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Conservation DistList--Yearly Subject Index

11th ICOM-CC Triennial Meeting
Wright, Margot M., (04-18-1996)

16th century colorants in Mexico
Haude, Mary E., (07-16-1996)
Mathisen, Susan, (07-25-1996)

17th century stab-sewn English bindings
Haude, Mary E., (03-20-1996)

18th century paints, dyes and mordants
Philp, Flavia, (10-04-1996)

19th century prints on vellum
Connell, Sharon, (03-19-1996)

Siegle, Frank, (06-16-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (07-12-1996)

A death
Nishimura, Doug, (05-29-1996)
Koch, Mogens, (05-29-1996)
McCrady, Ellen, (10-14-1996)

Appelbaum, Barbara, (03-18-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (03-22-1996)
Tribe, Adrian, (03-19-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (03-27-1996)

AIC annual meeting
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (03-07-1996)

AIC electronic media SIG
Messier, Paul, (06-04-1996)

AIC preconference
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (03-26-1996)

AIC preconference--Corrigendum
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (04-01-1996)

AIC workshops
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (05-03-1996)
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (05-13-1996)

ALA PARS Discussion Groups
Gatewood, Joan, (06-28-1996)

ALCTS/PARS Preservation Education and Outreach Discussion Group
Smith, Margit, (01-04-1996)
Smith, Margit, (02-16-1996)

ALCTS/PARS Preservation Education and Outreach Discussion Group--Corrigendum
Smith, Margit, (01-08-1996)

ANSI update
Nishimura, Doug, (04-18-1996)
Nishimura, Doug, (11-11-1996)

ARL library preservation statistics
Kyrillidou, Martha, (07-24-1996)

Academic research
Peters, Dale, (12-06-1996)

Adhesive for ceramics
Hutchings, Larry, (10-24-1996)
Reutter, Laura, (10-29-1996)
Jaeschke, Helena, (10-30-1996)
De Zunzuegui, Jaime Mesalles, (11-04-1996)
Koob, Stephen, (11-12-1996)

Adhesive for glass
Hutchings, Larry, (10-24-1996)
Reutter, Laura, (10-29-1996)

Adhesive for glass Adhesive for ceramics
Koob, Stephen, (10-29-1996)

Adhesive for veneer
Vine, Mark, (03-06-1996)
Tear, Paul, (03-14-1996)

Adhesives and plumbing problems
Stall, Claudia, (01-02-1996)
Hodges, Elaine, (01-11-1996)
III, George R. Leake, (01-08-1996)

Adhesives for bone
Eklund, Julie A., (10-16-1996)
Koob, Stephen, (10-22-1996)

Henry, Walter, (08-30-1996)
Henry, Walter, (10-12-1996)
Henry, Walter, (11-07-1996)

Administrivia--DistList on hiatus
Henry, Walter, (01-31-1996)
Henry, Walter, (02-04-1996)

Advanced Photographic System IX240
Jackson, Cheryl, (04-04-1996)

Air purification systems
Kerschner, Richard L., (12-18-1996)

Airplane cloth
Lowengard, Sarah, (03-22-1996)

Albumen prints
Chemello, Claudia, (01-17-1996)

Alkyd paint
Swain, Adrian, (08-26-1996)

Analytical laboratories
Preusser, Frank D., (04-04-1996)

Angels of the mud
Pintus, Sandro, (09-24-1996)

Anoxic treatment supplies and services
Koestler, Bob, (01-10-1996)

Anti-graffiti coating
Campbell, Lynn, (11-22-1996)

Appointment at Yale
Conway, Paul, (11-19-1996)

III, George R. Leake, (10-24-1996)
Ellis, Janice Stagnitto, (10-30-1996)

Archaeological expedition
Mugnaini, Alessio, (10-14-1996)

Architects and conservators joint meeting
Gale, Fran, (09-06-1996)

Archival Products web site
Comer, Janice M., (06-11-1997)

Archival containers and microenvironments
Starova, Ekaterina, (07-29-1996)
Peters, Dale, (08-05-1996)

Archival x-ray envelopes
Pearlstein, Ellen, (01-24-1996)

Peters, Dale, (04-30-1996)

McColgin, Michael, (01-26-1996)

Art Networks
Brown, Barbara N., (09-11-1996)
Wickenhiser-Schaudt, Carol, (10-04-1996)

Art Sorb
Schnee, Chris, (08-26-1996)

Schnee, Chris, (08-30-1996)

Article about conservators
Frost, Gary, (09-25-1996)

Audio tape binder problems
Pearce-Moses, Richard, (06-25-1996)
Lindner, Jim, (06-27-1996)

Australian preservation and conservation forum
Lyall, Jan, (08-06-1996)

Aztecan pigments
Barger, M. Susan, (05-20-1996)
Clarke, Mark, (05-25-1996)
Bishop, Mitchell, (05-28-1996)

BAPNET program
Henry, Walter, (01-07-1996)

Baked enamel coatings
Berry, Michelle, (12-05-1996)

Perkins, Margaret, (01-19-1996)
Shelton, Sally, (01-26-1996)

Bamboo basketry
Graham, Fiona, (08-07-1996)

Barbara Lubin Goldsmith Preservation and Conservation Lecture
Murray, Kate, (09-05-1996)

Barriers against contact corrosion in the tropics
Jessup, Wendy Claire, (09-05-1996)
Bailey, George, (09-09-1996)

Liao, Zu-Chun, (09-05-1996)

Beta-radiography and watermarks
Potje, Karen, (03-14-1996)
McCrady, Ellen, (03-18-1996)
Clarke, Mark, (03-24-1996)

Bibliography on library preservation
Ralph, Manning, (10-21-1996)

Bird control and outdoor sculpture
Griffith, Albert, (07-24-1996)

Stall, Claudia, (05-24-1996)
Trinkley, Michael, (05-31-1996)

Blue wool scales
King, Patrick B., (11-29-1996)

Board creaser
Meier, Kathy, (01-30-1996)
Vine, Mark, (02-01-1996)

Bomb blast protection
Vine, Mark, (06-21-1996)

Scott, Amy, (01-14-1996)
Noseworthy, Gillian A., (01-18-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (01-24-1996)
Young, Lisa, (02-01-1996)

Book about shellac sought
Deller, Craig, (11-08-1996)
Koob, Stephen, (11-14-1996)
Williamson, Colin, (11-10-1996)

Book cradles
Thomas, Priscilla, (08-22-1996)
Clausen, Carol, (08-26-1996)
Schrock, Nancy C., (08-28-1996)
Thomas, Priscilla, (09-02-1996)

Book drops
Gertz, Janet, (08-05-1996)
Cunningham-Kruppa, Mary Ellen, (08-08-1996)

Book drying equipment
Gardner, Adriian A. J., (09-17-1996)

Book on biodeterioration of paper and books
Krym, Victor R., (06-24-1996)

Book repair survey
Keyes, Clara, (02-19-1996)

Book repair survey results
Keyes, Clara, (05-10-1996)

Book repair tape
Boone, Jenni, (01-22-1996)
Henderson, William, (01-26-1996)

Book tape adhesive
McKinney, Brian, (03-18-1996)

Book tumbler
Conn, Donia, (10-13-1996)

Bookbinding and conservation in Hong Kong
Moore, David, (03-12-1996)

Bookbinding equipment
Tomas, Westin, (11-26-1996)

Bookbinding terminology
Dunlap, Sue, (10-03-1996)
Knops, Cor, (10-04-1996)
Parisi, Paul A., (10-04-1996)
Frost, Gary, (10-04-1996)
Grassinger, John, (10-04-1996)
Campbell, Harry, (10-04-1996)
Knops, Cor, (10-09-1996)

Frellsen, Ann V., (11-15-1996)
Etherington, Don, (11-26-1996)

Bookkeeper process
Vine, Mark, (02-06-1996)

Books at Virginia: Rare Book School
Tetterton, Kelly, (03-18-1996)

Books wet by window cleaner
Geerlings, Karla L., (08-06-1996)
Hollinger, Bill, (08-09-1996)
III, George R. Leake, (08-21-1996)
Hollinger, Bill, (08-26-1996)

Brass paper clips
Woodhouse, John, (12-04-1996)

Wickenhiser-Schaudt, Carol, (09-12-1996)
Hodges, Elaine, (09-19-1996)
Wickenhiser-Schaudt, Carol, (09-12-1996)

Verheyen, Peter D., (06-05-1996)

Budget for NEA, NEH, IMS, and NSF-ISE
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (03-22-1996)

Bowen, Howard S., (10-11-1996)
Keynan, Daria, (10-31-1996)

CCI web site
Prata, Alicia, (07-09-1996)

CIMI forum
Perkins, John, (09-26-1996)

CS10 paper
Farley, Jonathan S., (12-11-1996)

Calcimine paint
Jacob, Judy, (12-05-1996)

California State Library homepage
Jones, Lynn, (01-23-1996)

Call For Papers--Book and Paper Group
Stewart, Eleanore, (09-30-1996)

Call For Papers--Musical Instruments
Bowers, Larry, (05-28-1996)

Call For Papers--Polymers in Museums
Baker, Mary T., (04-04-1996)

Call For Papers: conservation of site-specific objects
Player-Dahnsjo, Ylva, (09-09-1996)

Call For Papers: wood and furniture conservation
Siedenburg, Loes, (03-22-1996)

Call for Papers
Pearlstein, Ellen, (01-24-1996)

Call for Papers--CAC Annual Conference
Grace, John, (10-15-1996)
Allard, Danielle, (11-18-1996)

Call for Papers--SHARP
Rose, Jonathan, (11-01-1996)

Call for nominations--Esther J. Piercy Award
Astle, Deana, (09-08-1996)

Call for nominations--Gaylord Collections Conservation Award
Schrock, Nancy C., (11-06-1996)

Call for papers
Hogg, Alan James, (09-16-1996)

Call for papers--pest control
Rogers, Dominique, (06-23-1996)

Call for papers--symposium on textiles
Wagner, Janet, (02-02-1996)

Call number labels
Ryder, Becky, (05-29-1996)

