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19th century newspaper
McMillen, Mary Stewart, (08-27-2010)

19th century wooden water pipe rings
Heaver, Melissa, (06-19-2010)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (07-05-2010)

50th anniversary celebration at Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
Luisi, Oliver, (10-06-2010)

78 rpm records
Cahill, Fiona, (11-23-2010)

A death
Kinsella, Tom, (04-26-2010)
Brown, Karen E., (05-21-2010)
Alten, Helen, (09-28-2010)
Derbyshire, Alan, (10-20-2010)
Magaziner, Katherine, (12-03-2010)
Peters, Irene, (12-14-2010)
LeBleu, Michelle, (12-20-2010)

AIC Committee on Sustainable Conservation Practice
Silence, Patricia, (12-01-2010)

AIC Objects Specialty Group election
Day, Julia, (03-05-2010)

AIC Photographic Materials Group winter meeting
Fischer, Monique, (10-15-2010)

AICCM Book, Paper and Photographic Materials Symposium
Pemberton, Briony Jane, (09-10-2010)

ALCTS/PARS session on forensics
Robertson, Holly, (06-04-2010)

ALCTS/PARS/RBMS session on print collections
Nolan, Debra, (04-29-2010)

Accessible Heritage project
Agbota, Henoc, (09-22-2010)

Acrylic in distilled water
Hawk, Alan J., (10-14-2010)

Acrylic sheeting
Uzun, Cihat, (11-24-2010)

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Schott, Frauke, (01-18-2010)

Adhesive for porcelain
Geraty, Peter, (03-29-2010)

Adhesives for glass
Cloutier, Isabelle, (05-07-2010)

Adhesives for waxed paper
Fahey, Mary, (05-26-2010)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (05-28-2010)
Marsh, Terry D., (05-28-2010)
Fischer, Andrea, (06-08-2010)
Kaufmann, Valerie, (06-14-2010)

Henry, Walter, (05-26-2009)
Henry, Walter, (11-16-2010)

Adolf Hitler and ink
Woods, Chris, (04-28-2010)

Air exchange rate in exhibition cases
Shiner, Jerry, (01-04-2010)
Calver, Andrew, (01-05-2010)

Air filtration systems
Hope, Grant, (07-06-2010)

Alcan a Paris
McLaughlin, Brian, (04-13-2010)
Rogers, Dominique, (04-18-2010)
Davies, Emiko, (04-20-2010)

Alternative to isinglass
Petukhova, Tatyana, (06-03-2010)

Aluminum stretchers
Kjolsen, Nina Ryder, (05-19-2010)
Johns, Dilys A., (05-23-2010)
Anne, Baxter, (05-23-2010)

Analyzing light bulbs
Scheerer, Stefanie, (04-08-2010)

Animal glue and EVA in book and paper conservation
Russell, Eleanor, (10-27-2010)

Ants in historic home
Stevens, Ashley, (01-26-2010)
Mackey, Meghan Thumm, (02-09-2010)
Fraser, Ian, (02-10-2010)

Archeological objects and crude oil
Striegel, Mary, (06-17-2010)

Art in Bloom
Lawrence, Sandra, (09-01-2010)
Drayman-Weisser, Terry, (09-06-2010)
Kubik, Maria, (09-13-2010)

Hameetman, Femke, (04-07-2010)

Article on conservation methods in research libraries
Doyle, Beth, (05-07-2010)

Authenticating lace
Kotary, Kim, (06-26-2010)

AvSAP project
Teper, Jennifer Hain, (08-12-2010)

BROMEC (Bulletin of Research on MEtal Conservation)
Crawford, James Bruce, (03-07-2010)
Crawford, James Bruce, (07-31-2010)

Bed bugs
Minter, William, (10-21-2010)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (10-23-2010)
Smith, Katie, (10-22-2010)
Power, Rose-lee, (11-04-2010)

Binocular polarizing microscope sought
White, Susan, (03-17-2010)
Roundhill, Linda, (03-23-2010)
Prins, Steven, (04-09-2010)
Pearce, Michael, (04-12-2010)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (04-15-2010)

Heft, Tracey, (05-19-2010)
Brueckle, Irene, (05-27-2010)

Book on 19th century American paper
Zachary, Shannon, (10-07-2010)

Book on metallography sought
White, Susan, (06-17-2010)

Bookbinding equipment for sale
Edwards-Hedley, Heather, (05-20-2010)

Books for sale
Perugini, Flavia, (07-29-2010)

Bound pamphlets in special collections
Metzger, Consuela, (02-05-2010)

British Museum Technical Research Bulletin
Saunders, David, (10-18-2010)

Muir, Alison, (12-07-2010)

Bruker users dinner meeting at AIC
Kustu, Haydar, (04-14-2010)

Bubble wrap
Berry, Janet, (12-04-2010)
Knight, Barry, (12-15-2010)
Storch, Paul, (12-15-2010)
Beale-Collins, Harry, (12-15-2010)
Bonet, Maria M., (12-15-2010)
Arnold, Erica, (12-15-2010)

CAC Annual Conference and Workshops
Mason, Janet, (04-14-2010)

CAC grants and awards deadline extension
Brewer, Kasey, (02-02-2010)

CCWI-181 Duct Sealant
Sharp, Maureen K., (03-31-2010)

CXD Nicholas Hadgraft Scholarship
Troughton, Denise, (04-13-2010)

Call for abstracts--IPM
Harris, Kerren, (06-17-2010)

Call for abstracts--IPM--addendum
Harris, Kerren, (06-21-2010)

Call for abstracts--Symposium: Works of Art and Conservation Science Today
Kampasakali, Elina, (07-08-2010)

Call for applications--Staffordshire Hoard Advisory Panel
Cane, Deborah, (06-01-2010)

Call for applications--The Material Life of Things Project
De Souza, Cynthia, (02-17-2010)

Call for contributions--Adhesives and Consolidants for Conservation
Stevens, Shanna, (05-21-2010)

Call for contributions--Adhesives and consolidants for conservation
O'Brien, Julie, (10-19-2010)

Call for nominations--AIA Best Practices in Site Preservation Award
Anderson, Meredith, (03-25-2010)

Call for nominations--Esther Piercy Award
Brown, Karen E., (09-21-2010)

Call for nominations--George Cunha and Susan Swartzburg Award
McClurken, Kara, (10-04-2010)

Call for nominations--IIC Keck Award
Voce, Graham, (03-16-2010)

Call for nominations--Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award
Seo, Hilary, (09-14-2010)

Call for nominations--SAA Preservation Publication Award
Bogus, Ian, (02-09-2010)

Call for papers--AIC Annual Meeting
Winfield, Ryan, (08-20-2010)

Call for papers--AICCM National Conference
Batterham, Ian, (12-09-2010)

Call for papers--AICCM Textile Special Interest Group Symposium
Firth, Jessie, (07-22-2010)

Call for papers--ANAGPIC
Cole, Christina, (10-22-2010)

Call for papers--APT Annual Symposium
Dewey, Catherine, (12-01-2010)

Call for papers--American Glass Guild (AGG) Annual Conference
Rothman, Victor, (04-02-2010)
Rothman, Victor, (08-04-2010)

Call for papers--BROMEC (Bulletin of Research on MEtal Conservation)
Crawford, James Bruce, (05-15-2010)

Call for papers--BROMEC (Bulletin of Research on Metal Conservation)
Crawford, James Bruce, (11-29-2010)

Call for papers--CAC Annual Conference--addendum
Hill, Gregory J., (01-20-2010)

Call for papers--COST Action D42
Havermans, John, (01-12-2010)

Call for papers--CeROArt
Verbeeck, Muriel, (10-20-2010)

Call for papers--College Art Association
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (03-12-2010)

Call for papers--Conference on Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks (LACONA)
Higgitt, Catherine, (07-23-2010)

Call for papers--Conference on adhesives and consolidants in paintings conservation
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (11-29-2010)

Call for papers--Conference on conservation of fine and decorative arts
Kaner, Jake, (01-21-2010)

Call for papers--Conference on parchment and leather
Kozielec, Tomasz, (04-01-2010)

Call for papers--Conference on parchment and leather--addendum
Kozielec, Tomasz, (04-20-2010)

Call for papers--Conference on salt reduction
Weyer, Angela, (02-15-2010)

Call for papers--Conference on surface metrology and art conservation
Ravines, Patrick, (03-20-2010)

Call for papers--Domes in the World
Redditi, Andrea, (05-21-2010)

Call for papers--Early uses of house paints by Picasso and his contemporaries
Pamela, Grimaud, (08-04-2010)

Call for papers--Forum on painting and polychrome sculpture
Streeton, Noelle, (05-27-2010)

Call for papers--Historic libraries
Jennifer, Jarvis, (09-16-2010)

Call for papers--ICOM-CC
Daniel, Vinod, (03-22-2010)

Call for papers--ICOM-CC Ethnographic working group
Dignard, Carole, (02-24-2010)

Call for papers--ICOM-CC Paintings Working Group
Doherty, Tiarna, (02-17-2010)

Call for papers--ICOM-CC Photographic Materials Working Group
Von Waldthausen, Clara, (01-21-2010)
Juergens, Martin, (02-04-2010)
Leggio, Angeletta, (02-23-2010)

Call for papers--ICOM-CC Photographic Materials Working Group--corrigendum
Juergens, Martin, (02-08-2010)

Call for papers--ICOM-CC Triennial Meeting
Reifsnyder, Joan, (01-31-2010)

Call for papers--IIC Nordic Group conference
Bronken, Ida Antonia Tank, (08-28-2010)

Call for papers--Icon Stone and Wall Paintings Group Conference
Lithgow, Richard, (10-19-2010)
Martindale, Peter, (11-25-2010)

Call for papers--Icon Textile Group
Fairhurst, Alison, (09-26-2010)

Call for papers--Institute of Coptic Studies
Hanna, Hany Aziz Hanna, (06-12-2010)

Call for papers--Journal of the Institute of Conservation special issue
Berry, Janet, (09-24-2010)

Call for papers--Materials Research Society (MRS)
McCarthy, Blythe, (06-24-2010)

Call for papers--North American Textile Conservation Conference
Giuntini, Christine, (08-07-2010)

Call for papers--SEM and microanalysis
Meeks, Nigel, (01-04-2010)

Call for papers--SEM and microanalysis--addendum
Higgitt, Catherine, (02-15-2010)

Call for papers--Salt weathering on buildings and stone sculptures
Hamilton, Andrea, (12-13-2010)

Call for papers--Seminar on manuscript conservation
Mosesdottir, Ragnheidur, (08-09-2010)

Call for papers--Stained Glass After 1920
Pilosi, Lisa, (05-20-2010)

Call for papers--Symposium and workshop on risk analysis
Waller, Robert, (11-08-2010)

Call for papers--Symposium and workshop on risk analysis--addendum
Waller, Robert, (11-29-2010)

Call for papers--Symposium on filling and retouching
Seymour, Kate, (12-17-2010)

Call for papers--Symposium on historic interiors in secular buildings
Sitwell, Christine, (03-24-2010)

Call for papers--Symposium on preserving archaeological remains in situ
Doub, Nichole, (03-24-2010)

Call for papers--Symposium on preserving audio media
Simon, Stefan, (12-16-2010)

Call for papers--Symposium on wood and furniture conservation
Boonstra, Jaap, (01-11-2010)
Meurs, Renzo Dirk, (08-26-2010)

