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3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid
Jeffers, Will, (09-20-2002)

A death
Sugarman, Jane, (04-16-2002)
Jaeschke, Helena, (06-28-2002)
Deller, Craig, (07-18-2002)
Boomgaarden, Wes, (07-18-2002)
Shelton, Sally, (08-30-2002)
Boyle, Tina, (09-05-2002)
Stumpff, Marie, (09-05-2002)
O'Loughlin, Elissa, (09-16-2002)

A death--addendum
Espinola, Vera B., (09-01-2002)
Shelton, Sally, (09-04-2002)
Boyle, Tina, (09-10-2002)
Jones, Penny, (10-08-2002)
Quandt, Abigail, (10-10-2002)

AATA Online
Zak, Jackie, (06-25-2002)

AATA volumes available
Curteis, Tobit, (07-03-2002)

AIA Conservation Award
Logan, Judith A., (06-10-2002)

AIC Angels project
Deller, Craig, (05-09-2002)

AIC Architecture Specialty Group
Sembrat, Joe, (03-14-2002)

AIC Objects Specialty Group
Griffin, Pat, (03-12-2002)

AIC Scholarships for Latin American and Caribbean conservators
Treadway, Robert, (01-25-2002)

AIC workshops
Pourchot, Eric, (04-24-2002)

ARSCLIST added to CoOL
Henry, Walter, (02-08-2002)

Amann, Sandra, (11-12-2002)

Abstracts on indoor air pollution
Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten, (03-26-2002)

Acid-free board for sale
Loew, Steven, (08-01-2002)

Acrylic paint
Miller, Gary, (10-28-2002)
Rogan, Ian J., (11-05-2002)

Active and passive storage
Lockshin, Nora, (10-25-2002)
Shiner, Jerry, (10-28-2002)
Oleszewski, Craig, (10-26-2002)
King, Steve, (11-05-2002)

Additives in polyester fabrics
Korenberg, Capucine, (12-03-2002)

Adhesive for limestone
Place, Heather, (10-31-2002)

Adhesive for microscopic fossils
Cotrufo, Margaret, (12-03-2002)

Adhesive for polyester film
Wall, Karen, (11-06-2002)
Hingley, Mark, (11-11-2002)
Brown, Karen, (11-12-2002)

Adhesive for terracotta tiles
Ryan, Renita, (10-24-2002)

Adhesives for Ethafoam
Fahey, Jerry, (08-21-2002)
Vine, Mark, (09-13-2002)
Mouw, Christine, (09-18-2002)
Prins, Steven, (09-20-2002)
Prins, Steven, (09-23-2002)

Adhesives used in magazines
Baily, Stephanie, (07-30-2002)

Henry, Walter, (05-07-2002)
Henry, Walter, (05-07-2002)
Henry, Walter, (05-20-2002)
Henry, Walter, (05-07-2002)
Henry, Walter, (05-07-2002)
Henry, Walter, (05-07-2002)
Henry, Walter, (06-06-2002)
Henry, Walter, (06-14-2002)
Henry, Walter, (07-29-2002)
Henry, Walter, (07-30-2002)
Henry, Walter, (08-02-2002)
Henry, Walter, (10-07-2002)
Henry, Walter, (12-05-2002)
Henry, Walter, (12-05-2002)
Henry, Walter, (12-17-2002)

Aeronautical cloth charts
Feldman, Barbara, (01-25-2002)
Niinimaa, Gail, (01-27-2002)

Air purification systems
Tzakou, Avgi E., (06-05-2002)
Edwards, Carol A, (11-29-2002)
Dixon, Tom, (12-06-2002)

Air quality
Egunnike, Lydia C., (11-05-2002)

Griggs, Candis, (01-09-2002)
Richwine, Beth, (01-14-2002)
Sabino, Rachel, (01-16-2002)
Bogle, Lindsey K., (01-20-2002)
MacDowell, Robert K., (01-24-2002)
MacDowell, Robert K., (01-25-2002)

Alarm systems
Nicholls, Heather, (10-30-2002)
Arenstein, Rachael, (11-05-2002)
Urich, Jim, (11-12-2002)

Alcohol collections
Lonnve, Jon, (09-09-2002)

Ammonium nitrate
Aulick, Cathy, (01-12-2002)

Latham, Kiersten, (11-10-2002)

Andrea di Bartolo
Muller, Norman, (10-21-2002)

De las Casas, Marcela Rossello, (01-29-2002)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (02-06-2002)
Gialdi, Ercole, (02-09-2002)
Parker, Thomas A., (02-15-2002)
Jones, Wendy, (02-15-2002)
Bergh, Jan-Erik, (02-20-2002)

Applied Museum Studies Program, Algonquin College
Quinlan, Terrence, (11-04-2002)

Architectural drawings
Vietto, Cecilia, (02-09-2002)
Shiner, Jerry, (02-15-2002)
I'Anson, Esra Goknil, (02-18-2002)
Connell, Sharon, (02-18-2002)
Lockshin, Nora, (02-19-2002)
Melzer, Elizabeth, (02-22-2002)
Munoz-Vinas, Salvador, (03-04-2002)

Archival Board
Jeffers, Will, (09-06-2002)

Archives Conservation Discussion Group
St. john, Kristen, (04-22-2002)

Gilabert, Fernando Lorenzo, (11-21-2002)
Hunter, Edward, (11-25-2002)
Kitto, Suzanne, (11-29-2002)

Gavin, John, (05-09-2002)
Glastrup, Jens, (05-13-2002)
MacKinnon, Sheilah, (05-23-2002)
Storch, Paul, (05-26-2002)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (06-17-2002)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (09-16-2002)
Norman, Mark, (09-23-2002)

Wadum, Jorgen, (11-28-2002)

Article on condition surveys
Caldararo, Niccolo, (03-07-2002)
Taylor, Joel, (03-20-2002)

Article on salvage operations for water damaged archival collections
Tallent, Carolyn, (08-15-2002)

Artists' suppliers
Wigfield, Elizabeth A, (09-02-2002)

Association for Recorded Sound Collections annual conference
Seubert, David, (03-13-2002)

BALAAM workshops
Xarrie, Mireia, (12-04-2002)

BPG publications available
Zachary, Shannon, (11-05-2002)

Baking soda
Heaver, Melissa, (02-01-2002)

Barbara Goldsmith Preservation Lecture
Holmes, Emily, (11-18-2002)

Quien, Gary, (05-30-2002)
Grant, Lynn, (10-29-2002)

Easterbrook, Sandy, (04-11-2002)

Bay Area Art Conservation Guild
Caldararo, Niccolo, (04-02-2002)
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (04-28-2002)
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (11-21-2002)

Bemis Bacteria Treatment Solution
Salisbury, Joyce, (01-29-2002)

Binding Tibetan books
Fredericks, Maria, (01-28-2002)

Biocide for limestone
Vere-Stevens, Leesa, (11-26-2002)
Vine, Mark, (12-05-2002)
Pung, Olaf, (12-07-2002)

Biocides for stone
Simeoni, Vanessa, (03-22-2002)

Biodegradable packing material
Draper, Alison, (01-14-2002)
Williamson, Colin, (01-18-2002)

Bird beak
Breda, Cobus Van, (01-02-2002)

Bird eggs
Finney, Libby, (01-29-2002)

Akolkar, Anand S., (11-29-2002)
Teygeler, Reni, (12-05-2002)
Green, Simon Barcham, (12-08-2002)

Stulemeijer, Roeland Antoine P, (01-08-2002)

Blued steel
Lorenzo, Fernando Gilabert, (10-04-2002)
Van Bennekom, Joosje, (10-10-2002)
Church, Magenta, (10-09-2002)

Boab nuts
Bleechmore, Heather, (04-01-2002)

Board creaser
Dunlap, Sue, (04-11-2002)

Bollettino ICR
Buzzanca, Giancarlo, (01-18-2002)

Bone and antler
Gough, Stan, (06-14-2002)

Book and Paper Group Annual
Purinton, Nancy, (05-08-2002)

Book and paper event
Aurand, Gudrun, (08-15-2002)

Book mites
Withycombe, Celia, (10-23-2002)
Martin, Miranda K., (10-25-2002)
Parker, Thomas A., (10-31-2002)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (10-31-2002)

Book supports
Clausen, Carol, (07-10-2002)
Hingley, Mark, (08-01-2002)

Connell, Sharon, (11-07-2002)

Smith, Margit J., (08-02-2002)

Books for sale
Ciantar, Marcel, (11-09-2002)

Briscoe, Frank, (05-16-2002)
Parker, Thomas A., (05-17-2002)
Blundell, J. Bryan, (05-21-2002)

Rekrut, Ala, (10-24-2002)
Shiner, Jerry, (10-28-2002)

Evetts, Deborah, (05-08-2002)
Boral, John, (05-11-2002)
Hadgraft, Nicholas, (05-17-2002)

British Association of Paper Historians
Finch, Lorraine, (12-12-2002)

Bronze bell
Carrlee, Scott, (05-13-2002)

Bulgarian law
Belishki, Stefan, (09-09-2002)

Bursaries for ICOM-CC Triennial Meeting
Verger, Isabelle, (06-06-2002)

Butter on paper
Haupt, Margaret, (11-05-2002)

CCI Notes
Bradley, Christine, (04-26-2002)

Lima, Paul, (02-27-2002)

Lima, Paul, (04-15-2002)

Wellman, Howard B., (12-09-2002)
Obrien, Martin, (12-11-2002)

Call for Papers--Symposium on scientific research in the field of Asian art
Jett, Paul, (10-23-2002)

Call for nominations--Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award
Boomgaarden, Wes, (10-17-2002)

Call for paper--digital printing
Wilhelm, Henry, (02-14-2002)

Call for papers--AIC Architecture Specialty Group
Jacob, Judy, (10-11-2002)

Call for papers--AIC Electronic Media Group
Frost, Hannah, (09-27-2002)

Call for papers--AIC Objects Specialty Group
Harvey, David, (09-24-2002)

Call for papers--AIC Objects Specialty Group--corrigendum
Harvey, David, (10-05-2002)

Call for papers--AIC Painting Specialty Group
Galloway, Heather, (10-08-2002)

Call for papers--AIC Wooden Artifacts Group
Heginbotham, Arlen, (10-10-2002)

Call for papers--Archaeological objects
Gasteiger, Stephanie, (03-09-2002)

Call for papers--Archaeology, Art, Science, and Humanities
Brauer, Amy, (07-19-2002)

Call for papers--Art forgeries
Jacqueminet, Nathalie, (09-19-2002)

Call for papers--Artist as restorer
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (04-17-2002)

Call for papers--Association for Gravestone Studies
Jones, C.R., (11-19-2002)

Call for papers--Association for Recorded Sound Collections
Seubert, David, (02-15-2002)

Call for papers--CAC Annual Conference
Spirydowicz, Krysia, (01-06-2002)
Thorp, Valerie, (10-24-2002)
Thorp, Valerie, (12-12-2002)

Call for papers--Digital printing
Smith, Anthony, (02-13-2002)

Call for papers--Eastern Analytical Symposium
Scott, John, (03-05-2002)
Giaccai, Jennifer A., (07-31-2002)

Call for papers--Eastern Analytical Symposium--addendum
Scott, John, (03-08-2002)

Call for papers--Evidence
Blanche, Helen Terre, (01-05-2002)

Call for papers--History, philosophy, and ethics of conservation
McElfish, Nora, (05-14-2002)

Call for papers--Image processing for cultural heritage
Piva, Alessandro, (09-13-2002)

Call for papers--Mold
Rauch, Angelika, (10-18-2002)

Call for papers--Natural history
Lowengard, Sarah, (03-01-2002)

Call for papers--Oxford Companion to the Book
Rose, Jonathan, (05-08-2002)

Call for papers--Parchment
Siedenburg, Loes, (03-22-2002)

Call for papers--Polymers
Corbeil, Marie-Claude, (02-13-2002)

Call for papers--Preservation of electronic records
Bradley, Christine, (02-05-2002)
Beagrie, Neil, (02-10-2002)
Iraci, Joe, (04-02-2002)

Call for papers--Preservation of heritage artifacts
Selwyn, Lyndsie, (09-17-2002)

Call for papers--Preserving library and archival materials in Africa
Ngulube, Patrick, (05-15-2002)

Call for papers--Surface cleaning
Goetz, Kornelius, (11-15-2002)

Call for papers--Textile conservation
Cosgrove, Bronwyn, (01-23-2002)
Iannuccilli, Claudia, (09-04-2002)
Bede, Deborah, (09-06-2002)

