reilly, Julie A., (04-09-2001)

Position at New York Botanical Garden
Marder, Olga, (07-20-2001)
Marder, Olga, (09-06-2001)
Marder, Olga, (10-26-2001)

Position at New York Public Library
Reeves, Marc, (01-02-2001)

Position at New York Public Library--Addendum
Pilette, Roberta, (01-05-2001)

Position at Newberry Library
Klos, Anne, (03-22-2001)
Klos, Anne, (08-08-2001)

Position at Newhailes
Griffin, Isobel, (06-07-2001)

Position at North Carolina State Archives
Koonts, Sarah, (08-09-2001)

Position at Northwestern University
Olley, Lorraine, (08-23-2001)

Position at OCLC
Behler, Erica, (07-27-2001)

Position at Ohio State University
Boomgaarden, Wes, (09-01-2001)

Position at Oxford
Adcock, Edward, (03-07-2001)

Position at Peebles Island Resource Center
Culver, Marie, (05-19-2001)
Culver, Marie, (08-20-2001)

Position at Princeton
Milevski, Robert J., (10-16-2001)

Position at Public Record Office, Kew
Wayte, Tracey, (08-23-2001)
Orchard, Marianne, (11-19-2001)

Position at Queen's University
Murray, Alison, (02-20-2001)

Position at Robert Mussey Associates
Mussey, Robert, (10-30-2001)

Position at Royal Armouries
Smith, Robert, (10-31-2001)

Position at Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
McDowell, Dawn, (08-10-2001)
Choe, Perry, (11-15-2001)

Position at Royal Pavilion
Barlow, Andrew, (11-01-2001)

Position at Sculpture Conservation Studio, Los Angeles
Morse, Andrea, (11-27-2001)

Position at Stanford
Henry, Walter, (05-03-2001)

Position at State Records NSW
O'Reilly, Emily, (09-06-2001)

Position at Syracuse University
Verheyen, Peter, (02-09-2001)

Position at Te Papa
Whaiti, Moana Te, (09-10-2001)
Whaiti, Moana Te, (10-04-2001)

Position at Texas Tech University
Roberts, Carol, (06-07-2001)

Position at Texas Tech University--addendum
Devine, Scott W., (07-09-2001)

Position at Tufts University
Regan, Liz, (09-17-2001)

Position at UCSF
Wakeford, Paul, (07-31-2001)

Position at Union Theological Seminary
McCurdy, Claire, (05-11-2001)

Position at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Klinger, Jane E., (12-20-2001)

Position at University of Alberta
Ellis, Shirley, (11-07-2001)

Position at University of Applied Sciences, Cologne
Hellwig, Friedemann, (04-10-2001)

Position at University of Colorado at Boulder
Brown-Jones, Roberta, (10-26-2001)

Position at University of Delaware
Norris, Debra Hess, (01-08-2001)

Position at University of Kentucky
Ryder, Becky, (07-23-2001)

Position at University of Maryland
McCarthy, Christine, (01-03-2001)
McCarthy, Christine, (03-07-2001)

Position at University of New Mexico
Bahm, Linda, (05-23-2001)

Position at University of North Carolina
Hart, Andrew, (09-19-2001)

Position at University of Southampton
Noakes, Samantha, (01-22-2001)
Noakes, Samantha, (04-06-2001)
Noakes, Samantha, (08-07-2001)

Position at Upper Midwest Conservation Association
Borges, Richard C., (02-15-2001)
Borges, Richard C., (09-05-2001)

Position at Walters Art Museum
Quandt, Abigail, (05-21-2001)

Position at Wellcome Trust
Mellen, Lynne, (12-03-2001)

Position at Wellesley
Leong, Sue, (02-15-2001)
Leong, Sue, (10-09-2001)

Position at West Dean College
Thurston, Isabel, (08-28-2001)

Position at West Lake Conservators
Blakney, Susan, (03-22-2001)

Position at West Lake Conservators Ltd.
Conn, Donia, (05-03-2001)
Phillips, Michele, (08-21-2001)

