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19th-century hat box
Delatour, Lorraine, (09-30-2008)

A Death
Drewes, Jeanne, (06-26-2008)

A death
Driesse, Anne, (03-06-2008)
Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen, (03-10-2008)
Henry, Walter, (03-10-2008)
Jett, Paul, (03-31-2008)
Henry, Walter, (06-08-2008)
Del Hoyo, Julio, (08-08-2008)
Henry, Walter, (08-25-2008)
Lindner, Jim, (09-03-2008)
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (10-12-2008)

A death--addendum
Doyle, Beth, (03-11-2008)

AATA Online
Swetland, Luke, (04-03-2008)
Chase, W. T., (10-27-2008)

AD-A-GRIP glue
Price, Beth, (12-16-2008)

AIC Angels project
Heller, Beth, (01-12-2008)

AIC Photographic Materials Group
Edmondson, Thomas M., (09-30-2008)

AIC certification plan
Augerson, Christopher, (11-08-2008)
Griffin, Patricia S., (11-20-2008)
Baskin, Bonnie, (11-21-2008)
Barone, Linda, (11-25-2008)
Messier, Paul, (12-03-2008)
Gottsegen, Mark D., (12-06-2008)
Smith, Shelley M., (12-09-2008)
Pietruszewski, Joanna S., (12-08-2008)
Proctor, Rob, (12-09-2008)
Augerson, Christopher, (12-14-2008)
Prins, Steven, (12-09-2008)
Cannon, Alice, (12-16-2008)
Campbell, Harry, (12-16-2008)

AIC response to Midwest floods
Pourchot, Eric, (06-25-2008)

AICCM Book, Paper and Photographic Materials Symposium
McKay, Prue, (05-05-2008)
McKay, Prue, (06-19-2008)

Mokrzycki, Karen, (06-16-2008)

Acrylics on beeswax impregnated Japanese paper
Polidori, Elisabetta, (10-06-2008)

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Potje, Karen, (03-19-2008)

Adhesive for coral
Garcia, Miguel, (04-05-2008)
Moore, Simon, (04-16-2008)

Adhesive for leather
Breeze, Camille, (09-29-2008)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (10-07-2008)
Seddon, Tracey, (10-09-2008)

Adhesive for wood
Smith, Christine, (12-13-2008)

Adhesives for newspaper
Moorhead, Fiona, (10-17-2008)

Henry, Walter, (06-15-2008)
Henry, Walter, (07-08-2008)
Henry, Walter, (12-06-2008)
Henry, Walter, (12-06-2008)
Henry, Walter, (12-06-2008)
Henry, Walter, (12-06-2008)
Henry, Walter, (12-18-2008)

Administrivia--New procedures for Cons DistList
Henry, Walter, (05-12-2008)
Henry, Walter, (05-12-2008)

Stojkovic, Daniela, (12-31-2007)

Anne Kenney appointed Cornell University Librarian
Eden, Barbara B., (03-31-2008)

Jaeger, Tamara, (09-12-2008)
Moore, Simon, (10-08-2008)
Schaefer, Stephan, (10-12-2008)
Fonseca, Rui Marto, (10-15-2008)
Gialdi, Ercole, (10-27-2008)
O'Grady, Caitlin, (12-02-2008)

Anoxic museum cases
Enijders, Evelyne, (07-09-2008)

Ansul Sapphire fire suppression system
Kennedy, Tara, (07-03-2008)

Appointments at College of Microscopy
Swider, Joseph R., (01-11-2008)

Appointments at Library of Congress
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (06-09-2008)

Archive Conservation Research Group
Woods, Chris, (04-19-2008)

Arizona State Museum and Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners receive Outstanding Commitment to the Preservation and Care of Collections Award
Marks, Kate, (07-08-2008)

Arsenic in natural history collections
Pudsey, Jane, (08-07-2008)
Dixon, Thomas, (08-10-2008)
Tello, Helene, (08-16-2008)

Arsenic test kits
Eves, Bronwyn, (04-02-2008)

Art Conservation Program at Queen's University
Spirydowicz, Krysia, (01-04-2008)

Art storage facility sought
Bjornson, Alicia, (04-03-2008)
Betts, Pamela, (04-14-2008)

Associateship at Yale
Fabrizio, Roseanne, (02-19-2008)

Avian flu
Hart, Andrew, (03-03-2008)

Back issues of Studies in Conservation sought
Lee, Geoff, (07-05-2008)

Back issues of the Paper Conservator sought
Cargill, Jeff, (07-15-2008)

Ball-point pen ink on canvas sneakers
Fountain, Clint, (05-16-2008)

Bank of America/IMLS American Heritage Preservation Program
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (07-10-2008)

Bank of America/IMLS American Heritage Preservation Program--addendum
Arnold, Ellen, (08-18-2008)

Banks/Harris Award recipient
Ryder, Rebecca, (03-06-2008)

Barcoding maps
Kennedy, Tara, (05-05-2008)

Jehle, Ashley, (04-03-2008)

Baharad, Ruhi, (07-20-2008)
Thickett, David, (07-28-2008)
Nirmaier, Petra, (08-12-2008)

Beriplast 201
Balcells, Olaya, (07-27-2008)

Bernard Quaritch Ltd.
Edmondson, Kate, (07-07-2008)

Bibliography on cleaning
Lopez-Polin, Lucia, (08-11-2008)

Black silver
Appelbaum, Barbara, (12-10-2008)
Cottier-Angeli, David, (12-16-2008)
Drayman-Weisser, Terry, (12-17-2008)
Minter, William, (12-16-2008)

Bleaching coated paper
Heft, Tracey, (12-19-2008)

Blog article on art conservation
Brown, Heather, (09-06-2008)

Blog on computed radiography
McCoy, Richard, (05-16-2008)

Blog on computed radiography--addendum
McCoy, Richard, (05-23-2008)

Blue carbon copy paper
Joiner, Samantha, (02-29-2008)

Book in honor of Emil Bosshard
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (07-17-2008)

Book on conservation of plastics
Christensen, Mads Christian, (08-11-2008)

Book on history of office copying
Batterham, Ian, (08-18-2008)

Book on taxidermy
Klingbeil, Anne M., (07-18-2008)

Bookbinding press for sale
De Veer, Marysa, (07-29-2008)

Books with mercury salts
Stamatopoulou, Eugenia, (10-20-2008)
Efstathios, Tsolis, (10-31-2008)
Mibeck, Miles, (11-03-2008)

Boston University Graduate Student Symposium on the History of Art
Bewer, Francesca, (03-19-2008)

British Association of Paintings Conservator-Restorers (BAPCR)
Tetlow, Lucy, (06-09-2008)
Tetlow, Lucy, (08-27-2008)
Tetlow, Lucy, (11-12-2008)

British Museum Technical Research Bulletin
Saunders, David, (11-25-2008)

Bursaries for ICOM-CC Triennial Meeting
Reifsnyder, Joan, (01-09-2008)

C73 Krupp Field Guns
Klein, Detlef, (11-29-2008)
Christie, Nicola, (12-11-2008)

CAC Annual Conference and Workshop
Sochon, Agata, (04-16-2008)

CAC Annual Conference and Workshop--corrigendum
Sochon, Agata, (04-22-2008)

Cabinet for corrosive materials
O'Grady, Caitlin, (12-02-2008)

Calibrating thermohygrographs
Egunnike, Lydia, (03-20-2008)

California museums raided
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (01-25-2008)

Call For Papers--Symposium on principles of conservation
Richmond, Alison, (12-16-2008)

Call for abstracts--Preserving the evidence of industrial society
Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten, (03-14-2008)

Call for nominations--George Cunha and Susan Swartzburg Award
Heiduschke, Victoria, (09-29-2008)

Call for nominations--Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award
Kennedy, Tara, (09-22-2008)

Call for nominations--SAA Preservation Publication Award
Thomas, Jennie, (12-16-2008)

Call for papers
Scott, John, (04-21-2008)

Call for papers--AIC Book and Paper Group
Khan, Yasmeen, (07-29-2008)

Call for papers--AIC Book and Paper Group, ACDG
Miller, Laura O'Brien, (09-15-2008)

Call for papers--AIC Book and Paper Group, LCCDG
Haun, Werner, (09-18-2008)

Call for papers--AIC Paintings Specialty Group
Chui, Sue Ann, (08-20-2008)

Call for papers--AIC Textile Specialty Group
Ewer, Patricia, (09-10-2008)

Call for papers--AICCM National Conference
Schmidt, Jonathan, (12-18-2008)

Call for papers--Adhesives for natural history specimens
Moore, Simon, (02-14-2008)

Call for papers--Adhesives for natural history specimens--addendum
Moore, Simon, (04-30-2008)

Call for papers--Anatomical models
Asser, Elizabet Nijhoff, (04-23-2008)

Call for papers--CAC Annual Conference
Brynjolfson, Carol, (10-03-2008)
Brynjolfson, Carol, (10-31-2008)

Call for papers--CAC Annual Conference--addendum
Brynjolfson, Carol, (11-17-2008)

Call for papers--Collections: A Journal for Museum and Archives Professionals
Decker, Juilee, (10-07-2008)

Call for papers--Conference on East Asian lacquer
Rivers, Shayne, (08-26-2008)

Call for papers--Conference on advances in paper conservation research
Horie, Velson, (11-26-2008)

Call for papers--Conference on sustainability in conservation
Hacke, Marei, (07-08-2008)

Call for papers--Conference on three-dimensional color laser scanning
Hess, Mona, (02-01-2008)

Call for papers--Costume Society of America Western Region Annual Symposium
Vaughan, Heather, (11-06-2008)

Call for papers--Digital curation
Clemens, Rachael, (06-04-2008)

Call for papers--Digital curation--addendum
Tibbo, Helen, (09-28-2008)

Call for papers--Forum for the Conservation and Restoration of Stained-Glass Windows
Pilosi, Lisa, (03-29-2008)

Call for papers--Heritage Science Symposium
Knight, Barry, (07-28-2008)

Call for papers--Icon Archaeology Group and Care of Collections Group
Roodhouse, Emma, (03-20-2008)

Call for papers--Icon Ceramics and Glass Group
Barton, Julia, (11-25-2008)

Call for papers--Journal of Art Crime
Charney, Noah, (11-10-2008)

Call for papers--National Gallery Technical Bulletin 30th Anniversary Conference
Atkinson, Jo Kirby, (08-07-2008)

Call for papers--News in Conservation
Wrapson, Lucy, (08-28-2008)

Call for papers--North American Textile Conservation Conference
Giuntini, Christine, (06-06-2008)

Call for papers--Pest management
Evans, Gretel, (06-18-2008)

Call for papers--Reviews in Conservation
Spring, Marika, (07-16-2008)

Call for papers--Seminar on biodeterioration
N'Gadi, Ann, (02-28-2008)

Call for papers--Society of Archivists Training Conference
Allen, Mark, (07-14-2008)

Call for papers--Studying Old Master Paintings
Morrison, Rachel, (11-19-2008)

Call for papers--Symposium on collaboration
Casadio, Francesca, (06-26-2008)

Call for papers--Twentieth century furniture research group
Kaner, Jake, (06-27-2008)

Call for papers--Twentieth century furniture research group--corrigendum
Kaner, Jake, (07-10-2008)

Call for papers--Wet organic archaeological materials
Brather, Stephan, (03-03-2008)

Call for posters--AIC Annual Meeting
Carroll, Valinda, (08-07-2008)

Call for posters--Symposium on panel paintings
Boersma, Foekje, (09-16-2008)

Call for reviewers--IMLS grants
Henry, Christine, (09-18-2008)

Call for volunteers--Cultural Heritage without Borders
Cezar, Tody, (11-18-2008)

Call for volunteers--Gjirokastra, Albania
Donahoe, Jamie, (05-30-2008)

Call for volunteers--Grant's Tomb
Edelstein, Beth, (08-08-2008)

Call for volunteers--University College London
Bearman, Frederick, (09-24-2008)

Call for workshop proposals--AICCM Book, Paper and Photographic Materials Symposium
McKay, Prue, (02-22-2008)

Cambridge, MA, Lecture on incunable bindings
Hegarty, Amanda, (01-29-2008)

Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies
Director, Campbell Center, (01-07-2008)