Whitehouse, Carol Sue, (12-12-1996)

Cassette tape duplication
Wellck, Michele, (01-30-1996)

Cellulose ethers
Davis, Charles, (10-16-1996)

Cellulose nitrate-coated Solander boxes
Martin, James, (10-29-1996)

Coxon, Helen, (11-15-1996)

Centre de conservation du Quebec web site
O'Malley, Michael, (08-15-1996)

Centre for Photographic Conservation
Milevski, Robert J., (06-19-1996)
Vine, Mark, (06-19-1996)

Chalk as primary pigment
Martin, James, (09-28-1996)

Chalk grounds
Warren, Alex, (03-05-1996)

Chicago Area Conservation Group
Deller, Craig, (09-10-1996)

Chicago Area Conservation Group meeting
Deller, Craig, (10-02-1996)

China glazes
Vine, Mark, (06-19-1996)

Chinese red
Vine, Mark, (10-16-1996)

Miller, Patricia L., (03-05-1996)
McCrady, Ellen, (03-11-1996)

Vine, Mark, (11-07-1996)

Clarkson foam supports
Belanger, Terry, (08-31-1996)

Clay tablets
Woodhouse, John, (10-24-1996)
Koob, Stephen, (10-29-1996)
Jaeschke, Helena, (10-30-1996)

Cleaning marble
Smith, Margit, (05-28-1996)

Cleaning minerals
Rice, Barbara, (01-09-1996)
Shelton, Sally, (01-12-1996)

Cleaning mounted birds
Salmaso, Roberta, (11-11-1996)
Shelton, Sally, (11-19-1996)
Burke, John, (11-19-1996)
Jessup, Wendy Claire, (11-20-1996)

Cleaning posters
Dirks, Lee, (08-01-1996)

Cleaning with lasers
Hummelen, IJsbrand, (01-31-1996)
Campbell, Lynn, (02-02-1996)

Cleaning wood sections
Shelton, Sally, (04-19-1996)
Koob, Stephen, (04-30-1996)
Lindsay, William, (05-03-1996)

Cleaning woodcuts
Charbeneau, Brett, (06-06-1996)

Coating on drafting linen
Edwards, Carol, (06-18-1996)
Roth, Vanessa, (06-22-1996)
Bear, Alice, (06-24-1996)
Panza, Robin, (06-24-1996)

Coatings for cast iron
Green, Joanna R., (11-25-1996)

Coatings for exhibit materials
Kollandsrud, Kaja, (03-01-1996)

Coatings for iron
McCandless, Edith, (10-31-1996)

Coatings for storage cases
Vine, Mark, (07-28-1996)
Bailey, George, (08-02-1996)

Code of ethics for video preservation
Henry, Walter, (01-02-1996)
Frost, Gary, (01-03-1996)
Lindner, Jim, (01-03-1996)
Horie, C.V., (01-12-1996)

Collections care programs for children
LeFurgy, Jennifer, (06-07-1996)

Collections handling policy for photographic collections
Kwon, Joyce M., (08-24-1996)

Compact storage
DeFord, Carole, (07-02-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (07-12-1996)

Computers for conservation applications
Bishop, Mitchell, (07-11-1996)

Conference on Preservation and Digitisation
MacDonald, Karen, (07-26-1996)

Conference on collaboration between architects and conservators
Gale, Frances, (06-17-1996)

Conference on collections environment
Van Zelst, Lambertus, (08-05-1996)

Conference on electronic imaging
Granger, Stewart, (06-24-1996)

Conference on floods
Pintus, Sandro, (09-28-1996)

Conference on gilding
Jenner, Colin, (04-13-1996)

Conference on pest control
Rogers, Dominique, (09-13-1996)
Calmes, Alan, (10-29-1996)

Conference on photographic materials
Mednick, Michele, (04-24-1996)

Conference on technology and preservation
Rolich, Andrea, (04-11-1996)

Conference on the Holocaust and the book
Rose, Jonathan, (09-27-1996)

Conservation Notes
Johnson, Jessica S., (01-29-1996)
Johnson, Jessica S., (05-24-1996)

Conservation Resources Ltd catalogue
Vine, Mark, (08-27-1996)

Conservation events in Chicago
Bates, Bonnie, (06-10-1996)

Conservation initiatives in indigenous communities
Heikell, Vicki-Anne, (03-15-1996)

Conservation of spray cans
Jessup, Wendy Claire, (12-12-1996)

Conservation of spray paint cans
Simmons, Peter, (12-10-1996)
Wild, Elizabeth, (12-17-1996)

Conservation of terracotta tiled floor
Mavrommati, Maria, (05-07-1996)

Conservation policy document
Dixon, Thomas, (11-11-1996)

Conservation project management
Akeroyd, Catherine, (06-26-1996)

Conservation training opportunities
Smets, Kristine, (03-15-1996)
Burdett, Sara, (03-26-1996)

Conservation treatment guidelines
Backman, Prudence, (07-24-1996)

Conservators and conservation scientists
Lindsay, William, (03-08-1996)

Conservators' authority in art museums
Perry, Richard, (06-27-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (07-12-1996)

Consolidating chalk drawings
Vine, Mark, (08-30-1996)
Hodges, Elaine, (09-04-1996)

Consolidating deteriorated leather
Gouey, Denis, (01-17-1996)

Consolidation of chalk drawings
Maggen, Michael, (09-09-1996)
Maggen, Michael, (09-11-1996)
Warren, Alex, (09-11-1996)
Wickenhiser-Schaudt, Carol, (09-18-1996)

Consolidation of mud plaster
Gabrieli, Smadar, (04-01-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (04-03-1996)

Construction fumes
Richwine, Beth, (02-26-1996)
Bailey, George, (03-06-1996)

Containers and mold
Levashova, Larissa G., (08-02-1996)
Levashova, Larissa G., (09-06-1996)

Converting Vacudyne fumigation Chambers
Gorman, Laura, (03-08-1996)
Shiner, Jerry, (03-09-1996)

Converting Vacudyne fumigation chambers
Lafollette, Larry, (03-05-1996)

Copper and iron paper
Strlic, Matija, (01-31-1996)

Copper green pigments
Bischoff, Judy, (02-02-1996)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (02-12-1996)

Copy cradle for fragile books
Lang, Curt, (07-02-1996)

Cor-Ten Steel
Alten, Helen, (10-24-1996)
Scott, John, (10-29-1996)

Corner rounder
Reitci, Steve, (03-24-1996)

Corroding metal cans
Akeroyd, Catherine, (07-03-1996)
Hallam, David, (07-08-1996)

Corrosion layers on brass sundial
Family, Sussex, (06-14-1996)

Corrosion of brass mats in cased photographs
Ewer, Gary W., (09-28-1996)
Flesch, Balint, (10-04-1996)

Cost-benefit analyses of book repair
Hellman, Ethel E., (11-02-1996)

Costs of electronic scholarly communication
Hedberg, Jane, (02-22-1996)

Course on Japanese paper conservation
McCrady, Ellen, (04-05-1996)

Course on Microscopy
Petukhova, Tatyana, (11-24-1996)

Course on anoxic enclosures and microenvironments
Shelton, Sally, (12-26-1995)

Course on archaeological field conservation
Mathias, Cathy, (03-12-1996)

Course on care of books
Eldridge, Robert H., (08-02-1996)

Course on care of oversize and unusual paper artifacts
Dalton, Steve, (06-19-1996)

Course on conservation of ceramics
Marciano, Kelly, (02-01-1996)

Course on conservation of outdoor bronze
Scott, John, (05-30-1996)

Course on pest management
Zak, Jackie, (05-24-1996)

Courses on anoxic enclosures and microenvironments
Shelton, Sally, (10-12-1996)

Courses on geological conservation
Shelton, Sally, (12-26-1995)

Crayon on paper
Gelinson, Robin, (11-08-1996)

Crazing of acrylic sheeting
Dixon, Thomas, (12-05-1996)
Baker, Jennifer, (12-06-1996)
Williamson, Colin, (12-07-1996)
Keynan, Daria, (12-09-1996)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (12-10-1996)
Sucha, Donald J., (12-11-1996)
Flores, Helio R., (12-07-1996)

Creased oil painting
Marciano, Kelly, (01-03-1996)

Creative Memories
Linklater, Shelagh, (09-17-1996)

Creche figures
Riss, Dan, (09-26-1996)

Curatorial approval of minor conservation treatments
Potje, Karen, (03-13-1996)

Daguerreotype plate sign
Flesch, Balint, (08-22-1996)

Dahlia Sprayers
Valentine, Laurie, (03-20-1996)

Damaged negatives
Herbert, Teri L., (06-20-1996)

Smith, Anne Pat, (02-28-1996)
Alderson, Samantha, (03-05-1996)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (03-12-1996)
Johnson, Jessica S., (04-30-1996)

Deacidification test kit
Batterham, Ian, (11-26-1996)

Designing freeze-drier
Wellman, Howard, (12-04-1996)
Leader, Jonathan M., (12-06-1996)
Bonnot, Celine, (12-18-1996)

Deterioration of CD-ROM and floppy disks
Holtz, Christiane, (02-01-1996)

Deterioration of color microfiche
Shaughnessy, Anita, (11-21-1996)
Nishimura, Doug, (11-21-1996)
Thompson, Angela, (12-04-1996)
McCormick, Michael, (12-05-1996)

Digital imaging for preservation
Ray, P. Andrew, (01-17-1996)

Digital imaging of colour slides
Crook, Jo, (07-14-1996)

Digital imaging of newspapers
Howell, Alan, (07-10-1996)

Digital imaging vendors
Herrick, Roxanna, (08-29-1996)

Digital thermohygrometer
Gorman, Laura, (01-08-1996)

Digitization RFP
Swora, Tamara, (01-26-1996)

Digitized collections and finding aids
Altman, Burt, (07-12-1996)

Disaster preparedness exercises
Lynch, Robert J., (07-26-1996)

Disaster protocol
Paine, Shelley Reisman, (11-25-1996)

Disaster recovery networks
Cantelmi, Lianne S., (07-01-1996)