Position at Williamstown Art Conservation Center
Glover, Hugh, (11-09-2001)

Position at YMCA Canada Archives
Rodgers, Anastasia, (05-04-2001)

Position at Yale
Fairbanks-Harris, Theresa, (02-19-2001)

Position at Yale Center for British Art
Gerbracht, Amy, (01-08-2001)
Fairbanks-Harris, Theresa, (02-16-2001)

Position at the Glenbow Museum
Fireman, Belinda, (02-27-2001)

Position at the National Archives
Lee-Bechtold, Susan, (04-05-2001)

Position at the National Museum of the American Indian
Williamson, Leslie, (05-16-2001)
Kaplan, Emily, (11-26-2001)

Position at the Natural History Museum, London
Gray, David, (03-12-2001)

Position in Conchopata, Peru
Kaplan, Emily, (05-24-2001)

Position in South Shropshire
Evans, Suzanne, (08-02-2001)

Positions at American Museum of Natural History
Levinson, Judith, (05-09-2001)

Positions at Australian War Memorial
Cosgrove, Bronwyn, (06-07-2001)

Positions at Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo backdrops project
Norton, Ruth, (11-27-2001)

Positions at Brooklyn Museum of Art
Pearlstein, Ellen, (07-10-2001)

Positions at CCI
Harrington, Michael, (10-24-2001)

Positions at Columbia University
Fredericks, Maria, (02-12-2001)

Positions at Field Museum
Norton, Ruth, (11-06-2001)

Positions at Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village
Larson, Minoo, (07-02-2001)

Positions at Historic Royal Palaces
Howell, David, (05-11-2001)
Howell, David, (06-29-2001)

Positions at Manchester City Art Galleries
Pierce, Christopher, (01-20-2001)

Positions at Metropolitan Museum of Art
Dubansky, Mindell, (09-06-2001)

Positions at NARA
Stanfill-McCarty, Nancy, (04-16-2001)
Ritzenthaler, MaryLynn, (11-14-2001)

Positions at NARA--addendum
Stanfill-McCarty, Nancy, (05-23-2001)

Positions at National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside
Gregory, Victoria, (10-12-2001)
Gregory, Victoria, (12-04-2001)

Positions at Northern States Conservation Center
Swanson, Eric, (08-03-2001)

Positions at Steven Prins & Company
Prins, Steven, (11-13-2001)

Positions at Union Theological Seminary
McCurdy, Claire, (01-22-2001)

Positions at the Field Museum
Lundberg, Holly, (04-03-2001)

Positions at the National Museum of the American Indian
Johnson, Jessica, (12-20-2001)

Positions in Los Angeles
Gomez, Pat, (12-18-2001)

Preconference on virtual libraries
Riley, Alicia, (04-05-2001)

Preparatory course on conservation
Spiteri, Martin, (06-12-2001)

Presentation on certification cancelled
Caldararo, Niccolo, (04-11-2001)

Presentations library preservation
James, Robert, (08-03-2001)

Presentations on conservation
Hambleton, Len, (08-17-2001)

Preservation Administrators Discussion Group
Gatewood, Joan, (06-04-2001)

Preservation needs assessment consultant
Altman, Burt, (11-28-2001)

Preservation of an ammonal mine
Vine, Mark, (07-26-2001)
Place, Heather, (08-03-2001)
Welch, Stuart Macdonald, (08-14-2001)

Preservation photocopying
Kaplan, Hilary A., (11-15-2001)
Foley, Lori, (11-21-2001)
Vanderlinden, Thomas M., (11-26-2001)
Vine, Mark, (11-21-2001)
Kaplan, Hilary A., (11-26-2001)
Batterham, Ian, (11-29-2001)

Preservation planning
Morris, Patricia A., (01-30-2001)

Gramly, Suzanne Martin, (11-26-2001)
Shiner, Jerry, (11-27-2001)

