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A Death
Coddington, Jim, (03-14-2014)

A death
Ricci, Sarah Spafford, (02-26-2014)
Dunphy, John, (03-19-2014)
Xarrie, Mireia, (03-27-2014)
N'Gadi, Ann, (06-02-2014)
Mazzini, Mauro J., (06-08-2014)
N'Gadi, Ann, (08-28-2014)
N'Gadi, Ann, (08-28-2014)
Lewis, Gordon, (08-27-2014)
Draper, Bryan L. W., (11-03-2014)
Odegaard, Nancy, (11-11-2014)
Ewer, Patricia, (11-11-2014)
Zalal, Tahe, (11-20-2014)
Berry, Cynthia Kuniej, (11-26-2014)
Dignard, Carole, (12-09-2014)

A death--addendum
Young, Pam, (12-08-2014)

AIC Committee on Sustainable Conservation Practice member sought
Haude, Mary, (01-22-2014)
Haude, Mary, (01-22-2014)

AIC Education and Training Committee member sought
Williams, Emily, (02-24-2014)

AIC Emergency Committee members sought
Walker, Claire, (04-11-2014)

AIC Health and Safety Committee Committee member sought
Brown, Heather, (02-13-2014)

AIC Paintings Specialty Group publications available
Cushman, Matt, (09-04-2014)

AICCM Book, Paper and Photographic Materials Symposium
Murphy, Carolyn, (02-17-2014)

Academic program on development of new conservation materials
Mederos-Henry, Francisco, (04-21-2014)

Academic programs at Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana (SUPSI)
Frieden, Vanessa, (05-21-2014)

Turner, Robert, (07-22-2014)

Acrylic grounds on oil paintings
Lobon, Mar Gomez, (01-30-2014)
O'Malley, Michael J., (03-07-2014)

Henry, Walter, (06-01-2014)

Adrienne Bell appointed book conservator at Folger Shakespeare Library
DeStefano, Rhea, (11-04-2013)

McLaughlan, Fiona, (05-23-2014)

Alliance for Response New York City Heritage Response Team
Nunan, Elizabeth, (07-21-2014)

Amandina Anastassiades appointed Assistant Professor at Queen's University
Hill, Rosaleen, (07-15-2014)

Roundhill, Linda S., (01-06-2014)

Anoxia chamber
Knudsen, Lise Raeder, (08-05-2014)

Anoxic chambers
Mullen, Kathleen, (02-18-2014)

Appointments at Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute (MCI)
N'Gadi, Ann, (09-26-2014)

Loizides, Eleni, (07-09-2014)
Cottier-Angeli, David, (07-14-2014)
Braun, Tom James, (07-14-2014)
Knight, Barry, (07-16-2014)
Kotzamani, Despoina, (07-22-2014)

Article by Mexican conservator Jose Sol Rosales sought
Portell, Jean D., (01-25-2014)

Article on the Dar al-Kutub
Benson, Jake, (02-09-2014)

Association for Gravestone Studies (AGS)
Boyer, Linsly, (10-19-2014)

Association for Gravestone Studies Annual Meeting
Boyer, Linsly, (03-06-2014)
Boyer, Linsly, (03-31-2014)

Association of Book Crafts conference
Ashman, David, (04-11-2014)

Association of Print Scholars
Salsbury, Britany, (10-07-2014)

B-Cat ZerOx anoxic systems
Kjerulff, Anne-Kathrine, (07-18-2014)

BAACG Round Table: Building a successful private conservation practice
Stewart, Elisa, (10-17-2014)

Banks/Harris Award Reception
Strauss, Robert J., (06-12-2014)

Maitre, Carole, (12-04-2014)

Bizot Interim Guidelines--addendum
Burmester, Andreas, (06-27-2014)

Book on paintings conservation available--addendum
Marmor, Max, (01-02-2014)

Books for sale
Barnett, Jennifer, (01-10-2014)

Books with bedbugs
Garnett, Margaret Elizabeth, (06-11-2014)
Cullinane, Jane, (06-17-2014)

Bronze sculpture
Palumbo, Bethany, (05-12-2014)

