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19th century military tent
Fodstad, Endre, (09-08-2004)

A death
Fagen, Linda, (02-12-2004)
Bacon, Anne, (03-24-2004)
Bailey, Jessica, (03-26-2004)
Green, Simon Barcham, (04-20-2004)
Staniforth, Sarah, (06-30-2004)
Black, James, (06-30-2004)
Bloxam, Jim, (07-07-2004)
Ellis, Margaret Holben, (07-22-2004)
Schnabel, Lorraine, (08-13-2004)
Henry, Walter, (08-17-2004)
Contompasis, Margaret, (10-11-2004)
Berthet, Miguel, (12-16-2004)

ACRL/RBMS Curators and Conservators Discussion Group
Teper, Jennifer Hain, (06-16-2004)

ACRL/RBMS Curators and Conservators Discussion Group--corrigendum
Teper, Jennifer Hain, (06-18-2004)

AIC Angels project
Deller, Craig, (04-09-2004)

AIC Architecture Specialty Group
Munsch, Guy, (05-17-2004)

AIC Book and Paper Group reception
Hellman, Ethel, (05-25-2004)

AIC Conservators in Private Practice
Barger, M. Susan, (08-04-2004)

AIC Electronic Media Group
Frost, Hannah, (03-14-2004)

AIC Electronic Media Group election
Vitale, Tim, (03-11-2004)

AIC Objects Specialty Group election
Chase, Ellen, (02-04-2004)

Metzger, Catherine, (04-16-2004)

AIC Research and Technical Studies
Swider, Joseph R., (03-11-2004)

AIC Research and Technical Studies election
Swider, Joseph R., (03-26-2004)

ALCTS/PARS Cooperative Preservation Programs Discussion Group
Dale, Robin L., (01-02-2004)

Abbey Newsletter set available
Gehnrich, Babette, (02-13-2004)

Accelerated ageing
Tarnowski, Amber, (02-24-2004)

Accelerated aging
Teodora, Poiata, (01-31-2004)

Acid free paper for sale
De Veer, Marysa, (09-01-2004)

Adhesives for lining
Devi, Meenakshi, (05-15-2004)

Henry, Walter, (02-01-2004)
Henry, Walter, (06-17-2004)
Henry, Walter, (08-05-2004)
Henry, Walter, (11-05-2004)

Air abrasion system
Devine, Erica, (12-02-2004)

Air handling systems
Bolourchi, Hassan, (07-22-2004)

Air pencil system
Pratt, Carol, (03-09-2004)
Braun, Tom James, (03-17-2004)
Pavitt, Rebecca, (03-18-2004)
Prins, Steven, (03-17-2004)

Air purification systems
Farren, Donald, (05-17-2004)
Tetreault, Jean, (05-25-2004)
Bolourchi, Hass, (06-09-2004)

Airplane replicas
Turnham, Stephanie, (03-03-2004)

Airplane wing
Vine, Mark, (08-06-2004)
Roundhill, Linda S., (08-13-2004)
Braun, Tom James, (08-16-2004)

Airtex fabric
Luxner, Alison, (07-08-2004)

Anatomical models
Kokarnig, Sandra, (06-11-2004)

McGowan-Jackson, Holly, (07-15-2004)

Ansul fire suppression system
Minter, William, (05-04-2004)

Antimicrobial powder coating
Harris, Jill K., (12-10-2004)

Apprenticeship opportunities
Francis, Eboni A., (09-05-2004)

Archaeological Textiles
Veseth, Margunn, (03-17-2004)

Architectural drawings
Potje, Karen, (06-29-2004)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (07-09-2004)

Archives Conservation Discussion Group
St.John, Kristen, (06-01-2004)

Archives construction
Ling, Ted, (03-18-2004)

Arsenic in silked documents
Burns, Dorothea, (05-18-2004)

Audobon lithograph
Kennedy, Tara, (08-27-2004)

Awlcraft 2000
Tarnowski, Amber, (07-22-2004)

BPG luncheon talk
Stauderman, Sarah, (04-07-2004)

BROMEC (Bulletin of Research on MEtal Conservation)
Degrigny, Christian, (01-03-2004)

Balaam workshops
Xarrie, Mireia, (01-08-2004)
Xarrie, Mireia, (03-19-2004)
Xarrie, Mireia, (04-28-2004)

Barbara Goldsmith Preservation Lecture
Contakos, Kate E., (09-21-2004)

Bay Area Art Conservation Guild
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (05-02-2004)
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (12-03-2004)

Beeswax and needlework
Jacobson, Emily, (03-09-2004)
Ibsen, Soren, (03-17-2004)
Minter, William, (03-19-2004)
Brown, Michele, (03-25-2004)

Benzyl alcohol in varnish
Turton, Alexandra, (10-21-2004)

Rutherston, Jane, (10-28-2004)

Blue carbon copy paper
Guglielmi, Mara, (08-09-2004)

Bollettino dell'ICR
Buzzanca, Giancarlo, (08-17-2004)

Bone and sand
Gutebier, Thomas, (04-13-2004)

Book boxes
Whitbeck, Michael, (02-26-2004)

Book on bookcloth for sale
Fan, Esther C., (09-22-2004)

Book on pollutants in museums and archives
Tetreault, Jean, (04-20-2004)

Books and equipment sought
Turner-Walker, Gordon, (07-05-2004)

Langeveld, Michiel, (07-11-2004)
Braun, Tom James, (07-22-2004)
White, Rachel, (07-22-2004)
Roundhill, Linda S., (07-27-2004)
Roth, Vanessa, (07-26-2004)
Knight, Barry, (08-23-2004)

Brass standards
Heginbotham, Arlen, (04-28-2004)

Roundhill, Linda S., (07-27-2004)

Brian Baird
Heckman, Jim, (06-23-2004)

British Association of Paper Historians
Finch, Lorraine, (02-13-2004)
Finch, Lorraine, (02-13-2004)
Finch, Lorraine, (03-29-2004)
Finch, Lorraine, (05-18-2004)

Bronze disease
Machovec-Smith, Kimberly, (03-26-2004)
Chase, W. T., (04-04-2004)

Buried metal
Ogden, Jack, (07-08-2004)
Harvey, David, (07-13-2004)
Jaeschke, Helena, (07-10-2004)
Gallagher, Patrick, (07-13-2004)
Lau, Deborah, (07-14-2004)

CAA-HP Award for Distinction in Scholarship and Conservation
Krueger, Jay, (07-22-2004)

CAC Annual Conference and Workshop
Bernicky, Chantal, (03-18-2004)

CD-R longevity
Herbert, Teri L., (01-21-2004)
Cupitt, John, (01-30-2004)
Goldman, Joseph, (01-30-2004)

CT scanning
Scoullar, Natalie, (04-02-2004)
Wadum, Jorgen, (04-09-2004)

Cabosil M5
Vine, Mark, (11-18-2004)

Cake icing
Bigelow, Sue, (08-12-2004)
Schwartz, Anita, (08-14-2004)
Dumka, Heather, (08-18-2004)
Koob, Stephen, (08-23-2004)

Calcium bicarbonate
Kennedy, Tara, (06-21-2004)
Maggen, Michael, (06-25-2004)

Call for Papers--Archiving
Nishimura, Douglas W., (07-29-2004)

Call for Papers--North American Textile Conservation Conference
Iannuccilli, Claudia, (07-20-2004)

Call for Papers--Symposium on scientific research in the field of Asian art
McCarthy, Blythe, (07-29-2004)

Call for Papers: SHARP conference
Rose, Jonathan E., (10-05-2004)

Call for nominations--AIC/Heritage Preservation Joint Award for Outstanding Commitment to the Preservation and Care of Collections
Paige, Sheila, (10-21-2004)

Call for nominations--Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award
Hart, Andrew, (10-01-2004)
Hart, Andrew, (11-01-2004)

Call for papers--AIC Annual Meeting
Odegaard, Nancy, (08-27-2004)

Call for papers--AIC Architecture Specialty Group
Krotzer, Dorothy, (10-07-2004)

Call for papers--AIC Book and Paper Group
Krueger, Holly Huston, (09-21-2004)

Call for papers--AIC Paintings Specialty Group
Effmann, Elise, (10-04-2004)

Call for papers--AIC Research and Technical Studies
Chase, Ellen, (10-14-2004)

Call for papers--AIC Textile Specialty Group
Pollak, Nancy, (09-29-2004)

Call for papers--AIC Wooden Artifacts Group
Wilkinson, Randy, (09-16-2004)

Call for papers--Archive conservation
Dreghorn, Brenda, (11-09-2004)

Call for papers--CAC Annual Conference
Freake, Alison, (09-20-2004)

Call for papers--Conservation of modern and contemporary art
Sommermeyer, Barbara, (03-04-2004)

Call for papers--Cultural landscapes
Kerr, Marie-Lou, (08-09-2004)

Call for papers--Durability of paper and writing
Kolar, Jana, (03-23-2004)

Call for papers--ESARBICA Journal
Ngulube, Patrick, (02-11-2004)

Call for papers--Electronic media
Lang, Ulrich, (12-06-2004)

Call for papers--European Materials Research Society
Corbeil, Marie-Claude, (11-22-2004)

Call for papers--ICOM-CC
Verger, Isabelle, (01-30-2004)

Call for papers--ICOM-CC Education and Training Working Group
Reifsnyder, Joan, (02-27-2004)

Call for papers--IPC International Conference
Venables, Barbara, (10-07-2004)

Call for papers--Indoor air quality
Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten, (03-24-2004)

Call for papers--Institute of Conservation Science
Bradley, Susan, (10-28-2004)

Call for papers--Metals conservation
Hallam, David, (06-21-2004)

Call for papers--Permanence and impermanence
Real, Will, (12-01-2004)

Call for papers--Preservation of cultural heritage
Daniel, Vinod, (03-02-2004)

Call for papers--Preservation of religious textiles
Boersma, Foekje, (04-25-2004)
Boersma, Foekje, (06-02-2004)

Call for papers--Preventive conservation
Havermans, John, (03-16-2004)

Call for papers--Reviews in Conservation
Streeton, Noelle, (06-04-2004)

Call for papers--Setbacks in Conservation Online
Vaddius, Anders, (03-31-2004)

Call for papers--Society of Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T)
Chapman, Stephen, (10-04-2004)

Call for papers--Symposium on adhesion
Buelow, Anna, (10-19-2004)

Call for papers--Transition metals in paper
Havermans, John, (06-22-2004)

Call for papers--Twentieth Century Furniture Research Group
Kaner, Jake, (01-21-2004)

Call for papers--UKIC Ethnography Section
Miles, Roisin, (01-13-2004)

Call for papers--Upholstery
Grennfalk, Mats, (06-14-2004)

Call for papers--WAAC Annual Meeting
Lambert, Molly, (06-16-2004)

Call for papers--Wood and furniture conservation
Jaap, Boonstra, (04-06-2004)

Call for papers--X-radiographic imaging of textiles
O'Connor, Sonia Alice, (03-15-2004)

Call for papers--non-destructive investigation and microanalysis
Buzzanca, Giancarlo, (04-30-2004)

Call for posters--AIC Annual Meeting
Carroll, Valinda, (12-02-2004)

Call for posters--AIC Annual Meeting--addendum
Carroll, Valinda, (01-12-2004)

Call for reviewers--Documentary films
Coe, Michelle, (03-04-2004)

Call number labels
Bradshaw, Gloria, (06-11-2004)
Blake, Erin, (06-21-2004)
Minter, William, (06-22-2004)

Canvas life ring
Kenney, Paul, (12-31-2003)

Canvas treated with rubber
Rogerson, Cordelia, (10-22-2004)