Call for papers--Technology and conservation of modern materials in design
Bechthold, Tim, (11-15-2010)

Call for participation--Online exhibit on conservation science
Cosentino, Antonino, (02-24-2010)

Call for posters--AICCM Conservation of Books, Paper and Photographic Materials Symposium
Hinwood, Jane, (05-03-2010)

Call for presentations--APTNE Annual Symposium
Zullinger, Jessica M., (10-25-2010)

Call for presenters--AIC Book and Paper Group, ACDG
Miller, Laura O'Brien, (10-11-2010)

Call for presenters--AIC Book and Paper Group, LCCDG
Haun, Werner, (10-12-2010)

Call for presenters--Preservation Week webinars
Brown, Karen E., (03-25-2010)

Call for proposals--Cultural Heritage Advanced Research Infrastructures (CHARISMA)
Raynaud, Clemence, (09-30-2010)
Godfrey, Evelyne G., (12-14-2010)

Call for speakers--Icon Archaeology and Ethnography Groups
Bernucci, Arianna, (12-07-2010)

Call for tenders
Guinard, Julie, (09-08-2010)

Call for tenders--corrigendum
Guinard, Julie, (09-17-2010)

Call for volunteers--British Library
Mohamed, Mehboob, (06-17-2010)

Call for volunteers--English-Spanish translation
De la Cruz, Vera, (10-22-2010)

Call for volunteers--University College London
Bearman, Frederick, (01-14-2010)
Bearman, Frederick, (11-30-2010)

Cast aluminum sign
Foxley, Sebastian, (01-21-2010)

Caution urged when considering LED light sources for light-sensitive materials
Kronkright, Dale Paul, (03-30-2010)
Hodgetts, Ben, (04-05-2010)
Jaeschke, Helena, (04-12-2010)
Druzik, Jim, (04-22-2010)

Verbeeck, Muriel, (04-16-2010)

CeROArt publication and symposium
Verbeeck, Muriel, (02-16-2010)

CeROArt special issue
Verbeeck, Muriel, (11-22-2010)

Charcoal objects
Lehnhardt, Natalie, (11-05-2010)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (11-09-2010)
Chlopicki, Jerzy, (11-09-2010)

Chromic acid
Uzun, Cihat, (02-26-2010)
Knight, Barry, (03-04-2010)
Moore, Simon, (03-12-2010)
Belman, Michael, (03-31-2010)

Classes at American Academy of Bookbinding
Kohin, Judy, (02-05-2010)

Classes at School for Formal Bookbinding
Rash, Don, (12-05-2010)

Classes on bookbinding
Rash, Don, (03-25-2010)

Cleaning color slides
Sirven, Marsha, (03-30-2010)

Cleaning microscopes
White, Susan, (05-19-2010)
Swider, Joseph R., (05-21-2010)

Clearing snow and ice from marble steps
Appelbaum, Barbara, (02-10-2010)
Waller, Robert, (02-12-2010)
Kyriazi, Evangelia, (02-12-2010)
Gray, Christopher, (02-17-2010)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (02-24-2010)
Thorn, Andrew, (02-27-2010)
Wever, Grace, (02-24-2010)
Dotter, Kara R., (03-04-2010)
Miller, Eric, (03-07-2010)
Walle, de, (03-04-2010)
Hughes, John, (03-12-2010)
Miller, Eric, (03-25-2010)
Cottier-Angeli, David, (03-30-2010)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (04-15-2010)
Jaeschke, Helena, (04-12-2010)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (04-19-2010)
Waller, Robert, (04-18-2010)

Cold storage
Elwing, James, (12-30-2009)
Strange, Mark, (01-07-2010)
Hansen, Birgit Vinther, (01-05-2010)
Waller, Robert, (01-05-2010)

Collections Demography
Strlic, Matija, (07-04-2010)

Colloquium on Archaeological Iron
Eggert, Gerhard, (05-08-2010)

Colloquium on collaboration in conserving time-based art
Ryan, Gwynne, (02-07-2010)

Colloquium on photographic preservation
Dann, Orelia, (05-27-2010)

Colored epoxy resins for glass conservation
Kim, Hyoyun, (07-27-2010)
Koob, Stephen, (08-10-2010)

Colour matching
Bogovic-Zeskoski, Srebrenka, (06-12-2010)
Trela, Richard, (06-14-2010)
Walthew, Sheila, (06-16-2010)

Commemorative loaf of french bread
Blakney, Susan, (12-08-2010)
Moore, Simon, (12-16-2010)
Storch, Paul S., (12-16-2010)
Welch, Stuart, (12-16-2010)

Commercially available paraloid based adhesives
Greenwood, John, (04-16-2010)
Koob, Stephen, (04-25-2010)

Conference host sought
Reifsnyder, Joan, (05-17-2010)

Conference on Coptic studies
Hanna, Hany Aziz Hanna, (08-25-2010)

Conference on Digital Printing and Photography
Sandy, Mark, (02-04-2010)

Conference on SEM and microanalysis
Higgitt, Catherine, (07-28-2010)

Conference on Tudor and Jacobean painting
Daunt, Catherine, (07-27-2010)

Conference on advocacy
Peach, Caroline, (05-26-2010)

Conference on architectural glass
Schur, Susan E., (12-28-2009)

Conference on architectural paint research
Faulding, Rachel, (04-27-2010)

Conference on cleaning paintings--addendum
N'Gadi, Ann, (03-01-2010)

Conference on collection care
Peach, Caroline, (12-13-2010)

Conference on conservation of basketry
Bernucci, Arianna, (08-25-2010)

Conference on digital preservation
Peach, Caroline, (06-11-2010)

Conference on efficiency and sustainability in museums
Pomillo, Claudia, (09-17-2010)

Conference on energy efficiency in historic buildings
Brostrom, Tor, (11-11-2010)

Conference on environment
Bioletti, Susan, (08-16-2010)
Bioletti, Susie, (09-30-2010)

Conference on fine and decorative arts
Kaner, Jake, (06-08-2010)

Conference on gilding
Kramer, Michael, (09-23-2010)

Conference on heritage science in Scotland
Kennedy, Craig, (06-25-2010)

Conference on indoor air quality
Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten, (01-25-2010)

Conference on long-term collections management
Mohamed, Mehboob, (07-29-2010)

Conference on preservation of East Asian art
Dann, Orelia, (08-11-2010)

Conference on salt reduction
Weyer, Angela, (10-01-2010)

Conference on storage strategies for cultural collections
Dann, Orelia, (07-06-2010)

Conference on sustainability in conservation
Gall-Ortlik, Agnes, (04-09-2010)

Conference on wall paintings exposed to outdoor weathering
Weyer, Angela, (12-09-2010)

Conference: Conservation of Chinese Graphical Collections
Zhan, Xuhua, (03-27-2010)

Conference: Conservation of Chinese graphical collections
Horie, Charles, (03-12-2010)

Conference: Conservation--past, present, future (CF10)
Perry, Heather, (02-22-2010)

Conference: Conservation: Added Value
Perry, Heather, (10-01-2010)

Conference: Conservation: Added Value--addendum
Perry, Heather, (11-05-2010)

Conference: Niepce in England
Clark, Susie, (03-10-2010)

Conference: Niepce in England--addendum
Pritchard, Michael, (07-19-2010)

Confirming active electrolysis on bronze sculpture
Baltuskonis, Dennis, (11-09-2010)

Conservation Science Annual
Scott, John, (09-24-2010)

Conservation and Art Materials Encyclopedia Online (CAMEO)
Derrick, Michele, (10-01-2010)

Conservation and archaeometry library for sale
Oddy, William Andrew, (01-26-2010)

Conservation and material culture
Caldararo, Niccolo, (10-04-2010)

Conservation books for sale
Reichert, Andrea, (12-28-2009)

Conservation equipment for sale
Quigley, Suzanne, (04-12-2010)
Coles, Louisa, (05-10-2010)

Conservation of African objects and authenticity
Tinnell, Kim, (11-05-2010)
Singer, Martha, (11-11-2010)

Conservation of photographs in Cambodia
Hinwood, Jane, (11-08-2010)

Conservation studio space available
Caldwell, Melanie, (10-19-2010)

Conservation studio space sought
Buchanan, Ben, (10-26-2010)

Conservator for bird specimen sought
McCraith, Iona, (10-08-2010)

Conservators sought for automobile and carriage
Vreeland, Sonjel, (09-09-2010)

Conserve O Gram
Bacharach, Joan, (12-15-2010)

Consolidating a deteriorated Egyptian limestone stele
Mirabootalebi, Reyhane, (11-20-2010)

Consolidating marble fountains
Vilela, Ana, (07-31-2010)

Consultant on structural stability sought
Fung, Stephen, (07-30-2010)

Content-based image retrieval (CBIR)
Blekman, Rene. E., (08-03-2010)
Brown, Jean, (08-15-2010)

Contest--Making the case for preservation action to save collections
Drewes, Jeanne, (02-12-2010)

Controlled patination of lead
Hager, Belinda, (04-10-2010)
Costa, Virginia, (04-23-2010)

Cor-Ten steel
Baharad, Ruhi, (02-08-2010)

Core conservation resources
Tallent, Carolyn, (03-04-2010)

Course on X-ray radiography
O'Connor, Sonia Alice, (01-06-2010)

Course on digital forensics
Welton, Sharon, (07-28-2010)

Course on fluid preservation of biological specimens
Moore, Simon, (03-05-2010)
Moore, Simon, (08-02-2010)

Course on health and safety
Tauber, Gwen M., (02-09-2010)

Course on infilling with paper pulp
Sandy, Mark, (05-03-2010)
Welton, Sharon, (07-28-2010)

Course on laser cleaning--addendum
Cooper, Martin, (02-24-2010)

Course on mosaics
De Brisis, Isabelle, (04-27-2010)

Course on museum cleaning course
Alten, Helen, (01-05-2010)

Course on pigments and the polarizing microscope
Black, James, (11-26-2010)

Course on sound and image collections
De Brisis, Isabelle, (11-15-2010)

Course: First aid to cultural heritage in times of conflict
Lambert, Simon, (03-18-2010)

Courses at Campbell Center
Welton, Sharon, (03-16-2010)

Courses at Centre for Photographic Conservation
Moor, Angela H., (01-07-2010)
Moor, Angela H., (10-20-2010)

Courses at West Dean College
Campbell, Liz, (02-23-2010)
Campbell, Liz, (05-06-2010)
Campbell, Liz, (07-01-2010)
Campbell, Liz, (10-18-2010)

Courses at the Centro del bel libro Ascona
Richter, Franziska, (04-23-2010)
Richter, Franziska, (12-17-2010)

Courses on replicas
Black, James, (03-05-2010)

Crimping machines
Pomerleau, Esther, (11-01-2010)

Curriculum Changes at University of Texas School of Information
Rice-Lively, Mary Lynn, (01-13-2010)

DP3 Project
Nishimura, Douglas W., (11-22-2010)

Damage caused by natural gas
Deller, Craig, (06-05-2010)
Conroy, Thomas, (06-14-2010)
Thompson, Jack C., (06-19-2010)

Database and software for conservation records
Brown, Michele Emerick, (10-05-2010)
Torsell, Rebecca, (10-18-2010)

