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1995 AMIGOS Spring Conference
Derrick, Tonya, (03-22-1995)

3M CD Protection Kit
Watt, Marcia, (11-15-1995)

3rd International Conference on Biodeterioration of Cultural Property
Skvortsova, Olga, (01-18-1995)

8 ply mat board
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (10-25-1995)

A death
Vine, Mark, (09-09-1995)

AIC Archives Group meeting
Kaplan, Hilary A., (06-04-1995)

AIC Education and Outreach Committee brown bag lunch
Motylewski, Karen, (01-30-1995)

AIC annual meeting
Woods, Katherine, (06-19-1995)
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (12-13-1995)

AIC preconference
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (12-14-1995)

AIC preconference on housing
Martin, Miranda, (07-26-1995)

ALA program on insurance
Steele, Martha, (06-06-1995)

ALA program on print collections
Reynolds, Geoffrey, (06-15-1995)

ALIA meeting
Howell, Alan, (11-06-1995)

ALISE Preservation SIG
Smith, Steve, (12-15-1995)

ANSI standards for photographic materials
Nishimura, Doug, (11-25-1995)

ARL library preservation statistics
Kyrillidou, Martha, (08-22-1995)

Acetate recordings
Berinstein, Paula, (06-15-1995)

Acrylic adhesives
Down, Jane, (03-31-1995)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (04-03-1995)

Adhering polyester film to paper
Jermann, Pete, (03-15-1995)
Leake, George, (03-20-1995)

Adhering polysester film to paper
Vine, Mark, (03-11-1995)

Adhesive for attaching canvas to wall
Vine, Mark, (08-29-1995)
III, George Randall Leake, (09-01-1995)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (09-05-1995)
Cser, Laszlo, (09-04-1995)

Adhesives and plumbing problems
Wodehouse, Katherine, (12-12-1995)
Dunlap, Sue, (12-15-1995)

Adhesives for facing
Atwood, Cathy, (11-09-1995)

Henry, Walter, (02-23-1995)
Henry, Walter, (06-06-1995)
Henry, Walter, (06-12-1995)
Henry, Walter, (08-04-1995)
Henry, Walter, (12-01-1995)

Advanced workshops on book conservation
Spitzmueller, Pam, (12-06-1995)

Advances in Preservation and Access
Higginbotham, Barbra Buckner, (06-05-1995)

Ageless and mold
Pauk, Sophia, (12-05-1995)
Shiner, Jerry, (12-07-1995)

Alkaline paper and photographic materials
Lindzey, Ginny, (07-26-1995)

Alternatives to Ablebond 342-1
Vine, Mark, (03-27-1995)
Down, Jane, (03-31-1995)
Spirydowicz, Krysia, (04-03-1995)
Strauss, Linda, (04-24-1995)
Tribe, Adrian, (05-05-1995)

Analytical studies
Martin, James, (06-21-1995)

Animation cells
Brown, Barbara, (12-31-1994)

Ann Craddock
Rawnsley, Virgilia, (06-14-1995)

Archaeotechnology section added to JOM
Lowengard, Sarah, (02-09-1995)

Archival cloth garment bags
Cheetham, Julie, (02-03-1995)
Vine, Mark, (02-09-1995)

Archives Conservation Group meeting
Alper, Diana, (05-24-1995)

Art Sorb
Dixon, Thomas, (12-14-1995)

Article on lighting
Henry, Walter, (10-13-1995)
Druzik, Jim, (10-18-1995)

Articles on board reattachment sought
Davis, Charles, (10-14-1995)

Audio tape preservation
Sagraves, Barbara, (03-08-1995)
Lindner, James, (03-09-1995)

B & G Mini Fumigation Bubbles
Pinzl, Ann, (07-11-1995)
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (07-17-1995)

BAACG Exhibit booth at Restoration West
Untch, Katharine, (11-26-1995)

BAACG exhibit booth at Restoration West--Corrigendum
Untch, Katharine, (12-05-1995)

BAPNET presentation
Whitson, Bill, (12-08-1995)

Bacteria for stone conservation
Luis, S.L. Domenico, (01-24-1995)

Glaser, Mary Todd, (07-24-1995)
Brown, Barbara N., (07-26-1995)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (07-26-1995)
Trinkley, Michael, (07-27-1995)
Hallam, David, (07-28-1995)
Grattan, David, (07-28-1995)
Koob, Stephen, (08-01-1995)
Player-Dahnsjo, Ylva, (08-03-1995)

Cosgrove, Alicia, (06-07-1995)
Maguire, Marsha, (09-29-1995)
Henderson, William, (10-05-1995)
Boral, John, (10-23-1995)
Boral, John, (10-23-1995)
Batterham, Ian, (11-01-1995)

Barcoding Labelling artifacts
Boral, John, (11-08-1995)

Barcoding and security systems
Smith, Merrily, (11-02-1995)
Griffiths, Susan, (11-06-1995)

Barcoding microfiche
Ryder, Becky, (11-02-1995)
Kesse, Erich, (11-06-1995)
Webb, Colin, (11-07-1995)

Barrier creams
Lauters, Stuart, (01-24-1995)

Berol Prismacolor art pencil for labeling photographs
BonaDea, Artemis, (02-09-1995)
Vine, Mark, (02-14-1995)
Reynolds, Frank A., (02-17-1995)

Bibliographic control and preservation photocopying
Schoonmaker, Dina, (03-07-1995)

Bibliographic control during disaster recovery
Conn, Donia, (10-26-1995)

Bibliography on disasters
Boccaccio, Mary, (11-08-1995)

Binding photocopies
Zacks, Sumner, (09-12-1995)
Zacks, Sumner, (09-12-1995)

Binding thick books
Hodges, Elaine, (11-06-1995)

Bird control and outdoor sculpture
Griswold, John, (05-06-1995)
Kronkright, Dale Paul, (05-07-1995)
Trinkley, Michael, (05-13-1995)

Pearson, Colin, (02-28-1995)

Body fluids
Wellheiser, Johanna, (05-23-1995)
Trinkley, Michael, (05-25-1995)
Zachary, Shannon, (09-30-1995)
Tremain, David, (10-05-1995)
Henry, Walter, (10-22-1995)

Book Conservators to address ALA
Silverman, Randy, (05-22-1995)

Book carts
Baillie, Jeavons, (07-24-1995)

Book drops
Herrick, Roxanna, (06-01-1995)

Book measuring devices
Atwood, Cathy, (03-15-1995)
Frellsen, Ann V., (03-20-1995)
Kellar, Scott K., (03-25-1995)
Milevski, Robert J., (03-30-1995)
Van Velzen, Bas, (04-13-1995)

Book on book conservation
Pilette, Roberta, (09-22-1995)

Bookbinding equipment available
Jermann, Pete, (04-27-1995)

Bookbinding training opportunities in Europe
Vine, Mark, (03-31-1995)
Maas, Geert, (04-06-1995)

Bookbinding workshops
Mcdonald, Walter H., (05-03-1995)

Bookkeeper tour at ACRL
Melnick, Susan M., (03-06-1995)

Books vandalized with spray paint
Bialek, Joe, (04-11-1995)

Brass coatings
Richwine, Beth, (01-06-1995)

Bridge Project Newsletter
Margolis, Richard, (01-02-1995)

Brief book review
Peters, Dale, (06-01-1995)
Vine, Mark, (07-16-1995)
Vine, Mark, (12-10-1995)

Bronze-coated iron outdoor sculpture
Zajicek, Peter, (03-17-1995)
Wharton, Glenn, (03-19-1995)
Shiner, Jerry, (03-20-1995)

Brother labels
Mcelhiney, Larry, (08-24-1995)
Clarke, Mark, (08-31-1995)

CCAHA tour
Brown, Charlotte, (01-05-1995)

CD-rom longevity
Jackson, Rab, (07-06-1995)
Gorman, Laura, (07-11-1995)
Brown, Barbara N., (07-14-1995)
Spence, John, (07-17-1995)
Meislik, Miriam, (07-20-1995)

Perkins, John, (10-23-1995)

CMDS/PARS session on digital collections
Palmer, Patricia, (06-16-1995)

CO2 as fumigant
Ballantyne, Maggie, (07-13-1995)

CPA International Report Series
Sitts, Maxine K., (02-03-1995)

CPA/CRL affiliation
Sitts, Maxine K., (02-24-1995)

CPA/CRL affiliation--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (02-27-1995)
Sitts, Maxine K., (02-27-1995)

Calcium carbonate and adhesive residues
Power, Sally, (03-22-1995)
McCrady, Ellen, (03-24-1995)

California Preservation Internship
Jones, Lynn, (10-31-1995)

Call For Papers--library technical services
Shaffer, Barbara, (07-11-1995)

Call for Papers--IIC Congress
Pearson, Colin, (01-12-1995)

Call for information
Yoder, Dean, (04-25-1995)

Call for nominations--Gaylord Collections Conservation Award
Schrock, Nancy C., (09-22-1995)

Call for papers--publication on wood structures
Stott, Peter, (04-19-1995)

Cancellation of NEA "Care of Collection" category
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (11-10-1995)

Capillary matting
Atwood, Cathy, (03-23-1995)