Ryan, Renita, (05-05-2008)

Canvas covered rubber diving suit
Smart, Rose, (05-07-2008)
Warren, Sue, (05-13-2008)

Canvas stamp
Mohren, Robert, (03-24-2008)

Capturing tacit knowledge in conservation
Mibach, Lisa, (12-20-2007)

CarbOthello pastel pencils
Grenda, Magdalena, (04-07-2008)
Skalka, Michael, (04-14-2008)
Gottsegen, Mark, (04-19-2008)

Verbeeck, Muriel, (10-15-2008)

Celotex hot plate pads
Sigel, Tony, (04-03-2008)

Chlorine dioxide
Lee-Bechtold, Sue, (12-20-2007)

Magill, Kathleen, (07-08-2008)

Cigarette paper for use in conservation
Le Cornu, Emma, (07-29-2008)

Clare Hampson Scholarship Fund Publication Grant
Schwoll, Sonja, (04-07-2008)
Schwoll, Sonja, (12-01-2008)

Class on storage enclosures
Leming, Jessica, (08-27-2008)
Leming, Jessica, (10-20-2008)

Class on using airbrushes
O'Loughlin, Elissa, (06-19-2008)

Classes at School for Formal Bookbinding
Rash, Don, (04-01-2008)

Classes on book arts
Aurand, Gudrun, (03-06-2008)

Classes on gilding
London, Jill, (08-12-2008)

Cleaning alabaster
Elliott, Angie, (05-09-2008)
Hodgetts, Ben, (05-18-2008)

Cleaning library stacks
Dubansky, Mindell, (11-14-2008)

Cleaning parchment
Moura, Laura, (02-12-2008)

Cleaning wax
Riddolls, Tom, (04-10-2008)
Foley, Jane, (04-13-2008)

Co-editors sought for Bulletin of Research on MEtal Conservation (BROMEC)
Crawford, James Bruce, (11-08-2008)

Coated paper
Swennen, Julie, (08-25-2008)
Tremain, David A., (09-08-2008)

Collection marks
Letessier, Corinne, (01-07-2008)

Colour measurement
Steele, Marcia, (12-20-2007)

Columbia Audio/Moving Image Survey Tool
Gertz, Janet, (06-18-2008)

Compact storage
Leone, Allison, (05-14-2008)

Conference on Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks
Bernath, Andrea, (10-01-2008)

Conference on Optical Coherence Tomography
Widmer, Ludmila Tyminska, (05-02-2008)

Conference on Plovdiv Cuma Mosque
Senturk, Levent, (06-02-2008)

Conference on Vasari Altarpiece
Rousakis, Anna, (01-22-2008)

Conference on archaeological tannery sites
Shearman, Fleur, (02-04-2008)

Conference on conservation in Wales
Henderson, Jane, (05-15-2008)

Conference on conservation science funded
Jordan, Sophia, (03-27-2008)

Conference on digital curation
Tibbo, Helen, (11-23-2008)

Conference on disaster planning
Andrews, Kim, (02-04-2008)

Conference on ethics and practice
Henderson, Jane, (10-17-2008)

Conference on joining, repair and consolidation--addendum
Higgitt, Catherine, (01-10-2008)

Conference on laser cleaning
Cooper, Martin, (10-29-2008)

Conference on living collections
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (12-11-2008)

Conference on mold and dust
Walker, Alison, (02-05-2008)

Conference on mold and dust--addendum
Walker, Alison, (05-19-2008)

Conference on mold and dust--corrigendum
Walker, Alison, (02-20-2008)

Conference on natural fibres in Australasia
Smith, Catherine, (10-28-2008)

Conference on photographic preservation
Ruello, Stefania, (09-20-2008)

Conference on preservation of audiovisual materials
Andrews, Kim, (09-15-2008)

Conference on security
Mohamed, Mehboob, (04-07-2008)

Conference on storage
Andrews, Kim, (06-10-2008)

Conference on three-dimensional color laser scanning
Vacharopoulou, Kalliopi, (03-05-2008)

Conference on varnishes
Fisher, Emma, (03-06-2008)

Conference on varnishes--addendum
Ellison, Rebecca, (03-28-2008)
Ellison, Rebecca, (04-01-2008)

Conference on washi
Ginsberg, Tatiana, (03-14-2008)

Conference: Conservation in Context
Paul, Katharine St, (03-28-2008)

Conference: Conservation in Context--addendum
Paul, Katharine St, (06-24-2008)

Conferences on tribal cultural preservation
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (06-03-2008)

Conservation Assessment Program
Marks, Kate, (10-10-2008)
Gonzales, Sara, (11-14-2008)

Conservation Science Annual
Scott, John, (01-11-2008)

Conservation Science Research Agenda
Jordan, Sophia, (08-05-2008)

Conservation equipment for sale
Gilbert, Susan, (10-10-2008)

Conservation labs in historic buildings
Arnold, David Hooker, (03-11-2008)

Conservation management plans
Nasanen, Liisa, (07-31-2008)

Conservation staffing
Welcome, Sarah, (04-02-2008)

Conservation studio space available
Scarpini, Maria, (11-21-2008)

Conservation studio space for hire
Attwood, Ann, (01-29-2008)

Conservation study trip to Florence
McGurry, Judy, (12-10-2008)

Conservation thesaurus
Bridgland, Janet, (11-26-2008)

Conservator of glass plate negatives sought
Alvis, Alayne, (11-25-2008)

Conservators' Round Table
Dornheim, Sif Dagmar, (08-04-2008)

Conservators' Round Table--addendum
Dornheim, Sif Dagmar, (08-11-2008)

Consolidants for dry archaeological organics
Harrison, Ainslie, (11-18-2008)
Travis, Kim, (11-28-2008)

Consolidating bone
O'Brien, Emily M., (02-29-2008)

Russick, Susan, (04-29-2008)

Containers for contaminated study skins
Karsten, Irene, (09-05-2008)
Tello, Helene, (09-16-2008)
Brock-Nannestad, George, (09-21-2008)
Tello, Helene, (11-26-2008)

White, Susan, (11-29-2008)

Contracts and documentation
Schwartz, George, (09-25-2008)

Copper damaged by urine
Davies, Bethan J., (08-24-2008)

Copper in starch paste
Thompson, Jack C., (12-19-2007)
Burnett, Nicholas, (12-21-2007)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (01-06-2008)

Correction fluid
Genton, Margaux, (06-30-2008)

Correspondence course on chemistry for conservators
Black, James, (07-21-2008)

Correspondence course on chemistry for conservators--addendum
Black, James, (09-19-2008)

Buerger, Marco, (04-16-2008)

Costumes with artificial blood
Primanis, Olivia, (12-03-2008)

Course on European Bookbinding 1450-1820
Hawkes, Richard, (10-21-2008)

Course on adhesives
Pourchot, Eric, (06-09-2008)

Course on archival preservation management
Andrews, Kim, (01-08-2008)

Course on book repair
Leming, Jessica, (09-15-2008)

Course on collections care
Fila, Robyn, (01-04-2008)

Course on conservation of Japanese paper
De Brisis, Isabelle, (02-20-2008)

Course on conservation of plastics
Campbell, Liz, (06-10-2008)

Course on digital photography
Hakim, Candis Griggs, (04-07-2008)

Course on documentation and preservation of rock art
Peacock, Elizabeth, (03-04-2008)

Course on emergency preparedness, planning and recovery
Welton, Sharon, (07-12-2008)

Course on furniture and wooden objects
Director, Campbell Center, (08-20-2008)

Course on gilt wood frame and object restoration
Black, James, (03-06-2008)

Course on hand papermaking
Troughton, Denise, (05-16-2008)

Course on illuminated manuscripts
Garcia, Emma, (04-26-2008)

Course on infilling with paper pulp
Sandy, Mark, (10-02-2008)

Course on infrared and Raman Spectroscopy
Peacock, Elizabeth, (11-05-2008)

Course on labelling
Director, Campbell Center, (06-05-2008)

Course on laser cleaning
Lunt, Susan M., (01-07-2008)
Lunt, Susan M., (02-07-2008)
Cooper, Martin, (10-16-2008)

Course on laser scanning
Lunt, Susan M., (03-05-2008)

Course on microscopy
Swider, Joseph R., (02-01-2008)
Welton, Sharon, (07-18-2008)

Course on mountmaking
Director, Campbell Center, (06-05-2008)

Course on museum artifacts
Alten, Helen, (01-24-2008)

Course on museum information management
Paulsen, Anissa, (08-14-2008)

Course on pigments and the polarizing microscope
Black, James, (01-06-2008)

Course on preventive conservation
Jeberien, Alexandra, (02-15-2008)

Course on structure of paintings and mechanical properties of cultural materials
N'Gadi, Ann, (05-16-2008)

Course on wood in historic buildings
Management, Cultural Resource, (09-11-2008)

Courses at Campbell Center
Director, Campbell Center, (05-08-2008)
Director, Campbell Center, (08-08-2008)
Director, Campbell Center, (12-16-2008)

Courses at Centre for Photographic Conservation
Moor, Angela H., (08-28-2008)

Courses at University of Victoria
Paulsen, Anissa, (07-08-2008)

Courses at West Dean College
Campbell, Liz, (01-29-2008)
Campbell, Liz, (03-20-2008)
Campbell, Liz, (07-15-2008)
Campbell, Liz, (11-14-2008)

Courses on textiles
Odland, Claire, (05-21-2008)

Mihejev, Saana, (03-14-2008)

Crossweld Polyester Film Sealing Machine
Toutloff, Mauray K., (05-02-2008)

Cultural Workplace Survey
Hawkes, Richard, (05-22-2008)

Cumulative exposure log
Bockmuehl, Celia, (02-15-2008)

D-5 HD videotape for digital master copies
Knazook, Elizabeth, (11-11-2008)

DNA analysis of historic material
Meredith, Clare, (07-18-2008)
Maggen, Michael, (07-20-2008)

DNA-based security marking systems
Knight, Barry, (04-17-2008)

DVD on Peter Waters
Minter, William, (03-07-2008)

Daniel Pabst
Olley, Peg, (04-24-2008)

Datalogger comparisons
Arenstein, Rachael, (07-09-2008)

Fuller, Richard, (12-18-2007)
Kerschner, Rick, (01-08-2008)
Basso, Greg, (01-21-2008)
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor, (01-24-2008)
Gilligan, Eliza, (02-05-2008)
Nishimura, Douglas W., (06-03-2008)
Culver, Marie, (09-19-2008)

David Cox
Ellison, Rebecca, (05-16-2008)

Deacidifying charcoal drawings
Verdavaine, Justyna Szpila, (11-02-2008)
Lee, Siew Wah, (11-03-2008)
Utter, Jodie, (11-03-2008)
Dwan, Antoinette, (11-03-2008)

Degree program in book conservation
Cuming, Jocelyn, (06-30-2008)

Dehypon LS45 detergent
Gibb, Ian, (07-15-2008)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (07-30-2008)

Dendrochronology facility
Appelbaum, Barbara, (05-19-2008)
Verheyen, Peter D, (05-24-2008)
Arenstein, Rachael, (05-26-2008)
Ocon, Noelle, (06-02-2008)

Desalination of canned food
Shepherd, Anna, (12-16-2008)

Publications, Terminology, (02-13-2008)

Displaying embroidery
Jones, Christy, (07-08-2008)
Shiner, Jerry, (07-21-2008)
Trupin, Deborah Lee, (07-21-2008)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (07-29-2008)

Distorted cellophane
Wahl, Laura, (11-10-2008)
Shiner, Jerry, (11-26-2008)
Shashoua, Yvonne, (12-07-2008)

Documentation systems
Ash, Nancy, (01-03-2008)
Deurenberg, Rian, (01-25-2008)

Double sided mounts
Greathead, Alexandra, (07-31-2008)
Burnett, Nicholas, (08-05-2008)

Durham Putty
Hambleton, Len, (10-12-2008)
White, Christopher, (10-13-2008)
De Chavez, Kate Payne, (10-14-2008)

Dyeing bison hair
Nanowin, Kathy, (04-23-2008)

E. Betul Cakirca awarded Nicholas Hadgraft Memorial Scholarship
Troughton, Denise, (06-18-2008)

ECPA brings its work to a close
Muller, Anne, (06-27-2008)

