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Subject: ANSI update

ANSI update

From: Doug Nishimura <dwnpph>
Date: Monday, November 11, 1996
ANSI Committee IT9 for the physical properties and permanence of
imaging materials met the week of October 25th in Rochester. IT9
meets twice per year--once in the spring and once in the fall. This
is an update on the status of the various standards.

In past "issues" of the DistList, I have described the standards
process. However, if anyone is looking for that information, they
can contact me directly.

As mentioned above, ANSI meets twice per year. ISO meets once every
three years so progress on standards, particularly in the field of
physical properties and permanence of imaging materials is much
farther ahead within ANSI than ISO. Often ISO will adopt ANSI
documents with minor changes such as changing "color" to "colour"
and using SI units (if the ANSI document does not already).
Sometimes, ISO will create a the next generation of standard and
ANSI will adopt the ISO document. Common ANSI/ISO documents are
cited with both the ANSI and ISO numbers, such as ANSI/ISO
543-1990(R1995), ANSI/NAPM IT9.6-1991(R1996). In this example, the
ISO standard number is 543 and the version was approved in 1990.
R1995 means that the version was reviewed and reaffirmed in 1995.
The ANSI standard number is IT9.6 and it was approved in 1991. It
was reviewed and reaffirmed in 1996.  NAPM stands for National
Association of Photographic Manufacturers, the body authorized by
ANSI to administer IT documents. (IT9 is the ninth IT (Imaging
Technology) committee.)

Recent Standards: As of October 25th, eight new standards were
available for purchase through ANSI. The prices quoted below do NOT
include shipping and handling.

    ANSI/ISO 10602-1995, ANSI/NAPM IT9.1-1996 <Imaging
    Materials--Processed Silver Gelatin Type Black-and-White
    FIlm--Specifications for Stability> $48.00  This standard
    includes specifications for hypo limits.

    ANSI/ISO 8225-1995, ANSI/NAPM IT9.5-1996 <Imaging
    Materials--Ammonia-Processed Diazo Photographic
    Film--Specifications for Stability> $28.00.

    ANSI/ISO 543-1990(R1995), (ANSI/NAPM IT9.6-1991(R1996) <Imaging
    Materials--Photographic Film--Specifications for Safety Film>
    $15.00. This is the standard that defines what requirements must
    be met in order for a film to be called "Safety" film.

    ANSI/ISO 4330-1994, ANSI/NAPM IT9.10-1996 <Imaging
    Materials--Photographic Film and Paper--Determination of Curl>

    ANSI/ISO 9718-1995, ANSI/NAPM IT9.12-1995 <Imaging
    Materials--Processed Vesicular Photographic Film--Specifications
    for Stability> $28.00.

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.20-1996 <Imaging Materials--Reflection
    Prints--Storage Practices> $28.00 The previous version of this
    document had not been revised since 1982 so many changes have
    been made to this document.

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.21-1995 <Life Expectancy of Compact Discs
    (CD-ROM)--Method for Estimating, Based on Effects of Temperature
    and Relative Humidity> $28.00 This is a completely new test
    method standard.

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.22-1996 <Imaging Materials--Processed Photographic
    Films--Methods for Determining Scratch Resistance> $28.00.

Standards Currently in Publication: THe following four standards are
have been approved and are currently in the process of publication.
As a general rule, these standards usually take about a year to be
published after submission. However, more recent standards have been
printed much more quickly. The status of these standards will be
updated in April on the DistList.

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.9-1996 <Imaging Materials--Stability of Color
    Photographic Images--Method for Measuring.>

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.13-1996 <Imaging Materials--Glossary of Terms
    Pertaining to Stability.>

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.18-1996 <Imaging Materials--Processed Photographic
    Plates--Storage Practices.?

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.23-1996 <Polyester Base Magnetic Tape--Storage.>

Standards Completing Letter Ballot:

Three new standards have completed letter ballot. These will
probably require further editing and will likely not be published
for another year to two years.

    NAPM IT9.24-1996 <Imaging Materials--Arrhenius Testing.>

    NAPM IT9.25-1996 <Imaging Media--Optical DIsc Media--Storage>

    NAPM IT9.26-1996 <Life Expectancy of Magneto-Optic (MO)
    Disks--Method for Estimating, Based on Effects of Temperature
    and Relative Humidity>

Current Activities:

ANSI IT9.2-1991 <Imaging Media--Photographic Processed Films,
Plates, and Papers--Filing Enclosures and Storage Containers> is
currently being revised and rewritten.

ANSI and ISO standards can be ordered from the following address:

    American National Standards Institute
    Department SD
    1430 Broadway
    New York, NY  10018
    Fax: 212-302-1286

Douglas Nishimura
Image Permanence Institute

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