Carbon coating objects for SEM/EDS
Davis, Suzanne, (01-23-2004)
Anheuser, Kilian, (02-02-2004)
Stapleton, Colleen P., (02-02-2004)
Jaeschke, Helena, (02-01-2004)
White, Rachel, (02-09-2004)

Care of Collections Forum annual meeting
Berry, Janet, (04-02-2004)

Career choices
Solonaru, Lorry, (01-06-2004)
White, Susan, (01-09-2004)
Levenson, Rustin, (01-11-2004)

Reynolds, Frank A., (03-16-2004)

Robertson, Lynda, (11-01-2004)
Jaeschke, Helena, (11-10-2004)

Case for large panel painting
Taor, Sally, (07-28-2004)

Cat litter containing zeolites
Reichert, Andrea, (04-01-2004)
Ellis, Shirley, (04-16-2004)
Roundhill, Linda S., (06-13-2004)

Cat litter containing zeolites--corrigendum
Roundhill, Linda S., (06-22-2004)

Cayman Island National Museum
Tartt, Judith, (09-29-2004)

Bayers, Hilary, (04-28-2004)

Cellulose acetate
McFadyen, Ellie, (08-16-2004)

Cellulose nitrate
Storch, Paul, (11-04-2004)
Roundhill, Linda S., (11-10-2004)
Shashoua, Yvonne, (11-16-2004)

Cellulose wadding and fine steel wire net
Blana, Matthias, (01-21-2004)

Ceramic stove
Patchett-Joyce, Alex, (08-06-2004)

Ceramic tile mural
Martin, Dawn, (12-31-2003)

Ceramic tiles on masonite
De Utermohlen, Hilda Abreu, (07-21-2004)

Charcoal drawings and pastels
Koppel, Esther L., (05-26-2004)
Shores, Franklin, (05-29-2004)

Chartham Translucent
Gehnrich, Babette, (04-14-2004)
Smith, Christine, (04-21-2004)
Potje, Karen, (04-16-2004)

Chinese scroll paintings
Cser, Laszlo, (01-19-2004)

Christopher Bisschop
Door, Joan, (03-12-2004)

Classifying resins
Herraez, Isabel, (11-18-2004)
Gall-Ortlik, Agnes, (11-25-2004)
Williams, Scott, (11-25-2004)
Krotzer, Dorothy, (11-29-2004)

Cleaning art glass windows
Lerner, Susan, (08-02-2004)
Koob, Stephen, (08-06-2004)

Cleaning bone
Luengo, Noemi Moran, (02-19-2004)

Cleaning cities
Selavan, Barnea Levi, (10-21-2004)
Walters, Wendy, (11-10-2004)

Cleaning color field paintings
Homuth, Sandra, (08-01-2004)

Cleaning firearms
Gardner, Cindy, (06-16-2004)
Dignard, Carole, (06-22-2004)

Cleaning glass
Old, Zoe, (10-27-2004)
Gothorp, Cliff, (11-10-2004)
Jaeschke, Helena, (11-10-2004)
Koob, Stephen, (11-10-2004)

Cleaning large museum objects
Old, Zoe, (06-24-2004)

Cleaning metal
Heaver, Melissa Marsh, (03-26-2004)
Leeds, Wendy, (03-26-2004)
Moss, James, (03-27-2004)
Ogden, Jack, (03-31-2004)
Storme, Patrick, (03-31-2004)

Climate control in southern Africa
Wilson, Lara, (03-26-2004)
Scott, Graeme, (03-29-2004)
Teygeler, Rene, (03-31-2004)

Clinic on accreditation
Bradshaw, Susan, (08-24-2004)

Calcutt, Lorna, (07-23-2004)

Foxley, Sebastian, (06-08-2004)
Waller, Robert, (06-09-2004)
Shiner, Jerry, (06-09-2004)

Cold storage facilities sought
Paul, Melissa, (08-03-2004)

Collaboration with native groups
Shah, Monica, (05-23-2004)

Comb binding
Carroll, Valinda, (11-11-2004)
Cullinane, Jane, (11-23-2004)

Communicating conservation
D'Arcangelo, Dominica, (07-11-2004)

Condition survey
Corbach, Almuth, (02-18-2004)
Leeds, Wendy, (02-19-2004)
O'Neill, Marta G., (02-23-2004)

Conference on William Blake
Townsend, Joyce, (02-17-2004)

Conference on architectural paint research in building conservation
Bregnhoi, Line, (12-02-2004)

Conference on book, paper and parchment conservation
Kolar, Jana, (01-26-2004)

Conference on cellulose acetate microfilm
Novotny, Deborah, (07-28-2004)

Conference on collection storage
Walker, Alison, (07-05-2004)

Conference on combination of materials in art technology and conservation
Corbach, Almuth, (03-06-2004)

Conference on digital imaging
Nishimura, Douglas W., (07-29-2004)

Conference on forgeries
Vega, Patrick A., (10-28-2004)

Conference on furniture
Kaner, Jake, (06-01-2004)

Conference on heritage, microbiology and science
Webster, Alison, (09-20-2004)

Conference on indoor air quality
Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten, (01-08-2004)

Conference on modern sculpture
Rowntree, Joanna, (07-21-2004)

Conference on mold
Jackson, Robert, (11-25-2004)

Conference on mounting and housing art on paper
Giles, David, (10-20-2004)

Conference on painters's materials trade
Black, James, (08-01-2004)

Conference on printed media
Purinton, Nancy, (03-26-2004)

Conference on stained glass
Cannon, Graeme, (03-16-2004)

Conference on stone architectural exteriors and monuments
Schur, Susan E., (02-09-2004)

Conference on textile conservation
Wyeth, Paul, (04-09-2004)

Conference on traffic in artefacts
Chase, W. T., (01-23-2004)

Conference on trends in conservation
Zaher, Lisa, (10-03-2004)

Conference on upholstery
Grennfalk, Mats, (12-08-2004)

Conservation Awards
Hughes, Susan, (11-25-2004)

Conservation Course Syllabus Pages
Lowengard, Sarah, (12-30-2003)

Conservation advocacy
Mibach, Lisa, (02-01-2004)

Conservation advocacy Unpaid graduate internships
Wells, Jeremy, (01-21-2004)

Conservation business for sale
Ashman, David, (11-08-2004)

Conservation equipment for sale
Wickham, M. Sarah, (06-15-2004)

Conservation in Germany
La de Cruz, Vera, (10-28-2004)

Conservation lab space available
Griggs, Candis C., (01-19-2004)

Conservation of rush seating
Gordon, Lindsay, (11-18-2004)

Conservation of war damaged artifacts
Evans, Helen, (02-07-2004)
Trela, Richard, (02-26-2004)

Conservation projects for volunteers
Greenwood, John, (09-13-2004)

Conservation studio for rent
Maekawa, Luana, (05-06-2004)

Conservator's Emporium
Paris, Jan, (07-06-2004)
Pagliarino, Amanda, (07-13-2004)
Foster, William, (07-22-2004)

Consolidating pencil on cement plaster
Soffer, Orit, (10-27-2004)
Stewart, Rod, (11-10-2004)

Consolidating silver foil on glass
Irma, Langus, (07-28-2004)

Devine, Erica, (05-31-2004)
Roundhill, Linda S., (06-05-2004)
Rogers, Dominique, (06-06-2004)
Weaver, Lyn, (06-09-2004)

Construction materials for museum renovations
Jeffers, Will, (04-29-2004)

Contemporary mixed media painting
Erikson, Annika, (03-01-2004)

Continuing education
Lane, Anne, (03-17-2004)
Obrien, Martin, (03-17-2004)

Contrad 2000
Tudorel, Crismariuc Mihail, (03-17-2004)

Convergence of UK conservation organizations
Hackforth-Jones, Laila, (02-17-2004)
Trollope, Nick, (02-20-2004)
McAusland, Jane G., (06-19-2004)
Marshall, Tina, (06-24-2004)
Farley, Jonathan S., (06-25-2004)
Player-Dahnsjo, Ylva, (06-30-2004)
Clay, Sarah, (06-29-2004)
Khong, Yvonne, (06-30-2004)
Pickwoad, Nicholas, (07-02-2004)
Hughes, Susan, (07-05-2004)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-04-2004)
Brown, A. Jean E., (07-05-2004)
Bendix, Caroline, (07-13-2004)
Artemis, Lara, (07-16-2004)
Farley, Jonathan, (07-22-2004)
Farley, Jonathan, (10-01-2004)
Marshall, Tina, (10-13-2004)
Marshall, Tina, (10-11-2004)

Convex crayon enlargement photographs
Whitman, Katharine, (11-26-2004)

Copper bell
Teles, Dion, (01-25-2004)

Santos, Cila, (04-20-2004)

Course at West Dean College
Thurston, Isabel, (05-19-2004)

Course on X-ray radiography
Pourchot, Eric, (12-01-2004)

Course on biodeterioration
Xarrie, Mireia, (01-13-2004)

Course on bleaching
Mesmer, Renate, (07-21-2004)

Course on ceramic fills and inpainting
Neiro, Michaela, (03-08-2004)

Course on chemistry for conservators
Xarrie, Mireia, (03-01-2004)
Xarrie, Mireia, (07-07-2004)

Course on chemistry for conservators--addendum
Xarrie, Mireia, (06-10-2004)

Course on collection planning
Mort-Putland, Lisa, (08-25-2004)

Course on conservation of ecclesiastical textiles
Black, James, (05-28-2004)

Course on conservation of masonry
Mecklenburg, Mike, (08-26-2004)

Course on conservation of plasterwork
Campbell, Liz, (11-29-2004)

Course on digitization
Maroso, Amy, (06-07-2004)
Maroso, Amy, (07-14-2004)

Course on electrochemical techniques in metals conservation
Boissonnas, Valentin, (04-04-2004)

Course on environment
Degrigny, Christian, (08-17-2004)

Course on exhibitions
Degrigny, Christian, (08-18-2004)

Course on fiber identification
Xarrie, Mireia, (06-17-2004)

Course on gems and jewellery
Ogden, Jack, (11-12-2004)

Course on glass conservation
Black, James, (01-11-2004)
Black, James, (12-01-2004)

Course on historic preservation
Mort-Putland, Lisa, (11-05-2004)

Course on laser cleaning
Sochanik, Zofia, (11-19-2004)

Course on marquetry
Pourchot, Eric, (01-14-2004)

Course on metal conservation
Diaz, Soledad, (10-15-2004)

Course on metals
Scott, David, (01-22-2004)
Scott, David A., (12-07-2004)

Course on microscopy and microchemical analysis
Mulders, Cor, (07-01-2004)

Course on non-adhesive bookbinding
Schiro, Joseph, (04-07-2004)

Course on paper splitting
Roerig, Henrik, (06-16-2004)

Course on photographic conservation
Xarrie, Mireia, (10-11-2004)

Course on photographic preservation
Mulders, Cor, (07-01-2004)

Course on preventive conservation
Michalski, Stefan, (10-18-2004)

Course on sharing conservation decisions
Camera, Paola, (03-24-2004)

Courses at West Dean College
Thurston, Isabel, (05-17-2004)
Thurston, Isabel, (07-14-2004)
Thurston, Isabel, (09-23-2004)
Thurston, Isabel, (11-08-2004)

Courses on Indo-Persian miniature painting
Chowdry, Anita, (01-23-2004)

Courses on bookbinding
Bearman, Fred, (02-13-2004)

Courses on ceramics conservation
Schouwerwou, Johann, (05-11-2004)
Ceramics, Academy of, (07-05-2004)
McKenna, Heidi, (11-25-2004)