Call for papers--Textile conservation--corrigendum
Iannuccilli, Claudia, (10-21-2002)

Call for papers--Wood and furniture conservation
Kievits, Ron, (04-05-2002)

Call for papers--new directions in archaeological science
Walton, Marc, (12-02-2002)

Call for papers--wall paintings
Gowing, Robert, (12-12-2002)

Call for posters--AIC Annual Meeting
Carroll, Valinda, (11-04-2002)

Haley, Jill, (05-01-2002)
Bailey, George, (05-06-2002)

Canon National Parks Science Scholars Program
Ratchford, Marina Sansostri, (05-17-2002)

Hanssen-Bauer, Francoise, (10-29-2002)

Canvas stamps
Dredge, Paula, (10-02-2002)
Podkanska, Malgorzata, (10-03-2002)

Carolyn L. Rose receives George Washington University Medal
De Torres, Amparo R., (06-05-2002)

Cat urine on bark cloth
Free, Valerie, (10-20-2002)

Catherine Sundt
Caldararo, Niccolo, (12-27-2001)

Valis, Sue, (02-15-2002)

Cellulose acetate
Lockshin, Nora, (01-08-2002)

Cellulose acetate web site
Anderson, Jennifer, (08-14-2002)

Ceramic riveter
Garachon, Isabelle, (11-19-2002)

Wheeler, George, (11-19-2002)
Pearlstein, Ellen, (11-23-2002)
Dabney, Karen, (11-25-2002)
Glaser, Toddy, (11-26-2002)
Lester, Stan, (11-26-2002)
Himmelstein, Paul, (11-27-2002)
Norris, Debra Hess, (12-03-2002)
Himmelstein, Paul, (12-02-2002)
Stock, Susan, (11-28-2002)
Harvey, David, (11-28-2002)
Lester, Stan, (12-05-2002)
Luxner, Alison, (12-05-2002)
Frost, Gary, (12-05-2002)
Portell, Jean D., (12-07-2002)
Jones, Penny, (12-09-2002)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (12-06-2002)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (12-06-2002)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (12-06-2002)
Dabney, Karen, (12-06-2002)
Ellis, Margaret Holben, (12-06-2002)
Dwan, Antoinette, (12-08-2002)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (12-09-2002)
Aurand, Gudrun, (12-10-2002)
Carroll, Valinda, (12-10-2002)
Podany, Jerry, (12-17-2002)
Thompson, Jack C., (12-11-2002)
Smith, Shelly, (12-11-2002)
Untch, Katharine, (12-11-2002)
Sixbey, Pete, (12-12-2002)
Swider, Joseph R., (12-12-2002)

Luxner, Alison, (12-06-2002)

Charles S. Stobie
Baltuskonis, Dennis A., (05-31-2002)

Chestnut powder
Decoux, Sandrine, (12-02-2002)
Teygeler, Reni, (12-05-2002)
Rasmussen, Michael Hojlund, (12-06-2002)
Clarke, Mark, (12-06-2002)

Chinese ink tablets
Nuttgens, Flora, (07-18-2002)

Kaner, Jake, (01-15-2002)
Kaner, Jake, (01-15-2002)

Chlorine dioxide
Smith, Margit J., (07-31-2002)

Chromolithographic poster
Wynne-Jones, Robert Ellis, (05-24-2002)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (06-17-2002)

Kennedy, Margaret, (02-07-2002)

Cleaning brass
Maguire, Nuala, (08-30-2002)

Cleaning bronze fountain
Gavin, John, (05-09-2002)

Cleaning limestone and marble
Jacob, Judy, (09-11-2002)

Cleaning marble
Adams, Jillian, (09-20-2002)
Gabrieli, Smadar, (09-22-2002)

Cleaning plywood
Esmay, Francesca, (12-28-2001)

Cleaning pre-Columbian ceramics
Fahey, Jerry, (02-07-2002)
Wellman, Howard B., (02-11-2002)
Gabrieli, Smadar, (02-10-2002)
Carroll, Valinda, (02-11-2002)

Cleaning terrazzo floors
Ryan, Renita, (05-13-2002)
Bachem, Annika, (06-05-2002)
Schnabel, Lorraine, (06-06-2002)

Clear adhesives
MacDowell, Robert K., (02-27-2002)
Koob, Stephen, (03-06-2002)

Clinic on accreditation
Neville, Elizabeth, (04-23-2002)
Neville, Elizabeth, (10-23-2002)

Codes of ethics
Mattison, Denise, (05-08-2002)

Coffee house in library
Smith, Elizabeth H., (01-08-2002)

Coins in fountains
Hargrove, Suzanne, (04-25-2002)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (05-04-2002)
Minter, William, (05-08-2002)

Cold storage for glass plate negatives
Hopkins, William L., (03-29-2002)
Saretzky, Gary, (04-03-2002)
McCabe, Connie, (04-08-2002)
Hinwood, Jane, (04-08-2002)

Collection materials in eating areas
Hargrove, Suzanne, (04-01-2002)
Mathieson, Dave, (04-09-2002)

Colloidal silica
Bourguignon, Elsa, (01-29-2002)
Pung, Olaf, (02-08-2002)

Color change in prints
Falcon, Tatiana, (04-24-2002)
Juergens, Martin, (05-04-2002)

Color standards
Jacob, Judy, (05-06-2002)
Bischoff, Judy, (05-08-2002)
Binnie, Nancy E., (05-08-2002)

Trupin, Deborah Lee, (10-10-2002)

Condensation in polyethylene envelopes
Fossa, Bianca, (02-06-2002)

Conference on Digital Printing and Photography
Smith, Anthony, (11-14-2002)

Conference on Italian terracotta sculpture
Cotton, Clare, (04-03-2002)

Conference on architectural metals
Schur, Susan E., (09-04-2002)

Conference on art information
Blanche, Helen Terre, (02-15-2002)

Conference on audio heritage preservation
James, Robert, (02-05-2002)
James, Robert, (03-11-2002)

Conference on conservation of cultural heritage
Kucerova, Irena, (10-29-2002)

Conference on conservation of historic buildings and their contents
Watt, David, (06-24-2002)

Conference on conservation science
Watts, Siobhan, (05-03-2002)

Conference on cultural property protection
Cremers, Ton, (12-31-2001)

Conference on disasters
Wellheiser, Johanna, (11-04-2002)

Conference on flat glass sheets
Alfano, Gaetano, (09-20-2002)

Conference on forgeries
Asgeirsdottir, Halldora, (12-10-2002)

Conference on furniture
Kaner, Jake, (03-14-2002)

Conference on furniture conservation
Kaner, Jake, (05-01-2002)

Conference on indoor air quality
Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten, (04-29-2002)

Conference on museums and heritage
Fourie, Talita, (08-05-2002)

Conference on photographic Conservation
Maynes, Pau, (09-09-2002)

Conference on preservation in historic houses
Sanderson, Belinda, (08-19-2002)

Conference on preservation strategies
Muller, Anne, (04-08-2002)

Conference on spectroscopy
Shurvell, Herbert F., (10-28-2002)

Conference on textiles
Vuori, Jan, (02-07-2002)

Conference on web access to cultural collections
Foley, Lori, (03-11-2002)

Conference: Restaurierung und Zeitgeist
Diehl, Johanna, (09-27-2002)

Conservation Assessment Program
Hansen, Clare, (11-12-2002)

Conservation books for sale
Mulkern, Madeleine, (10-07-2002)

Conservation books sought
Phenix, Alan, (10-10-2002)

Conservation guidelines
Atira-Soncea, Rae, (05-07-2002)
Dixon, Tom, (05-09-2002)
Fahey, Mary, (05-13-2002)

Conservation lab space available
Moss, Jim, (01-31-2002)

Conservation literature
Ogden, Jack, (04-18-2002)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (04-19-2002)
Ogden, Jack, (04-26-2002)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (05-16-2002)

Conservation of computer hardware
Joest, Daniel, (11-05-2002)
Frost, Hannah, (11-12-2002)

Conservation services sought
Hanna, Hany Aziz Hanna, (08-21-2002)
Murphy, Carolyn, (10-09-2002)

Conservators and archival description
Rekrut, Ala, (06-07-2002)

Consolidating stone
Vine, Mark, (10-26-2002)

Converting Vacudyne fumigation chambers
Noack, Gisela, (06-28-2002)
Gialdi, Ercole, (07-11-2002)
Mamede, Jorge, (07-21-2002)

Old, Zoe, (07-22-2002)

Copper corrosion and health hazards
Ogden, Jack, (10-16-2002)

Copper leaf on paper
Lunas, Susan, (01-29-2002)
Thompson, Jack C., (02-08-2002)
Lunas, Susan, (06-14-2002)

Hughes, Anne-Marie, (05-07-2002)

Coromandel chest
Fountain, Cliff, (05-17-2002)

Meehan, Anna, (02-05-2002)

Cotton gloves
Green, Paul, (07-18-2002)
Moss, Jim, (07-20-2002)
Von Monschaw, Ele, (07-24-2002)
Bouwmeester, Wilma, (07-22-2002)
Stock, Susan, (07-25-2002)
Harvey, David, (07-25-2002)
Williams, Scott, (07-30-2002)
Wood, Clete, (08-01-2002)
Fuller, Richard, (08-01-2002)
Dixon, Tom, (08-06-2002)

Cotton twill tape
Wardius, Janine, (09-27-2002)
Lindsay, Helen, (10-08-2002)

Course and seminar on glass conservation
Black, James, (02-10-2002)

Course in business management
Hampson, Clare, (01-14-2002)

Course on archival preservation management
Rhys-Lewis, Jonathan, (06-12-2002)

Course on ceramics
Botha, Hazel, (07-30-2002)

Course on ceramics and glass
Botha, Hazel, (02-10-2002)

Course on ceramics and glass--addendum
Botha, Hazel, (04-09-2002)

Course on ceramics conservation
Botha, Hazel, (08-06-2002)

Course on chemistry for conservators
Jackson, Martha, (04-11-2002)

Course on conservation decision-making
Giuriati, Sabina, (04-08-2002)

Course on conservation of Japanese paper
Giuriati, Sabina, (05-29-2002)

Course on conservation of archaeological ceramics
Campbell, Liz, (11-19-2002)

Course on conservation of gilded ornament
Thurston, Isabel, (06-14-2002)

Course on conservation of masonry
Mort-Putland, Lisa, (08-27-2002)

Course on conservation of outdoor metal sculpture
Boissonnas, Valentin, (05-22-2002)

Course on conservation of waterlogged archaeological materials
Kecskemeti, Istvan, (02-06-2002)

Course on electronic outreach
Mort-Putland, Lisa, (03-02-2002)

Course on health and safety
Hawks, Catharine, (03-24-2002)

Course on heritage preservation
Mouzouropoulos, Sophia, (12-13-2002)

Course on historic buildings, collections and sites
Dardes, Kathy, (10-01-2002)

Course on historic buildings, collections and sites--corrigendum
Jones, Penny, (12-02-2002)

Course on identifying paper
Aitken, Richard, (08-12-2002)

Course on laser cleaning
Fowles, Stephen, (01-23-2002)
Cooper, Martin, (08-30-2002)

Course on mannequins
Cartmell, Sarah, (03-21-2002)

Course on microscopy
Wachowiak, Mel J., (01-17-2002)

Course on museum buildings
Daniel, Vinod, (05-22-2002)

Course on pest management
Aitken, Richard, (01-24-2002)

Course on photography and glass
Hinz, Dagmar, (06-12-2002)

Course on photography and glass--corrigendum
Hinz, Dagmar, (06-17-2002)

Course on pigments
Henry, Walter, (05-06-2002)

Course on preserving maritime heritage
Mort-Putland, Lisa, (05-01-2002)
Mort-Putland, Lisa, (05-31-2002)

Course on protection of cultural heritage
Mouzouropoulos, Sophia, (01-14-2002)

Course on quantitative image analysis
Futrell, Chip, (09-11-2002)

Course on weave structures
Mathisen, Susan, (05-28-2002)

Courses at SCMRE
N'Gadi, Ann B., (01-31-2002)
N'Gadi, Ann B., (02-07-2002)
Lechuga, Myriam, (04-18-2002)

Courses at West Dean College
Kellagher, Kathryn, (03-22-2002)
Thurston, Isabel, (08-07-2002)
Thurston, Isabel, (11-12-2002)

Courses from International Academic Projects
Black, James, (04-14-2002)
Black, James, (06-28-2002)

Courses on building conservation
Mort-Putland, Lisa, (07-29-2002)

Courses on photographic conservation
Moor, Angela H., (01-16-2002)