Disaster response workbook
Jermann, Pete, (05-30-1996)

Disaster supplies list available
Mednick, Michele R., (09-27-1996)

Discoloured fluted polypropylene
Alcock, Johanna, (05-17-1996)
Williamson, Colin, (05-20-1996)

Discovering wall surface
Moore, Jonathan, (09-11-1996)

Discussion papers for Australian National Forum
Lyall, Jan, (10-19-1996)

Displaying soil sample
Vine, Mark, (08-02-1996)
Lindsay, William, (08-09-1996)
Mibach, Lisa, (09-15-1996)

Document storage
Campbell, Scott, (09-07-1996)

Russick, Susan, (08-29-1996)

Documentation systems
Zwies, Rick, (01-29-1996)
Bailey, Jean, (02-06-1996)

Dunlap, Sue, (05-29-1996)

Drawings in sketchbooks
Simplicio, Gale, (03-27-1996)

Dry cleaning textiles
Finney, Elizabeth, (02-05-1996)
Lowengard, Sarah, (02-08-1996)

Drying by freezing
Tancin, Charlotte, (02-05-1996)
Eichelberger, Jeanne, (02-14-1996)

Drying wood
Bonnot, Celine, (12-04-1996)

Dulux paint
Wojtowicz, Kate, (09-03-1996)

Dust cloths
Brown, Tom, (10-23-1996)
Biddle, Michaelle, (10-29-1996)
Bechtold, Susan Lee, (11-01-1996)
Vine, Mark, (11-01-1996)
Biddle, Michaelle, (11-04-1996)
Kaplan, Hilary A., (11-04-1996)
Martin, Melanie, (11-03-1996)

Dyeing parchment
Shrubb, Norah, (09-26-1996)

Eastern Analytical Symposium
Scott, John, (05-30-1996)

Edison phonograph cylinders
Dunlap, Sue, (10-21-1996)
Stinson, Susan T., (10-22-1996)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (10-22-1996)
Watkins, Stephanie, (10-23-1996)
Deck, Clara Margaret, (10-23-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (10-25-1996)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (10-30-1996)
Clarke, Mark, (11-02-1996)

Editor sought for LRTS
MacEwan, Bonnie, (01-12-1996)

Effect of freezing on museum artefacts
Daniel, Vinod, (07-02-1996)

Effects of repeated freezing on paper strength
Bjordal, Lars, (05-21-1996)

Effects of wax on cotton
Hart, Abigail, (09-30-1996)

Embroidered bindings
Pilette, Roberta, (09-09-1996)

Encapsulating papyrus
Kellar, Scott K., (02-16-1996)

Environmental control
Ashley-Smith, Jonathan, (02-04-1996)
Woodland, Christine, (07-02-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (07-12-1996)
Tumosa, Charles S., (07-15-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (08-07-1996)

Environmental monitoring and control
Liao, Zu-Chun, (09-05-1996)

Epoxy floor covering
Tancin, Charlotte A., (08-08-1996)

Epoxy resin systems
Vine, Mark, (07-27-1996)
Bailey, George, (08-02-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (08-06-1996)
Berrett, K. R., (08-15-1996)

Atwood, Cathy, (03-19-1996)

Boomgaarden, Wesley, (03-20-1996)
Seeley, Nigel, (03-27-1996)
Ford, Bruce, (03-30-1996)
Seeley, Nigel, (04-03-1996)

Ethylene oxide
Lautenbach, Adrian, (06-25-1996)
Paine, Shelley Reisman, (07-01-1996)

Exhibition on conservation of Japanese paintings
Chase, Tom, (04-10-1996)

Facilities for conferences, workshops, and seminars
Trela, Richard, (09-03-1996)

Faded ink and deacidification
Murphy, Judith, (01-25-1996)
Leiner, John, (02-14-1996)

Fading blueprints
Fireman, Belinda, (07-16-1996)
Ware, Mike, (07-17-1996)

Federal actions concerning preservation
Schnare, Bob, (04-16-1996)

Federal and international permits workshop
Shelton, Sally, (07-30-1996)
Shelton, Sally, (10-07-1996)
Shelton, Sally, (11-15-1996)

Federal and international permits workshop: revised dates
Shelton, Sally, (03-30-1996)

Fellowship at Indiana University
Contompasis, Margaret, (01-03-1996)

Fellowship at NYU
Ellis, Margaret Holben, (06-20-1996)

Fellowships at Winterthur Museum
Buggeln, Gretchen, (10-18-1996)

Vine, Mark, (03-05-1996)
Knops, Cor, (03-08-1996)
Kaminitz, Marian, (03-15-1996)

Fiber identification
Van Breda, Cobus, (11-21-1996)

Fiber optic lighting
Liao, Zu-Chun, (09-06-1996)
Himmelstein, Paul, (09-16-1996)

Fibre optic lighting
Braovac, Susan, (08-12-1996)

Fill materials and adhesives for plastics and rubbers
Van Handel, Lori, (08-23-1996)

Fill materials for glass
Calinescu, Irena, (09-19-1996)
Cannon, George W., (09-25-1996)

Fill materials for stone
Griswold, John, (08-24-1996)
Byrne, Greg, (08-29-1996)

Fire damaged paper and melted plastics
Hoskins, Catherine, (06-06-1996)
Williamson, Colin, (06-16-1996)

Fire in Linkoping Library
Aronsson, Lars, (09-21-1996)
Bjordal, Lars, (10-03-1996)

Fire in commercial records center
Boyden, Richard, (11-01-1996)

Fire preparedness suggestion
Hardin, Mel A., (09-29-1996)

Fire recovery supplies
Jones, Willie M., (05-20-1996)
Wiseman, Christine, (05-23-1996)
Fox, Lisa, (05-23-1996)

Fire recovery supplies Non-woven fabrics
Panza, Robin, (05-20-1996)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (05-21-1996)

Fire suppression systems
Hernes, Espen, (12-09-1996)
Tremain, David, (12-16-1996)

Fixative for ink
Klinger, Jane E., (08-05-1996)

Karpowicz, Adam, (10-17-1996)

Fixing inks
Batterham, Ian, (01-02-1996)

Flash photography
Queree, Jennifer, (08-07-1996)
Hogg, Simon, (08-08-1996)
Coxon, Helen, (08-08-1996)
Hodges, Elaine, (08-08-1996)
Michalski, Stefan, (08-09-1996)
Henry, Walter, (08-13-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (09-06-1996)

Foam tape
Glazer, Helen, (10-07-1996)

Forbes Fellowship at Freer Gallery
Maines, Christopher, (01-11-1996)

Knops, Cor, (04-19-1996)
Lindsay, William, (05-03-1996)
Shelton, Sally, (05-27-1996)
Lindsay, William, (05-29-1996)
Marciano, Kelly, (08-15-1996)
Shelton, Sally, (08-16-1996)

Foxing on photographs
Laurila, Norman, (08-29-1996)
Klaus, Pollmeier, (09-01-1996)
Nishimura, Doug, (09-07-1996)

Frame lights on paintings
Jessup, Wendy Claire, (09-08-1996)

Freezing wood
Liao, Zu-Chun, (09-29-1996)
Bone, Leslie, (10-04-1996)
Rogers, Dominique, (10-06-1996)

Freezing wood and parchment
Henry, Walter, (10-02-1996)
Shiner, Jerry, (10-03-1996)
Boal, Gillian, (10-03-1996)
Michalski, Stefan, (10-07-1996)

Frost free refrigerators
Crook, Jo, (07-14-1996)
Klaus, Pollmeier, (07-22-1996)

Fumigation and lamination
Grunder, Henry, (07-17-1996)

Fumigation and lamination--corrigendum
Grunder, Henry, (07-29-1996)

Funding for binding musical scores
Gregory, Gwen, (01-29-1996)

Funding for preservation of historical photographs
Moss, Jim, (09-22-1996)
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (09-24-1996)
Baty, Laurie, (09-26-1996)
Cannon, George W., (10-03-1996)

Furniture and wooden objects group
Rogers, Dominique, (03-08-1996)

Furniture conservator in Sidney
Untch, Katharine, (07-02-1996)

Furniture finish
Beyer, Carrie, (12-17-1996)
Kerschner, Richard L., (12-18-1996)

Gap-filling materials for glass
Marciano, Kelly, (01-03-1996)

Hammond, Barbara, (12-12-1996)

Geological conservation courses
Shelton, Sally, (10-12-1996)

Glass transition temperature of cellulose nitrate and B-72
Vine, Mark, (05-04-1996)
Van Velzen, Bas, (05-06-1996)
Koob, Stephen, (05-06-1996)
Vitale, Timothy, (05-09-1996)

Glassine and storage of philatelic materials
Hendriks, Juanita, (10-22-1996)

Glue gun hot melt adhesives
Riss, Dan, (06-27-1996)

Glue sticks
Curtis, Meredith, (07-30-1996)
Berger, Sid, (08-02-1996)
Down, Jane, (08-06-1996)
III, George R. Leake, (08-05-1996)
Pavelka, Karen L., (08-07-1996)
Evans, Rupert N., (08-08-1996)

Glue with garlic
De Zunzuegui, Jaime Mesalles, (11-04-1996)

Gold leaf
Campbell, Lynn, (07-24-1996)
Chase, Tom, (08-03-1996)

Gold lettersheet
Johnson, Sharon, (01-19-1996)

Gopher and WAIS facets of CoOL to be phased out
Henry, Walter, (01-07-1996)

Dean, J. Claire, (06-01-1996)
Sucha, Donald J., (06-05-1996)

Grain beetle infestation
Johnson, Jessica S., (11-15-1996)
Jackson, Martha, (11-21-1996)

Guide to CD care
Nishimura, Doug, (04-03-1996)

Guidelines for digital imaging
Roberts, Kate, (09-03-1996)

HEPA vacuum cleaners
Cannon, George W., (06-04-1996)
Eastman, Peter, (06-20-1996)

HVAC management
Hart, Andrew, (08-22-1996)
Campbell, Lynn, (09-04-1996)

