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19th century artists' colourmen catalogues
Clarke, Mark, (07-03-2006)

19th century tavern sign
Kolligs, Elizabeth, (10-02-2006)

A death
Bechthold, Tim, (01-14-2006)
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (02-23-2006)
Smith, Robert, (03-30-2006)
Nash, Steve, (05-25-2006)
Perkinson, Roy, (07-17-2006)
Smith, Robert Douglas, (07-16-2006)
Olivier, Kate, (08-02-2006)
Preiss, Lydia, (08-15-2006)
Ellis, Margaret Holben, (10-11-2006)

ACRL New England Chapter
Sagraves, Barbara, (04-06-2006)

AIC Angels project
Morse, Elizabeth, (04-19-2006)

AIC Book and Paper Group
Haude, Mary, (06-06-2006)
Jacobson, Emily, (10-30-2006)
McCarthy, Christine, (12-13-2006)

AIC Collections Emergency Response Training program
Pourchot, Eric, (12-18-2006)

AIC Electronic Media Group
Frost, Hannah, (04-05-2006)

AIC awards nomination
Seyler, Ruth, (09-07-2006)

AIC meeting schedule
Caldararo, Niccolo, (03-04-2006)

AICCM Bulletin
Cannon, Alice, (07-10-2006)

ALA Discussion Group
Teper, Jennifer Hain, (06-07-2006)

ASTM D 3132
Gottsegen, Mark D., (07-06-2006)

Acid scavengers
Lovett, Doon Laura, (08-23-2006)
Shiner, Jerry, (08-29-2006)

Pudsey, Jane, (08-25-2006)
Roundhill, Linda S., (09-05-2006)

Adhesive for bone
Hawk, Alan J., (08-29-2006)
Koob, Stephen, (09-03-2006)
Krause, Dennis, (09-07-2006)
Meacham, William, (09-08-2006)
Stollman, Sasha, (09-11-2006)

Adhesive for ceramics
Severne, Amanda, (09-09-2006)
Koob, Stephen, (09-25-2006)
Bogle, Lindsey, (09-28-2006)

Adhesive for glass
Patterson, Sarah, (11-23-2006)
Koob, Stephen, (12-03-2006)
Tarnowski, Amber, (12-04-2006)
MacDowell, Robert K., (12-04-2006)

Adhesives for photographic conservation
Burnett, Nicholas, (03-06-2006)

Henry, Walter, (05-26-2006)
Henry, Walter, (06-22-2006)
Henry, Walter, (07-23-2006)
Henry, Walter, (07-24-2006)
Henry, Walter, (07-31-2006)
Henry, Walter, (12-01-2006)
Henry, Walter, (12-13-2006)
Henry, Walter, (12-19-2006)

Alvis, Alayne, (08-29-2006)

Agfa printing paper
Moor, Angela H., (03-14-2006)

Air abrasion equipment
Carlson, Molly, (02-21-2006)
Strehle, Helle, (03-14-2006)

Alberto Vargas
Kuon, Rosanna, (08-09-2006)

Alfred J. Jensen
Hons, Sandra, (06-14-2006)

Alternatives to Solander boxes
Maltby, Susan L., (10-19-2006)

Anniversary of Florence flood
Sidoti, Alessandro, (11-14-2006)

Antikythera Mechanism
Bitsakis, Yanis, (05-18-2006)

Appeal for the protection of cultural property in Israel and Lebanon
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (08-12-2006)

Apple head dolls
Cushnie, Robin, (12-12-2006)

Appointments at Library of Congress
Zimmermann, Carole, (05-24-2006)

Aquazol as an inpainting medium
Froehner, Christine, (04-02-2006)

Art Conservation Program at Queen's University
Spirydowicz, Krysia, (12-11-2006)

Art Materials Information and Education Network (AMIEN)
Gottsegen, Mark D., (11-16-2006)

Art Materials Information and Education Network (AMIEN)--addendum
Gottsegen, Mark D., (11-29-2006)

Knight, Barry, (02-14-2006)

Waller, Christoph, (02-22-2006)

Article on archaeological resources
Selavan, Barnea Levi, (02-06-2006)

Artsorb available
Nason, Gill, (07-28-2006)

Australian conservation survey results
Smith, Evalee, (10-26-2006)

Authors sought
Teper, Jennifer Hain, (12-01-2006)

Back files of Abbey Newsletter available--addendum
Drewes, Jeanne, (01-26-2006)

Back issues of Technology and Conservation available
Smith, Christine, (09-25-2006)

Bags for storing silver objects
Liu, Sofia Galarza, (04-11-2006)
Braun, Thomas James, (04-14-2006)

Barbara Goldsmith Preservation Lecture
Contakos, Kate, (11-17-2006)

Beta-radiography plates available
Albro, Sylvia Rodgers, (05-10-2006)

Beva film
Botelho, Ana, (09-17-2006)
Lavorini, Barbara, (09-28-2006)

Biocides for leather
Grieve, Susanne, (08-29-2006)
Meier, Christina, (09-02-2006)

Black dyes
Beiner, Gali, (03-13-2006)
Gerhold, Geertje, (03-21-2006)

Bleu turque
Godla, Joseph, (12-07-2006)

Blocked paper
Lunas, Susan, (08-28-2006)

Blotting paper
Yamazaki-Kleps, Akiko, (04-26-2006)
Aitken, Richard, (05-02-2006)

Board shears for sale
Ellenport, Sam, (09-23-2006)

Board slotting machine
Peachey, Jeff, (03-28-2006)

Bollettino dell'ICR
Buzzanca, Giancarlo, (03-21-2006)

Bolus gilding and restoring icons
Kinnet, Alex, (07-18-2006)

Book on Shroud of Turin
Meacham, William, (06-18-2006)

Book trucks
Wakeford, Paul, (01-20-2006)

Bookbinding equipment available
Lamphere, Tracy, (04-01-2006)

Milevski, Robert J., (06-05-2006)

Skinner, Theo, (03-07-2006)

British Library receives Mellon grant
Knight, Barry, (02-22-2006)

Buried metal
Riccardelli, Carolyn, (06-01-2006)

CAC Annual Conference and Workshops
Stock, Susan, (03-29-2006)

Henry, Walter, (06-09-2006)

Calcium carbonate crystallites
Bonaci, Gabriella Borg, (03-22-2006)

California Rare Book School
Henry, Walter, (12-30-2005)

Call for Papers--North American Textile Conservation Conference
Giuntini, Christine, (07-31-2006)

Call for nominations--Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award
Carignan, Yvonne, (09-12-2006)

Call for papers--AIC Architecture Specialty Group
Dewey, Catherine, (08-01-2006)

Call for papers--AIC Book and Paper Specialty Group and ICOM-CC Graphic Documents Group
Koerner, Jennifer, (07-26-2006)

Call for papers--AIC Electronic Media Group
Stauderman, Sarah, (08-01-2006)

Call for papers--AIC Paintings Specialty Group
Doherty, Tiarna, (07-14-2006)

Call for papers--AIC Research and Technical Studies
Ryan, Cindy Connelly, (08-21-2006)

Call for papers--AIC Wooden Artifacts Group
Deurenberg, Rian, (07-21-2006)

Call for papers--AICCM
Bonner, Davina, (07-17-2006)

Call for papers--Aboriginal heritage
Dignard, Carole, (04-10-2006)
Dignard, Carole, (05-04-2006)
Dignard, Carole, (10-05-2006)

Call for papers--Archaeological Sciences of the Americas Symposium
O'Grady, Caitlin, (02-07-2006)

Call for papers--Archaeological metal finds
Hopfner, Martin, (02-22-2006)

Call for papers--Architectural paint research in building conservation
Reichenbach, Tina, (11-02-2006)

Call for papers--Authenticity and conservation
Hermens, Erma, (12-08-2006)

Call for papers--CAC Annual Conference
Smart, Rose, (11-06-2006)

Call for papers--Cemetery conservation
Kiriakou, Vanta, (01-16-2006)

Call for papers--Conference on conservation
Argyropoulos, Vasilike, (06-06-2006)

Call for papers--Conservation science
Townsend, Joyce H., (09-12-2006)

Call for papers--ICOM-CC Interim meeting on glass and ceramics
Pilosi, Lisa, (09-16-2006)

Call for papers--IIC Congress
Voce, Graham, (12-12-2006)

Call for papers--Icons and Portraits
Hanna, Hany Aziz Hanna, (01-19-2006)

Call for papers--Loaning works of art
Simon, Stefan, (07-14-2006)

Call for papers--Marquetry
Brunne, Ulf, (05-28-2006)

Call for papers--Middle Eastern Manuscripts
Wilson, Louise, (11-30-2006)

Call for papers--Museum microclimates
Christensen, Mads Christian, (08-14-2006)

Call for papers--Naqada and Qus heritage
Hanna, Hany Aziz Hanna, (05-08-2006)

Call for papers--Natural history collections
Ramotnik, Cindy, (02-15-2006)

Call for papers--Plastics
Keneghan, Brenda, (04-10-2006)

Call for papers--Plastics--addendum
Keneghan, Brenda, (05-13-2006)

Call for papers--Preventive conservation
Christensen, Mads Christian, (04-07-2006)

Call for papers--Printed on Paper
Purinton, Nancy, (01-10-2006)

Call for papers--Retouching
Tetlow, Lucy, (11-10-2006)

Call for papers--Retouching with resins
Ellison, Rebecca, (01-20-2006)

Call for papers--Scientific Research in the Field of Asian Art
McCarthy, Blythe, (07-25-2006)

Call for papers--Seals
Woods, Chris, (03-20-2006)
Woods, Chris, (08-16-2006)

Call for papers--Seminar on biochemistry
Moore, Simon, (06-19-2006)

Call for papers--Stained glass
Pilosi, Lisa, (08-28-2006)

Call for papers--Sustainable management and development
Haspo, Beatriz B.M., (04-24-2006)

Call for papers--Sustainable practices in preservation environments
Pavelka, Karen L., (11-19-2006)

Call for papers--The Paper Conservator and The Conservator
Eagan, Jane, (11-28-2006)

Call for papers--Upholstery
Sawicki, Margaret, (10-17-2006)

Call for papers--Wood and furniture conservation
Kievits, Ron, (06-09-2006)

Call for posters--AIC Annual Meeting
Carroll, Valinda, (07-17-2006)
Carroll, Valinda, (08-11-2006)

Call for projects--Conference on modern materials
Learner, Tom, (06-24-2006)

Psaila, Ritianne, (10-16-2006)
Smith, Gregory D., (10-19-2006)

Prune, Galeazzi, (04-11-2006)
Gottsegen, Mark D., (05-01-2006)
Gottsegen, Mark D., (05-06-2006)

Contompasis, Margaret, (10-17-2006)
Cooper, Martin, (10-19-2006)
Fukumaru, Naoko, (11-09-2006)

Casting techniques for wooden carving
Hassard, Frank, (03-30-2006)
Pensee, Annemarie La, (04-11-2006)
Fraser, Ian, (04-09-2006)
Prins, Steven, (04-27-2006)
McCall, Gene, (04-29-2006)

Richwine, Beth, (02-03-2006)

Celtic ceramic vessel
Kluegl, Johanna, (11-13-2006)

Changes in Nilfisk vacuums
McGrew, Ashley, (02-14-2006)

Charbonnel Restoration Colours
Belman, Mike, (01-20-2006)

Chloride test pencil
Untch, Katharine A., (02-22-2006)

Citywide Monuments Conservation Program, New York
Seelenberger, Martha, (12-16-2005)
Seelenberger, Martha, (12-16-2005)

