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Subject: IIC Congress

IIC Congress

From: Graham Voce <iic>
Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2006
The Object in Context: Crossing Conservation Boundaries

The deadline for the early bird reduction on booking fees for the
IIC 2006  Munich Congress is approaching, so now is the time to
book. On 1 July 2006 the early bird prices will rise by 20%. Booking
is already popular for what will be a varied, informative and
valuable conference, many being attracted by the breadth and variety
of topics that the congress' title is making available. Much
interest is also being generated by the linked Wissensspeicher
events <URL:>.

"Wissensspeicher: Conservation, Restoration and Research in Munich"
is the unique joint programme of linked events that allows a number
of cultural institutions in Munich to show their work and  interest
in preserving and understanding cultural heritage and bringing this
to a wider public. Full details can be found at
<URL:> and

Provisional Congress Programme

The programme of papers and speakers is listed below. Please note
that this timetable is subject to final confirmation.

Monday 28 August, 2006

    08:00   Registration opens
    11:00   Opening Ceremony
    11:30   Forbes Prize Lecture Gael de Guichen
    12:30   Lunch

    Session 1: Conservation in Context
    Chair: Andreas Burmester

        14:30       Keeping it Together: Conservation, Context and
                    Cultural Materials
                        Annlinn Kruger Grossmann

        15:00       Christian Sacred Art: a Conservation Challenge
                        Antonio Ribeiro da Costa

        15:30       Finding the Fallen: Conservation and the First
                    World War
                        Renata Peters and Dean Sully

        16:00       Break

        16:30       Context and Meaning Generation: the Conservation
                    of Garments Deliberately Concealed within
                        Dinah Eastop and Charlotte Dew

        17:00       The Tate Brand: its Consequences for the Care
                    and Presentation of Tate Collections
                        Jacqueline Ridge

        17:30       The Conservator in Context: Crossing curatorial
                        Caroline Buttler and Mary Davis

        18:00       End

Tuesday 29 August, 2006

    Session 2: Searching for a lost Context
    Chair: Brian Considine

        09:00       "Vision of the Sermon" by Paul Gauguin: an
                    Exploration of Making and Meaning
                        Lesley A. Stevenson and Belinda Thomson

        09:30       Paintings are Made of Paint: The Exhibition of
                    Painting Techniques in the Munich Glaspalast,
                        Kathrin Kinseher

        10:00       Examination of Alexej Jawlensky's Painting
                    Technique in his Munich Oeuvre from 1896 to 1914
                        Daniel Oggenfuss, Ulrike Fischer, Heike
                        Stege, Cornelia Tilenschi, Susanne Willisch
                        and Iris Winkelmeyer

        10:30       Break

        11:00       Commedia dell' Arte: when Chagall went to
                    Frankfurt - Snejanka
                        Bauer and Maria Kokkori

        11:30       Dictated by Media: Conservation and Technical
                    analysis of a 1938 Joan Miro Canvas Painting
                        Elma O'Donoghue, Ashley M.Johnson, Joy
                        Mazurek, Frank Preusser, Michael Schilling
                        and Marc S. Walton

        12:00       Asking for the Context: Conservation Strategy
                    for Joseph Beuys's "The End of the Twentieth
                        Maike Grun

        12:30       Lunch

    Session 3: The Industrial Context
    Chair: To be confirmed

        14:30       Industrial Heritage Conservation: the Historic
                    Diesel Power Station in Wustermark
                        Thomas Dempwolf

        15:00       Contextualising Textiles: Using Documentary
                    Evidence to Retrieve Evidence for Regenerated
                    Protein Fibres
                        Mary M. Brooks and Mary Rose

        15:30       Complementing Art History: Interpreting Sheet
                    Metal and Light Bulbs
                        Martina Griesser-Stermscheg

        16:00       Break

    Session 4: Adapted to a new habitat

        16:30       Das Berliner Aleppo--Zimmer: Ein Blick in eine
                    syrische Raumausstattung aus dem ottomanischen
                    Reich (The Berlin Aleppo Room: a View into a
                    Syrian Interior from the Ottoman Empire)
                        Jutta Maria Schwed

        17:00       From Cosmopolitan Italy to Rural Dorset: The
                    Separation of Night from Day by Guido Reni, 1599
                    Christine Leback Sitwell, Alan Bush and
                        Jonathan Berry

        17:30       French Genre Painting for the King: Masterpieces
                    by Lancret and Watteau in Prussian Palaces
                        Christoph Martin Vogtherr, Eva Wenders de
                        Calisse, Mechthild Most and Jens Bartoll

        18:00       End Session 4

        18:30       Reception at the Pinakothek der Moderne

        21:00       End Reception

Wednesday 30 August, 2006

    Session 5: The intangible in shifting contexts I
    Chair: Jo Kirby Atkinson

        09:00       The Mimbres Journey: How Shifting Contexts
                    Necessitate a Multi-Disciplinary Conservation
                        Mina Thompson and Angela Elliott

        09:30       The Role of Context in the Conservation of
                    Contemporary American Indian Ceramics
                        Jessica Fletcher, Carl Patterson, Nancy
                        Blomberg and Polly Nordstrand

        10:00       Conservation of a Maori eel trap: Practical and
                    Ethical Issues
                        Catherine Smith and Heike Winkelbauer