Hair spray as fixative
Schaudt, Carol, (08-20-1996)
Hodges, Elaine, (08-21-1996)
Maggen, Michael, (08-23-1996)
Hodges, Elaine, (09-11-1996)

Haitian bookbinders
Belanger, Terry, (01-13-1996)

Hallucinogenic effects of mold
Henry, Walter, (09-11-1996)

Halon and cellular phone
Tremain, David, (12-10-1996)
Tremain, David, (12-16-1996)

Halon and cellular phones
Smith, Steven D., (11-22-1996)

Handling books
Mincio, Danielle, (07-04-1996)
Baughman, Mary, (07-08-1996)

Hazardous materials
Berrett, K. R., (09-03-1996)
Bailey, George, (09-09-1996)
Miller, Patricia L., (09-07-1996)
Fortenberry, Rick S., (09-07-1996)
Wain, Alison, (10-08-1996)

Herculaneum Papyri
Woodward, Jeannette, (10-03-1996)
Clarke, Mark, (10-06-1996)

High-pressure water washing
Jessup, Wendy Claire, (07-24-1996)

Historic use of chalk in Eastern painting
Martin, James, (09-18-1996)
Bearat, Hamdallah, (09-24-1996)
Perkins, Margaret, (10-03-1996)

Historic wallpaper
Gauthier, Francine, (01-03-1996)

Historical societies
Palmer, Fran, (10-28-1996)

History of cleaning paintings
Hardin, Mel A., (09-26-1996)

History of library binding
Keyes, Clara, (01-30-1996)
Henderson, William, (02-01-1996)

History of plate glass manufacture
Burns, Thea, (12-05-1996)
Seeley, Nigel, (12-14-1996)

Hotels for AIC
Martin, Miranda, (03-25-1996)

Hotels for AIC Meeting
Peterson, Curtiss, (05-08-1996)

Human hair
Elliott, Patricia, (12-17-1996)

Human skin bindings
Bleil, Robert R., (11-19-1996)
Thompson, Jack C., (11-22-1996)

Banning, Diana, (03-29-1996)
McColgin, Michael, (04-03-1996)

Hurricane damage
Taylor, Teresa, (09-10-1996)

Hydrolyzed lithium quartz
Rice, Rene F., (06-23-1996)

Hygrothermograph chart stock
Hathaway, Andrea, (04-29-1996)
III, George R. Leake, (05-06-1996)
Talley, Sarah, (05-06-1996)

ICI prize
Fairfield, John R., (02-12-1996)

ICI web site
Campbell, Harry, (06-06-1996)

IFLA General Conference
Ralph, Manning, (05-31-1996)

IIC-CG Conference and Workshop
Pouliot, Bruno, (03-22-1996)

Identification of acetate negatives
Jackson, Cheryl, (04-04-1996)

Indigo-dyed bast fibers on parchment
Seeley, Nigel, (01-05-1996)

Kevlahan, Marjorie, (10-22-1996)
Offutt, Cap, (10-28-1996)

Steckman, Betty, (04-29-1996)
Vitale, Timothy, (05-07-1996)

Institute on library binding
Walter, Katherine L., (06-19-1996)

Institutional loans of paper artifacts
Bennett, Wendy, (04-05-1996)

Smyth, Elaine, (01-02-1996)
Clarke, Mark, (01-11-1996)
Smyth, Elaine, (01-12-1996)
Knops, Cor, (01-18-1996)

Interleaving Copper green pigments
Chase, Tom, (01-27-1996)

Internship at National Trust
Seeley, Nigel, (06-12-1996)

Internship at New York Botanical Garden Library
Reed, Judith, (02-05-1996)

Internship at Textile Conservation Center
Gayle, Lorinda L., (12-21-1995)

Internship at University of Texas, El Paso
Gregory, Gwen, (02-23-1996)

Internship sought
Velios, Thanasis, (10-04-1996)

Internship sought for Fulbright recipient
Carty, Winthrop, (12-16-1996)

Iron armatures in Chinese ceramics
Bruno, Lisa, (11-21-1996)
Koob, Stephen, (11-27-1996)
Parthesius, Robert, (11-28-1996)

Iron armor
Velios, Thanasis, (12-28-1995)

Job descriptions
Grunder, Henry, (04-24-1996)

Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies
Hogg, Alan James, (05-17-1996)

Kirby vacuum cleaners
Ellison, Todd, (12-10-1996)
Shiner, Jerry, (12-11-1996)
Cannon, George W., (12-13-1996)
Alten, Helen, (12-16-1996)

Kodak round table at AIIM
Graham, Peter, (03-21-1996)

Connell, Sharon, (12-10-1996)
Shiner, Jerry, (12-11-1996)

Lab furniture
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (05-01-1996)

Vine, Mark, (02-07-1996)
Rogers, Dominique, (02-10-1996)
Greathead, Alexandra, (02-15-1996)
Smithen, Patricia, (03-12-1996)
Michaels, Bonni-Dara, (05-28-1996)
Michaels, Bonni-Dara, (09-26-1996)
Offutt, Cap, (11-04-1996)

Labels for microfilm boxes
Simpson, Mathew E., (07-22-1996)

Large scale preservation
Richmond, Andrew, (07-24-1996)
Shiner, Jerry, (07-26-1996)

Laser pointers
Dean, J. Claire, (12-10-1996)
Dixon, Thomas, (12-16-1996)

Laser printed texts
Henderson, William, (01-22-1996)

Lead dust contamination of paper documents
McCall, Nancy, (07-12-1996)

Lead paint dust contamination
DeKok, David, (02-29-1996)

Leather consolidation
Wild, Elizabeth, (08-19-1996)
Deller, Craig, (08-21-1996)

Leather dressing
Chalmers, Patricia L., (08-21-1996)
Ibsen, Soren, (08-26-1996)
Maggen, Michael, (08-25-1996)
McIntyre, John, (08-29-1996)
Ibsen, Soren, (09-03-1996)
McIntyre, John, (09-09-1996)
Ibsen, Soren, (09-12-1996)
Smit, Wim, (10-16-1996)
Thompson, Angela, (11-20-1996)

Leather dressing--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (09-17-1996)

Leather dyes
Alcock, Johanna, (06-28-1996)

Leather gaiters
Trost, Maxine, (01-19-1996)

Lecture and workshop
Stull, Susan, (09-17-1996)

Lecture by Nicholas Pickwoad
Milevski, Robert J., (07-01-1996)

Legislative update
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (06-07-1996)
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (06-21-1996)

Letter transfers
Kissel, Eleonore, (06-13-1996)

Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group meeting
Grandinette, Maria, (03-19-1996)

Library binders
Gilderson-Duwe, Caroline, (09-13-1996)

Library bindery
Curtis, Meredith, (07-29-1996)

Library of Congress manuscript marking ink
Shahani, Chandru J., (05-07-1996)

Library of Congress technical documentation on imaging
Swora, Tamara, (07-12-1996)

Light levels for Japanese lacquerware
Aronson, Mark, (09-24-1996)
Berrett, Kory, (10-04-1996)
Webb, Marianne, (11-08-1996)

Light stability of painted and stained wooden architectural toys
Potje, Karen, (12-02-1996)

Lighter fluid
Schutt, Misha, (12-26-1995)

Herrick, Roxanna, (01-12-1996)

Lighting for butterfly collection
Starr, Christopher K., (08-07-1996)
Shelton, Sally, (08-08-1996)
Halford, Steve, (08-09-1996)

Louis Grell
Daulton, Christine, (10-25-1996)

Magnetographic printer
Evans, Rupert N., (07-08-1996)
Lindner, Jim, (07-11-1996)

Margaret Byrnes receives award
Sinclair, Regina R., (06-19-1996)

Margaret Byrnes receives award--corrigendum
Sinclair, Regina R., (06-19-1996)
Cloonan, Michele, (06-25-1996)

Marvelseal and daguerreotypes
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (02-01-1996)

Masonry conservation web site
Young, Maureen, (03-27-1996)

Materials testing mailing list
Martin, James, (01-16-1996)

Measuring gas concentration
Brugman, Marc, (11-01-1996)
Nishimura, Doug, (11-02-1996)

Meeting on preservation of Icelandic materials
Berger, Barbara, (05-31-1996)

Meeting on storage and display environment
Then, Edward, (09-11-1996)

Memorial for Susan Swartzburg
McCrady, Ellen, (10-16-1996)

Mending motion picture film
Calinescu, Irena, (12-19-1996)

Metal corners
Reitci, Steve, (12-10-1996)
Vine, Mark, (12-14-1996)
Dykhouse, Clarence, (12-16-1996)

Mexican archives
Donovan, Elizabeth, (08-19-1996)

Micro cassettes
Kleist, Gerard, (05-16-1996)

Microcrystalline wax
McCandless, Edith, (10-31-1996)

Microfilm camera sought
Wrynn, Susan, (06-06-1996)

Microfilming Slavic materials
Rudeen, Marlys, (01-16-1996)

Microfilming in Panama
Talley, Sarah, (05-13-1996)
Fox, Lisa, (05-20-1996)

Microfilming roundtable
Bearman, Frederick, (03-25-1996)

Microfilming workshop
Tracy, Gay, (07-23-1996)

Microwave ovens
Beebe, Aaron, (10-13-1996)
Deller, Craig, (10-14-1996)
Larsson, Adam, (10-15-1996)
Maggen, Michael, (10-16-1996)

Military museum conservation policy
Binns, Doug, (09-29-1996)

Minolta scanner
Olley, Lorraine, (01-16-1996)

Missing pages
Hart, Andrew, (03-28-1996)

Moire silk
Uspenskaya, Svetlana, (07-01-1996)

Molasses for corrosion removal
Jones, Holly, (04-03-1996)

Vine, Mark, (03-14-1996)
Bell-Russel, Danna, (07-15-1996)
Gordon, Heather, (07-17-1996)
Astle, Deana, (09-05-1996)
Clarke, Mark, (09-07-1996)
Swaffield, Shane, (09-13-1996)
Greene, Harlan, (10-07-1996)

Mold on dolls
Bordelon, Kathie, (01-22-1996)

Mora's Pappetta
Yanez-Polo, Miguel Angel, (11-27-1996)