Career opportunities in conservation
Verheyen, Peter David, (03-01-1995)

Cartoons and preparatory drawings
Keynan, Daria, (09-22-1995)

Cement sealant
Trost, Maxine, (01-06-1995)

Robinson, Rob, (09-26-1995)
Hodges, Elaine, (10-25-1995)
Reitci, Steve, (10-27-1995)

Ceramic tiled panel
Vine, Mark, (03-29-1995)
Down, Jane, (03-31-1995)

Change of Address for ICOMOS WWW and Gopher sites
Stott, Peter, (11-06-1995)

Changes in IMS procedures
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (11-10-1995)

Chelating agents
Blosser, Amanda, (03-20-1995)
Clarke, Mark, (03-22-1995)

Chicago Area Conservation Group
Deller, Craig, (10-16-1995)

Glaser, Mary Todd, (10-27-1995)

Chlorine bleach as artist's material
Rolich, Andrea, (06-01-1995)

Scott, John, (12-30-1994)

Christmas poem
Shelton, Sally, (12-13-1995)

Christopher Clarkson lecture series
Spitzmueller, Pam, (07-10-1995)

Citations on boxmaking
Dean, J. Claire, (08-17-1995)

Cleaning and degreasing animal head mounts
Fielding, Jim, (02-08-1995)
Graham, Fiona, (02-17-1995)
Ketcham, Jane, (02-17-1995)
Tribe, Adrian, (02-20-1995)

Cleaning books
Ibsen, Soren, (10-04-1995)

Cleaning globes
Stoebner, Sue C., (12-06-1995)

Cleaning library collections
Dunlap, Sue, (10-06-1995)
Peters, Dale, (10-11-1995)

Cleaning minerals
Hall, Katharine, (12-11-1995)

Cleaning phonograph discs
Trost, Maxine, (08-25-1995)
St-Laurent, Gilles, (08-29-1995)

Clear resin for glass reproduction
Etcheverry, Jean, (12-19-1995)

Client/restorer relations
Rogers, Dominique, (04-16-1995)

Cold storage for fur
Shiner, Jerry, (08-14-1995)

Cold storage for mammal skins
Berry, Michelle, (08-02-1995)

Pinard, Susan, (03-20-1995)
Saunders, Richard, (03-22-1995)

Collection Conservation Task Force
Watt, Marcia, (01-26-1995)

Color photocopies
Baird, Brian, (03-13-1995)

Colored Japanese paper
Atwood, Cathy, (04-27-1995)

Colored acid free paper
Gilderson-Duwe, Caroline, (03-23-1995)
McCrady, Ellen, (03-24-1995)
Roessler, Ralph, (03-24-1995)
Watt, Marcia, (03-24-1995)

Colored file folders
McColgin, Michael, (08-25-1995)

Colorimetry software
Lowengard, Sarah, (04-03-1995)

Columbia University Libraries Preservation Division web pages
Gertz, Janet, (10-24-1995)

Spencer, Scott, (06-16-1995)
Clarke, Mark, (06-18-1995)

Commercial binding contracts
Mosler, Elizabeth M., (10-30-1995)

Commercial binding turnaround time
Coates, Louise, (03-13-1995)
Dolge, Brian L., (03-14-1995)
Stienbarger, Lisa M., (10-18-1995)
Arnold, Meg Robinson, (10-23-1995)

Commercial sources for phase boxes
Milevski, Robert J., (10-19-1995)

Compact shelving and emergency preparedness
Smith, Merrily, (08-03-1995)

Computer-generated labels
Kissner, Terry, (09-26-1995)
Kellar, Scott K., (09-29-1995)

Condition surveys
Rennie, Charlotte, (03-08-1995)
Panitch, Judy, (09-13-1995)
Jones, Lynn, (09-14-1995)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (09-18-1995)

Bradford, Owen, (12-11-1995)

Conference disaster planning
Howell, Alan, (07-28-1995)

Conference negotiations on IMS,NEH, NEA complete
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (09-20-1995)

Conference on Islamic manuscripts
Benson, Jake, (09-17-1995)

Conference on Magnetic Tape and Optical Disk
Calmes, Alan, (11-20-1995)

Conference on digitization, microfilming, and preservation
Motylewski, Karen, (01-06-1995)

Conference on disasters in libraries and archives
Uspenskaya, Svetlana Vasilievna, (07-17-1995)

Conference on fund raising
Motylewski, Karen, (01-26-1995)

Conference on libraries and literature
Klavans, Judith, (09-20-1995)

Conference on preserving multimedia
Lavrencic, Tamara, (08-22-1995)

Conference on resins
Player-Dahnsjo, Ylva, (01-19-1995)
Player-Dahnsjo, Ylva, (08-03-1995)

Conference on risk management
Messier, Paul, (02-01-1995)

Clarke, Mark, (10-15-1995)
Rogers, Dominique, (10-28-1995)

Conservation education
Barnett, Lester, (11-22-1995)

Conservation in Vietnam
Player-Dahnsjo, Ylva, (04-25-1995)

Conservation inventory software
Dierick, Dominique, (03-21-1995)

Conservation nomenclature
Cato, Paisley S., (04-11-1995)
Hills-Nova, Clare, (04-13-1995)
Hallam, David, (04-18-1995)
Deller, Craig, (04-17-1995)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (04-19-1995)
Brown, Jane M., (04-27-1995)
Henry, Walter, (04-29-1995)
Frost, Gary, (04-29-1995)

Conservation of archaeological turtle shell
Podany, Jerry, (03-07-1995)
Tiano, Piero, (03-10-1995)

Conservation of fans
Patkus, Beth, (05-05-1995)

Conservation of industrial artifacts
Czerwinski, Elisabeth, (03-18-1995)

Conservation of pith paper
Nielsen, Ingelise, (02-11-1995)
Morrison, Robert C., (02-13-1995)
Ream, Julie, (02-21-1995)

Conservation policy documentation
Czerwinski, Elisabeth, (02-09-1995)

Conservation projects for Slavic and East European materials
Ingersoll, Jared, (06-02-1995)

Conservation services needed
Berger, Sidney, (09-25-1995)

Conservation technicians
Karpinski, Patti, (07-25-1995)

Conservation training opportunities
Barrow, William, (01-31-1995)
Pilette, Roberta, (02-02-1995)
Lowengard, Sarah, (02-03-1995)
Stilson, Randolph, (02-05-1995)

Conservation workstation
Nurkkala, Yrjo, (01-17-1995)

Conservation/restoration degree in Florence
Squires, Nicole, (01-27-1995)

Conservators sought for college career days
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (08-28-1995)

Consolidating deteriorated leather
Knops, Cor, (08-24-1995)

Consolidation of terracotta tiles
Roskar, Tanja, (11-16-1995)
Koob, Stephen, (11-22-1995)
Velios, Thanasis, (11-24-1995)
Koob, Stephen, (12-04-1995)

Consolidation of thick matte paint layers
Nielsen, Ingelise, (03-03-1995)

Containers for photographic film
Vine, Mark, (09-23-1995)

Containers for rare books
Maguire, Marsha, (09-29-1995)

Cooperative Preservation Programs Discussion Group
Davis, Sheryl, (05-05-1995)

Cooperative Preservation Programs Discussion Group meeting
Davis, Sheryl, (03-08-1995)

Cooperative Programs Discussion Group
Davis, Sheryl, (01-10-1995)

Copper sulfate
McGuire, Sue Lynn, (04-06-1995)

Copy cradle for fragile books
Lang, Curt, (04-11-1995)
Lang, Curt, (09-17-1995)

Course in casting and molding
Johnson, Jessica, (02-13-1995)

Course on geological conservation
Shelton, Sally, (03-21-1995)

Course on identification of museum materials
Johnson, Jessica S., (12-11-1995)

Course on museums in historic buildings
Weatherston, Brenda, (08-03-1995)

Course on on-site archaeological conservation
Dean, J. Claire, (03-24-1995)

Course on preserving natural history collections
Weatherston, Brenda, (12-06-1995)

Course on vernacular architecture
Carroll, Mary S., (03-22-1995)

Creation of permanent records
Holland, Harold, (05-02-1995)

Cristoid Film
Hook, Roderick, (01-29-1995)

Curled microfiche
Denham, Patricia, (02-13-1995)

Curled nitrate negatives
Virta, Alan, (05-16-1995)
Clarke, Mark, (05-23-1995)

Custom Manufacturing Inc.
Schoonmaker, Dina, (08-14-1995)

Bradford, Owen, (07-11-1995)
Baty, Laurie, (07-14-1995)
Messier, Paul, (07-17-1995)
Nadeau, Luis, (07-14-1995)
Clarke, Mark, (07-18-1995)

Damage from photocopying
Price, Julie, (06-08-1995)

Damage to electronic media by magnetic fields
Koros, Sonya, (10-19-1995)
Lindner, Jim, (10-23-1995)
Stinson, Susan T., (10-25-1995)
Koros, Sonya, (11-02-1995)

Database software for conservation documentation
Peters, Dale, (02-24-1995)
Morrison, Robert C., (02-28-1995)
Kotei, Ebenezer, (02-28-1995)

Dataloggers available
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (10-24-1995)