David Cottier-Angeli appointed to Swiss Chamber of Technical and Scientific Forensic Experts
Cottier-Angeli, David, (03-11-2010)

David Lowenthal receives Forbes Prize
Voce, Graham, (08-25-2010)

De Vere horizontal copy camera available
Moor, Angela H., (02-05-2010)

Deborah Novotny appointed Head of Collection Care at the British Library
Mohamed, Mehboob, (08-24-2010)

Decibel levels in museums
Hargrove, Suzanne, (01-22-2010)
Gibb, Ian, (02-26-2010)
Knight, Barry, (03-04-2010)

Degradation of etching inks
Zachri, Noni, (04-13-2010)

Dental technology in conservation
Petukhova, Tatyana, (06-01-2010)

Desiccated leather
White, Susan, (03-28-2010)

Deteriorated PVC and photographs
Oliver, Ruth, (08-06-2010)
Juergens, Martin, (08-29-2010)

Dialogues for the New Century--Conservation of cultural heritage in a changing world
Voce, Graham, (04-07-2010)

Diary damaged by fire
Rutherston, Jane, (03-11-2010)

Digital Heritage Symposium
Vallerand, Dany, (01-13-2010)

Digital image stitching
Prins, Steven, (01-05-2010)
Pellissier, Pierlucio, (01-14-2010)
Thorn, Andrew, (01-21-2010)

Disaster relief in Madeira
Cezar, Tody, (02-24-2010)

Displaying copper etching plates
Brown, Bill, (03-03-2010)
Gill, Victoria, (03-12-2010)

Displaying medical specimens
Moore, Simon, (12-28-2009)
Hawks, Catharine, (01-06-2010)

Dry bone
Zimmer, Sabine, (08-25-2010)
Moore, Simon, (08-31-2010)

Drying frozen books
Bendix, Caroline, (01-20-2010)
Shiner, Jerry, (01-20-2010)

Velasco, Aitziber, (11-23-2010)

Dyes used in Egyptian paper
Ebeid, Hassan, (01-27-2010)

Early uses of house paints by Picasso and his contemporaries
Rossol, Monona, (08-20-2010)

Eastern Analytical Symposium
Scott, John, (04-16-2010)

Effect of conservation treatments on scientific research
Lewicka, Dominika, (05-18-2010)

Elephant trunk ventilation systems
Manias, Clare, (08-18-2010)
Proctor, Robert, (08-19-2010)
Dixon, Thomas, (08-20-2010)
Proctor, Robert, (08-30-2010)

Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa appointed adjunct assistant professor at University of Delaware
Behrens, Susan C., (02-03-2010)

Bogus, Ian, (01-27-2010)

Environmental control
Zimmerman, Kristen, (01-12-2010)

Environmental monitoring equipment available
Dean, Rebecca, (11-15-2010)

Epo-Tek 301
White, Susan, (05-19-2010)
MacDowell, Robert K., (05-21-2010)
Benrubi, Sarah, (06-02-2010)

Establishing new conservation practice
Cleere, Chris, (03-12-2010)

Dreyer, Hildrun, (04-14-2010)

Exhibit on the Tsuzuri Project
Halling, Steven, (08-25-2010)

F.J. Boerder
Arnold, Lori, (01-15-2010)
Thibeault, Marie-Eve, (01-21-2010)

FAIC workshops
Avent, Lisa, (01-21-2010)

Faded ink
Heft, Tracey, (01-25-2010)

Fading of TTY paper
Verheyen, Peter D, (03-04-2010)
Juergens, Martin, (03-12-2010)
Avery, Nicolas, (03-12-2010)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (03-23-2010)
Verheyen, Peter D, (04-02-2010)

Fake craquelure on paintings
Krauss, Sylvia, (09-26-2010)
Thistlewood, Jevon, (10-01-2010)

Fellowship at Art Institute of Chicago
Gill, Stephanie, (09-23-2010)

Fellowship at British Museum
Saunders, David, (03-16-2010)

Fellowship at CCAHA
Ruzicka, Glen, (01-14-2010)

Fellowship at Cincinnati Art Museum
Knutas, Per, (04-20-2010)

Fellowship at Heritage Conservation Centre, Singapore
Liu, Robin, (06-16-2010)

Fellowship at Historic New England
John, Childs, (02-09-2010)

Fellowship at Huntington Library
Moore, Holly, (02-18-2010)

Fellowship at Institute of Fine Arts, NYU and University of Delaware
Behrens, Susan C., (01-13-2010)

Fellowship at Johns Hopkins
Mowery, Sonja Jordan, (04-20-2010)

Fellowship at Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen
Quabeck, Nina, (12-28-2009)

Fellowship at LACMA
Gilberg, Mark, (01-27-2010)

Fellowship at Menil Collection
Epley, Bradford A., (04-09-2010)

Fellowship at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
DiRamio, Diana, (12-13-2010)

Fellowship at NEDCC
O'Leary, Kim, (02-23-2010)

Fellowship at National Archives, Kew
Liskova, Lucia, (06-30-2010)

Fellowship at Northwestern
Devine, Scott W., (03-25-2010)

Fellowship at Philadelphia Museum of Art
Wasson, Christopher, (01-06-2010)

Fellowship at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kunste Stuttgart
Brueckle, Irene, (07-23-2010)

Fellowship at Tate
Chooramun, Janita, (03-15-2010)

Fellowship at University of Sussex
Burnstock, Aviva, (10-07-2010)

Fellowship at Worcester Art Museum
Albertson, Rita, (12-01-2010)

Fellowship at Yale
Garland, Patricia Sherwin, (03-25-2010)
Pilette, Roberta, (05-18-2010)

Fellowships at Brooklyn Museum
Moser, Kenneth S., (11-16-2010)

Fellowships at Harvard
Kennelly, Kathleen, (08-31-2010)

Fellowships at LACMA
Gilberg, Mark, (08-31-2010)

Fellowships at National Gallery of Art
Skalka, Michael, (01-11-2010)

Fellowships at National Museum of American History
Ellis, Janice S., (06-29-2010)

Fellowships at Smithsonian Institution
N'Gadi, Ann, (11-24-2010)
N'Gadi, Ann, (11-24-2010)
N'Gadi, Ann, (12-06-2010)

Fellowships at Worcester Art Museum
Albertson, Rita, (05-06-2010)

Fellowships at the National Museum of the American Indian
Kaminitz, Marian, (12-07-2010)

Film on manuscript conservation in Timbuktu
Hawkes, Sharron, (07-26-2010)

Floor coverings for historic house museums
Kidd, Hillary, (02-18-2010)

Weaver, Leonora, (08-04-2010)

Folding paper
Fraile-Ugalde, Eneko, (05-06-2010)

Food found in archaeological environments
Gomez, Teresa Navarro, (12-20-2010)

Fortuny dress
Florio, Caterina, (04-26-2010)
Gill, Victoria, (04-29-2010)

Forum on painting and polychrome sculpture, 1100-1600
Streeton, Noelle, (09-27-2010)

Fulbright Scholar NEXUS Program
DeWindt, Katrin, (09-15-2010)

Fulbright Scholar Program
Lardner, Victoria, (04-08-2010)

Fume hood sought
Wiesner, Judith, (07-16-2010)

Fungi metrics
Passley, Craig Evans, (06-07-2010)

GCI Conservation Guest Scholar program
Charette, Sean, (07-14-2010)

Gas stations
Lu, Chao-Chun, (12-29-2009)

Garcia, Emma, (12-06-2010)

George Washington University Distance Education Graduate Certificate Program
Coughlin, Mary, (06-07-2010)

Gerald R. Fitzgerald travel grant
Hawks, Catharine, (07-09-2010)

Gerry Hedley Student Symposium
Sutcliffe, Vicky, (04-13-2010)

Gilt lead statues
Hargrove, Suzanne, (01-25-2010)

Glass thickness
Lamb, Carolyn, (05-24-2010)
Allen, Zoe, (05-28-2010)
Moore, Simon, (05-28-2010)

Glenn Gates appointed conservation scientist at Walters Art Museum
Drayman-Weisser, Terry, (03-23-2010)

Glycerin in isinglass
Hogan, Natasha S., (03-13-2010)

Google Books Ngram Viewer
Mibach, Lisa, (12-19-2010)

Grant assistance program
Lee, Michael, (09-24-2010)

Grants for IIC Congress
Voce, Graham, (04-07-2010)

Grease stains on glazed earthenware pot
Freeman, Sara Harriet, (11-21-2010)
Lavoie, Myriam, (12-02-2010)

HEPA vacuum cleaner
Pickman, Sarah, (03-16-2010)
Gaertner, Leonie, (03-23-2010)
Regnault, Pascale, (03-29-2010)

Pourchot, Eric, (01-15-2010)
McMann, Joanna, (02-04-2010)

Hanging for oversize photos
Hight, Clifford W., (01-21-2010)

Heat set paper
Fairbanks-Harris, Theresa, (11-23-2010)
Lambert, Beverley, (12-01-2010)
Welch, Stuart, (12-08-2010)

Helen Shenton appointed Deputy Director of Harvard University Library
Knight, Barry, (03-01-2010)

Helen Shenton appointed executive director, Harvard Library
Kosewski, Peter, (12-20-2010)

Historic Mortars Conference
Valek, Jan, (02-25-2010)

Poisson, Marie-Chantale, (10-28-2010)

Hooke College of Applied Sciences
Swider, Joseph R., (07-02-2010)

Host sought for traveling exhibition on conservation science
Cosentino, Antonino, (06-24-2010)

Human hair embroidery
Freake, Alison, (07-05-2010)

Humidifiers in collections storage areas
Gowler, Stephanie, (11-12-2010)
Shiner, Jerry, (11-18-2010)
Juga, Peter, (11-19-2010)

Hydroxyl generators
Appelbaum, Barbara, (05-28-2010)

ICOM joint interim meeting on training
Learner, Tom, (04-01-2010)

ICOM joint interim working groups meeting
Seymour, Kate, (02-16-2010)
Brown, Jean, (03-01-2010)

ICOM-CC Experts meeting on enamel on metal
Day, Julia, (08-23-2010)

ICOM-CC Glass and Ceramics Working Group
Koob, Stephen, (06-01-2010)

ICOM-CC Graphic Documents Group
Watteeuw, Lieve, (01-20-2010)

ICOM-CC Photographic Materials Interim Meeting
Leggio, Angeletta, (07-12-2010)

ICON Ethnography Group
Bernucci, Arianna, (05-28-2010)

ICON Ethnography Group workshop and symposium
Bernucci, Arianna, (04-08-2010)

ICON Ethnography Group--addendum
Bernucci, Arianna, (06-12-2010)

ICON Gilding and Decorative Surfaces Group
Daly, Claire, (02-05-2010)

ICON Internships
Brown, Carol E., (04-27-2010)
Brown, Carol E., (10-20-2010)

ICON Science Group Annual Meeting
Knight, Barry, (06-04-2010)

IIC Congress
Voce, Graham, (03-16-2010)

IIC Dialogues for the New Century--Interview with Orhan Pamuk
Voce, Graham, (12-10-2010)

IIC Keck Award
Voce, Graham, (10-07-2010)

IIC Round Table: Between Home and History
Voce, Graham, (07-15-2010)

IIC discussion transcript Conservation in Crisis published
Voce, Graham, (04-07-2010)