Courses on photographs
Mesmer, Renate, (03-27-2002)

Courses on scagliola
Stayt, Kathy, (12-06-2002)

Courses on transport and exhibition
Projects, Intl. Acad., (03-27-2002)

Cowboy boots
Khandekar, Narayan, (05-23-2002)

Crease in silk
Strebel, Martin, (01-18-2002)

Crystallization associated with iron gall ink
Carton, Deborah, (07-08-2002)
Thompson, Jack C., (07-22-2002)

Carrlee, Scott, (07-23-2002)

DEMHIST Annual Conference
Siedenburg, Loes, (09-06-2002)

Von Monschaw, Ele, (05-21-2002)

Damage from framing materials
Bignell, Graham, (04-26-2002)

Damage to enamelled metal
Whalley, Joanna, (08-15-2002)

Dance costumes
Seibert, Ann I., (12-28-2001)

Data management for IPM
Re, Christine Del, (08-13-2002)
Jeffers, Will, (08-26-2002)

Spirydowicz, Krysia, (01-06-2002)
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (01-08-2002)

Database and software for conservation records
Brune, Cord, (08-01-2002)

Deer head
Vine, Mark, (07-12-2002)
Jaeschke, Helena, (07-19-2002)
Bouwmeester, Wilma, (07-22-2002)

Degree program in conservation of industrial heritage
Boissonnas, Valentin, (02-24-2002)

Enhorning, Kristina, (08-30-2002)
Herskovitz, Bob, (09-03-2002)
Arenstein, Rachael, (09-04-2002)
Norman, Mark, (09-23-2002)

Douglas, Ann, (01-24-2002)

Desogen and Dimanin
Pellissier, Pierlucio, (05-17-2002)
Henry, Walter, (05-22-2002)

Deterioration of microfiche
Rohre, Stuart M., (02-21-2002)

Deterioration of microfilm
Bilderback, Beth, (05-17-2002)

Deterioration of polyurethane sculptural relief panels
Potje, Karen, (01-07-2002)
Conners, Terry, (01-08-2002)
Potje, Karen, (01-08-2002)
Potje, Karen, (01-08-2002)
Shiner, Jerry, (01-14-2002)

Deterioration products
Bates, Ian, (01-14-2002)

Digital microscope
Arenstein, Rachael, (11-06-2002)

Disaster planning and large objects
Cannon, Alice, (01-30-2002)

Disaster resources in UK
Arribas, Angels, (12-17-2002)

Disbinding albums
Lemay, Marie-France, (01-23-2002)

Discoloration on paper
Ghuwalewala, Saloni, (01-23-2002)

Displacement ventilation
Gillis, Kathy, (09-19-2002)

Display cases
Selness, Sushila, (07-17-2002)
Barr, Adam, (10-24-2002)
Hahn, Isabel, (10-28-2002)

Displaying flag
Hawk, Alan J., (05-14-2002)

Displaying iron cannon
Burns, Jason M., (09-25-2002)
Harrison, Paul, (09-27-2002)
Hamilton, Donny L., (10-03-2002)
Mathieson, Dave, (10-03-2002)

Displaying mosaics
Cleere, Duygu, (05-13-2002)

Displaying works without barriers
Hughes, Janet, (08-16-2002)

Distance learning in Museum Studies
Mort-Putland, Lisa, (06-25-2002)

Distance learning in conservation science
Colston, Belinda, (09-12-2002)

Documentation as a conservation strategy
Galea, Silvia, (01-31-2002)

Documenting cleanliness
Potje, Karen, (08-06-2002)

Double sided adhesive sheets
Loizides, Eleni, (09-13-2002)
Verheyen, Peter, (09-18-2002)
Jeffers, Will, (09-26-2002)

Double sided adhesive sheets Photographic Activity Test
Nishimura, Douglas, (09-23-2002)

Drawing film
McDonald, Miriam, (10-30-2002)

Whiteley, Jim, (03-27-2002)

Duty stamp
Thistlewood, Jevon, (03-22-2002)

Earthenware ceramic
Privett, Helen, (10-15-2002)
Chase, W. T., (10-24-2002)
Storch, Paul, (10-23-2002)
Koob, Stephen, (10-23-2002)
White, Susan, (10-26-2002)
Garachon, Isabelle, (10-28-2002)
Bruno, Lisa, (10-31-2002)

Earthquake preparedness
Tzakou, Avgi E., (06-05-2002)

Edge of old oil on canvas painting
Chalfant, Ronald, (11-30-2002)

Educational opportunity sought
Dewerse, Ngaio, (10-24-2002)

Educational programs for visitors
Shirazi, Shahrzad Amin, (09-27-2002)

Effect of alum on silk
Pasnak, Ekaterina, (09-16-2002)

Electron beam irradiation
Gilligan, Eliza, (12-26-2001)
Ayres, Linda, (01-04-2002)
Richwine, Beth, (01-08-2002)
Henry, Walter, (01-22-2002)
N'Gadi, Ann B., (02-11-2002)
Gilligan, Eliza, (02-15-2002)

Electrostatic cleaning
Illingworth, Jefff, (02-07-2002)

Ellen McCrady receives Banks/Harris Preservation Award
Pilette, Roberta, (05-06-2002)

Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel
Guisset, Celine, (05-15-2002)

Engineering drawings
Monroe, Margaret, (07-12-2002)

Environmental monitoring
Hagadorn, Alexis, (04-23-2002)
McCraith, Iona, (11-19-2002)

Greathead, Alexandra, (04-26-2002)

Barbarossa, Susi, (04-03-2002)

Maggen, Michael, (02-12-2002)
Thompson, Jack C., (02-15-2002)

Establishing multimedia conservation laboratory
Klein, Traci, (11-15-2002)

Eucalyptus oil
Krantz, Peter N., (07-10-2002)
Elwing, James, (07-19-2002)
Phenix, Alan, (07-22-2002)

Exhibit cases
Brown, Elizabeth, (03-14-2002)

Exhibit support for double elephant folio
Malaquias, Matt, (07-24-2002)

Exhibiting books
Brown, Meg, (05-02-2002)

Exhibition catalog
Drewes, Jeanne, (05-31-2002)

Exhibition labels
Potje, Karen, (12-16-2002)

Exhibition on bookbinding
Drewes, Jeanne, (03-15-2002)

Exhibition on conservation of tapa
Rose, T., (08-01-2002)

Exhibition on underground New York
Grunewald, Theodore, (11-08-2002)

Expansion bolts
O'Regan, Patricia, (05-22-2002)

Faded map
Rohan, Deborah, (11-28-2002)

Hansen, Beth, (12-11-2002)

Fellowship at Carnegie Museum of Art
Baxter, Ellen, (07-16-2002)

Fellowship at Cleveland Museum of Art
Griffin, Pat, (04-17-2002)

Fellowship at Harvard
Khandekar, Narayan, (03-15-2002)
Breuker, Margaret D., (03-21-2002)
Spronk, Ron, (12-06-2002)

Fellowship at Huntington Library
Rogers, Susan, (01-02-2002)

Fellowship at Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
Mathisen, Susan, (05-28-2002)

Fellowship at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Hatchfield, Pamela, (09-30-2002)

Fellowship at National Gallery of Art
Skalka, Michael, (03-19-2002)

Fellowship at National Gallery of Canada
Maheux, Anne, (12-16-2002)

Fellowship at National Park Service
Bischoff, Judy, (12-03-2002)

Fellowship at Philadelphia Museum of Art
Karasow, Heather, (03-08-2002)

Fellowship at RCA/V&A
Baden, Joanna, (08-12-2002)

Fellowship at RCA/V&A--addendum
Baden, Joanna, (08-22-2002)

Fellowship at SPNEA
Neiro, Michaela, (04-23-2002)

Fellowship at Saint Louis Art Museum
Hargrove, Suzanne, (02-19-2002)

Fellowship at Smithsonian American Art Museum
Ingalls, Helen, (09-12-2002)

Fellowship at Tate, London
Learner, Tom, (07-30-2002)

Fellowship at Vienna University of Technology
Griesser, Martina, (11-04-2002)

Fellowship at Walters Art Museum
French, Karen, (01-06-2002)
French, Karen, (01-09-2002)

Fellowships at National Gallery of Art
Skalka, Michael, (03-13-2002)

Fellowships at National Gallery of Canada
Maheux, Anne, (01-08-2002)

Fellowships at Quinque Foundation
Joy, Hilary A. Joy, (03-21-2002)

Fellowships at Winterthur
Buggeln, Gretchen, (09-25-2002)

Fellowships at the National Museum of the American Indian
Kaminitz, Marian, (09-09-2002)
Kaminitz, Marian, (10-23-2002)

Filling material for polyester
Cafmeyer, Cleo, (03-28-2002)

Sackett, Mary, (10-19-2002)

Financial crisis at the British Museum
Dekker, Hadrian Ellory-van, (06-14-2002)

Fingerprints on unglazed pottery
Confer, Deborah, (11-22-2002)

Fire damaged paintings
Ford, Thierry, (01-09-2002)

Fire extinguishers
Simeoni, Vanessa, (11-25-2002)

Fire retardants
Kaminitz, Marian, (02-27-2002)

Fire suppression system
Hitchings, Gundl, (03-06-2002)

Fire suppression systems
Ellis, Margaret Holben, (06-21-2002)
Jeffers, Will, (06-28-2002)
Hopkins, Mark, (06-28-2002)

Fire-damaged manuscripts
Slettemoen, Anne-Grethe, (01-15-2002)
Thompson, Jack C., (01-23-2002)
Bignell, Graham, (01-25-2002)

Fireproof safes
Byrne, Sherry, (02-19-2002)
Shiner, Jerry, (02-19-2002)
Eichelberger, Jeanne, (02-20-2002)
Conners, Terry, (02-28-2002)
Thompson, Jack C., (02-28-2002)

Flaking oil paint
Coryat, Isabel M.P., (09-30-2002)

Flood damage in Europe
Hess, Steven, (08-29-2002)
Borchersen, Karen, (09-18-2002)
Maguire, Nuala, (10-03-2002)

Flood damage in the Czech Republic
Stilson, Randolph, (08-27-2002)
O'Leary, Kim, (08-29-2002)
Rohan, Deborah, (08-29-2002)
Welch, Stuart Macdonald, (08-29-2002)
Henry, Walter, (08-30-2002)
Powell, Katerina, (09-02-2002)
Brown, Barbara N., (09-03-2002)
Boyle, Tina, (09-05-2002)
Russell, Ann, (09-13-2002)
Sanderson, Belinda, (09-23-2002)
Katerina, Tlachova, (10-08-2002)

Flood damage in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Russell, Ann, (08-16-2002)

Keris, Holly, (09-20-2002)
Schnabel, Lorraine, (09-21-2002)

Foam-laminated garments
Lovett, Doon Laura, (12-11-2002)

Food products in museum collections
Beckett, Mary, (02-16-2002)

Jaeschke, Helena, (09-18-2002)

Forum on standards for digital preservation
Dale, Robin L., (06-03-2002)

Florian, Mary-Lou, (03-12-2002)

Armstrong, Lauraine, (05-16-2002)
Swindale, Ian, (05-17-2002)

Framing and glazing paintings by Francis Bacon
Skaliks, Anne, (11-10-2002)

Frederic Remington
Arcak, Cory, (07-01-2002)

Free access to AATA Online
Zak, Jackie, (04-09-2002)

Free access to AATA Online--addendum
Zak, Jackie, (04-10-2002)

Freeze-drying herbarium specimens
Flinn, W. Alexander, (04-12-2002)
Thompson, Jack C., (04-18-2002)

Fume extraction unit
Julien, Sophie, (09-06-2002)

Fund honoring Carolyn Rose
Kerschner, Rick, (10-30-2002)

Woodcock, Sally, (10-18-2002)

Montserrat, Michele Mallat le Montserrat, (07-17-2002)

Mackert, Katharina, (02-05-2002)

Garment hangers
Shiner, Jerry, (02-27-2002)
Shiner, Jerry, (03-28-2002)

Gateway for Resources and Information on Preservation (GRIP)
Muller, Anne, (10-22-2002)

Speake, Birgitte, (09-19-2002)
Thompson, Jack C., (09-23-2002)
Jaeschke, Richard, (09-26-2002)

Takakuwa, Mayu, (04-19-2002)
Cvejic, Ivan, (04-21-2002)
Sawicki, Margaret, (04-24-2002)

Glass beads
Slade, Helen, (03-12-2002)
Koob, Stephen, (03-13-2002)

