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Subject: Organic purple colorants

Organic purple colorants

From: Robert Watson <drawatson>
Date: Sunday, February 15, 2004
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I am researching the historical organic purple colorants.  Has
anyone presentation copy given at the DHA symposiums or know how I
might obtain a copy of any of these articles?

    Dyes in History and Archaeology
    presentations at meetings

    DHA22 2003
    Abegg-Stiftung: Riggisberg
    October 23-24, 2003

    Alessia Andreotti, Ilartia Bonaduce, Maria Perla Colombini and
    Erika Rabechini.
    The characterization of red-violet organic dyes in ancient

    Raymond White, Jo Kirby and Catherine L. Higgitt.
    A lake... splendid in its colour of grana: the application of
    electrospray interface-mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) to kermes

    Robert Fuchs.
    Non-destructive FTIR analysis of dyestuffs and pigments in
    medieval book paintings

    Izabella Surowiec, Witold Nowik and Marek Trojanowicz.
    Optimization of solvent extraction of dyes for their
    identification in archaeological textiles

    Roy S. Sinclair.
    Mapping colour changes in dyes and pigments due to light fading
    and ageing

    Rolf Haubrichs.
    Mollusc purple: A worldwide famous colour

    Gundula Voss.
    Analysis and reactions of old samples of thioindigoid dyes

    DHA21 Avignon 2002
    October 10-12, 2002

    Valery Golikov and Zoe Zharikova.
    A study of model carminic lacks on the basis of cochineal,
    protein collagen and mordant salts

    Bryan H. Davies.
    Logwood under the microscope

    Maria Joao Seixas de Melo.
    Missal blue: Anthocyanins in Nature and Art

    Zvi Koren.
    New analytical insights into purple dyeings

    Mady Elias.
    Non-destructive identification of dyes in works of art by
    reflectance spectroscopy: the case of purple

    Posters at DHA21

    Mark Clarke.
    "Half of nothing"--New developments in non-sampling spectroscopy
    for very small specimens of organic pigments

    Claude Coupry.
    Raman investigations on materials dyed by indigoids

    Jennifer Giaccai.
    Chromatographic and spectroscopic differentiation of insect dyes
    on east asian paintings

    Jana Sanyova.
    Spectroscopic studies (SIMS, ESI-MS, FTIR) on the structure of
    anthraquinon-aluminium complexes

    DHA20 Amsterdam 2001
    November 1-2, 2001

    Harald Bohmer.
    Shellfish Purple in Mexico and Morinda dyeing in Indonesia,
    Sumba island; Digital video films with commentaries by the

    Zvi Koren.
    The Purple Question Reinvestigated: Just What is Really in That
    Purple Pigment?

    Posters at DHA20

    Riikka Raisanen and Paavo Hynninen.
    Simple two-dimensional TLC method for the analysis of
    anthraquinone pigments

    G. Chiari, R. Giustetto, J. Druzik, M. Schilling,
    C. Reyes-Valerio.

    Maya Blue structure: Some new insights

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