Icon Ceramics and Glass Group conference
Davies, Beky, (02-01-2010)

Icon Conservation Awards
Cowin, Charlotte, (07-12-2010)

Incralac solubility
Gale, Frances, (02-22-2010)

Injectable foam for furniture
Imhoff, Christian, (04-19-2010)
Gill, Victoria, (04-25-2010)
Alten, Helen, (04-29-2010)
Lewis, Gordon A., (05-05-2010)
Faltermeier, Robert B., (05-05-2010)

White, Susan, (11-25-2010)

Internshhip at Rosslyn Chapel project
Brown, Carol E., (03-25-2010)

Internship at Building Conservation Associates, Inc.
Kavenagh, Claudia, (07-06-2010)

Internship at Central Park Conservancy
Reiley, Matthew, (03-23-2010)

Internship at Chinati Foundation
Landgrebe, Bettina, (04-22-2010)

Internship at Cincinnati Art Museum
Knutas, Per, (02-12-2010)

Internship at Citywide Monuments Conservation Program, New York
Brown, Sheena, (01-04-2010)

Internship at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Swan, Christopher, (01-15-2010)

Internship at Henry Ford
Deck, Clara, (01-11-2010)

Internship at Herzog August Bibliothek
Corbach, Almuth, (03-13-2010)

Internship at Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
Ryan, Gwynne, (02-07-2010)

Internship at Iowa State University
Seo, Hilary, (12-01-2010)

Internship at Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture, London
Brealey, Zoe, (06-24-2010)
Shaw, Emma, (08-11-2010)

Internship at National Gallery of Art
Skalka, Michael, (12-06-2010)

Internship at National Gallery of Ireland
Fahey, Caroline, (07-01-2010)

Internship at National Gallery of Ireland--addendum
Fahey, Caroline, (07-19-2010)

Internship at National Library of Ireland
O'Connor, Louise, (07-19-2010)

Internship at New York Academy of Medicine
Hillam, Anne, (11-08-2010)

Internship at Northwestern
Grafakos, Tonia E., (12-15-2010)

Internship at Park Avenue Armory
Koga, Dean, (03-19-2010)

Internship at Queens
Spirydowicz, Krysia, (07-07-2010)

Internship at Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (SRAL)
Friedrichs, Angelique, (02-01-2010)

Internship at Syracuse University
Verheyen, Peter D, (11-30-2010)

Internship at Toledo Museum of Art
Hargrove, Suzanne, (03-12-2010)

Internship at the National Museum of the American Indian
Kaminitz, Marian, (12-07-2010)
Kaminitz, Marian, (12-07-2010)

Internship opportunities sought
Grieve, Susanne, (02-03-2010)

Internship sought
Rican, Marco, (06-21-2010)

Internships Cody, Wyoming
Perkins, Beverly, (12-14-2010)

Internships at British Library
Mohamed, Mehboob, (08-27-2010)

Internships at Buffalo Bill Historical Center
Perkins, Beverly, (01-12-2010)

Internships at Central Park Conservancy
Reiley, Matthew, (12-03-2010)

Internships at Estadio da Luz, Lisbon
Antonio, Alcino, (09-28-2010)

Internships at Fitzwilliam Museum
Page, Regine L., (12-02-2010)

Internships at Heritage Conservation Centre, Singapore
Teng, Janice, (11-04-2010)

Internships at Museum Conservation Institute
N'Gadi, Ann, (02-25-2010)

Internships at National Gallery of Denmark
Wadum, Jorgen, (01-06-2010)
Christensen, Anne Haack, (05-26-2010)

Internships at UCLA
Nadal, Jake, (04-07-2010)

Internships in Peru
Wagner, Vanessa, (01-19-2010)

Internships in Turkey
Paterakis, Alice, (10-26-2010)

Inuit clothing and kayak
Christine, Brown, (10-18-2010)
Moore, Simon, (10-22-2010)
Gomez, Vanessa Saiz, (11-01-2010)
Dignard, Carole, (11-08-2010)

James C. Whitney Memorial Scholarship
Rothman, Victor, (01-13-2010)

Jan Merrill-Oldham
Kosewski, Peter, (09-27-2010)

Journal of PaperConservation
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (03-16-2010)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (06-22-2010)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (09-16-2010)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (12-08-2010)

Journal of the Institute of Conservation
Berry, Janet, (10-01-2010)

Journals for sale
Barnett, Jennifer, (08-26-2010)

Klean Clay
White, Susan, (10-30-2010)
Rossol, Monona, (11-08-2010)
Koob, Stephen, (11-08-2010)

Knife handle with inscribed runes
Christensson, Eva, (06-21-2010)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (07-05-2010)

LED lighting
Silence, Patricia, (05-18-2010)
De Silva, Megan, (06-27-2010)

Laminator for sale
Young, Philip, (07-16-2010)

Laser cleaning stone
Wheeler, George, (02-22-2010)

Leafcaster sought
Jakovleska-Spirovska, Zorica, (03-26-2010)

Leather samples sought
Fletcher, Yvette A., (08-06-2010)

Lecture on Armenian manuscript bindings
Lapkin, Rachel, (03-23-2010)
Hille, Jenny, (11-15-2010)

Lecture on architectural drawings
Manias, Clare, (02-09-2010)

Lecture on disasters
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (04-10-2010)

Lecture on modern materials and media
Alden, Harriet Irgang, (01-12-2010)

Lecture on moving image conservation
Voce, Graham, (12-17-2010)

Lecture on photographing words of art
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (07-26-2010)

Lecture on preservation science
Ryan, Cynthia Connelly, (09-10-2010)

Lecture on the Great Omar
Green, Marlan, (10-07-2010)

Lecture series at Yale
Pilette, Roberta, (03-22-2010)
Pilette, Roberta, (05-17-2010)

Library of Congress Topics in Preservation Series (TOPS)
Ryan, Cindy Connelly, (03-12-2010)
Ryan, Cindy Connelly, (04-06-2010)
Ryan, Cynthia Connelly, (07-07-2010)
Ryan, Cynthia Connelly, (09-27-2010)
Ryan, Cynthia Connelly, (11-08-2010)

Ligatus Summer School
Velios, Athanasios, (03-26-2010)
Velios, Athanasios, (05-24-2010)

Lighting systems
Lavoie, Myriam, (12-07-2010)

Lining Table for sale
Romero, Alberto, (10-12-2010)

Lizards in collection
Segaetsho, Thatayaone, (03-30-2010)
Moore, Simon, (04-05-2010)
Simmons, John E, (04-04-2010)
Wiggin, Vanessa, (04-05-2010)
Storch, Paul, (04-07-2010)
Gill, Victoria, (04-10-2010)

MACC workshops
Clise, Dianna, (04-07-2010)

Marking glass
Morrison, Lynn, (07-14-2010)
Moore, Simon, (07-20-2010)
Hodgson, Jenny, (08-04-2010)

Marking lacquer
Lobaton, Nicky, (04-21-2010)

Masterclass on Dutch 17th century cabinets
Van Duin, Paul, (07-30-2010)

Masterclass on cleaning paintings
Pinho, Luis, (05-27-2010)

Masterclass on plastics
Pinho, Luis, (01-21-2010)
Mulders, Cor, (03-10-2010)

Masterclass on synthetic resins
Seymour, Kate, (01-26-2010)

Masterclass on synthetic resins--addendum
Seymour, Kate, (05-03-2010)

Masterclass on wooden book boards
Moore, Holly, (07-20-2010)

Faulding, Rachel, (03-12-2010)
El-Wahab, Mahmoud Youssif Abd, (03-29-2010)

Masterclasses on dry cleaning
Mulders, Cor, (03-10-2010)

Material for exhibition cases
Pearce, Robert, (01-15-2010)

Materials for Conservation, 2nd edition published
Horie, C. Velson, (09-17-2010)

Matthew J. Sheehy appointed head of Harvard Depository
Kosewski, Peter, (10-15-2010)

Meeting on Oregon preservation planning
Kern, Kristen, (06-18-2010)
Kern, Kristen, (08-23-2010)

Mekatronics EZ press
Eyler, Carol, (06-03-2010)

Metropolitan Museum Studies in Art, Science, and Technology
Schorsch, Deborah, (07-14-2010)

Michele Cloonan receives Banks/Harris Preservation Award
Wilt, Charles, (07-15-2010)

Midwest Regional Conservation Guild meeting
Campbell, Kathryn, (02-19-2010)
Booth, Laurie, (10-06-2010)

Cahill, Fiona, (10-07-2010)
Rogers, Dominique, (10-14-2010)

Modular dry store
Knight, Barry, (06-21-2010)

Moisture meters
Leming, Jessica, (08-09-2010)

Mokume gane metalwork
Stubbs-Lee, Dee, (08-11-2010)

Mold in museums
Appelbaum, Barbara, (11-09-2010)

Monitoring air quality
Uzun, Cihat, (04-20-2010)

Montefiascone Project
Porter, Cheryl, (02-19-2010)

Montefiascone Project participants sought
Porter, Cheryl, (09-30-2010)

Motion-activated lighting for light-sensitive materials
Perry, Jennifer, (04-27-2010)

Moving collection materials
Atkinson, Josephine, (08-04-2010)
Gibson, Robin, (08-13-2010)

Museum Conservation Institute receives Mellon grant
N'Gadi, Ann, (05-21-2010)

Museum Conservation Institute receives Mellon grant--addendum
N'Gadi, Ann, (06-11-2010)

Museum signage
Dunford, Elizabeth, (03-01-2010)

NEH Preservation Assistance Grants
Word, Laura, (02-26-2010)
Leming, Jessica, (02-23-2010)

NEH Preservation and Access Research and Development grants
Word, Laura, (04-19-2010)

NEH grants
Word, Laura, (08-18-2010)

NEH grants--addendum
Word, Laura, (09-15-2010)

National Conservation Service
Woods, Chris, (11-21-2010)

New MSc program in conservation
Henderson, Jane, (03-29-2010)

New York Regional Association for Conservation (NYRAC)
Alden, Harriet Irgang, (09-10-2010)

New blog--Art Conservation Research
Bordalo, Rui Miguel Azevedo, (03-19-2010)

New blog--Critical Issues in Art Conservation
Balachandran, Sanchita, (03-06-2010)

New blog--The Secret Lives of Objects
Fraser, Ian, (04-12-2010)

New book on historical bindings
Zachary, Shannon, (12-10-2010)

New book on metallography
Scott, David A., (07-29-2010)

New book on microstructure and metallurgy
Scott, David A., (12-19-2010)

New book on paintings conservation
Orata, Luigi, (03-12-2010)

New book on textile conservation
Lennard, Frances J., (04-06-2010)

New fellowship program at British Museum
Higgitt, Catherine, (01-29-2010)

New graduate program in heritage science
Strlic, Matija, (03-04-2010)

New guidelines for collection environments
Hughes, Susan, (07-15-2010)

New list: BROMEC
Crawford, James Bruce, (07-31-2010)

New list: aic-rats
Wade, Jennifer, (06-08-2010)

New multilingual cultural heritage dictionary
Xarrie, Mireia, (09-20-2010)

New open source software for condition reports
De Gopegui, Carlos Burges Ruiz, (09-23-2010)

New podcast--Minding the Museum
Harvey, David, (05-20-2010)

New publication--Intervencion
Chabuca, Isabel Medina, (08-06-2010)