Class on digital libraries
Riley, Alicia, (06-19-2006)

Class on library binding
Riley, Alicia, (05-03-2006)

Classes on bookbinding and paper repair
Aurand, Gudrun, (08-10-2006)

Cleaning chromium plated candlesticks
Budija, Goran, (02-08-2006)
Vine, Mark, (02-10-2006)

Cleaning metal threads
Tinkham, Rebecca, (03-28-2006)

Cleaning phonograph records
Vredenburg, Keawe, (03-27-2006)

Color laser printers
Hart, Andrew, (02-13-2006)
Juergens, Martin, (02-28-2006)

Compact shelving
Floray, Steve, (01-20-2006)

Compact storage
Catano, Linda, (08-29-2006)

Computed tomography
Gibbons, Patti, (05-26-2006)

Condition surveys
Juhlin, Victoria, (09-11-2006)

Conference BigStuff 2007
Goetz, Restaurierungsberatung, (08-25-2006)

Conference on Digital Printing and Photography
Townsend, Joyce H., (04-07-2006)

Conference on Naqada and Qus heritage
Hanna, Hany Aziz Hanna, (10-07-2006)

Conference on alum
Brown, Jean E., (06-19-2006)

Conference on archaeological metal finds
Hopfner, Martin, (09-20-2006)

Conference on authenticity and conservation
Hermens, Erma, (02-17-2006)
Hermens, Erma, (03-10-2006)

Conference on digital preservation
Mohamed, Mehboob, (02-15-2006)
Eden, Barbara B., (08-16-2006)
Carlson, Julie, (09-12-2006)

Conference on environment
Henderson, Jane, (06-05-2006)

Conference on furniture
Kaner, Jake, (10-20-2006)

Conference on gilding
Kramer, Michael, (06-21-2006)

Conference on health hazards in museum collections
Roodhouse, Emma, (08-31-2006)

Conference on icons and portraits
Hanna, Hany Aziz Hanna, (05-25-2006)

Conference on icons and portraits--addendum
Hanna, Hany Aziz Hanna, (06-13-2006)
Hanna, Hany Aziz Hanna, (07-09-2006)

Conference on indoor air quality
Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten, (01-29-2006)
Schieweck, Alexandra, (09-08-2006)

Conference on installation art
Brake-Baldock, Karen te, (08-02-2006)

Conference on metal conservation
Bauer, Cristina, (01-06-2006)

Conference on modern materials
Roodhouse, Emma, (08-31-2006)

Conference on paper history
Guerrette, Serena, (01-22-2006)

Conference on photographic conservation
Ruello, Stefania, (04-14-2006)
Ruello, Stefania, (06-16-2006)

Conference on preventive conservation
Weyer, Angela, (10-05-2006)

Conference on stained glass
Cannon, Graeme, (01-11-2006)

Conference on textiles
Bennett, Christine G., (04-06-2006)

Conference on the Antikythera Mechanism
Bitsakis, Yanis, (10-10-2006)

Connie Brooks
Henry, Walter, (06-23-2006)

Conservar Patrimonio
Cruz, Antonio Joao, (02-28-2006)

Conservation Awards
Hughes, Susan, (10-26-2006)

Conservation archives in UK
Oddy, William Andrew, (05-15-2006)

Conservation equipment
Stamatopoulou, Eugenia, (04-27-2006)

Conservation equipment for sale
Smith, Christine, (06-23-2006)

Conservation principles
Hassard, Frank, (06-15-2006)
Gottsegen, Mark D., (06-18-2006)
Hassard, Frank, (06-18-2006)
Sozzani, Laurent, (06-22-2006)
Levy, Bruce, (06-15-2006)
Proctor, Robert, (06-29-2006)
Rohan, Deborah, (06-26-2006)
Ubbink, Kyla, (06-27-2006)
Hassard, Frank, (07-04-2006)
Hassard, Frank, (07-04-2006)
Glover, Hugh, (07-26-2006)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (08-01-2006)
Fuller, Richard, (08-13-2006)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (08-22-2006)
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (08-28-2006)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (09-02-2006)
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (09-08-2006)
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (09-08-2006)
Fuller, Richard, (09-13-2006)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (09-24-2006)

Conservation principles--addendum
Caldararo, Niccolo, (09-08-2006)

Conservation principles--corrigendum
Brock-Nannestad, George, (09-12-2006)

Conservation publications available online
Faltermeier, Robert B., (02-01-2006)
Green, Simon Barcham, (02-07-2006)
Teygeler, Rene, (02-09-2006)

Conservation studio space for rent
Walker, Ann, (09-09-2006)

Conservator sought for taxidermy collection
Gill, Victoria, (03-10-2006)

Daly, Claire, (05-31-2006)
Landgrebe, Bettina, (06-15-2006)
Roundhill, Linda S., (06-21-2006)
Mussey, Robert, (06-16-2006)
Hingley, Mark, (06-15-2006)

Consolidant for sandstone
Zitzmann, Dara, (09-13-2006)
Schnabel, Lorraine, (09-24-2006)
Vine, Mark, (09-25-2006)
Guerra, Edgardo Pinto, (09-30-2006)

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
Attwood, Ann, (02-22-2006)

Copper printing plates
Baxter, Juliette, (03-30-2006)
Hodgson, Mike, (04-10-2006)
Green, Simon Barcham, (04-22-2006)

Corrosion inhibitors for copper alloys
Cleere, Duygu Camurcuoglu, (03-14-2006)

Course on Indo-Persian painting
Chowdry, Anita, (01-15-2006)

Course on Japanese swords
Stevens, Donna, (10-09-2006)

Course on art restoration
Gallinoni, Massimiliano, (02-17-2006)

Course on book repair
Riley, Alicia, (06-19-2006)

Course on care of audiovisual collections
Tandon, Aparna, (10-05-2006)

Course on conservation of Southeast Asian collections
Lesperance, Chiara, (12-29-2005)

Course on dyeing
Lennard, Frances J., (02-28-2006)

Course on environment
Walker, Alison, (10-23-2006)

Course on geological and palaeontological heritage heritage and monuments
Maniatis, Nikolaos, (07-11-2006)

Course on glass and ceramics
Black, James, (09-21-2006)

Course on glass conservation
Black, James, (03-30-2006)

Course on health and safety
Markell, Melinda, (09-20-2006)

Course on historic preservation
Muccigrosso, Lisa, (02-09-2006)

Course on laser cleaning
Cooper, Martin, (01-17-2006)
Cooper, Martin, (11-15-2006)
Cooper, Martin, (11-16-2006)

Course on laser scanning
Cooper, Martin, (05-10-2006)

Course on management of cultural property
Lesperance, Chiara, (01-06-2006)

Course on microscopy
Swider, Joseph R., (07-27-2006)
Swider, Joseph R., (11-01-2006)

Course on museum artifacts
Alten, Helen, (03-15-2006)

Course on papyrus
Van der Feltz, Machteld, (02-14-2006)

Course on risk management
Verger, Isabelle, (12-01-2006)

Course on sharing conservation decisions
Lesperance, Chiara, (01-09-2006)

Course paper conservation
Sandy, Mark, (11-06-2006)

Courses at West Dean College
Campbell, Liz, (01-18-2006)
Campbell, Liz, (04-26-2006)
Campbell, Liz, (09-18-2006)
Campbell, Liz, (11-08-2006)

Courses from International Academic Projects
Black, James, (04-28-2006)

Courses on identifying and recording bookbinding structures
Velios, Athanasios, (01-24-2006)

Courses on identifying and recording bookbinding structures--addendum
Velios, Athanasios, (04-01-2006)

Creases in polyester
Hodson, Anna, (03-22-2006)

Faulk, Stephen, (10-26-2006)
Storch, Paul, (11-07-2006)

Database of preventive conservation products
Lepage, Michele, (01-24-2006)

Balachandran, Sanchita, (09-18-2006)
Baxter, Juliette, (09-21-2006)
Moore, Simon, (09-29-2006)
Lee, Miki, (09-28-2006)
Arenstein, Rachael, (10-23-2006)
Bouwmeester, Wilma, (11-09-2006)

DeKooning Pastels
Swider, Joseph R., (02-28-2006)

Chin, Jacalyn, (01-19-2006)

Derek Jarman
Tanimura, Hiromi, (03-15-2006)
Foley, Jane, (03-20-2006)
Storch, Paul, (03-20-2006)

Desalination of dried wood
Wellman, Howard, (01-21-2006)

Digital Preservation Award
Semple, Najla, (11-14-2006)

Digital Preservation Discussion Group
Dale, Robin L., (01-18-2006)

Digital imaging system for sale
Coldwell, Robert, (01-05-2006)

Digital printing
Griffin, Patricia S., (09-05-2006)

Digital repositories
Dale, Robin L., (01-09-2006)

Digitization and collections documentation
Klinke, Thomas C., (02-06-2006)
Flejter, Anita, (02-17-2006)
Clarke, Mark, (02-20-2006)
Batton, Susan Sayre, (02-25-2006)

Digitizing X-radiographs
Danzing, Rachel, (03-10-2006)
Padfield, Joseph, (03-17-2006)
O'Connor, Sonia Alice, (03-23-2006)
Harvey, David, (03-23-2006)
O'Connor, Sonia Alice, (03-30-2006)

Disassembling acrylic sculpture
Moomaw, Kate, (09-08-2006)

Discarding acetate microfilm masters
Lloyd, Jennifer, (09-11-2006)
Stewart, Charles, (09-25-2006)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (09-24-2006)
Saretzky, Gary, (09-29-2006)
Kromer, Reto, (10-10-2006)

Discolored paper
Meek, Elizabeth, (09-05-2006)

Discolored photographic prints
Gaertner, Leonie, (11-24-2006)
Castronovo, John, (12-03-2006)

Displaying ceramic plates
Braun, Tom James, (02-22-2006)

Dissertation defenses
Martel, Thierry, (11-07-2006)

Distance learning course on chemistry for conservators
Black, James, (12-07-2006)

Distance learning in paper and photographic conservation
Alten, Helen, (08-21-2006)

Documentary on Museum Conservation Institute
N'Gadi, Ann B., (11-20-2006)

Vine, Mark, (11-03-2006)

Dry stripping bronze paint
Kingma, Gini, (05-30-2006)

McMann, Joanna, (06-14-2006)
Pudsey, Jane, (06-20-2006)

Liao, Zu-Chun, (03-10-2006)
Shiner, Jerry, (03-17-2006)

Dyeing parchment
Flaiani, Enrico, (04-25-2006)

Dyeing supplies available
Braun, Tom James, (02-03-2006)

Eastern Analytical Symposium
Scott, John, (03-30-2006)
Scott, John, (10-17-2006)

Eastern Analytical Symposium--addendum
Scott, John, (04-17-2006)

Educational opportunity sought
Luengo, Noemi Moran, (10-18-2006)
Jimenez, Laura Maria, (10-19-2006)

Efflorescence on oil paintings
Gottsegen, Mark D., (06-13-2006)
Zakheim, Nathan, (06-13-2006)
Watson, Robert, (06-24-2006)

Egyptian faience
Roundhill, Linda S., (01-11-2006)

Thompson, Elizabeth, (02-02-2006)

Faltermeier, Robert B., (05-14-2006)

English net
Kennedy, Tara, (12-11-2006)

Baldwin, Juliet, (05-08-2006)

Ethanol-modified calcium phytate calcium bicarbonate complexing and iron gall ink
Khan, Yasmeen, (12-18-2006)

Exhibiting paintings
Place, Heather, (09-14-2006)

Exhibition on 19th century papermaking and watercolor painting
Harris, Theresa Fairbanks, (02-24-2006)