Courses on laser cleaning
Sochanik, Zofia, (07-05-2004)

Courses on pests and identification of paper
Black, James, (05-06-2004)

Courses on preservation of modern materials
Latham, Kiersten, (03-09-2004)
Nason, Gill, (03-18-2004)

Courses on replicas
Black, James, (04-21-2004)

Crayon portrait on linen backing
Kennedy, Tara, (03-26-2004)

Creosote vapors
Jessup, Wendy Claire, (10-13-2004)
White, Rachel, (10-15-2004)
Parker, Thomas A., (10-27-2004)

Cultural heritage in Kosovo
Lukovic, Vojislav, (03-23-2004)

Database and software for conservation records
Potje, Karen, (11-22-2004)
Richardson, Heather, (11-25-2004)
Kemp, Jonathan, (12-02-2004)
Smithen, Patricia, (12-09-2004)
Crook, Jo, (12-09-2004)

Dating paper
Hingley, Mark, (04-22-2004)

Herbert, Teri L., (12-14-2004)

Deciphering fire damaged documents
Finch, Lorraine, (04-13-2004)
Prins, Steven, (04-16-2004)

Paris, Jan, (04-21-2004)

Decorated paper terminology
Porck, Henk J., (06-04-2004)

Degree program in furniture conservation and restoration
Schulze, Henning, (01-11-2004)
Schulze, Henning, (08-26-2004)

Derotor steam cleaner
Stock, Susan, (04-19-2004)

Balog, Tugi, (12-08-2004)

Digital Preservation Award
Jones, Maggie, (04-02-2004)

Digital photography and photodocumentation
James, Erica, (09-30-2004)

Digital prints
Baxter, Juliette, (07-22-2004)

Buelow, Anna, (11-10-2004)

Disaster preparedness
Lazaris, Panayotis, (07-18-2004)

Discolored Japanese prints
Ito, Chie, (12-02-2004)

Troupkou, Maria, (06-22-2004)
Lee-bechtold, Susan, (06-25-2004)
Murdoch, Lauren, (07-05-2004)
Roundhill, Linda S., (07-17-2004)

Display cases
Fukumaru, Naoko, (05-26-2004)
Maguire, Cary Beattie, (09-23-2004)
Jeffers, Will, (09-30-2004)
Griffin, Isobel, (11-19-2004)
Bradley, Susan, (11-25-2004)

Display lighting for murals
Grunow, Gregg, (03-19-2004)

Display lighting for silk
Corbin, Gwenola, (04-14-2004)
Ellis, Shirley, (04-16-2004)

Displaying bandages
Hawk, Alan J., (02-13-2004)

Displaying flags and banners
McClean, Lynn, (07-07-2004)
Joel, Steve, (07-23-2004)

Displaying globes
Emprechtinger, Judith, (09-29-2004)
Shiner, Jerry, (10-08-2004)

Displaying quilt
Herbert, Teri L., (07-14-2004)
Richards, Elizabeth A., (07-27-2004)

Double-sided tape
Boal, Gillian, (08-12-2004)

Draps d'aresta
Dura, Elisabet Cerda, (11-10-2004)

Drawing aids
Weynants, Thomas, (01-28-2004)

Dryer sheets and odor
Fink, Carol, (03-09-2004)

Drying sand
La Camera, Deborah, (03-24-2004)
Sanders, Douglas, (03-25-2004)
McManus, Neill, (03-30-2004)
Thompson, Jack C., (03-27-2004)
Prins, Steven, (03-30-2004)

Dust cloths
Fink, Carol, (01-29-2004)
Downey, Anne E., (02-02-2004)
Bendix, Caroline, (02-10-2004)

Dutch gilt paper
Berger, Sid, (02-02-2004)

Early 17th century Florentine portraits
Prins, Steven, (09-07-2004)

Eastern Analytical Symposium
Scott, John, (05-03-2004)
Scott, John, (09-29-2004)

Eco-Core plywood products
Hadlow, Elizabeth, (06-09-2004)

Effects of cold smoke on museum objects
Collins, Chris, (08-04-2004)

Electron beam irradiation
Henningsen, Christina, (08-16-2004)

Embellished Spanish Colonial paintings
Jeffcoat, Kristy, (04-13-2004)

Environment for preparing taxidermy
Simmons, John E., (11-29-2004)

Epoxy resin for restoration of metal sculpture
Sahione, Jorge, (11-10-2004)
Braun, Tom James, (11-29-2004)
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (12-01-2004)
Storch, Paul, (12-02-2004)

Equipment for sale
Farley, Jonathan, (04-12-2004)

Equipment sought
Hawkes, Richard, (04-15-2004)

Events in collection areas
Von Monschaw, Ele, (10-27-2004)
Clarke, Mark, (11-10-2004)

Examples of RFPs for sound collection work sought
Brown, Karen, (04-13-2004)

Exhibition display walls available
Schwartz, George, (11-23-2004)

Experts on evaluating adhesives sought
Pearlstein, Ellen, (11-07-2004)

FM 200 fire suppression system
Bottomley, Dana, (05-29-2004)

FTIR analysis for ethnographic plants
Wichelmann, Heike, (11-17-2004)

Fabrics for lining
Miller, Alexis, (12-15-2004)

Stockmeyer, Anne-Katrin, (03-22-2004)

Faded document
Krantz, Peter, (11-26-2004)

Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator
Ballard, Mary, (03-03-2004)

Fellowship at CCAHA
Rawnsley, Virgilia, (02-05-2004)

Fellowship at Harvard
Khandekar, Narayan, (03-03-2004)

Fellowship at Historic Mount Vernon
Perugini, Flavia, (08-06-2004)

Fellowship at LACMA
MacInnes, Cecily, (01-13-2004)

Fellowship at Library of Congress
Beyer, Carrie S, (02-05-2004)

Fellowship at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Perkinson, Roy, (07-29-2004)

Fellowship at National Gallery of Art
Skalka, Michael, (03-12-2004)

Fellowship at Philadelphia Museum of Art
Konin, Peter, (12-09-2004)

Fellowship at Phillips Collection
Steele, Elizabeth, (01-27-2004)

Fellowship at University of British Columbia
Chong, Yau Min, (04-07-2004)

Fellowship at Worcester Art Museum
Luxner, Alison, (03-02-2004)

Fellowships at SCMRE
N'Gadi, Ann B., (01-21-2004)
N'Gadi, Ann B., (12-03-2004)

Fellowships at SCMRE--addendum
N'Gadi, Ann B., (12-09-2004)

Fellowships at SPNEA
Neiro, Michaela, (03-08-2004)

Fellowships at the National Museum of the American Indian
Kaminitz, Marian, (01-08-2004)
Kaminitz, Marian, (01-08-2004)
Kaminitz, Marian, (07-13-2004)

Fiber optic lighting
Hopkins, Ada, (09-29-2004)

Fiber samples sought
Lupi, Theresa Zammit, (04-15-2004)

File cabinets
Campbell, Scott, (04-15-2004)

Filling oil on copper
Scarpini, Maria, (06-09-2004)

Fingerprints as an attribution tool
Ayers, Anthony D., (04-08-2004)
Sigel, Tony, (04-13-2004)

Fire at Biedenharn Museum report
Griffin, Patricia S., (10-13-2004)

Fire at University Products
Dunphy, John A., (03-30-2004)

Fire in library in Weimar, Germany
Patkus, Ron, (09-07-2004)

Fire suppression
Jeffers, Will, (09-10-2004)

Fire suppression systems
Teper, Thomas H., (02-02-2004)
Wells, Jeremy, (02-05-2004)
Ling, Ted, (03-18-2004)

Fish leathers
Walker, Ann, (11-12-2004)

Fixing inks
Akolkar, Anand S., (06-04-2004)

Flaking oil paint on paper
Lowry, Kate, (01-16-2004)
De de Bobadilla, Teresa Fernanz, (01-21-2004)

Flashe vinyl colors
James, Erica, (02-21-2004)
Rogers, Dominique, (03-03-2004)

Flooding in Peterborough, Ontario
McCraith, Iona, (07-20-2004)

Harris, Jessica, (09-23-2004)

Food and taxidermy collections
Endzweig, Pam, (06-10-2004)

Forum on paintings conservation
Woodcock, Sally, (10-10-2004)

Georgieva, Teodora, (04-03-2004)
Balan, Flavia, (05-03-2004)

Freezing green wood sculptures
Wild, Elizabeth, (03-19-2004)
Carrlee, Ellen, (03-25-2004)

Fume hood for Sale
Martin, Susan, (02-12-2004)

Fumigated books from China
Boal, Gillian, (08-10-2004)

G.U.D paint
Mccarthy, Elizabeth, (08-16-2004)
Vine, Mark, (08-18-2004)

GCI Conservation Guest Scholar program
Zagorski, Anna, (06-30-2004)

Gamblin Conservation Colors
Runeberg, Ulrik, (09-05-2004)
Whitten, Jill, (09-16-2004)
Rutter, Lynne, (09-16-2004)
Prins, Steven, (09-29-2004)

Gel ink
DeBolt, Dean, (07-08-2004)

Vine, Mark, (08-07-2004)

Gerry Hedley Student Symposium
Friedrich, Eike, (05-17-2004)

Glass bristle brushes
Miles, Roisin, (11-30-2004)
Braun, Tom James, (12-02-2004)
Roth, Vanessa, (12-09-2004)
Chase, W. T., (12-11-2004)

Goldbeater's skin
Grieve, Susanne, (06-07-2004)
Roundhill, Linda S., (06-13-2004)
Thompson, Jack C., (06-14-2004)

Graffiti on brick wall
Messinger, Michelle C., (03-22-2004)
Schnabel, Lorraine, (03-25-2004)

Runeberg, Ulrik, (08-06-2004)

Grant program
MacLean, Margaret G.H., (10-15-2004)

Grant program for preservation of digital materials
Lefurgy, William, (06-18-2004)

Grenz radiography
Hendry, Heather, (01-09-2004)

Grounds for panel paintings
Hopewell, Dan, (07-19-2004)
Rutter, Lynne, (07-24-2004)

Gruppo Mondiale and new Rodin sculptures
Mibach, Lisa, (03-11-2004)

HEPA vacuum cleaners
McCraith, Iona, (04-24-2004)
Malicka, Anna, (05-20-2004)
Armstrong, Valoise, (05-24-2004)

Hand Papermaking magazine
Bannister, Tom, (09-30-2004)

Hand papermakers
Kidder, Lynn C., (05-06-2004)

Hand wipes
Gibbons, Patti, (05-18-2004)
Phibbs, Hugh, (05-24-2004)

Hayle Mill
Smith, Alan, (01-01-2004)

Heat set tissue
Sandvik, Hanne Karin, (05-16-2004)

Galea, Mario, (03-15-2004)

Historical paste boards
Strebel, Martin, (12-31-2003)
Van Oosterom, John, (01-13-2004)

Hornemann Institute web site
Brune, Cord, (07-07-2004)

Hot melt adhesives
Balloffet, Nelly, (06-23-2004)
Hingley, Mark, (06-25-2004)
Pagliarino, Amanda, (07-06-2004)
Burke, John, (07-13-2004)
Sigel, Tony, (07-22-2004)

Hot table available
Samet, Wendy, (08-11-2004)

Housing newspapers
Bogus, Ian, (03-25-2004)

Housing woodcuts
Parker, Shannon L., (04-01-2004)

Humidity control systems
Bear, Alice, (06-27-2004)

Wadum, Jorgen, (02-25-2004)

ICOM-CC Education and Training Working Group
Reifsnyder, Joan, (09-08-2004)