Glass plate negatives
Meehan, Anna, (06-18-2002)
Reed, Linda, (06-27-2002)
Hopkins, William L., (11-20-2002)

Roby, Sydney, (02-07-2002)

Confer, Deborah, (07-22-2002)

Fox, Georgia, (04-17-2002)
Gutebier, Thomas, (04-30-2002)
Nanowin, Kathy, (04-26-2002)

Tse, Edward, (06-02-2002)

Graduate program in photographic conservation and collections management
Preservation, Photographic, (12-03-2002)

Grafix Duoshade on bristol board
Jameson, Rowena, (11-08-2002)

Green lamp insect traps
Piena, Hans, (08-03-2002)

Guild of Book Workers--Midwest chapter
Drewes, Jeanne, (03-15-2002)

Slettemoen, Anne-Grethe, (11-29-2002)

Guy de Plaen
Klaus, Marianne, (02-15-2002)

Ioppolo, Rossana, (02-24-2002)

Hair bundles for hygrothermographs
McPherson, Helen, (09-25-2002)
Elwing, James, (09-27-2002)
Jaeschke, Richard, (09-27-2002)

Voeks, Gretchen, (04-17-2002)
Parker, Thomas A., (04-20-2002)
Dixon, Tom, (04-22-2002)
Pregill, Elizabeth, (04-24-2002)
Martin, Miranda, (04-25-2002)

Walls, David, (11-05-2002)

Haze machines
Alvis, Alayne, (08-28-2002)

Health insurance
Cocuzza, Dominique, (07-17-2002)

Heating museum materials
Sethia, Nynne, (02-13-2002)
Smart, Rose, (02-25-2002)
Wellman, Howard B., (02-20-2002)
Harter, Monika, (02-28-2002)
Nanowin, Kathy, (03-06-2002)
Storch, Paul, (03-11-2002)

Vine, Mark, (03-14-2002)

Reichenbach, Tina, (08-19-2002)

Highlighting pens
Gundersen, Anne, (12-17-2002)

Historic color photographic processes
Messier, Paul, (10-30-2002)

Historic painting materials
Hurt, Perry, (03-28-2002)

History of AIC
Portell, Jean D., (05-29-2002)

History of destruction of libraries and books
Baez, Fernando, (11-28-2002)

History of stretchers and strainers
Bugeja, David Frank, (08-26-2002)

Hosts for ICOM-CC Triennial Meeting
Verger, Isabelle, (05-30-2002)

Housing county records
Martinez-Kilgore, Jo Anne, (03-21-2002)
Rohan, Deborah, (03-25-2002)

Housing panoramas
Stanway, Sondra P., (05-14-2002)

Human hair
Mary, McIntyre, (04-19-2002)

Human remains
Simpson, Pierrette, (11-01-2002)

Human skin
Decoux, Sandrine, (03-12-2002)
Simmons, John E., (03-14-2002)

Huntington Art Gallery closes
McElroy, Sara, (08-28-2002)

Hydrogen peroxide as cleaning agent
Steward, Daniel-Harry, (06-25-2002)
Carroll, Valinda, (06-28-2002)
Shores, Franklin, (07-04-2002)
Carroll, Valinda, (07-10-2002)
Ellis, Margaret Holben, (07-10-2002)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-19-2002)
Maggen, Michael, (07-22-2002)

ICOM-CC Directory Board and Working Group coordinators
Verger, Isabelle, (12-13-2002)

ICOM-CC Triennial Meeting
Souza, Luiz A.C., (02-20-2002)
Verger, Isabelle, (04-19-2002)

ICOM-CC Wood and Furniture Working Group
Hanna, Hany Aziz Hanna, (10-07-2002)

ICOMOS database
Araoz, Gustavo, (06-03-2002)

IIC Congress
Williams, Catherine, (04-30-2002)

IIC Congress--addendum
Williams, Catherine, (06-19-2002)

IPC Annual Meeting
Boyle, Tina, (02-28-2002)

Turton, Alexandra, (02-12-2002)

Identification of plastic object
Ritchie, W. Mark, (01-13-2002)
Williamson, Colin, (01-18-2002)
Martin, James, (01-24-2002)

Identification of plastics
Williamson, Colin, (12-22-2001)

Identifying beeswax
Stockman-Todd, Helen, (08-23-2002)

Identifying parchment
Elwing, James, (05-06-2002)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (05-07-2002)
Thompson, Jack C., (05-09-2002)

Identifying photocopy method
Merritt-Dennis, Joselle, (06-27-2002)
Batterham, Ian, (06-28-2002)

Identifying wax and tar
Weber, Leslie, (07-16-2002)
Striegel, Mary, (07-17-2002)

Illuminated manuscripts
Witte, Guy De, (04-24-2002)

Mouraud, Patricia, (04-12-2002)
Thompson, Jack C., (04-18-2002)
Carroll, Valinda, (04-22-2002)
Clarke, Mark, (04-20-2002)

Image enhancement for chalk and pencil marking
Rainville, Donald V., (09-10-2002)
Associates, Jon Brandon, (09-16-2002)

Ink on cotton quilt
McDonald, Marilyn, (02-11-2002)

Kolar, Jana, (08-20-2002)

Roszel, James B., (03-23-2002)

Institute of Paper Conservation moves
Marshall, Tina, (10-07-2002)

Institute on library binding
Riley, Alicia, (01-31-2002)

Instituut Collectie Nederland
Van Velzen, Bas, (11-11-2002)

Integrated Pest Management
Pagliarino, Amanda, (01-10-2002)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (01-26-2002)

International Association of Paper Historians Congress
Graziaplena, Rosella, (02-15-2002)

International Preservation Trades Workshop
Blundell, J. Bryan, (07-25-2002)

Internship Position at Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory
Wellman, Howard B., (07-31-2002)

Internship at American Conservation Consortium, Ltd.
Williams, Marc, (10-30-2002)

Internship at Canadian Centre for Architecture
Potje, Karen, (10-03-2002)

Internship at Conservation Solutions, Inc.
Sembrat, Joe, (03-17-2002)

Internship at Cornell
Dean, John F., (01-02-2002)

Internship at Field Museum
Norton, Ruth, (03-20-2002)

Internship at Freer Gallery
Hare, Andrew, (03-14-2002)

Internship at Huntington Library
Rogers, Susan, (03-13-2002)

Internship at Library of Congress
Seibert, Ann I., (01-11-2002)

Internship at Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory
Wellman, Howard B., (01-16-2002)
Wellman, Howard B., (09-09-2002)

Internship at Milwaukee Public Museum
Re, Christine Del, (02-13-2002)

Internship at Missouri Historical Society
Landry, Linda, (02-18-2002)

Internship at National Gallery of Art
Skalka, Michael, (01-14-2002)

Internship at New York Academy of Medicine
Schlefer, Elaine R., (01-02-2002)

Internship at New York Botanical Garden
Marder, Olga, (05-03-2002)

Internship at Oriental Institute Museum
D'Alessandro, Laura, (03-19-2002)
D'Alessandro, Laura, (12-17-2002)

Internship at Shelburne Museum
Kerschner, Rick, (05-17-2002)

Internship at Smithsonian Institution Archives
Stauderman, Sarah, (02-20-2002)

Internship at Stichting Kollektief Restauratieatelier Position at Stichting Kollektief Restauratieatelier
Glanzer, Irene, (06-04-2002)

Internship at Stymphalos, Greece
Unruh, Julie, (05-23-2002)

Internship at Victoria and Albert Museum
Jones, Esther, (03-14-2002)

Internship sought
Baranova, Tatiana A., (02-27-2002)

Internships at Agora excavations
Paterakis, Alice, (02-18-2002)

Internships at City Parks Foundation Monuments Conservation Program
Rabinowitz, Mark, (01-18-2002)

Internships at ConservArt, Inc.
Schwartz, George, (11-14-2002)

Internships at Conservation and Sculpture Conservancy Positions at Conservation and Sculpture Conservancy
Rabinowitz, Mark, (03-07-2002)

Internships at George Eastman House
Nishimura, Douglas, (10-11-2002)

Internships at HABS/HAER/HALS Fellowship at HABS/HAER/HALS Positions at HABS/HAER/HALS
Arzola, Robert, (12-10-2002)

Internships at Intermuseum Conservation Association
Williamson, Sandra, (01-11-2002)

Internships at National Heritage Board, Singapore
Chin, Lawrence, (04-04-2002)

Internships at National Park Service
Jacob, Judy, (03-11-2002)

Kriner, Gretchen, (03-15-2002)

Iron gall ink
Aitken, Richard, (02-19-2002)
Thompson, Jack C., (02-20-2002)
Maggen, Michael, (02-28-2002)
Mowery, Frank, (03-06-2002)

Iron gall ink on parchment
Cavallero, Chiara, (02-06-2002)

James J. Lebron
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (11-26-2002)

Japanese leather
Maltby, Susan L., (01-17-2002)
Bachmann, Konstanze, (01-24-2002)
Thompson, Jack C., (01-23-2002)

John Young Hunter
Stow, Cynthia, (01-07-2002)

Joseph-Anton von Gegenbaur
Pelter, Richard, (09-26-2002)

Kachina mounts
Parker, Shannon L., (05-03-2002)

Kalvar microfilm
Treado, Douglas, (12-06-2002)

Karsten tube tests on sandstone
Mann, Jim, (11-26-2002)
Pung, Olaf, (12-02-2002)

Kendra Lovette
Ellis, Margaret Holben, (05-30-2002)

Vine, Mark, (11-27-2002)
Jones, Julie, (11-28-2002)
Hingley, Mark, (11-28-2002)
Elwing, James, (11-29-2002)
Rotard, Stefanie, (12-11-2002)

Knife handle
Vere-Stevens, Leesa, (07-08-2002)

Kodak Professional Copy Film 4125
Monahan, Valery, (11-26-2002)
Conway, Jim, (11-27-2002)

Labels for textiles
Speake, Birgitte, (09-19-2002)
Hingley, Mark, (09-20-2002)

Lamination material
Rohan, Deborah, (08-06-2002)

Laropal A81
Wardius, Janine, (12-03-2002)
Doherty, Tiarna, (12-05-2002)
Arslanoglu, Julie, (12-07-2002)
O'Malley, Michael J., (12-06-2002)

Lascaux fixative
Wigfield, Elizabeth A, (10-10-2002)

Laser cleaning
Cremers, Ton, (09-26-2002)

Laser pointers
Dixon, Tom, (02-28-2002)

Lead sculpture
Anderson, Helen, (09-18-2002)

Lead toxicity
Myers, Catherine, (03-26-2002)

Baily, Stephanie, (10-08-2002)

Szeintuch, Tova, (11-14-2002)

Leather bloom
Kimball, Amy, (01-09-2002)

Leather dressing
Appelbaum, Barbara, (12-26-2001)
Thompson, Jack C., (01-05-2002)

Leather music box
Caserta, Claudia, (01-25-2002)

Leather screen
Bindery, Grimm Book, (03-13-2002)

Leather shoes and wallet
McCallister, Jeanie, (05-21-2002)

Lecture on chemistry
Chartier, Duane R., (10-29-2002)

Lecture on collections and display
McLean, Lynn, (09-19-2002)

Lecture on conservation
Paterakis, Alice, (02-06-2002)

Lecture on conservation of works of art on paper
Boyle, Tina, (04-16-2002)

Lecture on oral presentation
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (05-14-2002)

Lectures on preservation science
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (11-21-2002)
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (12-09-2002)

Leksol AL
Vine, Mark, (09-13-2002)

Lenticular photograph
Kennedy, Tara, (05-06-2002)

Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group
Hellman, Ethel, (05-23-2002)

Light exposure
Pollak, Nancy, (03-26-2002)

Light masking effects of polyester film
Hadlow, Elizabeth, (05-28-2002)
Muir, Alison, (06-05-2002)
Minter, William, (06-16-2002)

Lighting for digital photography
Griffin, Pat, (03-12-2002)
Frost, Hannah, (03-13-2002)

Gale, Fran, (07-22-2002)
Mann, Jim, (07-25-2002)
Rabinowitz, Mark, (07-29-2002)
Blundell, J. Bryan, (07-30-2002)
Griswold, John, (08-01-2002)

Lining fabric sought
O'Malley, Michael J., (04-09-2002)

Link trainer
Hambleton, Len, (01-09-2002)

Maule, Lorraine, (01-18-2002)

McKune, Amy, (02-01-2002)

Longterm storage of books
Connell, Sharon, (02-22-2002)
Gialdi, Ercole, (02-28-2002)
Gardner, Don, (03-05-2002)
Zachary, Shannon, (03-13-2002)