Exhibition on Impressionist painting
Hurt, Perry, (12-05-2006)

Expansion co-efficient of glass
Montalto, Nicola Attard, (06-11-2006)

Faded photograph prints
Dawson, Jenny, (12-04-2006)
Castronovo, John, (12-10-2006)

Fellowship at Art Institute of Chicago
Burns, Ryan, (02-01-2006)
Casadio, Francesca, (05-30-2006)

Fellowship at Balboa Art Conservation Center Internship at Balboa Art Conservation Center
West, Kara, (01-18-2006)

Fellowship at British Museum
Burillo, Richard, (11-17-2006)

Fellowship at CCAHA
Hoffman, Jessica, (08-03-2006)

Fellowship at Cleveland Museum of Art
Allison, Sara, (03-17-2006)

Fellowship at Courtauld Institute of Art
Hughes, Catherine Anne, (03-01-2006)

Fellowship at Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Evans, Debra, (06-30-2006)

Fellowship at Getty Conservation Institute
Zagorski, Anna, (07-31-2006)

Fellowship at Guggenheim Museum
Parrott, Jacqueline, (06-23-2006)

Fellowship at Harvard
Kennelly, Kathleen, (07-06-2006)

Fellowship at Huntington Library
Rogers, Susan, (12-07-2006)

Fellowship at Menil Collection
Epley, Bradford A., (02-28-2006)

Fellowship at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Hanlon, Gordon, (03-08-2006)
Manick, Annette, (10-21-2006)

Fellowship at National Gallery of Art
Skalka, Michael, (05-08-2006)

Fellowship at New York Botanical Garden Library
Marder, Olga, (12-16-2005)

Fellowship at New York Botanical Garden Library--addendum
Marder, Olga, (02-01-2006)

Fellowship at Smithsonian Institution
N'Gadi, Ann, (11-16-2006)

Fellowship at Yale
Harris, Theresa Fairbanks, (02-16-2006)

Fellowship at Yale--addendum
Armistead, Abigail, (03-07-2006)

Fellowships at George Eastman House and the Image Permanence Institute
Chen, Jiuan-jiuan, (09-18-2006)

Fellowships at Historic New England
Neiro, Michaela, (02-21-2006)

Fellowships at Philadelphia Museum of Art
Wasson, Christopher, (01-27-2006)

Fellowships at the National Museum of the American Indian
Kaminitz, Marian, (01-03-2006)

Fellowships in conservation science
Mazzeo, Rocco, (02-07-2006)

Filling materials for ceramics
Thompson, Mina, (02-01-2006)

Film on Florence flood
Silverman, Randy, (10-30-2006)

Fire damage
Kyrian, Jitka, (04-13-2006)

Fishing flies
Vine, Mark, (06-13-2006)
Shiner, Jerry, (06-16-2006)

Conners, Terry, (11-02-2006)

Flattening photographic album pages
Lynn, Curry, (05-31-2006)

Flock prints
Greathead, Alexandra, (04-04-2006)

Foam book supports
DeStefano, Rhea, (04-27-2006)

Forums on painting conservation
Smithen, Patricia, (03-24-2006)

Frames available
Marsh, Ian, (04-13-2006)

Freezing leather and wool
Gavin, John, (07-20-2006)

Fume hoods available
Alten, Helen, (02-24-2006)

Milevski, Robert J., (01-13-2006)
Marincola, Michele, (02-03-2006)
Mathisen, Susan, (02-07-2006)
Johnson, Cynthia, (03-04-2006)
Reynolds, Clare, (03-14-2006)

Furniture waxes
Webb, Marianne, (12-05-2006)
Wachowiak, Melvin, (12-12-2006)
Klein, Detlef, (12-10-2006)
Fuller, Richard, (12-11-2006)
Glover, Hugh, (12-11-2006)

GCI Conservation Guest Scholar program
Zagorski, Anna, (07-10-2006)
Zagorski, Anna, (07-10-2006)

Van Velzen, Bas, (10-26-2006)
Bachman, Konstanze, (11-04-2006)
Pasnak, Ekaterina Nirtan, (11-13-2006)
Hadlow, Elizabeth, (11-14-2006)
Bugeja, David Frank, (11-14-2006)
Coxon, Helen, (11-30-2006)

Dominioni, Maria Giulia Caccia, (04-25-2006)

Gerry Hedley Student Symposium
Tetlow, Alice, (05-04-2006)

Glass and plastic cleaners
Macdonnell, Anne, (12-01-2006)

Glass paper
Bogle, Lindsey, (02-19-2006)
Watson, Robert, (02-25-2006)

Glass plate negatives
Schell, Audrie, (10-26-2006)

Jacobs, Sally J., (07-24-2006)

Glossary on conservation
Xarrie, Mireia, (01-07-2006)
Lopez, Carme, (02-13-2006)
Xarrie, Mireia, (12-01-2006)

Gossamer tissue
Downey, Anne E., (08-10-2006)

Graduate program in Preventive Conservation
Brown, Jean E., (02-21-2006)

Graduate programs at the Textile Conservation Centre
McCulloch, Kathleen, (04-27-2006)
Lennard, Frances J., (08-03-2006)

Graffiti on granite and concrete
Gray, Donovan Michael, (02-09-2006)

Green parchment
Peruzzi, Aurora, (10-12-2006)
Clarke, Mark, (10-19-2006)

Guild of Book Workers--Potomac chapter
Dambrogio, Jana, (02-24-2006)
Dambrogio, Jana, (08-25-2006)

O'Reilly, Emily, (01-19-2006)
Pudsey, Jane, (02-03-2006)
Giles, David, (02-03-2006)

Gulbenkian Prize
Leigh, David, (05-31-2006)

Hanel lean-lifts
Hodgson, Mike, (02-10-2006)

Mitchell, Douglas, (10-02-2006)

Heated spatula
Polizu, Sultana Ruxandra, (04-18-2006)

Appelbaum, Barbara, (12-16-2005)

Herex C70
Stamatopoulou, Eugenia, (03-09-2006)

Historic floor coverings
Wenzel, Chris, (04-20-2006)
Jaeschke, Helena, (04-24-2006)
Patricia, Hughes, (04-24-2006)

Hopsack weave in a late Rembrandt painting
Pilz, Kathrin, (07-26-2006)

House paint
Allan, Lauren, (03-13-2006)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (03-23-2006)
Bracker, Alison, (03-30-2006)

Housing engraving plates
Kennedy, Tara, (12-11-2006)

Human hair
Kuypers, Sabine, (04-19-2006)

Human skin bindings
Bourn, Drew, (07-24-2006)
Clarke, Mark, (08-01-2006)
Thompson, Jack C., (08-01-2006)
Thompson, Jack C., (08-03-2006)

IADA Congress
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (03-03-2006)

ICCROM Field Project
De Brisis, Isabelle, (10-20-2006)

ICN courses and masterclasses
Boeve, Angeniet, (05-15-2006)

ICOM-CC-Ethno Listserv and Newsletter
Dignard, Carole, (12-05-2006)

ICON Book and Paper Conference
Venables, Barbara, (01-18-2006)

ICON Book and Paper Conference--addendum
Venables, Barbara, (06-14-2006)

ICON Book and Paper Group
Herford, Imogen, (02-23-2006)
Herford, Imogen, (05-04-2006)
Herford, Imogen, (07-06-2006)
Herford, Imogen, (09-06-2006)
Wolton, Joanna, (09-27-2006)

ICON Book and Paper Group lecture series
Wolton, Joanna, (11-28-2006)

ICON Ethnography Group
Miles, Roisin, (11-15-2006)

ICON Paintings Group postprints
Woodcock, Sally, (02-07-2006)

ICON Photographic Materials Group
Moor, Angela H., (05-03-2006)
Moor, Angela H., (07-03-2006)

IIC Annual General Meeting
Voce, Graham, (01-13-2006)

IIC Congress
Voce, Graham, (02-28-2006)
Voce, Graham, (06-20-2006)
Voce, Graham, (07-27-2006)

IIC Congress--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (03-06-2006)

IIC Keck Award
Voce, Graham, (03-06-2006)

IS&T image permanence award
Nishimura, Douglas W., (10-04-2006)

ISO Permanence of Imaging Materials update
Nishimura, Douglas W., (11-07-2006)

Icon receives funding for training
Manitta, Sharon, (01-19-2006)

Icon receives funding for training--corrigendum
Manitta, Sharon, (02-03-2006)

Identifying writing implement
Lodge, Robert, (03-06-2006)
Clarke, Mark, (03-19-2006)
Watson, Robert, (03-24-2006)

Impact of construction projects near collections
Gansicke, Susanne, (10-31-2006)

Bailey, George, (08-18-2006)
Vine, Mark, (08-29-2006)

Infrared and Raman Users' Group (IRUG)
McGlinchey, Chris, (01-20-2006)

Infrared examination services sought
Ayers, Anthony D., (08-03-2006)

Ink on paper
De de Bobadilla, Teresa Fernanz, (03-02-2006)
Reynolds, Clare, (03-14-2006)
Schwartz, George, (03-19-2006)

Insect infested tortoiseshell tabernacle
Clancy, Jason, (10-24-2006)
Bergh, Jan-Erik, (11-05-2006)
Moore, Simon, (11-08-2006)
Conners, Terry, (11-06-2006)
Gialdi, Ercole, (11-14-2006)

Institute of Conservation (Icon)
Perry, Heather, (08-07-2006)

Institutional labs accepting outside work
Fahey, Mary, (08-01-2006)

Integrated Pest Management
Tarnowski, Amber, (09-07-2006)
Pine, Steven, (09-15-2006)
Gialdi, Ercole, (09-24-2006)
Fonseca, Rui Marto, (09-29-2006)

Integrated Pest Management Working Group
Arenstein, Rachael, (01-24-2006)

Integrated Pest Management policies
Klise, Linda, (06-08-2006)

International Association of Empirical Aesthetics (IAEA)
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (07-30-2006)

Internship at American Museum of Natural History
Kronthal, Lisa, (03-30-2006)

Internship at Anne Zanikos Art Conservation
Zanikos, Anne, (09-21-2006)

Internship at Balboa Art Conservation Center
West, Kara, (04-27-2006)

Internship at Building Conservation Associates, Inc.
McGrew, Melissa, (01-18-2006)

Internship at Chester Beatty Library
Baldwin, Jessica, (05-18-2006)

Internship at Cornell
Eden, Barbara B., (12-21-2005)

Internship at Herzog August Bibliothek
Corbach, Almuth, (03-07-2006)

Internship at Iowa State University
Seo, Hilary, (10-12-2006)

Internship at Lamport Hall and the Hamilton Kerr Institute
Institute, Hamilton Kerr, (04-11-2006)

Internship at Missouri Historical Society
Landry, Linda, (11-27-2006)

Internship at NEDCC
Wender, Deb, (04-24-2006)

Internship at New York Academy of Medicine
Martin, Susan, (10-30-2006)

Internship at Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (SRAL)
Seymour, Kate, (10-25-2006)

Internship at Vancouver Museum
Brynjolfson, Carol, (08-01-2006)

Internship at Villa Finale
Smith, Sandra, (05-02-2006)

Internship opportunity
Wellman, Howard B., (08-08-2006)

Internship sought
Prata, Daniela, (02-28-2006)
Chipman, Alisha, (04-19-2006)
S.Shivshankari,, (05-09-2006)
Emilie, Blanc, (05-15-2006)
Electra, Alexopoulou, (11-05-2006)

Internships at Agora excavations
Anastassiades, Amandina, (11-10-2006)

Internships at British Library
Beck, Karen, (06-15-2006)