Easel paintings grounds
Stols-Witlox, M.J.N., (01-27-2008)

Effects of X-rays on materials
Braovac, Susan, (11-26-2008)
O'Connor, Sonia Alice, (12-08-2008)

Electrolytic cathodic reduction
Hamann, Diana, (04-26-2008)
Costa, Virginia, (05-05-2008)
Hamann, Diana, (05-25-2008)

Lunas, Susan, (04-14-2008)

Emerging Conservation Professionals Network
Winfield, Ryan, (08-21-2008)

Encaustic tiles
Dickens, Jenny, (09-08-2008)

Enclosing historic house in glass-walled structure
Price, Sarah, (01-31-2008)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (02-05-2008)
Childs, John, (02-14-2008)
Foley, Jane, (02-26-2008)

Sixbey, Pete, (06-20-2008)

Ethyl silicate
Wheeler, George, (12-19-2007)

European Conference on Research for Protection of Cultural Heritage (CHRESP)
N'Gadi, Ann, (09-24-2008)

Exhibit cases
Banning, Diana, (10-14-2008)
Shiner, Jerry, (10-18-2008)
Storch, Paul, (10-20-2008)

Exhibiting Polaroid prints
Thomas, Jennie, (11-24-2008)
Saretzky, Gary, (12-18-2008)

Exhibiting paper
Griffin, Patricia S., (07-02-2008)
Bernier, Brenda, (07-17-2008)
Lee, Siew Wah, (07-23-2008)
Stoll, Lyn, (07-21-2008)

Exposure to lead from book weights
Blake, Erin, (10-17-2008)

Eye to Eye Magazine
Davis, Barbara, (03-05-2008)

Fellowship at Amon Carter Museum
Penichon, Sylvie, (04-17-2008)

Fellowship at Amon Carter Museum--addendum
Penichon, Sylvie, (06-09-2008)

Fellowship at Art Institute of Chicago
Freeman, Rachel, (02-12-2008)

Fellowship at CCAHA
Hoffman, Jessica, (01-18-2008)

Fellowship at Cathedral of St. John the Divine
Eidelheit, Marlene, (05-04-2008)

Fellowship at Chrysler Museum of Art
Lewis, Mark, (04-17-2008)

Fellowship at Cleveland Museum of Art
Lees, Lauren, (06-09-2008)

Fellowship at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Burger, Gary, (04-17-2008)

Fellowship at Cotsen Institute of Archaeology
Kakoulli, Ioanna, (01-05-2008)

Fellowship at Getty Conservation Institute
Zagorski, Anna, (06-25-2008)

Fellowship at Harvard
Kennelly, Kathleen, (10-07-2008)

Fellowship at Historic New England
Childs, John, (01-30-2008)

Fellowship at Jewish Theological Seminary
Armstrong, Amy, (03-24-2008)

Fellowship at John Latham Archive
Velios, Athanasios, (06-13-2008)

Fellowship at LACMA
Gilberg, Mark, (11-12-2008)

Fellowship at Mariners' Museum
Renner, Marcie, (05-05-2008)

Fellowship at Mount Vernon
Ridgway, Katherine, (05-15-2008)

Fellowship at NEDCC
Newman, Walter, (04-14-2008)

Fellowship at National Gallery of Art
Skalka, Michael, (03-07-2008)

Fellowship at Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage
Wei, William, (09-03-2008)

Fellowship at Philadelphia Museum of Art
Wasson, Christopher, (01-11-2008)

Fellowship at Ringling Museum of Art
Patriarca, Karen, (01-23-2008)

Fellowship at Smithsonian American Art Museum
Heath, Julie, (01-04-2008)

Fellowship at Swiss Institute for Art Research
Ferreira, Ester, (07-03-2008)

Fellowship at University of Oslo
Braovac, Susan, (04-22-2008)

Fellowship at Winterthur
Price, Lois, (09-30-2008)

Fellowships at HABS/HAER/HALS
Davis, Judy, (12-09-2008)

Fellowships at Newberry Library
Kan, Leslie, (11-17-2008)

Fellowships at Smithsonian Institution
N'Gadi, Ann, (11-26-2008)

Fellowships at University of Oslo
Kutzke, Hartmut, (04-23-2008)

Fellowships at Worcester Art Museum
Albertson, Rita, (11-20-2008)

Fellowships at the National Museum of the American Indian
Kaminitz, Marian, (11-21-2008)

Fill material for polychrome sculpture
Cadogan, Katja, (05-21-2008)
Jaeschke, Helena, (06-02-2008)

Fill materials for bronze
Delaveris, Irene, (10-07-2008)
Botha, Hazel, (10-14-2008)

Fire extinguishers
Dunlap, Sue, (01-08-2008)
Dixon, Thomas, (01-21-2008)
Thorn, Andrew, (01-30-2008)
Cremers, Ton, (02-05-2008)
Thorn, Andrew, (02-23-2008)

Fire suppression systems
Eagan, Jane, (07-30-2008)

Floor canvas
O'Connell, Eimear, (04-02-2008)

Lenk, Karen, (03-05-2008)

Folklife Festival on the Mall
Ballard, Mary, (06-25-2008)

Wendelin, Kimberly, (07-01-2008)

Food products in museum collections
Chin, Jackie Hoffman, (05-27-2008)
Bjornson, Alicia, (05-30-2008)
Dumka, Heather, (06-02-2008)
Dewey, Catherine, (06-09-2008)

Forum for the Conservation and Restoration of Stained-Glass Windows
Pilosi, Lisa, (09-18-2008)

Forum on thangkas
Doherty, Tiarna, (05-12-2008)

Geraty, Peter, (06-19-2008)

Morgan, Amber, (04-23-2008)
Marsh, Terry, (05-13-2008)
Andrews, Kim, (05-19-2008)
Browns, Jonathan, (06-12-2008)
Ubbink, Kyla, (06-24-2008)

Framing tools
Lee, Siew Wah, (09-25-2008)
Marsh, Ian, (09-29-2008)
Juga, Peter, (09-29-2008)
Cannon, George W., (09-29-2008)
Prins, Steven, (10-07-2008)

Francis Bacon
Russell, Joanna, (10-08-2008)

Freeze-drying equipment available
Squires, Pierrette E.C., (03-10-2008)

Squires, Pierrette E.C., (02-12-2008)

Freezing Drums
Cull, Daniel, (05-20-2008)

Fuji IS Pro
Spaulding, Eliza, (03-17-2008)

Fume extraction unit
Rode, Nicole, (02-18-2008)

GCI Bulletin
Rellie, Jemima, (09-17-2008)

GCI Conservation Guest Scholar program
Zagorski, Anna, (06-25-2008)

Gamblin Conservation Colors
Lees, Rose, (12-09-2008)

Gap-filling materials for Bakelite
Thomas, Heather, (10-22-2008)
Kaner, Jake, (10-31-2008)
Garcia, Miguel, (11-02-2008)

George Cunha and Susan Swartzburg Award recipient
Frangakis, Evelyn, (03-19-2008)

Gerry Hedley Student Symposium
Shuba, Meredith, (05-02-2008)

Van Bork, Ellen, (07-24-2008)
Tutt, Gundula, (07-26-2008)

Gillian Boal moves to Wellcome Trust
Boal, Gillian, (12-08-2008)

Glass audio discs
Kent, Linda, (12-05-2008)
Deck, Clara, (12-19-2008)

Glass globe
Schnitzer, Susanne, (02-10-2008)

Glass plate negatives
Eggink, Ingeborg, (09-19-2008)
Casella, Luisa, (09-22-2008)

Glue gun hot melt adhesives
White, Susan, (08-28-2008)

Glue guns
Wolin, Eric, (03-12-2008)

Henry, Walter, (04-25-2008)

Grants for IIC Congress
Voce, Graham, (03-06-2008)

Grants for IIC Congress--addendum
Voce, Graham, (05-02-2008)

Guide to Commercial Binding
Drewes, Jeanne, (10-28-2008)

Gustav Berger photo of reversing wax lining
Horie, Velson, (11-05-2008)

Gustavo F. Araoz elected president of ICOMOS
Carlo, Maria Sanchez, (10-12-2008)

HEPA vacuum cleaners
Bjornson, Alicia, (09-03-2008)
Pack, Crista, (11-20-2008)
De van Geer, Samantha, (11-29-2008)
Trupin, Deborah Lee, (12-01-2008)
Fuller, Richard, (12-01-2008)
Cannon, George W., (12-01-2008)
Juergens, Martin, (12-08-2008)

Halon replacements
Potje, Karen, (04-21-2008)
Cser, Laszlo, (05-03-2008)
Woods, Chris, (05-12-2008)

Hand painted wallpaper
Joiner, Samantha, (03-13-2008)

Hand wipes
Africa, Dorothy, (04-23-2008)

Hayle Mill
Green, Simon Barcham, (03-05-2008)

Pascual, Blanca Martinez, (06-25-2008)

Historical endpapers and backing methods
Roerig, Henrik, (02-01-2008)

History of preventive conservation
Lambert, Simon, (01-07-2008)
Green, Simon Barcham, (01-20-2008)
Stubbs-Lee, Dee, (02-05-2008)
Smith, Margit J., (02-05-2008)
Kerschner, Rick, (02-06-2008)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (02-09-2008)

Hostacor IT
Blana, Matthias, (11-26-2008)

Housing brass dies
Bogus, Ian, (07-18-2008)
Goodburn-Brown, Dana, (07-20-2008)
Vine, Mark, (07-30-2008)

Human hair wigs
Tinkham, Rebecca, (04-01-2008)
Collins-Peynaud, Kimberleigh, (05-01-2008)

Human remains
Scheerer, Stefanie, (11-24-2008)
Lewis, Robert, (11-29-2008)
Trinkley, Michael, (11-29-2008)

Hxtal NYL-1 for repairing glass plate negatives
Lee, Miki, (08-25-2008)
Koob, Stephen, (09-22-2008)

ICMAH Annual Conference
Menegazzi, Cristina, (10-27-2008)

ICOM Disaster Relief for Museums Task Force
Verger, Isabelle, (10-13-2008)

ICOM-CC Art Technological Source Research Conference
Hermens, Erma, (02-25-2008)

ICOM-CC Experts meeting on enamel on metal
Gall-Ortlik, Agnes, (02-27-2008)

ICOM-CC Preprints
Eshoj, Bent, (11-05-2008)

ICOM-CC Triennial Meeting--addendum
Reifsnyder, Joan, (04-16-2008)

ICON Beer Meeting
Baum, Catt, (01-25-2008)

ICON Book and Paper Group Assisted Membership Grants
Egan, Isabelle, (01-29-2008)

ICON Ethnography Group
Bernucci, Arianna, (10-08-2008)

ICON Gilding and Decorative Surfaces Group
Daly, Claire, (05-14-2008)

ICON Gilding and Decorative Surfaces Group Conference
Daly, Claire, (12-11-2008)

ICON Internships
Brown, Carol E., (04-14-2008)

ICON Paintings Group
Wade, Nancy, (06-16-2008)

IFLA Preservation and Conservation Section
Drewes, Jeanne, (04-23-2008)
Drewes, Jeanne, (06-16-2008)

IFLA principles
Yasue, Akio, (01-05-2008)

IIC Annual Talk
Voce, Graham, (12-18-2008)

IIC Congress
Voce, Graham, (02-20-2008)

IMLS 21st Century Librarian Grants
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (10-17-2008)

IMLS 21st Century Museum Professionals grants awarded
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (09-10-2008)

IMLS Connecting to Collections Bookshelf
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (11-12-2008)

IMLS Conservation Bookshelf
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (01-22-2008)
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (02-19-2008)

IMLS Conservation Bookshelf--addendum
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (08-05-2008)

IMLS Conservation Forum for Collecting Institutions
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (04-03-2008)

IMLS Conservation Project Support (CPS)
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (08-19-2008)

IMLS Grants awarded
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (01-23-2008)
Henry, Walter, (01-31-2008)
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (04-09-2008)
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (04-29-2008)
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (06-03-2008)
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (09-16-2008)

IMLS Museum Grants for African American History and Culture
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (10-23-2008)