Private practice in institutional lab
Lane, Anne, (01-08-2001)
Thompson, Jack C., (01-09-2001)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (01-09-2001)
Parker, Shannon L., (01-10-2001)
Dixon, Tom, (01-11-2001)
Harvey, David, (01-16-2001)
Williams, Emily, (01-27-2001)

Project conservators at historic houses
Sessford, Kirstie, (04-10-2001)

Protective shoes
Griffin, Isobel, (05-02-2001)
Fraser, Ian, (05-06-2001)
Potje, Karen, (05-07-2001)
Mazur, Tracey, (05-08-2001)
Scott, Matthew, (05-10-2001)
Christensson, Pia, (05-14-2001)
Griffin, Isobel, (05-24-2001)

Prunus laurocerasus
Gutebier, Thomas, (05-07-2001)

Public examination of student theses
Gall-Ortlik, Agnes, (08-08-2001)

Publication about conservation web sites
Rhyne, Charles, (01-19-2001)

Publication on architectural preservation
Kelly, Kate, (08-01-2001)

Publication on biodeterioration
Koestler, Robert J., (03-09-2001)

Publication on collection surveys
Lindsay, Helen, (10-23-2001)
Lindsay, Helen, (11-05-2001)

Publication on conservation resources
McManus, Ed, (01-08-2001)

Publication on digital imaging
Beagrie, Neil, (11-27-2001)

Publication on digital preservation
Sanderson, Belinda, (02-02-2001)

Publication on digitization
Sanderson, Belinda, (11-28-2001)

Publication on effects of Light
Schaeffer, Terry, (08-27-2001)

Publication on ethnographic beadwork
Stephens, Morwena, (07-09-2001)

Publication on heritage preservation
Kraus, Berit, (08-29-2001)

Publication on history of paper in Islamic world
Benson, John, (11-30-2001)

Publication on library preservation
Wild, Judith, (05-07-2001)

Publication on outdoor sculpture
Nichols, Susan, (08-08-2001)

Publication on paper conservation
Chiggiato, Rosanna, (12-08-2001)

Publication on preservation management of digital materials
Sanderson, Belinda, (11-09-2001)

Publication on preventive conservation strategies
Putt, Neal, (10-18-2001)

Publication on preventive conservation strategies--corrigendum
Putt, Neal, (10-21-2001)

Pyrite in fossils
Maus, Michael, (12-07-2001)
Doyle, Adrian M., (12-11-2001)
Shiner, Jerry, (12-08-2001)

Pyrography and pokerwork
Millis, Susan M., (11-28-2001)

Quarantine area
Tandon, Aparna, (12-04-2001)

Questionnaire on art and craft
King, Adrienne F., (04-08-2001)

Questionnaire on disaster planning
Marshall, Vanessa, (09-28-2001)

Questionnaire on training
Jackson, Martha, (09-26-2001)

Quinque Foundation fellowships
Joy, Hilary A, (08-02-2001)

RLG DigiNews
Dale, Robin L., (02-14-2001)
Dale, Robin L., (04-15-2001)
Dale, Robin L., (08-15-2001)
Dale, Robin L., (10-15-2001)
Dale, Robin L., (12-17-2001)

Radon in storage area
Rees, Sue, (02-08-2001)

Ralph Blakelock
Seifen, Charlotte, (03-26-2001)
Swider, Joseph R., (03-30-2001)

Rare Book School
Press, Book Arts, (04-04-2001)

Recording hygrothermographs and dataloggers
Dixon, Tom, (02-15-2001)
Thompson, Jack C., (02-17-2001)
Halahan, Frances, (02-17-2001)
Oleszewski, Craig, (02-17-2001)
Arenstein, Rachael, (02-22-2001)
Hutchinson, Merv, (02-26-2001)
Urich, Jim, (02-22-2001)
Jeffers, Will, (03-22-2001)

Recruitment firms
Wardius, Janine, (11-16-2001)

Reformatting motion picture film
Herrick, Roxanna, (04-30-2001)

Relief map
Connell, Sharon, (03-02-2001)

Remarque parchment
Caldararo, Niccolo, (08-11-2001)