Internships at Citywide Monuments Conservation Program, New York
Seelenberger, Martha, (02-07-2006)
Seelenberger, Martha, (02-07-2006)
Seelenberger, Martha, (04-19-2006)

Internships at Historic Scotland
Pearce, Michael, (11-15-2006)

Internships at Musees d'art et d'histoire, Geneva
Anheuser, Kilian, (12-14-2006)

Internships at National Gallery of Art
Wagelie, Jennifer, (12-11-2006)

Internships at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Collas, Tania, (10-31-2006)

Internships at Shelburne Museum
Ravenel, Nancie, (09-08-2006)

Internships at the Hamilton Kerr Institute
Institute, Hamilton Kerr, (12-13-2006)

Internships at the National Museum of the American Indian
Kaminitz, Marian, (01-03-2006)
Kaminitz, Marian, (09-12-2006)

Internships in UK
Brown, Carol, (05-08-2006)

Iris prints on canvas
Spaarschuh, Christina, (06-02-2006)

Iron gall ink
Barker, Don, (12-02-2006)

Barton, Sophie, (05-11-2006)

J.A. Szirmai
Smith, Margit J., (06-02-2006)

Jill Emery awarded Esther J. Piercy Award
Brown, Karen E, (02-21-2006)

Jim Spriggs
O'Connor, Sonia Alice, (06-16-2006)

Joseph Beuys' metal sculptures
Uram, Craig, (12-11-2006)

July 7, 2005 memorial gardens
Fisher, Seren, (05-04-2006)

Kathleen Mullen
Brown, Karen E., (07-17-2006)

LBI Assistance Grants
Nolan, Deb, (03-07-2006)

LED light and inkjet prints
O'Rorke, Caroline, (08-30-2006)
Vienot, Francoise, (09-07-2006)

Walker, Alison, (09-20-2006)

Lab chairs
Lavelle, Meredeth, (01-20-2006)
O'Connell, Christina, (02-03-2006)
Hackett, Joanne, (02-06-2006)

Lab design
Vazquez, Sandra, (12-11-2006)

Labelling silver
Weikert, Kate, (05-26-2006)
Harvey, David, (05-30-2006)

Seelenberger, Martha, (11-06-2006)
Harvey, David, (11-14-2006)
Storch, Paul, (11-14-2006)
Blundell, J. Bryan, (11-28-2006)

Lacquered papier mache tabletop
O'Bolguidhir, Ruaidhri, (10-24-2006)
Hay, James, (11-09-2006)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (11-14-2006)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (11-28-2006)

Laminated documents
Lane, Anne, (04-19-2006)

Landscape preservation
Neuman, Ingrid, (02-07-2006)

Lantern slides
Datawrangler, Marcia Segal, (03-18-2006)

Lascaux Medium for Consolidation
Salik, Aaron, (06-26-2006)

Laser cleaning
Blackman, Christabel, (01-02-2006)

Laser cleaning and hazards
Alvis, Alayne, (04-18-2006)
Cooper, Martin, (05-02-2006)

Lead-tin sculpture
Ribeiro, Andreia Cristina, (07-10-2006)

Leather shoes
Grabner, Hanna, (02-15-2006)
Jaeschke, Helena, (02-21-2006)

Lecture about Peter Waters
Adams, Jeanette, (04-10-2006)

Lecture on Islamic paper
Wolton, Joanna, (01-31-2006)

Lecture on art conservation
Rhyne, Charles, (11-11-2006)

Lecture on incunabula
Manias, Clare, (10-31-2006)

Lecture on looting in Iraq
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (01-14-2006)

Lecture on preservation science
Adams, Jeanette, (02-13-2006)
Adams, Jeanette, (03-01-2006)
Adams, Jeanette, (03-21-2006)

Lecture on the Tate Gallery Conservation Department
Tetlow, Lucy, (11-13-2006)

Lecture on wallpaper conservation
Wolton, Joanna, (05-26-2006)

Lectures on preservation of sacred objects
Hayes, Nicole, (11-27-2006)

Libraries and the Cultural Record
II, David B. Gracy, (09-13-2006)

Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group
Baker, Whitney, (04-24-2006)

Library card hall of fame
Thomas, Mitzi, (02-14-2006)

Library of Congress Preservation Research and Testing lab
Zimmermann, Carole, (08-29-2006)

Lightfastness testing equipment
Lewis, Robert, (07-25-2006)
Gottsegen, Mark D., (08-02-2006)

Privett, Helen, (09-28-2006)

Lighting control
Lockshin, Nora, (03-24-2006)
Shiner, Jerry, (04-09-2006)

Localized freezing to remove plastic from textile
Von Lerber, Karin, (05-30-2006)

Loss compensation
Hassard, Frank, (01-04-2006)
Hay, James, (01-11-2006)
Roundhill, Linda S., (01-11-2006)

Loss compensation for pastels
Prins, Steven, (11-14-2006)

MA Program in Conservation of New Media and Digital Information
Pollmeier, Klaus, (05-17-2006)

MA Program in Conservation of New Media and Digital Information--addendum
Pollmeier, Klaus, (02-07-2006)

MA Program in science and heritage
Wyeth, Paul, (03-12-2006)

Watsky, Lance, (10-31-2006)

Appelbaum, Barbara, (06-15-2006)
Mibach, Lisa, (06-16-2006)

Green, Simon Barcham, (09-03-2006)

Masterclass on aerosols
Boeve, Angeniet, (08-17-2006)

Masterclass on plastics
Boeve, Angeniet, (08-17-2006)

Matting agent
Kaner, Jake, (02-10-2006)
O'Brien, Martin, (02-21-2006)
Vine, Mark, (02-22-2006)

Pearce-Moses, Richard, (05-01-2006)

Measuring UV
Hammons, Carlyn, (08-24-2006)
Hall, William, (08-29-2006)
Anheuser, Kilian, (09-04-2006)

Memorial fund for Joanna Rowntree
Anderson, Priscilla, (06-29-2006)

Mending plates
Barry, Claire, (01-12-2006)
Barry, Claire, (02-03-2006)

Metal flat file for sale
Sainato, Jennifer, (04-26-2006)

Method for creating artificial brochantite
Maya, Froidevaux, (11-28-2006)

Microballoon mixture for wood
Stamatopoulou, Eugenia, (02-23-2006)
Blok, Vera Rosalind, (03-14-2006)
Troughton, Denise, (03-14-2006)
Braun, Tom James, (03-14-2006)
Hall, Kathy, (03-16-2006)
Arnold, Lori, (03-17-2006)
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (03-17-2006)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (03-23-2006)
Marchant, Ray, (03-27-2006)
Mussey, Robert, (03-30-2006)
Heginbotham, Arlen, (04-12-2006)
Braun, Thomas James, (03-14-2006)

Karsten, Angela, (08-24-2006)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (09-05-2006)

Midwest Regional Conservation Guild
McCoy, Richard, (09-22-2006)

Mist fire suppression systems
Colligan, Dorothea, (05-16-2006)

Wright, Margot M., (02-01-2006)
Bogle, Lindsey, (02-07-2006)
Van Maanen, Oda, (02-08-2006)
Garcia, Miguel Alexandre Oliveira, (02-07-2006)
Dura, Elisabet Cerda, (02-10-2006)
Turton, Alexandra, (03-01-2006)
Van Walle, Frederick de, (02-21-2006)

Rohan, Deborah, (03-02-2006)
Woodgate, Siobhan, (05-02-2006)
Hawk, Alan J., (10-03-2006)

Mold on audiotape
Corlis, Tim, (07-10-2006)

Mold on paintings
Muscat, Charlene, (11-12-2006)
Rebok, Thomas H., (11-30-2006)

Mold on watercolors
Gottsegen, Mark D., (09-25-2006)

Montefiascone Project
Porter, Cheryl, (02-05-2006)

Montefiascone Project--addendum
Troughton, Denise, (04-11-2006)

Mount Rushmore
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (03-29-2006)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (04-10-2006)
Goldstone, N.J. Bud, (05-05-2006)

Mughal chain mail shirt
Harding, Amanda, (09-28-2006)

Museum Conservation Institute
N'Gadi, Ann B., (04-10-2006)

NARA Preservation Conference
Schneider, Richard, (11-17-2006)

NEH grants
Henry, Walter, (04-28-2006)

National Preservation Office Annual Conference
Walker, Alison, (08-14-2006)

New Site: Theses and dissertations abstracts
Weyer, Angela, (06-26-2006)

New conservation products
Salik, Aaron, (04-21-2006)

New graduate program on multimedia systems for cultural heritage
Economou, Daphne, (11-25-2006)

New list: Papyrus conservation
Zachary, Shannon, (09-29-2006)

New site--Textile Fiber Atlas
Taylor, Gil, (06-20-2006)

New site: Book and paper preservation
Gaither, Steve, (03-24-2006)

New site: Bruce Nauman installation
Laurenson, Pip, (05-31-2006)

New site: Cellulose Acetate Microfilm Forum (CAMF)
Walker, Alison, (05-19-2006)

New site: Mazarin Chest Project
Rivers, Shayne, (05-11-2006)

New site: Regional Alliance for Preservation
Kohut, Lauren, (03-13-2006)

New web sites
Capasso, Giovanni, (12-31-2005)

Newspaper article on funding for conservation
Caswell, Bexx, (10-07-2006)

Nicholas Hadgraft Memorial Scholarship
Welch, Stuart, (03-04-2006)

Giannakeri, Marilena, (03-29-2006)
Shiner, Jerry, (04-09-2006)
Pudsey, Jane, (04-10-2006)
Tousis, Vasilios, (04-12-2006)

Oil paintings on Melamine-coated MDF
Prins, Steven, (02-08-2006)

Oil paintings on mineral support
Asperti, Agnes, (10-20-2006)

Online course in preservation
Alten, Helen, (06-05-2006)

Online course on collection preservation
Alten, Helen, (11-30-2006)

Online course on digitization
Maroso, Amy, (01-25-2006)

Online course on disaster planning
Riley, Alicia, (01-09-2006)
Alten, Helen, (01-25-2006)
Alten, Helen, (10-13-2006)

Online course on environment
Alten, Helen, (10-13-2006)

Online course on exhibitions
Alten, Helen, (06-05-2006)
Alten, Helen, (10-07-2006)

Online course on grant writing
Riley, Alicia, (02-02-2006)

Online course on museum artifacts
Alten, Helen, (10-06-2006)

Online course on museum security
Alten, Helen, (12-07-2006)

Online course on museum storage
Alten, Helen, (02-27-2006)

Online course on object numbering
Alten, Helen, (06-21-2006)
Alten, Helen, (11-27-2006)

Online course on pest management
Alten, Helen, (01-25-2006)

Online courses
Alten, Helen, (07-26-2006)
Alten, Helen, (11-27-2006)

Open house at Camberwell College of Arts
Weedon, Richard, (06-14-2006)

Organ pipes
Eckert, Alexander, (04-19-2006)

Outdoor bronze sculpture
Gonzales, Silvia, (10-17-2006)

Wardius, Janine, (06-14-2006)

PARS Reformatting Discussion Group
Croft, Jeanann, (01-09-2006)

Painted indian textiles
Wild, Jane, (02-07-2006)
Hackett, Joanne, (02-09-2006)

Paintings on glass
Vine, Mark, (08-03-2006)

Paintings on translucent supports
Maury, Antoine, (06-19-2006)

Paper Identification Database
Kecskemeti, Istvan, (03-30-2006)

Paper for photographic prints
Barandiaran, Marta, (10-26-2006)
Brown, Barbara N., (11-05-2006)
Mesmer, Renate, (11-04-2006)

