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Subject: DEMHIST Annual Conference

DEMHIST Annual Conference

From: Loes Siedenburg <loes.siedenburg>
Date: Friday, September 6, 2002
Program of the Third Annual Conference of Demhist,
October 14-16, 2002

Historic House Museums as Witnesses of National and Local Identities

DEMHIST, ICOM's international committee for historic houses
('Demeures Historiques') and the Netherlands Institute for Cultural
Heritage (ICN) join in presenting to you DEMHIST's third annual
conference. The theme of the conference is 'historic house museums
as witnesses of national and local identities'. International
speakers will present houses from all over the world and practical
issues about historic house museums will be addressed in workshops
geared to fostering participation and creating solutions. The
congress will take place in Amsterdam, from 14-16 October 2002 in
the Industrieele Groote Club.

To subscribe to this congress arwen.schram [at] icn__nl to receive the

DEMHIST is a forum for proposing and debating key criteria for the
management and conservation of historic house museums. Historic
house museums are examined as integrated combinations of
"containers" (structures preserved as wholes) and "content"
(furnishings, decorations and collections).
<URL:> (click on DEMHIST)

The Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (Instituut Collectie
Nederland of ICN) is the principal national information institute
for the conservation and management of cultural heritage. The
institute has five core tasks, centred on the production and
provision of information: advice, research, information, training
and support. The ICN is very pleased to host this conference, as it
provides ICN with another opportunity to emphasize the historic
interior as a topic, after the successful series of events of last
year. <URL:>

The location of all conference events will be 'De Industrieele
Groote Club', Dam 27, downtown Amsterdam, unless otherwise.

Sunday, Oct 13, 2002

18:00       Meeting of the DEMHIST Board, only

Monday, October 14, 2002

    Chairwoman of the day is Pauline Kruseman, director of the
    Amsterdam Historic Museum and chairwoman of ICOM-Netherlands.

9:00        Coffee and registration

9:45        Rik Vos, director of  ICN: Welcome to Amsterdam

9:50        Rosanna  Pavoni,  chair  pro-tempore of DEMHIST:
            'DEMHIST on the Brink of its Third Annual Conference'

10:00       Frans Grijzenhout, head of education of ICN: 'A House in
            Holland? Identity in the Past and Present'

10:30       Questions

10:40       Break

11:00       Around the world: 'This is My House' in 15 Minutes

    Australia: Linda Young
    Brazil: Magaly Cabral
    Italy: Giovanni Pinna
    Morocco: Mohammed Chadli
    USA: Dawn Wiegand
    USA: Karen Zukowski

12:30       Lunch

13:30       Around the World: 'This is My House' in 15 Minutes

    Belgium: Sharon Hirsh
    England: Julius Bryant
    Ireland: Hugh Maguire
    Netherlands: Eloy Koldeweij
    Norway: Erik Jondell
    Portugal: Maria de Jesus Monge
    Sweden: Michelle Facos

15:15       Break

16:00       Frans van Burkom (staff member of ICN) : 'A House in
            Holland? Identity in the Future'

16:25       Questions and discussion

17:10       End of program

Ca. 17:45   Drinks offered by ICN at Museumsquare in the former
            building of the domestic science school.

The Industrieele Groote Club offers you a limited possibility to
sell books and to display brochures and posters from your museums.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

9:00        Coffee

9:30-12:00  Workshops (it is necessary to sign up for the workshops
            in advance on the registration form)

Workshop 1:

    The Second Phase of the Categorization Project: Understanding
    Your House Through Sub-Categories, topics: Concepts Involved in
    Sub-Categories of Historic House Museums, Analysis of
    Sub-Categories of Homes in Which the Patrons Recreated an
    Historical Period or Taste Different from their Own, Proposals
    for Other Sub-Categories of Historic House Museums and
    Individuation of Distinctive Elements as "Reading Keys,"
    Reflections on the Most Effective Means to Communicate the
    Significant Differences Between the Many Different
    Sub-Categories of Historic House Museums, moderator: Rosanna
    Pavoni, contributors: Conny Bogaard, Terry Davis, Charlotte
    Smith (To all those registering for this workshop preparatory
    material about the first phase of the categorization project
    will be sent).