Bulbs for micropipettes
Sanders, Douglas, (07-16-2014)

CAC Annual Conference
O'Malley, Michael J., (03-07-2014)

CCI light damage slide rule for sale
Barnett, Jennifer, (11-20-2014)

Cal for papers--IFLA
Drewes, Jeanne, (11-17-2014)

Calcium-phytate treatment for iron gall ink
Whitby, Gayle, (04-16-2014)

California Rare Book School
Allen, Susan M., (04-11-2014)

Call for Papers--Interdisciplinary Studies of Ancient Materials from the Mediterranean
Chaviara, Artemi, (02-21-2014)

Call for Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM)
Del Hoyo, Julio M., (04-02-2014)

Call for abstracts--AIC Annual Meeting
Seyler, Ruth, (08-13-2014)

Call for abstracts--AIC Book and Paper Group
Durant, Fletcher, (08-06-2014)

Call for applications--CCAHA Preservation Needs Assessment and Risk Assessment Programs
Matijkiw, Anastasia, (01-10-2014)

Call for applications--Cathleen A. Baker Fellowship in Paper and Book Conservation
Zachary, Shannon, (11-29-2014)

Call for applications--Rome Prize
Starkoff, Robert, (09-29-2014)

Call for articles--ARC Magazine
Volter, Sarah, (12-15-2014)

Call for contributions--3D printing
Tallent, Carolyn, (01-06-2014)

Call for contributions--Book on disaster management
Townes, Jennifer, (04-10-2014)

Call for contributions--Tribute to Roger Marijnissen
Verbeeck, Muriel, (06-26-2014)

Call for donations--Textile conservation project in Albania
Penrhys, Melangell, (03-03-2014)

Call for expressions of interest--Conference on conservation of sculpture parks
Sunara, Sagita Mirjam, (05-05-2014)

Call for expressions of interest--Events before ICOM-CC Triennial Conference
Tay, Diana, (06-23-2014)

Call for expressions of interest--Online resource for illuminated manuscripts
Ricciardi, Paola, (10-10-2014)

Call for nominations--AIC Textile Specialty Group Award
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (11-29-2014)

Call for nominations--IIC Keck Award
Voce, Graham, (03-04-2014)

Call for nominations--Jan Merrill-Oldham Professional Development Grant
Sagraves, Barbara, (09-12-2014)

Call for nominations--Marsh Awards
Pullen, Derek, (03-03-2014)

Call for nominations--Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award
Holmes, Emily, (09-10-2014)

Call for nominations--Philip M. Hamer and Elizabeth Hamer Kegan Award
Gaidmore, Gerald, (01-21-2014)

Call for nominations--Ross Atkinson Lifetime Achievement Award
Brown, Karen E., (09-11-2014)

Call for nominations--Waldo Gifford Leland Award
Salrin, Melissa, (01-20-2014)

Call for papers--AIC Electronic Media Group
Moomaw, Kate, (08-19-2014)

Call for papers--AIC Electronic Media Group and Objects Specialty Group
Moomaw, Kate, (08-19-2014)

Call for papers--AIC Photographic Materials Group winter meeting
Freeman, Sarah, (07-02-2014)

Call for papers--AIC Research and Technical Studies
Brostoff, Lynn, (08-13-2014)

Call for papers--AIC Sustainability Committee
Haude, Mary, (08-18-2014)

Call for papers--AIC Textile Specialty Group
Sahmel, Kate, (08-07-2014)

Call for papers--AIC Wooden Artifacts Group
Fallon, Tad, (09-05-2014)

Call for papers--American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) annual meeting
D'Alessandro, Laura, (01-16-2014)

Call for papers--Archaeological finds and water
Brozio, Patricia, (06-18-2014)

Call for papers--Archives and Records Association Annual Conference
Allen, Mark, (12-15-2014)

Call for papers--Biotechnology in textiles
Hanssen, Linda, (08-07-2014)

Call for papers--Conference on changing practices in contemporary art making and conservation
Hermens, Erma, (06-03-2014)