Deaccessioning and appraisal
Shelton, Sally, (07-12-1995)

Deacidification sprays and blueprints
Motylewski, Karen, (09-15-1995)

Deacidification sprays and blueprints--corrigendum
Hempe, Sandy, (09-19-1995)

Deadline for FAIC Kress Conservation Fellowship
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (08-28-1995)

Debate on destruction of Federal records
Becker, Eddie, (08-10-1995)

Demagnetizing magnetic tapes
Clarke, Mark, (06-30-1995)

Deterioration of silver photographs
Schmitz, Greg, (07-28-1995)

Diazo microfilm
DeBolt, Dean, (02-25-1995)
Stewart, Charles, (02-27-1995)
McCormick, Michael, (03-02-1995)
Stewart, Charles, (03-05-1995)
Dodson, Suzanne, (03-06-1995)
McCormick, Michael, (03-07-1995)

Digital Training
Berger, Barbara, (12-06-1995)

Digital imaging
Van Velzen, Bas, (07-11-1995)
Brown, Barbara N., (07-12-1995)
Clarke, Mark, (07-18-1995)

Digital imaging workshop
Berger, Barbara, (03-09-1995)

Digital microfilming
Chad, Barry, (06-26-1995)

Digitization of microforms
Pam, Bjornson, (01-19-1995)
DeBolt, Dean, (01-23-1995)
Howell, Alan, (02-17-1995)

Disaster preparedness manual available
Jermann, Pete, (10-16-1995)

Disaster recovery companies
Honneffer, Frederick, (04-05-1995)

Disaster response discussion on America Online
Mibach, Lisa, (05-12-1995)

Disaster slides
Pauk, Sophia, (07-04-1995)

Do-it-yourself conservation
Strickler, Ivy, (09-26-1995)
Wain, Alison, (10-04-1995)
Vine, Mark, (09-30-1995)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (10-05-1995)
Meline, Ellen, (10-25-1995)

Document Reproduction Services
Fairfield, John R., (08-31-1995)

Doll conservator
Kotei, Ebenezer, (02-24-1995)

Drying silica gel
Dixon, Thomas, (12-14-1995)

Due date slips
Murray, Kate, (04-18-1995)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (04-24-1995)

Grunder, Henry, (10-05-1995)
Shiner, Jerry, (10-06-1995)

Dust and handling
Ashley-Smith, Jonathan, (09-28-1995)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (10-05-1995)
Tribe, Adrian, (10-06-1995)

Dust cloths
McColgin, Michael, (09-25-1995)

Dust covers in storage cases
Gorman, Cyril, (03-13-1995)

Dust jackets
Schoonmaker, Dina, (09-08-1995)
Keyes, Clara, (09-11-1995)
Virta, Alan, (09-11-1995)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (09-18-1995)
Jermann, Pete, (09-20-1995)
Williams, Jeannette B., (09-21-1995)
III, George Randall Leake, (09-25-1995)
Schrock, Nancy C., (09-27-1995)

Dyeing baleen
Bone, Leslie, (02-06-1995)

Educational opportunities in Germany
Frakes, Susan Mackey, (03-05-1995)
Peters, Dale, (03-09-1995)

Effects of candle smoke on textiles
Pearson, Colin, (12-08-1995)
Brown, Jane M., (12-13-1995)
Barnett, Jennifer, (12-16-1995)

Electrodeless sulfur lamp
Motylewski, Karen, (01-24-1995)
Rhode, Michael, (01-26-1995)

Ellen Chin awarded Gaylord Collections Conservation Award
Schrock, Nancy C., (05-06-1995)

Emergency salvage of plaster monument
Vine, Mark, (11-30-1995)

Emergency supply firm
Bear, Alice, (11-12-1995)

Endowments for preservation
Milevski, Robert J., (07-06-1995)

Environmental control
Kerschner, Richard L., (08-08-1995)
Keynan, Daria, (08-16-1995)

Epoxy adhesives
Wain, Alison, (07-06-1995)

Hostetler, Joan, (03-08-1995)
Ketcham, Jane, (03-09-1995)
Wagner, Sarah, (03-10-1995)
Vine, Mark, (03-17-1995)
Wagner, Sarah, (03-21-1995)
Stall, Claudia, (03-20-1995)
Koga, Dean, (03-21-1995)
Dignard, Carole, (03-22-1995)

Ethanol soluble adhesives
Howe, Deborah, (12-08-1995)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (12-11-1995)

Ethics and materials
Hogg, Simon, (10-05-1995)
Shiner, Jerry, (10-06-1995)
Smithen, Patricia, (10-10-1995)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (10-09-1995)
Vine, Mark, (10-06-1995)
Clarke, Mark, (10-15-1995)
Keynan, Daria, (10-11-1995)

Evaluating materials for exhibition and storage
Martin, James, (09-28-1995)

Exercising audiotapes
Bowman, Inci, (05-16-1995)
Lindner, Jim, (05-16-1995)
Clarke, Mark, (05-23-1995)
Bowman, Inci, (05-23-1995)

Exhibit design slides
Poon, Carolynne, (01-16-1995)

Exhibition and transport of Seurat painting
Milevski, Robert J., (02-24-1995)
Milevski, Robert J., (03-16-1995)
Milevski, Robert J., (03-20-1995)

Experimental search engine for CoOL
Henry, Walter, (10-22-1995)

Exterior latex paint
BonaDea, Artemis, (03-21-1995)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (03-29-1995)

Fabric stability
Bone, Leslie, (02-28-1995)

Faded carbon copies
Reitci, Steve, (06-05-1995)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (06-07-1995)
Peters, Dale, (06-13-1995)

Feedback sought for article on preservation of movie posters
Green, John, (08-29-1995)

Fellowship at Philadelphia Museum of Art
Eastman, Peter, (05-12-1995)

Clarke, Mark, (11-09-1995)
Messier, Paul, (11-22-1995)

Field school on rock art
Dean, J. Claire, (03-24-1995)

Field testing library bindings
Stam, Julian, (06-16-1995)

Fines for food and drink in the library
Anglim, Christopher, (02-24-1995)

Fire detection systems
Nainis, Linda, (02-15-1995)

Fire protection
Graham, Fiona, (02-17-1995)

Fire response
Alison, Bullock, (02-10-1995)

Fire suppressants
Peters, Dale, (01-18-1995)

Fire suppression systems
Campbell, Lynn, (03-13-1995)
Honneffer, Frederick, (04-20-1995)
Baril, Paul, (04-25-1995)
Trinkley, Michael, (04-24-1995)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (04-24-1995)

Vine, Mark, (10-02-1995)

Flattening albumen prints
Saunders, Richard, (06-13-1995)
Messier, Paul, (06-19-1995)

Flattening maps
McColgin, Michael, (12-30-1994)
BonaDea, Artemis, (01-05-1995)
Byers, Barry, (01-06-1995)
Page, Susan, (02-21-1995)

Flood damage in Norway
Stott, Peter, (11-01-1995)

Floor coverings
Zeccardi, Michele, (11-03-1995)

Foaming cleaning agents
Vine, Mark, (09-28-1995)

Foil-backed book labels
Moon, Susan, (05-08-1995)
Brueck, Lora T., (05-12-1995)

Foil-backed labels
Verheyen, Peter D., (08-17-1995)

Kaplan, Hilary A., (01-10-1995)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (01-17-1995)

Food and drink in the library
Anglim, Christopher, (02-14-1995)
Fox, Lisa, (02-16-1995)
Jones, Wendy, (02-17-1995)
Cooper, Trevor, (02-17-1995)
Breeze, Hope, (02-17-1995)
Yocum, Shelly, (02-17-1995)
Tancin, Charlotte, (02-20-1995)
Warton, Karen, (02-21-1995)
Vine, Mark, (03-11-1995)
Landry, Julia, (07-06-1995)
Fisher, Steven P., (07-20-1995)

Foxed paper needed for research
Milevski, Robert J., (03-27-1995)
Druzik, Jim, (04-10-1995)

Fritz Wiese
Spector, Joel, (07-20-1995)

Fume hoods
Blecker, Marian, (09-12-1995)
Vine, Mark, (09-14-1995)
Blecker, Marian, (09-12-1995)
Keynan, Daria, (09-19-1995)
Ryder, Becky, (12-06-1995)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (12-07-1995)

Vine, Mark, (07-16-1995)

Funding sources for audiotape preservation masters
Real, William, (01-09-1995)

Shelton, Sally, (09-27-1995)
Shiner, Jerry, (09-30-1995)

Gap-filling materials for glass
Grant, Lynn, (12-15-1995)

Gettens Lecture on metallurgy in China
Chase, Tom, (03-10-1995)

Gingerbread houses
Favretto, Christina, (01-11-1995)
Shiner, Jerry, (01-27-1995)

Glass plate negatives
Carmack, Noel, (09-26-1995)
Messier, Paul, (10-01-1995)
Jose, Monique, (11-30-1995)

Gold fingerprinting
Vine, Mark, (07-06-1995)

Grain of bookcloth
Reitci, Steve, (06-05-1995)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (06-07-1995)

Guidelines for dealing with water-damaged property
Ketchum, John, (01-11-1995)

