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Subject: Call for papers--Icons and Portraits

Call for papers--Icons and Portraits

From: Hany Aziz Hanna Hanna <hhnnc>
Date: Thursday, January 19, 2006
Call for papers
Icon and Portrait International Conference

To be organized by ICOM-CC-Wood, Furniture and Lacquer in
cooperation with St. Mena Church in Fum Al-Khalig, Cairo, Egypt in
18-20 September, 2006

Following the previous four meetings, which had been hold during the
last years at the magical atmosphere of St. Mina Church.

ICOM-CC-Wood, Furniture and Lacquer in cooperation with St. Mena
Church will organize the "Icon and Portrait International
Conference" in the period 18-20 September, 2006, to take place at:

St. Mena Church, 3 Midan Al-Teiby, Alsaad Albarrany St. Fum
Al-Khalig, Cairo, Egypt.

The objectives of the conference are:

    1.  To create a common understanding of the profession among
        those who are involved in the practical work of Icons,
        Portraits and paintings

    2.  To create a dialogue with other professionals, such as
        archaeologists, curators, art historians, conservators,
        legislators and architects with the exploration and design
        of different strategies and methods

    3.  To agree proposals for defining standards for Icon, Portrait
        and painting study and research

    4.  To present an overview and to conclude the current state of
        conservation and restoration research, practice, problems
        and progress in conservation in the field of Icon, Portrait
        and painting

    5.  To increase and affluence the amount of cultural general
        knowledge of Icon, Portrait and painting and to increase and
        activate the concern with such important subject and its
        concepts among the public

    6 . To achieve an active involvement of the public in the
        integral process of Cultural Heritage and its preservation,
        to achieve the understanding, acceptance and thus the
        support of the public in the activities it generates and to
        encourage the public to support and participate in the
        preservation of their own Heritage

The main theme of the conference will be "Icons and Portraits in
Egypt and around the world" With the following General themes:

    1.  Icons, Portraits and Paintings in Egypt and outside Egypt

    2.  Treatment, Restoration, Preservation, Conservation, Storage
        and Displaying issues

    3.  Intangible and oral issues and Legal and ethical issues

        Those include--and not limited to--several Sub-Items such as:

            *   History of Icons, Portraits and Paintings and its
                classification across the historical ages

            *   Painting in ancient Egypt

            *   Portraits and Icons its Diffusion and Function

            *   Portraits and Paintings in the Greco-Roman Period in
                Egypt and around the world

            *   Paintings and Coptic Icons on the walls and
                materials date bake to the Pharaonic era

            *   Structure and composition, techniques, and studies
                related to industrial, technical, artistic
                art-technical methods and styles for Icons
                (Iconography) Portraits and paintings

            *   Iconographers; ancient and modern

            *   Coptic Icon and its style specifications and
                characters and its subjects, topics or themes

            *   The effects, impacts and influences of Coptic Icon
                on the Icons and Portraits around the world (ancient
                and contemporary)

            *   The effects, impacts and influences on the Coptic
                Icon by the previous and contemporaneous arts and by
                the other styles of icons such as Byzantine, Italian
                and Russian Icons

            *   Byzantine Icon and its style specifications and
                characters and its subjects, topics or themes

            *   Copt-Byzantine Icon and its style specifications and
                characters and its subjects, topics or themes

            *   Portraits and Icons on supports other than wood
                (e.g. Icons on columns)

            *   Anti-Icons periods and Iconoclasm  movements and
                their influences on the icons in Egypt and around
                the world

            *   Icons and Portraits within the international museums

            *   Rare issues (such as rare icon,  rare Iconographers

            *   History of restoration and conservation of Icons,
                Portraits and Paintings in Egypt and around the

            *   Causes of decay, damage and deterioration

            *   Investigation, testing, analysis and experimental

            *   Cleaning, Treatment, Restoration, Preservation and
                Conservation techniques

            *   Documentation, Storage and Displaying techniques

            *   Case Studies

            *   The intangible and oral issues around Icons and

            *   Legal and ethical issues around Icons and Portraits
                and its conservation and Traffic

All professionals committed to Icons, Portraits and Paintings, and
to the world's museums collections' monuments, historical sites and
culture property such as curators, archaeologists, Egyptologists,
Copticists, art historians, Iconographers, conservators, scientists,
technicians, architects, engineers, lawyers, legislators and other
professionals who work or interest in the subject and also the
public can participate.