Removing ink from albumen prints
Cross, Scott, (03-29-2001)
Conway, James M, (04-04-2001)

Removing ink from marble
Hargrove, Suzanne, (10-26-2001)
Roundhill, Linda, (10-30-2001)
Unruh, Julie, (11-06-2001)

Removing ink from vellum
Wiering, Vernon, (02-22-2001)

Removing labels from book spines
Freeman, Olivia, (02-12-2001)
Kelzer, Marie, (02-15-2001)

Removing labels from glass
Murphy, Judith, (02-20-2001)
Verheyen, Peter D., (02-22-2001)

Renovating exhibit space
Bowman, Georgianne, (03-16-2001)
Shiner, Jerry, (03-24-2001)
Himmelstein, Paul, (03-30-2001)

Repairing bronze
Kumar, Lalit, (10-23-2001)

Replacement for Synperonic N
Wingham, Andrew, (07-12-2001)

Report on collaboration for mass deacidification
Rhys-Lewis, Jonathan, (02-12-2001)

Research on tape and heat-set products
Down, Jane, (09-25-2001)

Retail outlets for paper
Ginsberg, Tatiana, (10-12-2001)

Rome Prize
Connelly, Brendan, (10-30-2001)

Roneo prints
Decoux, Sandrine, (07-11-2001)

Roommate wanted for AIC
Silverman, Randy, (04-20-2001)

Martinez, Jo Anne, (10-11-2001)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (10-20-2001)

Rust on meteorite
Scott, Elizabeth M., (12-18-2001)
Scott, David, (12-20-2001)
Shiner, Jerry, (12-19-2001)

SAA Preservation Publication Award
Talley, Sarah, (02-06-2001)

N'Gadi, Ann B., (04-17-2001)
McManus, Ed, (04-16-2001)
Koob, Stephen, (04-20-2001)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (04-22-2001)
Espinola, Vera, (04-20-2001)
Grattan, David, (04-24-2001)
Jaeschke, Helena, (04-27-2001)
Jones, Penny, (05-08-2001)
Podany, Jerry, (05-15-2001)
N'Gadi, Ann B., (09-17-2001)

Podany, Jerry, (04-06-2001)

SERCA Annual Meeting
Singley, Katherine, (11-01-2001)

SLA spray
Perugini, Flavia, (05-08-2001)

SOLINET workshops
Riley, Alicia, (04-11-2001)
Riley, Alicia, (07-19-2001)
Riley, Alicia, (10-01-2001)
Riley, Alicia, (11-27-2001)

Nyeborg, Pierre-Emmanuel, (11-19-2001)
Pedersen, Karen Brynjolf, (11-22-2001)
Rohan, Deborah, (11-22-2001)

Sampling from ceramics
Sigel, Tony, (01-04-2001)

Scottish Society for Conservation and Restoration
Charles, Vanessa, (04-04-2001)
Player-Dahnsjo, Ylva, (06-01-2001)

De van Watering, Ko, (04-18-2001)
Cremers, Ton, (04-22-2001)
Baxter, Guy, (04-25-2001)

Security consultants
Grant, Sharlane, (10-15-2001)

Security strips
Utermohlen, Hilda Abreu, (04-03-2001)
Clausen, Carol, (09-25-2001)

Seminar and workshop on Integrated Pest Management
Akerlund, Monika, (01-08-2001)

Seminar on Herbaria
Fry, Karenna, (04-04-2001)

Seminar on Motion Picture Film Preservation
Johnsen, Jesper Stub, (09-24-2001)

Seminar on collection surveys
Spencer, Helen, (10-15-2001)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (10-20-2001)

Seminar on conservation of outdoor bronze sculpture
Scott, John, (03-29-2001)

Seminar on conservation surveys
Player-Dahnsjo, Ylva, (10-23-2001)

Seminar on electronic records
Sanderson, Belinda, (02-27-2001)

Seminar on financial issues in conservation
Aitken, Richard, (02-12-2001)

Seminar on herbaria in collections
Fry, Karenna, (01-15-2001)