IMLS Museums for America grants
Arnold, Ellen, (08-27-2008)

IMLS National Leadership Grants
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (09-10-2008)
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (11-14-2008)

IMLS Preserve America grants
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (08-13-2008)

IMLS and China agreement on partnership for cultural exchange
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (11-18-2008)

IMLS budget
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (02-04-2008)

IMLS director visits CCAHA
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (06-13-2008)

IMLS extends deadlines for disaster grants
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (09-12-2008)

IMLS grant
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (12-21-2007)

IMLS grants
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (09-15-2008)

IMLS statewide planning grants
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (08-13-2008)

IPI Newsletters
Nishimura, Douglas W., (12-01-2008)

IPM Working Group
Arenstein, Rachael, (12-07-2008)

Identifying painting
Mohren, Robert, (12-15-2008)

Identifying print
Kellar, Scott, (04-20-2008)
Prieto, Clara, (05-03-2008)

Image permanence standards update
Nishimura, Douglas W., (12-01-2008)

Imitation food
Mun, Lee Swee, (02-20-2008)

Indian blanket repair
Herbert, Teri L., (04-17-2008)

Infilling outdoor marble sculpture
Wiggin, Vanessa, (04-27-2008)
Roundhill, Linda, (05-05-2008)
Foley, Jane, (05-05-2008)
Thorn, Andrew, (05-17-2008)
De Torres-Methivier, Amelie, (05-10-2008)

Insect infestation in wooden icon
Lane, Anne, (05-30-2008)
Parker, Thomas A., (06-08-2008)
Kyriazi, Evangelia, (06-09-2008)
Shiner, Jerry, (06-10-2008)
Arenstein, Rachael, (06-08-2008)
Baskin, Bonnie, (06-08-2008)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (06-10-2008)
Gialdi, Ercole, (06-15-2008)

Insurance and legal issues for pre-program internships
Lowengard, Sarah, (08-12-2008)

Integrated Pest Management Working Group
Arenstein, Rachael, (12-29-2007)

International Congress on the Application of Raman Spectroscopy in Art and Archaeology
De Pinedo, Kepa Castro Ortiz, (06-08-2008)

International Conseil des Archives server problem
Woods, Chris, (07-14-2008)

International Conseil des Archives server problem--addendum
Woods, Chris, (07-18-2008)

Internship at Chicago Conservation Center
Burns, Karrin, (12-26-2007)

Internship at Citywide Monuments Conservation Program, New York
Dorlester, Arielle, (12-26-2007)
Dorlester, Arielle, (12-26-2007)

Internship at Denison Museum
Hayes, Nicole, (11-17-2008)

Internship at Denison University
Cooper, Dottie, (02-27-2008)

Internship at HABS/HAER/HALS
Davis, Judy, (12-09-2008)

Internship at Herzog August Bibliothek
Corbach, Almuth, (04-29-2008)

Internship at Holy Well Glass
Brown, Carol E., (03-28-2008)

Internship at Iowa State University
Seo, Hilary, (10-16-2008)

Internship at Johns Hopkins
Klingenberger, Robert, (06-27-2008)

Internship at Jonathan and Ruth Cooke Ltd.
Brown, Carol E., (12-01-2008)

Internship at Judd Foundation
Smith, Shelley, (11-20-2008)

Internship at Missouri History Museum
Landry, Linda, (04-14-2008)

Internship at Missouri State Museum
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (03-04-2008)

Internship at New York Academy of Medicine
Hillam, Anne, (11-04-2008)

Internship at Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology and British Museum
Brown, Carol E., (12-05-2008)

Internship at Shelburne Museum
Ravenel, Nancie, (01-25-2008)

Internship at Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen
Wadum, Jorgen, (01-05-2008)

Internship at Tate
Brown, Carol E., (02-04-2008)

Internship at Trinity College, Dublin
Bioletti, Susan, (05-23-2008)

Internship at the National Museum of the American Indian
Kaminitz, Marian, (11-21-2008)

Internship sought
Short, Sarah Jane, (06-23-2008)

Internships at Agora excavations
Anastassiades, Amandina, (09-29-2008)

Internships at British Library
Mohamed, Mehboob, (06-13-2008)

Internships at Getty Conservation Institute
Zagorski, Anna, (06-25-2008)

Internships at Kaman Kalehoyuk excavation
Paterakis, Alice, (09-11-2008)

Internships at LACMA
Gilberg, Mark, (11-12-2008)

Internships at Museum Conservation Institute
N'Gadi, Ann, (02-11-2008)

Internships at Museum of Ethnology, Vienna
Jordan, Christiane, (02-12-2008)

Internships at Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest
Kyriazi, Evangelia, (02-04-2008)

Internships at Smithsonian Institution
Smith, Landis, (06-16-2008)

Internships at Yale
Pilette, Roberta, (01-31-2008)

Internships at the Hamilton Kerr Institute
Institute, Hamilton Kerr, (12-10-2008)

Internships at the National Museum of the American Indian
Kaminitz, Marian, (09-08-2008)
Kaminitz, Marian, (11-21-2008)

Internships in Peru
Wagner, Vanessa, (02-12-2008)

Japanese armor
White, Susan, (07-09-2008)

Jars for biological specimens
Moore, Simon, (04-30-2008)

Jean Paul Gaultier kimono coat
Vieira, Marta, (10-29-2008)

Jennifer Giaccai appointed conservation scientist at Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute (MCI)
N'Gadi, Ann, (10-14-2008)

LED lights
Facelli, Luis, (06-25-2008)
Wood, Van V., (07-15-2008)

La Cantoria workshops
Morelli, Francesca, (05-12-2008)

Lab furniture and equipment
Woollett, Kate, (07-24-2008)

Lab lighting
MacKenzie, Mark Giles, (08-12-2008)

Large format printing
Zalal, Tahe, (06-12-2008)

Laropal K-80
Baltuskonis, Dennis, (02-05-2008)
Thorn, Andrew, (02-23-2008)

Late 19th century newspaper
Santoro, Giordana, (02-19-2008)

Lead isotope 210 and helium testing
Faltermeier, Robert B., (09-12-2008)

Leather flight coat
Warren, Sue, (06-20-2008)
Fletcher, Yvette, (06-25-2008)

Lecture and workshop on Japanese paper dyeing
Manias, Clare, (08-20-2008)

Lecture on 19th century artists' colourmen
Ellison, Rebecca, (12-21-2007)

Lecture on Alice C. Morse
Hegarty, Amanda, (04-14-2008)

Lecture on analyzing historic papers
Lubick, Amy, (09-18-2008)

Lecture on compensation for loss in textile Conservation
Saretzky, Gary, (02-28-2008)

Lecture on microscopy
Scott, John, (03-05-2008)

Lecture on pigments
Laubin, Sophie, (12-20-2007)

Lecture on preservation science
Van der Reyden, Dianne L., (02-29-2008)
Hansen, Eric F., (09-24-2008)
Hansen, Eric F., (10-14-2008)
Hansen, Eric F., (11-25-2008)
Ryan, Cindy Connelly, (12-18-2008)

Lecture on the art market
Clarricoates, Rhiannon, (12-09-2008)

Lectures on plastic and rubber
Singer, Martha, (04-17-2008)

Lectures on preservation science
Zimmermann, Carole, (04-30-2008)

Boyle, Jodi, (02-05-2008)

Cahill, Fiona, (09-30-2008)
Rees-Jones, Julie, (10-09-2008)
Seddon, Tracey, (10-09-2008)
Dupont, Anne-Laurence, (10-20-2008)

Lighting in churches
Roberge, Sophie, (10-14-2008)

Lignin testing pens
De Stefano, Paula, (08-15-2008)

Lithography in early Soviet Union
McFarlane, Andy, (10-07-2008)
Juga, Peter, (10-13-2008)

Lodging for AIC and AAM conferences
Schindel, Terri, (03-31-2008)

London Palaeography Summer School
Holman, Zoe, (04-30-2008)

London Rare Books School
Holman, Zoe, (04-30-2008)
Holman, Zoe, (12-03-2008)

Louis Damen retires
Marchesi, Monica, (11-01-2008)

MA Program in Art Crime Studies
Charney, Noah, (11-10-2008)

MA Program in Conservation of New Media and Digital Information
Pollmeier, Klaus, (05-12-2008)

MA Program in preventive conservation
Brown, Jean E., (03-03-2008)

Magnets for exhibition mounting
Jorgensen, Metta Humle, (10-23-2008)
Gill, Victoria, (10-31-2008)
Potje, Karen, (10-30-2008)
McManus, Neill, (10-31-2008)
Eagan, Jane, (10-31-2008)
Ellis, Shirley, (10-31-2008)
Jaeschke, Helena, (10-31-2008)
Maggen, Michael, (11-03-2008)
Hingley, Mark, (11-03-2008)
Fink, Carol, (11-10-2008)
Potje, Karen, (11-12-2008)
Smit, Ingeborg, (11-10-2008)

Maimeri Restauro Colors
Ameringer, Charlotte, (06-02-2008)

Managing administration of computer systems for conservation lab
MacKenzie, Mark Giles, (05-08-2008)
Lee, Siew Wah, (05-15-2008)

Marble church monument
Foster, Alison, (04-03-2008)

Margaret Holben Ellis appointed Eugene Thaw Professor of Paper Conservation
Pierce, Richard, (04-14-2008)

Marine tinplate
Secord, Erin, (04-15-2008)

Fisher, Seren, (08-20-2008)
Giles, David, (09-08-2008)

Marmoleum and carpeting
Perrault, Gordon, (01-15-2008)

Masterclass on Ethiopic bindings
Mohamed, Mehboob, (12-21-2007)

Masterclass on painted furniture
Kievits, Ron, (09-02-2008)

Materials for crates
Miller, Gary, (02-21-2008)

Materials thesaurus
Reymond, Patricia, (01-11-2008)
Bourguignon, Elsa, (01-23-2008)

Matter art
Bernicky, Chantal, (06-30-2008)

Maximilien Luce
Leeuwestein, Margje, (05-20-2008)

Harrison, Anne, (04-22-2008)

Meeting on variable pressure scanning electron microscopy
Spring, Marika, (05-06-2008)

Merovingian combs
Cattersel, Vincent, (10-23-2008)

Metal dust on fire engines
Heaver, Melissa, (01-30-2008)

Micah Williams
Vitale, Tim, (02-15-2008)

Microclimate systems
Lis, Jennifer, (05-14-2008)

Microfilm and digitization
Gross, Varda, (09-02-2008)

Microscope for pigment analysis
White, Susan, (01-08-2008)

Midwest museums receive emergency assistance from IMLS and partners
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (07-02-2008)

Milk tokens
Bengston, Lisa Ann, (11-21-2008)
Rohan, Deb, (12-01-2008)

Bjornson, Alicia, (06-19-2008)

Modern Furniture Conservation Think Tank
Griffith, Roger, (03-07-2008)

Modern paint drying
Beiner, Gali, (09-16-2008)
Gottsegen, Mark D., (09-21-2008)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (09-29-2008)

Modern resin materials
Phippen, Will, (12-09-2008)

Monitoring vibration
McClure, Ian, (09-29-2008)
Wei, Bill, (10-08-2008)
Bouwmeester, Wilma, (10-13-2008)
Derek, Brain, (10-13-2008)

Montefiascone Project
Porter, Cheryl, (01-27-2008)
Troughton, Denise, (03-05-2008)

Mounting Richard Serra works on paper
Pasnak, Ekaterina, (10-30-2008)

Mounting building movement monitor
Yeo, Kang Shua, (06-30-2008)
Stewart, Rod, (07-17-2008)

Mural painting
Heaver, Melissa, (07-24-2008)

Mutilated books
Hernamperez, Arsenio Jose Sanchez, (09-18-2008)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (09-22-2008)

NARA Preservation Conference
Schneider, Richard, (09-10-2008)

NARA Preservation Conference--addendum
Schneider, Richard, (02-01-2008)

NEDCC Executive Director Ann Russell to Retire
Martin, Julie, (10-08-2008)

NEH grants
Paulson, Barbara, (08-25-2008)

NYCF Conservation Science Annual
Scott, John, (04-06-2008)
Scott, John, (10-06-2008)