Jaworek, Wolfgang, (03-07-2006)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (06-07-2006)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (09-11-2006)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (12-06-2006)

Berges, Ornella, (10-16-2006)

Corbin, Gwenola, (10-24-2006)

Scheerer, Stefanie, (09-19-2006)
Guerra, Edgardo Pinto, (09-30-2006)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (10-01-2006)

Paul Conway
Conway, Paul L, (06-28-2006)

Petrified wood
Kyriazi, Evangelia, (06-26-2006)

Stubbs-Lee, Dee, (09-19-2006)

Photocopy adhered to plastic film
Schwendener, Chantal, (01-17-2006)
Shashoua, Yvonne, (02-06-2006)

Photographic equipment available
Cheffins, Christine, (04-13-2006)

Photographs of earthquake damage sought
Ipert, Stephane, (12-10-2006)

Pigeon droppings
Gialdi, Ercole, (10-26-2006)
Meek, Elizabeth, (11-06-2006)
Storch, Paul, (11-07-2006)

Arenstein, Rachael, (06-21-2006)
Blackman, Christabel, (06-26-2006)

Pigma micron pens
Stubbs-Lee, Dee A., (02-03-2006)
Hoffman-Chin, Jackie, (02-10-2006)
Noseworthy, Gillian, (02-21-2006)
Booth, Laurie, (02-21-2006)
Mathias, Cathy, (03-15-2006)
Fuller, Richard, (03-20-2006)
Beiner, Gali, (03-20-2006)
Hawks, Catharine, (03-19-2006)
Alten, Helen, (03-23-2006)
Mathias, Cathy, (03-23-2006)
Stubbs-Lee, Dee, (03-30-2006)

Plaster reliefs
Khajeian, Saye, (09-26-2006)
Karimy, Amir Hosein, (10-12-2006)
Pensee, Annemarie La, (10-19-2006)
Borges, Victor Hugo Lopez, (10-19-2006)
McPheters, Mark, (10-19-2006)

Platinum leaf
Moore, Jeff, (10-30-2006)

Plexiglass support for canvas paintings
Baltuskonis, Dennis, (11-02-2006)

Policies on digital preservation
Gertz, Janet, (10-12-2006)

Polishing acrylic sheeting
Stamatopoulou, Eugenia, (02-13-2006)
Tousis, Vasilios, (02-21-2006)
Vine, Mark, (03-14-2006)

Polyester resin objects
Mackey, Meghan, (09-08-2006)
Klein, Detlef, (09-25-2006)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (10-01-2006)
Fox, Marilyn, (09-30-2006)
Shashoua, Yvonne, (10-10-2006)

Portfolio display at Winterthur
Kiefer, Kathleen, (10-13-2006)

Position at ADC ArcheoProjects
Abelskamp, Karin, (03-14-2006)

Position at AOC Archaeology Group
Stoddart, Lynda, (06-20-2006)

Position at American Museum of Natural History
Kronthal, Lisa, (03-20-2006)

Position at Antiquarian and Landmarks Society
Hack, Sheryl, (11-07-2006)

Position at Archives New Zealand
Coop, Diana, (12-18-2006)

Position at Arkansas History Commission
Crawford, Julienne, (09-19-2006)

Position at Art Gallery of Ontario
Phillips, Sherry, (07-14-2006)
Phillips, Sherry, (07-14-2006)

Position at Art Institute of Chicago
Burns, Ryan, (05-12-2006)
Burns, Ryan, (05-18-2006)

Position at Artlab Australia
Feijen, Sarah, (10-31-2006)

Position at Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Pon, Tracy, (01-17-2006)
Pon, Tracy, (02-10-2006)

Position at Atlanta Art Conservation Center (AACC)
Tremblay, Kathy, (09-07-2006)

Position at Auckland Gallery
Hillary, Sarah, (03-07-2006)

Position at Auckland Gallery--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (03-16-2006)

Position at Australian Museum
Daniel, Vinod, (12-14-2006)

Position at Austrian National Library
Hofmann, Christa, (11-27-2006)

Position at Baltimore Museum of Art
Primeau, Tom, (03-27-2006)

Position at Baltimore Museum of Industry
Albert, Carrie, (01-10-2006)

Position at Belmont Hills Art Conservation
Heller, Thomas, (07-01-2006)

Position at Bergen Art Museum
Von Moller, Marie, (12-22-2005)

Position at Bernacki and Associates
Bernacki, Stan, (04-17-2006)

Position at Biltmore Estate
Rosebrock, Nancy, (07-19-2006)
Rosebrock, Nancy, (07-21-2006)

Position at Bodleian Library
Howell, David, (12-14-2006)

Position at Bowes Museum
De Bellaigue, Diana, (07-14-2006)

Position at Bristol's Museums, Galleries and Archives
Hinchcliffe, Frances, (04-07-2006)
Hinchcliffe, Frances, (04-07-2006)
Hinchcliffe, Frances, (09-02-2006)

Position at Bristol's Museums, Galleries and Archives--addendum
Hinchcliffe, Frances, (04-12-2006)

Position at British Library
Mohamed, Mehboob, (01-16-2006)
Mohamed, Mehboob, (02-15-2006)
Beck, Karen, (02-27-2006)
Burillo, Richard, (03-01-2006)
Panesar, Ravinder, (04-26-2006)
Beck, Karen, (07-10-2006)
Mohamed, Mehboob, (12-14-2006)

Position at British Museum
Burillo, Richard, (04-10-2006)
Beck, Karen, (06-13-2006)
Beck, Karen, (07-19-2006)
Burillo, Richard, (08-18-2006)
Burillo, Richard, (09-04-2006)
Obertelli, Sophie, (09-14-2006)
Obertelli, Sophie, (10-20-2006)
Obertelli, Sophie, (10-31-2006)
Obertelli, Sophie, (11-07-2006)

Position at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College
Kaner, Jake, (05-19-2006)
Kaner, Jake, (05-19-2006)

Position at CCAHA
Hoffman, Jessica, (09-13-2006)

Position at Cambridgeshire Archives Service
Rohan, Deborah, (12-01-2006)

Position at Canadian Centre for Architecture
Potje, Karen, (06-16-2006)

Position at Canadian Centre for Architecture--corrigendum
Potje, Karen, (07-03-2006)

Position at Carnegie Museum of Art
Baxter, Ellen, (09-20-2006)

Position at Center for Jewish History
Lee-bechtold, Susan, (08-10-2006)
Lee-bechtold, Susan, (08-25-2006)

Position at Center for Jewish History--corrigendum
Lee-bechtold, Susan, (08-24-2006)

Position at Centre for Children's Books
Branigan, Liz, (06-29-2006)

Position at Cheshire and Chester Archives
Banks, Lynette, (10-11-2006)

Position at Chicago Conservation Center
Jones, Megan, (03-09-2006)
Jones, Megan, (03-09-2006)
Jones, Megan, (05-26-2006)
Jones, Megan, (05-26-2006)

Position at Chinati Foundation
Esmay, Francesca, (05-08-2006)

Position at Cleveland Museum of Art
Allison, Sara, (03-17-2006)
Allison, Sara, (05-17-2006)

Position at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Burger, Gary, (01-09-2006)

Position at Columbia
Hagadorn, Alexis, (01-24-2006)
Hagadorn, Alexis, (11-29-2006)

Position at ConservArt, Inc.
Friend, Suzanne, (09-18-2006)

Position at Conservation Centre West, Denmark
Pedersen, Nanna Bjerregaard, (11-24-2006)

Position at Contemporary Conservation Ltd
Scheidemann, Christian, (03-05-2006)

Position at Cooper-Hewitt
Ballard, Mary, (06-07-2006)

Position at Cornell
Brown, Michele, (05-01-2006)

Position at Courtauld Institute of Art
Hughes, Catherine Anne, (04-28-2006)

Position at Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah
Halahan, Frances, (11-07-2006)

Position at Dartmouth
Howe, Deborah, (02-02-2006)

Position at Detroit Institute of Arts
Heller, Barbara, (01-04-2006)

Position at Doerner Institut
Grun, Maike, (06-01-2006)

Position at Dorset History Centre
Donnan, Rebecca, (03-06-2006)

Position at Emory
Meyer, Lars, (11-15-2006)

Position at English Heritage
Rumsey, Tony, (07-04-2006)

Position at Etherington Conservation Services
Baird, Brian, (02-10-2006)
Lee, Michael K., (07-24-2006)

Position at FAIC
Pourchot, Eric, (10-03-2006)

Position at Fine Art Conservation Group
Im, Helen, (04-28-2006)

Position at Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Bone, Lesley, (08-24-2006)

Position at Fitzwilliam Museum
Clarke, Mark, (12-04-2006)

Position at Freer Gallery
Jett, Paul, (02-22-2006)
Jett, Paul, (03-15-2006)

Position at Georgia Archives
Wiseman, Christine, (07-24-2006)

Position at Getty Conservation Institute
Gergen, Melena, (07-24-2006)
Gergen, Melena, (09-01-2006)
Gergen, Melena, (09-05-2006)

Position at Guggenheim Museum
Parrott, Jacqueline, (07-24-2006)

Position at Guildhall Art Gallery, London
Tragett, Caroline, (01-12-2006)

Position at Guildhall Library, London
Scott, Claire, (10-25-2006)

Position at Harvard
Moody, Kathy, (01-05-2006)
Bernier, Brenda, (02-28-2006)
Hellman, Ethel, (04-28-2006)
Moody, Kathy, (06-15-2006)
Whang, Sherrie L., (09-13-2006)
Holabaugh, Marcy, (09-15-2006)

Position at Heidelberg Conservation, LLC
Heidelberg, Michael, (03-06-2006)

Position at Herzog August Bibliothek
Corbach, Almuth, (06-06-2006)

Position at Historic Mount Vernon
Cote, Mari, (01-20-2006)

Position at Historic Royal Palaces
Hallett, Kathryn, (01-03-2006)

Position at Historic Scotland
Pearce, Michael, (02-20-2006)
Pearce, Michael, (04-12-2006)
Pearce, Michael, (08-28-2006)
Pearce, Michael, (11-02-2006)

Position at Horniman Museum
Golding, Heather, (05-25-2006)
Sainsbury, Eve, (11-07-2006)

Position at Huntington Library
Rogers, Susan, (06-22-2006)
Rogers, Susan, (06-15-2006)
Rogers, Susan, (06-15-2006)

Position at IIC
Voce, Graham, (06-29-2006)

Position at Illinois State University
Heiduschke, Victoria, (01-26-2006)

Position at Illinois State University--addendum
Heiduschke, Victoria, (03-01-2006)

Position at Imperial War Museum
Holbrook, Andy, (05-04-2006)
Holbrook, Andy, (10-20-2006)

Position at Indiana University
Chaffin, Jennifer L., (08-09-2006)

Position at Indianapolis Museum of Art
Hackett, Joanne, (07-24-2006)

Position at Iowa State University
Seo, Hilary, (04-21-2006)

Position at Johns Hopkins
Jordan, Sophia, (06-29-2006)

Position at Katherine Ara Paintings Conservation
Ara, Katherine, (06-28-2006)

Position at Kulturmagasinet
Christensson, Pia, (01-16-2006)

Position at LACMA
Gilberg, Mark, (06-27-2006)

Position at Langelands Museum
Hovmand, Ida, (05-08-2006)

Position at Library of Congress
Haun, Werner, (01-11-2006)
Haun, Werner, (05-01-2006)
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (11-27-2006)

Position at London Metropolitan Archives
Yamada, Elizabeth, (02-16-2006)
Yamada, Liz, (08-24-2006)
Edwards-Hedley, Heather, (12-19-2006)