Seminar on leather restoration
Dorgan, Patrick, (01-10-2001)

Seminar on photographic preservation
Nishimura, Doug, (05-21-2001)

Seminar on weave structures
Mathisen, Susan, (05-17-2001)

Richwine, Beth, (01-24-2001)
Vine, Mark, (01-27-2001)

Vine, Mark, (03-22-2001)
Heginbotham, Arlen, (03-26-2001)
Brunn, Margot, (04-17-2001)

Sheer curtains
Cross, Christine, (06-18-2001)

Sidney Williston Memorial Fund
Holt, Jayne, (05-21-2001)

Potje, Karen, (06-05-2001)
Potje, Karen, (06-07-2001)
Baskin, Bonnie, (06-07-2001)
Fahey, Jerry, (06-07-2001)
Rohan, Deborah, (06-15-2001)

Leggio, Angeletta, (03-09-2001)
Belval, Marie-Noel Challan, (04-06-2001)

Skin Deep
Lanning, David M., (03-09-2001)
Lanning, David, (10-22-2001)
Lanning, David, (10-25-2001)

Slides of storage conditions
Myers, Ken, (12-22-2000)
Fuller, Richard, (01-04-2001)
Waller, Robert, (01-05-2001)

Sliding racks for painting storage
Herskovitz, Bob, (03-12-2001)

Smoke, fire, and water damage
Higgitt, Catherine, (05-15-2001)

Lamb, Susie, (12-04-2001)

Soda blasting
Hite, Gerron, (03-21-2001)
Horton, John, (03-26-2001)
Pung, Olaf, (03-29-2001)

Sodium hydroxide
CLine, J. Daryl, (06-19-2001)
Trinkley, Michael, (06-20-2001)

Software for architectural design
Potje, Karen, (05-28-2001)
Pavelka, Karen L., (05-29-2001)
DuBois, Susan W., (05-30-2001)

Software for gathering production statistics
Jackson, Martha, (08-24-2001)

Solander boxes
Brown, Karen, (02-08-2001)
Brown, Karen, (03-08-2001)
Fairbanks-Harris, Theresa, (03-23-2001)

Solander boxes available
Parker, Shannon L., (01-11-2001)

Soluble nylon
Krantz, Peter N., (06-07-2001)
Rohan, Deborah, (06-14-2001)
Stevens, Donna, (06-14-2001)
Lebwohl, Murray, (06-14-2001)
Cather, Sharon, (06-16-2001)
McCrady, Ellen, (06-16-2001)
Woods, Chris, (06-15-2001)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (06-16-2001)

Solvent extraction equipment
Caldararo, Niccolo, (02-17-2001)

Solvents and film
Loureco, Miguel, (01-07-2001)

Source for Gore-Tex polyester felt laminate
Di Bagno, Andrea, (01-02-2001)
Conn, Donia, (03-06-2001)

Source for drying racks
Chiliadaki, Argyro, (01-08-2001)

Source for epoxy resin sought
Pagliarino, Amanda, (12-03-2001)

Source for magnetic bookends
Connell, Sharon, (10-17-2001)

Source for methyl cellulose
Lien, Gyles, (01-11-2001)

Source for post binders
Monroe, Margaret, (12-05-2001)
Bindery, Grimm Book, (12-07-2001)
Clark, Bonnie, (12-07-2001)
Pourchot, Eric, (12-07-2001)

Special collections materials in general stacks
Gertz, Janet, (01-25-2001)

Leggio, Angeletta, (03-08-2001)

Sprinkler head recall
Davis, Sheryl, (07-23-2001)

Sprinkler head recall--addendum
Strassberg, Richard, (09-07-2001)

Stained glass
Groom, Sally, (12-07-2001)

Staining caused by cockroaches
Altman, Burt, (07-12-2001)

Stains on bone
Hoff, Jane, (10-19-2001)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (10-23-2001)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (10-26-2001)

Stains on sepia-toned prints
Deane, Robert, (11-19-2001)

Standards for copy prints and negatives
Rawdon, Katy E., (02-16-2001)