ICOM-CC Photographic Records Working Group
Koskivirta, Riitta, (05-28-2004)

IIC Congress preprints for sale
Saunders, David, (11-09-2004)

IIC Keck Award
Ashley-Smith, Jonathan, (04-05-2004)

IMLS Conservation Project Grants
Re, Christine Del, (05-26-2004)

IPI publications
Nishimura, Douglas, (03-15-2004)

ISO Permanence of Imaging Materials update
Nishimura, Douglas W., (11-04-2004)

Identification tags
Sturis, Janet, (10-08-2004)

Identifying UV filtering materials
Hendry, Heather, (07-15-2004)

Image enhancement
Courtois, Leslie, (11-23-2004)
Vanderlinden, Tom, (11-29-2004)

Indoor Air Pollution
Cannon, George W., (02-19-2004)

Indoor air pollution
D'Agostino, Vanessa, (02-05-2004)

Inflatable sculpture
Roth, Vanessa, (06-01-2004)

Devi, Meenakshi, (01-21-2004)
Easterbrook, Sandy, (02-03-2004)
Swerda, Kathyrn Rose, (03-16-2004)

Inscribed 17th century portraits
Urry, Serena, (08-11-2004)

Inscriptions on 17th century portrait
Trela, Richard, (08-18-2004)

Instructor sought
McMann, Joanna, (04-15-2004)

Instructor sought--addendum
McMann, Joanna, (04-15-2004)

Instructors for conservation seminars sought
Xarrie, Mireia, (09-20-2004)

Internet art
Allen, Martin, (04-13-2004)

Internship at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Williams, Emily, (06-01-2004)

Internship at Cornell
Eden, Barbara B., (09-13-2004)

Internship at Herzog August Bibliothek
Petersen, Dag-Ernst, (04-06-2004)

Internship at LACMA
MacInnes, Cecily, (01-13-2004)

Internship at Maria Scarpini Painting Conservation Studio
Scarpini, Maria, (09-23-2004)

Internship at Missouri Historical Society
Landry, Linda, (03-04-2004)

Internship at NEDCC
Glaser, Mary Todd, (03-19-2004)

Internship at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Collas, Tania, (10-28-2004)

Internship at New York Academy of Medicine
Martin, Susan, (02-03-2004)

Internship at New York Botanical Garden
Marder, Olga, (09-13-2004)

Internship at Peabody Museum
Chetham, Rebecca, (02-11-2004)

Internship at Peabody Museum--addendum
Chetham, Rebecca, (02-19-2004)

Internship at Saint Louis Art Museum
Perkins, Zoe, (02-17-2004)

Internship at Santa Clara Valley Water District
Spin, Lonnie, (07-28-2004)

Internship at Shelburne Farms
Baker, Jennifer, (03-12-2004)

Internship at Shelburne Museum
Ravenel, Nancie, (01-02-2004)

Internship at Washington State University, Pullman
Aurand, Gudrun, (04-07-2004)

Internship in Turkey
Lundberg, Holly, (01-03-2004)

Internship sought
Buttigieg, Lindsay, (01-21-2004)

Internships at Agora excavations
Anastassiades, Amandina, (11-16-2004)

Internships at Balboa Art Conservation Center
Court, Betsy, (01-29-2004)

Internships at Citywide Monuments Conservation Program, New York
Seelenberger, Martha, (01-14-2004)
Seelenberger, Martha, (01-21-2004)
Seelenberger, Martha, (03-10-2004)

Internships at Historic Scotland
Brown, Carol E., (03-25-2004)

Internships at Intermuseum Conservation Association
Williamson, Sandra K., (03-22-2004)

Internships at NCPTT
Guin, ElizaBeth Bede, (03-03-2004)

Internships in Peru
Breeze, Camille, (02-23-2004)

Interpreting spectrophotometry data
Morris, Margaret, (02-20-2004)
Vitale, Tim, (02-23-2004)

Ironbark Leathercraft Products
Holland, Jean, (11-16-2004)

Hascall, Jamie, (07-30-2004)

J. Loxton Rawbon
Lack, Cyndie, (11-20-2004)

Japanese brushes for sale
Argetsinger, Mark, (08-26-2004)

Japanese paper collections for sale
Argetsinger, Mark, (09-11-2004)

Japanese paper conservation techniques
Charles, Catherine, (01-13-2004)

Joseph Beuys
Romen, Maren, (09-26-2004)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (10-08-2004)

Kendra Lovette fund
Jacobson, Emily, (02-12-2004)

Kilgarlin Center for Preservation of the Cultural Record
Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen, (08-23-2004)

Kodak Film Cleaner
Hopkins, William L., (05-14-2004)

Kress reception at AIC meeting
Pearlstein, Ellen, (06-02-2004)

Krylon Make It Acid-Free
Elwing, James, (08-01-2004)

L'Oreal Art and Science of Color Prize
Eastaugh, Nicholas, (11-26-2004)

Merkel, Julia, (04-09-2004)

Labelling plastic
Latham, Kiersten, (04-16-2004)

Lanaset dyes
Dura, Elisabet Cerda, (11-10-2004)
Lobaton, Paulina, (11-24-2004)

Landscape paintings on photographic base
Willumson, Glenn, (05-20-2004)
Furic, Gwenola, (06-16-2004)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (06-29-2004)
Ianna, Christine, (07-02-2004)
Ianna, Christine, (07-02-2004)

Lantern slides
Rohan, Deborah, (01-07-2004)

Laser printed bookplates
Connell, Sharon, (07-20-2004)

Laser repairs to antique precious metals
Ogden, Jack, (02-24-2004)

Latex mask
Cooper, Stephen, (12-01-2004)

Kerr, David, (11-18-2004)
Bignell, Graham, (11-25-2004)
Hanson, Mark D., (11-26-2004)
Vanderlinden, Tom, (11-29-2004)
Cannon, Linda, (11-25-2004)

Lead corrosion
White, Susan, (02-26-2004)
Storch, Paul, (03-03-2004)

Leaf casting
Goldman, Joseph, (02-05-2004)

Lecture on British Library collections
Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen, (04-03-2004)

Lecture on Japanese paper
Bearman, Fred, (01-13-2004)

Lecture on insect and fungal infestations
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (04-22-2004)

Lecture on preservation science
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (01-16-2004)
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (03-08-2004)
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (05-24-2004)

Lecture on stone treatment
Price, Clifford, (02-20-2004)

Lectures on conservation
Jones, Felicity, (01-08-2004)

Legal advice sought
Tomlinson, Valerie, (11-23-2004)

Letter books
Franco, Andres Felipe Robayo, (10-22-2004)
Ubbink, Kyla, (11-10-2004)
Batterham, Ian, (11-10-2004)
Hodgson, Mike, (11-10-2004)
Nadeau, Luis, (11-10-2004)
Clarke, Mark, (11-10-2004)
Peel, Eira, (11-10-2004)
Chase, W. T., (11-11-2004)
Decoux, Sandrine, (11-16-2004)

Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group
Doyle, Beth, (05-21-2004)

Library shelving
Bella, Marco Di, (07-03-2004)
Halahan, Frances, (07-14-2004)

Lifting pastedown
Lunas, Susan, (05-18-2004)

Light boxes for sale
Hawkes, Richard, (05-20-2004)

Light fading of natural history specimens
Daniel, Vinod, (04-22-2004)

LightCheck strips
Shiner, Jerry, (07-22-2004)

Lighting policy
Huber, Joachim, (11-18-2004)

Murphy, Tess Everett, (06-20-2004)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (06-29-2004)

Linocut ink
Farley, Jonathan S., (03-30-2004)
Williams, Scott, (04-05-2004)
Smith, Christine, (04-05-2004)
Keynan, Daria, (04-19-2004)

Lithograph on cigarette paper
Holt, Jayne Girod, (02-12-2004)
Shores, Franklin, (02-18-2004)
Connell, Sharon, (02-19-2004)
Keynan, Daria, (02-19-2004)
Shaffer, Linda, (02-19-2004)
Maggen, Michael, (02-20-2004)
Sobczynski, Elizabeth, (02-24-2004)

Loan moratorium
Bowen, Craigen, (05-19-2004)
Garland, Patricia, (05-24-2004)

MIP Symposium
Havermans, John, (01-13-2004)

Magnetic closures
Minsky, Richard, (11-07-2004)
Shiner, Jerry, (11-25-2004)
McManus, Neill, (12-09-2004)

Magnetic photo albums
Kievit-Mason, Barbara, (09-27-2004)

Taylor, Chris, (04-21-2004)

Griffin, Patricia S., (07-29-2004)

Marble floor
Krotzer, Dorothy, (02-25-2004)

Gilroy, Nicole, (04-02-2004)
Jaeschke, Helena, (04-09-2004)

Masonite support
Dahl, Samuel A., (02-02-2004)
Kerschner, Rick, (02-05-2004)

Materials analysis labs
Hingley, Mark, (07-09-2004)

Mattel Hot Wheels
De Ville, Renee E., (01-12-2004)

Matting agent for Acryloid resins
Smalarz, Laura, (05-17-2004)
Braun, Tom James, (05-24-2004)
Koob, Stephen, (05-24-2004)
Jaeschke, Helena, (05-25-2004)
Vine, Mark, (05-26-2004)

Measuring ultrasonic velocity
Gerdwilker, Christa, (12-15-2004)

Medieval comb
Herraez, Isabel, (08-24-2004)
Thompson, Jack C., (09-05-2004)

Medium density fiberboard
Williams, Jim, (01-06-2004)
Ayers, Anthony D., (01-10-2004)

Memorial book for Clare Hampson
Bearman, Fred, (01-22-2004)

Metal polish
Dixon, Tom, (02-02-2004)
Heath, Bruce, (02-06-2004)
Moss, James, (02-05-2004)
Storch, Paul, (02-05-2004)
Chase, W. T., (02-05-2004)
Belman, Michael, (02-06-2004)

Metal threads
Simsek, Gulsu, (11-29-2004)

MicroChamber/Silversafe paper
Donovan, Elizabeth, (08-27-2004)

Microbiologic deterioration of photographs
Lourenco, Miguel, (02-29-2004)

Tzakou, Avgi, (01-12-2004)
Shiner, Jerry, (01-21-2004)
Waller, Christoph, (01-31-2004)

Microcrystalline wax
Schell, Audrie, (04-23-2004)

Microfiche cabinet available
Gray, Christopher, (04-28-2004)

Fox, Georgia, (09-11-2004)

Misonix ductless fume extractor
Mangum, Barbara, (02-11-2004)

Mobile exhibition display walls available
Schwartz, George, (06-26-2004)

Model ship
Harrison, Tara Elizabeth, (04-12-2004)

Moisture meters
Yeager, Nicholas, (03-01-2004)

Moisture permeability of resin solutions
Roth-Wells, Nina, (04-27-2004)

Voutilainen, Kaisu, (04-06-2004)
Winkelmeyer, Iris, (04-17-2004)

Mold on Torah scroll
Cohen, Benjamin, (02-29-2004)
Thompson, Jack C., (03-22-2004)
Baldwin, Ann M., (03-25-2004)

Mold on architecture drawings
Balan, Flavia, (05-03-2004)

Mold on hats
Herbert, Teri L., (04-26-2004)

Mold on mollusk shells
Harris, Jill K., (01-06-2004)
Shiner, Jerry, (01-10-2004)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (01-10-2004)
Moore, Simon, (01-13-2004)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (01-27-2004)

Mold on paintings
Runeberg, Ulrik, (05-15-2004)
Gialdi, Ercole, (05-24-2004)

Montefiascone Project
Fredericks, Maria, (02-05-2004)