Position at MIT
Banks, Jennifer S., (02-17-2006)

Position at Mariners' Museum
Renner, Marcie, (01-02-2006)

Position at Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory
Wellman, Howard B., (05-08-2006)

Position at Menil Collection
Epley, Bradford A., (08-16-2006)

Position at Metropolitan Museum of Art
Korte, Stephenie, (07-06-2006)
Cintron, Jimmy, (07-24-2006)

Position at Metropolitan Museum of Art--corrigendum
Baumeister, Mecka, (07-28-2006)

Position at Michigan State University
Alstrom, Eric, (02-27-2006)

Position at Midwest Art Conservation Center (MACC)
Markell, Melinda, (03-06-2006)
Markell, Melinda, (03-06-2006)

Position at Morgan Library and Museum
Fredericks, Maria, (05-11-2006)
Ellis, Margaret Holben, (06-22-2006)

Position at Municipal and Provincial Archives of Vienna
Vervoorst, Juergen, (04-24-2006)

Position at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
Belhaj, Salima, (11-28-2006)

Position at Museum Conservation Institute
N'Gadi, Ann, (12-19-2006)

Position at Museum Conservation Services Ltd
Burnett, Nicholas, (05-04-2006)

Position at Museum Conservation Services Ltd--addendum
Burnett, Nicholas, (05-09-2006)

Position at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
MacBeth, Rhona, (05-19-2006)
Linderman, Nicole, (07-10-2006)
Linderman, Nicole, (10-24-2006)
Linderman, Nicole, (11-07-2006)

Position at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston--corrigendum
Linderman, Nicole, (11-06-2006)

Position at Museum of London
Ellis, Kelly-Ann, (09-11-2006)

Position at Museum of Modern Art
Coddington, Jim, (07-07-2006)

Position at Museum of Music and Visual Art, Bergen
Hagelsteen, Turid, (10-16-2006)

Position at Museums of New Mexico
Thompson, Mina, (09-07-2006)

Position at NARA
Lee-bechtold, Susan, (02-10-2006)
Hamburg, Doris, (05-19-2006)

Position at NEH
Word, Laura, (03-03-2006)

Position at NYU
McCann, Laura, (05-15-2006)
McCann, Laura, (06-27-2006)
McCann, Laura, (08-24-2006)

Position at NYU--corrigendum
McCann, Laura, (08-27-2006)

Position at Nasher Sculpture Center
Henry, Amy, (12-12-2006)

Position at National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh
Stevenson, Lesley, (12-20-2005)

Position at National Gallery of Art
Skalka, Michael, (03-08-2006)

Position at National Gallery of Art--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (03-13-2006)

Position at National Gallery of Canada
Paquette, Sandii, (08-23-2006)

Position at National Gallery of Victoria
Begg, Jan, (09-01-2006)
McGowan-Jackson, Holly, (10-16-2006)
Dyer, Julia, (11-13-2006)
Shervington, Ruth, (12-08-2006)

Position at National Gallery, London
Padfield, Joseph, (03-02-2006)

Position at National Library of New Zealand
Najar, Pamela, (04-27-2006)
Najar, Pamela, (08-25-2006)

Position at National Library of Norway
Tennoe, Arthur, (09-25-2006)

Position at National Library of Scotland
Kerr, David, (06-19-2006)

Position at National Library of Vietnam
Fry, Caroline Mary, (07-20-2006)

Position at National Library of Vietnam--corrigendum
Fry, Caroline Mary, (08-01-2006)

Position at National Maritime Museum
Llado-Buisan, Virginia, (03-27-2006)
Llado-Buisan, Virginia, (06-07-2006)

Position at National Museum of Ireland
Anderson, Gretchen, (07-13-2006)
Miles, Roisin, (08-02-2006)

Position at National Museum of Science and Industry
Marta, Leskard, (06-23-2006)

Position at National Museum of Wales
Lowry, Kate, (07-31-2006)
Thomas, Claire, (09-12-2006)

Position at National Museums of Scotland
Telford, Helene, (01-05-2006)
Telford, Helene, (08-29-2006)

Position at National Park Service
Merritt, Jane, (04-20-2006)

Position at National Trust for Scotland
Meredith, Clare, (07-27-2006)

Position at Nebraska State Historical Society
Metzger-Grotrian, Lisa, (08-01-2006)

Position at New York Botanical Garden
Marder, Olga, (10-26-2006)

Position at New York Historical Society
Balicki, Alan, (11-03-2006)

Position at New York Public Library
Frangakis, Evelyn, (01-05-2006)
Borck, Helga, (11-28-2006)

Position at North Carolina Dept of Cultural Resources
Watkins-Kenney, Sarah, (09-13-2006)

Position at North Carolina Historic Sites
Peranteau, Anne, (09-15-2006)

Position at North Carolina State University
Devine, Scott, (05-01-2006)

Position at North Yorkshire County Record Office
Allen, Stephen, (02-03-2006)

Position at Page Conservation, Inc.
Page, Arthur, (09-25-2006)

Position at Peabody Museum
Cezeaux, Catherine, (11-14-2006)

Position at Princeton
Milevski, Robert J., (03-21-2006)

Position at Princeton--addendum
Milevski, Robert J., (05-20-2006)

Position at Renate Kant Pte Ltd
Feldman, Bob, (03-26-2006)
Feldman, Bob, (06-10-2006)

Position at Royal Armouries
Burnett, Corina, (04-06-2006)

Position at Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
Gregory, Neil, (08-29-2006)

Position at Royal Ontario Museum
Wowk, Keenan, (07-27-2006)
Wowk, Keenan, (11-13-2006)

Position at SCMRE
N'Gadi, Ann B., (01-10-2006)

Position at Saint Louis Art Museum
Perkins, Zoe A., (03-13-2006)
Perkins, Zoe A., (10-26-2006)

Position at Science Museum
Jannicke, Langfeldt, (04-04-2006)

Position at Sharjah Museums
Page, Hazelle, (04-25-2006)

Position at Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Gilligan, Eliza, (05-09-2006)
Gilligan, Eliza, (10-19-2006)

Position at Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin
Thielecke, Carola, (03-20-2006)

Position at Stanford
Roberts-Manganelli, Susan, (11-09-2006)

Position at Stichting Kroller-Muller Museum
Van Maanen, Esther, (06-12-2006)

Position at Sudan National Museum, Khartoum
Skinner, Lucy, (02-07-2006)

Position at Tainan National College of the Arts
Weilhammer, Ulrich, (03-08-2006)

Position at Tate
Day, Laura, (02-16-2006)
Evelegh, Alice, (09-14-2006)
Bains, Amandeep, (10-23-2006)
Evelegh, Alice, (11-30-2006)

Position at UC Berkeley
Boal, Gillian, (11-13-2006)

Position at University at Albany
Radkowski-Lee, Anna Z, (01-27-2006)
Brown, Karen E., (02-07-2006)
Radkowski-Lee, Anna Z., (03-06-2006)

Position at University at Albany--addendum
Brown, Karen E., (03-14-2006)

Position at University of Aberdeen
Wright, Margot M., (01-18-2006)

Position at University of Delaware
Seelig, Alfina, (09-05-2006)

Position at University of Dundee--addendum
Sterlini, Philippa, (01-27-2006)

Position at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Teper, Jennifer Hain, (11-08-2006)

Position at University of Maryland
Carignan, Yvonne, (01-03-2006)
Carignan, Yvonne, (01-03-2006)
Carignan, Yvonne, (05-18-2006)
Murray, Kate, (09-29-2006)

Position at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Hart, Andrew, (05-05-2006)

Position at University of Oslo
Braovac, Susan, (08-15-2006)

Position at University of Southampton
Lennard, Frances J., (08-03-2006)

Position at Valence House Museum
Birthe, Christensen, (11-14-2006)

Position at Victoria and Albert Museum
Rivers, Shayne, (12-20-2005)
Pretzel, Boris, (11-17-2006)

Position at West Lake Conservators Ltd.
Blakney, Susan, (12-28-2005)

Position at Westminster Abbey
Simeoni, Vanessa, (12-19-2005)
Simeoni, Vanessa, (03-20-2006)
Simeoni, Vanessa, (10-03-2006)

Position at Winterthur Museum
Wilkins, Frances, (01-31-2006)

Position at Yale
Pilette, Roberta, (05-23-2006)
Fabrizio, Roseanne, (06-28-2006)
Noack, Gisela, (10-30-2006)
Pilette, Roberta, (12-18-2006)

Position at York Archaeological Trust
Spriggs, Jim, (02-15-2006)

Position at the Barnes Foundation
Buckley, Barbara A., (02-03-2006)

Position at the National Archives
Goorbarry, Deborah, (04-07-2006)

Position at the National Trust
Textiles, General, (01-04-2006)
Davies, Emelie, (02-01-2006)
Allen, Robert, (05-16-2006)
Birch, Hayley, (06-15-2006)
Allen, Robert, (09-11-2006)
Davies, Emelie, (10-26-2006)

Position at the Natural History Museum, London
Jordan, Sarah, (01-27-2006)
Baker, Edith, (05-05-2006)

Position at the Natural History Museum, London--addendum
Jordan, Sarah, (02-08-2006)

Position at the Royal Institution
Paul, Katharine St, (11-12-2006)

Positions at Amorium Excavation Project
Foley, Jane, (09-25-2006)

Positions at British Museum
Burillo, Richard, (10-16-2006)

Positions at Camberwell
Velios, Athanasios, (07-27-2006)

Positions at Chicago Historical Society
Lundberg, Holly, (05-03-2006)

Positions at Citywide Monuments Conservation Program, New York
Brown, Sheena, (09-27-2006)
Brown, Sheena, (10-23-2006)

Positions at Getty Conservation Institute
Gergen, Melena, (04-28-2006)

Positions at HABS/HAER/HALS Fellowships at HABS/HAER/HALS
O'Connor, Richard, (10-30-2006)

Positions at Heritage Malta
Rosella, Schembri, (06-15-2006)
Malta, Schembri Rosella at Heritage, (07-21-2006)

Positions at Mariners' Museum
Renner, Marcie, (11-14-2006)

Positions at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Hanlon, Gordon, (01-27-2006)
MacBeth, Rhona, (05-28-2006)

Positions at Museum of London
Baggi, Zoe, (01-25-2006)

Positions at Museum of Transport, Glasgow
Lawson, Louise, (03-14-2006)

Positions at NARA
Lee-bechtold, Susan, (04-13-2006)
Lee-bechtold, Susan, (04-24-2006)

Positions at NARA--addendum
Lee-bechtold, Susan, (05-01-2006)

Positions at NIKU
Winness, Merete, (06-22-2006)

Positions at National Archives of Scotland
Ramsay, Linda, (12-23-2005)

Positions at National Museums Liverpool
Gillies, Claire, (03-31-2006)

Positions at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Collas, Tania, (01-20-2006)

Positions at New York Botanical Garden
Marder, Olga, (06-29-2006)

Positions at New York State Archives
Holden, Maria, (09-13-2006)

Positions at Newport Medieval Ship Project
Hunter, Kate, (01-11-2006)

Positions at Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Pawel, Daniela, (07-06-2006)

Positions at Simon Gillespie Studio
Gillespie, Simon, (05-10-2006)

Positions at Tate
Day, Laura, (04-18-2006)
Bains, Amandeep, (05-02-2006)

Positions at University of Melbourne
Fraser, Jude, (07-11-2006)

Positions at Victoria and Albert Museum
Price, Shakira, (01-27-2006)
Derbyshire, Alan, (11-01-2006)