Standards for photographs
Utermohlen, Hilda Abreu, (08-17-2001)

Steamer trunk
Wickenhiser-Schaudt, Carol, (02-09-2001)
Vine, Mark, (02-15-2001)

Stoddard solvent
Antognini, Alfredo, (08-29-2001)
Shiner, Jerry, (08-31-2001)

Storage of CDs
Fiona, Lawry, (02-05-2001)

Storage of paintings
Neal, Colin, (12-23-2000)
Himawan, Joice, (12-29-2000)

Storing a fibrin bandage
Hawk, Alan J., (08-24-2001)
Baker, Mary T., (08-29-2001)
Shiner, Jerry, (08-29-2001)
Welch, Stuart Macdonald, (08-29-2001)

Storing batteries
Larkin, Chip, (01-09-2001)
Bailey, George, (01-12-2001)
Shiner, Jerry, (01-19-2001)

Storing bronze
Stulemeijer, Roeland, (06-12-2001)

Storing oversized photographs
Naef, Brigit, (08-20-2001)
Bernier, Brenda, (08-22-2001)

Storing slides
Dugan, Mary Kate, (02-26-2001)

Student Organization for Unique and Rare Collections Everywhere (SOURCE)
Poll, Laura M., (11-15-2001)

Studio space available
Heller, Thomas L., (12-05-2001)

Styrene acrylic copolymer
Lamb, Carolyn, (12-03-2001)

Substitute for Mylar Type D
Silverman, Randy, (11-13-2001)
Miller, James, (11-21-2001)
Vine, Mark, (11-21-2001)

Support for preservation planning surveys
Brown, Karen, (05-14-2001)

Support material for megalithic temple
Attard, Sean P., (12-16-2001)

Supporting large paper objects
Vine, Mark, (03-15-2001)

Supports for large paintings
Caldararo, Niccolo, (12-22-2000)

Survey on bronze treatment
Shedlosky, Tara, (10-23-2001)

Survey on cooperative preservation
Drewes, Jeanne, (01-22-2001)

Survey on hangers for textile collections
Shiner, Jerry, (03-12-2001)

Survey on lamination
Kennedy, Tara, (04-04-2001)

Survey on safety training
Hawks, Catharine, (03-25-2001)

Klingaman, Katrina, (06-25-2001)

Symposium on Barnett Newman
Hummelen, IJsbrand C.M., (11-06-2001)

Symposium on Biodeterioration
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (06-07-2001)

Symposium on Biodeterioration--Corrigendum
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (06-25-2001)

Symposium on Museums in Historic Buildings
Himmelstein, Paul, (04-16-2001)

Symposium on collections conservation
Williams, Emily, (10-25-2001)

Symposium on digital preservation
Grundmann, Erica, (05-17-2001)

Symposium on film preservation
Mancuso, Kathy, (01-20-2001)

Symposium on hermetic storage
Johnson, Kerra, (07-06-2001)

Symposium on reliquary shrines
Boissonnas, Valentin, (05-29-2001)

Symposium on scientific research in the field of Asian art
McCarthy, Blythe, (08-27-2001)

Symposium on technical examination
Spronk, Ron, (04-17-2001)

Talking-Tag system
Van Esch, Janneke, (11-13-2001)

Tannic acid and iron
Wallsmith, Deborah, (04-24-2001)
Bailey, George, (05-02-2001)
Roth, Vanessa, (05-05-2001)

Berntsen, Pia, (10-29-2001)
Bernier, Brenda, (11-01-2001)

Textile Conservation Group
Lowengard, Sarah, (02-06-2001)
Lowengard, Sarah, (02-14-2001)
Lowengard, Sarah, (04-16-2001)

Stulemeijer, Roeland, (04-18-2001)

Thermal printers
Sutherland, Laine, (01-29-2001)

Thermaline cryogenic drying
Cattaneo, Barbara, (04-17-2001)

Thermohydrographs available
Smith, Robert, (03-21-2001)

Shew, Alister, (11-28-2001)