Gill, Victoria, (12-02-2004)

Motorized wheel chairs
Dixon, Tom, (07-22-2004)

Moving collection materials
Clausen, Carol, (01-14-2004)
Huber, Prevart GmbH Joachim, (06-18-2004)
Klein, Traci, (06-27-2004)

NATCC board member sought
Trupin, Deborah Lee, (02-18-2004)

NPO e-journal
Walker, Alison, (12-03-2004)

Saulnier, Genevieve, (08-18-2004)
Jeffers, Will, (09-07-2004)

Natural resins and health hazards
Rohan, Deborah, (06-18-2004)

Naturally dyed papers
Ginsberg, Tatiana, (08-19-2004)

New England Museum Association workshops
Breeze, Camille, (04-16-2004)

New Journal: NPO e-journal
Walker, Alison, (06-04-2004)

New Journal: e-Preservation Science
Kolar, Jana, (08-13-2004)

New York Regional Association for Conservation (NYRAC)
Jacob, Judy, (02-09-2004)

New journal: Future Anterior
Jacob, Judy, (05-19-2004)

New publication--The Bonefolder
Verheyen, Peter, (11-14-2004)

Jones, Christine, (03-16-2004)
Davis, Charles, (03-17-2004)
McCrory, Amy, (03-18-2004)

Nigel Williams Prize for Conservation for Glass and Ceramics
Peek, Sarah, (01-22-2004)

Nigel Williams Prize for Conservation for Glass and Ceramics--corrigendum
Peek, Sarah, (01-20-2004)

Nipping presses for sale
De Veer, Marysa, (08-10-2004)

Oak tree in exhibit
Lane, Anne, (01-05-2004)
Glover, Hugh, (01-12-2004)

Online course on museum storage
Alten, Helen, (03-30-2004)

Online courses in conservation
Alten, Helen, (06-21-2004)

Online courses on disaster planning
Alten, Helen, (09-17-2004)

Online exhibit on historic bookbindings
Milevski, Robert J., (10-11-2004)

Open house at West Dean College
Moran, Alison, (01-30-2004)

Organic purple colorants
Watson, Robert, (02-15-2004)

Outdoor sculpture
Lougheed, Sandra, (06-10-2004)

Outstanding Commitment to the Preservation and Care of Collections Award
Paige, Sheila, (09-28-2004)

Overhead projector transparencies
Hibpshman, Larry, (05-23-2004)
Castronovo, John, (05-29-2004)

Ozone generators
Scott, Rosalie, (09-22-2004)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (09-29-2004)
Shiner, Jerry, (09-29-2004)
Bolorchi, Hassan, (09-30-2004)

PARS Discussion Group
Willer, Ann Marie, (05-31-2004)

PARS Library Binding Discussion Group
Rock, Joanne, (01-06-2004)

PARS Physical Quality and Treatment Discussion Group
Doyle, Beth, (05-21-2004)

PARS Reformatting Discussion Group
Nadal, Jacob J., (01-06-2004)

PEM/Climate Notebook field trial
Nishimura, Douglas W., (08-03-2004)

PVA offgassing from matboard
Fairbanks-Harris, Theresa, (02-18-2004)
Shiner, Jerry, (02-20-2004)

PVA-based paint binder
O'Malley, Michael J., (03-31-2004)

Pacific Northwest Preservation Management Institute
Foley, Lori, (06-17-2004)

Painted wooden ceiling
Azzopardi, Sabine, (08-29-2004)

Paintings on silk
Fry, Caroline Mary, (06-01-2004)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (06-07-2004)

Paper documents found in the arctic
Tornvall, Gunilla, (08-10-2004)

Jaworek, Wolfgang, (03-20-2004)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (06-20-2004)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (09-07-2004)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (12-15-2005)

Parchment and sodium dithionite
Smith, Christine, (07-15-2004)
Thompson, Jack C., (07-22-2004)

Partners sought for distribution of diagnostic devices for art conservation
Bitsakis, Yanis, (02-06-2004)

Paul Signac
Menz, Katrin, (02-29-2004)

Rohan, Deborah, (01-06-2004)
Ogden, Jack, (01-11-2004)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (01-23-2004)

Ellis, Margaret Holben, (10-23-2004)
Schafer, Irmhild, (11-23-2004)

Pest management
Hingley, Mark, (02-19-2004)
Rees, Sue, (02-27-2004)
Wendelstigh, Astrid, (11-24-2004)

Phonograph cylinder
Sharp, Maureen K., (09-30-2004)
Boral, John, (10-20-2004)

Phonograph records
Cushnie, Robin, (10-25-2004)

Photo optic lamps
Antognini, Alfredo, (08-06-2004)

Merkel, Julia, (12-14-2004)

Photographic Materials Conservation Group (PhMCG)
Moor, Angela H., (01-16-2004)
Moor, Angela H., (02-21-2004)
Moor, Angela H., (08-07-2004)
Moor, Angela H., (08-19-2004)

Photographic Materials Conservation Group web site
Moor, Angela H., (01-30-2004)

Wood, Clete, (02-19-2004)

Marks, Kenneth, (02-21-2004)
Juergens, Martin, (03-03-2004)

Pigment analysis
Lindgren-Larkin, Minna, (01-13-2004)
Clarke, Mark, (01-21-2004)

Pilgrim Trust Conservation Awards
Hughes, Susan, (05-21-2004)
Hughes, Susan, (07-04-2004)

Plan Files for poster storage
Fredericks, Maria, (07-28-2004)

Vine, Mark, (08-06-2004)

Plastic boxes for sale
Asai, Kaori, (06-28-2004)

Plasticine as art medium
Douglas, Ann, (08-16-2004)
Paine, Shelley Reisman, (08-17-2004)

Budija, Goran, (04-16-2004)

Polishing Epotek 301
MacDowell, Robert K., (07-01-2004)
Moller, Berit, (07-10-2004)
MacKenzie, Mark, (07-12-2004)
Koob, Stephen, (07-11-2004)
Sabino, Rachel, (07-11-2004)
Vine, Mark, (07-12-2004)
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (07-22-2004)
Prins, Steven, (07-23-2004)

Polychromed iron bed
Ribeiro, Andreia Cristina, (12-03-2004)

Polyester resins
Moore, Simon, (12-01-2004)
Roundhill, Linda S., (12-09-2004)
Gill, Victoria, (12-02-2004)

Polyethylene glycol and leather
Grieve, Susanne, (02-24-2004)

Polypropylene sleeves
Cox, Dylan, (12-02-2004)

Polyvinyl chloride
Kageyama, Mariko, (06-02-2004)
Shashoua, Yvonne, (06-10-2004)
Bark, Jed, (07-31-2004)

Portfolio display at Winterthur
Kiefer, Kathleen, (11-08-2004)

Position at Agora excavations
Paterakis, Alice, (08-10-2004)

Position at American Museum of Natural History
Kronthal, Lisa, (10-28-2004)

Position at American Philosophical Society
Downey, Anne E., (11-15-2004)

Position at Amigos
Sanett, Shelby, (02-19-2004)
Smith, April, (04-21-2004)

Position at Andrea Pitsch Conservation
Pitsch, Andrea, (02-03-2004)
Pitsch, Andrea, (07-20-2004)

Position at Art Institute of Chicago
Stratis, Harriet, (08-09-2004)

Position at Artists' Materials Center
Lawrence, Amy, (06-24-2004)

Position at Artlab Australia
Cook, Ian, (08-06-2004)

Position at Auckland Museum
Gresson, Julia, (02-24-2004)

Position at Auckland Museum Tamaki Paenga Hira
Gresson, Julia, (08-18-2004)

Position at Balboa Art Conservation Center
Court, Betsy, (01-29-2004)

Position at Bristol City Museum
Lamb, Carolyn, (09-01-2004)

Position at Bristol Museum, Galleries and Archives Service
Ogilvie, Ticca, (11-18-2004)
Lamb, Carolyn, (12-07-2004)

Position at British Library
Greenhalgh, Alistair, (11-23-2004)

Position at British Museum
Bradley, Susan, (04-02-2004)

Position at Buffalo State College
Kushel, Dan, (01-26-2004)
Kushel, Dan, (12-08-2004)

Position at CCAHA
Rawnsley, Virgilia, (02-05-2004)
Rawnsley, Virgilia, (06-03-2004)
Rawnsley, Virgilia, (07-02-2004)
Rawnsley, Virgilia, (08-11-2004)
Bruno, Chris, (10-13-2004)

Position at Canterbury Cathedral Archives
Whitehead, Anna, (05-13-2004)

Position at Chicago Conservation Center
Jones, Megan Ann, (03-05-2004)
Jones, Megan Ann, (07-26-2004)
Jones, Megan Ann, (09-02-2004)
Jones, Megan Ann, (09-15-2004)
Jones, Megan Ann, (09-16-2004)

Position at Chicago Historical Society
Linn, Debbie, (06-21-2004)

Position at Chicago Historical Society--addendum
Linn, Debbie, (07-30-2004)

Position at Chicago Public Library
Wells, Felicia, (10-19-2004)

Position at Cincinnati Art Museum
Hart, Jennifer, (06-07-2004)

Position at Citywide Monuments Conservation Program, New York
Seelenberger, Martha, (03-17-2004)

Position at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Williams, Emily, (06-01-2004)

Position at Columbia
Fredericks, Maria, (10-25-2004)

Position at Corporation of London Libraries and Guildhall Art Gallery
Thorogood, Paul, (10-07-2004)

Position at County of Elgin Archives
McCraith, Iona, (07-31-2004)

Position at Coventry Arts and Heritage
Pudsey, Jane, (05-26-2004)

Position at Dartmouth
Sagraves, Barbara, (04-30-2004)

Position at Field Museum
Norton, Ruth, (03-15-2004)
Norton, Ruth, (07-06-2004)
Norton, Ruth, (08-30-2004)
Norton, Ruth, (11-29-2004)

Position at Ford Conservation Center
Reilly, Julie, (10-29-2004)

Position at Freer Gallery
Jett, Paul, (07-02-2004)
Hare, Andrew, (12-16-2004)

Position at Gaylord Bros
Verheyen, Peter, (01-26-2004)

Position at Guildhall Art Gallery, London
Woodcock, Sally, (03-01-2004)

Position at Harvard
Spitzmueller, Pamela, (06-21-2004)
Merrill-Oldham, Jan, (10-21-2004)

Position at Harvard Art
Jackson, Susan, (03-30-2004)

Position at Hearst Museum
Fang, Madeleine, (04-05-2004)

Position at Heckman Bindery
Baird, Brian, (06-23-2004)

Position at Historic Royal Palaces
Julien, Sophie, (04-16-2004)
Julien, Sophie, (08-02-2004)

Position at Historic Scotland
Brown, Carol E., (02-02-2004)

Position at Hornemann Institute
Weyer, Angela, (11-17-2004)

Position at Horniman Museum
Sainsbury, Eve, (10-11-2004)

Position at ICCROM
Robles, Monica Garcia, (03-29-2004)
Robles, Monica Garcia, (05-31-2004)

Position at IIC
Ashley-Smith, Jonathan, (04-05-2004)

Position at Indiana Historical Society
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (07-01-2004)

Position at Indianapolis Museum of Art
Alig, Dorothy, (04-13-2004)

Position at Institute of American Indian Arts
Prins, Steven, (05-18-2004)

Position at Intermuseum Conservation Association
Williamson, Sandra K., (08-16-2004)
Williamson, Sandra K., (10-25-2004)

Position at Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum
Gerke, Bill, (10-21-2004)

Position at Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
McKenna, Shana, (06-15-2004)