Guidelines for the use of isolation rooms
Linklater, Shelagh, (06-29-1995)

Milevski, Robert J., (07-17-1995)
Milevski, Robert J., (07-17-1995)

Bell-Russel, Danna, (01-07-1995)

HVAC systems
Sackett, Mary Reinsch, (03-17-1995)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (03-23-1995)

Vine, Mark, (03-15-1995)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (03-23-1995)
Koob, Stephen, (03-24-1995)
Vine, Mark, (03-29-1995)

Hair Acrylic adhesives
Brown, Geoffrey I., (03-29-1995)
Koob, Stephen, (04-04-1995)

Hand papermaker's sourcebook
Vine, Mark, (02-18-1995)

Hand scanners
Cooper, Trevor, (02-17-1995)

Hand-painted plates
Hodges, Elaine, (07-17-1995)

Watt, Marcia A., (01-26-1995)

Hazardous materials in collections
Hallam, David, (02-10-1995)

Health hazards in ethnographic collections
Berry, Michelle, (07-03-1995)

Heritage Area workshop
Carroll, Mary S., (04-12-1995)

Heritage conference
Hill, Brian, (08-16-1995)

Hinge repair for circulating books
Gregory, Gwen, (04-19-1995)
Vine, Mark, (04-24-1995)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (04-24-1995)

Historic preservation professional qualification standards
Peters, Dale, (01-03-1995)

History of Brooklyn Museum
Portell, Jean D., (07-25-1995)

History of conservation
Portell, Jean D., (07-12-1995)

History of science in conservation
Howell, Alan, (02-10-1995)
Bishop, Mitchell, (02-16-1995)

Humidification of blueprints, bluelines, brownline prints
Saunders, Richard, (01-10-1995)
Vitale, Tim, (01-12-1995)

Humidifying exhibition cases
DeFord, Carole, (01-30-1995)
Ketcham, Jane, (02-06-1995)
Shiner, Jerry, (02-10-1995)

Humidifying maps
Barrow, William, (08-14-1995)

Hurricane Opal
Ketchum, John, (10-05-1995)

IADA Congress
Koch, Mogens, (08-02-1995)

ICCROM conservation training courses
Stott, Peter, (10-31-1995)

ICI acquires BBRS
Fairfield, John R., (07-19-1995)

ICI prize
Fairfield, John R., (07-06-1995)

ICOM Triennial Meeting
Wright, Margot M., (11-13-1995)

ICOM leather symposium papers sought
Wright, Margot M., (12-15-1995)

IFLA meeting on library preservation
Ralph, Manning, (02-20-1995)

IIC-CG Conference 1997
Holland, Harold, (11-01-1995)

IIC-CG conference and workshop
Poon, Carolynne, (01-26-1995)
Pouliot, Bruno, (12-13-1995)

IMS, NEH, NEA reauthorization and appropriations
Henry, Walter, (02-03-1995)
Mibach, Lisa, (02-03-1995)

IPC publication on Herbaria sought
Townsend, John, (02-20-1995)

Identification and dating of 19th century publishers' bindings
Brown, Charlotte, (01-05-1995)
Brown, Charlotte, (06-15-1995)

Anglim, Christopher, (05-22-1995)

Indigo-dyed bast fibers on parchment
Martin, James, (12-20-1995)

Inflatable shipping bags
Alison, Bullock, (09-27-1995)
Clarke, Mark, (10-01-1995)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (10-05-1995)
DeCandido, Robert L., (10-06-1995)
Graham, Fiona, (10-11-1995)

Innopac binding module
Cunningham-Kruppa, Mary Ellen, (02-23-1995)
Scott, Bryan E., (03-01-1995)

Insects in amber
Armour, Annie, (10-18-1995)
Shelton, Sally, (10-25-1995)

Institute on preservation of library materials
Mansell, Heather, (11-15-1995)

International Symposium on Geoscience Archives
Lochhead, Karen, (08-10-1995)

Internship at Columbia
Gertz, Janet, (11-16-1995)

Internship at Harvard
Morse, Elizabeth, (02-08-1995)

Internship at New York Botanical Garden Library
Reed, Judith, (05-25-1995)

Internship at UBC Museum of Anthropology
Clavir, Miriam, (08-14-1995)

Internship sought
Rogers, Dominique, (07-12-1995)

Partridge, Sharon, (02-09-1995)
Henry, Walter, (02-16-1995)

Jo Burgess receives White Award
Olley, Lorraine, (02-17-1995)

Job backer wanted
Carmack, Noel, (07-25-1995)

Joint tacketing
Edstrom, Nancy, (01-06-1995)
Campbell, Gregor, (01-10-1995)
Hamilton, Alison, (01-12-1995)
Fairbourn, James, (01-12-1995)

Kapco covers
Drewes, Jeanne, (12-13-1995)
Dunlap, Sue, (12-15-1995)
Schiller, Elaine, (12-18-1995)

Karen Motylewski appointed Director at University of Texas
Pilette, Roberta, (02-02-1995)

LC report on Bookkeeper process
Leiner, Lee H., (01-06-1995)

Lab design
Zajicek, Peter, (02-27-1995)

Labeling encapsulated materials
Byrne, Sherry, (05-02-1995)
Leake, George, (05-04-1995)
Vine, Mark, (05-09-1995)

Labelling artifacts
Brockett, Anne, (10-26-1995)

Lamination equipment
Grace, John, (08-04-1995)
Grunder, Henry, (08-15-1995)
Vine, Mark, (08-14-1995)

Grunder, Henry, (01-09-1995)
Bonadies, Stephen D., (01-18-1995)

Lantern slides
Bradford, Owen, (12-06-1995)
Vine, Mark, (12-07-1995)

Laser printing
Walters, Wendy, (03-27-1995)
Scroope, Kylie, (03-31-1995)
Clarke, Mark, (03-31-1995)

Latex gloves fire hazard
Hardin, Mel A., (08-17-1995)

Library of Congress awards contract for mass deacidification
Harris, Kenneth E., (07-07-1995)

Library preservation training project
Sagraves, Barbara, (11-22-1995)

Library preservation workshop
Melnick, Susan M., (05-08-1995)

Library preservation workshops
Sinclair, Regina, (03-06-1995)
Melnick, Susan M., (06-20-1995)

Library seminars at University of Texas
Terry, David T., (03-07-1995)

Light exposure limits for art on paper
Witek, Wlodek, (06-15-1995)
Rice, Barbara, (06-20-1995)

Sovinc, Bogdan, (02-10-1995)
Ketcham, Jane, (02-17-1995)

Lighting and oil paintings
Herrick, Roxanna, (03-07-1995)
Ketcham, Jane, (03-09-1995)

Lincoln Memorial mural conservation RFP
Crosby, Anthony, (01-06-1995)

Lotoxane rust cleaner
Wain, Alison, (09-25-1995)

M. Stuart Lynn continues as CPA Vice President
Sitts, Maxine K., (03-02-1995)

MARAC workshop roster
Bell-Russel, Danna, (12-12-1995)

MARC field 583
Stienbarger, Lisa M., (01-17-1995)
Lilley, Barbara, (05-23-1995)

MARC fields 755 and 659
Sackett, Mary Reinsch, (05-03-1995)

MMA Fellowships in Conservation
III, Floyd T. Sweeting, (10-10-1995)

Marking CD-ROMs
Gregory, Gwen, (02-03-1995)

Marking books
Anglim, Christopher, (06-21-1995)
Vine, Mark, (06-27-1995)
Player-Dahnsjo, Ylva, (07-05-1995)

Marking photographs
Landry, Julia M., (09-18-1995)
Pearce-Moses, Richard, (09-19-1995)
Stark, Ron, (09-21-1995)
Clement, Daniel, (09-25-1995)
Roberts, Peter J., (09-25-1995)
McColgin, Michael, (09-26-1995)
Clement, Daniel, (09-28-1995)
Rodnitzky, Shirley, (09-26-1995)

Marking serials
Keyes, Clara, (09-11-1995)

Mass Deacidification reports available
Harris, Kenneth E., (01-20-1995)

Mass deacidification
Kesse, Erich, (02-28-1995)

Mass preservation of photographs
Pearce-Moses, Richard, (10-04-1995)
Walsh, Betty, (10-14-1995)

Measuring flexibility of resin films
Rogers, Dominique A., (01-12-1995)

Meeting on World Heritage information management
Stott, Peter, (06-07-1995)

Craven, James W., (09-30-1995)

Metal plates
Vanzolini, Mariana, (03-23-1995)

Meteorite preservation
Milevski, Robert J., (02-15-1995)

Michael Wilcox
Hollinger, Bill, (02-07-1995)

Mick LeTourneaux
Milevski, Robert J., (05-08-1995)

Hollinger, Bill, (11-03-1995)

MicroChamber products
Sieracki, Cathy, (10-25-1995)
III, George Randall Leake, (10-26-1995)
Jensen, Craig, (10-27-1995)
Hollinger, Bill, (11-01-1995)

Microfilm cleaners
Selness, Sushila, (09-18-1995)
Vine, Mark, (09-19-1995)
Trinkley, Michael, (09-22-1995)
Stark, Ron, (09-21-1995)
Stark, Ron, (10-01-1995)