Thermolignum system
Coxon, Helen, (06-14-2001)

Thermoluminescence and X-ray radiography
Faltermeier, Robert B., (04-24-2001)
Chase, W. T., (04-28-2001)

Tin corrosion
Pette, Jan Willem, (03-02-2001)
Perretti, Leonardo, (03-25-2001)

Titanium dioxide and UV
Associates, Minnick, (09-18-2001)

Tom Clareson
Barton, Christopher, (10-30-2001)

Training in preventive conservation
Roosa, Mark, (05-10-2001)

Training opportunity
Woods, Chris, (08-08-2001)

Translation sought
Scott, Matthew, (10-04-2001)

Tray decorated with butterfly wings
Greenfield, Judy, (02-01-2001)
Storch, Paul, (02-07-2001)

Twentieth century furniture research group
Kaner, Jake, (07-04-2001)

US National Award for Excellence in Cultural Property Protection
Henry, Walter, (02-13-2001)

UV filtering coatings
Hodgson, John R., (09-05-2001)

UV filters
Keck, Marie, (04-04-2001)

Unbuffered map folders
Potje, Karen, (01-30-2001)
Dodd, Beth, (02-07-2001)

Vacuum hot table available
Burke, John, (12-11-2001)

Vacuum tweezer system
Singer, Martha, (02-07-2001)

Verberne, Feroza, (11-08-2001)

Vehicle engines
Weidenhofer, Helen, (05-31-2001)
Monahan, Valery, (06-07-2001)

Vellum cloth
O'Reilly, Emily, (02-21-2001)
Hamann, Barbara, (03-27-2001)

Ventilation of compact shelving
Hodgson, John R., (06-15-2001)

Verband der Restauratoren conference
Corbach, Almuth, (09-07-2001)

Virginia Historical Inventory Project
Roderick, Elizabeth, (06-06-2001)

Wall covering
Smith, Elizabeth, (07-06-2001)
Wassenmiller, Sandy, (08-17-2001)

Joy, Elisabeth, (07-09-2001)

Walnut shells
Roundhill, Linda, (04-19-2001)

Walrus ivory carving
Greenfield, Judy, (02-21-2001)

Martin-Weldon, Marianne, (11-25-2001)
Window, Louise, (11-28-2001)

Washington Conservation Guild
Stauderman, Sarah, (03-21-2001)

Water alarms
McCraith, Iona, (10-03-2001)
Shiner, Jerry, (10-08-2001)
Urich, Jim, (10-09-2001)
Arenstein, Rachael, (10-09-2001)
Potje, Karen, (10-15-2001)

Water damaged paintings
Moller, Berit, (10-18-2001)

Water glass
Appelbaum, Barbara, (05-14-2001)
Koob, Stephen, (05-16-2001)
Schwartz, George, (05-16-2001)

Lee, Valerie, (05-14-2001)
Lee, Valerie, (06-22-2001)

Waterlogged wood
Piena, Hans, (06-29-2001)
Arnold, Lori, (06-30-2001)

Wax on pottery
Neller, Angela Steiner, (09-04-2001)
Strehle, Helle, (09-07-2001)

Wax seals
Elliott, Kirsten, (11-13-2001)
Aitken, Richard, (11-21-2001)
Mussey, Robert, (11-21-2001)
Thompson, Jack C., (11-28-2001)
Woods, Chris, (12-05-2001)
Clydesdale, Amanda, (11-28-2001)
Rohan, Deborah, (12-06-2001)
Thompson, Jack C., (12-07-2001)

Web site on albumen photographs
Messier, Paul, (02-13-2001)

Web site on marine archeological conservation
Roth, Vanessa, (04-06-2001)

Web site on museum jobs
Clough, David, (04-04-2001)

West Dean College Building Conservation Masterclasses
Stayt, Kathy, (02-02-2001)
Thurston, Isabel, (07-11-2001)
Thurston, Isabel, (08-31-2001)

Wheels for carts
Jessup, Wendy, (10-18-2001)

Window films
Flaiani, Enrico, (11-15-2001)