New publication--Smithsonian Contributions to Museum Conservation
N'Gadi, Ann, (03-11-2010)

New publication: Printed on Paper
Colbourne, Jane, (03-16-2010)

New site--ArtBabble
Henry, Walter, (10-13-2010)

New site--Spectral Power Distribution curves
Padfield, Joseph, (12-03-2010)

New site--The Picture Restorer
Marriott, Sally, (05-13-2010)

New textile conservation centre at the University of Glasgow
Lennard, Frances J., (04-01-2010)

Nitrate film
Branigan, Elizabeth, (08-25-2010)

Non-woven fabrics for paintings conservation
Therkildsen, Eva V., (06-08-2010)
Green, Simon Barcham, (06-19-2010)

North Carolina Preservation Consortium Annual Conference
Grieve, Susanne, (10-13-2010)

Oddy test
Lee-Bechtold, Sue, (09-30-2010)

Online business management meeting series
Lowengard, Sarah, (09-01-2010)
Lowengard, Sarah, (11-09-2010)

Online case studies at National Gallery, London
Sozzani, Laurent, (09-01-2010)

Online class on care of leather
Alten, Helen, (04-07-2010)
Alten, Helen, (09-27-2010)

Online class on care of photographs
Alten, Helen, (03-24-2010)
Alten, Helen, (09-29-2010)

Online class on museum microclimates
Alten, Helen, (06-16-2010)

Online class on preservation management
Leming, Jessica, (02-09-2010)

Online class on preservation of audiovisual materials
Leming, Jessica, (06-14-2010)

Online classes at Northern States Conservation Center
Alten, Helen, (03-10-2010)
Alten, Helen, (11-23-2010)

Online classes from LYRASIS
Leming, Jessica, (01-19-2010)
Leming, Jessica, (03-16-2010)
Leming, Jessica, (05-26-2010)

Online course on care of baskets
Alten, Helen, (01-23-2010)
Alten, Helen, (10-27-2010)

Online course on care of furniture and wood artifacts
Alten, Helen, (07-29-2010)

Online course on care of metals
Alten, Helen, (04-07-2010)
Alten, Helen, (06-16-2010)

Online course on care of paintings
Alten, Helen, (01-23-2010)
Alten, Helen, (07-29-2010)

Online course on cleaning
Alten, Helen, (06-16-2010)
Alten, Helen, (12-15-2010)

Online course on collections preservation
Alten, Helen, (06-16-2010)
Alten, Helen, (12-13-2010)

Online course on digital photography
Avent, Lisa, (02-03-2010)

Online course on environment
Alten, Helen, (10-22-2010)

Online course on estimating conservation projects
Pourchot, Eric, (03-18-2010)

Online course on fundamentals of preservation
Brown, Karen E., (04-12-2010)
Brown, Karen E., (09-22-2010)

Online course on insurance and contracts for conservation
Pourchot, Eric, (05-07-2010)

Online course on microclimates
Alten, Helen, (12-14-2010)

Online course on museum artifacts
Alten, Helen, (01-23-2010)
Alten, Helen, (07-29-2010)
Alten, Helen, (08-30-2010)

Online course on museum storage
Alten, Helen, (08-30-2010)

Online course on pest management
Alten, Helen, (09-27-2010)

Online course on reducing risks to cultural heritage
Verger, Isabelle, (11-11-2010)

Online course on storage
Alten, Helen, (10-27-2010)

Online course on textile care
Alten, Helen, (10-26-2010)

Online courses
Weyer, Angela, (07-01-2010)

Online forum on conservation
Corinne, Authier-Athanase, (04-27-2010)

Online forums on conservation
Van Dam, Andries J., (10-11-2010)

Online meeting on writing abstracts
Lowengard, Sarah, (08-15-2010)

Online meeting on writing and publishing
Lowengard, Sarah, (07-08-2010)

Online workshop on mannequin making
Alten, Helen, (08-26-2010)

Online workshop on writing disaster plans
Alten, Helen, (08-26-2010)

Open letter concerning Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione ed il Restauro (ISCR)
Kyriazi, Evangelia, (02-19-2010)

Orientalist Museum, Doha
Usman, Lisa, (03-04-2010)

Outdoor sculpture
Anderson, Mark, (08-09-2010)
Costa, Virginia, (08-29-2010)
Wei, Bill, (10-07-2010)
Sussex, Graham, (10-07-2010)
Cano, Emilio, (10-07-2010)

Oversize drawings
Smith, Christine, (12-31-2009)

Ballard, Mary, (06-09-2010)

Ozone and odor removal
Appelbaum, Barbara, (06-03-2010)

Ozone generators
Appelbaum, Barbara, (05-24-2010)
Tremain, David A., (05-28-2010)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (05-28-2010)
Prins, Steven, (06-02-2010)
Brown, Jean, (06-04-2010)

PAS 198 specification on environmental conditions for cultural collections
Hughes, Susan, (07-19-2010)
Harold, Nicola, (10-12-2010)

Paco Rabanne paper dresses
Remazeilles, Elodie, (08-20-2010)

Painting damaged by bat excrement
Spaarschuh, Christina, (05-18-2010)
De la Cruz, Vera, (05-28-2010)

Palazzo Spinelli
Pires, Beatriz, (03-15-2010)
Flynn, Ana, (03-23-2010)
Bernal, Helena, (03-30-2010)
Corella, Daniela Murphy, (04-05-2010)

Pamphlet boxes
Wahl, Laura, (03-30-2010)

Panel Paintings Initiative online bibliography
Charette, Sean, (08-20-2010)

Paper adhered to fossil vertebrates
Davidson, Amy, (01-07-2010)
Carrio, Vicen, (01-14-2010)

Paper and cardboard models
De Bovis, Marianne, (04-13-2010)
Fisher, Seren, (04-26-2010)
Reynolds, Clare, (04-29-2010)

Papermaking and printmaking tour in Japan
Mizumura, Megumi, (05-29-2010)

Papers from conference on feather and gut
Bernucci, Arianna, (06-29-2010)

Papers from conference on stained glass
Pilosi, Lisa, (11-22-2010)

Paraffin impregnated paper
Potje, Karen, (08-23-2010)

Patrick Ravines appointed Director at Buffalo State College
Lavelle, Meredeth, (05-24-2010)

Pest management
Uzun, Cihat, (04-06-2010)
Parker, Thomas A., (04-09-2010)
Fraser, Ian, (04-12-2010)

Petition in support of ICR
Iazurlo, Paola, (02-04-2010)

PhD studentship at Centre de Recherche sur la Conservation des Collections
Dupont, Anne-Laurence, (02-27-2010)

PhD studentship at Northumbria University
Singer, Brian, (06-14-2010)

Physical properties of binding media
Karimy, Amir Hosein, (02-24-2010)

Boal, Gillian, (01-15-2010)

Plastic ribbons
Smart, Rose, (11-12-2010)

Please consider a year-end gift to support CoOL
Pourchot, Eric, (12-15-2010)

Plenderleith Memorial Lecture
Honeybone, Ruth, (11-01-2010)

Polishing wheels
White, Susan, (06-10-2010)

Polyurethane varnish on oil based mural painting
Buerger, Marco, (04-15-2010)
Corella, Daniela Murphy, (04-17-2010)

Portfolio display at Winterthur
Cassman, Vicki, (08-28-2010)
Behrens, Susan C., (09-28-2010)

Position at American Museum of Natural History
Levinson, Judith, (07-28-2010)
Elkin, Lisa, (11-12-2010)

Position at Art Gallery of New South Wales
Grubb, Donna, (09-07-2010)

Position at Art Gallery of Ontario
Coop, Jeff Marsh, (07-20-2010)

Position at Art Gallery of Western Australia
Tagliaferri, Maria, (04-01-2010)

Position at Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Holbrow, Katherine, (05-25-2010)

Position at Bodleian Library
Llado-Buisan, Virginia, (10-19-2010)

Position at Bodleian Library--corrigendum
Llado-Buisan, Virginia, (10-22-2010)

Position at British Museum
Stacey, Rebecca, (02-15-2010)
Higgitt, Catherine, (05-07-2010)
Higgitt, Catherine, (10-14-2010)

Position at Buffalo State College
Lavelle, Meredeth, (01-26-2010)

Position at CCAHA
Stanton, Laura Hortz, (01-04-2010)

Position at Canadian Centre for Architecture
Potje, Karen, (06-02-2010)

Position at Canadian Centre for Architecture--addendum
Potje, Karen, (11-03-2010)

Position at Canterbury Cathedral
Seliger, Leonie, (09-13-2010)

Position at Centre for Sustainable Heritage, UCL
Strlic, Matija, (07-05-2010)
Strlic, Matija, (07-21-2010)
Strlic, Matija, (11-03-2010)

Position at Chicago Conservation Center
Jagger, Laura, (04-16-2010)

Position at Cleveland Museum of Art
Paine, Shelley, (09-14-2010)

Position at Cleveland Museum of Art--corrigendum
Paine, Shelley, (09-20-2010)

Position at Colgate
Keen, Sarah, (07-29-2010)

Position at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Silence, Patricia, (12-16-2010)

Position at Columbia
Hagadorn, Alexis, (08-09-2010)
Hagadorn, Alexis, (09-29-2010)

Position at ConservArt, Inc.
Schwartz, George, (01-13-2010)

Position at Conservation Centre Vejle, Denmark
Knudsen, Lise Raeder, (05-17-2010)

Position at Conservation Solutions, Inc.
Rabinowitz, Mark, (03-30-2010)

Position at Cooper-Hewitt
Commoner, Lucy, (01-26-2010)

Position at Courtauld Institute of Art
Owen, Frances, (06-18-2010)

Position at Duke University
Doyle, Beth, (10-26-2010)

Position at English Heritage
Karsten, Angela, (04-26-2010)
Rumsey, Tony, (10-12-2010)

Position at English Heritage--addendum
Karsten, Angela, (04-29-2010)

Position at Fashion Institute of Technology
Coppinger, Ann, (04-23-2010)

Position at Fine Art Conservation Group
Im, Helen, (06-30-2010)
Im, Helen, (08-13-2010)

Position at Fine Arts Conservancy
Lewis, Gordon A., (06-23-2010)

Position at Fine Arts Expert Institute
Walther, Yan, (02-19-2010)

Position at Fitzwilliam Museum
Brooklyn, Linda, (11-30-2010)
Brooklyn, Linda, (12-08-2010)

Position at Flintshire Record Office, North Wales
Allen, Mark, (06-07-2010)

Position at Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research
Carroll, Norine G., (11-14-2010)

Position at Fowler Museum
Salazar, Roberto, (07-02-2010)

Position at Freer and Sackler Galleries
Jacobson, Emily, (01-19-2010)

Position at Getty Conservation Institute
Gergen, Melena, (10-25-2010)

Position at Harry Ransom Center
Brown, Barbara N., (04-28-2010)

Position at Harvard
Goldstein, Jennifer, (02-22-2010)
Goldstein, Jennifer, (11-30-2010)

Position at Haute Ecole Arc
Rerat, Isabelle, (12-10-2010)

Position at Heritage Conservation Centre, Singapore
Liu, Robin, (02-24-2010)
Liu, Robin, (12-05-2010)

Position at Historic Scotland
Kennedy, Craig, (03-29-2010)