Mounting Genizah fragments
Richler, Benjamin, (08-12-1996)
Elkington, Nancy, (08-13-1996)
Maggen, Michael, (08-18-1996)

Mounting tiles
Parthesius, Robert, (12-10-1996)
Reutter, Laura, (12-13-1996)

Mounts for fans
Johnson, Jessica S., (11-13-1996)

Moving collections
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (05-01-1996)

Wild, Elizabeth, (08-23-1996)
Vine, Mark, (08-24-1996)

Mummified human remains
Guay, Alexandre, (11-19-1996)

Museum flooring
Finney, Elizabeth, (02-19-1996)
Clarke, Mark, (03-05-1996)

Musical instrument
Vine, Mark, (08-14-1996)

NCPTT Preservation Technology and Training Grants
Carroll, Mary S., (08-30-1996)
Gale, Fran, (10-17-1996)

NCPTT Preservation Technology and Training Grants--Corrigendum
Gale, Fran, (09-06-1996)

NCPTT web site
Carroll, Mary S., (03-27-1996)

NEA, NEH, and IMS funding
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (07-01-1996)

NEDCC activities in Cuba
Tracy, Gay, (12-03-1996)

NEDCC web site
Tracy, Gay, (10-17-1996)

NEDCC workshop on preservation microfilming
Pfeifle, Gail, (01-09-1996)

NISO guidelines for storage of paper records
Henry, Walter, (04-26-1996)

NLM Preservation and Collection Management home page
Unger, Carol, (07-01-1996)

NY Conservation Association meetings
Scott, John, (02-07-1996)

National Archives online resources
Wall, Debra Steidel, (01-26-1996)

National Preservation Office Annual Conference
MacDonald, Karen, (05-23-1996)

Natural Colour System
Horie, C.V., (01-02-1996)

Neon tubes
Bird, Lynda, (02-29-1996)
Seeley, Nigel, (03-11-1996)

New England Conservation Association
Moss, James, (09-13-1996)

New England Preservation Calendar
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (01-05-1996)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (03-12-1996)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (05-06-1996)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (07-10-1996)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (09-06-1996)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (11-08-1996)

New York State library preservation grants
Lilley, Barbara, (09-06-1996)

New list
Strickland, Tim, (12-29-1995)

New list--EPIC-LST
De Lusenet, Yola, (03-04-1996)

New list--ICOM-L
Karp, Cary, (02-06-1996)

New list--Materials-L
Martin, James, (02-04-1996)

New list: ICOM-CC
Scharff, Mikkel, (11-25-1996)

News coverage of conservation
LeFurgy, Jennifer, (05-16-1996)

Newsgroup and mailing list on color and coloring--Call For Votes
Dawes, Bill, (01-08-1996)

Newspaper storage
Mansell, Heather, (03-14-1996)

Non-aqueous mortar
Sass, Shelley, (09-11-1996)
Jaeschke, Helena, (09-13-1996)

Non-destructive identification of wood
Seeley, Nigel, (01-05-1996)

Non-glare glazing and UV filtering
Keynan, Daria, (02-06-1996)

Odor in textile collection
Liao, Zu-Chun, (11-05-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (11-08-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (11-18-1996)
Boral, John, (11-21-1996)

Odor removal
Herbert, Teri L., (01-09-1996)

Odour removal
Tremain, David, (09-03-1996)

Offsite collections storage and work stations
Potje, Karen, (03-13-1996)

Oil painting cleaned with onion
Schaudt, Kenneth, (02-09-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (04-01-1996)
Portell, Jean D., (04-19-1996)

Stoner, Joyce Hill, (04-27-1996)

PALINET workshops
Melnick, Susan M., (01-05-1996)

PARS Physical Quality and Treatment Discussion Group
Campbell, Harry, (06-28-1996)

PARS Preservation Course and Workshop Instructors Discussion Group
Zachary, Shannon, (06-23-1996)

PARS Preservation Education and Outreach Discussion Group
Smith, Margit, (05-20-1996)
Smith, Margit, (06-05-1996)

PARS Preservation Issues in Small to Mid Sized Libraries Discussion Group
Mook, Cathleen, (06-17-1996)

PARS discussion group
Olszewski, Ann, (01-10-1996)

PARS program on photographic and recording media
Dale, Robin, (06-28-1996)

PARS session on creating and managing digital collections
Olszewski, Ann, (06-21-1996)

PCS web site
Banks, Paul N., (02-21-1996)

PMG Winter Meeting
Lemmen, Barbara, (12-17-1996)

Pacific Silver Cloth
Rice, Barbara, (11-22-1996)
Williams, Jane, (12-02-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (12-03-1996)
Farren, Donald, (12-05-1996)
Hutchings, Larry, (12-06-1996)
Samieske, Roland, (12-06-1996)
Salzman, Ellen, (12-09-1996)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (12-10-1996)
Stock, Susan, (12-10-1996)
Shiner, Jerry, (12-11-1996)

Paint for windows
Chase, Tom, (11-03-1996)

Painted stainless steel
Griswold, John, (11-07-1996)

Painted tinplate
Rogers, Dominique, (07-14-1996)

Painting lined with painted fiberglass
Appelbaum, Barbara, (11-06-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (11-13-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (11-20-1996)
Chase, Tom, (11-23-1996)

Painting on glass
Strickler, Ivy, (04-08-1996)

Painting windows
Brown, Tom, (10-23-1996)
Warren, Alex, (10-29-1996)
Putt, Neal, (10-29-1996)
Jaeschke, Helena, (10-30-1996)

Paintings mounted on glass
Salah, Shamil, (12-18-1996)

Paper and Book Intensive 1996
Spitzmueller, Pam, (02-05-1996)

Paper for conservation treatment
Saloni, Ghuwalewala, (03-05-1996)
Knops, Cor, (03-08-1996)

Paper terminology and marketing
Vine, Mark, (06-22-1996)
Howe, Deborah, (07-05-1996)

Papier-mache models
Van Gulik, Robien E., (01-31-1996)

Johnson, Jessica S., (02-07-1996)

Patent infringement
Vine, Mark, (01-23-1996)

Pearson book sought
Turin, Syndi, (09-06-1996)

Pencil and charcoal drawings
Keifer, Tracy, (01-03-1996)
Campbell, Lynn, (01-08-1996)

Personal Digital Assistants
Robb, Andrew, (02-22-1996)

Pest control
Henry, Walter, (04-26-1996)
Baughman, Mary, (05-02-1996)
Haviv, Yoram, (12-09-1996)
Trinkley, Michael, (12-17-1996)

Phase box rivets
Greathead, Alexandra, (11-28-1996)
Vine, Mark, (12-05-1996)
Jackson, Martha, (12-06-1996)
III, George R. Leake, (12-06-1996)
Vine, Mark, (12-09-1996)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (12-10-1996)
Reeves, Marc, (12-10-1996)
III, George R. Leake, (12-10-1996)
Vine, Mark, (12-11-1996)
Dumka, Heather, (12-11-1996)

Photo albums
Duchene, Theresa, (10-21-1996)
Clarke, Mark, (10-24-1996)

Byrne, Sherry, (04-09-1996)

Ravines, Patrick, (02-01-1996)
Blaser, Linda, (04-15-1996)
Clarke, Mark, (04-18-1996)

Photocopy toner stability
Doyle, Beth, (11-02-1996)
Williamson, Colin, (11-10-1996)

Photographic and photomechanical print samples needed
Nadeau, Luis, (01-26-1996)

Photographic conservation web sites
Chong, John, (05-23-1996)

Pigments used by Serusier
Waters, Linda, (07-03-1996)

Pipe organ restoration
Waanders, Nicolaas, (03-22-1996)

Plants in libraries
Page, Julie A., (05-01-1996)

Miller, Patricia L., (11-14-1996)
Trinkley, Michael, (11-19-1996)
Ellis, Shirley, (11-19-1996)
Ketcham, Jane D., (11-19-1996)
Williamson, Colin, (11-26-1996)

Playback equipment
McMurray, Jacob, (03-01-1996)
Robinson, Rob, (03-08-1996)
St-Laurent, Gilles, (03-08-1996)
Lindner, Jim, (03-12-1996)

Vine, Mark, (05-04-1996)

Pieper, Alphonse F., (04-04-1996)
Wain, Alison, (05-22-1996)

Bell, Jenny, (12-10-1996)

Polasecura ink
Segall, Sam, (10-31-1996)

Vine, Mark, (12-10-1996)

Pollutant test patches
Roberts, Kate, (02-19-1996)

Polyester batting
Boal, Gillian, (11-14-1996)
Mecklenburg, Peter, (11-19-1996)

Murdoch, Lynn, (11-01-1996)

Polyethylene sleeves
Maguire, Marsha, (12-04-1996)

Polystyrene beads
Clarke, Tony, (10-14-1996)
Putt, Neal, (10-16-1996)

Polystyrene boxes
Guy, Leslie, (10-29-1996)
Jaeschke, Helena, (11-02-1996)

Portrait on photographic base
Stott, Peter, (08-08-1996)
Romer, Grant, (08-14-1996)
Nadeau, Luis, (08-14-1996)

Position at Arkansas Territorial Restoration
Meggers, Jane, (08-13-1996)

Position at CCAHA
Rawnsley, Virgilia, (05-10-1996)

Position at California State Archives
Zimmelman, Nancy, (08-07-1996)

Position at Canadian Centre for Architecture
Potje, Karen, (09-09-1996)

Position at Canberra
Sharp, Ann, (09-27-1996)

Position at Colonial Williamsburg
Harvey, David, (08-11-1996)

Position at Columbia
Gertz, Janet, (05-01-1996)

Position at Columbia University
Gertz, Janet, (12-18-1996)

Position at ConservArt, Inc.
Schwartz, George, (08-11-1996)

Position at Cornell
Berger, Barbara, (09-16-1996)

Position at Florida Conservation Studio
Schmitt, Tom, (09-20-1996)

Position at Free Library of Philadelphia
Lightner, Karen, (01-29-1996)

Position at Getty Conservation Institute
Ellis, Kathleen, (03-29-1996)