Preprints of conference on icons and portraits
Hanna, Hany Aziz Hanna, (10-08-2006)

Presentation on Hurricane Katrina
Dambrogio, Jana, (04-11-2006)

Preservation Administration Discussion Group (PADG)
Hedberg, Jane, (05-31-2006)

Preservation Instruction, ** Education and Outreach Discussion Group
Hedberg, Jane, (01-09-2006)

Preservation Management Institute
Novick, Karen, (03-13-2006)
Novick, Karen, (08-02-2006)

Preservation curriculum
Primeaux, Aimee, (03-01-2006)

Princeton Preservation Group
Saretzky, Gary, (04-13-2006)

Princeton Preservation Group--corrigendum
Saretzky, Gary, (04-17-2006)

Printing plates
Knight, Barry, (06-09-2006)

Problem based learning
Barandiaran, Marta, (09-06-2006)

Prussian blue
Maya, Froidevaux, (02-13-2006)

Publication on Borobudur restoration project
Belin, Solange, (05-03-2006)

Publication on care and handling of CDs and DVDs
Portell, Jean D., (01-08-2006)

Publication on conservation of arms and armour
Smith, Robert, (02-20-2006)

Publication on disasters
Rogers, Mary, (08-01-2006)

Publication on library and archives preservation
Walker, Alison, (03-21-2006)

Publication on ownership of New Deal art
Myers, Catherine S., (03-08-2006)

Publication on paintings conservation
Black, James, (02-21-2006)

Publication on paper restoration
Perkinson, Roy, (03-27-2006)

Publication on preventive conservation
Karydis, Christos, (01-17-2006)

Publication on printing, printing, photographic and photomechanical process
Nadeau, Luis, (08-04-2006)

Publication sought
Appelbaum, Barbara, (12-26-2005)
Palo, Eric, (01-11-2006)
Rogala, Dawn, (02-07-2006)
Davis, Vicki, (04-21-2006)

Questionnaire on Integrated Pest Management
Arenstein, Rachael, (01-23-2006)

Questionnaire on book and paper preservation
Gaither, Steve, (02-23-2006)

Questionnaire on cleaning unvarnished modern paintings
Braovac, Susan, (06-13-2006)

Questionnaire on disaster planning
Ferraro, Jordan, (07-18-2006)

Questionnaire on fixing and consolidation
Valls, Mayte Teresa Pastor, (10-28-2006)

Questionnaire on lab design
Lanave, Tiziana, (01-12-2006)

RLG DigiNews
Dale, Robin L., (04-19-2006)
Dale, Robin L., (06-21-2006)
Dale, Robin L., (08-24-2006)
Henry, Walter, (11-09-2006)
Dale, Robin L., (12-18-2006)

Records retention schedules
Ellul, Jamie, (08-13-2006)

Recrystallizing naphthalene on natural history specimens
Chapman, Erin, (11-28-2006)
Moore, Simon, (12-04-2006)
Bede, Deborah, (12-10-2006)
Hawks, Catharine, (12-19-2006)

Refresher courses
Admin, Campbell Center, (05-10-2006)

Refurbishing buildings
Batterham, Ian, (04-12-2006)

Removing Polietilen from stone
Medina, Isabel, (02-05-2006)

Removing graffiti from bronze
Storch, Paul, (11-11-2005)

Renting conservation studio space
Gee, Rebecca, (01-09-2006)

Repairing acrylic sheeting
Ducharme, Michael, (02-02-2006)

Repairing wax
Appelbaum, Barbara, (12-19-2005)

Replicas of clay objects
Apostolidis, Asteris, (02-15-2006)
Vainer, Andrei, (02-21-2006)
Roundhill, Linda S., (03-14-2006)

Replicas of modern and contemporary sculpture
Carlsen, Mette, (09-14-2006)
Klein, Detlef, (09-25-2006)

Report on science and heritage
Leigh, David, (12-05-2006)

Request for bids: Training
Brown, Carol, (04-10-2006)

Request for speaker--Pigment deterioration
Moore, Simon, (09-29-2006)

Research object sought
Zhan, Sylvia, (09-28-2006)

Resource on disaster preparedness
Drewes, Jeanne, (02-16-2006)

Results of survey on disaster management
Matthews, Graham, (10-11-2006)

Retaining pressure sensitive tape
Gilroy, Nicole, (02-01-2006)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (02-07-2006)
Campbell, Harry, (02-09-2006)

Sreekumar, Menon V., (05-03-2006)
Gottsegen, Mark D., (05-06-2006)
Di Bagno, Andrea, (05-15-2006)
Gottsegen, Mark D., (05-20-2006)
Gottsegen, Mark D., (05-20-2006)
Di Bagno, Andrea, (05-29-2006)
Hurt, Perry, (05-30-2006)
Gottsegen, Mark D., (05-30-2006)
Hurt, Perry, (05-30-2006)
Golden, Mark, (05-30-2006)
Gottsegen, Mark D., (05-31-2006)
Ormsby, Bronwyn, (06-16-2006)

Retouching Conservation research
Gottsegen, Mark D., (05-29-2006)

Retouching enamel wall paintings
Bhandari, Chhavi, (06-14-2006)

Reviews in Conservation
Streeton, Noelle, (03-13-2006)
Streeton, Noelle, (12-12-2006)

Faltermeier, Robert B., (07-04-2006)
Rogers, Dominique, (07-20-2006)

Rome Prize
Puglisi, Cristina, (04-25-2006)

Roommate wanted for AIC
Proctor, Robert, (04-24-2006)

Ross Atkinson Lifetime Achievement Award
Carignan, Yvonne, (10-11-2006)

Rudra veenas
Pascaline, Haegele, (01-24-2006)

Rundbrief Fotografie
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (12-20-2005)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (03-22-2006)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (06-13-2006)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (09-19-2006)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (12-15-2006)

SOLINET classes
Riley-Walden, Alicia, (12-05-2006)

SOLINET workshops
Riley, Alicia, (01-05-2006)
Riley, Alicia, (03-03-2006)
Riley, Alicia, (04-05-2006)
Riley, Alicia, (06-06-2006)
Riley, Alicia, (07-24-2006)
Riley-Walden, Alicia, (08-24-2006)
Riley-Walden, Alicia, (09-19-2006)

SPNHC and NSCA joint annual meeting
Ramotnik, Cindy A, (12-22-2005)

SPNHC and NSCA joint annual meeting--addendum
Ramotnik, Cindy, (05-12-2006)

Sharp, Maureen K., (08-01-2006)

Saving Energy
Buelow, Anna, (06-13-2006)
Clarke, Tony, (06-16-2006)

Sawing through cement
Childs, John, (07-17-2006)

Barton, Julia, (01-26-2006)

Scholarship for fine metalwork conservation
Read, Karon, (06-16-2006)

Scholarship in photographic conservation
Kennedy, Nora, (10-30-2006)

Scratches on engraved glass
Cottier-Angeli, David, (08-31-2006)
Shiner, Jerry, (09-02-2006)
Vredenburg, Keawe, (09-08-2006)
Cottier-Angeli, David, (09-11-2006)

Sealant for poured concrete
Lunas, Susan, (05-20-2006)

Seminar at Museum of Scotland
Tate, Jim, (02-02-2006)

Seminar on biodeterioration
Scheerer, Stefanie, (03-24-2006)

Seminar on conservation of transparent paper
Homburger, Hilda, (03-09-2006)

Seminar on cultural heritage in East Timor
Long, Ally, (11-22-2006)

Seminar on cultural heritage in East Timor--corrigendum
Long, Ally, (11-22-2006)

Seminar on photographic preservation
Nishimura, Douglas W., (03-27-2006)

Seminar on theory and semantics of installation art
Baldock, Karen, (02-09-2006)

Seminars on conservation science
Casadio, Francesca, (05-04-2006)

Seminars on paper conservation
Orlandini, Valeria, (03-17-2006)

Short courses at Slade School of Fine Art
Pinchin, Sarah Eleni, (07-03-2006)

Short courses from International Academic Projects
Black, James, (01-19-2006)

Short courses on conservation
Joseph, Schiro, (04-04-2006)

Silicone in stone
Ozen, Latif, (07-28-2006)

Silicone-treated polyester film
Moy, Sara, (11-06-2006)
Prins, Steven, (11-14-2006)
Mecklenburg, Peter, (11-28-2006)
Moy, Sara, (12-01-2006)

Silver Plater
Moore, Simon, (11-10-2005)

Wehrle, Morag, (04-24-2006)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (04-30-2006)
Moore, Simon, (05-02-2006)
Fulton, Ian, (05-01-2006)
Aitken, Richard, (05-02-2006)
Gialdi, Ercole, (05-01-2006)
Derek, Brain, (05-08-2006)
Knight, Barry, (05-06-2006)

Sodium bicarbonate
Runeberg, Ulrik, (05-29-2006)

Software for conservation applications
Sakowski, Edward, (06-19-2006)

Solophenyl dye supplier
Beiner, Gali, (07-24-2006)

Solubility parameters of methyl proxitol
Mills, Laura, (11-21-2006)
Smith, Gregory D., (12-01-2006)
Payne, Kate, (11-30-2006)

Solvent nomenclature
Rebok, Thomas H., (07-16-2006)

Source for Aquazol
Maya, Froidevaux, (03-08-2006)
McClure, Ian, (03-20-2006)

Source for Naphtha sought
Dresner, Maya, (12-06-2006)

Source for chemicals
Calay, Carrie Ann, (11-10-2006)

Source for cyclododecane sought
Kidd, Kathryn, (11-14-2006)
Lambert, Beverley, (11-28-2006)
Cleere, Duygu Camurcuoglu, (11-28-2006)
Whitehouse, Ros, (11-28-2006)
Jamtli, Sofia Carlsson, (11-29-2006)

Source for glassine
Keynan, Daria, (02-26-2006)

Source for large folders
Eagan, Jane, (02-20-2006)

Source for leather sought
Brandt, Sonja, (11-06-2006)
Hicks, Chris, (11-12-2006)
Lanning, David, (11-12-2006)

Source for pyroxylin sought
Moore, Simon, (11-29-2006)

Specifications for cleaning museum spaces
Maltby, Susan L., (10-19-2006)

Sponsorship for attending IIC Congress
Voce, Graham, (07-12-2006)

Stained glass
Buschey, Kevin, (05-11-2006)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (05-16-2006)
Lee-bechtold, Susan, (05-15-2006)
Rothman, Victor, (05-21-2006)
Higgins, Mary Clerkin, (05-19-2006)

Standing press available
Blunt, Dorothy, (02-10-2006)

Stone conservation
Langlie, Michelle, (10-18-2006)

Storage facilities
Eller, Olivia, (09-20-2006)

Storing flags
Benzoor, Sigal, (10-19-2006)
Rosenfield, Richard, (11-10-2006)

Storing library materials in safes
Walters, Wendy, (07-25-2006)
Thompson, Jack C., (08-01-2006)
Shiner, Jerry, (08-01-2006)

Storing motorcycle
Poisson, Marie-Chantale, (03-24-2006)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (04-10-2006)
Krause, Dennis, (04-11-2006)
Fountain, Clint, (04-24-2006)
Blana, Matthias, (05-08-2006)
Moss, James, (05-13-2006)

Storing parachute
Tritton, Andrea, (09-18-2006)

Storing phonograph records
Vredenburg, Keawe, (03-27-2006)

Storing photographs
Marsh, Ian, (04-10-2006)
Weaver, Gawain, (04-30-2006)

Storing plastic
Williamson, Colin, (12-01-2006)
Grieve, Susanne, (12-05-2006)
Shashoua, Yvonne, (12-07-2006)
Williams, Scott, (12-11-2006)
Minter, William, (12-18-2006)