Nadina Gardner appointed Director of NEH Division of Preservation and Access
Paulson, Barbara, (08-25-2008)

National Book Festival
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (10-02-2008)

National Heritage Science Strategy
Driver, Claire, (02-28-2008)

Natural Sciences Collections Association (NatSCA) Annual Conference
Moore, Simon, (02-25-2008)

Neutralisation treatment for paintings damaged by acid
Schwemer, Florian, (04-15-2008)

New blog--Board slotting
Stevens, Victoria, (11-19-2008)

New claims for optical media
Vitale, Tim, (12-01-2008)
Lindner, Jim, (12-07-2008)

New graduate program in History and Culture
Rose, Jonathan, (10-24-2008)

New graduate program in conservation
Knaut, Matthias, (07-14-2008)

New list: Metals WG discussion list
Hallam, David, (10-28-2008)

New site--Architecture, restoration, and imaging of Maya sites
Rhyne, Charles, (04-03-2008)

New site--Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials (AICCM)
Cannon, Alice, (10-20-2008)

New site--Cataloging
Dean, J. Claire, (06-15-2008)

New site--Digitization workflow for audio tape
De Lusenet, Yola, (03-06-2008)

New site--E.C.C.O
Bordalo, Rui, (05-04-2008)

New site--Paleontology Portal Collection Management module
Arenstein, Rachael, (11-17-2008)

New site--Promoting Preservation Awareness in Libraries
Drewes, Jeanne, (11-16-2008)

New site--UK National Heritage Science Strategy
Williams, Jim, (12-08-2008)

New web site--Time-based media--addendum
Laurenson, Pip, (06-27-2008)

Newsletter of the Laboratory for Petrology and Ceramic Conservation
Fuente, De, (05-26-2008)

Nicholas Hadgraft Memorial Scholarship
Troughton, Denise, (04-08-2008)

Nitrile gloves
Muller, Norman E., (05-02-2008)
Jeffers, Will, (05-09-2008)

Nitrocellulose lacquer paintings
Gutierrez, Lydia, (02-18-2008)

Non-aqueous consolidants for matte, flaking paintings
Ebert, Bettina, (04-01-2008)
Landgrebe, Bettina, (04-02-2008)
Quabeck, Nina, (04-03-2008)
Spaarschuh, Christina, (04-14-2008)

Numbering plastic objects
Keneghan, Brenda, (03-18-2008)
Bechthold, Tim, (03-28-2008)
Baskin, Bonnie, (03-31-2008)
Roundhill, Linda, (04-02-2008)

Objects covered diesel fuel
Von Lerber, Karin, (12-04-2008)

Oddy testing Art Sorb
Allen, Christine, (06-18-2008)

Oddy tests
Hobart, Paula, (06-27-2008)

Alahverdian, Eliz, (07-24-2008)
Thickett, David, (07-28-2008)

Oil painting on leaf supports
Fry, Caroline Mary, (12-09-2008)

On-Guard monitoring system
Pietro, Di, (01-24-2008)

Online class on museum microclimates
Alten, Helen, (12-16-2008)

Online classes at Northern States Conservation Center
Alten, Helen, (08-28-2008)
Alten, Helen, (10-28-2008)
Alten, Helen, (11-18-2008)

Online course on abandoned property
Alten, Helen, (01-24-2008)

Online course on archaeological artifacts
Alten, Helen, (03-12-2008)
Alten, Helen, (09-21-2008)

Online course on care of photographs
Alten, Helen, (09-21-2008)

Online course on cleaning
Alten, Helen, (12-16-2008)

Online course on collections preservation
Alten, Helen, (12-16-2008)

Online course on environment
Alten, Helen, (02-11-2008)
Alten, Helen, (10-17-2008)

Online course on estimating conservation projects
Pourchot, Eric, (04-10-2008)

Online course on ethics
Pourchot, Eric, (08-01-2008)

Online course on exhibitions
Alten, Helen, (03-12-2008)
Alten, Helen, (10-18-2008)

Online course on insurance and contracts for conservation
Pourchot, Eric, (06-10-2008)

Online course on lab safety
Pourchot, Eric, (05-19-2008)

Online course on microbic infestation
Weyer, Angela, (08-15-2008)

Online course on museum management
Alten, Helen, (04-14-2008)

Online course on museum registration
Alten, Helen, (12-21-2007)
Alten, Helen, (12-16-2008)

Online course on museum security
Alten, Helen, (01-11-2008)

Online course on object numbering
Alten, Helen, (01-11-2008)

Online course on pest management
Alten, Helen, (03-12-2008)
Alten, Helen, (09-21-2008)

Online course on preservation of library and archival materials
Carlson, Julie, (05-07-2008)

Online course on storage
Alten, Helen, (12-21-2007)
Alten, Helen, (04-14-2008)
Alten, Helen, (10-18-2008)

Online course on textile care
Alten, Helen, (04-14-2008)
Alten, Helen, (10-17-2008)

Online course on volunteer management
Alten, Helen, (02-07-2008)

Online courses
Alten, Helen, (02-22-2008)
Alten, Helen, (05-20-2008)
Alten, Helen, (07-21-2008)
Weyer, Angela, (12-03-2008)

Online courses on digital photography
Pourchot, Eric, (01-30-2008)

Online seminar and health information in archives
DeSutter, Solveig, (05-15-2008)

Online seminar on disaster planning
Alten, Helen, (02-11-2008)

Online workshop on establishing a conservation practice
Pourchot, Eric, (01-04-2008)

Online workshop on marketing for conservation
Pourchot, Eric, (02-12-2008)

Open house at West Dean College
Meredith, Amy, (01-09-2008)

Veneman, Marzio, (06-23-2008)

Overhead projector transparencies
Nief, Melanie, (12-21-2007)
Juergens, Martin, (01-08-2008)

Oversize watercolour paper
Potje, Karen, (02-05-2008)

PARS Recording Media Discussion Group
Lamson, Stephanie A., (01-06-2008)
Lamson, Stephanie A., (06-19-2008)

Pacific Disaster net launched
Mibach, Lisa, (10-21-2008)

Paint finishes for MDF
Spencer, Helen, (10-30-2008)

Painting on shattered silk
Waldron, Spence, (12-19-2008)

Paintings conservator in Calcutta
Gottsegen, Mark D., (08-25-2008)

Panizzi Lectures
Michaelides, Chris, (09-16-2008)

Paper damaged by Photocopy toner
Meggers, Jane, (01-09-2008)

Paper stained by Bestine
Weaver, Leonora, (07-18-2008)

Papermaking tour in Japan
Mizumura, Megumi, (10-19-2008)

Papers from conference on sustainability in conservation available
Pavelka, Karen L., (12-15-2008)

Papier mache
Bjordell, Ewa, (10-02-2008)

Jaworek, Wolfgang, (12-20-2007)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (03-06-2008)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (06-19-2008)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (09-10-2008)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (12-17-2008)

Jaworek, Wolfgang, (09-23-2008)

Ticha, Bohus, (12-30-2007)

Permanent colour change in cotton with use of low heat spatula
Kvitvang, Anne Laila, (07-09-2008)

Permanent markers
Devi, Meenakshi, (05-19-2008)
Gottsegen, Mark D., (05-24-2008)
Von Imhoff, Hans-Christoph, (05-25-2008)

Photographing oversize materials
Lubick, Amy, (01-07-2008)

Spiess, Birgit, (06-22-2008)
Chlopicki, Jerzy, (06-24-2008)

Pigeon droppings
Heaver, Melissa, (11-20-2008)
Byrne, Richard O., (11-29-2008)

Placement sought for Asian Cultural Council fellow
Daly, Kevin, (11-09-2008)

Plenderleith Memorial Lecture
Brown, Carol E., (11-03-2008)

Plexigum PQ 611
Proctor, Robert, (11-29-2008)

Policy and procedures for historic medicines
Tarnowski, Amber, (10-20-2008)

Polyester film
Bendix, Caroline, (02-08-2008)

Polymers on cloth and shoes
Neuman, Ingrid, (05-05-2008)
Bechthold, Tim, (05-13-2008)
Ballard, Mary, (05-12-2008)

Polyvinyl acetate resin
Alderson, Samantha, (12-04-2008)

Portfolio display at Winterthur
Gutierrez, Jae, (09-07-2008)

Position at Abtei St. Hildegard, Germany
Flandera, Dorothea, (10-18-2008)

Position at Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH)
Masri, Sami Al, (01-19-2008)

Position at Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences
Bay, Lucia, (05-19-2008)

Position at Amann and Estabrook Conservation Associates
Amann, Sandra, (02-27-2008)

Position at American Museum of Natural History
Howell, Jean-Luc, (06-09-2008)
Elkin, Lisa, (10-22-2008)

Position at American Research Centre in Egypt (ARCE)
Pearlstein, Ellen, (07-21-2008)
Kariya, Hiroko, (11-22-2008)

Position at Archives of Manitoba
Rekrut, Ala, (07-22-2008)

Position at Art Gallery of New South Wales
Bond, Tony, (10-31-2008)

Position at Art Gallery of Western Australia
Kubik, Maria, (06-27-2008)

Position at Artlab Australia
Brown, Heather, (08-22-2008)

Position at Ashmolean Museum
Wastie, Jane, (08-14-2008)

Position at Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Husary, Sarah, (03-19-2008)
Holbrow, Katherine, (10-14-2008)

Position at Auckland Museum
Hutchinson, Merv, (12-15-2008)

Position at Australian Museum
Daniel, Vinod, (09-09-2008)

Position at BOKU
Potthast, Antje, (08-06-2008)

Position at Boston College
Esser, Mark, (10-01-2008)

Position at British Library
Mohamed, Mehboob, (04-07-2008)
Mohamed, Mehboob, (07-11-2008)
Mohamed, Mehboob, (07-11-2008)
Mohamed, Mehboob, (11-06-2008)

Position at British Museum
Higgitt, Catherine, (04-14-2008)
Higgitt, Catherine, (04-30-2008)
Higgitt, Catherine, (08-17-2008)
Stacey, Rebecca, (11-05-2008)

Position at Bryn Mawr
Weldon, Marianne, (11-26-2008)

Position at Buffalo State College
Lavelle, Meredeth, (08-28-2008)

Position at Cambridge
Brooklyn, Linda, (04-30-2008)

Position at Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe
Hoelling, Hanna Barbara, (08-29-2008)

Position at Centre de Recherche sur la Conservation des Collections
Dupont, Anne-Laurence, (05-01-2008)

Position at Centre de Recherche sur la Conservation des Collections--addendum
Dupont, Anne-Laurence, (06-03-2008)

Position at Centre for Sustainable Heritage, UCL
Strlic, Matija, (11-09-2008)
Strlic, Matija, (11-27-2008)
Strlic, Matija, (12-19-2008)

Position at Chicago Conservation Center
Burns, Karrin, (12-26-2007)

Position at Cleveland Museum of Art
Lees, Lauren, (02-13-2008)

Position at Cliveden Conservation Workshop Limited
Austin, Carolyn, (01-05-2008)

Position at Columbia
Hagadorn, Alexis, (03-13-2008)

Position at Conservation Centre Vejle, Denmark
Knudsen, Lise Raeder, (06-30-2008)
Knudsen, Lise Raeder, (06-30-2008)

Position at Contemporary Conservation Ltd
May, Jillian, (09-17-2008)

Position at Cooper-Hewitt
Commoner, Lucy, (01-29-2008)

Position at Corning Museum of Glass
Koob, Stephen, (10-23-2008)

Position at Danish Maritime Museum
Hallbjornsson, Line, (08-05-2008)

Position at Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Akins, Sarah, (08-15-2008)

Position at Derry And Raphoe Diocesan Library Project
Joseph, McLaughlin, (02-07-2008)

Position at English Heritage
Meader, Dawn, (06-17-2008)

Position at Etherington Conservation Services
Lee, Michael, (02-22-2008)

Position at Fitzwilliam Museum
Osborne, Shaun, (03-17-2008)
Brooklyn, Linda, (07-26-2008)

Position at Flintshire Record Office, North Wales
Allen, Mark, (10-21-2008)

Position at Fotorestauratie Atelier C. C. von Waldthausen
Von Waldthausen, Clara, (05-31-2008)