Position at HRHRC
Pavelka, Karen L., (11-06-1996)

Position at Harvard
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (11-03-1996)

Position at Huntington Library
Roosa, Mark, (11-21-1996)

Position at ICI
Fairfield, John R., (03-05-1996)

Position at Illinois State Historical Library
Parr, Bonnie, (12-20-1996)

Position at John Rylands University Library of Manchester
Woodhouse, John, (09-24-1996)

Position at Johns Hopkins
James, David, (03-19-1996)

Position at Library of Congress
Kuykendall, Danny E., (08-16-1996)

Position at McKay Lodge Fine Arts Conservation Laboratory
Lodge, Robert, (01-25-1996)

Position at Museum of Victoria
Berry, Michelle, (07-12-1996)

Position at NARA
Bechtold, Susan Lee, (08-08-1996)

Position at NCPTT
Gale, Fran, (12-10-1996)

Position at NCSU Libraries
O'Brien, Jennifer, (11-11-1996)

Position at NEDCC
Russell, Ann, (04-12-1996)
O'Leary, Kim, (07-01-1996)

Position at NYPL
Quinones, John, (12-10-1996)

Position at NYU
Ellis, Margaret Holben, (07-30-1996)
Ellis, Margaret Holben, (08-21-1996)
Murray, Kate, (10-11-1996)

Position at National Gallery of Victoria
Shew, Alister, (03-07-1996)

Position at National Library of Medicine
Clausen, Carol, (02-02-1996)
Unger, Carol, (12-05-1996)

Position at National Museum of Natural History
Firnhaber, Natalie, (08-22-1996)

Position at National Trust
Seeley, Nigel, (01-31-1996)

Position at Nebraska State Historical Society
Selzer, Bob, (05-08-1996)
Selzer, Bob, (06-03-1996)

Position at New York City Municipal Archives
Bram, Sy, (06-10-1996)

Position at Northern Arizona University
Cole, Bradford, (12-10-1996)

Position at Northwestern University Library
Frieder, Richard, (11-08-1996)

Position at Oberlin
Schoonmaker, Dina, (03-22-1996)
Schoonmaker, Dina, (06-03-1996)

Position at Oberlin--deadline extended
Schoonmaker, Dina, (05-01-1996)

Position at Preservation Resources
Bellinger, Meg, (05-15-1996)

Position at Princeton
Milevski, Robert J., (01-15-1996)
Milevski, Robert J., (05-29-1996)

Position at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Scharff, Mikkel, (07-25-1996)
Scharff, Mikkel, (07-25-1996)

Position at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Conservation
Scharff, Mikkel, (03-07-1996)

Position at SUNY Albany
Lilley, Barbara, (04-22-1996)

Position at Southwest Missouri State University
Cline, Lynn, (09-27-1996)

Position at Texas Tech University Libraries
Martin, Cindy, (02-01-1996)

Position at Textile Conservation Center
Gayle, Lorinda L., (12-21-1995)

Position at Tulane
Somers, Sally, (10-02-1996)

Position at Ulster Museum
Comiskey, Michael, (07-03-1996)

Position at University of Canberra
Sharp, Ann, (04-19-1996)

Position at University of Kansas
Baird, Brian, (06-11-1996)

Position at University of Maryland
Carignan, Yvonne A., (07-03-1996)

Position at University of North Texas
Lavender, Kenneth, (07-23-1996)

Position at University of Southampton
Steel, Anne-Marie, (07-26-1996)

Position at University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Braden, Pam, (03-27-1996)

Position at University of Texas Preservation and Conservation Studies program
Motylewski, Karen, (08-28-1996)

Position at Williamstown Art Conservation Center
Van Handel, Lori, (10-07-1996)

Position at private lab in Queens
Nieuwenhuizen, Linda, (04-15-1996)

Position at the NAMES Project Foundation
Koprowski, Richard, (04-15-1996)

Positions at Art Restorations International Pte Ltd
Marciano, Kelly, (08-31-1996)

Positions at LACMA
Blyth-Hill, Victoria, (08-26-1996)

Positions at New Mexico State University
Wilson, Cheryl, (06-04-1996)

Positions at Princeton University Library
Milevski, Robert J., (12-13-1996)

Positions at Queensland Museum
Hallam, David, (10-17-1996)

Positions at RMCC
Mellon, Lori A., (10-03-1996)

Positions at Shelburne Museum
Kerschner, Richard L., (10-09-1996)

Positions at University of Dundee
Player-Dahnsjo, Ylva, (06-21-1996)

Positions at Winterthur
Stoner, Joyce Hill, (09-16-1996)

Positions at Yale
Hagadorn, Alexis, (06-05-1996)

Herrick, Roxanna, (07-24-1996)
Wiseman, Christine, (07-26-1996)
Dodson, Suzanne, (07-26-1996)

Poster available
Silverman, Randy, (12-03-1996)

Postgraduate conservation courses
Ashley-Smith, Jonathan, (01-22-1996)

Presentation on care and handling of books and photographs
Walters, Wendy, (01-29-1996)

Presentation on conservation principals and ethics
Bearman, Frederick, (04-29-1996)

Presentation on exhibition and loan
Blaine, Susan, (04-29-1996)

Preservation Administrators Discussion Group
Dean, John, (11-13-1996)

Preservation Administrators Discussion Group--corrigendum
Atkins, Winston, (11-20-1996)

Preservation Education and Outreach Discussion Group--Corrigendum
Smith, Margit, (05-24-1996)

Preservation action plan
Lunt, John, (09-03-1996)

Preservation and Conspectus
Lyall, Jan, (07-01-1996)

Preservation codes for Conspectus
Lyall, Jan, (03-25-1996)

Preservation in Bangladesh
Chowdhury, Manjur A., (09-21-1996)

Preservation intensive workshop
Reed, Barbara, (07-17-1996)

Preservation microfilming workshop
Tracy, Gay, (03-21-1996)
Pfeifle, Gail, (03-27-1996)

Preservation of albumen prints
Finley, Stacy Marie, (03-01-1996)

Preservation of palm-leaf manuscripts
Lyall, Jan, (05-09-1996)
Dean, John, (05-10-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (05-20-1996)

Preservation policies
Schobernd, Beth, (09-19-1996)

Preservation surveys
Rawnsley, Virgilia, (08-09-1996)

Preserving Cuban collections
Tracy, Gay, (06-04-1996)

Preserving leather bindings
Boone, Jenni, (06-20-1996)

Preserving pumpkins
Mook, Cathleen, (10-29-1996)
Shiner, Jerry, (11-01-1996)
Dean, J. Claire, (11-01-1996)
Jaeschke, Helena, (11-02-1996)
Paine, Shelley Reisman, (11-07-1996)
Hudgins, Miriam, (11-08-1996)
Kellar, Scott K., (11-08-1996)

Printing labels for 35mm slides
Wassenmiller, Sandy, (10-04-1996)
Connelly, Cindy, (10-07-1996)
Cannon, George W., (10-10-1996)

Private conservators in Australia
Wain, Alison, (07-16-1996)

Processing and access policy for special collections
Curtis, Meredith, (11-06-1996)

Program on appraisal
Bearman, Frederick, (11-14-1996)

Program on archives and preservation education
Cloonan, Michele V., (12-18-1996)

Program on audiovisual materials
Talley, Sarah, (03-21-1996)

Guy, Allister C., (10-22-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (10-25-1996)
Davis, Vicki, (10-29-1996)

Publication about nitrate film
Nishimura, Doug, (01-09-1996)
Nishimura, Doug, (01-12-1996)

Publication on digital imaging
Berger, Barbara, (08-14-1996)

Publication on exhibitions
MacDonald, Maureen, (05-10-1996)

Publication on fading sought
Grunder, Henry, (10-10-1996)

Publication on preservation in digital environment
Sitts, Maxine K., (04-10-1996)

Publication on preservation of library materials in South East Asia
Lyall, Jan, (08-06-1996)

Publications on mold and disaster response
Ellsworth, Linda, (08-05-1996)

Published technical analyses of paintings
Levenson, Rustin, (04-24-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (05-02-1996)
Wainwright, Ian, (05-03-1996)

Purchasing microfilm
Motylewski, Karen, (11-14-1996)

Pyroxylin on paper
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (03-04-1996)
Koob, Stephen, (03-05-1996)
Ba'lint, Flesch, (03-10-1996)
Bjordal, Lars, (03-12-1996)

Minsky, Richard, (11-24-1996)

Quake Wax
BonaDea, Artemis, (12-03-1996)

Qualifications for management positions
Gavitt, Sharon, (08-26-1996)

RBMS Curators and Conservators Discussion Group
Brown, Charlotte B., (06-27-1996)

RCA/V&A Conservation Course
Griffith, Roger, (12-17-1996)

RFP: Digital imaging
Swora, Tamara, (05-08-1996)

RFP: Temperature and relative humidity controlled exhibition cases
Hamburg, Doris, (06-06-1996)

Deller, Craig, (02-26-1996)

Records disaster symposium
Boyden, Richard, (04-01-1996)

Reformatting cellulose acetate and nitrate negatives
Kevlahan, Marjorie, (05-14-1996)
Flesch, Balint, (05-21-1996)

Relative humidity and partial pressure of water
Hogg, Simon, (08-08-1996)

Relative humidity control in microenvironments
Gilderson-Duwe, Caroline, (07-03-1996)
Coxon, Helen, (07-08-1996)
Shiner, Jerry, (07-08-1996)
Desulis, Kate, (07-11-1996)
Pender, Robyn, (07-12-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (07-12-1996)
Sussex, Graham, (07-13-1996)
McIntyre, John, (07-15-1996)

Reliability of information
Perkins, Beverly, (09-08-1996)
Henry, Walter, (09-11-1996)

Rembrandt Peale and millboard supports
Bischoff, Judy, (07-17-1996)

Rembrandt etchings
Van Breda, Cobus, (11-21-1996)

Remote sensing
Pietro, Giovanna Di, (12-19-1996)

Removal of crayon markings from documents
McAfee, Christopher, (02-13-1996)