Position at Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft, Berlin (HTW)
Scheerer, Stefanie, (07-02-2010)

Position at Horniman Museum
Okojie, Adese, (01-04-2010)
Wallen, Helen, (03-19-2010)
Easton, Charlie, (09-23-2010)

Position at Huntington Library
Moore, Holly, (06-28-2010)
Moore, Holly, (11-08-2010)

Position at Icon
Brown, Carol E., (06-10-2010)

Position at Indiana State Library
Eherenman, Angie, (04-13-2010)

Position at Indiana State Museum
Kienitz, Gaby, (10-18-2010)

Position at Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Yu-yun, Lin, (05-19-2010)

Position at International Design Museum, Munich
Bechthold, Tim, (08-20-2010)

Position at Kaman Kalehoyuk excavation
Paterakis, Alice, (10-26-2010)

Position at Katherine Ara Ltd, London
Ara, Katherine, (06-14-2010)

Position at King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry museum
Hemmings, Leigh, (03-30-2010)

Position at Leather Conservation Centre
Fletcher, Yvette A., (01-22-2010)
Fletcher, Yvette A., (03-11-2010)

Position at Library of Congress
Vogt-O'Connor, Diane, (06-25-2010)

Position at Menil Collection
Epley, Bradford A., (09-22-2010)

Position at Metropolitan Museum of Art
Arslanoglu, Julie, (10-22-2010)

Position at Metropolitan Museum of Art--addendum
Arslanoglu, Julie, (11-18-2010)

Position at Miller House and Garden
Miller, David, (05-28-2010)

Position at Modern Art Conservation
Siano, Suzanne, (05-12-2010)

Position at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
DiRamio, Diana, (06-16-2010)

Position at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
James, Erica, (07-13-2010)

Position at Museum of Islamic Art, Doha
Rees, Susan, (10-31-2010)

Position at NARA
Holmes, Sara, (01-21-2010)
Ritzenthaler, MaryLynn, (03-05-2010)

Position at NEDCC
O'Leary, Kim, (07-27-2010)

Position at National Archives, Kew
Hughes, Susan, (04-19-2010)
Liskova, Lucia, (08-18-2010)

Position at National Galleries of Scotland
Taylor, Donna, (03-26-2010)
Taylor, Donna, (04-01-2010)

Position at National Gallery of Art
Skalka, Michael, (04-08-2010)
Skalka, Michael, (04-08-2010)
Newman, Alan, (10-06-2010)

Position at National Gallery of Victoria
Cosgrove, Bronwyn, (03-01-2010)
Shaw, Suzi, (03-02-2010)

Position at National Gallery, London
Spring, Marika, (02-23-2010)
Prentice, Nicky, (03-01-2010)

Position at National Library of Australia
Lloyd, Jennifer, (01-29-2010)

Position at National Maritime Museum
Christensen, Birthe, (03-01-2010)

Position at National Museum Wales
O'Reilly, Emily, (07-12-2010)

Position at National Museum of Fine Arts, Sweden
Wretstrand, Karin, (06-17-2010)

Position at National Museum of Iceland
Runarsdottir, Anna Lisa, (07-07-2010)

Position at National Museums Scotland
Telford, Helene, (07-13-2010)
Telford, Helene, (07-27-2010)

Position at National Portrait Gallery, London
Pelletier, Melanie, (07-06-2010)

Position at New York Public Library
Frangakis, Evelyn, (09-30-2010)

Position at North Carolina Historic Sites
French, Jennifer, (08-04-2010)

Position at North Carolina Museum of History
Hurt, Perry, (03-01-2010)

Position at Northwestern
Grafakos, Tonia E., (09-10-2010)
Casadio, Francesca, (10-22-2010)

Position at Oregon Museums Association
Kern, Kristen, (02-22-2010)

Position at Oriental Institute Museum
D'Alessandro, Laura, (08-13-2010)

Position at Parks Canada
Grewal, Rani, (03-02-2010)

Position at Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery
Singline, Jenny, (02-25-2010)

Position at Queens
Klempan, Barbara, (05-11-2010)
Spirydowicz, Krysia, (05-11-2010)

Position at Royal Ontario Museum
Wowk, Keenan, (08-11-2010)

Position at San Diego Museum of Man
Brooks-Gonyer, MaryAnn, (10-18-2010)

Position at Science Museum, London
Emma, Duggan, (01-26-2010)
Emma, Duggan, (06-08-2010)
Emma, Duggan, (06-21-2010)

Position at Sculpture Conservation Studio, Los Angeles
Morse, Andrea, (11-11-2010)

Position at Smithsonian Institution
N'Gadi, Ann, (07-26-2010)

Position at Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Smith, Vanessa Haight, (03-16-2010)

Position at St Fagans
Renault, Sue, (01-07-2010)
Renault, Sue, (06-08-2010)

Position at St Fagans--addendum
Renault, Sue, (07-07-2010)

Position at State Records NSW
Hadlow, Elizabeth, (05-03-2010)

Position at Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (SRAL)
Seymour, Kate, (01-26-2010)

Position at Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (SRAL)--addendum
Seymour, Kate, (05-06-2010)

Position at Tate
Chooramun, Janita, (03-01-2010)
Chooramun, Janita, (04-06-2010)
Chooramun, Janita, (04-06-2010)
Chooramun, Janita, (06-14-2010)
Chooramun, Janita, (06-14-2010)
Kooshesh, Annis, (08-09-2010)
Kooshesh, Annis, (08-16-2010)
Fuller, Kristen, (09-08-2010)
Fuller, Kristen, (09-08-2010)
Fuller, Kristen, (09-08-2010)
Kooshesh, Annis, (11-02-2010)
Kooshesh, Annis, (11-10-2010)

Position at Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums
Gilchrist, Fiona, (04-20-2010)

Position at UC Berkeley
Ogden, Barclay, (08-03-2010)

Position at University of Alberta
Blondheim, Frannie, (08-12-2010)

Position at University of Glasgow
Weston, David, (03-30-2010)
McLaughlin, Lyndsey, (05-19-2010)

Position at University of Gothenburg
Peacock, Elizabeth Ellen, (04-27-2010)

Position at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Teper, Jennifer Hain, (10-28-2010)

Position at University of Lincoln
Schulze, Henning, (11-05-2010)

Position at University of Minnesota
Spetland, Charles, (09-16-2010)

Position at University of Pennsylvania
Grant, Lynn, (08-20-2010)

Position at University of the Arts London
Velios, Athanasios, (04-16-2010)

Position at Victoria and Albert Museum
Rivers, Shayne, (04-28-2010)

Position at War Memorials Trust
Moreton, Frances, (03-31-2010)

Position at White Conservation Services
White, Susan, (01-26-2010)

Position at Whitney Museum of American Art
Skopek, Matthew, (02-16-2010)

Position at Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre, Chippenham
Wilmot, Helen, (02-22-2010)

Position at Winterthur Museum
Price, Lois, (05-07-2010)

Position at Yale Center for British Art
Fabrizio, Roseanne, (10-21-2010)

Position at the Glenbow Museum
Dumka, Heather, (06-16-2010)

Position at the Hamilton Kerr Institute
Page, Regine L., (02-12-2010)

Position at the National Museum of Australia
Sheehy, Stephen, (01-22-2010)

Positions at Antarctic Heritage Trust
Meek, Elizabeth, (02-23-2010)

Positions at Artlab Australia
Feijen, Sarah, (10-27-2010)

Positions at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
Lamb, Carolyn, (09-29-2010)

Positions at Fallon and Wilkinson, LLC
Fallon, Tad D., (05-12-2010)

Positions at Glasgow Museums
Stumpff, Marie, (01-15-2010)

Positions at Herbarium, Library, Art and Archives (HLAA), Kew
Harber, Lucy, (01-18-2010)

Positions at Heritage Conservation Centre, Singapore
Liu, Robin, (10-07-2010)

Positions at Historic Royal Palaces
Vlachou, Constantina, (08-23-2010)

Positions at Kiffy Stainer Hutchins and Co
Stainer-Hutchins, Kiffy, (08-23-2010)

Positions at Kreilick Conservation, LLC
Kreilick, T. Scott, (04-04-2010)

Positions at National Museums Liverpool--addendum
Horgan, Jennie, (01-07-2010)

Positions at North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources
Hurt, Perry, (08-18-2010)

Positions at Tate
Kooshesh, Annis, (08-16-2010)
Fuller, Kristen, (09-08-2010)

Post-it notes
Wilkinson, Melanie, (04-12-2010)
Cumming, Frances, (04-19-2010)

Poster: Knowing and protecting motion picture film
Nishimura, Douglas W., (02-10-2010)

Postprints from seminar on preservation and management of photographic collections
Matta, Maria, (06-28-2010)

Power supplies for electrolysis
Tomlinson, Valerie, (11-22-2010)

Presentations on environmental management and sustainability
Dann, Orelia, (04-21-2010)

Presentations on personal archiving
Lazorchak, William, (04-20-2010)

Preservation Management Institute
Stanik, Laura, (03-17-2010)
Stanik, Laura, (06-03-2010)

Preservation clinic for books, papers, and photographs
Carignan, Yvonne, (03-24-2010)

Preservation of 12th century burial
Luiges, Kristel, (08-16-2010)

Preserving lipstick on chrome
Snyder, Julie, (06-01-2010)
Wiggin, Vanessa, (06-03-2010)

Prints damaged by furnace oil
Ubbink, Kyla, (02-12-2010)

Program on strategic future of print collections
Nolan, Debra, (06-21-2010)

Project Lingua
Voce, Graham, (11-01-2010)

Publication on Near Eastern archaeology and pottery technology
Longo, Fausto, (12-16-2009)

Publication on conservation and geoinformatics
Kyriazi, Evangelia, (11-12-2010)

Publication on deacidification
Mowery, Sonja Jordan, (11-08-2010)

Publication on effects of light levels on collections preservation
N'Gadi, Ann, (08-19-2010)

Publication on retouching paintings
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (01-14-2010)

Publication on rust
Sutherland, Susanne, (09-29-2010)

Publication sought
Miller, Eric, (03-12-2010)
Jordan, Katie, (10-12-2010)

Publications from Risk Evaluation and Planning Program (REPP)
Rogers, Mary, (01-12-2010)

Queen's University alumni sought
Quesnel, Barb, (09-30-2010)

Questionnaire on Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Querner, Pascal, (03-02-2010)

Questionnaire on archaeological conservation
Ustun, Ozge Gencay, (03-31-2010)

Questionnaire on consolidation
Laaser, Tilly, (01-02-2010)

Questionnaire on retouching unvarnished acrylic emulsion paints
Sautois, Alice, (02-10-2010)

Questionnaire on tapestry conservation
Duffus, Philippa, (06-23-2010)

Questionnaire on wooden flute conservation
Brian, Jennifer, (08-11-2010)

RBMS Guidelines for Borrowing and Lending Special Collections Materials
Simon, Giselle, (12-14-2010)

Rachel Sawicki awarded CXD Nicholas Hadgraft Scholarship
Troughton, Denise, (07-01-2010)

Raman spectroscopy for identifying plastics
Cottier-Angeli, David, (07-07-2010)

Raman spectrum of Ag2S crystal
Simsek, Gulsu, (07-20-2010)
Wever, Grace, (07-30-2010)

Rathgen Heritage Science Scholarship
Simon, Stefan, (12-20-2010)