Lubricating microfilm cabinet drawers
Watsky, Lance, (07-15-2002)

MS2A reduced ketone resin
Shores, Franklin, (03-01-2002)

Magnesium carbonate as a fill material for marble
Helwig, Kate, (02-13-2002)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (03-07-2002)

Young, Paloma, (12-11-2002)

Marking books
Welch, Ellen, (09-11-2002)

Marking ceramics
DeFord, Carole, (02-18-2002)
Sale, Don, (02-20-2002)
Fox, Georgia, (07-22-2002)
Maroney, Kasia, (07-25-2002)
Gabrieli, Smadar, (07-25-2002)
Koob, Stephen, (07-25-2002)

Marking photographs
Tonacchera, Raffaella, (05-09-2002)

Marking plastics
Langdown, Pamela, (03-20-2002)
Hawk, Alan J., (03-22-2002)
Williamson, Colin, (03-28-2002)

Marking varnish
Carrlee, Scott, (11-08-2002)
Koob, Stephen, (11-14-2002)

Marvel Century anti-tarnish paper
Leci, Colin L., (01-08-2002)

Mass deacidification initiative in the UK
Rhys-Lewis, Jonathan, (03-12-2002)

Mat board
Todd, Stephen, (05-17-2002)

Mennonite frame
Gayer, John R., (11-01-2002)

Metal corrosion
McKune, Amy, (06-18-2002)

Methyl violet 2B
Confer, Deborah, (02-22-2002)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (03-07-2002)

Mexican feather mosaic
Pearlstein, Ellen, (11-07-2002)
Seddon, Tracey, (11-12-2002)
O'Brien, Emily M., (11-13-2002)
Simmons, John E., (11-15-2002)

Micro-abrasive cleaning system
Sass, Shelley, (11-22-2002)

Microcrystalline wax and photographs
Chase, Richard, (11-15-2002)

McDougall, Leslie, (04-18-2002)
Stewart, Charles, (04-24-2002)

Riley, Alicia, (12-10-2002)

Microscope for sale
Atkinson, Jeanette, (12-11-2002)

Miller slag lamp
Wickenhiser-Schaudt, Carol, (04-28-2002)

Mineral replacement in bone
Clydesdale, Amanda, (02-15-2002)
Lau, Deborah, (02-18-2002)

Minolta scanner
Verheyen, Peter D., (01-25-2002)

Mobile storage of paintings
Martin, Susan, (11-22-2002)

Taylor, Rise, (06-05-2002)
Wellman, Howard B., (10-21-2002)
Beck, Elizabeth, (11-26-2002)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (11-28-2002)
Nyambu, Brian, (12-03-2002)

Mold on color photographs
Maggen, Michael, (07-31-2002)
Juergens, Martin, (08-01-2002)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (08-02-2002)

Mold on terracotta
Clough, Emily, (12-03-2002)
Bogle, Lindsey K., (12-10-2002)

Monitoring light
Lin, Jiuan Jiuan, (11-22-2002)

Montefiascone Project
Spitzmueller, Pamela, (01-31-2002)

Recanati, Paolo, (05-26-2002)
Baija, Hubert, (08-01-2002)

Motion picture film
Lourenco, Miguel, (11-20-2002)

Mounting large photographs
Rosner, Ginny, (07-11-2002)
Atwood, Cathy, (07-17-2002)
Healey, Margot, (07-18-2002)
De Bobadilla, Teresa Fernandez, (07-19-2002)
Nanowin, Kathy, (07-25-2002)
Schwartz, George, (07-30-2002)

Mounting oversize painting
Matz, Janelle H, (10-24-2002)

Multilingual Conservation Dictionary
Argyropoulos, Vasilike, (01-19-2002)

Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (05-01-2002)

Mural paintings on canvas
Favero, Patricia, (10-02-2002)
Doherty, Tiarna, (10-03-2002)

Museum cabinet gaskets
Sixbey, Pete, (09-19-2002)

Musical instruments conservation
Parejo-Coudert, Raphael, (05-26-2002)

NEH grants
Paulson, Barbara, (04-09-2002)

NISO Data Dictionary for Technical Metadata for Digital Still Images
Harris, Pat, (06-06-2002)

NMCT grants
Sanderson, Belinda, (02-04-2002)

National Council for Conservation-Restoration (NCCR)
Gowland, Judith, (09-23-2002)
Colleran, Kate, (10-03-2002)

Netherlands Organization for Applied Research (TNO)
Havermans, John, (12-05-2002)

New list: H-Museum
Blank, Ralf, (06-21-2002)

New list: oais-implementers
Dale, Robin L., (02-04-2002)

Nonionic soaps for cleaning leather
Clavain, Javier Tacon, (09-12-2002)

Northern light
Van Duin, Paul, (04-19-2002)

Novus plexi wipes
Gould, Alexis, (01-15-2002)
Obrien, Martin, (01-26-2002)

OCLC events at ALA
Behler, Erica, (10-22-2002)

Oddy testing 3M clear adhesive tape
Stockman-Todd, Helen, (08-23-2002)
Jeffers, Will, (08-26-2002)

Odor in architectural drawings
Talley, Sarah, (01-27-2002)

Odor in cow hide
Valis, Sue, (04-04-2002)
Thompson, Jack C., (04-06-2002)
Brunk, Angela Dawn, (04-08-2002)
Lunas, Susan, (04-15-2002)

Reilly, William T., (11-25-2002)

Old repairs
Portell, Jean D., (09-24-2002)

Online conservation resources
McCoy, Richard, (03-04-2002)
McCoy, Richard, (03-12-2002)

Open house at West Dean College
Kellagher, Kathryn, (01-03-2002)
Kellagher, Kathryn, (09-09-2002)

Ott-lite lamps
Antognini, Alfredo, (11-23-2002)

Ottawa Regional Group
Clark, Bonnie, (01-07-2002)
Clark, Bonnie, (03-15-2002)

Outdoor sculpture
Leskard, Marta, (05-21-2002)

Overmodelled masks
Klaus, Marianne, (04-29-2002)

PARS Discussion Group
Teper, Tom, (01-08-2002)
Teper, Thomas H., (05-17-2002)

Painting Specialty Group: Celebrity Tips Session
Whitten, Jill, (05-21-2002)

Painting on fiberboard
Chiliadaki, Argyro, (03-15-2002)

Panel on conservation of technology-based installation art
Irgang, Harriet, (04-09-2002)

Paper samples sought
Ward, James, (03-23-2002)

Papier mache
Greathead, Alexandra, (09-18-2002)
Van Sandick, Ivo, (09-20-2002)
Decoux, Sandrine, (09-20-2002)

Pigniolo, Loren, (08-05-2002)

Hamilton, Donny L., (06-25-2002)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (08-27-2002)

Pepper foam
Stow, Cynthia, (01-11-2002)

Vine, Mark, (12-05-2002)

Vine, Mark, (12-05-2002)

Pest control in new buildings
Lewis, Suzanne, (04-22-2002)

Pest management
Minter, William, (12-27-2001)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (01-04-2002)

Recanati, Paolo, (11-11-2002)
Jessup, Wendy, (11-18-2002)
Teles, Carlos Dion de Melo, (11-18-2002)
Teygeler, Reni, (11-15-2002)
Gialdi, Ercole, (11-15-2002)
Mamede, Jorge, (11-16-2002)
Greebe, Bart, (11-15-2002)
Dean, John F., (11-27-2002)

Photo albums
Carr, Elisabeth, (10-23-2002)

Photocopies on Permalife
Saretzky, Gary, (04-22-2002)

Photocopy on fabric
Wedge, Tracey, (03-15-2002)

Photographic Materials Conservation Group (PhMCG)
Moor, Angela H., (09-26-2002)

Photographic and Recording Media Discussion Group
Gertz, Janet, (01-09-2002)

Photographic collections and particulates
Rumsey, Tony, (05-23-2002)

Photography in storage areas
Hillary, Sarah, (09-16-2002)
Woodcock, Sally, (09-18-2002)

Pigeon droppings
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (11-27-2002)
Schur, Susan E., (11-28-2002)
Rees, Sue, (11-28-2002)

Pigment identification
Ellison, Rebecca, (03-14-2002)

McKay, Prue, (07-11-2002)

Hadgraft, Nicholas, (05-10-2002)

Lee, Geoff, (10-21-2002)

Smithen, Patricia, (07-23-2002)
Phenix, Alan, (07-25-2002)

Polyester film
De Torres, Amparo R., (02-20-2002)
Minter, William, (03-19-2002)
Miller, Patricia L., (03-20-2002)
Boral, John, (03-22-2002)
De Torres, Amparo R., (03-28-2002)
Blakney, Susan, (10-30-2002)

Portable examination light
Ameringer, Charlotte Seifen, (09-25-2002)

Position at AOC Archaeology Group
Clydesdale, Amanda, (04-02-2002)

Position at American Philosophical Society
Carbone, Denise, (07-02-2002)
Carbone, Denise, (06-20-2002)

Position at Arch Con Labs Ltd.
Daly, Cathy, (01-15-2002)

Position at Arizona State Museum
Odegaard, Nancy, (03-29-2002)

Position at Art Gallery of Western Australia
Scoullar, Natalie, (11-05-2002)

Position at Bodleian Library
Adcock, Edward P., (07-03-2002)
Mckay, Alison, (08-19-2002)

Position at Bodleian Library--corrigendum
Mckay, Alison, (08-21-2002)

Position at Boston Athenaeum
Jolliffe, Ruth, (01-16-2002)
Jolliffe, Ruth, (02-25-2002)
Jolliffe, Ruth, (10-04-2002)

Position at British Library
Mohamed, Mehboob, (11-14-2002)

Position at CCAHA
Ruzicka, Glen, (01-15-2002)

Position at Camberwell
Allocco, Octavia, (12-04-2002)

Position at Christchurch Art Gallery
Campbell, Lynn, (11-21-2002)

Position at Cincinnati Art Museum
Biaglow, Laura, (03-14-2002)

Position at Cleveland Museum of Art
Weisenseel, Heather, (03-15-2002)
Saunders, Linnaea, (09-10-2002)

Position at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Young, Pam, (03-08-2002)
Bare, Patricia, (11-29-2002)

Position at Columbia
Fredericks, Maria, (05-16-2002)
Gertz, Janet, (06-10-2002)
Gertz, Janet, (10-28-2002)

Position at Conservation Centre, Melbourne
Mugg, Anthony, (07-30-2002)

Position at Cumbria Archive Service
Dreghorn, Brenda, (02-13-2002)

Position at Dorset Archives Service
Woods, Chris, (07-19-2002)

Position at Dutch National Museum of Ethnology
Scott, Graeme, (10-25-2002)

Position at Edinburgh University Library
Barfoot, Mike, (01-29-2002)

Position at Emory
Frellsen, Ann V., (05-15-2002)

Position at Fachhochschule Koln
Portsteffen, Hans, (08-19-2002)

Position at Field Museum
Norton, Ruth, (01-29-2002)
Norton, Ruth, (03-29-2002)
Alexander, Martha, (10-25-2002)

Position at Fine Arts Conservancy
King, Liana, (12-11-2002)

Position at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
Weber, Neil, (02-01-2002)

Position at Getty Conservation Institute
Gergen, Melena, (02-22-2002)
Gergen, Melena, (04-16-2002)
Gergen, Melena, (07-08-2002)
Gonzalez, Ina, (08-01-2002)
Swetland, Luke, (09-19-2002)

Position at Harvard
Burns, Dorothea, (03-07-2002)
Hellman, Ethel, (08-29-2002)
Baccus, Lauren, (12-17-2002)

Position at Historic Royal Palaces
Julien, Sophie, (04-10-2002)
Cartmell, Sarah, (07-04-2002)

Position at Historic Scotland
Brown, Carol, (10-21-2002)

Position at Huntington Library
Rogers, Susan, (05-20-2002)
Rogers, Susan, (07-08-2002)

Position at ICCROM
Molina, Jennifer M., (04-09-2002)

Position at Indiana Historical Society
Brown, Susan, (01-02-2002)

Position at Institute of Nautical Archaeology
Hall, Kathy, (02-05-2002)

Position at Iowa State University
Daly, Coralina, (11-22-2002)
Daly, Coralina, (12-09-2002)

Position at Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Halvorson, Bonnie, (10-10-2002)

Position at Jewish Theological Seminary
Steinberger, Naomi, (09-10-2002)
Steinberger, Naomi, (11-22-2002)

Position at Jewish Theological Seminary--addendum
Steinberger, Naomi, (09-26-2002)