Removing PVA
Vine, Mark, (03-12-1996)

Removing UV-filtering film from historic glass
Jessup, Wendy Claire, (07-22-1996)

Removing adhesive from aluminum
Larry, Hutchings, (05-23-1996)

Removing adhesive residue
Altman, Burt, (12-16-1996)

Removing adhesives from books
Durkin, Fran, (10-15-1996)

Removing cellulose acetate from silk
Mouw, Christine, (07-16-1996)
Vine, Mark, (07-17-1996)

Removing lacquer from stained glass
Hogg, Simon, (01-24-1996)
Koob, Stephen, (01-26-1996)

Removing paper materials from albums
Wilson, Linda M., (12-10-1996)

Removing paper objects from burlap
Schenk, Pat, (05-10-1996)

Removing rust stains
Binns, Laura, (09-29-1996)
Knight, Barry, (10-04-1996)

Removing tar from limestone
Maltby, Sue, (07-03-1996)

Removing wax from daguerreotypes
Ewer, Gary W., (06-01-1996)

Repair of pottery
Turin, Syndi, (10-15-1996)

Report on Project Open Book
Conway, Paul, (10-04-1996)

Request for bids: conservation treatment
Lightner, Karen, (01-29-1996)

Rescuing microcards
Traister, Daniel, (07-10-1996)

Research studentship at University College London
Price, Clifford, (06-06-1996)

Rutledge, Mark, (11-25-1996)

Rhone-Poulenc products
Carlson, Mark, (04-09-1996)

Risk to magnetic media
Brown, Tom, (06-28-1996)
Lindner, Jim, (07-02-1996)

Rollataq Adhesive System
Wiseman, Christine, (08-29-1996)

Rollataq Adhesive system
Samieske, Roland, (09-11-1996)

Roofing materials Butyanol
Campbell, Lynn, (09-27-1996)

Rounding and backing
Gilderson-Duwe, Caroline, (01-18-1996)
Ibsen, Soren, (01-31-1996)
Dykhouse, Clarence, (02-01-1996)
Dykhouse, Clarence, (02-01-1996)
Fairfield, John R., (02-05-1996)
Parisi, Paul A., (02-06-1996)
Cullhed, Per, (03-06-1996)

Finney, Elizabeth, (02-05-1996)

Rubber adhesives
Roberts, Kate, (09-16-1996)

Rubber cement thinner
Hodges, Elaine, (01-11-1996)

Rundbrief Fotografie
Klaus, Pollmeier, (05-29-1996)

Russian paper supplier
Martin, James, (08-22-1996)

SAA Conservation Training Conference
Jackson, Rab, (06-07-1996)

SAA Preservation Section Publications Fair
Voss-Hubbard, Anke, (08-20-1996)

SGML workshop
Sander, Margaretta, (04-04-1996)

SHARP Book History Prize
Rose, Jonathan, (11-16-1996)

SOLINET Preservation Services web site
Dellios, Carol, (06-27-1996)

SOLINET workshops
Dellios, Carol, (02-22-1996)
Dellios, Carol, (05-28-1996)

SOS! book fair
Chinworth, Jennifer, (08-27-1996)

SOS! home page
Chinworth, Jennifer, (07-18-1996)

SPNHC Faber Award
Benamy, Elana, (12-06-1996)

SPNHC meeting
Benamy, Elana, (01-25-1996)

SPNHC web site
Zak, Jackie, (05-14-1996)

Salvage priorities
Potje, Karen, (11-11-1996)
McIntyre, John, (11-20-1996)
Thompson, Jack C., (11-22-1996)

Samuel H. Kress Paired Fellowships
Kristich, Stephanie, (12-04-1996)

Savigny Abbey fragments
Godde, Yves, (12-09-1996)

Holmes, Matt, (10-29-1996)

Scales for photodocumentation
Dean, J. Claire, (04-15-1996)

Scanning print documents
Johnson, Jessica S., (05-20-1996)

Scanning vendors
McColgin, Michael, (08-27-1996)

Keynan, Daria, (12-09-1996)
Nadeau, Luis, (12-10-1996)
Farley, Jonathan S., (12-10-1996)

Scratched phonograph records
Adler, Lavinia, (07-11-1996)

Sealing cement
McCrady, Ellen, (12-26-1995)
Van Handel, Lori, (01-04-1996)
Hellman, Ethel E., (01-03-1996)
Turner, Nancy, (01-03-1996)

Palmer, Patricia, (07-15-1996)

Security and electronic storage media
Lucas., Mark K., (10-22-1996)

Security strips
Gilderson-Duwe, Caroline, (01-19-1996)

Selecting materials for display and storage
Drummond, Gina, (04-04-1996)

Self adhesive labels
Jordan, Raymond, (06-12-1996)

Seminar on health hazards
Biggs, Julie, (03-13-1996)

Seminar on imaging
Saffady, William, (04-16-1996)

Seminar on library and archives preservation
Terry, David, (10-28-1996)

Seminar on lighting
Bowers, Larry, (02-05-1996)

Seminar on reconstitution and conservation at Knossos
Kienzle, Peter, (09-04-1996)

Seminars on imaging
Saffady, William, (03-10-1996)
Saffady, William, (08-06-1996)
Saffady, William, (10-15-1996)

Seminars on paper preservation
Melnick, Susan M., (09-03-1996)

Seminars on paper preservation--corrigendum
Melnick, Susan M., (09-09-1996)

Seminars on visual resources
Novick, Karen, (03-04-1996)

Senate vote imminent on IMS, NEA, and NEH appropriations
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (09-10-1996)

Separating acrylic paint from polyacrylate sheeting
Parry, Sian, (10-23-1996)
Keynan, Daria, (10-31-1996)

Stoner, Joyce Hill, (11-13-1996)

Serials distributed by fax
Kesse, Erich J., (02-19-1996)

Selby, Stephen, (04-22-1996)
Fatemi, Susan, (05-09-1996)

Shelf life of books in public libraries
Murray, Nancy, (06-26-1996)

Gregory, Gwen, (01-29-1996)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (02-01-1996)
Bradford, Owen, (02-19-1996)
Branstetter, Rebecca, (10-16-1996)

Shrink wrapping
McNair, Brian, (12-05-1996)
Berger, Sid, (12-06-1996)

Silica gel
Deck, Clara Margaret, (08-26-1996)
Thompson, Jack C., (08-28-1996)
Knight, Barry, (09-20-1996)
Cannon, George W., (09-25-1996)
Knight, Barry, (10-04-1996)

Silk crepeline
Valentine, Laurie, (07-01-1996)

Bordelon, Kathie, (02-07-1996)
Glastrup, Jens, (02-13-1996)
Glastrup, Jens, (03-05-1996)
Knops, Cor, (03-05-1996)

Green, Paul, (07-19-1996)

Slide mounting equipment
Potje, Karen, (08-05-1996)

Small books
Stark, Ron, (03-05-1996)

Smoke damaged books
Martin, Cindy, (02-01-1996)

Smoke damaged bronze
Klein, Robert, (03-25-1996)

Society of Bookbinders biannual conference
Bradford, Owen, (01-08-1996)

Society of Bookbinders conference
Bradford, Owen, (08-08-1996)

Soil sections
Roth, Vanessa, (03-29-1996)
Edwards, Carol, (04-03-1996)

Solvent extraction unit sought
Byrne, Greg, (12-10-1996)

Solvents for epoxy
Vine, Mark, (11-27-1996)
Down, Jane, (11-28-1996)
Reutter, Laura, (12-02-1996)
Koob, Stephen, (12-02-1996)
Newell, Adrienne, (12-08-1996)

Van Gulik, Robien, (07-26-1996)
Selick, Marsha, (08-01-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (08-06-1996)
Ketcham, Jane D., (08-16-1996)

Sootmaster sponge
Dean, J. Claire, (07-16-1996)
Vine, Mark, (08-02-1996)
Vine, Mark, (08-12-1996)
Zachary, Shannon, (08-15-1996)
Graham, Fiona, (09-10-1996)

Source for UV filters
Graham, Fiona, (08-07-1996)

Source for accession and catalog books
Johnson, Jessica S., (03-04-1996)

Source for hole punches
III, George R. Leake, (03-08-1996)

Source for papyrus
Dean, J. Claire, (05-28-1996)
Fortenberry, Rick S., (05-29-1996)
Strickler, Ivy, (05-29-1996)
Panza, Robin, (05-30-1996)

Source for staples
Morse, Elizabeth, (06-26-1996)
Kerschner, Richard L., (06-27-1996)

Source of Japanese paper
Chemello, Claudia, (06-06-1996)
Ryhl, Morten, (06-06-1996)
Schaeffer, Terry T., (06-07-1996)
Derby, Deborah, (06-06-1996)
III, George R. Leake, (06-06-1996)
Chemello, Claudia, (06-28-1996)

Source of colored paper
Johnson, Jessica S., (03-04-1996)

Sources for repair of Handibind machine
Sollar, Johnny De, (08-21-1996)

Cumberland, Barbara, (10-03-1996)

Special collections materials in general stacks
Brown, Charlotte B., (04-15-1996)

Spider web as painting support
Maggen, Michael, (11-26-1996)

Spine erasures on bookbindings
Sinclair, Regina R., (09-18-1996)
BonaDea, Artemis, (09-23-1996)
Meier, Kathy, (09-24-1996)
Sinclair, Regina R., (09-25-1996)
Boral, John, (09-30-1996)

Stained glass
Sloan, Julie, (11-19-1996)

Stains on wood floors
Markham, Anne M., (01-22-1996)
Vine, Mark, (01-26-1996)

Davis, Mary Jo, (11-15-1996)
Maggen, Michael, (11-24-1996)

Alcock, Johann, (08-02-1996)
Potje, Karen, (08-05-1996)
Vine, Mark, (08-03-1996)
Peberdy, Warwick, (08-26-1996)

Stillage for vehicles
Wain, Alison, (12-09-1996)

Storage and handling policies
Kindl, Silvia, (09-23-1996)

Storage of CD's
Kimball, Merle, (10-11-1996)
Henderson, William, (10-15-1996)
Bordley, Peggy, (10-17-1996)
Gelinson, Robin, (10-25-1996)

