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Subject: Conference on Naqada and Qus heritage

Conference on Naqada and Qus heritage

From: Hany Aziz Hanna Hanna <hhnnc>
Date: Saturday, October 7, 2006
"The International Conference on heritage of Naqada and Qus region"
Organized by The International Council Of Museum--Conservation
Committee--Wood, Furniture and Lacquer (ICOM-CC-Wood, Furniture and
January 22-28, 2007

Themes: Naqada and Qus--Past and Present: History, geography,
conservation, preservation, industries

Registration is open now, and interested colleagues can request the
registration form from hhnnc [at] yahoo__com. Please do not hesitate to
connect me for further declaration or questions, and please indicate
in your message subject the following reference (A request for a
Naqada Conference registration Form from <your full name>).

Priority of registration will go authors and co-authors of papers
(who must register by the early bird deadline, October 30, 2006). It
is recommended that others interested in attending the conference
take the advantage of the early registration. The registration and
reservations will be accepted on a first come basis. The registrants
who will not be able to attend will still receive the conference


    *   To increase and affluence the amount of cultural general
        knowledge of Naqada and Qus region and to increase public
        awareness about the importance of the region

    *   To present an overview and conclusions about the current
        state of discoveries; conservation and restoration research
        and practice; problems and progress in conservation and in
        related fields in the region

    *   To create a common understanding of the profession among
        those who are involved in the practical work around Naqada
        and Qus region and those in related fields

    *   To create a dialogue among local and international
        professionals, such as Egyptologists, Copticists,
        archaeologists, curators, art historians, conservators,
        legislators and architects, encouraging the exploration and
        design of different strategies and methods

    *   To reach agreement on proposals for defining standards for
        the study, research and development in this subject

    *   To honor of some of those who contributed to the
        discoveries, registration, publication, restoration,
        conservation, and development works in the region

    *   To achieve active involvement of the public in the integral
        process of Cultural Heritage and its preservation; to
        achieve understanding, acceptance and public support of
        these activities; and to encourage public support and
        participation in the preservation of their own Heritage

The conference follows these general themes:

    Geography and history of Naqada and Qus region

    Heritage of Naqada and Qus region, its antiquities, arts and

    Treatment, Restoration, Preservation, Conservation, Storage and
    Displaying issues

    Intangible and oral issues and Legal and ethical issues

    Development issues

    Comparative studies with similar regions, areas, sites,
    monuments, cases from Egypt and from around the world in the
    conference themes and items

    Other Additional open subjects

Competition for the conference has been exceptional and we have
selected the best abstracts from an impressive group of
international authors; the conference proves to be most exciting. We
plan also to produce a valuable and beautiful publication.

The language of the conference will be English and Arabic.

The Preliminary suggested venue for the conference: The Centre of
the Archangel Michael Monastery in Naqada, located approximately 25
kilometres north of Luxor, Egypt.

Naqada is situated on the west bank of the Nile north of Luxor, and
stood opposite the entrance to the Wadi Hammamat providing direct
access to the Red Sea coast and the gold reserves of the eastern
desert. Thus Naqada was a prime centre of Predynastic gold trade in
the Theben region. The importance of archaeological finds in Naqada
has resulted in its name lending itself to the pre-pharaonic periods
between 3800-3100 BC, and is called Naqada I, II and III. The large
quantity of finds from Naqada has enabled the dating of the entire
culture, throughout Egypt and environs. Naqada maintained its
importance throughout the pharaonic period and into the late
antiquity period, during which it became inhabited by famous
anchorites such as Elias of Mount Bishwaw and Samuel of Mount
Banhadab. On the other side of the Nile from Naqada is Qus. It too
was important as an entrance to the Wadi Hammamat. During medieval
times Qus became the primary commercial centre of trade with Africa,
and hence was a town of prime importance in Egypt during this
period. Today, Qus is the site of a major US/German commercial
project to convert the waste products of sugar cane refining into
paper products.

Accommodation: As we hope to have most of the participants in one
place most of the time to foster communications and community, a
good packet of full hotel accommodation has been prepared at the
conference venue. Other services being organized such include: a
full two-way transfer from and to Cairo airport and the conference
venue with rate build on group's transfer; a gala Dinner; a
post-conference tour to the monasteries and archaeological areas in
Upper Egypt (date to be publisher later,

The organizer seeks to widen participation in this conference, and
would like to encourage colleagues from all parts of the world to
attend. All professionals committed to the world's museums
collections, monuments, historical sites and culture property; these
include curators, archaeologists, Egyptologists, Copticists, art
historians, iconographers, conservators, scientists, technicians,
architects, engineers, lawyers, legislators and other professionals
who work or are interested in the subject. All those who actively
promote the preservation of culturally and historically significant
works through study, analysis, collaboration can participate
including the public and interested individuals.

The final program for the conference is still under construction,
but we would like to let you know that in addition to the academic
sessions of the conference, there could be at least two extra days
before starting our academic sessions, for the transfer from Cairo
to Naqada, registration, the official opening, and another day, at
the end of the conference, for the field visit.

It is recommended that you set your budget and reservations for 7
days (22-28 January 2007), and book hotel/accommodations together
with your registration, so that you guarantee your place.

We hope that you will be able to join us, and are very much looking
forward to meet you all in Egypt.

Dr. Hany Hanna
Chair, "The International Conference on heritage of Naqada and
    Qus region"
Mobil: +2 012 4176742
hhnnc [at] yahoo__com

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