Workshop 2:

    The Value of the House Museum: How to Deal with Copyright Issues
    for the Benefit of the House and its Collection, topics:
    Museological Debate on Property and Intellectual Property
    Rights, Fair versus Commercial Use, Strategies of Protection and
    Valorisation of the Property and Intellectual Property Rights,
    Procedures and Contractual Format, Relationships with Agents and
    Dealers, International Strategies, Relationship With and Impact
    of New Technologies, Delivery Strategies and Cases,
    Institutional and Financial Issues,  moderator: Guido Guerzoni,
    contributor: Wim Jacobs.

Workshop 3:

    Kasteel Amerongen: 'How and Where to Start When the Problems are
    Substantial: an Integrated Approach for the Historic House
    Museum,' topics: Assessing the Situation, Establishing
    Priorities, Surveying and Documenting the Collection, Building
    Support, the Collection as an Ensemble versus the Needs of
    Individual Objects, Presentation versus Preservation,
    Authenticity versus Reconstruction, Keeping a Collection in a
    Monument, moderator: Tessa Luger, contributors: Eloy Koldeweij,
    Charlotte van Rappard, Steven Coene, Christel Paul.

Workshop 4:

    Rescue of the former Museum of Artis-Zoo: Preservation,
    Restoration, and Destination: How and Where to Start? A Chance
    for the New Museum-Axis in Amsterdam, topics: Scenarios of
    Rearranging the Ensemble of Building, Interior and Collection,
    Strategies of Organizing, Conservation Policies, Investment and
    Exploitation, moderator: Arnoud Odding, contributors: Joost
    Willink, Natasja Wehman.

12-13:30:   Lunch and transport to chosen excursions (handy
            arrangements in public transport)

13:30-19:00 Three Visits.

    Follow-up of the workshops will take place through excursions to
    Amsterdam's historic house museums (please mark your preference
    for one of the visits in advance on the registration form)

        A.  "Museum Amstelkring: a Safe Haven for Religion (Roman
            Catholic) and Culture in the Red Light District:
            Planning a New Wing," presented by the director, Judikje
            Kiers, and Thijs Boers.

            "The Anne Frank House: a Famous Girl and an Amsterdam
            House with 900,000 Pilgrims Yearly: How to Manage
            Visitors and Prevention," presented by Teresien da

        B.  "Museum van Loon: a House Museum," presented by Tonko

            "Museum of Willet Holthuysen: How to Exploit a House
            Museum?," presented by a staff member

        C.  "House of the Family Six: a Private Collector's House,"
            presented by a member of the Six family

            "The Former Artis 'Grand Museum'," presented by Arnoud
            Odding and Joost Willink

19:00       End of program

Ca. 19      Drinks in the Museum Willet-Holthuysen, Herengracht 605,
            offered by ICOM- Netherlands.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

9:30        Annual meeting of members of the DEMHIST committee?all
            members encouraged to attend; any motions to be voted on
            by voting members only; new board members for 2002-2005
            to be elected by voting members, only

            Free-time in Amsterdam and Amsterdam house museums
            (access arranged by ICN)

12:30       Departure by bus to excursions outside of Amsterdam.
            Brown bag lunch in the bus (it is necessary to choose
            and sign up for the excursions in advance on the
            registration form, space is very limited)

        1.  "Visit to Kasteel De Haar (in Haarzuilens), Value
            Assessment, Identity, Prevention, the Public, and
            Revenues," two guided tours (in English, max. total 60
            persons) continued by :

            "Visit to Kasteel Amerongen (in Amerongen), Value
            Assessment, Identity, Prevention, the Public, and
            Revenues," presented by Tessa Luger and Eloy Koldeweij
            (in English, max. total 60 persons)

        2.  "Visit to Jachtslot St. Hubertus (in Otterloo): Value
            Assessment, Identity, Prevention, the Public, and
            Revenues," two guided tours (in English, max. total 40

Ca. 19:00   Dinner in Amsterdam. Nasi goreng (Indonesian
            rice-table)- optional

Conference venue

The third annual DEMHIST conference, generously supported by the ICN
(Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage), will be held at 'De
Industrieele Groote Club' (unless otherwise specified). The Club is
located on Damsquare in the center of Amsterdam at Dam 27, 1012 JS
Amsterdam. The Club is reached easily with public transport: trams
4, 9, 16, 20, 25, from central Station; get off at the first stop

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