Storage of Russia leather
Aronson, Mark, (07-31-1996)

Storage of T-shirts
Widener, Mike, (10-04-1996)

Storage of cedar fence posts
Hutchings, Larry, (10-24-1996)

Storage of cellulose nitrate sheet film
Horton, Taylor, (07-10-1996)

Storage of coins
Hutchings, Larry, (10-24-1996)
McCraith, Iona, (10-29-1996)
Vine, Mark, (11-01-1996)
Maltby, Sue, (11-03-1996)
Dumka, Heather, (11-05-1996)

Storage of gowns
Shiner, Jerry, (09-11-1996)

Storage of optical media
Gelinson, Robin, (09-24-1996)

Storage of ostrich plumes
Hutchings, Larry, (12-13-1996)

Storage of ostrich plumes Pest control
Shiner, Jerry, (12-14-1996)

Storage of oversize drawings
Potje, Karen, (07-30-1996)

Storage of oversize works of art on paper
Potje, Karen, (03-13-1996)

Storage of photographs
Watson, Ken, (08-12-1996)

Storage of posters
Dunlap, Sue, (11-22-1996)
III, George R. Leake, (11-26-1996)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (12-06-1996)

Storage space with concrete floors
Ast, Mark, (06-25-1996)
Adams, George W., (06-27-1996)
Ast, Mark, (06-28-1996)
Peterson, Curtiss, (06-28-1996)
Cullhed, Per, (06-28-1996)
Adams, George W., (06-29-1996)
Paine, Shelley Reisman, (07-01-1996)

Campbell, Lynn, (09-27-1996)

Sturgeon glue
Vine, Mark, (09-07-1996)

Substitute for Dahlia sprayer
Barrow, William, (03-12-1996)
Cullhed, Per, (03-19-1996)

Support sought for federal funding for IMS, NEA, and NEH
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (03-07-1996)

Survey on aqueous light bleaching
Schaeffer, Terry T., (09-16-1996)

Survey on placement of archives program graduates
Henstell, Bruce, (03-11-1996)

Survey on radioactive materials
Shelton, Sally, (08-12-1996)
Wain, Alison, (08-28-1996)
Knight, Barry, (09-20-1996)

Pauk, Sophia, (10-17-1996)

Symposium on book arts
Pisano, Maria G., (07-12-1996)

Symposium on conservation science
Scott, John, (02-07-1996)

Symposium on heritage conservation
Sophie, Delmas, (02-28-1996)

Symposium on library and archive preservation
Olszewski, Ann, (08-13-1996)

Tattle-Tape for CDs
Gertz, Janet, (11-07-1996)
Gibson, Gerald D., (12-13-1996)

Teleconference on mass deacidification
Melnick, Susan M., (01-04-1996)

Jones, Lynn, (11-27-1996)

Tempera and gouache
Keynan, Daria, (01-12-1996)

Kaplan, Hilary A., (08-02-1996)
Williamson, Colin, (08-05-1996)
Hogg, Simon, (08-08-1996)

Testing air quality
Jessup, Wendy Claire, (10-10-1996)
Jessup, Wendy Claire, (11-06-1996)

Textiles experiment
Cagonot, Melanie, (10-28-1996)
Katterman, Grace, (11-04-1996)
Jaeschke, Helena, (11-02-1996)

Evans, Rupert N., (03-15-1996)
Ho, Kathy, (03-29-1996)
Evans, Rupert N., (04-05-1996)

Training in traditional Japanese paper conservation
Valentine, Laurie, (08-15-1996)

Training opportunities at the Institute of Archaeology, London.
Price, Clifford, (09-06-1996)

Transparent paper
Knops, Cor, (04-11-1996)

Kesse, Erich J., (04-29-1996)

UV meters
Liao, Zu-Chun, (09-18-1996)
Hall, William, (09-24-1996)

UV monitoring
Canze, Kevin Gene, (03-18-1996)

UV photography
Philp, Flavia, (08-15-1995)
Flesch, Balint, (08-17-1996)
King, Patrick B., (08-16-1996)
Chase, Tom, (08-22-1996)

UV stabilization of acrylic coatings
Koob, Stephen, (01-11-1996)

Underwater mosaic excavation
Mavrommati, Maria, (02-13-1996)
Velios, Thanasis, (03-07-1996)

University of Texas Preservation and Conservation Studies program
Seago, Ann, (07-16-1996)

Urgent appeal on behalf of NEA, NEH, and IMS
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (01-17-1996)
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (01-24-1996)

Vacuum cleaners
Smith, Laura, (08-08-1996)
III, George R. Leake, (08-09-1996)
Pintek, Carol, (11-08-1996)
Davis, Mary Jo, (11-13-1996)

Varnish for exterior oil painting
Valentine, Laurie, (03-15-1996)

Varnishing technique
Brunoro, Kim, (07-31-1996)

Vassar graduates in conservation
Portell, Jean D., (09-16-1996)

Velcro in display cases
Miller, Patricia L., (12-18-1996)

Vendor literature
Schrock, Nancy C., (06-05-1996)

Kollandsrud, Kaja, (09-19-1996)
Lilley, Barbara, (09-24-1996)
Koestler, Robert J., (10-03-1996)

Video archives
Roberts, Jim, (06-03-1996)

Vine, Mark, (02-09-1996)

Maguire, Marsha, (05-28-1996)
Jensen, Craig, (05-29-1996)
Fox, Lisa, (05-29-1996)

Visual aids for disaster planning
Bradford, Owen, (05-10-1996)

Schoonmaker, Dina, (05-10-1996)

WAAC Annual Meeting
Stavroudis, Chris, (09-27-1996)

Wash table
Dodd, Wendy, (07-02-1996)
Mathisen, Susan, (07-09-1996)

Water damage to floppy disks
Clarke, Mark, (01-14-1996)
Tremain, David, (01-18-1996)
Drewes, Jeanne, (01-26-1996)

Water sensors
Sass, Shelley, (07-22-1996)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (07-29-1996)
Real, William, (07-30-1996)
Veloz, Nicolas F., (08-02-1996)
Murphy, Judith, (08-12-1996)

Watercolour papers in Guatemala
Henry, Walter, (10-21-1996)

Waterlogged wood
Velios, Thanasis, (11-27-1996)
Bonnot, Celine, (12-04-1996)

Waterlogged wood Drying wood
Leader, Jonathan M., (12-05-1996)

Deller, Craig, (06-23-1996)
Berrett, Kory, (06-25-1996)
Roberts, Kate, (06-25-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (06-27-1996)
Raphael, Toby, (06-27-1996)
Hodges, Elaine, (06-27-1996)
Aiken, Carol, (07-02-1996)

Wei T'o soft spray chamber
Cole, Bradford, (02-21-1996)
Campbell, Harry, (03-11-1996)

Wheat starch paste
Atwood, Cathy, (12-11-1996)

White lead
Rogers, Dominique, (08-25-1996)

Windsor Castle
Thomas, Evan, (10-22-1996)

Wood conservation program
Stott, Peter, (01-12-1996)

Wood consolidants
Roberts, Kate, (04-04-1996)

Shelton, Sally, (03-19-1996)

Wool carpeting
Klinger, Jane E., (09-19-1996)
Bone, Leslie, (09-25-1996)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (10-07-1996)
Jessup, Wendy Claire, (10-14-1996)

Workshop evaluation
Wiseman, Christine, (02-12-1996)

Workshop on architectural records
Corr, Helen, (07-23-1996)
Corr, Helen, (08-14-1996)

Workshop on care of historic sites
LeFurgy, Jennifer, (06-27-1996)

Workshop on digital imaging
Kenney, Anne R., (04-05-1996)

Workshop on disaster management
Jilovsky, Cathie, (12-18-1996)

Workshop on disaster preparedness
Dellios, Carol, (02-05-1996)
Heiman, Pamela, (08-14-1996)

Workshop on environment
Corr, Helen, (08-13-1996)

Workshop on environmental monitoring
Craddock, Ann, (04-02-1996)
Corr, Helen, (07-15-1996)

Workshop on finance and funding
Shelton, Sally, (02-15-1996)

Workshop on fire protection
Boyden, Richard, (09-20-1996)

Workshop on fund raising
Smith, Steve, (02-16-1996)
LeFurgy, Jennifer, (08-09-1996)
LeFurgy, Jennifer, (10-03-1996)

Workshop on identification and care of photographs
Van Handel, Lori, (10-07-1996)

Workshop on leather conservation
Johnson, Jessica S., (11-05-1996)

Workshop on microfilming and digital imaging
Pfeifle, Gail, (02-20-1996)

Workshop on preservation of three-dimensional objects
Van Handel, Lori, (01-27-1996)

Workshop on preserving family heritage materials
Mansell, Heather, (01-10-1996)

Workshop on restoration of glass vessels
Siedenburg, Loes, (02-15-1996)

Workshop on scanning
Pfeifle, Gail, (06-11-1996)

Workshop on technology of the medieval book
Thompson, Jack C., (03-11-1996)

Workshop on visual resources collections
Terry, David, (01-02-1996)

Riley-Walden, Alicia, (12-12-1996)

Workshops on care of historic sites
LeFurgy, Jennifer, (08-19-1996)
Chisholm, Kelly, (10-11-1996)

Workshops on environment
Henry, Walter, (12-13-1996)

Workshops on fossils
Lindsay, William, (06-25-1996)

Workshops on historic photographic processes
Romer, Grant, (01-12-1996)

Workshops on matting and hinging
Van Handel, Lori, (03-21-1996)

Workshops on mold and pest control
Dellios, Carol, (01-03-1996)

Workshops on preservation
Melnick, Susan M., (03-29-1996)

Workshops on preservation management
Tracy, Gay, (08-06-1996)

Wrapping material
Vine, Mark, (01-04-1996)

Wrought iron carpet tack
Harvey, David, (11-20-1996)

Zinc plates
Kesse, Erich J., (04-08-1996)
Williams, Scott, (04-11-1996)
Kesse, Erich J., (04-18-1996)

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