Recent articles about painting conservation
Moller, Berit, (03-12-2010)

Relaxing climate control
Potje, Karen, (04-19-2010)
Sozzani, Laurent, (05-03-2010)
Potje, Karen, (04-29-2010)
Humphrey, Vicki, (05-04-2010)
McCormick-Goodhart, Mark, (05-11-2010)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-27-2010)

Removing adhesive transfer tape
Lane, Anne T., (07-13-2010)
Prins, Steven, (07-19-2010)
Hodgetts, Ben, (07-19-2010)

Removing floor stripper and acrylic finish
Rolich, Andrea, (07-28-2010)

Removing labels from marble
Wood, Sandy, (06-03-2010)
Dinsmore, Jennifer, (06-15-2010)
Pellissier, Pierlucio, (06-13-2010)

Removing nickel plating from silver plated brass
Langeveld, Michiel, (10-22-2010)

Removing of iron stains from wet ivory
Carlson, Molly, (03-16-2010)

Removing oil from palm leaf manuscripts
Nielsen, Ingelise, (02-22-2010)

Removing rust from farm tools
Singleton, Suzanne, (01-05-2010)
Juga, Peter, (01-14-2010)
Gill, Victoria, (01-14-2010)
Wellman, Howard, (01-21-2010)
Halahan, Frances, (01-25-2010)
Thomas, Heather, (01-26-2010)

Removing shrink wrap from books
Kennedy, Tara, (12-10-2010)
Verheyen, Peter, (12-15-2010)
Farren, Donald, (12-19-2010)

Repainting murals
Dixon, Thomas, (10-18-2010)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (10-22-2010)
Trela, Richard, (10-27-2010)

Repainting murals--corrigendum
Dixon, Thomas, (10-25-2010)

Replacement for Tetex
Studebaker, Anna, (01-21-2010)
Day, Julia, (03-30-2010)
Salik, Aaron, (04-19-2010)

Report on QAR project
Welsh, Wendy, (12-28-2009)

Request for bids--Icon internship scheme
Brown, Carol E., (03-03-2010)

Request for proposals--IMLS Connecting to Collections grants
Jones, Karen, (02-05-2010)
Zimmer, Amy, (02-09-2010)

Research opportunities sought
Sautois, Alice, (09-13-2010)

Research project on change in decorative furniture in historic houses
Luxford, Naomi, (07-19-2010)

Research project on preservation of parchment
Hughes, Susan, (07-05-2010)

Resin for bronze
Cottier-Angeli, David, (07-15-2010)
Roundhill, Linda, (07-30-2010)
Wanadoo, Slim, (08-06-2010)

Rundbrief Fotografie
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (01-21-2010)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (03-29-2010)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (06-25-2010)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (09-20-2010)

Rust stains on paper
Desvergnes, Amelie Couvrat, (11-23-2010)

Terdich, Grace, (09-28-2010)

SUPSI Lugano
Jean, Giacinta, (02-08-2010)

Salvaging water-damaged photographs in enclosures
Miller, Mary Eleanor, (02-12-2010)
Davies, Emiko, (02-17-2010)
Saretzky, Gary, (02-23-2010)

Delaveris, Irene, (03-23-2010)

Sculpture made of silicone rubber
Poisson, Marie Chantale, (11-23-2010)
Fraser, Ian, (12-01-2010)

Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana (SUPSI)
Jean, Giacinta, (03-02-2010)

Seed murals
Smith-Hunt, Patricia, (01-07-2010)
Moore, Simon, (01-14-2010)
Gill, Victoria, (01-14-2010)

Seminar on Nanotechnology for art Conservation
Casadio, Francesca, (09-30-2010)

Seminar on conservation of outdoor metal sculpture
Scott, John, (01-06-2010)

Seminar on conservation of transparent paper
Homburger, Hildegard, (04-12-2010)

Seminar on digitization and preservation
Eskola, Anna M., (06-10-2010)

Seminar on environmental management and sustainability
Sportun, Sam, (11-04-2010)

Seminar on identifying wood
Baldwin, Jessica, (05-21-2010)

Seminar on large-scale objects
Catney, Brendan, (02-09-2010)

Seminar on large-scale objects--addendum
Wagner, Lisa, (03-17-2010)

Seminar on manuscripts
Mosesdottir, Ragnheidur, (11-09-2010)

Seminar on preventive conservation and history of textiles
Karydis, Christos, (09-26-2010)

Seminar on prioritization
Peach, Caroline, (01-22-2010)

Seminar on prioritization--addendum
Peach, Caroline, (02-08-2010)

Seminar on professional certification for Israeli conservators
Rimon, Hasia, (07-11-2010)

Seminar on techniques for mural paintings
Karydis, Christos, (07-28-2010)

Seminar on water in paper conservation
Homburger, Hildegard, (04-12-2010)

Setting up a new conservation studio
Ebert, Bettina, (10-01-2010)

Shipping artwork across national borders
Derow, Jonathan Paul, (02-05-2010)

Silica colours
Scalisi, Lucia, (06-07-2010)

Silica gel for passive buffering of enclosures
Calver, Andrew, (02-24-2010)

Silicone release paper
Campbell, Harry, (11-12-2010)

Smoke odour
Lykke, Karin, (07-02-2010)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (07-12-2010)
Strehle, Helle, (07-26-2010)

Society of Archivists Conservation Training Scheme
Lewery, Sarah, (01-15-2010)

Society of Archivists conference
Allen, Mark, (08-20-2010)

Software for analysing relative humidity and temperature data
Uzun, Cihat, (09-23-2010)
Thorn, Andrew, (09-25-2010)

Soil profiles
Harling, Adrienne, (06-26-2010)

Source for Ethafoam sought
Ryan, Renita, (07-16-2010)

Source for Fuller's earth sought
Reichert, Andrea, (06-13-2010)
Rossol, Monona, (06-19-2010)
Mackey, Meghan Thumm, (06-19-2010)
Lack, Cyndie, (06-21-2010)
Utter, Jodie, (06-21-2010)
Smith, Christine, (07-25-2010)
Haake, Sophie, (08-04-2010)
Rossol, Monona, (08-11-2010)

Source for Hexlite
Van Campagne, Kate Lookeren, (08-24-2010)
Ford, Thierry, (08-31-2010)
Stainer-Hutchins, Kiffy, (09-07-2010)

Source for wool felt
McFarlane, Andy, (09-19-2010)
Kelly, Eoin, (09-27-2010)
Mill, Griffen, (09-29-2010)
Loup, Magali Aellen, (09-30-2010)
Holly, Ricarda, (09-30-2010)

Special discount on editing rates for AIC meeting participants
Lowengard, Sarah, (04-10-2010)

Spray Mount Artist's Adhesive
Ghuwalewala, Saloni, (02-05-2010)
O'Brien, Martin, (02-14-2010)

Spray gun sought
Monaghan, Annabelle, (03-23-2010)
Prins, Steven, (04-09-2010)

Morris, Roisin, (08-04-2010)

Stamping library books
O'Connor, Louise, (07-01-2010)

Steam cleaning
Bjornson, Alicia M., (11-07-2010)

Stereo binocular microscope for sale
Ara, Katherine, (08-10-2010)

Storage environment for objects
Smith-Hunt, Patricia, (02-03-2010)
Shashoua, Yvonne, (02-09-2010)

Storage environment for parchment
Milevski, Robert J., (01-07-2010)
Woods, Chris, (01-14-2010)
Landry, Julia M., (01-14-2010)
Fletcher, Yvette A., (01-15-2010)

Storing coins
White, Susan, (04-25-2010)
Gill, Victoria, (04-29-2010)
Wahl, Laura, (04-29-2010)
Storch, Paul, (04-29-2010)
Bailey, George, (04-30-2010)
Farley, Jonathan, (05-05-2010)

Storing fireworks
Anderson, Mark, (06-10-2010)

Storing furs and untanned skins
Lundholm, Michael, (10-14-2010)

Storing maps
Gyles, Lien, (04-27-2010)

Storing motion picture film
Shepherd, Anna, (10-20-2010)
Gothorp, Cliff, (11-01-2010)

Storing mounted botanical specimens
Juhlin, Victoria, (04-07-2010)

Storing silver
Uzun, Cihat, (04-17-2010)
Gill, Victoria, (04-25-2010)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (04-26-2010)
Alten, Helen, (04-29-2010)
Grillparzer, Alexander, (04-30-2010)

Student placement at English Heritage
Karsten, Angela, (03-29-2010)

Studentship at University of Stirling
Kennedy, Craig, (08-16-2010)

Studentships at Heritage Smells project
Knight, Barry, (04-22-2010)

Studentships at University College London
Sheldon, Libby, (07-12-2010)

Study day on daguerreotypes
Patrick, Storme, (02-13-2010)

Stuffed kestrel
Baum, Catt, (06-29-2010)
Moore, Simon, (07-05-2010)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (07-12-2010)

Suction table for sale
Pullano, Mariateresa, (01-18-2010)

Supplier for Butvar B98 sought
Seddon, Tracey, (08-26-2010)

Survey on anoxic framing
Heath, Amanda, (05-04-2010)
Heath, Amanda, (10-12-2010)

Survey on collaboration between curators and conservators
Von Moller, Marie, (10-10-2010)

Survey on conservation of modern and contemporary art materials
Gottsegen, Mark, (03-15-2010)

Survey on conservation theory and ethics
Swettenham, Lucy, (08-10-2010)

Survey on copper corrosion on paper
Faerber, Ina, (01-05-2010)

Survey on deterioration of bookbinding leathers
Karen, Vidler, (03-28-2010)

Survey on exterior mural supports
Berkey, Megan, (04-06-2010)

Survey on financial compensation for archaeological conservators
Davis, Suzanne, (10-25-2010)

Survey on natural latex sponges
Honold, Rebecca, (11-20-2010)

Survey on panel paintings
Gillet, Alicia, (04-09-2010)

Survey on parchment and vellum
Smith, Katie, (05-05-2010)

Survey on users of conservation services
Pourchot, Eric, (07-20-2010)

Survey on visitor interaction and conservation
O'Donnell, Kayleigh, (07-19-2010)

Survey on washing textiles
Steinmann, Joni, (02-16-2010)

Survey on work-related injury in painting conservation
Gardener, Paul, (10-31-2010)

Survey sewing on supports
Sommerfeldt, Julie, (08-02-2010)

Symposium on Henri Rousseau
Epley, Bradford A., (09-10-2010)

Symposium on Malevich
Kessler, Katrin, (06-07-2010)

Symposium on XRF
Penton, Sharon, (05-28-2010)

Symposium on climate--addendum
Wadum, Jorgen, (01-08-2010)

Symposium on conservation of contemporary art
Brake-Baldock, Karen te, (01-06-2010)

Symposium on conservation science
Lee, Lynn, (02-11-2010)

Symposium on current practices in fine art reproduction
Nishimura, Douglas W., (03-24-2010)

Symposium on digital curation
Foley, Lori, (03-05-2010)

Symposium on disasters
Kertesz, Bernard, (04-13-2010)

Symposium on polychrome sculpture
Seymour, Kate, (06-10-2010)
Seymour, Kate, (09-07-2010)

Symposium on scientific Research in the Field of Asian Art
McCarthy, Blythe, (02-12-2010)