Position at Freer and Sackler Galleries
McCarthy, Blythe, (11-07-2008)

Position at Glasgow Museums
Rowlands, Jane, (06-03-2008)
Rowlands, Jane, (08-27-2008)
Stumpff, Marie, (09-19-2008)

Position at Glasgow School of Art (GSA)
Donnachie, Kate, (07-28-2008)

Position at Glasgow School of Art (GSA)--addendum
Donnachie, Kate, (08-19-2008)

Position at Guggenheim Museum
Torrence, Hillary, (10-21-2008)

Position at Harvard
Hegarty, Amanda, (01-30-2008)
Whang, Sherrie L., (02-25-2008)
Whang, Sherrie L., (03-20-2008)
Whang, Sherrie L., (05-01-2008)
Kaufman, Heather, (08-26-2008)
Tournas, Susan, (09-23-2008)

Position at Haute Ecole Arc
Ducatel, Nathalie, (07-11-2008)

Position at Helicon conservation support bv
Blakenburg, Esther, (05-20-2008)

Position at Henry Ford
Fahey, Mary, (03-25-2008)
Fahey, Mary, (08-29-2008)

Position at Historic Royal Palaces
Linstead, Helen, (02-01-2008)
Linstead, Helen, (02-01-2008)
Premachandren, Gayasthiri, (05-28-2008)
Elner, Jo, (10-24-2008)

Position at Huntington Library
Moore, Holly, (12-12-2008)

Position at IIC
Voce, Graham, (07-04-2008)

Position at Icon
Saye, Caroline, (05-13-2008)

Position at Illinois State University
Schobernd, Elizabeth, (08-05-2008)

Position at Indiana State Library
Van Ness, Lindsay, (01-30-2008)

Position at Intermuseum Conservation Association
Cooper, Dottie, (01-09-2008)
Cooper, Dottie, (01-23-2008)
Cooper, Dottie, (07-28-2008)
Cooper, Dottie, (11-10-2008)

Position at Intermuseum Conservation Association--addendum
Cooper, Dottie, (12-09-2008)

Position at Kaman Kalehoyuk excavation
Paterakis, Alice, (09-11-2008)

Position at Katherine Ara Ltd, London
Ara, Katherine, (04-25-2008)

Position at Kyla Ubbink Book and Paper Conservation
Ubbink, Kyla, (01-14-2008)

Position at Langelands Museum
Hovmand, Ida, (01-13-2008)
Hovmand, Ida, (07-31-2008)

Position at Leather Conservation Centre
Angus, Aline, (02-20-2008)

Position at Library of Congress
Drewes, Jeanne, (04-23-2008)
Drewes, Jeanne, (05-19-2008)
Drewes, Jeanne, (11-25-2008)

Position at Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory
Jaeger, Tamara, (02-13-2008)
Doub, Nichole, (09-29-2008)

Position at Metropolitan Museum of Art
Bhatnagar, Evelyn, (05-02-2008)

Position at Morgan Library and Museum
Ellis, Margaret Holben, (04-19-2008)

Position at Museum Victoria
Lovelock, Catherine, (08-11-2008)

Position at Museum Victoria--addendum
Lovelock, Catherine, (08-15-2008)

Position at Museum of Archaeology, Stavanger
Davies, Kim B., (10-15-2008)
Davies, Kim B., (10-15-2008)

Position at Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico
Runeberg, Ulrik, (05-07-2008)

Position at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Linderman, Nicole, (01-29-2008)
Linderman, Nicole, (02-05-2008)
Linderman, Nicole, (03-27-2008)
Linderman, Nicole, (04-07-2008)
Linderman, Nicole, (05-28-2008)

Position at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston--addendum
Linderman, Nicole, (04-09-2008)

Position at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Pine, Steve, (03-18-2008)

Position at Museum of London
Karen, Eugenie, (01-11-2008)

Position at Musical Instrument Museum
Hamann, Barbara, (04-28-2008)

Position at NARA
Schneider, Richard, (02-08-2008)
Schneider, Richard, (04-22-2008)
Holmes, Sara, (06-19-2008)
Schneider, Richard, (11-03-2008)

Position at NEDCC
Conn, Donia, (04-07-2008)

Position at NEH
Paulson, Barbara, (11-14-2008)

Position at National Archives of Norway
Mawdsley, Simon, (05-09-2008)

Position at National Archives, Ireland
Reid, Zoe, (05-07-2008)

Position at National Archives, Kew
Sanders, James, (03-14-2008)
Sanders, James, (05-22-2008)
Fildes, Dawn, (07-02-2008)

Position at National Galleries of Scotland
Gomersall, Steph, (02-05-2008)
Gollan, Graeme, (11-06-2008)
Curry, Donna, (12-15-2008)

Position at National Gallery of Canada
Banville, Lucille, (01-04-2008)

Position at National Gallery of Ireland
Fahey, Caroline, (05-12-2008)

Position at National Gallery of Victoria
Spence, Lorna, (05-09-2008)

Position at National Heritage Board, Singapore
Liu, Robin, (06-19-2008)

Position at National Library of Australia
Lewincamp, Sophie, (04-24-2008)

Position at National Library of Ireland
Kirwan, Elizabeth M., (06-11-2008)

Position at National Library of Israel
Elper, Timna, (10-22-2008)

Position at National Library of Medicine
North, Michael J., (01-29-2008)

Position at National Library of Medicine--addendum
North, Michael J., (02-07-2008)

Position at National Library of New Zealand
Najar, Pamela, (10-17-2008)

Position at National Museum of Fine Arts, Sweden
Wretstrand, Karin, (01-07-2008)

Position at National Museum of Wales
Renault, Sue, (07-17-2008)

Position at National Museums Liverpool
Best, James, (02-20-2008)
Best, James, (03-13-2008)
Thomas, Jenny, (10-29-2008)

Position at National Museums Scotland
Telford, Helene, (01-07-2008)
Telford, Helene, (01-07-2008)
Telford, Helene, (06-10-2008)

Position at National Park Service
Bender, Brynn, (04-07-2008)

Position at National Portrait Gallery, London
Evans, Lucy, (01-31-2008)
Evans, Lucy, (07-25-2008)

Position at National Trust for Scotland
Meredith, Clare, (01-04-2008)

Position at National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Turner-Walker, Gordon, (11-06-2008)

Position at Nebraska State Historical Society
Grotrian, Lisa M., (01-22-2008)
Grotrian, Lisa M., (01-22-2008)

Position at Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage
Lensink, Hester, (06-12-2008)

Position at New York Botanical Garden
Marder, Olga, (02-25-2008)

Position at New York City Department of Parks and Recreation
Levine, Sara, (10-07-2008)

Position at New York Public Library
Frangakis, Evelyn, (03-03-2008)
Smith, Shelly, (03-05-2008)

Position at Norfolk Record Office
Sellwood, Nick, (03-14-2008)

Position at Northwestern University
Devine, Scott, (02-14-2008)

Position at Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Pawel, Daniela, (01-30-2008)

Position at Oxford
Ruc, Sibel, (08-08-2008)
Ruc, Sibel, (10-30-2008)

Position at Oxford--addendum
Howell, David, (09-12-2008)

Position at Parks Canada
Grewal, Rani, (03-19-2008)

Position at Peabody Museum
Van Aken, Annette, (02-14-2008)

Position at People's History Museum
Nicholson, Daisy, (02-08-2008)

Position at Philadelphia Museum of Art
Wasson, Christopher, (01-07-2008)

Position at Pitt Rivers Museum
Richardson, Heather, (04-09-2008)
Richardson, Heather, (04-30-2008)

Position at Pole d'Archeologie Interdepartemental Rhenan (PAIR)
Alloin, Elise, (02-21-2008)

Position at Presidio Trust
Clevenger, Liz, (07-16-2008)

Position at Princeton
Milevski, Robert J., (04-09-2008)

Position at Rathgen Research Laboratory
Simon, Stefan, (06-05-2008)
Simon, Stefan, (07-25-2008)
Simon, Stefan, (10-14-2008)

Position at Rijksmuseum
De Greeuw, Rob, (05-21-2008)
De Greeuw, Rob, (07-23-2008)

Position at Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
Gallen, Sean, (05-06-2008)

Position at Royal Pavilion and Museums
Frape, Nicola, (09-26-2008)

Position at San Diego Museum of Man
Brooks-Gonyer, Mary Ann, (08-11-2008)

Position at Science Museum, London
Jannicke, Langfeldt, (01-03-2008)

Position at Simon Gillespie Studio
Gillespie, Simon, (03-11-2008)

Position at Smithsonian Institution
N'Gadi, Ann, (08-06-2008)

Position at St Fagans
Renault, Sue, (10-31-2008)

Position at State Library of Western Australia
Schmidt, Jonathan, (10-21-2008)

Position at Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen
Wadum, Jorgen, (07-06-2008)

Position at Stichting Kroller-Muller Museum
Beumer, Arnold, (07-01-2008)

Position at Swedish National Heritage Board
Lindewall, Jessica, (12-12-2008)

Position at Tainan National University of the Arts
Tsai, Fei Wen, (07-15-2008)
Tsai, Fei Wen, (09-17-2008)

Position at Tate
Chooramun, Janita, (10-13-2008)

Position at Tate and National Galleries of Scotland
Chooramun, Janita, (08-15-2008)

Position at Te Papa
Heikell, Vicki-Anne, (01-29-2008)
Heikell, Vicki-Anne, (05-30-2008)

Position at Trinity College, Dublin
Bioletti, Susan, (06-18-2008)

Position at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Klinger, Jane E., (06-16-2008)
Klinger, Jane E., (08-26-2008)

Position at University at Albany
Radkowski-Lee, Anna Z., (07-02-2008)
Radkowski-Lee, Anna Z., (07-25-2008)

Position at University of Canberra
Batterham, Ian, (09-15-2008)

Position at University of Chicago
Byrne, Sherry, (03-27-2008)
Byrne, Sherry, (06-04-2008)

Position at University of Delaware
Stoner, Joyce Hill, (10-14-2008)

Position at University of Dundee
Sterlini, Philippa, (04-28-2008)

Position at University of Maryland
Draper, Bryan L. W., (09-09-2008)

Position at University of Michigan
Zachary, Shannon, (01-18-2008)

Position at University of Oslo
Van der Meulen, Douwtje L, (06-27-2008)
Braovac, Susan, (08-27-2008)

Position at University of Pennsylvania
Grant, Lynn, (12-09-2008)

Position at University of Utah
Silverman, Randy, (07-22-2008)

Position at University of Virginia
Robertson, Holly, (07-21-2008)
Robertson, Holly, (09-18-2008)

Position at Victoria and Albert Museum
Elphick, Jennie, (04-16-2008)
Elphick, Jennie, (07-04-2008)

Position at Walters Art Museum
Quandt, Abigail, (12-08-2008)

Position at War Memorials Trust
Moreton, Frances, (05-12-2008)
Moreton, Frances, (10-03-2008)

Position at West Lake Conservators Ltd.
Blakney, Susan, (05-22-2008)
Blakney, Susan, (09-04-2008)

Position at Western Center for the Conservation of Fine Arts, Ltd.
Ross, John, (06-28-2008)

Position at Whitten and Proctor Fine Art Conservation
Whitten, Jill, (05-15-2008)

Position at Wilson History and Research Center
French, Jennifer, (10-13-2008)

Position at Winterthur Museum
Price, Lois, (03-28-2008)

Position at Worcester Art Museum
Albertson, Rita, (08-08-2008)

Position at Yale
Schena, Michele, (02-01-2008)
Schena, Michele, (02-25-2008)
Pilette, Roberta, (09-10-2008)

Position at at Cardiff University
Freestone, Ian C., (06-06-2008)

Position at the Frick Collection
Piotrowski, Kelli, (07-08-2008)

Position at the Glenbow Museum
Churchill, Lee, (05-13-2008)
Dumka, Heather, (10-06-2008)

Position at the National Trust
Claridge, Benjamin c., (05-29-2008)
Davis, Lisa, (10-09-2008)

Position at the National Trust--corrigendum
Davis, Lisa, (10-13-2008)
Davis, Lisa, (10-14-2008)

