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Subject: Online courses in conservation

Online courses in conservation

From: Helen Alten <helen>
Date: Monday, June 21, 2004
Northern States Conservation Center announces its Summer/Fall
on-line course offerings. More information and registration links
are located at:

MS 104 An Introduction to Collections Preservation
Instructor: Helen Alten
Dates: July 19 - 30, 2004

    The tools of a museum professional include a basic understanding
    of preservation principles and techniques. This course provides
    an overview of current preservation issues, from environmental
    monitoring to collection cleaning, exhibit mounts and storage
    furniture. Covering every aspect of the modern museum, and how
    the building, staff and fixtures affect preservation of the
    collection, this workshop provides an overview that participants
    can use in future decision-making about their collection. Agents
    of deterioration, risk management, object handling and
    transport, object labeling, exhibit lighting, security,
    emergency preparedness, materials for storage and display,
    storage and exhibit philosophies, and condition assessments will
    be discussed. This introductory course is provides basic
    knowledge that is expanded in all of Northern States
    Conservation Center's other courses.

    The course format is self paced through topic areas. The
    instructor will be available at predetermined intervals
    throughout the course. Materials will include web versions of
    instructor Helen Alten's Powerpoint lectures, reading materials,
    and lecture notes. Supporting resources include message forums,
    online chats, email support, projects, quizzes, and links to
    relevant web sites.

MS 103: The Basics of Museum Registration
Instructor: Peggy Schaller
Dates: July 31- August 13, 2004

    This course covers the basics of museum record keeping. The role
    of the mission statement as the foundation for the museum will
    be discussed along with the importance of establishing set
    policies and procedures. The terms 'registration' and
    'accession' will be defined and the process discussed. Three
    common types of numbering systems will be reviewed and the
    answer to the question "Why do museums put those little bitty
    numbers on all their artifacts?" will be revealed. The Museum
    Registration Manual, its importance for the museum and what it
    should contain will be covered.

    Participants will create a mission statement, collection policy
    and acquisition policy for a 'new' museum; comment on one of the
    selected readings about museum missions; complete an
    accessioning exercise; and for the final class project create a
    sample registration manual for the 'new' museum.

MS302: Fundraising for Collections Care
Instructor: Helen Alten
Dates: September 6-24, 2004

    Strapped for cash? Can't see how you can implement collections
    preservation ideas when you can't pay the light bill? This
    workshop introduces funding options for a range of collections
    care needs. The class combines lecture and practicum sessions.
    Students will learn about different forms of fund raising, how
    to find funding sources for their institution, how to write
    successful proposals and how to build on success. Each student
    will complete a draft grant request before the end of the class.

MS204: Materials for Storage and Display
Instructor: Helen Alten
Dates: October 18-29, 2004

    A comprehensive review of all the materials used for storage and
    display of collections. The lecture and handouts separate
    product materials according to their properties: rigid, padding,
    barrier, attachments. Emphasizes the use of acid-free materials
    and how less appropriate materials can be retrofitted. Remains
    current with the latest materials available for preservation
    work, such as metal impregnated plastics and barrier films.
    Discusses material testing as a decision-making tool.
    Participants receive a notebook with samples of all of the
    materials discussed. Powerpoint lectures illustrate the use of
    each material.

MS 205: Disaster Planning I: Introduction to Disaster
Preparedness Planning
Instructor: Terri Schindel
Dates: October 4-29, 2004

MS 206: Disaster Planning II: Writing a Disaster
Preparedness Plan
Instructor: Terri Schindel
Dates: November 1 - 26, 2004

MS 202: Storage for Infinity: Museum Storage Facilities and
Instructor: Helen Alten
Dates: November 1 - 15, 2004

    Building a new storage facility? Retrofitting an old one? This
    course provides the blueprint for how to approach architects and
    engineers as well as redesigning your facility yourself. The
    course covers the philosophy of storage, the construction
    requirements, security, fire and water prevention, types of
    furniture, and how to plan for collections growth.

MS 203 Storage for Infinity: Museum Storage Techniques
Instructor: Helen Alten
Dates: November 15 - 30, 2004

    Is your collection stacked, packed and stressed? This course
    building on MS 202, with an emphasis on the individual objects
    and collection groupings and their storage needs. It discusses
    storage materials and mounts, use of trays, drawers, shelves and
    cabinets for optimum effectiveness, and provides guidelines for
    the storage needs of specific types of materials.

MS 207: Collections Management: Cataloging Your Collections
Instructor: Peggy Schaller
Dates: November 29 - December 17, 2004

    This workshop will cover the basics of collections cataloging.
    Cataloging procedures will be discussed in detail. Sample forms
    to support these procedures will be available. Best practices
    for numbering artifacts will be presented, as well as how to
    perform inventories and condition reports. Procedures for
    handling, measuring, and describing of all types of objects and
    materials will be discussed. Students will be asked to describe
    an everyday object and practice cataloging several items from
    their own collections or households.

MS 208: Applying Numbers to Collection Objects: Materials
and Methods of Object Numbering
Instructor: Helen Alten
Dates: November 29 - December 10, 2004

    A popular AAM workshop, now available on-line by its pioneering
    instructor. Applying Numbers to Collection Objects covers the
    materials and methods of Object Numbering. Topics covered by the
    lecture include registration steps, handling objects, labeling
    and marking overview, number placement and documentation, health
    and safety concerns, tags and labels, transponders and barcodes,
    surface marks, inks and paints and barrier coats. Each student
    will receive a collections labeling kit.

If you are interested in any courses, please contact Helen Alten at
helen [at] collectioncare__org and sign up at Signing
up as a prospective student now for any future courses is encouraged
and does not require payment. Students will receive an enrollment
key via email before the class begins. Enrollment keys are needed to
enter the course. Enrollment keys will not be given out until
students have paid.

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