Microfilm quality control
Ryder, Becky, (01-16-1995)
Schubert, Irene, (08-21-1995)

Microfilm scanning services
Dirks, Lee, (10-31-1995)

Microfilm vendor
Cunningham, Ronnie, (11-29-1995)

Microfilming manuscript collections
Bunnell, Jodi L., (11-10-1995)

Microfilming of theses
Lunde, Diane, (02-16-1995)
Henderson, William, (02-20-1995)
Hughes, Susan, (02-22-1995)

Micrographic Systems of Connecticut
Atkins, Winston, (08-07-1995)

Midwest Regional Conservation Guild meeting
Carroll, Scott, (02-09-1995)

Minolta MicroDax 3000
Sinclair, Regina, (12-07-1995)

Minolta scanner
Smith, Robert, (10-31-1995)
Seguin, Linda M., (11-06-1995)
Frost, Gary, (11-07-1995)
Campbell, Harry, (12-05-1995)

Moist leather
Rhyne, Charles, (09-08-1995)
Shiner, Jerry, (09-10-1995)

Moisture Muncher
Vine, Mark, (06-27-1995)

Grunder, Henry, (01-19-1995)
Bordley, Peggy, (02-24-1995)
Bell-Russel, Danna, (10-06-1995)
Knops, Cor, (10-11-1995)
Knops, Cor, (10-12-1995)
Green, John, (11-01-1995)
Hepner, Simon, (11-13-1995)

Mold health hazards
Henry, Joseph D., (09-12-1995)

Monitoring exhibit cases
Mokrzycki, Karen M., (11-27-1995)
Desulis, Kate, (12-01-1995)

Mosaic and stained glass restoration
I'ons, Anne, (04-13-1995)

Zastrow, Janet Kay, (09-28-1995)
Shiner, Jerry, (09-30-1995)
Brown, Jane M., (10-05-1995)
Baughman, Mary, (10-09-1995)
Hodges, Elaine, (10-25-1995)

Motion picture film cans
Shaw, Peter, (09-25-1995)
Kahn, Miriam B., (09-28-1995)

Moving hazardous materials
Gayle, Lorinda L., (06-14-1995)

Multimedia work
Campbell, Lynn, (03-06-1995)

Mummified moa
Roberts, Kate, (12-20-1995)

NCPTT Preservation Technology and Training Grants
Carroll, Mary S., (01-23-1995)
Carroll, Mary S., (09-26-1995)

NCPTT gopher
Carroll, Mary S., (02-01-1995)
Carroll, Mary S., (04-24-1995)

NEA announces reorganization
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (11-09-1995)

NEA restructuring
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (12-13-1995)

NEA, NEH rescission
Brooks, Constance, (02-22-1995)

NEH Division of Preservation & Access
Paulson, Barbara, (09-15-1995)

NEH Preservation and Access application deadlines
Word, Laura, (03-31-1995)

NEH announces restructuring and new deadlines
Henry, Walter, (11-05-1995)

NIC annual meeting
LeFurgy, Jennifer, (09-11-1995)
LeFurgy, Jennifer, (10-09-1995)

NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
Mibach, Lisa, (05-10-1995)

NSF Digital Libraries program to be expanded
Paulson, Barbara, (03-06-1995)

NY Conservation Association meeting
Lowengard, Sarah, (02-06-1995)
Lowengard, Sarah, (03-05-1995)
Lowengard, Sarah, (12-01-1995)

NY Conservation Association meeting schedule
Lowengard, Sarah, (09-24-1995)

National Archives fax-on-demand service
Wall, Debra, (03-20-1995)

National Digital Library Federation
Sitts, Maxine K., (05-03-1995)

Natural Colour System
Dierick, Dominique, (12-15-1995)

Natural history title needed for microfilming project
Demas, Sam, (02-09-1995)

Network of conservators in private practice
Hardin, Mel A., (08-18-1995)

New England Collection Management Institute
Hardy, Eileen, (04-21-1995)

New England Preservation Calendar
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (01-09-1995)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (03-06-1995)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (05-03-1995)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (07-13-1995)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (09-07-1995)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (11-14-1995)

New WWW journal and Call for Papers
Hogg, Alan James, (12-05-1995)

New York Classic Restoration Expo
Leeke, John, (09-28-1995)

New York State Conservation/Preservation Grant Awards
Lilley, Barbara, (07-13-1995)
Lilley, Barbara, (07-18-1995)

New area in CoOL
Henry, Walter, (02-16-1995)

New book about chemicals
Vine, Mark, (05-22-1995)

New disaster response publication
Kahn, Miriam B., (03-15-1995)

New list
Drabenstott, Karen Markey, (01-28-1995)
Henry, Walter, (03-13-1995)
Henry, Walter, (04-17-1995)
Stott, Peter, (07-02-1995)
Becker, Eddie, (07-13-1995)
Hogg, Simon, (07-06-1995)

Newsgroup and mailing list on color and coloring
Dawes, William, (10-27-1995)

Newsgroup: sci.chem.coatings
Henry, Walter, (12-11-1995)

Newspaper used as wallpaper
Bellingham, Katy, (03-14-1995)

Nicholas Pickwoad
Pickwoad, Nicholas, (06-20-1995)

Nicholas Pickwoad lecture
Milevski, Robert J., (10-31-1995)

Nitrate and acetate film health hazards
Baggett, James, (04-17-1995)
Messier, Paul, (04-24-1995)

Non-destructive identification of wood
Charbeneau, Brett, (12-16-1995)

Non-drying clays used by Thomas Hart Benton
Paine, Shelley Reisman, (10-18-1995)

On/off sprinkler heads
Greve, Gail, (07-31-1995)
Baril, Paul, (08-09-1995)

Open house at BookLab
Jensen, Craig, (08-18-1995)
Graf, Jace, (11-28-1995)

Out of print Kodak publications
Grunder, Henry, (03-17-1995)

Fox, Lisa, (11-02-1995)

Oversize Color Images Project
Gertz, Janet, (06-28-1995)

Oxygen scavengers
Vine, Mark, (03-31-1995)

PARS Discussion Group meeting
Drewes, Jeanne, (05-16-1995)

PARS Meeting
Smith, Margit, (05-31-1995)

PARS Meeting--corrigendum
Smith, Margit, (06-08-1995)

PARS Physical Quality Discussion Group meeting
Roosa, Mark, (05-31-1995)

PARS Preservation Microfilming Discussion Group
Dirks, Lee, (01-04-1995)

PARS executive committee minutes
McKern, Debra, (06-19-1995)

PARS joint meeting on microfilming
Dirks, Lee, (06-15-1995)

PARS meeting
Kellerman, Sue, (01-06-1995)

PARS web site
DeCandido, Robert L., (07-05-1995)

PARS/CMDS program on digital imaging
Hart, Andrew, (06-13-1995)

POST-IT notes
Stall, Claudia, (03-07-1995)
Alper, Diana, (03-09-1995)
Schlefer, Elaine R., (03-09-1995)
Brown, Barbara, (03-09-1995)
Hempe, Sandy, (03-09-1995)
BonaDea, Artemis, (03-09-1995)

PROFS Case information available
Becker, Eddie, (03-27-1995)

PVA emulsion
Comerford, Gillian, (11-01-1995)
Koob, Stephen, (11-06-1995)

PVA health hazards
Griffiths, Susan, (03-13-1995)
Vine, Mark, (03-22-1995)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (03-23-1995)
Down, Jane, (03-29-1995)
Vine, Mark, (04-03-1995)

Paige Miracle Box
Mibach, Lisa, (03-10-1995)
McCrady, Ellen, (03-14-1995)
Hollinger, Bill, (03-20-1995)

Paige Miracle Box--corrigendum
McCrady, Ellen, (03-22-1995)

Paintings on copper
Scharff, Mikkel, (12-05-1995)

Paper clips
Smith, Anne Pat, (04-18-1995)
Kaplan, Hilary A., (04-24-1995)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (04-24-1995)
Vine, Mark, (04-24-1995)
Brown, Jane M., (04-27-1995)

Paper fibers attached to silver gelatin photographs
Lautenbach, Adrian, (11-23-1995)

Bullerwell, Wendy, (12-11-1995)

Paraloid B72 as consolidant
Comerford, Gillian, (09-18-1995)
Koob, Stephen, (09-20-1995)
Shelton, Sally, (09-26-1995)

Paste cooker
Witek, Wlodek, (08-10-1995)
Van Velzen, Bas, (08-16-1995)
Murray, Toby, (08-15-1995)
Keynan, Daria, (08-16-1995)

Pennsylvania statewide needs assessment project
Buchanan, Sally, (03-13-1995)

Perfect Brushing Lacquer
Goldstein, David, (10-12-1995)

Permanence of photocopies and laser printer images
Grattan, David, (06-20-1995)
Vine, Mark, (06-27-1995)
Scroope, Kylie, (06-30-1995)

Permanence standards for electronic media
Gilderson-Duwe, Caroline, (01-30-1995)

Pest control
Smith, Margit, (03-02-1995)

Peter Verheyen
Hanson, Marty, (06-21-1995)