Position at Johns Hopkins
Piekarski, Carolyn, (11-05-2002)

Position at LACMA
MacInnes, Cecily, (08-01-2002)

Position at Langelands Museum
Hovmand, Ida, (01-29-2002)

Position at London Metropolitan Archives
Lindsay, Helen, (06-10-2002)

Position at MIT
Deadrick, Robin, (07-09-2002)

Position at Manchester Metropolitan University
Boydell, Stephanie, (09-10-2002)

Position at Margaret Herrick Library
Moran, Katie, (07-22-2002)

Position at Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory
Seifert, Betty L., (10-01-2002)
Seifert, Betty L., (11-07-2002)

Position at Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center
McBride, Kevin, (07-22-2002)

Position at Mauritshuis
Wadum, Jorgen, (12-04-2002)

Position at Menil Collection
Epley, Bradford A., (05-01-2002)
Epley, Bradford A., (05-01-2002)

Position at Metropolitan Museum of Art
Dubansky, Mindell, (06-05-2002)
Marincola, Michele, (06-20-2002)
Dubansky, Mindell, (08-13-2002)

Position at Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Bystrom, Lars H., (02-15-2002)

Position at Musees d'art et d'histoire, Geneva
Boissonnas, Valentin, (09-20-2002)

Position at Museum Conservation Services Ltd
Burnett, Nicholas, (06-11-2002)

Position at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Hanlon, Gordon, (01-25-2002)
Boothby, Amanda, (07-10-2002)

Position at Museum of New Mexico
Hernandez, Brenda, (08-05-2002)

Position at Mystic Seaport Museum
White, Chris, (05-24-2002)

Position at NARA
Martin, Miranda, (05-02-2002)
Hamburg, Doris, (05-20-2002)
Martin, Miranda, (06-19-2002)
O'Neill, Marta G., (07-25-2002)
O'Neill, Marta G., (10-23-2002)
Hamburg, Doris, (11-05-2002)

Position at NARA--addendum
Martin, Miranda, (05-21-2002)

Position at NCPTT
Striegel, Mary, (07-09-2002)

Position at NEDCC
Glaser, Toddy, (01-02-2002)
Houghton, Holly, (07-12-2002)
Glaser, Toddy, (07-30-2002)

Position at NEH
Paulson, Barbara, (01-07-2002)

Position at NYU
Stefano, Paula De, (01-10-2002)
Marcotte, William, (08-22-2002)
Marcotte, William, (09-04-2002)

Position at National Archives of Scotland
Ramsay, Linda, (11-11-2002)

Position at National Gallery of Art
Skalka, Michael, (06-27-2002)

Position at National Gallery of Australia
Hughes, Janet, (11-15-2002)

Position at National Gallery of Canada
Mongrain, Michel, (08-23-2002)

Position at National Gallery of Ireland
Von Monschaw, Ele, (06-25-2002)
McGuinne, Niamh, (08-22-2002)

Position at National Gallery of Victoria
Dixon, Tom, (08-13-2002)
McGowan-Jackson, Holly, (10-29-2002)
Dixon, Tom, (11-29-2002)

Position at National Heritage Board, Stockholm
Hansson, Hans-Erik, (05-21-2002)

Position at National Library of Medicine
Byrnes, Margaret, (05-01-2002)
Byrnes, Margaret, (06-10-2002)

Position at National Library of New Zealand
Najar, Pamela, (02-01-2002)

Position at National Museum of American History
Young, Joan, (02-28-2002)

Position at National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside
Jones, Leanne, (05-13-2002)
Gregory, Victoria, (08-23-2002)

Position at National Museums of Scotland
Galloway, Nicola, (03-28-2002)
Galloway, Nicola, (07-02-2002)

Position at National Trust for Scotland
Griffin, Isobel, (07-12-2002)

Position at Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Schnepf, Erin, (08-20-2002)

Position at New York Botanical Garden
Marder, Olga, (06-04-2002)

Position at New York Historical Society
Balicki, Alan, (07-30-2002)

Position at New York Public Library
Pilette, Roberta, (07-16-2002)
Stenstrom, Anna, (10-02-2002)

Position at Newberry Library
Klos, Anne, (08-21-2002)

Position at Nicolas Boyes Stone Conservation
Metcalfe, Rachael, (10-07-2002)

Position at North Carolina Museum of History
Hambleton, Len, (11-05-2002)

Position at North Carolina State University
Devine, Scott W., (02-18-2002)

Position at Oxford
Dale, Robin L., (02-12-2002)

Position at Public Record Office, Kew
Boom, Christine, (05-17-2002)

Position at Quadriga Art
Grunewald, Theodore, (03-12-2002)
Grunewald, Theodore, (11-15-2002)

Position at Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery
Clark, Linda, (10-07-2002)

Position at Queen's University
Spirydowicz, Krysia, (01-21-2002)

Position at Queensland Art Gallery
Carter, Anne, (02-27-2002)
Carter, Anne, (10-01-2002)

Position at RMS Titanic, Inc.
Savatsky, Stacey, (12-16-2002)

Position at Restaurierungszentrum der Landeshauptstadt Dusseldorf
Heydenreich, Gunnar, (11-20-2002)

Position at Rochester Institute of Technology
Trauernicht, Marcia, (08-05-2002)

Position at Royal Armouries
Smith, Robert, (06-21-2002)

Position at Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
Choe, Perry, (07-05-2002)
Choe, Perry, (09-13-2002)

Position at Royal Pavilion
Brough, Janet, (10-07-2002)

Position at SCMRE
N'Gadi, Ann B., (04-05-2002)
N'Gadi, !ALARM: Ann B., (09-13-2002)

Position at SOLINET
Riley, Alicia, (10-29-2002)

Position at Shepherds Bookbinders
Lanning, David, (06-06-2002)

Position at Simon Gillespie Studio
Gillespie, Simon, (07-29-2002)

Position at Simon Gillespie Studio--corrigendum
Gillespie, Simon, (07-30-2002)

Position at Southern Illinois University
Kaha, Myra, (02-04-2002)

Position at State Archives of Georgia
Watsky, Lance, (07-23-2002)

Position at Stichting Kollektief Restauratieatelier--addendum
Glanzer, Irene, (06-05-2002)

Position at Swiss Institute for Art Research
Epelbaum, Dina, (10-08-2002)

Position at Tate, London
Ridge, Jacqueline, (04-16-2002)

Position at The University of Manchester
Horie, C. Velson, (10-22-2002)

Position at Toledo Museum of Art
Tohle, Diann, (03-29-2002)

Position at Trondelag Folkemuseum
Reed, Tanja Roskar, (05-15-2002)

Position at UCLA
Hill, Jo, (01-06-2002)

Position at UKIC
Leigh, David, (07-03-2002)
Neville, Elizabeth, (08-28-2002)

Position at University at Albany, State University of New York
Radkowski-Lee, Anna, (04-16-2002)

Position at University of Durham
Branigan, Liz, (01-02-2002)
Branigan, Liz, (05-02-2002)

Position at University of Kansas
Baird, Brian J, (06-05-2002)

Position at University of Utah
Silverman, Randy, (03-29-2002)

Position at V&A
Lagan, Mark, (09-19-2002)

Position at Vancouver Art Gallery
Smith, Monica, (12-06-2002)

Position at Vancouver Museum
Brynjolfson, Carol, (09-06-2002)

Position at Victoria and Albert Museum
Donaldson, Katharine, (01-25-2002)
Wyeth, Paul, (04-17-2002)
Donaldson, Katharine, (09-04-2002)
Baden, Joanna, (12-03-2002)

Position at Wadsworth Atheneum
Birkmaier, Ulrich, (02-13-2002)

Position at West Lake Conservators Ltd.
Blakney, Susan, (05-22-2002)

Position at Western Sydney Records Centre
O'Reilly, Emily, (11-27-2002)

Position at Yale
Frieder, Richard, (01-03-2002)

Position at the Glenbow Museum
Dumka, Heather, (07-31-2002)

Position at the Glenbow Museum--addendum
Dumka, Heather, (10-04-2002)

Position at the National Trust
Seeley, Nigel, (07-09-2002)
Staniforth, Sarah, (09-10-2002)

Position at the Smithsonian Institution Archives
Stauderman, Sarah, (05-13-2002)

Position in New York City
Levinson, Judith, (01-24-2002)

Position in Virginia
Brightwell, Debbie, (09-30-2002)

Positions at Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery
Cant, Louise, (07-04-2002)

Positions at British Library
Mehmet, Shad, (05-07-2002)

Positions at California Department of Parks and Recreation
Messinger, Michelle C., (01-17-2002)

Positions at Conservation Solutions, Inc.
Sembrat, Joe, (01-04-2002)
Sembrat, Julya, (07-17-2002)

Positions at Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Nordgren, Eric, (01-24-2002)

Positions at Glasgow Museums
Rowlands, Jane, (09-02-2002)

Positions at International Fine Art Conservation Studios Ltd
Pelter, Richard, (07-31-2002)

Positions at Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Marino, Susan, (06-05-2002)

Positions at Library of Congress
Haun, Werner, (04-24-2002)
Seibert, Ann I., (05-08-2002)

Positions at National Gallery of Art
Skalka, Michael, (06-27-2002)

Positions at National Gallery of Canada
Frauley, Peter, (07-23-2002)

Positions at National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside
Gregory, Victoria, (02-07-2002)

Positions at New York Historical Society
Balicki, Alan, (12-02-2002)

Positions at Peabody Museum
Chetham, Rebecca, (07-09-2002)

Positions at Peebles Island Resource Center
Zucker, Joyce, (07-10-2002)
Trupin, Deborah Lee, (10-11-2002)

Positions at Queens
Murray, Alison, (03-19-2002)
Spirydowicz, Krysia, (12-02-2002)

Positions at University of Melbourne
Tse, Nicole Andrea, (03-04-2002)

Positions at Walters Art Museum
Drayman-Weisser, Terry, (12-04-2002)

Positions at West Lake Conservators Ltd.
Phillips, Michele, (01-08-2002)

Positions in Virginia
Brightwell, Debbie, (09-30-2002)

Positions the National Museum of the American Indian
Williamson, Leslie, (10-24-2002)

Potassium oleate
Reed, Matt, (04-05-2002)
Harvey, David, (04-06-2002)

Gourdoglou, Gabriel, (02-12-2002)

Preparing materials for freeze-drying
Teygeler, Reni, (07-31-2002)
Cullhed, Per, (08-02-2002)
Illingworth, Jeff, (08-01-2002)
Ibsen, Soren, (08-19-2002)
Hingley, Mark, (08-21-2002)

Presentations on digital imaging
Bustin, Mary, (11-05-2002)

Preservation Administration Discussion Group (PADG)
Brown, Karen, (06-05-2002)

Preservation Assessment Survey Database
Warwick, Peberdy, (01-24-2002)

Preservation Management Institute
Novick, Karen, (01-31-2002)
Novick, Karen, (05-06-2002)

Preservation Technologies purchases Archimascon
Strauss, Robert, (02-08-2002)

Preservation copying policy
Preiss, Lydia, (09-17-2002)

Preservation fair
Croft, Jeanann, (01-15-2002)

Preservation in Argentina
Meden, Susana, (02-07-2002)

Preservation needs assessment
Peterson, Diana, (09-13-2002)

Preservation policy
Clark, Bonnie, (09-25-2002)

Preservation web site for the general public
Davis, Vicki, (05-22-2002)

Princeton Preservation Group
Saretzky, Gary, (03-12-2002)

Printing plates
Hatcher, Rebecca E., (12-28-2001)

Professional exchange
Novotny, Marianne C., (12-02-2002)

Program on disaster recovery
Harrison, Anne, (04-02-2002)

Provisions for maintenance in contracts for public art
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (02-23-2002)
Ryan, Victoria Montana, (02-27-2002)
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (02-28-2002)
Rabinowitz, Mark, (03-06-2002)

Publication on 20th century document copying methods
Batterham, Ian, (06-28-2002)
Decoux, Sandrine, (07-04-2002)

Publication on acrylic plaster adhesives sought
Stewart, Rod, (02-08-2002)

Publication on conservation of contemporary art
Daly, Cathy, (12-17-2002)

Publication on copper
Scott, David A., (02-11-2002)

Publication on heritage preservation
Kraus, Berit, (01-31-2002)

Publication on inventory and documentation of cultural heritage
Araoz, Gustavo, (02-27-2002)

Publication on mold
Florian, Mary-Lou, (11-24-2002)

Publication on mount making
Dignard, Carole, (08-27-2002)

