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Subject: Conference on preserving multimedia

Conference on preserving multimedia

From: Tamara Lavrencic <npo>
Date: Tuesday, August 22, 1995
Multimedia Preservation: Capturing the Rainbow

28-30 November 1995 (Pre-conference workshop: 27 November)
Brisbane Hilton, Queen Street Mall, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Costs (in Australian dollars):

    $350 full conference registration ($370 posted after 31 October)
    $300 student registration ($320 posted after 31 October)
    $120 daily rate ($125 posted after 31 October)
    $65 Rainbow Tie! Conference dinner
    $115 workshop registration ($135 posted after 31 October)
    $100 student workshop registration ($120 posted after 31 October)


    National Preservation Office
    National Library of Australia
    Canberra ACT 2600
    +61 6 2621137
    Fax: +61-6-2734493
    npo [at] nla__gov__au


Monday 27 November 1995

    Preconference Workshop: Towards the Digital Collection

    The program of this one-day workshop mirrors the main themes of
    the conference proper: preservation using electronic media and
    preservation of electronic media. There will be opportunities to
    witness demonstrations of document preparation and scanning
    procedures, and to discuss management and practical issues in
    the preservation of and by electronic media.

    Alan Howell, Preservation Manager at the State Library of New
    South Wales and Chair of the National Preservation Office will
    lead the workshop. Participation is limited to 40.

Tuesday 28 November 1995

Over the Rainbow: Identifying the Issues

    Culture and cultural memory: challenges of the electronic era.

        Eric Wainwright, Deputy Director-General, National Library
        of Australia

    In search of the rainbow. Conference agenda and strategy.

        Jan Lyall, Director, National Preservation Office, National
        Library of Australia

Painting the Rainbow: Creating Australias electronic heritage

    Keynote address. Electronic publishing: developments in and
    orientation of the industry.

        Steven Schwalger, Chief Executive Officer, Australasian
        Interactive Multimedia Association

    Developments in networked distributed computing and delivery of
    Australia's heritage electronically.

        David Keightley, Project Manager, HCI/Visualisation, CSIRO
        Division of Information Technology

    Are we ready to capture the rainbow? Attitudes to electronic
    delivery of information.

        Carole Alcock, Department of Information and Communication
        Technology, University of Wollongong

    Research in multimedia preservation. Will it lead to the golden

        Gulten Wagner, Department of Library and Information
        Science, Edith Cowan University

The Distributed National Collection in a Digital Environment

    Keynote address. Digitisation projects for access and
    preservation: international trends and practices.

        Nancy Elkington, Assistant Director, Preservation Services,
        Research Libraries Group

    Keynote address. Libraries, museums, and archives in the digital
    future: the blurring of institutional distinctions.

        W. Boyd Rayward, Dean of Professional Studies, University of
        New South Wales

    Cultural policy, new media technologies and the implications for
    heritage preservation.

        TBA, Department of Communications and the Arts

    The evolution of DNC: pursuing a model for preservation in a
    networked environment.

        Cliff Law, Director, Distributed National Collection Office,
        National Library of Australia

    Legislating the rainbow: legal deposit, access and distribution
    in a digital environment.

        Derek Whitehead, Director of Collection Management, State
        Library of Victoria

Wednesday 29 November 1995

Capturing the Rainbow: Preservation of Electronic Media

    Keynote address. Preserving digital objects: recurrent needs and

        Michael Lesk, Executive Director, Computer Science Research,

    Guidelines for the management of electronic records, documents
    and publications: a TF2001 progress report.

        Keith Parrott, Convenor TF2001 Management of Material in
        Electronic Format Working Party, Australian Archives

    Feasibility of transferring the world's information to other
    formats and the attendant management issues.

        Maggie Exon, School of Information and Library Studies,
        Curtin University of Technology

    Preservation roles and responsibilities of collecting
    institutions in the digital age.

        Maggie Jones, Director of Collection Management and
        Retrieval Services, National Library of Australia

    Networked information resources: collection development,
    cataloguing and preservation in the National Library of

        Margaret Henty, Acting Director, Technical Services,
        National Library of Australia

    Preserving readership of electronic works.

        Bob Jansen, Principal Research Scientist, Division of
        Information Technology, CSIRO

Legalities of Multimedia Preservation: Master class

    Towards the Copyright Act 2000: implications of and for digital
    preservation and access.

        Jamie Wodetzki, Research Officer, Australian Council of
        Libraries and Information Services

    Multimedia contracting: legal and contractual issues for the
    creation of digital preservation surrogates.

        E. Picton-Warlow, Solicitor, Picton-Warlow and Co.

Managing the Digital Approach

    The longevity of electronic media: from electronic artefact to
    electronic object.

        Ross Harvey, Division of Information Studies, Nanyang
        Technological University (Singapore)

    The Ferguson, 1840-45, collection proposal: adopting the hybrid

        Ross Coleman, Collection Management Librarian, University of
        Sydney Library

    Transfer from analog to digital: selecting a system.

        Colin Webb, Manager of Technical Preservation, National
        Library of Australia

    Access and management issues for multimedia collections.

        Glcin Cribb, Audiovisual Librarian, University of Queensland

Thursday 30 November 1995

Dabbling in the Pot of Gold: Digitising for access and preservation

    Keynote address. Digitising to preserve access: international
    developments and technical requirements.

        Michael Alexander, Document and Image Processing, Computing
        and Telecomms, The British Library

    Demonstration- Making it happen: an industry view. An
    interactive session in which delegates and a leading commercial
    alliance can exchange information about digital capture,
    storage, and management of photographic images

        Bronte Turner, Director, Bridgehead Australia and Dale
        Turner, General Manager, Bridgehead Australia

Visiting the Rainbow: Australian case studies

    Electronic publishing standards: a report from the AVCC Working
    Party on Electronic Publishing.

        Neil McLean, Assistant Librarian, Macquarie University

    Introducing digitisation case studies from Australia and the

        Alan Howell, Preservation Manager, State Library of New
        South Wales

    Visits to the poster presentations of digitisation case studies.

    Interactive multisectoral audience discussion with case study

Summing Up

    The rainbow Down Under: the view from Up Over.

        Nancy Elkington or Michael Lesk

    Painting the rainbow in Australia: the way ahead.

        Richard Jones, Vice President of Research and Development,
        Computer Power Software Group

Panel discussion with keynote speakers.

    Conference Summary: Identifying the Issues

Tamara Lavrencic
National Library of Australia
+61 6 2621137

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