Position at J. Paul Getty Museum
Lee, Yu, (12-06-2004)

Position at Kaman Kalehoyuk excavation
Wharton, Glenn, (09-19-2004)

Position at Katherine Ara Paintings Conservation
Ara, Katherine, (06-16-2004)

Position at Kelowna Museum Association
Leskard, Marta, (01-30-2004)

Position at Lambeth Palace Library
Atkinson, Janet, (11-01-2004)

Position at Langelands Museum
Hovmand, Ida, (12-08-2004)

Position at Library of Congress
De Torres, Amparo R., (04-13-2004)

Position at London Metropolitan Archives
Lindsay, Helen, (01-08-2004)
Lindsay, Helen, (08-06-2004)

Position at Malta Centre for Restoration
Caruana, Martina, (05-21-2004)

Position at Manchester Metropolitan University
Collinson, Wendy, (09-28-2004)

Position at Margaret Gowen and Co. Ltd
Burridge, Keay, (06-10-2004)

Position at Margaret Gowen and Co. Ltd--addendum
Burridge, Keay, (06-23-2004)

Position at Mariners' Museum
Peterson, Curtiss, (05-13-2004)

Position at Mariners' Museum--corrigendum
Peterson, Curtiss, (05-26-2004)

Position at Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory
Seifert, Betty L., (05-07-2004)
Seifert, Betty L., (09-01-2004)
Seifert, Betty L., (09-14-2004)

Position at Merchant's House Museum
Ulz, Eva, (09-23-2004)

Position at Metropolitan Museum of Art
Bhatnagar, Evelyn, (06-25-2004)

Position at Mitrou, Greece
Unruh, Julie, (05-28-2004)

Position at NCPTT
Striegel, Mary, (08-30-2004)

Position at NEDCC
Foley, Lori, (03-04-2004)

Position at NEH
Paulson, Barbara, (10-26-2004)

Position at National Air and Space Museum
McManus, Ed, (06-24-2004)

Position at National Gallery of Art
Pochter, Elizabeth, (04-15-2004)

Position at National Gallery of Ireland
Von Monschaw, Ele, (01-07-2004)

Position at National Gallery of Victoria
Dixon, Tom, (03-17-2004)
Dixon, Tom, (07-15-2004)
Cosgrove, Bronwyn, (10-14-2004)

Position at National Library of Medicine
Brightwell, Deborah, (03-03-2004)

Position at National Library of New Zealand
Najar, Pamela, (01-12-2004)
Najar, Pamela, (05-04-2004)

Position at National Maritime Museum
Cannon, Joanne, (01-21-2004)
Hughes, Penny, (05-12-2004)
Hughes, Penny, (11-10-2004)

Position at National Museum of Denmark
Christensen, Mads Christian, (10-20-2004)

Position at National Museum of Fine Arts, Sweden
Wretstrand, Karin, (06-22-2004)

Position at National Museum of Natural History
Firnhaber, Natalie, (05-07-2004)
Firnhaber, Natalie, (09-17-2004)

Position at National Trust for Scotland
Griffin, Isobel, (09-10-2004)

Position at Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Halverson, Gail, (03-08-2004)

Position at New York Botanical Garden
Marder, Olga, (04-29-2004)

Position at New York City Department of Parks
Levine, Sara, (08-18-2004)

Position at New York Public Library
Frangakis, Evelyn, (06-22-2004)

Position at North Carolina Museum of History
Hambleton, Len, (06-04-2004)

Position at North Carolina Museum of History--corrigendum
Hambleton, Len, (06-16-2004)

Position at Notre Dame
Dube, Liz, (04-12-2004)
Dube, Liz, (09-14-2004)

Position at Odyssey Marine Exploration
Gerth, Ellen, (04-02-2004)

Position at Oxford
Woods, Chris, (07-15-2004)
Woods, Chris, (08-16-2004)
Woods, Chris, (11-24-2004)

Position at Oxford--addendum
Woods, Chris, (08-09-2004)

Position at Pitt Rivers Museum
Brooks, Sue, (01-12-2004)

Position at Pitt Rivers Museum--addendum
Speake, Birgitte, (06-02-2004)

Position at Princeton
Milevski, Robert J., (07-27-2004)

Position at Queensland Art Gallery
Carter, Anne, (11-11-2004)

Position at Queensland State Archives
Brown, Esme, (08-10-2004)

Position at Renate Kant Pte Ltd
Feldman, Bob, (10-05-2004)

Position at Ringve Museum
Hjelm-Hansen, Randi G., (06-04-2004)

Position at Royal Armouries
Burnett, Corina, (06-16-2004)

Position at Rutgers
Stanley, Ted, (05-03-2004)

Position at Rutgers--corrigendum
Corlis, Tim, (05-17-2004)

Position at Shepherds Bookbinders
Wray, Dan, (11-29-2004)
Wray, Dan, (12-09-2004)

Position at Simon Gillespie Studio
Lamblin, Elizabeth, (03-17-2004)

Position at Smithsonian American Art Museum
Ingalls, Helen, (10-08-2004)

Position at State Library of Western Australia
Schmidt, Jonathan A., (06-15-2004)

Position at Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen
Christensen, Jan, (08-17-2004)

Position at Tate
Barnard, Vicky, (03-23-2004)
Barnard, Vicky, (04-26-2004)
Barnard, Vicky, (05-14-2004)
Barnard, Vicky, (06-04-2004)
Anderson, Anna, (11-24-2004)

Position at Trinity College, Dublin
Bioletti, Susie, (03-24-2004)

Position at UC Berkeley
Boal, Gillian, (07-13-2004)

Position at UCLA Getty Conservation Institute
Scott, David A., (09-29-2004)

Position at UCSF
Wakeford, Paul, (06-07-2004)

Position at UMCA
Markell, Melinda, (01-13-2004)

Position at University College London
O'Callaghan, Tracey, (01-14-2004)
Price, Clifford, (11-05-2004)

Position at University of Alberta
Capjack, Linda, (06-14-2004)

Position at University of Delaware
Stoner, Joyce, (03-03-2004)

Position at University of Durham
Branigan, Liz, (08-03-2004)
Branigan, Liz, (08-17-2004)

Position at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Morris, Annette, (01-07-2004)

Position at University of Leicester
Berry, Janet, (03-17-2004)

Position at University of Mary Washington
Young, Lisa, (09-28-2004)

Position at University of Maryland
Carignan, Yvonne, (04-16-2004)
Carignan, Yvonne, (11-29-2004)
Carignan, Yvonne, (12-15-2004)

Position at University of Minnesota
Kiple, Julia, (10-26-2004)

Position at University of Virginia
McCain, Ginger, (09-01-2004)

Position at Upper Midwest Conservation Association
Turner, Colin D., (02-20-2004)

Position at Vermont Museum and Gallery Alliance
Case, Mark, (03-19-2004)

Position at Victoria and Albert Museum
Derbyshire, Alan, (03-02-2004)
Derbyshire, Alan, (04-29-2004)
Price, Shakira, (11-18-2004)

Position at Warburg Institute
Pollard, Anita, (08-31-2004)

Position at Wellcome Trust
Marwick, Samantha, (09-21-2004)

Position at West Dean College
Barker, Jane, (07-09-2004)

Position at West Lake Conservators Ltd.
Blakney, Susan, (09-09-2004)
Blakney, Susan, (10-27-2004)

Position at Williamstown Art Conservation Center
Glover, Hugh, (10-04-2004)

Position at the Barnes Foundation
Buckley, Barbara A., (01-21-2004)

Position at the London Library
Sproston, Alison, (06-04-2004)

Position at the National Trust
Price, Eric, (06-16-2004)
Staniforth, Sarah, (07-14-2004)
Staniforth, Sarah, (11-26-2004)

Position at the Natural History Museum, London
Collins, Chris, (07-30-2004)

Position of Historic St. Mary's City
Young, Lisa, (07-28-2004)

Positions at Archaeology and Maritime Heritage International
Mibach, Lisa, (06-07-2004)

Positions at British Library
Mohamed, Mehboob, (08-09-2004)

Positions at California State Parks
Messinger, Michelle C., (01-30-2004)

Positions at Edinburgh University
Honeybone, Ruth, (05-25-2004)

Positions at Edinburgh University Library
Honeybone, Ruth, (01-26-2004)

Positions at Etherington Conservation Center
Lee, Michael K., (03-10-2004)

Positions at Getty Conservation Institute
Gergen, Melena, (09-27-2004)

Positions at HABS/HAER/HALS Fellowships at HABS/HAER/HALS Internships at HABS/HAER/HALS
Arzola, Robert, (01-27-2004)
Arzola, Robert, (12-01-2004)

Positions at Historic Royal Palaces
Hallett, Kathryn, (11-10-2004)

Positions at ICCROM
Robles, Monica Garcia, (06-21-2004)

Positions at Institute of Classical Archaeology, University of Texas
Cleere, Chris, (02-28-2004)

Positions at Museum of London
Hermans, Johan, (07-29-2004)

Positions at NARA
Ormsby, Mark, (06-10-2004)

Positions at National Maritime Museum
Engelbert, James, (08-10-2004)

Positions at National Museums Liverpool
Gregory, Vicky, (03-17-2004)
Gregory, Vicky, (03-24-2004)
Gregory, Vicky, (04-19-2004)
Gregory, Vicky, (04-30-2004)
Gregory, Vicky, (11-03-2004)

Positions at National Museums and Galleries of Wales
Weaver, Lyn, (10-07-2004)
Weaver, Lyn, (11-01-2004)

Positions at Newport Medieval Ship Project
Hunter, Kate, (08-11-2004)

Positions at Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology
Woor, Felicity, (04-30-2004)

Positions at Queens
Murray, Alison, (11-12-2004)

Positions at Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
Ditschkowski, Stella, (01-30-2004)

Positions at Saint Louis Art Museum
Perkins, Zoe, (07-02-2004)

Positions at State Library of Victoria
Howell, Alan G., (03-30-2004)

Positions at Tate
Barnard, Vicky, (09-03-2004)

Positions at Tate Internship at Tate Fellowship at Tate
Barnard, Vicky, (10-28-2004)

Positions at UC Berkeley
Boal, Gillian, (11-22-2004)

Positions at University of Oslo
Van der Meulen, Douwtje, (06-04-2004)

Positions at Yale
Pilette, Roberta, (03-09-2004)
Pilette, Roberta, (12-06-2004)

Positions at the Australian National Maritime Museum
Hadlow, Elizabeth, (05-05-2004)

Positions at the National Trust
Staniforth, Sarah, (01-25-2004)
Staniforth, Sarah, (05-16-2004)

Pre-primed boards
Martin, James, (07-14-2004)

Preparing cross-sections
Barnett, Jennifer, (01-19-2004)
Conners, Terry, (01-21-2004)
Von Lerber, Karin, (02-06-2004)

Presentation on book repair
Haun, Werner, (06-02-2004)

Presentation on cleaning
Jacob, Judy, (02-18-2004)

Presentation on environment
Shiner, Jerry, (10-21-2004)

Presentation on information literacy and conservation
Frost, Hannah, (03-14-2004)
Frost, Hannah, (08-18-2004)

Presentation on the conservation of painted textiles
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (02-10-2004)

Preservation Instruction, Education and Outreach Discussion Group
Hain, Jennifer E., (01-05-2004)
Teper, Jennifer Hain, (06-16-2004)

Preservation Issues in Small to Mid-Sized Libraries Discussion Group
Grant-Suttie, Atalanta, (06-03-2004)

Preservation Management Institute
Novick, Karen, (02-06-2004)

Preservation Management Summer School
Rhys-Lewis, Jonathan, (06-14-2004)