Publication on watermarks
Press, Oak Knoll, (01-15-2002)

Publication sought
Poisson, Marie-Chantale, (10-19-2002)

Publications on conservation
Nolin, Chris, (05-28-2002)
Black, James, (07-11-2002)

Publications on museum mannequins
Brunn, Margot, (04-18-2002)

RFID systems
Brown, Heather, (04-24-2002)

RLG DigiNews
Dale, Robin L., (02-15-2002)
Dale, Robin L., (04-15-2002)
Dale, Robin L., (08-14-2002)
Dale, Robin, (12-16-2002)

RLG DigiNews survey
Eden, Barbara B., (02-20-2002)

Recycling transport cases
Woodcock, Sally, (01-20-2002)

Red ink drawing
Stanton, Moyna, (10-28-2002)

Red spider mites
Aronson, Mark, (06-05-2002)
Hinz, Jim, (06-12-2002)
Storch, Paul, (06-12-2002)

Reflectance of resins under UV
Buisson, Antoine, (10-23-2002)

Soler, Belin Lahoz, (01-19-2002)

Regional reporters for AIC
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (12-06-2002)

Reinforcing sculpture joints
Leukumaavaara, Suvi, (04-23-2002)

Removing copper corrosion from granite
Coryat, Isabel M.P., (09-30-2002)

Removing marker stains from oil based paint
Baltuskonis, Dennis A., (07-17-2002)

Removing rust and verdigris from armor
Vine, Mark, (11-27-2002)

Removing sulfate from azurite polychromy
White, Susan, (06-13-2002)
Storch, Paul, (06-17-2002)
Miller, Eric, (06-21-2002)

Removing tape from negatives
McKay, Mary, (01-28-2002)

Removing varnish with triammonium citrate and isopropanol
Thistlewood, Jevon, (03-19-2002)

Removing wax from wall painting
Sheard, Danielle, (12-03-2002)
Curteis, Tobit, (12-05-2002)

Repairing audio cassettes
Page, Donald J., (08-28-2002)
Frost, Hannah, (08-29-2002)

Repairing plastic book wrappers
Saretzky, Gary, (08-29-2002)

Report on September 11, 2001
Guisset, Celine, (06-28-2002)

Report on digital imagery for works of art
Waters, Donald, (06-02-2002)

Report on trusted digital repositories
Dale, Robin L., (05-07-2002)

Khoudiakov, Wassily, (03-07-2002)

Reviews in Conservation
Streeton, Noelle, (09-23-2002)

Reviews in Conservation--corrigendum
Streeton, Noelle, (10-13-2002)

Rice starch
Shepherd, Anna, (02-11-2002)

Richard Buck
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (06-18-2002)

Rolling racks for painting storage
Derow, Jonathan Paul, (05-17-2002)
Wood, Van V., (05-21-2002)

Roman wall paintings
Abelskamp, Karin, (09-23-2002)
Jaeschke, Richard, (09-26-2002)
Soffer, Orit, (09-26-2002)

Rome Prize
Connelly, Brendan, (09-05-2002)

Roommate wanted for AIC
Silverman, Randy, (04-19-2002)

Rubber printing plates
Helmer, Normandy, (03-14-2002)
Shiner, Jerry, (03-25-2002)

Corfield, Sue, (04-19-2002)

SERCA Annual Meeting
Kaplan, Hilary A., (03-05-2002)

SOLINET workshops
Riley, Alicia, (03-19-2002)
Riley, Alicia, (06-21-2002)
Riley, Alicia, (09-24-2002)
Riley, Alicia, (12-10-2002)

Waller, Robert, (02-27-2002)

Balachandran, Sanchita, (04-19-2002)
Yallop, Rosemary, (04-25-2002)
De Bella, Luca Richard, (05-13-2002)

Salt water
Hopkins, Mark, (04-22-2002)

Salted paper print
Reichert, Andrea, (03-19-2002)

Foley, Jane, (06-18-2002)

Sarajevo Haggadah
Poston, Arabella F., (09-22-2002)
Poston, Arabella F., (09-26-2002)

Sarike de Zoeten
Byrne, Penny, (12-10-2002)

Scholarships at West Dean College
Kellagher, Kathryn, (01-25-2002)

School of Information, UT Austin
Rice-Lively, Mary Lynn, (11-11-2002)

Screen print
Strebel, Martin, (01-25-2002)
Hendry, Heather, (01-26-2002)
Moller, Berit, (01-31-2002)
Lebwohl, Murray, (01-26-2002)

Rava, Antonio, (01-14-2002)

Sculpture conservator sought
Stulemeijer, Roeland, (03-12-2002)

Place, Heather, (10-31-2002)

Security strips
Konstantinos, Choulis, (09-26-2002)
Emprechtinger, Judith, (10-28-2002)

Seminar on Arms and Armour, Malta 2002
Draper, Alison, (08-28-2002)

Seminar on OAIS
Greenan, Monica, (10-01-2002)
Greenan, Monica, (11-06-2002)

Seminar on composite arms and armour
Stephens, Morwena, (11-27-2002)

Seminar on conservation of bark paintings
Roth, Kylie, (03-08-2002)
Tworek, Beata, (03-28-2002)

Seminar on history of equestrian saddles
Wills, Barbara, (09-03-2002)

Seminar on jewelry technology
Ogden, Jack, (08-20-2002)

Seminar on pest management
Gullett, Ellen, (03-01-2002)

Seminar on photographic preservation
Nishimura, Douglas, (05-13-2002)
Nishimura, Douglas, (06-21-2002)

Seminar on policies for digital preservation
Greenan, Monica, (12-09-2002)

Seminar on the conservation and restoration of arms and Armour
Draper, Alison, (05-16-2002)

Seminar on unusual materials
Stephens, Morwena, (01-24-2002)

September 11, 2001
Kahn, Miriam, (01-10-2002)

Shared collections storage
Potje, Karen, (02-20-2002)

Perotti, Deborah, (06-21-2002)

Shrink wrap equipment
Kaplan, Hilary A., (01-15-2002)

Shrunken head
Koukouli, Katerina, (04-09-2002)

Shrunken head--addendum
Koukouli, Katerina, (05-13-2002)

Silicone paper
Murphy, Carolyn, (08-28-2002)
Henricksen, Angela, (09-02-2002)

Silicone rubber as an adhesive
O'Brien, Emily M., (11-21-2002)
Koob, Stephen, (11-25-2002)
Knight, Barry, (11-26-2002)
Edelstein, Beth M., (11-30-2002)

Silver wipes
Stock, Susan, (09-10-2002)

Monroe, Margaret, (04-19-2002)
Derrick, Michele, (04-26-2002)
Petersen, Dag-Ernst, (05-18-2002)
Strong, Ellie, (05-21-2002)
Knops, Cor, (06-03-2002)

Steele, Marcia, (12-13-2002)

Smoke drawings
Jones, Sonia, (02-09-2002)

Smoke machines
Harrison, Paul, (08-21-2002)
Da Silva, Ines Maria Marques, (08-23-2002)
Ayers, Anthony D., (08-28-2002)
Minter, William, (08-30-2002)
Harrison, Paul, (09-03-2002)

Smoke machines Haze machines
Knight, Barry, (09-03-2002)

Soft solder
Ogden, Jack, (05-22-2002)

Solarization of glass
Fahey, Mary, (08-01-2002)
Koob, Stephen, (08-19-2002)

Wurfbain, Lisca Fockema, (04-11-2002)

Soot and odour removal after a fire
Teygeler, Reni, (08-01-2002)
Gilligan, Eliza, (08-05-2002)
Roundhill, Linda, (09-03-2002)
Saretzky, Gary, (09-04-2002)
Carter, Victoria, (09-04-2002)
Knight, Barry, (09-05-2002)
Seeley, Nigel, (09-10-2002)
Hingley, Mark, (09-09-2002)
Roundhill, Linda, (09-03-2002)
Knight, Barry, (09-16-2002)

Source for alpha amylase sought
Derow, Jonathan Paul, (09-18-2002)

Source for chicory root sought
Taylor, Rise, (06-05-2002)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (06-07-2002)
Gale-Sinex, Ian, (06-07-2002)
Self, Bob, (06-07-2002)

Source for glassine
Facini, Michelle, (11-04-2002)

Source for isinglass
Sobol, Heidi, (11-07-2002)
Strebel, Martin, (11-09-2002)

Source of colored paper sought
Atira-Soncea, Rae, (04-02-2002)
Green, Simon Barcham, (04-03-2002)

Source of parchment sought
Laubin, Sophie, (03-28-2002)
Prince, Clare, (04-03-2002)

Sources of conservation supplies
Chase, Ellen, (07-25-2002)

Spine labeling
Iams, Dorothy, (11-11-2002)

Spores on textile
Liao, Zu-Chun, (01-12-2001)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (02-06-2002)

Sporicidin wipes
Brown, Jane McCutchen, (09-12-2002)
Trinkley, Michael, (09-13-2002)
Fulton, Ian, (09-18-2002)
Roundhill, Linda, (10-02-2002)

Spray adhesive
Walker, David, (09-02-2002)
Dignard, Carole, (09-05-2002)
Roundhill, Linda, (09-04-2002)

Spray gun sought
March, Molly Kathryn, (05-16-2002)

Spraying Wei T'o solution
Fox, Lisa, (06-14-2002)
Elwing, James, (06-16-2002)
Kellar, Scott K., (06-21-2002)
Minter, William, (07-02-2002)

Stacks cleaning services
Gertz, Janet, (08-05-2002)

Staedtler Mars plastic erasers
Minter, William, (07-02-2002)

Stainless steel in outdoor sculptures
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (09-04-2002)
Lau, Deborah, (09-10-2002)

Stamping press available
Ivry, Judith, (05-12-2002)

Steel corrosion
Cox, Matt, (01-04-2002)

Stereographic binding
Miller, Julia, (10-04-2002)
Silverman, Randy, (10-10-2002)

Fox, Georgia, (03-11-2002)
Monahan, Valery, (03-13-2002)
Monahan, Valery, (03-27-2002)

Downey, Laura, (07-10-2002)
Shiner, Jerry, (07-16-2002)

Storage cases available
Monroe, Margaret, (01-02-2002)

Storage for large posters
Fredericks, Maria, (07-09-2002)

Storage of cameras
Monahan, Valery, (02-15-2002)
Thompson, Jack C., (02-20-2002)

Storage of currency
Sniderman, Lynn C., (02-19-2002)

Storage of oversized drawings
Tzakou, Avgi E., (03-14-2002)
Minter, William, (03-23-2002)

Storage of unstable glass
Reuss, Margrit, (05-21-2002)
Koob, Stephen, (05-24-2002)

Storage of works of art on paper
Wickenhiser-Schaudt, Carol, (05-20-2002)

Storing Japanese lacquer
Barr, Adam, (10-08-2002)

Storing acidic paper
Rohan, Deborah, (10-03-2002)
Green, Simon Barcham, (10-10-2002)
Hingley, Mark, (10-10-2002)
Ibsen, Soren, (10-10-2002)

Storing film as an artifact
Elia, Catrina, (03-22-2002)

Storing matches
Cheffins, Christine, (06-19-2002)
Burke, Ellin, (06-24-2002)

Storing oversize materials
Foucault, Lisa, (06-19-2002)

Storing paintings
Kelly, Shannan, (11-06-2002)
Lamb, Carolyn, (11-20-2002)

Storing pens
Fink, Carol E., (11-08-2002)

Storing saddles
Hopkins, William L., (10-15-2002)
Storch, Paul, (10-23-2002)
Gothorp, Cliff, (10-23-2002)
Shiner, Jerry, (10-23-2002)

Storing tomb figures
Shaw, Suzi, (05-13-2002)

Storing videotape
Boal, Gillian, (11-15-2002)

Cser, Laszlo, (01-06-2002)

Studentship at RCA/V&A
Baden, Joanna, (12-16-2002)

Support for mentorship and surveys
Markell, Melinda, (01-14-2002)

Survey about World Trade Center
Morris, Robert C., (12-11-2002)

Survey on archaeological archives in Wales
Parkes, Phil, (09-17-2002)

Survey on conservation of sacred objects
Bancroft, Anne, (03-08-2002)

Survey on delivery of preservation information
Sanderson, Belinda, (08-19-2002)

Survey on embedding materials for cross-sections
Weidner, Tina, (06-21-2002)

Survey on large format works on paper
Evans, Debra, (07-09-2002)

Survey on toning with tea
Southworth, Georgia, (02-27-2002)

Symposium on archaeological objects
Gasteiger, Stephanie, (04-24-2002)