        10:30       Break

        11:00       Tjurkulpa; a Conservator Learns Respect for the
                    Land, the People and the Culture
                        Andrew Thorn

        11:30       Gamelan: Can a Conservation-conceived Protocol
                    Protect it Spiritually and Physically in a
                        Holly Jones-Amin, Heidi Tan and Alvin Tee

        12:00       Multiple Functions and Multiple Histories of
                    Tibetan Tsha-Tshas (Votive Clay Images)
                        Chandra L. Reedy

        12:30       Lunch

    Session 6: The intangible in shifting contexts II
    Chair: Unn Plahter

        14:30       Challenges in the Context of the Living Sacred
                    Tradition of Mahayana Buddhism
                        Sanjay Dhar

        15:00       Contextual Change and the Conservation of Wall
                    Paintings: the Case of Korean Buddhist temples
                        Kyeongsoon Han and Sujeong Lee

        15:30       The Maya site of Calakmul: "in situ"
                    Preservation of Wall Paintings and Limestone
                    using Nanotechnologies
                        Piero Baglioni, Ramon Carrasco Vargas, David
                        Chelazzi, Marines Colon Gonzalez, Alice
                        Desprat and Rodorico Giorgi

        16:00       Break

        16:30       Die steinernen Rustungen vor 2200 Jahren:
                    Methoden fruher Massenproduktion in China (Stone
                    Armour 2,200 Years ago: Early Mass Production
                    Methods in China)
                        Sandra Bucher Fiuza and Duan Qingbo

        17:00       A Colourful World for the Emperor's Soul: The
                    Polychromy of the Terracotta Army at Qin
                    Shihuang's burial Complex
                        Catharina Blansdorf and Xia Yin

        17:30       Modern Trends: Ancient Patterns
                        Mary Davis

        18:00       End

        19:30       Congress dinner

Thursday 31 August, 2006

    Session 7: The Reconstruction of the Past
    Chair: To be confirmed

        09:00       A "Pouting Satyr" from Castel Gandolfo: History
                    and Conservation
                        Erik Risser and Jens Daehner

        09:30       Illuminating a complex History: the Materials
                    and Techniques of the Tombs of Urgell at the
                        Beth M. Edelstein, Silvia A. Centeno and
                        Mark T. Wypyski

        10:00       The Preservation and Display of a Fourth-century
                    BCE Painted Thracian Tomb in Bulgaria
                        Zdravko Barov, Veneta Grudeva, Maria
                        Karazlateva, Kitan Kitanov and Todor Marinov

        10:30       Break

    Session 8: Staying in Context

        11:00       The Relationship between Preservation and
                    Technique in Paintings at the Oranjezaal
                        Annelies van Loon, Lidwien Speleers, Ester
                        Ferreira, Katrien Keune and Jaap Boon

        11:30       Varnishes on Baroque Church Furnishings: In
                    Search of a Suitable Conservation Approach
                        Katharina Walch-von Miller, Ursula Baumer
                        and Johann Koller

        12:00       Case Studies of Eighteenth-century Polychromy
                    and Metal Leaf Gilding in Bavaria
                        Inga Pelludat

        12:30       Lunch

        13:30       Excursions 2-7 start

        14:00       Excursion 1 (Wissensspeicher) starts

Friday 1 September

    Session 9: Reading the Past
    Chair: Jonathan Ashley-Smith

        09:00       Proscribed Pigments in Northern European
                    Renaissance Paintings and the Case of Paris Red
                        Jo Kirby, David Saunders and Marika Spring

        09:30       Artists' Pigments Reconsidered: does Modern
                    Science Match the Historical Context?
                        Christoph Krekel, Andreas Burmester and
                        Ursula Haller

        10:00       Skokloster Castle and its Environment
                        Jan Holmberg, Bengt Kylsberg and Per

        10:30       Break

        11:00       "Nomenclatura et Species Colorum Miniatae
                    Picturae": Researching Seventeenth-century
                    Pigments in Sweden
                        Cecilia Ronnerstam and Lars Halldahl

        11:30       The Mariani-Cibo Treatise: Contents and Context
                        Erma Hermens

        12:00       New Age Old Masters
                        Spike Bucklow

        12:30       Lunch

    Session 10: Crossing Boundaries
    Chair: David Leigh

        14:00       Applique Stained Glass in Churches and
                    Cathedrals: the Conflict between Conservation
                    and Context
                        Norman H. Tennent

        14:30       A cross-cultural Approach to urushi
                    Conservation: Consolidation of the Decoration on
                    the Mazarin Chest
                        Shayne Rivers and Yoshihiko Yamashita

        15:00       Conservation and Continuity: Preserving the
                    Library of the Monastery of Saint Catherine on
                    Mount Sinai
                        Nicholas Pickwoad and Athanasios Velios

        15:30       Keck Award
                    Honorary Fellow

        17:00       Farewell drinks

        18:30       End

IIC Office Contact:

    Graham Voce
    Executive Secretary
    International Institute for Conservation
    of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC)
    6 Buckingham Street
    London WC2N 6BA
    +44 20 7839 5975
    Fax: +44 20 7976 1564
    iic [at] iiconservation__org

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