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Subject: Publication on photographic conservation

Publication on photographic conservation

From: Jesper S. Johnsen <bev-jsj>
Date: Sunday, October 15, 1995
Research techniques in Photographic Conservation
Proceedings of the conference held at the National Museum of Denmark
Copenhagen, May 1995

The book of the conference will be published by the end of this
year. We offer a special pre-publication price: 175 DKK
(approximately US$ 32, o 20, DM 46) including shipping for orders
received before November 15, 1995 . After this date the price will
be 250 DKK. Order your copy from:

    The National Museum of Denmark
    Department of Conservation
    Box 260
    DK-2800 Lyngby
    Att: Jesper Stub Johnsen
    Fax: +45 33 47 33 27
    bev-jsj [at] brede__natmus__min__dk

A brief account of the purpose of the meeting:

The intent was to go behind research results in photographic
conservation and discuss methods used for research, why they are
used and how the results change thinking about preservation. We also
discussed what research needs to be done. The participants left the
meeting with a renewed respect for the possibilities and limitations
of a variety of investigation techniques. All contributions to the
meeting are published in English in the proceedings.

    Planning New Storage - Standards and Reality
    Erland Kolding Nielsen, The Royal Library of Denmark

    The National Plan for Conservation of Photographs in Norway
    Roger Erlandsen, National Institute for Historical Photography
        in Norway

    Research and Conservation of Photographs in Finland
    Riitta Koskivirta, The Photographic Museum of Finland

    A New National Strategy for Preservation of Photographs in
    Eva Dahlman, The Swedish Secretariat for Photographic

    Quantifying the Vulnerability of Photogenic Drawings
    Michael J. Ware, Derbyshire, UK

    Understanding Alfred Stieglitz' Platinum and Palladium Prints:
        Examination by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
    Constance McCabe and Lisha Deming Glinsman, National Gallery of
        Art, USA

    Examination of Photographs with TEM - Sample Preparation and
        Interpretation of the Image
    Ulla Boegvad Kejser, School of Conservation, Denmark

    The Evaluation of Conservation Treatments
    Klaus B. Hendriks, Canadian Conservation Institute, Canada

    Standards on the Permanence of Imaging Materials
    Peter Z. Adelstein, Image Permanence Institute, Rochester
        Institute of Technology, USA

    Moisture Content Isolines and the Glass Transition of
    Photographic Gelatin; their Significance to Cold Storage and
        Accelerated Aging
    Mark H. McCormick-Goodhart, Smithsonian Institution, USA

    The Breath of Arrhenius:  Air Conditioning in Photographic
    Tim Padfield and Jesper Stub Johnsen, The National Museum of
        Denmark, Department of Conservation

    Prediction of Dark Stability of Colour Chromogenic Films using
        Arrhenius Law and Comparison after Ten Years of Natural Ageing
    Bertrand Lavedrine, Centre de Recherches surl la Conservation
        des Documents Graphiques, France

    Accelerated Aging Tests
    James M. Reilly, Image Permanence Institute, Rochester Institute
        of Technology, USA

    The Practical Presentation of Research Studies on Film Stability
    Douglas W. Nishimura, Image Permanence Institute, Rochester
        Institute of Technology, USA

    Microchemistry Used to Detect Deterioration in Cellulose Acetate
    Jens Glastrup, The National Museum of Denmark

    Lifetime Prediction: Fact or Fantasy?
    Michele Edge, Centre for Archival Polymeric Materials, The
        Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

    Current Research Needs in the Conservation Treatment of
        Deteriorated Photographic Print Materials
    Debbie Hess Norris, University of Delaware, USA

    Degradation Survey Programme at the National Library of Norway,
        Rana Branch
    Karl-Espen Antonsen, Norwegian National Library, Rana Branch

    Restoration without 'treatment' - Analogue Information Lost and
        Found - Digitally Retrieved
    Jonas Palm, The Royal Library of Denmark and Mogens S. Koch,
        School of Conservation, Denmark

Jesper S. Johnsen

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