Symposium on art, biology and conservation
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (03-09-2002)

Symposium on biodeterioration
Kucerova, Irena, (01-25-2002)

Symposium on conservation of paper, books and photographic materials
Leggio, Angeletta, (02-05-2002)

Symposium on conservation of paper, books, and photographic materials
Leggio, Angeletta, (03-27-2002)

Symposium on disasters
Ireland, Clara, (04-05-2002)
Ireland, Clara, (07-24-2002)

Symposium on emergency planning
Unterman, Richard, (08-13-2002)

Symposium on preservation of newspaper
DuMerer, Danielle, (02-13-2002)

Symposium on textile conservation
Clayton, Sarah, (04-02-2002)

Symposium on wood and furniture conservation
Van Duin, Paul, (11-05-2002)

Talk on photographic conservation
Pollmeier, Klaus, (09-20-2002)

Ellis, Jason, (06-27-2002)

Texol N
Riss, Dan, (10-22-2002)

Textile Conservation Group
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (12-05-2002)

Theorems (paintings)
Klaar, Joanne, (10-01-2002)

Dickens, Jenny, (11-01-2002)
Teygeler, Reni, (11-06-2002)
Storch, Paul, (11-15-2002)

Ticker tape
Castronovo, John, (12-14-2002)

Timber chair
Scott, Matthew, (07-05-2002)
Mussey, Robert, (07-10-2002)
Knight, Barry, (07-12-2002)

Tongue and groove joining in 17th century Netherlandish panel paintings
Schoonhoven, Barbara, (04-24-2002)

Tortoise shell
Vine, Mark, (03-11-2002)
Moller, Berit, (03-20-2002)
Braun, Tom James, (03-25-2002)

Training program at Johns Hopkins
Jackson, Martha, (03-15-2002)

Transformer oil
Hawk, Alan J., (02-27-2002)

Traveling exhibitions
Stulemeijer, Roeland, (03-05-2002)
Kerschner, Rick, (03-06-2002)

Treaty binding
Mouraud, Patricia, (01-30-2002)

Silberg, Steven H., (02-22-2002)
StewartZ, Carl, (03-12-2002)

UKIC Conservation News
Tribe, Adrian, (05-13-2002)

ULD BP-300
Shuey, Noelle, (03-19-2002)

US/ICOMOS internships
Araoz, Gustavo, (08-23-2002)

UV scanning of parchment
Gehnrich, Babette, (09-26-2002)
Bernstein, Johanna, (09-27-2002)

Unbuffered folders
Oliver, Audra, (01-28-2002)

University of Canberra heritage conservation program
Rennie, Sarah-Jane, (09-04-2002)

University of Texas Preservation and Conservation Studies Program
II, David B. Gracy, (02-08-2002)
Rice-Lively, Mary Lynn, (06-11-2002)

Urine on photographs
Bowman, Georgianne, (09-21-2002)
Saretzky, Gary, (09-30-2002)

Vacuum cleaners
White, Chris, (01-24-2002)
Lab, Preservation, (01-30-2002)
McGinn, Mary, (02-11-2002)

Vacuum hot table for sale
Hammer, Joseph, (10-15-2002)

Vapor barriers
Welch, Rashonda, (03-26-2002)

Thistlewood, Jevon, (03-09-2002)
Myers, Gay, (03-25-2002)

Ruxton, Vincent, (12-08-2002)

Veneer press for sale
Rohan, Deborah, (12-13-2002)

Verdigris on manuscript
Sidoti, Alessandro, (05-13-2002)

Simpson, Mathew E., (03-05-2002)
Neller, Angela Steiner, (04-30-2002)
Dixon, Tom, (10-07-2002)
Jeffers, Will, (10-16-2002)

Victorian pillow covers
Napert, Diane L., (12-06-2002)

Free, Valerie, (11-25-2002)

Vinegar syndrome in Dufaycolor
Siegel, Robin, (11-12-2002)

Vinland Map
N'Gadi, Ann B., (07-29-2002)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (07-30-2002)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (08-14-2002)

Vinyl wall covering
Seitz, Phillip, (06-13-2002)

Visiting in Europe
Mann, Jim, (01-25-2002)

Volara foam
Bruno, Lisa, (09-20-2002)
Prins, Steven, (09-23-2002)
Heaver, Melissa Marsh, (09-21-2002)

Walter C. McCrone
Hammond, Jane C., (07-22-2002)

Walter McCrone
Caldararo, Niccolo, (03-21-2002)

Washing positive blueprints
Reichert, Andrea, (11-14-2002)
Pollmeier, Klaus, (11-16-2002)

Washington Conservation Guild
Richwine, Beth, (02-01-2002)
Williams, Catherine, (04-02-2002)
Creager, Ann, (09-27-2002)
Creager, Ann, (11-20-2002)

Water damage to furniture
Adams, Jillian, (11-29-2002)
Greebe, Bart, (12-07-2002)

Water damaged books
Harrison, Garry, (05-07-2002)
Roundhill, Linda, (05-08-2002)

Water purification
Egunnike, Lydia C., (01-08-2002)
Ostroff, Cynthia, (05-21-2002)
Ibsen, Soren, (05-23-2002)

Water-sensitive photographic materials
Reynolds, Frank A., (09-30-2002)

Watered silk endpapers
Strebel, Martin, (10-30-2002)

Waterlogged textiles
Oh, Joonsuk, (03-21-2002)

Fairbanks-Harris, Theresa, (07-23-2002)
Maggen, Michael, (07-27-2002)

Self, Bob, (06-05-2002)

Wax seals
Bentchev, Ivan, (01-26-2002)
Williamson, Joanne, (11-06-2002)
Von Reventlow, Victor, (11-20-2002)

Weathering steel
Ellingsen, Trude, (04-20-2002)
Bertholon, Regis, (04-24-2002)
Gallagher, Patrick, (04-26-2002)
Elliott, Beth, (09-21-2002)

Weatherproof varnish for oil paintings
Balch, Pippa, (02-11-2002)
Kerschner, Rick, (02-15-2002)

Web site on historical bookbindings
Metzger, Consuela, (12-05-2002)

Wedding chest
DeVeer, Marysa, (07-20-2002)

Wheat starch paste
Hempe, Sandy, (07-10-2002)

White lead
Mussey, Robert, (01-17-2002)
Leeds, Wendy, (01-25-2002)
Mussey, Robert, (02-06-2002)

Window films
Dean, Monica, (09-18-2002)
Horton, John, (09-20-2002)
Downey, Anne, (09-23-2002)
Himmelstein, Paul, (09-24-2002)
Self, Robert L., (09-27-2002)
Potje, Karen, (10-03-2002)
Knight, Barry, (10-10-2002)
Bark, Jed, (10-10-2002)

Window films--corrigendum
Himmelstein, Paul, (09-25-2002)

Winterthur Research Fellowships awarded
Buggeln, Gretchen, (05-09-2002)

Wire stitcher
Lamson, Stephanie, (10-01-2002)

Wood damaged by furniture beetles
Fraser, Ian, (05-29-2002)

Wood fillers
Wells, Jeremy, (11-09-2002)
Arnold, Lori, (11-15-2002)
Norman, Chris, (11-15-2002)
Teles, Carlos Dion de Melo, (11-18-2002)
Teles, Carlos Dion de Melo, (11-25-2002)
Rogan, Ian J., (11-25-2002)

Wood filling materials
Iliopoulou, Antonia, (02-27-2002)
Marchant, Ray, (03-02-2002)
Zajaczkowska-Kloda, Joanna, (03-07-2002)
McFarland, Mary, (03-20-2002)
Klein, Detlef, (03-22-2002)

Wood sealants
Kellar, Scott K., (06-21-2002)

Wood sealants Shelving
Glover, Hugh, (06-28-2002)

Wool felt
Utter, Jodie Lee, (10-23-2002)
Green, Simon Barcham, (10-26-2002)
Atwood, Cathy, (10-28-2002)

Work projects at the National Museum of the American Indian
Kaminitz, Marian, (10-23-2002)

Workshop on Digitization
Tibbo, Helen, (12-17-2002)

Workshop on Disasters
Rawnsley, Virgilia, (10-11-2002)

Workshop on Integrated Pest Management
Riley, Alicia, (01-24-2002)

Workshop on Japanese paper conservation techniques
Davis, Vicki, (01-22-2002)

Workshop on Japanese paper conservation techniques--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (02-05-2002)

Workshop on Karibari
Nishio, Yoshi, (03-27-2002)

Workshop on XML as a preservation strategy
Greenan, Monica, (08-14-2002)

Workshop on ancient Peruvian textiles
Breeze, Camille, (01-30-2002)

Workshop on anoxia
Markell, Melinda S., (04-22-2002)

Workshop on art restoration and preservation
Fitzgerald, Rebecca, (04-30-2002)

Workshop on book repair
Riley, Alicia, (04-09-2002)

Workshop on costume mannequins
Williamson, Mary, (07-29-2002)

Workshop on digital imaging for paintings conservators
Bustin, Mary, (06-21-2002)

Workshop on digitization and preservation of photographs
Gann, Lyzanne, (09-06-2002)

Workshop on disaster management
Charles, Vanessa, (04-16-2002)

Workshop on disasters
Charles, Vanessa, (04-03-2002)
James, Robert, (06-19-2002)
Riley, Alicia, (07-17-2002)

Workshop on emergency preparedness
Page, Julie, (04-15-2002)

Workshop on environment
Daniel, Vinod, (02-19-2002)

Workshop on environmental monitoring
Roller, Anne, (04-12-2002)
Lull, William P., (05-02-2002)

Workshop on enzymes
Pourchot, Eric, (03-08-2002)

Workshop on fossil, mineral, and rock collections
Thorp, Valerie, (10-24-2002)

Workshop on framing
Boyle, Tina, (04-11-2002)

Workshop on fungi
Mort-Putland, Lisa, (02-18-2002)
Gatenby, Sue, (11-12-2002)

Workshop on grant writing
Markell, Melinda S., (01-07-2002)

Workshop on inpainting
Pourchot, Eric, (01-02-2002)

Workshop on lasers in conservation
Degrigny, Christian, (07-09-2002)

Workshop on management of photographic collections
Muller, Anne, (05-14-2002)

Workshop on medieval pigments
Hagadorn, Alexis, (04-22-2002)

Workshop on papermaking
Ginsberg, Tatiana, (05-08-2002)

Workshop on photodocumentation
Sass, Shelley, (06-18-2002)
Sass, Shelley, (07-24-2002)

Workshop on photographic conservation
Andrews, Theresa, (05-03-2002)

Workshop on photographic conservation and digital prints
Leggio, Angeletta, (08-13-2002)

Workshop on pigments and Inks
Shockey, Theresa V., (11-13-2002)

Workshop on pigments and inks
Pourchot, Eric, (02-01-2002)
Lapkin, Rachel, (11-20-2002)

Workshop on preservation microfilming
Riley, Alicia, (08-07-2002)

Workshop on preservation of art and artifacts in public places
McIntyre, Gayle, (01-18-2002)

Workshop on preservation planning
Araoz, Gustavo, (04-25-2002)

Workshop on preservation planning for archives
Riley, Alicia, (01-29-2002)

Workshop on pulping
Petukhova, Tatyana, (04-24-2002)

Workshop on repairing calf bookbindings
Drewes, Jeanne, (03-15-2002)

Workshop on scanning
Houghton, Holly, (08-21-2002)

Workshop on use of vacuum in paper conservation
Boyle, Tina, (04-16-2002)

Workshop on wallpaper
Thurston, Isabel, (10-30-2002)

Workshops on conservation of paintings and prints
Daley, Andrea, (06-26-2002)

Workshops on holdings maintenance, audiovisual materials, and digital preservation
Talley, Sarah, (06-21-2002)

Workshops on packing, inpainting, and tape removal
Pourchot, Eric, (06-28-2002)

Workshops on photographic conservation
Leggio, Angeletta, (05-09-2002)
Severi, Mariangela, (09-09-2002)

Workshops on preservation management
Foley, Lori, (06-26-2002)

Workshops on stained glass windows and stone monuments
Anson-Cartwright, Tamara, (07-29-2002)

X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Henry, Walter, (02-28-2002)

Xerox Phaser 860
Gray, Heather, (01-15-2002)

Yellowing of polyethylene bags
Nightengale, Laura H., (03-15-2002)
Tsang, Alice, (03-21-2002)
Shiner, Jerry, (03-25-2002)
McCrady, Ellen, (03-25-2002)

Von Lerber, Karin, (01-11-2002)
Hammond, Jane C., (01-13-2002)

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