Storing textiles
Hale, Ashley, (07-28-2006)

Stripping exterior paint on masonry
Cocks, James, (07-17-2006)

Structural fills
Selfridge, Janice, (05-30-2006)
Selfridge, Janice, (06-07-2006)

Studentship at Nottingham Trent University
Liang, Haida, (02-12-2006)

Studentship at University of Southampton
Wyeth, Paul, (04-06-2006)

Studentships at RCA/V&A
Baden, Joanna, (03-02-2006)
Baden, Joanna, (12-15-2006)

Studentships at University College London
Berry, Janet, (06-19-2006)

Subsidized preservation assessment
Williamson, Sandra, (10-30-2006)

Suction table sought
Stamatopoulou, Eugenia, (04-05-2006)

Suction tables
Vonderschmitt, Friederike, (01-19-2006)

Sulphamic acid
Mahrer, Neil, (10-04-2006)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (10-10-2006)
Soper, Brian, (10-19-2006)

Surface cleaning paper
Stamatopoulou, Eugenia, (09-12-2006)

Survey on backing
Sozzani, Laurent, (08-28-2006)

Survey on screen prints
Smither, Rachael, (12-08-2006)

Surveys on electronic media
Poisson, Marie-Chantale, (07-17-2006)

Sybil Pye
Tapley, James, (02-03-2006)

Syllabus web site
Lowengard, Sarah, (01-19-2006)

Symposium on Athenian vases
Svoboda, Marie, (03-29-2006)

Symposium on Florence flood--addendum
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (07-16-2006)
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (09-22-2006)

Symposium on architectural conservation
Harvey, Ronald, (03-27-2006)

Symposium on digital preservation
Brown, Karen E., (08-22-2006)

Symposium on modern architecture
Weyer, Angela, (01-23-2006)

Symposium on modern paints
Zagorski, Anna, (01-23-2006)

Symposium on the Conservation Legacies of l'Alluvione
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (07-16-2006)

Symposium on video conservation
Lang, Ulrich, (11-13-2006)

Talen's retouching varnish
Hurt, Perry, (02-23-2006)

Talk on textile conservation
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (04-27-2006)

Technologische Studien
Griesser, Martina, (02-27-2006)

Didden, Amanda, (08-02-2006)
Hallett, Kathryn, (08-11-2006)

Temperature control
King, Steve, (12-18-2005)
Kershaw, Ryan, (12-16-2005)

Faltermeier, Robert B., (11-27-2006)
Jaeschke, Helena, (12-08-2006)
Streeton, Noelle, (12-12-2006)

Textile Conservation Catalogue
Vuori, Jan, (01-10-2006)

The Paper Conservator and The Conservator
Eagan, Jane, (08-25-2006)

Tile adhesive
Bumbarger, Bruce, (07-10-2006)

Tobacco leaves
Wellman, Howard, (12-16-2005)
Chase, W. T., (01-11-2006)
Jaeschke, Helena, (01-11-2006)
Storch, Paul, (01-12-2006)
Carlson, Molly, (01-12-2006)
Foley, Jane, (02-03-2006)

Tortoise shell
Mello, Ulisses L., (05-02-2006)

Training opportunities sought
El-Wahab, Mahmoud Youssif Abd, (10-13-2006)

Training school on synchrotron analysis of ancient materials
Bertrand, Loic, (10-26-2006)

Turtle shell box
Mello, Ulisses L., (04-17-2006)

Owen, Rita, (01-20-2006)

UCLA/GETTY Program in Archaeological and Ethnographic Conservation
Scott, David A., (10-13-2006)

UV filtering materials
Alvis, Alayne, (12-18-2006)

University of Lincoln Conservation Graduation Exhibition
Ridley, Charlotte Ann, (05-01-2006)

Update to Solvent Solver
Ormsby, Mark, (11-29-2006)

Use of desiccant in longterm storage
Campbell, Scott, (12-06-2006)

Van Gogh's studio practice
Ormond, Devi, (02-23-2006)

Varnishes and adhesives
Kriner, Gretchen, (02-23-2006)

Velson Horie
Knight, Barry, (09-29-2006)

Schweri, Sylvia, (01-05-2006)
Storch, Paul, (01-12-2006)

Ventilation systems
Williams, Jane, (02-17-2006)

Vibration construction works
McHugh, Sarah, (06-22-2006)

Visiting conservation facilities in the Netherlands
McGurry, Judy, (11-29-2006)

Volunteers sought for disaster response
Riley-Walden, Alicia, (08-28-2006)

WAAC Annual Meeting
Staneff, Laura, (05-10-2006)
Perkins, Beverly, (08-25-2006)

WAAC Annual Meeting--addendum
Staneff, Laura, (09-22-2006)

Walkie talkies for disaster response
Conn, Donia, (11-02-2006)
Cook, Eleanor, (11-14-2006)
MacDowell, Robert K., (11-14-2006)

Walnut shell grit blast media
Galli, Heather, (02-06-2006)
Wellman, Howard B., (02-09-2006)
Gillies, Karl, (02-10-2006)

Washington Conservation Guild
Coughlin, Mary, (01-09-2006)
Brennan, Julia, (02-06-2006)
Gilligan, Eliza, (03-20-2006)
Gilligan, Eliza, (09-14-2006)
Kovner, Davida, (10-06-2006)
Norman, Jane, (11-15-2006)
Peachey, Claire, (12-14-2006)

Water damage to microfilm
Singleton, Suzanne, (02-01-2006)

Water pipes in archival storage
Bumbarger, Bruce, (02-07-2006)
Anderson, Samuel, (02-09-2006)
Kershaw, Ryan, (02-10-2006)
Bowerman, Liz, (02-21-2006)
Shiner, Jerry, (03-14-2006)
Welch, Stuart, (03-20-2006)

Karsten, Angela, (07-24-2006)

Wax on textile
Hawk, Alan J., (11-20-2006)
Macdonnell, Anne, (12-01-2006)
Stubbs-Lee, Dee, (12-01-2006)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (12-06-2006)
Cohen, Benjamin, (12-03-2006)

Wax seals in bound books
Woodgate, Siobhan, (10-10-2006)

Web Journal on Cultural Patrimony
Maniscalco, Fabio, (05-06-2006)

Web site design
Harrison, Paul, (04-29-2006)

Webinar on art conservation science
Henry, Walter, (07-31-2006)

Wet-dry vacuum cleaners
Hobbs, Victoria, (08-18-2006)

Wheat starch paste
Klein, Robert, (11-17-2006)

Wiener Werkstatte furniture
Ihle, Annette, (02-07-2006)

Wikipedia and conservation
McCoy, Richard, (09-22-2006)

Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation
Kiefer, Kathleen, (10-13-2006)

Wooden splints
Measures, Patricia, (01-27-2006)

Work experience opportunity
Theiss, Harald, (03-08-2006)

Workshop on Preventive Conservation
Jeberien, Alexandra, (12-11-2006)

Workshop on adhesives for paleontology collections
Davidson, Amy, (08-08-2006)

Workshop on analytical techniques
Pourchot, Eric, (01-06-2006)

Workshop on audiovisual collections
De Lusenet, Yola, (01-19-2006)
De Lusenet, Yola, (12-12-2006)

Workshop on bleaching
Roerig, Henrik, (08-09-2006)

Workshop on bookbinding
De Veer, Marysa, (12-16-2005)

Workshop on box making
De Veer, Marysa, (08-14-2006)

Workshop on collections care
Ihrke, Josephine, (03-01-2006)
Ihrke, Josephine, (03-21-2006)
Ihrke, Josephine, (05-12-2006)

Workshop on conservation of fans
Roerig, Henrik, (08-09-2006)

Workshop on conservation of papyrus
Roerig, Henrik, (02-06-2006)

Workshop on digital prints
Kennedy, Nora, (06-14-2006)
Norris, Debra H., (11-19-2006)

Workshop on disaster response
Lev-Alexander, Nancy, (02-13-2006)

Workshop on display and storage products
Roth, Vanessa, (04-13-2006)

Workshop on emergency preparedness, planning and response
Johnston, Fiona, (04-14-2006)

Workshop on emergency response
Squires, James, (01-25-2006)

Workshop on environment
Page, Julie, (07-28-2006)

Workshop on enzymes
Ogino, Yasuko, (11-20-2006)

Workshop on fresco conservation
Donahoe, Jamie, (12-13-2006)

Workshop on gold finishing
De Veer, Marysa, (10-07-2006)

Workshop on grant writing
Markell, Melinda, (02-24-2006)
Markell, Melinda, (04-10-2006)

Workshop on historic bookbindings
Sarris, Nikolas, (05-25-2006)

Workshop on holdings maintenance
Riley-Walden, Alicia, (09-29-2006)

Workshop on medieval pigments
Weir, Joan, (01-31-2006)
Jordan, Sophia, (02-13-2006)

Workshop on medieval pigments--corrigendum
Jordan, Sophia, (02-21-2006)

Workshop on painting conservation--addendum
Pourchot, Eric, (03-03-2006)

Workshop on paintings repair
Fuster-Lopez, Laura, (08-17-2006)
Long, Ally, (10-02-2006)

Workshop on paper repair
De Veer, Marysa, (07-18-2006)

Workshop on photodocumentation Workshop on microscopy
Martin, Kevin, (07-11-2006)

Workshop on photographic conservation
Roerig, Henrik, (08-09-2006)
Pourchot, Eric, (10-02-2006)

Workshop on photographic preservation
Markell, Melinda, (06-08-2006)

Workshop on pigments in manuscripts
Schwoll, Sonja, (01-22-2006)

Workshop on pre-Columbian textiles
Breeze, Camille, (09-20-2006)

Workshop on preservation microfilming
Riley, Alicia, (01-18-2006)

Workshop on promoting cultural collections
Suffern, Erika, (07-19-2006)
Suffern, Erika, (08-14-2006)
Suffern, Erika, (08-14-2006)

Workshop on recovery of wet materials
Williamson, Sandra, (06-22-2006)

Workshop on risk assessment and management
Smyk, Laura, (09-26-2006)

Workshop on risk management
Riley, Alicia, (04-17-2006)

Workshop on science and cultural heritage
Corbeil, Marie-Claude, (02-23-2006)

Workshop on terracotta
Pourchot, Eric, (06-06-2006)

Workshop on the impact of climate change on cultural heritage
Taylor, Joel, (11-16-2006)

Workshop on varnishes
Pourchot, Eric, (04-24-2006)

Workshops on adhesives
Down, Jane, (06-02-2006)

Workshops on bookbinding
De Veer, Marysa, (05-12-2006)

Workshops on collections care
Ihrke, Josephine, (08-24-2006)

Workshops on disasters
Riley, Alicia, (02-09-2006)
Riley, Alicia, (03-21-2006)
Riley, Alicia, (07-10-2006)

Workshops on exhibitions
Ferguson, Kelly, (10-31-2006)

Workshops on fund raising
Kohut, Lauren, (02-01-2006)

Workshops on laser cleaning
Wain, Alison, (06-26-2006)

Workshops on preservation management
NEDCC, Julie Carlson, (08-23-2006)

Workshops on textiles and objects
Rousseau, Elise Yvonne, (09-07-2006)

X-ray equipment
Woodard, Helene, (10-24-2006)

Yale University Library receives NEH grant for Arabic materials
Pilette, Roberta, (06-22-2006)

Yoruba rituals objects
Romeggio, Camille, (12-01-2006)

adhesives used in book repair
Driedger, Kevin, (11-14-2006)

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