Position at the Natural History Museum, London
Collins, Chris, (01-11-2008)
Collins, Chris, (01-25-2008)

Position in central England
Bubb, Ruth, (06-16-2008)

Positions at American Museum of Natural History
Levinson, Judith, (02-28-2008)

Positions at Bristol's Museums, Galleries and Archives
Hinchcliffe, Frances, (03-04-2008)

Positions at Carnegie Mellon
Whitmore, Paul, (08-12-2008)

Positions at Cleveland Museum of Art
Lees, Lauren, (04-24-2008)

Positions at Derry And Raphoe Diocesan Library Project
Joseph, McLaughlin, (06-16-2008)

Positions at HABS/HAER/HALS
Davis, Judy, (12-09-2008)

Positions at Library of Congress
Drewes, Jeanne, (06-08-2008)
Motylewski, Karen, (09-03-2008)

Positions at Museum Conservation Institute
N'Gadi, Ann, (03-24-2008)

Positions at NARA
Seibert, Ann, (05-14-2008)

Positions at National Archives of Australia
Batterham, Ian, (09-18-2008)

Positions at National Library of Australia
Dietrich, Annalisa, (11-26-2008)

Positions at National Museums Liverpool
Thomas, Jenny, (07-10-2008)
Best, James, (11-13-2008)

Positions at National Park Service
Blaser, Linda A., (09-18-2008)

Positions at Oakland Museum of California
Burke, John, (06-04-2008)

Positions at Page Conservation, Inc.
IV, Arthur H. Page, (09-10-2008)

Positions at Pitt Rivers Museum
Richardson, Heather, (04-18-2008)

Positions at Queens
Spirydowicz, Krysia, (04-23-2008)
Spirydowicz, Krysia, (04-29-2008)

Positions at Rathgen Research Laboratory
Mittag, Gunther, (03-19-2008)

Positions at Royal Albert Memorial Museum
Walker, Katrina, (08-18-2008)

Positions at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Mitchell, Jean, (07-10-2008)

Positions at Sharjah Museums
Page, Hazelle, (08-01-2008)

Positions at Sydney Artefacts Conservation
Cummins, Anne, (08-04-2008)

Positions at Tate
Chooramun, Janita, (10-06-2008)

Positions at Ziyaret Tepe, Turkey
Rainville, Lynn, (11-23-2008)

Positions at the National Trust
Meredith, Clare, (05-23-2008)

Pre-Program Archaeological Conservation Field School
Kakoulli, Ioanna, (01-17-2008)

Presentation on preserving cultural heritage
Hayes, Nicole, (09-24-2008)

Presentation on the treatment of paintings from Apsley House
Gent, Alexandra, (07-16-2008)

Preservation Management Institute
Andrich, Melanie A., (04-11-2008)

Preserving non-licensed media
Gertz, Janet, (10-31-2008)

Preventing blocking in photocopies
Allen, Dave, (08-25-2008)

Proceedings of Museum Microclimates Conference 2007
Pedersen, Karen Brynjolf, (03-27-2008)

Professional Specialization Certificate in Collections Management
Management, Cultural Resource, (11-26-2008)

Proposed ban on dichloromethane (DCM)
Poels, Philip, (07-02-2008)
Vine, Mark, (07-30-2008)
Tutt, Gundula, (08-03-2008)
Koob, Stephen, (08-05-2008)
Phenix, Alan, (11-18-2008)

Publication on audio and video carriers
De Lusenet, Yola, (02-21-2008)

Publication on audiovisual collections
De Lusenet, Yola, (03-11-2008)
Muller, Anne, (04-02-2008)

Publication on definition of digital preservation
Martyniak, Cathleen, (04-17-2008)

Publication on digital photography and conservation documentation
Rodgers, Brett, (07-10-2008)

Publication on disasters
Frellsen, Ann, (03-25-2008)

Publication on papermaking at Hayle Mill
Green, Simon Barcham, (04-20-2008)

Publication sought
Sillitoe, Paul, (09-26-2008)

Publication: It's a Material World: Caring for the public realm
Hoare, Nell, (12-17-2008)

Questionnaire on Tyvek
Hall, Lili, (07-09-2008)

Questionnaire on fire control in libraries
Mattos, Lorete, (05-15-2008)

Questionnaire on in situ preservation of underwater archaeological materials
Ortmann, Nicole, (08-18-2008)

Questionnaire on inpainting with Golden MSA
Skopek, Matthew, (11-12-2008)

Questionnaire on marble fills
Kemp, Jonathan, (09-22-2008)

Questionnaire on opportunities for recent graduates
Tetlow, Alice, (04-28-2008)

Questionnaire on pop-up books
Westberg, Kristi, (07-22-2008)

Questionnaire on retouching
Vos, Lisette, (03-19-2008)

Questionnaire on textile conservation
Reijs, Daphne, (04-20-2008)

Questionnaire on tracing cloth
Ito, Kaori, (11-03-2008)
Bush, Andrew, (11-10-2008)

RHapid Pak
McMann, Joanna, (03-14-2008)

Red paint layer
Smeenk-Metz, Erika, (08-15-2008)

Rehousing Steichen prints
Ray, Michelle, (11-23-2008)

Removing paint from concrete reliefs
Schlotter, Annefloor, (07-25-2008)
Vine, Mark, (07-30-2008)

Removing playing cards from self adhesive photo album
Schwoll, Sonja, (11-04-2008)

Removing polyurethane varnish
Enijders, Evelyne, (11-03-2008)

Repairing board crimper
Bell, Emily K., (04-02-2008)

Request for bids--Royal Mail Archive Condition Survey
Koscia, Krystyna, (04-21-2008)

Request for proposals--Preservation needs assessment
Henry, Walter, (07-16-2008)

Resources For disaster recovery
Rogers, Mary, (09-15-2008)

Reviews in Conservation
Voce, Graham, (04-17-2008)

Revised ISO enclosures standard 18902
Nishimura, Douglas W., (01-09-2008)

Rice Portrait of Jane Austen
Roberts, Jonathan L., (06-23-2008)
Conroy, Thomas, (06-24-2008)

Richard Hamilton collotype print
Ellis, Janice Stagnitto, (08-07-2008)
Shiner, Jerry, (08-15-2008)

Rita Hofmann-Sievert receives HP Image Permanence Award (IS&T)
Nishimura, Douglas W., (07-08-2008)

Rob Waller retires
Smyk, Laura, (09-30-2008)

Robert Rauschenberg Hoarfrost Editions
Novak, Adam, (11-07-2008)

Rome Prize
Connelly, Brendan, (09-23-2008)

Ross Harvey appointed to Simmons faculty
Voodre, Amanda, (08-28-2008)

Round table on climate change
Voce, Graham, (06-05-2008)

Rubber tires
Jackson, Rebecca, (05-15-2008)

Rundbrief Fotografie
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (03-26-2008)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (06-20-2008)
Jaworek, Wolfgang, (10-02-2008)

SAA Workshops
DeSutter, Solveig, (04-17-2008)

SOLINET classes
Leming, Jessica, (11-03-2008)

SOLINET online classes
Leming, Jessica, (06-20-2008)
Leming, Jessica, (09-29-2008)

Sabun lerak for washing batik
Phillips, Kristin, (02-05-2008)

Salary guidelines
McCapra, Alastair, (03-20-2008)

Samples of paint used on outdoor painted sculptures sought
Learner, Tom, (12-16-2008)

Scheele's green
Oh, Joonsuk, (05-29-2008)

Cottingham, Joseph, (11-14-2008)
Hinz, Dagmar, (11-27-2008)

Pamment, Loretta, (10-16-2008)

Scratches on anodized aluminium
Graves, David, (07-29-2008)

Scrims and curtains
Vestal, Lisa, (12-11-2008)

Seminar on archaeometry and heritage science
Watts, Siobhan, (06-19-2008)

Seminar on bleaching
Henniges, Ute, (08-08-2008)

Seminar on conservation of outdoor bronze sculpture
Scott, John, (04-06-2008)

Seminar on conservation of transparent paper
Homburger, Hildegard, (12-18-2008)

Seminar on display techniques and materials
Roodhouse, Emma, (08-15-2008)

Seminar on environment
Dillon, Skye, (05-21-2008)

Seminar on natural history collections
Moore, Simon, (02-11-2008)

Seminar on permanence in contemporary art
Wadum, Jorgen, (07-06-2008)
Wadum, Jorgen, (09-16-2008)

Seminar on photographic preservation
Nishimura, Douglas W., (05-20-2008)

Seminar on water on paper
Homburger, Hildegard, (12-18-2008)

Senson Ferroguard FS
Shepherd, Anna, (09-22-2008)

Servicing UV meters
Neuman, Ingrid, (01-04-2008)

Sewing frames
Bogus, Ian, (03-04-2008)
Verheyen, Peter, (03-20-2008)

Lin, Emily, (04-09-2008)
Byrne, Richard O., (04-11-2008)
Walker, Ann, (04-17-2008)
Moore, Simon, (04-16-2008)
Geraty, Peter, (04-17-2008)
Glover, Hugh P., (04-17-2008)
Landgrebe, Bettina, (04-17-2008)

Sharing conservation studio space
Scarpini, Maria, (01-23-2008)

Short course on glass conservation
Black, James, (01-31-2008)

Short courses from International Academic Projects
Black, James, (11-11-2008)

Short courses from International Academic Projects--addendum
Black, James, (06-05-2008)

Silica gel
McHale, Conor, (06-06-2008)
Waller, Christoph, (06-10-2008)

Hawk, Alan J., (03-03-2008)

Silicone caulk as paint
Turnbull, David, (10-20-2008)

Sir John Gilbert
Tragett, Caroline, (12-01-2008)

Skateboarding and public art
Wiggin, Vanessa, (12-07-2008)
Dixon, Thomas, (12-09-2008)

Hobbs, Victoria, (07-08-2008)

Softening painting layers
Spaarschuh, Christina, (04-14-2008)

Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing
Kemp, Jonathan, (08-24-2008)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (08-26-2008)

Sol Lewitt Wall Drawing
Bernicky, Chantal, (08-04-2008)
Clarke, Mark, (08-11-2008)
Moller, Berit, (08-17-2008)

Source for Ethafoam sought
Jenner, Nancy, (08-06-2008)
Hackett, Joanne, (08-12-2008)

Source for Lucite or Elvacite sought
Lachance, Douglas, (11-18-2008)

Source for cyclododecane sought
Fix, Karen, (06-07-2008)
Muller, Laura, (06-10-2008)

Source for felt tape sought
Sreekumar, Menon V., (10-20-2008)
Jaeschke, Helena, (10-21-2008)
Brett, Helen, (10-21-2008)
Eller, Olivia, (10-22-2008)
Gregg, Rebecca, (10-21-2008)
Marchant, Ray, (10-24-2008)

Source for oiled or wax-impregnated textile sought
Tutt, Gundula, (08-17-2008)
Streeton, Noelle, (08-24-2008)
Nurse, Luba Dovgan, (08-24-2008)

Source for paper sought
Mello, Marcio, (06-23-2008)
Mesmer, Renate, (06-25-2008)
Fadis, Nancy, (07-14-2008)
Van Velzen, Bas, (07-20-2008)

Source for thymol sought
Sturman, Claire, (02-25-2008)

Sphagnum moss
Jamison, Jamye, (03-02-2008)
Roundhill, Linda, (03-20-2008)
Lee, Siew Wah, (03-24-2008)
Decoux, Sandrine, (03-28-2008)
Geis, Phil, (04-07-2008)

Spot test for borates
Privett, Helen, (10-30-2008)
Knight, Barry, (10-31-2008)

Stained glass
Andersson, Mark, (09-01-2008)

Stipends for South American conservators to attend workshop on iron gall ink
Orlandini, Valeria, (06-20-2008)

Stock solution for preparation of diphenylamine reagent for cellulose nitrate identification
Williams, Scott, (12-02-2008)

Storing champagne bottles
Gibbons, Patti, (02-25-2008)

Storing silk flag
Lane, Anne, (11-03-2008)
Trupin, Deborah Lee, (11-13-2008)

Student project at Alaska State Museum
Carrlee, Ellen, (02-28-2008)

Studentship at British Museum and University of Manchester
Higgitt, Catherine, (04-30-2008)