Window putty
Clydesdale, Amanda, (12-06-2001)
Norman, Chris, (12-07-2001)
Rivers, Shayne, (12-12-2001)
Horton, John, (12-13-2001)
Klein, Detlef, (12-10-2001)

Wine as painting medium
Deller, Stefan, (07-09-2001)

Wine stain on paper
Conn, Donia, (05-01-2001)

Winterthur fellowships awarded
Buggeln, Gretchen, (05-21-2001)

Wood surfaces
Pearce, Michael, (05-09-2001)
Fraser, Ian, (05-11-2001)
Klein, Detlef, (05-15-2001)

Wool felt
Snyder, Reba, (09-26-2001)

Workshop on Japanese conservation techniques
Capderou, Christine, (01-22-2001)

Workshop on adhesives
Down, Jane, (01-17-2001)

Workshop on book collections maintenance and repair
Frost, Gary, (06-07-2001)

Workshop on cemetery preservation
Trinkley, Michael, (08-21-2001)

Workshop on conservation framing
Burnett, Nicholas, (04-06-2001)

Workshop on daguerreotypes
Endslow, Ellen, (11-08-2001)

Workshop on digitizing historic newspapers
Poole, Nat, (11-09-2001)

Workshop on disaster management
Cornish, Eve, (10-16-2001)

Workshop on disaster preparedness
Riley, Alicia, (07-13-2001)

Workshop on disasters
Corr, Helen, (02-15-2001)
Lee, Mary Wood, (06-27-2001)

Workshop on exhibition
Markell, Melinda, (06-07-2001)

Workshop on fire recovery
Holt, Jayne, (03-26-2001)
Pagan, Michele, (08-03-2001)

Workshop on fire recovery--Corrigendum
Pagan, Michele, (08-15-2001)

Workshop on fire recovery--addendum
Pagan, Michele, (09-13-2001)

Workshop on frames
Markell, Melinda, (04-19-2001)

Workshop on iron gall ink
Studt, Mary, (01-22-2001)

Workshop on library binding
Riley, Alicia, (05-03-2001)

Workshop on management of photographic collections
Muller, Anne, (05-16-2001)

Workshop on multimedia archives
Muller, Anne, (10-19-2001)

Workshop on packing and transport
Boyle, Tina, (08-21-2001)

Workshop on packing and transport--corrigendum
Hampson, Clare, (08-24-2001)

Workshop on photodocumentation
Mathisen, Susan, (05-24-2001)

Workshop on photographic conservation
Norris, Debra Hess, (10-29-2001)

Workshop on preservation assessments
Sanderson, Belinda, (08-21-2001)

Workshop on preservation microfilming
Riley, Alicia, (08-16-2001)

Workshop on publishing
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (09-16-2001)

Workshop on scanning
Brown, Karen, (05-24-2001)

Workshops on accreditation
Lester, Stan, (03-14-2001)

Workshops on disaster response
Markell, Melinda, (07-03-2001)

Workshops on environment
Lull, William P., (01-04-2001)
Lull, William P., (12-21-2001)

X-ray radiography
Dixon, Tom, (06-19-2001)
Knight, Barry, (06-21-2001)
Chase, W. T., (06-23-2001)

X-ray units
Atkinson, Jo, (06-04-2001)
Trinkley, Michael, (06-07-2001)
Portillo, Robert, (06-17-2001)

Xes Performance Zero-Solvent Vellum
Lerner, Susan, (06-07-2001)

Zeutschel color scanner
Milevski, Robert J., (12-18-2001)

Zinc wall
Penny, Edmonds, (01-03-2001)

i2S digital camera
Frost, Hannah, (10-25-2001)

pH meter and electrodes
Kaplan, Hilary A., (12-14-2001)

pH meters
Nicholls, Heather, (03-28-2001)
Gerbracht, Amy, (06-12-2001)

un-du Adhesive Remover
Baker, Whitney, (04-25-2001)
Thompson, Jack C., (04-28-2001)
Miller, Michael, (04-28-2001)

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