Preservation of Collections Award
Paige, Sheila, (09-28-2004)

Primacord safety fuse
Heller, Beth, (07-26-2004)
Storch, Paul, (08-13-2004)
Trinkley, Michael, (08-12-2004)

Princeton Preservation Group
Stanley, Ted, (06-09-2004)

Printing book plates
Herrick, Roxanna, (07-22-2004)

Proceedings of seminar on biodeterioration
Koestler, Robert, (04-13-2004)

Program on the future of preservation
Coleman, Christopher, (04-19-2004)

Protective mats
Thomson, Rob, (06-03-2004)

Publication on caring for American Indian objects
Moberg, Jean, (07-01-2004)

Publication on cataloging photographic collections
De Lusenet, Yola, (07-08-2004)

Publication on cold storage of photographs
Hill, Rosaleen, (04-22-2004)

Publication on destruction of books
Baez, Fernando, (03-26-2004)

Publication on fire protection
Chase, W. T., (01-28-2004)

Publication sought
Neagu, Cristina, (01-26-2004)
Clouse, Mary Britton, (07-29-2004)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (11-16-2004)

Qajar painting technique
Tahiri-Saglio, Dounia, (02-19-2004)

Questionnaire on conservation in Egyptological collections
Schorsch, Deborah, (03-02-2004)

Questionnaire on gender issues and conservation of sacred objects
Bancroft, Anne, (08-14-2004)

Questionnaire on phase boxing
Kelly, Katherine, (11-15-2004)

RFID system at Vatican Library
Selavan, Barnea Levi, (04-04-2004)

RFP: Preservation services
Harrison, Anne, (01-02-2004)

RLG DigiNews
West, Linda, (02-19-2004)
Dale, Robin, (04-15-2004)
West, Linda, (06-15-2004)
Dale, Robin L., (08-17-2004)
Dale, Robin L., (10-15-2004)
Dale, Robin L., (12-14-2004)

Record keeping in the 17th-19th centuries
Ridgen, Rob, (01-12-2004)

Recreating marble
Harrison, Paul, (03-04-2004)

Red List of Latin-American Cultural Objects at Risk
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (01-20-2004)

Removable media
Siegel, Robin, (07-28-2004)
Farley, Jonathan, (08-06-2004)
Esdaile, Sally A., (08-14-2004)
Mibach, Lisa, (08-14-2004)

Removing asbestos backings
Woodcock, Sally, (04-26-2004)

Removing ball-point pen ink
Cohen, Benjamin, (09-23-2004)

Removing commercial spray paint from metal
Wellman, Howard B., (04-12-2004)

Removing lining material
Leach, Malcolm, (08-06-2004)

Removing shoe polish from marble
Seelenberger, Martha, (08-23-2004)
Schnabel, Lorraine, (09-07-2004)
Braun, Tom James, (09-07-2004)

Removing varnish
Meloni, Sabrina, (07-08-2004)

Removing varnish from marble
Olbrechts, Anne-Catherine, (01-12-2004)

Repair tissue
Bancroft, Anne, (07-23-2004)

Request for proposals--Conservation projects with California Department of Parks and Recreation
Messinger, Michelle C., (03-30-2004)
Messinger, Michelle C., (04-27-2004)
Messinger, Michelle C., (05-04-2004)

Request for proposals--Outdoor sculpture
Herskovitz, Bob, (03-09-2004)

Request for proposals--Watts Towers
Messinger, Michelle C., (04-08-2004)

Request for qualifications
Crawford, Julienne, (09-17-2004)

Research opportunities sought
Butikofer, Maude, (03-26-2004)

Retouching a varnished photograph
Furic, Gwenola, (09-27-2004)

Reusable adhesives
Gould, Amanda, (11-17-2004)

Reviews in Conservation
Streeton, Noelle, (12-01-2004)

Rhoplex N-580
Jones, Megan Ann, (11-30-2004)

Robert J. Koestler
N'Gadi, Ann B., (09-17-2004)

Rockwell Kent painting
Roth-Wells, Nina, (03-17-2004)
Myers, Gay, (03-26-2004)

Baldriga, Irene, (01-05-2004)

Rome Prize
Puglisi, Cristina, (07-16-2004)

Rostrum's crown
Erno, Nemes-Kovacs, (04-15-2004)

Rust on polychrome sculpture
Smith, Brenda, (06-07-2004)

Rust stains on wool
Miles, Roisin, (05-24-2004)

Rust stains on wool-corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (06-04-2004)

SAA Glossary of Archival and Records Terminology
Pearce-Moses, Richard, (07-26-2004)

SEPIADES software tool
De Lusenet, Yola, (10-25-2004)

SOLINET workshops
Riley, Alicia, (01-30-2004)
Riley, Alicia, (02-19-2004)

SPNHC Annual Meeting
Arenstein, Rachael, (01-28-2004)

SPNHC Annual Meeting--addendum
Arenstein, Rachael, (04-21-2004)
Arenstein, Rachael, (05-04-2004)

Salt water
Schnare, Robert E., (11-23-2004)

Sample grinder/polisher sought
Ameringer, Charlotte, (12-15-2004)

Save America's Treasures grants
Paulson, Barbara, (11-16-2004)

Scanning paintings
Winkelmeyer, Iris, (04-17-2004)

Scroll storage
Gibbons, Patti, (11-23-2004)

Sea shells
Fahey, Jerry, (11-16-2004)
Jaeschke, Helena, (11-25-2004)

Security marking with synthetic DNA
Fraser, Ian, (11-18-2003)

Security strips
Nez, Ann C., (05-20-2004)

Self-adjusting stretcher systems
Muller, Verena, (01-23-2004)
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (02-15-2004)

Self-webbing plastic
Maguire, Cary Beattie, (03-05-2004)

Seminar on conservation of outdoor bronze sculpture
Scott, John, (04-12-2004)

Seminar on furniture conservation
Tate, Jim, (07-02-2004)

Seminar on intangible properties of material culture
Wadum, Jorgen, (06-11-2004)

Seminar on microforms
Bigelow, Sue, (05-03-2004)

Seminar on photographic preservation
Nishimura, Douglas, (03-29-2004)

Seminar on reconstructions
Clarke, Mark, (06-03-2004)

Seminars on ancient jewellery technology
Ogden, Jack, (02-18-2004)

Serigraphs on transparent plastic sheeting
Marks, Arthur, (02-07-2004)
Shiner, Jerry, (02-20-2004)

Service for vacuum hot table
Ameringer, Charlotte Seifen, (04-08-2004)

Sewage damage to mammal specimen
Lundskow, Peter, (02-05-2004)
Shiner, Jerry, (02-18-2004)

Shadow puppets
Gaertner, Leonie, (08-11-2004)
Manti, Panagiota, (08-13-2004)

Sheepskin diploma
Starmer, Mary Ellen, (09-03-2004)
Cohen, Benjamin, (09-05-2004)

Short courses on historic collections
Mouzouropoulos, Sophia, (05-19-2004)

Sigma and Fujifilm digital cameras
Reynolds, Frank A., (09-07-2004)
Real, Will, (09-16-2004)

Silicone rubber as an artist's material
Herzog, Franziska, (03-09-2004)

Snuff boxes
Mathias, Cathy, (03-03-2004)

Software for conservation documentation
Judson, James F., (03-28-2004)

Solander Boxes
Danzing, Rachel, (01-30-2004)

Source for MS2A resin sought
Rose, Elizabeth Robertson, (10-09-2004)

Source for batting
Lucas, Alice, (01-16-2004)
Shiner, Jerry, (01-21-2004)

Source for dispersed hydrated lime
Gerstad, Robin, (10-06-2004)
Pellissier, Pierlucio, (10-08-2004)

Source for tapa sought
Wichelmann, Heike, (10-04-2004)

Source of MS2A resin sought
Vine, Mark, (10-15-2004)
Scalisi, Lucia, (10-27-2004)

Spanish version of Art and Architecture Thesaurus and Archaeological Thesaurus
Nagel, Lina, (03-13-2004)

Peters, Greg, (09-19-2004)

Stainless steel mounting clips
Runeberg, Ulrik, (04-14-2004)
Rasmussen, Michael Hojlund, (04-16-2004)

Stainless steel sculpture and salt water
Baltuskonis, Dennis A., (07-14-2004)
White, Rachel, (07-22-2004)
Sussex, Graham, (07-23-2004)
Roth, Vanessa, (07-23-2004)

Steam cleaner for sale
Edelstein, Beth, (12-01-2004)

Steel and aluminum Windows
Wessel, David, (10-19-2004)
Lapins, Arturs, (11-10-2004)

Storage vault
Campbell, Scott, (03-18-2004)

Storing chemicals
Ryan, Mark, (03-03-2004)
Dixon, Tom, (03-10-2004)
White, Rachel, (03-09-2004)
Gallagher, Patrick, (03-08-2004)

Storing negatives
Rosner, Jennifer W., (02-19-2004)

Studentships at University College London
Berry, Janet, (05-10-2004)

Studio easel sought
Lamb, Carolyn, (02-06-2004)

Subsidized preservation surveys
Rawnsley, Virgilia, (02-11-2004)

Suction table for sale
Perkins, Zoe, (01-15-2004)

Summer Binding Intensive
Case, Katherine, (06-08-2004)

Survey on chemical sponges
Herford, Imogen, (02-03-2004)

Survey on conservation information literacy
Pavelka, Karen L., (02-29-2004)

Survey on damaged museum objects
Jeberien, Alexandra, (02-11-2004)

Survey on moldy materials
Primanis, Olivia, (03-11-2004)

Survey on subject access to images
Weedman, Judy, (02-10-2004)

Symposia on library preservation
Carignan, Yvonne, (12-03-2004)

Symposium for curators and archivists
Yee, Marilyn, (08-17-2004)

Symposium on archaeological conservation
Stephanie, Gasteiger, (09-22-2004)

Symposium on art conservation
Kennelly, Kathleen, (08-26-2004)

Symposium on artists' materials
Mulders, Cor, (07-01-2004)

Symposium on botanical gardens
Hirsch, Alison B., (03-24-2004)

Symposium on color field painting
Gates, Glenn, (07-07-2004)

Symposium on conservation of modern art
Sommermeyer, Barbara, (10-04-2004)

Symposium on conservation of modern art--addendum
Sommermeyer, Barbara, (11-11-2004)

Symposium on conservation of paper, books and photographic materials
O'Reilly, Emily, (02-20-2004)

Symposium on conservation of synthetic materials
Kessler, Kathrin, (04-05-2004)
Kessler, Kathrin, (09-27-2004)

Symposium on emulation
Stringari, Carol, (04-27-2004)

Symposium on museum storage
Booth, Laurie, (07-28-2004)

Symposium on preservation education symposium
Dini, Erin L., (02-11-2004)

Symposium on restoration of the Phoebe Anna Traquair murals
Murray, Ailsa, (03-08-2004)

Symposium on the effects of air purification on natural aging of archival materials
Havermans, John, (03-03-2004)

Symposium on the preservation of religious textiles
Boersma, Foekje, (12-12-2004)

Symposium on transition metals in Paper
Havermans, John, (01-27-2004)

Symposium on wood and furniture conservation
Jaap, Boonstra, (10-17-2004)

Synthetic dyes and synthetic pigments
Barnett, Jennifer, (08-04-2004)

Jenkins, Adam, (07-26-2004)

Wichelmann, Heike, (08-23-2004)

Teflon sheeting
Gordon, Lindsay, (06-11-2004)

Roberts, Rachel, (04-05-2004)

Vine, Mark, (09-06-2004)
Millis, Susan, (09-16-2004)