Studentship at Centre de Recherche sur la Conservation des Collections
Dupont, Anne-Laurence, (03-21-2008)

Studentship at National Museums Scotland
Telford, Helene, (04-11-2008)
Telford, Helene, (04-28-2008)

Studentship at Nottingham Trent University and English Heritage
Liang, Haida, (10-21-2008)

Studentship at The University of Manchester and Historic Royal Palaces
Hallett, Kathryn, (05-14-2008)

Studentship at Trinity College, Dublin
Bioletti, Susan, (05-06-2008)

Studentship at University of Bradford
O'Connor, Sonia Alice, (04-23-2008)

Studentship at University of the West of Scotland
Hughes, John, (06-09-2008)

Studies in Conservation
Voce, Graham, (01-16-2008)

Stuffed specimen and hygrometry
Cobut, Gerard, (12-04-2008)
Shiner, Jerry, (12-08-2008)
Maish, Jeffrey, (12-08-2008)

Subsidized preservation assessment
Hayes, Nicole, (07-08-2008)

Survey on Conservation, The GCI Newsletter
Rellie, Jemima, (04-16-2008)

Survey on audiovisual collections
Murray, Kate, (03-04-2008)

Survey on collections assessment tools
Smithsonian, Edward, (10-03-2008)

Survey on current trends in leather treatments
Straw, Melissa, (09-18-2008)

Survey on digitally printed materials
Nishimura, Douglas W., (06-12-2008)

Survey on documentation
Green, David, (04-17-2008)
Green, David, (05-30-2008)

Survey on letterpress copying books
Antoine, Beth, (06-11-2008)

Survey on preventive architectural conservation
Finke, Alice Louise, (02-20-2008)

Survey on unprovenanced antiquities
Tubb, Kathy, (06-18-2008)

Symposium and exhibit on 19th century American cloth bindings
Draper, Bryan, (02-07-2008)

Symposium on 19th century publishers' bindings
Manias, Clare, (01-07-2008)

Symposium on Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painting technique
Von Saint-George, Caroline, (03-05-2008)

Symposium on XRF
Bezur, Aniko, (09-03-2008)

Symposium on archaeological storage--addendum
Pearlstein, Ellen, (03-16-2008)

Symposium on artists' practice
Hermens, Erma, (05-06-2008)

Symposium on conservation of contemporary art
Cavanaugh, Jan, (09-30-2008)

Symposium on conservation of modern art
Weyer, Angela, (12-03-2008)

Symposium on earthquakes
Tsatsoul, Nadia, (02-07-2008)

Symposium on panel paintings
Boersma, Foekje, (08-22-2008)

Symposium on the making of the Victory Boogie Woogie
Lensink, Hester, (05-06-2008)

Symposium on the making of the Victory Boogie Woogie--addendum
Lensink, Hester, (06-09-2008)

Symposium on wood and furniture conservation
Kievits, Ron, (09-02-2008)

Symposium on wood conservation for musical instruments
Echard, Jean-Philippe, (04-09-2008)

Talk on the restoration profession and Nazi looting
Finn, Clare, (07-22-2008)

Collins, Stephen A., (05-27-2008)

Technische Mitteilungen fur Malerei
Pilz, Kathrin, (01-09-2008)

Tension and canvas paintings
Idelson, Antonio Iaccarino, (03-03-2008)

Arnold, Lori, (06-22-2008)

Test for starch
Sorkin, Louis, (08-19-2008)

Lienardy, Anne, (02-10-2008)

Textile for historic airplane
Dummer, Julia, (09-09-2008)

Textile swatch files
De van Geer, Samantha, (11-29-2008)

The American Glass Guild (AGG) Annual Conference
Rothman, Victor, (02-24-2008)
Rothman, Victor, (07-10-2008)

The Falls of Clyde
Mibach, Lisa, (09-28-2008)
Shiraki, Rae C., (10-06-2008)
Gray, Donovan Michael, (10-07-2008)

Three band light source for museums
Smart, Rose, (09-17-2008)

Training in paint color analysis
Stewart, Rod, (03-05-2008)

Training in paint color analysis--corrigendum
Stewart, Rod, (03-10-2008)

Transcript of IIC Climate Change Round Table discussion
Voce, Graham, (10-27-2008)

Translator sought
Weyer, Angela, (04-18-2008)

Travel and training opportunities
Donahoe, Jamie, (12-02-2008)

Twentieth Century Furniture Research Group Conference
Kaner, Jake, (10-20-2008)

UV ink
Segal, Joseph, (04-25-2008)

UV lamps
Cook, Joanna, (02-28-2008)

UV light for microscope
Folch, Marta Oriola, (11-19-2008)

Ultrasonic humidifier
McKay, Prue, (04-28-2008)
White, Grace, (05-08-2008)

University of Texas portfolio requirements for Certificate of Advanced Study in Conservation
Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen, (09-15-2008)

Upcoming classes from SOLINET
Leming, Jessica, (11-10-2008)

Used linen rags sought for research study
Stephens, Catherine, (09-16-2008)

Vacuum cleaners
Bjornson, Alicia, (08-18-2008)

Varnish for painted metal
Roberts, Zoe, (02-07-2008)

Eckert, Alexander, (07-15-2008)

Vibration datalogger
Anheuser, Kilian, (06-19-2008)
Gibb, Ian, (06-25-2008)

Video of conference on preservation and study of modern and contemporary art
Rellie, Jemima, (02-19-2008)

Videos on collections care
Pimlott, Jane, (12-08-2008)

Vitrolite tiles
Hudd, Fiona, (10-25-2008)

Vlaminck watercolor
Lunas, Susan, (05-09-2008)
Luxner, Alison, (05-19-2008)

Vodka beetles
Bergh, Jan-Erik, (10-27-2008)

Gilbert, Rebecca, (12-21-2007)

WAAC Newsletter disaster recovery issue
Tallent, Carolyn, (06-23-2008)

Washington Conservation Guild
Gilligan, Eliza, (01-18-2008)
Gilligan, Eliza, (02-13-2008)
Brennan, Julia, (03-12-2008)
Peckham, Susan M., (04-09-2008)
Walker, Joanne Klaar, (10-01-2008)
Favero, Patricia, (11-14-2008)
Gilligan, Eliza, (12-17-2008)

Washington Conservation Guild Angels Project
Carignan, Yvonne, (10-23-2008)

Water damage to illuminated manuscripts
Hamilton, Heather, (02-21-2008)
Barata, Carolina, (02-27-2008)

Water damaged photographic prints
Efstathios, Tsolis, (10-14-2008)

Water mist fire suppression systems
Carrlee, Ellen, (12-01-2008)
Dixon, Thomas, (12-09-2008)
Minter, William, (12-15-2008)

Waterlogged leather
Grammatou, Maria, (11-04-2008)
Tsatsouli, Konstantina, (11-10-2008)
Yeager, Wyatt, (11-22-2008)

WebWise Conference
Arnold, Ellen, (12-15-2008)

Webcast on preservation
Mjoseth, Jeannine, (03-03-2008)

Weeping oil paint
Caldararo, Niccolo, (12-18-2007)

Wet cast iron
Mahrer, Neil, (06-18-2008)
Sussex, Graham, (06-24-2008)
Mibach, Lisa, (07-09-2008)

McCoy, Richard, (04-01-2008)

Wikipedia and conservation--addendum
McCoy, Richard, (06-08-2008)
Cull, Daniel, (06-27-2008)

Window films
Griffin, Patricia S., (02-06-2008)

Wood conservation
Gerasimov, Petar, (08-21-2008)

Wood specialist sought
Conners, Terry, (04-11-2008)

Wooden door
Smith, Christine, (03-05-2008)
Byrne, Richard O., (03-09-2008)
Blundell, J. Bryan, (03-10-2008)
Glover, Hugh P., (03-15-2008)
Smith, Christine, (03-17-2008)

Workshop on 15th century Italian cloister
Donahoe, Jamie, (01-21-2008)

Workshop on HVAC systems
Markell, Melinda, (03-31-2008)

Workshop on INCCA Database for Artists' Archives
Brake-Baldock, Karen te, (03-14-2008)

Workshop on Integrated Pest Management
Arenstein, Rachael, (01-21-2008)

Workshop on Modular Cleaning Program
Smith, Amber, (01-28-2008)

Workshop on Peruvian textiles
Breeze, Camille, (08-25-2008)

Workshop on Roman metalworking
Goodburn-Brown, Dana, (12-17-2008)

Workshop on XRF
Simon, Stefan, (02-26-2008)

Workshop on care of book collections
Kozlowski, Lisa, (04-03-2008)

Workshop on collections care
Ihrke, Josephine, (09-09-2008)

Workshop on conservation issues in contemporary photography
Kennedy, Nora, (07-10-2008)

Workshop on digital photography
Griggs, Candis C., (04-03-2008)

Workshop on disaster preparedness
Kern, Kristen, (04-27-2008)
Kern, Kristen, (05-08-2008)
Andrews, Kim, (07-28-2008)
Kern, Kristen, (08-07-2008)

Workshop on dress forms for historic costume
Breeze, Camille, (05-18-2008)

Workshop on early stationery bindings
Manias, Clare, (04-13-2008)
Metzger, Consuela, (05-23-2008)

Workshop on environmental control
Breeze, Camille, (08-25-2008)

Workshop on feather conservation
Rogerson, Cordelia, (01-24-2008)

Workshop on gilt wood frame and object restoration
Black, James, (04-17-2008)

Workshop on grant writing
Markell, Melinda, (03-05-2008)

Workshop on historic bookbindings
Sarris, Nikolas, (04-06-2008)

Workshop on historic bookbindings--addendum
Sarris, Nikolas, (07-23-2008)

Workshop on history of bookbinding
Roerig, Henrik, (02-01-2008)

Workshop on interview methodology
Wharton, Glenn, (12-30-2007)

Workshop on iron gall ink
Pourchot, Eric, (06-05-2008)
Mulders, Cor, (06-19-2008)

Workshop on iron gall ink--corrigendum
Mulders, Cor, (06-24-2008)

Workshop on lapis lazuli
Black, James, (03-31-2008)

Workshop on leather decoration
Lockshin, Nora, (02-13-2008)

Workshop on low-pressure suction tables
Allen, Mark, (10-01-2008)

Workshop on low-pressure vacuum suction tables
Rohan, Deb, (09-03-2008)

Workshop on mannequin making
Director, Campbell Center, (08-11-2008)

Workshop on mannequins
Knutson, Teresa, (08-15-2008)

Workshop on metal objects
Director, Campbell Center, (08-11-2008)

Workshop on objects conservation
Hambrecht, Arielle, (03-28-2008)

Workshop on on collection management and climate change
Dillon, Skye, (05-21-2008)

Workshop on paintings conservation
McKay, Helen, (03-27-2008)

Workshop on paste paper in conservation
Roerig, Henrik, (02-01-2008)

Workshop on pest management
Howe, Andrew, (09-10-2008)

Workshop on polarized light microscopy
Scott, John, (03-05-2008)

Workshop on preservation of audiovisual materials
De Lusenet, Yola, (02-05-2008)
Andrews, Kim, (04-14-2008)

Workshop on preventive conservation
Dillon, Skye, (05-21-2008)

Workshop on woodworking
Ellison, Rebecca, (02-29-2008)

Workshops on bookbinding
Mohamed, Mehboob, (02-13-2008)
Prince, Clare, (07-29-2008)

Workshops on bookbinding--addendum
Mohamed, Mehboob, (04-09-2008)

Workshops on collections care
Ihrke, Josephine, (07-01-2008)
West, Kara, (10-23-2008)

Workshops on historic photographic processes
Hayes, Nicole, (02-19-2008)

Wrinkled faces in portraits
Reynolds, Frank A., (02-04-2008)
Caldararo, Niccolo, (02-15-2008)

X-ray equipment for archaeological metals
Paterakis, Alice, (08-05-2008)

X-ray radiography
Lowry, Kate, (04-22-2008)

e_conservation magazine
Bordalo, Rui, (03-12-2008)
Bordalo, Rui, (04-28-2008)
Bordalo, Rui, (07-14-2008)
Bordalo, Rui, (09-18-2008)
Bordalo, Rui, (11-11-2008)

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