Symposium on the science and art of color
Hinton, Donna, (12-04-2010)

Symposium on wood and furniture conservation--corrigendum
Meurs, Renzo Dirk, (08-26-2010)

Symposium: Fields of the Information Domain
II, David B. Gracy, (04-12-2010)

Symposium: Understanding the Physical Environment
Drewes, Jeanne, (09-22-2010)

N'Gadi, Ann, (06-11-2010)

Talk on Gainsborough
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (10-08-2010)

Talk on disasters
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (05-19-2010)

Talk on paper structure
Furness, Mark, (11-05-2010)

Temperature control in exhibit cases
Brown, Meg, (03-26-2010)
Shiner, Jerry, (03-30-2010)
Kershaw, Ryan, (03-30-2010)

Temple of Ramesses II in Abydos
Iskander, Sameh, (07-18-2010)

Valencia, Miriam, (08-16-2010)

Muller, Norman E., (03-11-2010)
Lodge, Robert, (07-09-2010)
Corella, Daniela Murphy, (07-12-2010)

Textile reproduction for historic house
Reading, Paulette, (04-07-2010)
Cruickshank, Jennifer, (04-26-2010)

The Picture Restorer
Marriott, Sally, (02-15-2010)

Training day on dust
Webster, John, (10-25-2010)

Training day on handling library and archive collections
Peach, Caroline, (04-19-2010)

Training day on library and archive environment
Centre, Preservation Advisory, (11-17-2010)

Training day on library and archive preservation
Mohamed, Mehboob, (11-02-2010)

Training day on paper repair
Allen, Mark, (11-02-2010)

Training day on stationery binding
Allen, Mark, (05-13-2010)

Training days on digitization
Mohamed, Mehboob, (12-09-2010)

Training events
Mohamed, Mehboob, (05-14-2010)

Transportation Safety Administration's cargo inspection policy
Nishimura, Douglas W., (03-03-2010)

Transporting art by climate controlled sea containers
Hogan, Anita, (01-14-2010)

Treating waterlogged wood with hydrolyzed feather keratin
Linders, Leentje, (05-18-2010)

Triammonium citrate sought
Poisson, Marie-Chantale, (04-20-2010)

Tru Vue Optium Conservation Grant
Pourchot, Eric, (03-18-2010)

Tyndale Bible
Bartman, Ashley, (02-17-2010)

UCLA/GETTY Program in Archaeological and Ethnographic Conservation
Pearlstein, Ellen, (09-14-2010)

UK National Heritage Science Strategy
Williams, Jim, (03-24-2010)

UV cured inks and polypropylene paper
Churchill, Lee, (10-14-2010)

UV filter for digital camera
Cretois, Nicolas, (10-22-2010)
Revell, Jason, (11-01-2010)
Cramer, Celia, (10-30-2010)
Haake, Sophie, (11-01-2010)
Tarnowski, Amber, (11-04-2010)

UV flashlights
Lundskow, Peter, (07-21-2010)
Sozzani, Laurent, (08-04-2010)

Ultrasonic descaler for paint removal
Cattersel, Vincent, (01-14-2010)

Ultraviolet-cured adhesive for glass
Schermer, Maud, (12-14-2010)
Koob, Stephen, (12-20-2010)

University of Delaware Art Conservation Study Abroad program
Confer, Sarah, (06-25-2010)

University of Lincoln MA program in conservation of historic objects
Thwaites, Gillian, (07-15-2010)

University of Texas Preservation and Conservation Studies Program discontinued
Henry, Walter, (01-11-2010)
Rice-Lively, Mary Lynn, (01-13-2010)
Pavelka, Karen L., (01-12-2010)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (01-12-2010)
Doyle, Beth, (01-12-2010)

Update on textile conservation centre at the University of Glasgow
Lennard, Frances, (08-31-2010)

Vehicles for transporting objects
Uzun, Cihat, (09-22-2010)

Vendors sought
Murphy, Judith, (01-04-2010)

Potje, Karen, (04-12-2010)
Weeks, Christopher, (04-19-2010)
Hawk, Alan J., (12-16-2010)
Henry, Michael C., (12-19-2010)

Virtual Sistine Chapel
Prins, Steven, (03-31-2010)

Hawk, Alan J., (06-01-2010)
Blundell, J. Bryan, (06-13-2010)

Washington Conservation Guild
Walker, Joanne Klaar, (12-25-2009)
Walker, Joanne Klaar, (02-17-2010)
Walker, Joanne Klaar, (03-16-2010)
Walker, Joanne Klaar, (04-25-2010)
Walker, Joanne Klaar, (11-16-2010)

Water purification systems
Reinke, Scott, (03-03-2010)
Teper, Jennifer Hain, (07-07-2010)

Waterlogged Organic Archaeological Materials Conference (WOAM)
Williams, Emily, (02-09-2010)

Waxed linen plans
Muir, Alison, (10-13-2010)
Ito, Kaori, (10-15-2010)
Burnett, Nicholas, (10-21-2010)

Web resource for artists
Hogan, Natasha S., (03-12-2010)
Lepage, Michele, (04-01-2010)
Gottsegen, Mark, (04-05-2010)

Webinar and workshop on digital preservation
Leming, Jessica, (06-08-2010)

Webinars and workshop on preservation
Martin, Julie, (07-30-2010)

Webinars and workshops on preservation
Martin, Julie, (11-09-2010)

Webinars on preservation
Verheyen, Peter, (04-22-2010)

White haze on photograph
Heremans, Rebecca, (04-06-2010)

White residue on leather
Cunningham, Laura, (03-03-2010)
Roundhill, Linda, (03-11-2010)

Willard Controller and spatulas for sale
Keller, Maria, (03-03-2010)

Wood and light
O'Bolguidhir, Ruaidri, (05-17-2010)

Wood borer infestation
Brian, Jennifer, (12-06-2010)
Blundell, J. Bryan, (12-14-2010)
Fraser, Ian, (12-15-2010)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (12-20-2010)

Work experience opportunity at Chedworth Roman Villa
Moody, Helen, (07-08-2010)

Workshop on HVAC systems
Saretzky, Gary, (04-20-2010)

Workshop on Islamic bookbinding
Albritton, Erin, (11-01-2010)

Workshop on Japanese bookbinding
Gindroz, Florane, (09-07-2010)

Workshop on Modular Cleaning Program
Squires, Jameds, (02-04-2010)

Workshop on Nag Hammadi Codices
Manias, Clare, (05-21-2010)

Workshop on archival collections
Dann, Orelia, (02-22-2010)

Workshop on basketry
Bernucci, Arianna, (05-13-2010)

Workshop on bleaching
Welton, Sharon, (07-28-2010)

Workshop on blind tooling and panel design
Albritton, Erin, (08-19-2010)

Workshop on box making
Welton, Sharon, (04-05-2010)

Workshop on chemiluminescence
Dupont, Anne-Laurence, (05-21-2010)

Workshop on clasp making workshop
Green, Marlan, (04-27-2010)

Workshop on color theory and color matching
Albritton, Erin, (03-29-2010)

Workshop on copyright for conservators
Ryan, Gwynne, (02-27-2010)

Workshop on deacidification
Welton, Sharon, (07-28-2010)

Workshop on digital documentation
Pourchot, Eric, (02-22-2010)

Workshop on digital documentation--addendum
Pourchot, Eric, (03-29-2010)

Workshop on digital image analysis
Coddington, Jim, (04-02-2010)

Workshop on digital preservation
Bentrud, Alix, (10-08-2010)

Workshop on disaster recovery
Gonzales, Silvia, (05-17-2010)

Workshop on emergency management for archives
Hamburg, Doris, (07-16-2010)

Workshop on emergency preparedness
Welton, Sharon, (04-05-2010)

Workshop on environment
Lull, William, (10-28-2010)

Workshop on gilding
Robertson, Jennifer, (12-10-2010)

Workshop on grant writing
Breeze, Camille, (02-09-2010)

Workshop on handmade paper and paper covered bookbinding
Troughton, Denise, (06-09-2010)

Workshop on historic bookbindings
Sarris, Nikolas, (04-13-2010)

Workshop on including conservation costs in funding bids
Webster, John, (10-25-2010)

Workshop on karibari
Charles, Catherine, (01-27-2010)

Workshop on mannequin making
Alten, Helen, (04-07-2010)

Workshop on mountmaking
Welton, Sharon, (04-05-2010)

Workshop on museum microclimates
Grieve, Susanne, (04-11-2010)

Workshop on paper conservation
Bond, Kathy, (08-12-2010)

Workshop on parchment making
Meyer, Jesse, (09-03-2010)

Workshop on paste papers
Green, Marlan, (10-07-2010)

Workshop on photograph identification and preservation
Dann, Orelia, (03-29-2010)

Workshop on photographic conservation
Albritton, Erin, (03-29-2010)

Workshop on photographic preservation
Weaver, Gawain, (01-04-2010)
Weaver, Gawain, (04-14-2010)
Weaver, Gawain, (05-24-2010)
Weaver, Gawain, (08-02-2010)

Workshop on poultice desalination of porous building materials--addendum
Baroody, Reem, (12-24-2009)

Workshop on preparation of lake pigments
Richter, Mark, (11-08-2010)

Workshop on risk assessment
Harrison, Anne, (05-05-2010)

Workshop on risk management
Bullock, Veronica, (12-20-2010)

Workshop on significance assessment
Bullock, Veronica, (10-28-2010)

Workshop on spot testing--addendum
Paterakis, Alice, (05-12-2010)

Workshop on sustainable preservation practices for managing storage environments
Ford, Patricia, (11-18-2010)

Workshop on synchrotron techniques
Robinet, Laurianne, (12-16-2010)

Workshop on totem poles
Stevenson, Julie, (09-10-2010)

Workshop: Adventures in Preservation (AiP)
Macaluso, Laura, (04-29-2010)

Workshop: How Green is My Plastic?
Keneghan, Brenda, (07-08-2010)

Workshop: How Green is My Plastic?--addendum
Keneghan, Brenda, (09-01-2010)

Workshop: TechFocus I
Frohnert, Christine, (07-09-2010)

Workshops and webinars on sustainable preservation practices
Ford, Patricia, (06-29-2010)

Workshops at Midwest Art Conservation Center
Clise, Dianna, (10-08-2010)

Workshops on book arts
Kelm, Daniel E., (06-07-2010)

Workshops on collections care
Ciez, Elise, (11-11-2010)

XRD film sought
Higgitt, Catherine, (05-17-2010)

Yale Preservation Lecture
Pilette, Roberta, (01-19-2010)
Pilette, Roberta, (09-10-2010)
Pilette, Roberta, (10-27-2010)

Yasutomo Nori paste
Berson, D. Jordan, (09-23-2010)

Yves Klein
Velasco, Aitziber, (04-07-2010)

Zeljko Kujundic mural
Murray, Ailsa, (03-09-2010)

Zig pens
Breeze, Camille, (02-09-2010)

Briscoe, Frank, (04-24-2010)

e-conservation magazine
Bordalo, Rui Miguel Azevedo, (03-02-2010)
Bordalo, Rui Miguel Azevedo, (06-07-2010)
Bordalo, Rui Miguel Azevedo, (08-07-2010)
Bordalo, Rui Miguel Azevedo, (11-03-2010)
Bordalo, Rui Miguel Azevedo, (12-19-2010)

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