Tenax wax
Roth, Vanessa, (08-06-2004)
Pung, Olaf, (08-13-2004)
Roundhill, Linda S., (08-12-2004)

Pearce-Moses, Richard, (04-21-2004)
Pearce-Moses, Richard, (04-21-2004)
Lapins, Arturs, (09-06-2004)
Rutter, Lynne, (09-16-2004)
Ashman, John, (09-20-2004)

Terracotta roundels
Hallett, Kathryn, (11-02-2004)
Frangova, Krassy, (11-13-2004)

Hamilton, Samantha, (11-24-2004)
Gillies, Karl, (11-25-2004)

Test flight suit
Hodson, Anna, (11-09-2004)
Shiner, Jerry, (11-25-2004)

Textile storage case
Zoran, Milic, (12-16-2004)

The Paper Conservator
Marshall, Tina, (07-29-2004)

The Rooms
McCraith, Iona, (04-29-2004)

Hildebrand, Sharon, (05-20-2004)

Tight'n'Up liquid canvas retensioner
Caldararo, Niccolo, (08-14-2004)
Ginsberg, Tatiana, (08-19-2004)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (09-07-2004)

Luhrs, Robyn, (01-09-2004)

Traditional Paint Forum Annual Conference
Gowing, Robert, (01-14-2004)

Training in conservation of arms and armor
Massaro, Carl, (11-17-2004)

Training opportunities sought
Fukumaru, Naoko, (02-24-2004)

Training school on synchrotron analysis of ancient materials
Bertrand, Loic, (10-13-2004)
Bertrand, Loic, (10-29-2004)

Ryan, Victoria Montana, (09-01-2004)

Tyco Sapphire fire suppression system
Gair, Michael, (04-16-2004)

Grant, Lynn, (07-14-2004)

UKIC Ethnography Section
Miles, Roisin, (03-31-2004)

UKIC conference
Parker, Louise, (05-07-2004)

UKIC conference--addendum
Parker, Louise, (05-20-2004)

UNESCO Memory of the World Program
Howell, Alan, (03-18-2004)

UV-Visible spectra of iron gall ink
Vitale, Tim, (10-14-2004)

Ultrasonic electrolysis of iron artifacts
Jr., Michael J. Deegan, (11-09-2004)

Unfinished wood flooring
Spin, Lonnie, (03-09-2004)
Spin, Lonnie, (03-19-2004)

University of Texas Preservation and Conservation Studies Program
Robertson, Holly, (04-29-2004)
Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen, (12-14-2004)

University of Utah receives grant for disaster recovery research
Silverman, Randy, (11-17-2004)

Unpaid graduate internships
McCoy, Richard, (01-06-2004)
Thomas, Karen Elise, (01-06-2004)
Barnett, Jennifer, (01-13-2004)
Espinola-Beery, Vera, (01-11-2004)
Walton, Marc, (01-21-2004)
Wells, Jeremy, (01-21-2004)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (01-22-2004)

Urban murals
Brunel, Suzel, (05-18-2004)

Users' Group for Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography (MaSC)
Higgitt, Catherine, (02-05-2004)

Vacuum hot table sought
Im, Helen, (09-27-2004)

Vacuum packing
Kerr, David, (06-07-2004)
Shiner, Jerry, (06-09-2004)
Knight, Barry, (06-11-2004)

Montalto, Nicola Attard, (03-29-2004)

Carrlee, Ellen, (10-29-2004)
Vine, Mark, (11-18-2004)

Velcro on silk
Peel, Eira H., (05-29-2004)
Grant, Jim, (06-12-2004)

Tauber, Gwen M., (06-17-2004)

Videos on conservation
Weldon, Robert, (04-06-2004)

Visiting in Sri Lanka and India
Suegreen, Angela, (11-08-2004)

WAAC Annual Meeting
Lambert, Molly, (09-12-2004)

Roy, Joyoti, (06-23-2004)

Washington Conservation Guild
Creager, Ann, (01-12-2004)
Edquist, Linda, (02-19-2004)
Kovner, Davida, (08-09-2004)
Young, Lisa, (10-21-2004)
Creager, Ann, (11-15-2004)

Water damaged books
Koizumi, Toru, (09-02-2004)

Watercolor and egg yolk
Wickenhiser-Schaudt, Carol, (02-19-2004)

Wickenhiser-Schaudt, Carol, (08-16-2004)

Waterlogged leather
Grieve, Susanne, (03-23-2004)
Storch, Paul, (03-25-2004)
Grieve, Susanne, (05-04-2004)

Waterlogged lignite
Travis, Kim, (09-22-2004)
Knight, Barry, (10-01-2004)
Knight, Barry, (10-25-2004)

Waterlogged wood
Zissi, Agela, (11-25-2004)

Web site on digital photography
Hambleton, Len, (06-04-2004)

Troupkou, Maria, (06-22-2004)
Cox-Kearns, Dermot, (06-25-2004)
Haggblom, Jonas, (06-28-2004)
Chapman, Vivien, (06-29-2004)

Wet photographic prints
Fahey, Jerry, (02-24-2004)

Window films
Berrett, Kory, (07-29-2004)
O'Dell, Shannon, (08-09-2004)
McHugh, Michael, (08-13-2004)
Knight, Barry, (08-23-2004)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (08-20-2004)
Branigan, Liz, (09-16-2004)
Knight, Barry, (10-01-2004)

Workshop identification of osseous and keratinous materials
O'Dwyer, Dervilla, (06-30-2004)

Workshop on Audit and Certification
Davidson, Joy, (02-03-2004)

Workshop on Book repair
Frost, Gary, (06-01-2004)

Workshop on Digital Preservation Management
Buckley, Ellie, (02-27-2004)

Workshop on Japanese paper conservation techniques
Lienardy, Anne, (12-14-2004)

Workshop on Spanish for art professionals
Xarrie, Mireia, (05-27-2004)

Workshop on Spanish for conservators
Xarrie, Mireia, (12-15-2004)

Workshop on accreditation
Bradshaw, Susan, (08-24-2004)

Workshop on ancient and historic technology
Goodburn-Brown, Dana, (06-13-2004)

Workshop on archaeological conservation
Williams, Emily, (12-14-2004)

Workshop on architectural records
Silbergleit, Beth, (12-09-2004)

Workshop on assessing risk
Pourchot, Eric, (04-15-2004)

Workshop on audio preservation
Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen, (12-14-2004)

Workshop on binding music
Carli, Alice, (03-15-2004)

Workshop on book repair
Smith, April, (04-21-2004)

Workshop on care of agricultural and industrial equipment
Markell, Melinda, (07-13-2004)

Workshop on care of large technology objects
Wain, Alison, (01-08-2004)

Workshop on care of large technology objects--addendum
Wain, Alison, (08-26-2004)

Workshop on care of paintings
Markell, Melinda, (04-22-2004)

Workshop on chemiluminescence and paper stability evaluation
Kolar, Jana, (03-23-2004)

Workshop on cleaning historic textiles
Pourchot, Eric, (06-02-2004)

Workshop on collections care
Sites, Melissa, (04-05-2004)
Sites, Melissa, (04-26-2004)
Sites, Melissa, (06-22-2004)
Sites, Melissa, (08-02-2004)

Workshop on conservation of outdoor bronze monuments
Buzzanca, Giancarlo, (04-19-2004)

Workshop on conservation of painted textiles
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (04-01-2004)
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (04-01-2004)

Workshop on design parameters for ventilation systems
Mecklenburg, Mike, (05-13-2004)

Workshop on digital photography for treatment documentation
Frost, Hannah, (03-14-2004)

Workshop on digitization
Tibbo, Helen, (01-17-2004)

Workshop on disasters
Rawnsley, Virgilia, (01-16-2004)
Rawnsley, Virgilia, (07-09-2004)

Workshop on duplication
Leggio, Angeletta, (04-13-2004)

Workshop on environment
Shiner, Jerry, (09-02-2004)

Workshop on fund raising
Rawnsley, Virgilia, (04-21-2004)

Workshop on gossamer tissue
Roerig, Henrik, (06-09-2004)

Workshop on grant writing
Markell, Melinda, (02-04-2004)
Williamson, Sandra K., (02-20-2004)
Markell, Melinda, (02-25-2004)

Workshop on inpainting
Pourchot, Eric, (02-04-2004)

Workshop on iron gall ink
Guild, Sherry, (04-16-2004)

Workshop on iron gall ink corrosion
Di Franco, Maria Lilli, (02-02-2004)

Workshop on laser cleaning
Anderson, Helen, (01-03-2004)
Sochanik, Zofia, (01-29-2004)
Postma, Sjoerd, (02-13-2004)

Workshop on library binding
Seo, Hilary, (01-16-2004)
Seo, Hilary, (04-06-2004)

Workshop on long and link stitch binding
Piotrowski, Kelli, (04-15-2004)

Workshop on managing paper-based collections
Walker, Alison, (06-25-2004)

Workshop on medieval pigments
Xarrie, Mireia, (05-19-2004)
Xarrie, Mireia, (09-07-2004)

Workshop on paintings repair
Pourchot, Eric, (02-04-2004)

Workshop on paintings repair--addendum
Pourchot, Eric, (03-02-2004)
Pourchot, Eric, (03-12-2004)

Workshop on paper splitting
Hillam, Anne, (06-01-2004)

Workshop on pests and mold
Page, Julie, (08-09-2004)

Workshop on photographic conservation
Briant, Giulia Cucinella, (01-11-2004)

Workshop on photographic preservation
Xarrie, Mireia, (07-12-2004)

Workshop on pigment identification
Gelwicks, Lois, (08-16-2004)

Workshop on platinum and pigment processes
Kennedy, Nora, (07-20-2004)

Workshop on porcelain restoration
Xarrie, Mireia, (09-30-2004)

Workshop on preservation of magnetic media
Silbergleit, Beth, (04-02-2004)

Workshop on scanning
Saryan, Debbie, (04-30-2004)

Workshop on setting up a conservation practice
Pourchot, Eric, (09-27-2004)

Workshop on spot testing
Sass, Shelley, (06-10-2004)

Workshop on stabilisation of iron gall ink containing paper
Kolar, Jana, (03-23-2004)

Workshop on storage books
Piotrowski, Kelli, (09-14-2004)

Workshop on storage enclosures
Markell, Melinda, (06-09-2004)
Markell, Melinda, (06-28-2004)

Workshop on textiles
Sass, Shelley, (06-10-2004)

Workshop on thangka painting techniques
Chowdry, Anita, (08-04-2004)

Workshop on values and decision-making for special collections conservation
Pourchot, Eric, (02-17-2004)

Workshop on writing for conservation publication
Pourchot, Eric, (09-27-2004)

Workshop photography and scanning
Hillam, Anne, (09-07-2004)

Workshop space available
Goodburn-Brown, Dana, (06-13-2004)

Workshops on collections care
Sites, Melissa, (11-23-2004)

Workshops on collections care--addendum
Sites, Melissa, (12-02-2004)

Workshops on disasters
Rawnsley, Virgilia, (03-10-2004)
Kern, Kris, (07-28-2004)

Workshops on environment
Lull, William P., (02-25-2004)

Workshops on gilding
Gelicks, Lois, (08-23-2004)

Workshops on printing and bookbinding
Carbone, Denise, (01-15-2004)

X-ray system for sale
Korkala, Gary, (10-01-2004)

pH and Colorants
Kunz, Regine, (11-17-2004)

pH meters
Yeager, Nicholas, (03-01-2004)

pH test
Aitken, Richard, (01-30-2004)
Conners, Terry, (02-02-2004)
Easterbrook, Sandy, (02-03-2004)

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