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Subject: Publication on biodeterioration

Publication on biodeterioration

From: Robert J. Koestler <rkoestler1>
Date: Friday, March 9, 2001
Table of contents for two issues of the journal (International
Biodeterioration and Biodegradation, Elsevier Science publication )
I am an editor on that are of specific interest to the conservation

Vol 46 No. 3. Biodeterioration of Cultural Property 2, Part 1

    R.J. Koestler (USA)

    Foxing caused by Fungi: twenty-five years of study
    H. Arai (Japan)

    A review of microbial deterioration found in archaeological wood
    from different environments
        R.A. Blanchette (USA)

    SEM analysis of irregular fungal fox spots in an 1854 book:
    population dynamics and species identification
        M.-L. E. Florian and L. Manning (Canada)

    Biological weathering and mineral deposits of the Belevi marble
    quarry (Ephesus, Turkey)
        M. Garcia-Vallhs (Spain), C. Urzi, F. De Leo, P. Salamone
        (Italy) and M. Vendrell-Saz (Spain)

    Comparative analyses of the bacterial diversity on two different
    biodeteriorated wall paintings by DGGE and 16S rDNA sequence
        C. Gurtner (Austria), J. Heyrman (Belgium), G. Piqar, W.
        Lubitz (Austria), J. SWINGS (Belgium)and S. Rvlleke

    A review of selected methods for the detection of degradative
        J. Jellison and C. Jasala Vich (USA)

    Fungal deterioration of 18th and 19th century documents: a case
    study of the Tilghman   Family Collection,Wye House,    Easton,
        H. Szczepanowska and A.R. Cavaliere (USA)

    Biodiversity of photosynthetic micro-organisms dwelling on stone
        L. Tomaselli, G. Lamenti, M. Bosco and P. Tiano (Italy)

Vol. 46 No. 4. Biodeterioration of Cultural Property 2, Part 2

    Editorial: When bad things happen to good art
        R.J. Koestler (USA)

    Biodecay of cultural heritage as a space/time-related ecological
    situation--an evaluation of a series of studies
        Th. Dornieden, A.A. Gorbushina and W.E. Krumbein (Germany)

    A bacterial extracellular proteinase degrading silk fibroin
        G. Forlani, A.M. Seves and O. Ciferri (Italy)

    Distribution of microorganisms on ancient wall paintings as
    related to associated faunal elements
        A.A. Gorbushina and K. Petersen (Germany)

    Detection of insect infestation in museum objects by carbon
    dioxide measurement using FTIR
        R.J. Koestler, S. Sardjono and D.L. Koestler (USA)

    Detection of wood boring insects by measurement of oxygen
        P. Stusek, F. Pohleven and D. Capl (Slovema)

    Changes in the biofilm microflora of limestone caused by
    atmospheric pollutants
        R. Mitchell (USA) and J.-D. Gu (People's Republic of China)

    Enhancement of physical weathering of building stones by
    microbial populations
        S. Papida, W. Murphy and E. May (UK)

    Occurrence of halotolerant/halophilic bacterial communities in
    deteriorated monuments
        C. Saiz-Jimenez and L. Laiz (Spain)

    Investigations of the localisation of bacterial activity on
    sandstone from ancient monuments
        S. Tayler and E. May (UK)

    Biodeterioration of Mayan archaeological sites in the Yucatan
    Peninsula, Mexico
        H.A. Videla, P.S. Guiamet and S. Gomez de Saravia

    Biodeterioration of stone: a review
        Th. Warscheid and J. Braams (Germany)

Bob Koestler, MMA

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