Peter and Anne Mactaggart
Ford, Bruce, (11-07-1995)
Jenner, Colin, (11-18-1995)

Phase box labels
Gregory, Gwen, (10-05-1995)

Phase boxes
Mahoney, Beverly J., (05-01-1995)

Photo album
Kuss, Kurt, (11-07-1995)

Photo preservation seminar
Nishimura, Doug, (05-01-1995)

Photocopy toner
Vine, Mark, (02-10-1995)
Messier, Paul, (02-15-1995)
Morrison, Robert C., (02-13-1995)
McColgin, Michael, (02-17-1995)

Photocopy-resistant colored papers
Nadeau, Luis, (04-01-1995)
McCrady, Ellen, (04-05-1995)

Photocopying manuscripts
Mahoney, Beverly J., (05-23-1995)

Photographic techniques in conservation
Scharff, Mikkel, (01-30-1995)

Photographs and mothballs
Smith, Laura, (10-18-1995)

Pigment instability
Weeks, Christopher, (08-21-1995)

Plan chests
Vine, Mark, (07-20-1995)

Plant specimens
Coates, Donna Jean, (02-07-1995)

Vine, Mark, (03-11-1995)

Plastic drafting tools
Braun, Thomas, (10-11-1995)
Stark, Ron, (10-17-1995)

Plastics storage
Mitchell, Gillian, (09-22-1995)
Mitchell, Gillian, (09-29-1995)

Playback equipment
Mason, James W., (06-20-1995)
McMurray, Jacob, (11-14-1995)

Plexiglass weights
Kelzer, Marie, (09-20-1995)

Plextol B500
Vine, Mark, (11-22-1995)

Polaroid photo duplicator
Motylewski, Karen, (05-22-1995)
Trinkley, Michael, (05-25-1995)

Polyester welding machines
Kellerman, Sue, (01-26-1995)

Polyethylene Glycol
Richwine, Beth, (02-02-1995)

Polyethylene foam
Fox, Marilyn, (09-06-1995)

Polymers and natural history specimens
Shelton, Sally, (03-22-1995)
Bailey, Gail, (03-24-1995)

Atwood, Cathy, (03-21-1995)
Hollinger, Bill, (03-22-1995)

Polysulphide toning of microfilm
Linklater, Shelagh, (04-02-1995)

Porcelain repair
Vine, Mark, (10-18-1995)
Koob, Stephen, (10-23-1995)

Portable petrographic microscopes
Ellis, Linda, (02-27-1995)

Position at Amon Carter Museum
Hughston, Milan, (12-21-1995)

Position at Avery Gallery
Motylewski, Karen, (08-02-1995)

Position at Bishop Museum
Gorman, Laura, (06-27-1995)
Gorman, Laura, (07-17-1995)

Position at Colonial Williamsburg
Harvey, David, (11-18-1995)

Position at Cornell
Dean, John F., (05-10-1995)

Position at Denver Museum of Natural History
Haglund, Kristine A., (09-29-1995)

Position at DreamWorks
Lilley, Barbara, (07-26-1995)

Position at Georgetown University
Morris, Annette, (08-24-1995)

Position at Georgia Department of Archives and History
Kaplan, Hilary A., (09-29-1995)

Position at Getty Conservation Institute
Zak, Jackie, (08-22-1995)

Position at Henry Ford Museum
Deck, Clara Margaret, (11-01-1995)

Position at Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village
Ketcham, Jane, (02-06-1995)

Position at Indiana University Libraries
Olley, Lorraine, (02-24-1995)

Position at Institute for Standards Research
McCrady, Ellen, (07-05-1995)

Position at Metropolitan Museum of Art
III, Floyd T. Sweeting, (10-10-1995)

Position at NEDCC
Russell, Ann, (02-06-1995)
Russell, Ann, (03-07-1995)
Motylewski, Karen, (04-21-1995)
Patkus, Beth, (10-05-1995)

Position at NYU Libraries
Murray, Kate, (09-25-1995)

Position at National Library of Medicine
Unger, Carol, (11-21-1995)

Position at National Museum of Denmark
Glastrup, Jens, (11-16-1995)

Position at Nebraska State Historical Society
Walter, Katherine L., (02-09-1995)

Position at New York Public Library
Quinones, John, (11-09-1995)

Position at North Carolina State University
Vanscoy, Amy, (01-09-1995)

Position at Northwestern
Howe, Deborah, (07-13-1995)

Position at OCLC
Dirks, Lee, (08-16-1995)

Position at Ohio Historical Society
Will, Vernon, (11-20-1995)

Position at Preservation Resources
Dirks, Lee, (08-21-1995)

Position at Princeton
Milevski, Robert J., (05-02-1995)

Position at RLG
West, Linda, (10-18-1995)

Position at RMCC
Mellon, Lori A., (11-29-1995)

Position at Smith
Bialek, Joe, (06-09-1995)

Position at Solinet
Hayden, J.J., (06-20-1995)

Position at Temple University
Whitehead, Thomas M., (10-26-1995)

Position at University College London
Tribe, Adrian, (08-31-1995)

Position at University of Delaware
Shaughnessy, Anita, (07-10-1995)

Position at University of Iowa
Spitzmueller, Pam, (07-21-1995)

Position at University of Maryland
Foster, Raymond C., (01-20-1995)
Carignan, Yvonne A., (02-25-1995)

Position at University of Utah
Silverman, Randy, (07-19-1995)

Position at Yale
Conway, Paul, (12-15-1995)

Position at the University Library of Berne
Wille, Ursula, (03-03-1995)

Positions at McKay Lodge Fine Arts Conservation Laboratory
Lodge, Robert, (10-24-1995)

Postgraduate conservation research seminar
Then, Edward, (10-05-1995)

Preparing government records for archives
Robson, Brent, (02-20-1995)

Presentation on conservator identity and treatment choice
Deller, Craig, (09-15-1995)

Presentation on exhibition and loan
Coleman, Christopher, (11-29-1995)

Presentation on preservation of electronic formats
Bell-Russel, Danna, (09-06-1995)

Presentation on the French National Library
Traister, Daniel, (05-09-1995)

Preservation Awareness Week
Vaughan, Dick, (10-12-1995)

Preservation Film Festival
Walter, Katherine L., (06-06-1995)

Preservation Instructors' Discussion Group
Grant, Sharlane, (06-08-1995)

Preservation Resources home page
Dirks, Lee, (10-31-1995)

Preservation Web site for ALA meeting
DeCandido, Robert L., (05-24-1995)

Preservation and permanence of graffiti art
Brown, Jonathan P., (07-09-1995)

Preservation awareness
Vaughan, Dick, (04-24-1995)
Smith, Laura, (05-08-1995)
Nelson, Peter, (09-12-1995)

Preservation awareness workshop
Smith, Merrily, (11-06-1995)

Preservation microfilming workshop
Tracy, Gay, (02-21-1995)
Patkus, Beth, (05-02-1995)

Preservation microfilming workshops
Patkus, Beth, (06-07-1995)

Preservation of archaeological and ethnographic materials
White, Judson Joel, (03-31-1995)

Preservation of electronic information
Gillies, Scott, (08-08-1995)

Preservation outreach
Kaufman, Diane, (06-21-1995)

Preservation policies and procedures
Anglim, Christopher, (05-22-1995)

Preservation priority survey
Cox, Olivia, (02-21-1995)

Preservation strategy
Petterson, Marjorie, (02-16-1995)

Preservation surveys
Craddock, Ann, (12-18-1995)

Preserve/Net Law
Pick, Robert, (08-24-1995)

Preserving unbound papers
Boone, Jenni, (08-16-1995)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (09-06-1995)
Watkins, Stephanie, (09-08-1995)

Pressure-sensitive adhesive labels
McKern, Debra, (06-19-1995)

Pressure-sensitive tape and deacidification
Howe, Deborah, (12-08-1995)

Proceedings of conference on microfilming
Lavrencic, Tamara, (09-20-1995)

Profiles of conservation units
Vine, Mark, (09-09-1995)

Profiling conservation as a profession
Fielding, Jim, (11-28-1995)

Project Helios
Motylewski, Karen, (05-22-1995)

Publication on accelerated aging
Druzik, Jim, (01-20-1995)

Publication on cleaning antiques
Vine, Mark, (11-28-1995)

Publication on conservation for artists
Lyall, Jan, (11-10-1995)

Publication on disaster supplies
Mohlhenrich, Janice, (08-18-1995)

Publication on education and training
Pilette, Roberta, (11-08-1995)

Publication on fossil vertebrate types
Spamer, Earle, (11-29-1995)

Publication on photographic conservation
Johnsen, Jesper S., (10-15-1995)

Qualifications for conservation technicians
Bailey, Jean, (01-27-1995)
Gavitt, Sharon, (02-03-1995)

Questionnaire on marking cultural property
Futernick, Robert, (04-26-1995)

RFP for disaster recovery services
Jones, Willie, (04-19-1995)

RH/Temperature indicator cards
Dean, J. Claire, (03-24-1995)
Dean, J. Claire, (03-28-1995)
Kaplan, Hilary A., (03-30-1995)
Rogers, Dominique, (04-01-1995)

