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Subject: Advances in Preservation and Access

Advances in Preservation and Access

From: Barbra Buckner Higginbotham <bxhbc>
Date: Monday, June 5, 1995
Advances in Preservation and Access, volume 2 (Learned Information;
438 pages; $49.50) will appear next month.  Those attending the
annual meeting of the American Library Association in Chicago can
order a copy at Learned's booth (number 2535) at a 20% discount
($39.50).  The publisher will pay the postage.  Payment may be made
by credit card, check, or purchase order number; Learned will also
bill, if that is more convenient.  The table of contents appears

    Advances in Preservation and Access
    Volume 2
    Barbra Buckner Higginbotham, Editor

    Barbra Buckner Higginbotham

    Part 1: Preservation's Future-Present

         "Preservation as Vanishing Act (and Art?):  Print Era
         Organizations in the Electronic Age"
         Dan C. Hazen

         "Don't Swat the Skunk:  The Preservation Imperative"
         David B. Gracy II

         "Towards Developing a North American Preservation
         Program:  The Chicago Preservation Planning Conference"
         Gerald J. Munoff

    Part 2: Science and Technology Assisting Preservation

        "Library Air Pollution:  Sampling and Mitigation"
        Randy H. Silverman, Constance K. Lundberg, and Delbert J.

        "Mass Deacidification of Archives and Manuscript
        Kristi L. R. Kiesling and James Grant Stroud

        "Inventing the Future of Preservation Microfilming"
        C. Lee Jones

        "Optical Disk Applications in the Federal Government:
        Sharing and Preserving Unique Collections"
        Alan Fusonie and Richard F. Myers

    Part 3: Technology as a Tool for Managing the Work of the
        Preservation/Conservation Unit

        "The Role of the Computer in the Preservation Operation"
        Michael Bruer

        "Comprehensive Production Software (That Works!) for
        Errol Somay and Marc Reeves

        "Application Development for the Conservation Laboratory"
        Walter Henry

        "The House That Jack Built:  The Preservation Management
        Information System, A Primer for Design"
        Erich J. Kesse

    Part 4: Preservation Planning, Condition Surveys, and Needs

        "Managing Collection Information for Preservation Planning"
        John F. Dean

        "A Collection Condition Survey Model for Public Libraries"
        Nancy Carlson Schrock

        "Regional Preservation Needs Assessment:  The Central New
        York Preservation Needs Assessment Project"
        Martha Hanson and Jeannette Smithee

        "Computer-Assisted Preservation Surveys"
        Stuart A. Kohler

    Part 5: Preserving Special Formats

        "Observations on the Effect of Freezing and Thawing
        Sharon Gavitt

        "The Challenge of Film Preservation in the 1990s"
        Anthony Slide

        "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?  Why We Should Preserve
        Electronic Documents"
        Jan Michaels

    Part 6: Preserving Special Collections

        "Preserving Music Materials:  Past and Future"
        Kathleen Haefliger and L. Suzanne Kellerman

        "Documenting Dance and Preserving the Collections"
        Leslie Hansen Kopp

        "Experience and Examples in the Preservation of Scrapbooks
        and Albums"
        Sherelyn Ogden

    Part 7: Education and Training for Librarians,
        Archivists, and Readers

        "Educating Preservation Librarians:  Perspectives on
        Curricular Issues and Answers"
        Sheila S. Intner

        "Archival Preservation Education--An overview of the Society
        of American Archivists' Programs and New Directions for the
        Evelyn Frangakis and Christine Ward

        "Access Services:  The Human Factor"
        Ann Paietta

        "Disasters for Directors:  The Role of the Library or
        Archive Director in Disaster Preparedness and Recovery"
        Barbra Buckner Higginbotham and Miriam B. Kahn


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