Call for papers: All professionals mentioned above who are work or
interested in the field, and those who actively promote the
preservation of culturally and historically significant works
through study, analysis, collaboration: they all very welcome to
send their proposals of papers abstracts in one of the mentioned
Sub-themes or any other suggested subject related to the main theme
of the conference.

Again a private session for Students, trainees and others in the
field of Archaeology, Egyptology, Hellenic Studies, Coptic studies,
Demotic Studies, Art-history, Restoration and Conservation etc. will
be set as well, so they are very welcome and we strongly encourage
them to submit their abstracts for their works, searches, articles
and reports related to the conference theme.

If you would like to present or publish a paper or a poster, please
submit your proposal by 1 March 2006.

A 500-1000 word summary description of the proposed paper in English
or Arabic (Arabic abstracts should be submitted also in English)


    Name(s) of the main author and any co-authors or collaborators
    (please refer to the Author to whom correspondence should be
    addressed), together with the current position and full contact
    details for each author: full address, telephone and fax
    numbers, and e-mail address.

    A proposed paper's abstract, this should be a minimized copy of
    the full paper and should include:

        A.  Introduction: Introduce what you will discuss in your

        B:  Main Body of Text: Divide main body of text according to
            section headings, for example "Historical introduction",
            "Description of the Icon", "Sampling", "Methods of
            Study", "analytical Study", "Experimental study"
            "Results", "Discussion", etc. that will be used in the
            paper. (Experimental results of work in progress may be
            indicated as 'forthcoming information')

        C:  Conclusion

And please refer to:

    1.  The presentation facilities that you will need for your
        presentation such as Slides Projector (one ore two),
        Overhead Projector (one ore two) IBM Beamer for
        presentation, laptop

    2.  Which language you will use for the final paper and for your

    3.  The final complete size of your poster (in case of poster)

Please indicate in your proposal massage subject the following
reference (An abstract for Icon and Portrait International

Co-Scientific Committees chaired by Prof. Dr. Gawdat Gabra and Dr.
Hany Hanna will make a selection from the proposals received and
determine the final content of the programme.

Selected speakers will be requested to submit the final paper for
publication in the conference proceedings.

The Scientific committees (include Peer Review Committee and
Editorial Committee) will rank and judge the full papers for

The papers and posters will be selected based on quality,
originality, importance and relevance.

To a great extent, the scope of the conference will be determined by
the proposals received in response to the call for papers. We are
confident that the programme will reflect current interests and
concerns. We are very interested in all sorts of proposals. The
language of the conference and the publication will be English and
Arabic, with simultaneous translation during the presentations.

The conference will be combined with trade fair and artistic
exhibitions in "Icon and Portrait" for artist, Iconographers,
conservation and restoration companies, Materials and supplies

If you wish to contribute please send your proposal by 1 May, 2006

    For the artistic exhibitions: An abstract for the work/s you
    wish to show with its dimensions accompanied with high quality
    color photos (JPEG format, minimum 300 dpi resolution),

    For the trade fair: An abstract describing the activities you
    wish to introduce and display and the required equipments,
    supplies and furnishings and the space needed.

Please indicate in your massage subject the following reference (A
proposal for Icon and Portrait exhibition).

All the proposals should be sent to:

    Dr. Hany Hanna
    hhnnc [at] yahoo__com

Please copy your message to the following e-mail addresses as well:

    gawdatgabra [at] hotmail__com
    mgdy_bdwy [at] yahoo__com
    mamdouhtamer [at] yahoo__com
    rboutros [at] ifao__egnet__net

Important dates to be remember:

    Deadline for receipt of the papers abstracts proposals: 1 March

    You will receive a response of acceptance and a full copy of
    instruction to authors by 1 April 2006.

    Deadline for receipt of the trade fair and artistic exhibitions
    proposals: 1 May 2006

    Deadline for receipt of the full papers: 15 June 2006.

    Registration for the conference will open in the end of June,

The organizers seek to widen participation at this conference, and
would like to encourage colleagues from all parts of the world to
attend. We would be grateful if you could print and display copies
of this circular in your institution and would like to ask you
please to publish this call and information in your newsletters,
website and any other available media and to send it across your
milling lists and to forward it to our colleagues in your
institution and to anybody who you think might be interested.

Please do not hesitate to connect the conference chair for further
declaration or questions, and please indicate in your massage
subject the following reference (A question about Icon and Portrait
International Conference).

Dr. Hany hanna
Elected Chair, ICOM-CC-Wood, Furniture and Lacquer
General Director
Department of conservation
Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), EGYPT
Professor, Institute for Coptic Studies in Cairo
Fax: +20 2 4251411 or
+20 2 4109687

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