Racket battoir
Martin, James, (08-23-1995)

Farren, Donald, (05-03-1995)
Clarke, Mark, (05-08-1995)
Herbert, Teri L., (05-08-1995)

Reading list
Berger, Barbara, (09-07-1995)

Recycled paper
Vine, Mark, (06-15-1995)
McCrady, Ellen, (07-05-1995)

Reformatting motion pictures
Verheyen, Peter D., (09-15-1995)
Lindner, Jim, (09-20-1995)

Regional labs and private conservators
Stilson, Randolph, (03-01-1995)

Relative humidity
Motylewski, Karen, (01-27-1995)
Silverman, Randy, (03-01-1995)

Relative whiteness of paper
Reynolds, Frank A., (07-12-1995)
Nadeau, Luis, (07-14-1995)

Removal of casein adhesives and paints
Selden, Debra K., (12-03-1995)
Stark, Ron, (12-06-1995)
Karpowicz, Adam, (12-05-1995)

Removing DDT powder
Edmonds, Penny, (09-29-1995)
Caldwell, Karen, (10-10-1995)

Removing Styrofoam from bookcloth
Jackson, Martha, (12-09-1995)
Brown, Jane M., (12-13-1995)

Removing chewing gum from leather
Wain, Alison, (05-02-1995)
Gilderson-Duwe, Caroline, (05-04-1995)
Rubovits, Norma, (05-03-1995)
Fairbourn, James, (05-03-1995)
Wain, Alison, (07-06-1995)

Removing ink from CDs
Warren, Yolanda, (05-09-1995)
Brooks, Sandy, (05-11-1995)

Removing permanent marker from acrylic paint
Smithen, Patricia, (09-11-1995)
Ellis, Margaret Holben, (09-15-1995)
Blecker, Marian, (09-12-1995)

Removing photograph from glass
McCarty, Patsy, (02-06-1995)
Derby, Deborah, (02-07-1995)
Messier, Paul, (02-07-1995)
Lemmen, Barbara, (02-08-1995)

Removing rubber latex from rugs
Pearson, Colin, (12-08-1995)
Barnett, Jennifer, (12-16-1995)

Removing shellac from plaster of Paris
Roberts, Kate, (07-28-1995)
Koob, Stephen, (08-08-1995)

Removing tide lines from leather
Maltby, Sue, (12-10-1995)
Knops, Cor, (12-12-1995)

Renaissance Wax
Milevski, Robert J., (05-01-1995)
Hallam, David, (05-08-1995)
Vine, Mark, (05-11-1995)

Replacement for Archive text laid paper
Hallam, David, (02-02-1995)

Report on digital archiving
Hughes, Carol Ann, (09-07-1995)

Research Agenda for Cultural Heritage on Information Networks
Siegfried, Susan, (10-12-1995)

Research Fellowship at Indiana University Art Museum
Contompasis, Margaret, (11-21-1995)

Restoration 95 exhibition passes available
Messier, Paul, (01-26-1995)

Restoration of mosaics in situ
Mavrommati, Maria, (11-05-1995)
Velios, Thanasis, (11-08-1995)
Vine, Mark, (11-07-1995)
Koob, Stephen, (11-13-1995)
Martin, John, (12-01-1995)
Anglin, Lori, (12-05-1995)

Results of survey on preservation of science and technology materials
Newby, Jill, (06-12-1995)

Reversibility of cellulose acetate lamination
Gauthier, Francine, (07-28-1995)

Rhinoceros shield
Aurand, Gudrun, (03-28-1995)

Rock art research in Colombia
Ardila, Fabian Torres, (10-31-1995)

Rolled photographs
Cole, Bradford, (10-10-1995)

Roofing and pest control
Baughman, Mary, (07-21-1995)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (07-27-1995)
Trinkley, Michael, (07-27-1995)
Vine, Mark, (07-26-1995)

Roommate wanted for AIC
Pilette, Roberta, (05-22-1995)

Routing information for serials
Dodson, Suzanne, (04-13-1995)
Schoonmaker, Dina, (04-18-1995)
Eichelberger, Jeanne, (04-18-1995)
Leake, George, (04-18-1995)

Rubber cement
Scott, Harold E., (01-28-1995)
Derby, Deborah, (01-30-1995)
Morrison, Robert C., (01-31-1995)
Strickler, Ivy, (02-03-1995)
Lemmen, Barbara, (02-08-1995)
Messier, Paul, (02-07-1995)
Biddle, Michaelle, (02-08-1998)

SAA Web pages
Widener, Mike, (07-24-1995)

SAA security manual
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (06-06-1995)

SPNHC herbarium workshop
Pinzl, Ann, (03-07-1995)

SSCR Conference Resins Ancient and Modern Preprints
Wright, Margot M., (10-11-1995)

Salvaging water damaged periodicals
Dunlap, Sue, (01-30-1995)
Harsin, Ella, (02-02-1995)

Scagliola plaster
Warren, Alex, (10-03-1995)
Grunder, Henry, (10-05-1995)
Thompson, Jack C., (10-09-1995)
Koga, Dean, (10-06-1995)

Schott reading lamps
Scott, John, (01-02-1995)

Scrim as wall covering
Roberts, Kate, (01-12-1995)

Shelton, Sally, (10-26-1995)

Sealing cement
McColgin, Michael, (12-05-1995)
Vine, Mark, (12-07-1995)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (12-11-1995)
Kronkright, Dale Paul, (12-15-1995)

Second World Congress on Natural History Collections
Shelton, Sally, (12-01-1995)

Seminar on disaster management
Baillie, Jeavons, (09-18-1995)

Seminar on electronic document imaging
Mcafee, Melissa A., (03-24-1995)

Seminar on environment
Patkus, Beth, (11-01-1995)

Seminar on library and archive preservation
Baillie, Jeavons, (07-20-1995)

Seminar on lighting
Bowers, Larry, (10-19-1995)

Seminar on preservation management
VonVille, Helena M., (02-27-1995)
Derrick, Tonya, (04-06-1995)

Seminar on toxic materials
Deller, Craig, (10-05-1995)

Seminars on imaging
Henry, Walter, (11-16-1995)

Separating canvases
Strickler, Ivy, (03-09-1995)

Jacobs, Els, (11-28-1995)
Portell, Jean D., (12-11-1995)

Shelf life of PVA
III, George Randall Leake, (08-01-1995)

Shelving suppliers
Blakely, Julia, (05-22-1995)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (05-24-1995)

Ship fasteners
Pugh, David, (09-21-1995)

Silicone anti-static coatings
McCormick, Michael, (04-14-1995)

Silicone coated polyester films
Kronthal, Lisa, (08-24-1995)

Silk painting supports before 1700
Lodge, Robert G., (08-25-1995)
Strong, Patricia W., (08-29-1995)
Clarke, Mark, (08-31-1995)
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (09-08-1995)

Smoke damaged books
Dopp, Bonnie Jo, (06-14-1995)

Society of Archivists conference
Jackson, Rab, (11-08-1995)

Software for slide labelling and cataloging
Dean, J. Claire, (04-01-1995)
Griswold, John, (04-03-1995)

Graham, Fiona, (07-05-1995)
Keynan, Daria, (07-13-1995)
Clarke, Mark, (07-18-1995)

Source for Atlantis Silver-Safe paper
Derby, Deborah, (08-09-1995)
Vine, Mark, (08-14-1995)
III, George Randall Leake, (08-18-1995)
Vine, Mark, (08-25-1995)

Source for aluminium tubes
Swannell, Jo, (04-28-1995)
Koob, Stephen, (05-01-1995)

Source for wet-strength paper
Spector, Joel, (02-18-1995)
Clement, Daniel, (02-21-1995)
Roessler, Ralph, (02-21-1995)

Source of supplies
Dean, J. Claire, (04-17-1995)
Trinkley, Michael, (04-24-1995)

Splicing tape
Clarke, Mark, (07-08-1995)
Spence, John, (07-17-1995)

Spot testing
Howe, Deborah, (06-16-1995)
Derby, Deborah, (06-19-1995)
McCrady, Ellen, (07-10-1995)

Spring-back binding
BonaDea, Artemis, (01-10-1995)

Stainless steel tacks
Cser, Laszlo, (07-27-1995)
Hardin, Mel A., (07-29-1995)

Stainless steel wire
Jones, Wendy, (07-21-1995)

Steve Dalton
Patkus, Beth, (05-09-1995)

Sticky shed
Bell-Russel, Danna, (01-07-1995)

Lowengard, Sarah, (11-14-1995)

Storage boxes available
Bess, Michaels, (04-04-1995)

Storage cases
Real, William, (08-01-1995)
Grace, John, (08-08-1995)
Vine, Mark, (08-14-1995)
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (08-14-1995)

Storage of CD's
Dugan, Mary Kate, (10-27-1995)
Kahn, Miriam B., (11-17-1995)

Storage of negatives
Clarke, Tony, (11-06-1995)

Storage of posters and maps
Kuss, Kurt, (03-06-1995)
Larsgaard, Mary, (03-06-1995)

Storage strategy
Maguire, Marsha, (10-20-1995)
Lindner, Jim, (10-23-1995)

