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Subject: Image permanence standards update

Image permanence standards update

From: Douglas W. Nishimura <dwnpph<-a>
Date: Monday, December 1, 2008
Here is an update of the status of image permanence standards of
potential interest to the Cons DistList community. In general, I
don't expect that you're interested in most specification and test
method documents, but are interested mainly in recommended

    ISO 18901:2002
    Imaging materials--Processed silver-gelatin type black-and-white
    films--Specifications for stability.
        This group is generally not concerned with specification
        documents or test methods, but this particular standard
        contains the limits for residual silver and residual hypo in
        film. It is currently being updated and a new version should
        be out by early 2011.

    Imaging materials--Processed imaging materials--Albums, framing
    and storage materials.
        This standard has been recently revised and will be up for
        review again in 2010.

    ISO 18906:2000 (R2005)
    Imaging materials--Photographic films--Specifications for safety
        This document was reaffirmed in 2005 and it will be up for
        review again in 2010.

    ISO 18911:2000 (R2005)
    Imaging materials--Processed safety photographic films--Storage
        This document is undergoing revision and is out for DIS
        ballot. It is expected to be published in early 2009.

    ISO 18913:2003
    Imaging materials--Stability--Vocabulary
        This document is undergoing revision and, with any luck, may
        be approved for fast track.

    ISO 18916:2007
    Imaging materials--Processed imaging materials--Photographic
    activity test for enclosure materials.
        This is probably the only test method that may be of
        interest. A technical corrigendum was submitted last Fall
        and the standard will be up for review again in 2010.

    ISO 18918:2000 (R2005)
    Imaging materials--Processed photographic plates--Storage
        This document was reaffirmed in 2005 and will be up for
        review again in 2010.

    ISO 18920:2000 (R2005)
        This document is currently under revision.  I recall that it
        is going out for another DIS ballot and is expected to be
        published late 2010.

    ISO 18923:2000 (R2005)
    Imaging materials--Polyester base magnetic tape--Storage
        This document was reaffirmed in 2005 and will be up for
        review again in 2010.

    ISO 18925:2008
    Imaging media--Optical disc media--Storage.
        This is a revision of ISO 18925:2000 and was published
        October 15, 2008.

    ISO 18928:2002 (R2007)
    Imaging materials--Unprocessed photographic films and
    papers--Storage practices.
        This document was reaffirmed in 2007 and will be up for
        review again in 2012. (Does anyone still have any
        unprocessed silver-halide-based photographic materials still

    ISO 18929:2003
    Imaging materials--Wet-processed silver-gelatine type
    black-and-white photographic reflection prints--Specifications
    for dark storage.
        This specification document deals with silver-gelatin
        photographic prints that will be stored in the dark. The
        reason for this qualification is because of the problem with
        RC prints exposed to light. After almost 20 years of trying
        to produce a test method for this problem that was accurate
        and reproducible, we finally had to accept defeat. Even the
        simple method of simply framing samples and putting them
        into sunny windows failed to produce the same deterioration
        that is observed when real images are framed and illuminated
        by sunny windows. For this group, this document contains
        maximum residual silver and maximum residual hypo
        (thiosulfate) levels and is therefore of potential interest
        to this group. This document is due for review this year.

    ISO TR18931:2001
    Imaging materials--Humidity measurement and control.
        This document is a technical report and does not require

    ISO 18932
    Imaging materials--Adhesives--Specifications for use.
        This document is undergoing a minor revision due to a
        withdrawn standard in the references. The withdrawn document
        was not an ISO standard. Corrected text has been sent to ISO
        and the document will be up for review again in 2013.

    ISO 18933:2006
    Imaging materials--Magnetic tape--Care and handling for extended
        This document will be up for review in 2009.

    ISO 18934:2006
    Imaging materials--Multiple media archives--Storage environment.
        This document will be up for review in 2009.

    ISO 18938:2008
    Imaging materials--Optical discs--Care and handling for extended
        This new document was published September 15, 2008 and will
        be up for review in 2011.

We are apparently the most active standards group within ISO and
currently have standard numbers 18901 through 18948 either published
or in progress.

For titles of other standards not mentioned above, go to


and enter a 189XX number up to 18935.

Douglas Nishimura
Image Permanence Institute
Rochester Institute of Technology
Member ANSI committee IT9
Member ISO TC42/WG5

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