Storing panoramic photos
Edstrom, James, (11-05-1995)

Storing wetsite archaeological material
Morrison, Darrin, (06-23-1995)
Mibach, Lisa, (07-03-1995)

Strain in wool
Vine, Mark, (07-06-1995)

Straw broom machine
Hardin, Mel A., (09-01-1995)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (09-06-1995)

Summer Institute on Preservation of Library Materials
Howell, Alan, (01-10-1995)

Supplier for Grade 59 Silica Gel?
Rance, Donald, (03-27-1995)

Vine, Mark, (09-12-1995)

Zajicek, Peter, (06-14-1995)

Survey on information technology in cultural institutions
Nguyen, Viet, (07-12-1995)

Sylvia Rennie
Jackson, Martha, (08-15-1995)
Knops, Cor, (08-18-1995)

Symposium on book and paper conservation
Sovinc, Bogdan, (06-02-1995)

Symposium on standards for the indoor environment
Banks, Paul N., (04-26-1995)

Synthetic felt
Clarke, Tony, (11-06-1995)

Technical analysis of Murillo paintings
Martin, James, (12-11-1995)

Technology & Conservation
Boccaccio, Mary, (01-24-1995)

Technology of the Medieval Book VIII
Thompson, Jack C., (01-15-1995)

Teleconference on mass deacidification
Melnick, Susan M., (06-06-1995)
Melnick, Susan M., (11-02-1995)
Etherington, Don, (11-06-1995)

Temperature control sinks and trays
Bradford, Owen, (04-07-1995)
Brown, Geoffrey I., (04-10-1995)

Termites and nematodes
Sackett, Mary Reinsch, (03-17-1995)

Testing plastics
Miller, Patricia L., (07-20-1995)
Clarke, Mark, (07-23-1995)
Williams, Scott, (07-31-1995)
Kaplan, Hilary A., (08-04-1995)

Texas questionnaire on professional issues
Hyslop, John, (03-08-1995)

Textile conservation training opportunities
Cunningham, Ronnie, (08-23-1995)

Thawing frozen books
BonaDea, Artemis, (01-24-1995)
Betz, Michael, (01-26-1995)
Frellsen, Ann V., (01-26-1995)
Eichelberger, Jeanne, (01-26-1995)
Motylewski, Karen, (02-01-1995)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (02-06-1995)

The New Republic article on preservation
Henry, Joseph D., (02-21-1995)

The Preservation Educators' Exchange Web site
DeCandido, Robert L., (03-27-1995)

Thermobia domestica
Mason, James W., (06-07-1995)
Richwine, Beth, (06-14-1995)
Trinkley, Michael, (06-14-1995)

Tiffany stained glass windows
Alderson, Samantha, (02-01-1995)

Time capsules
Vine, Mark, (02-04-1995)
Clement, Daniel, (02-15-1995)
Vine, Mark, (03-15-1995)
McColgin, Michael, (06-28-1995)
Thompson, Jack C., (06-28-1995)
Campbell, Lynn, (06-30-1995)
Hardin, Mel A., (06-30-1995)

Tips for Water Damage to Family Heirlooms
Ketchum, John, (05-11-1995)

Tour of Legion of Honor
Untch, Katharine, (11-21-1995)

Tours during AIC meeting
Norris, Debbie Hess, (02-17-1995)

Tractor-feed labels
Moon, Susan, (08-11-1995)
Boone, Jenni, (08-16-1995)

Training materials for emergency response
Ketchum, John, (10-23-1995)

Treatment of ink corrosion
Hummelen, IJsbrand C.M., (08-21-1995)

Treatment of pastel drawings
Ianna, Christine, (08-21-1995)

Tree bark document
Parr, Bonnie, (11-01-1995)

Tsugouharu Foujita
Lodge, Robert, (11-08-1995)

Turpentine soaked book
Stall, Claudia, (04-21-1995)
Brown, Jane M., (04-27-1995)

UMI Preservation Fellowship
Mook, Cathy, (09-13-1995)

UV Meters
Grunder, Henry, (11-27-1995)

UV filters
Graham, Peter, (10-09-1995)
Duncan-Huse, Ramona, (10-11-1995)
Burke, John, (10-16-1995)

UV meter
Vine, Mark, (03-17-1995)
Vine, Mark, (03-21-1995)

UV stabilization of acrylic coatings
Vine, Mark, (12-20-1995)

Unfired clay
Riley, Katherine, (04-28-1995)

Update from the Museum Program of NEA
Rosenberg, Sarah Z., (11-21-1995)

Thompson, Jack C., (01-26-1995)

Used bookbinding equipment
Weber, Christine L., (08-30-1995)

Vacuum cleaners for mold
Jr., James E. Costopoulos, (01-23-1995)
Armour, Annie, (01-25-1995)
Atwood, Cathy, (01-25-1995)
Gavitt, Sharon, (01-27-1995)
Watkins, Stephanie, (01-30-1995)
Jackson, Martha, (01-30-1995)
Vine, Mark, (02-04-1995)

Vacuum dusting table
Boccaccio, Mary, (05-23-1995)
Boccaccio, Mary, (06-19-1995)

Vapor barriers
Knies, Michael, (09-07-1995)
Vine, Mark, (09-10-1995)
Himmelstein, Paul, (09-15-1995)

Video conference on mass deacidification
Karpinski, Pat, (10-09-1995)

Vinamul 6825
Vine, Mark, (11-22-1995)

Visiting Northwestern during ALA meeting
Howe, Deborah, (05-25-1995)

Visiting Princeton during ALA midwinter meeting
Milevski, Robert J., (02-09-1995)

Vocabulary control
Schnell, Ulrik A. S., (05-24-1995)

Washing textiles
Fatemi, Susan, (08-08-1995)

Water damage to postage stamps
Lamb, Charles, (05-11-1995)
Vine, Mark, (05-17-1995)
Clarke, Mark, (05-23-1995)

Wax crayon drawings
Muir, Alison, (02-23-1995)

Westinghouse research project
Johnson, Jessica S., (05-01-1995)

Wet label paper
Johnson, Jessica S., (04-14-1995)

Whale bone
Brown, Carol E., (08-28-1995)
Henry, Walter, (09-02-1995)
Shelton, Sally, (08-31-1995)
Chase, Tom, (09-04-1995)
Vine, Mark, (09-03-1995)
Frye, Dorothy T., (09-08-1995)
Koob, Stephen, (09-07-1995)
Vine, Mark, (09-10-1995)
Stark, Ron, (09-15-1995)
Koob, Stephen, (09-18-1995)

White film on vinyl record
Meislik, Miriam, (11-10-1995)
St-Laurent, Gilles, (11-17-1995)
Stark, Ron, (11-19-1995)
Then, Edward, (11-24-1995)

Shepard, John, (03-08-1995)
Spirydowicz, Krysia, (04-03-1995)

Wood sealants
Gissing, Mary, (04-25-1995)
Gissing, Mary, (05-15-1995)

Workshop on book conservation
Spitzmueller, Pamela, (02-03-1995)

Workshop on book repair
Dellios, Carol, (10-19-1995)

Workshop on case binding
Mcdonald, Walter, (07-27-1995)

Workshop on conservation binding
Melnick, Susan M., (10-17-1995)

Workshop on daguerreotype process
Romer, Grant, (09-01-1995)

Workshop on digital imaging
Patkus, Beth, (09-05-1995)
Patkus, Beth, (09-27-1995)

Workshop on disaster planning
Dellios, Carol, (08-14-1995)

Workshop on disaster preparedness
Dellios, Carol, (11-01-1995)

Workshop on disaster recovery
Dellios, Carol, (09-28-1995)

Workshop on environment
Schoonmaker, Dina, (03-15-1995)

Workshop on environmental monitoring
Rawnsley, Virgilia, (06-27-1995)
Craddock, Ann, (08-14-1995)
Craddock, Ann, (09-13-1995)

Workshop on fund raising
Overbeck, Kristen, (02-02-1995)

Workshop on hurricane preparedness
Dellios, Carol, (09-06-1995)

Workshop on insurance
VonVille, Helena M., (04-05-1995)

Workshop on library collections
Dellios, Carol, (08-21-1995)

Workshop on mold and pest control
Dellios, Carol, (05-01-1995)

Workshop on pest control
Daniel, Vinod, (07-12-1995)

Workshop on preservation of three-dimensional objects
Martin, James, (03-09-1995)

Workshop on research techniques in photographic conservation
Johnsen, Jesper S., (02-22-1995)

Workshop on risk management
Morris, Annette, (05-12-1995)

Workshop on videotape preservation
Melnick, Susan M., (03-07-1995)

Workshops on library and archives preservation
Melnick, Susan M., (03-09-1995)

Workshops on library preservation
Sinclair, Regina, (09-08-1995)

Workshops on matting and hinging
Van Handel, Lori, (12-10-1995)

Workshops on mold and integrated pest management
Dellios, Carol, (08-07-1995)

Workshops on photo preservation and cleaning objects
Draper, Bryan L. Winkelmayer, (05-24-1995)

pH of paper
Peden, Don, (10-12-1995)

pH pens and chlorophenol red
McCrady, Ellen, (07-07-1995)

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