Call for papers--Conference on conservation and cultural revival
Campbell, Lynn, (04-03-2014)

Call for papers--Conference on conservation in Wales
De Silva, Megan L., (09-23-2014)

Call for papers--Conference on conservation of hair
Bacon, Louise, (02-18-2014)

Call for papers--Conference on conservation of sculpture parks"
Sunara, Sagita Mirjam, (08-12-2014)

Call for papers--Conference on frakturs
Newburger, Meg, (04-11-2014)

Call for papers--Conference on maintenance of totem poles and canoes--addendum
Dean, J. Claire, (02-13-2014)

Call for papers--Conference on preservation of Holocaust documentation
Gross, Varda, (03-30-2014)

Call for papers--Conference on the conservation of folk and outsider art
Church, Jason, (07-15-2014)

Call for papers--Conference on the impact of cross-disciplinary conservation on social development
Peters, Renata, (04-13-2014)

Call for papers--Conference on volatile binding media
Rowe, Sophie, (02-19-2014)

Call for papers--Conference: Conservation and the Bigger picture
De Silva, Megan L., (03-26-2014)

Call for papers--Conservation and site preservation in the Near East
Gordon, LeeAnn Barnes, (01-18-2014)

Call for papers--Costume Society of America (CSA) Symposium
Barks, Brenna A., (04-28-2014)

Call for papers--Costume Society of America Western Region Annual Symposium
Barks, Brenna A., (01-21-2014)

Call for papers--Dyes in history and archaeology
Wertz, Julie, (04-29-2014)

Call for papers--East Asian Materials and Techniques in Western Conservation
McLees, Fiona, (05-20-2014)

Call for papers--ICOM-CC Education and Training Working Group
Brown, Jean, (05-29-2014)

Call for papers--ICON Book and Paper Conference
McLees, Fiona, (05-20-2014)

Call for papers--ICON Paintings Group
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (12-24-2013)

Call for papers--IIC Nordic Group conference
Jolkkonen-Porander, Nina, (04-07-2014)

Call for papers--Icon Ceramics and Glass Group
Sharples, Rachel, (11-17-2014)

Call for papers--Icon Metals Group
Kim, Seoyoung, (08-15-2014)

Call for papers--International Congress on Construction History
Cappeto, Jenn, (05-13-2014)

Call for papers--Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies
Payne, Emma, (08-22-2014)

Call for papers--North American Textile Conservation Conference (NATCC)
Larochette, Yadin, (06-04-2014)

Call for papers--North American Textile Conservation Conference (NATCC)--addendum
Larochette, Yadin, (08-28-2014)

Call for papers--Science for Parks, Parks for Science Summit
Striegel, Mary, (08-14-2014)

Call for papers--Symposium on mid-century modern structures
Striegel, Mary, (08-14-2014)

Call for papers--Symposium on technical drawings and reproductions
Martens-Monier, Valerie, (03-26-2014)

Call for papers--Symposium on wood and furniture conservation
Meurs, Renzo Dirk, (04-09-2014)

Call for papers--Technology in support of learning and teaching
Brown, Jean, (05-09-2014)

Call for papers--Understanding the Engineering Design of Art Objects and Cultural Heritage
Gates, Glenn, (01-02-2014)

Call for papers--Users' Group for Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography (MaSC)
Trujillo, Jann, (10-08-2014)

Call for papers--WAAC Annual Meeting
Holbrow, Katherine, (03-20-2014)

Call for papers--e-conservation Journal
Bordalo, Rui Miguel Azevedo, (01-10-2014)

Call for papers: Effects of Playing on Early and Modern Musical Instruments
Young, Christina, (12-02-2014)

Call for participants--AIC Book and Paper Group tips session
Rainwater, Emily, (02-24-2014)

Call for participants--Nordic Conservation PhD Student Colloquium
Christensen, Anne Haack, (07-17-2014)

Call for participants--Personal digital archiving
Ashenfelder, Michael, (10-21-2014)

Call for participation--Workshop on big data management
Esteva, Maria, (08-11-2014)

Call for photographs--ANAGPIC Annual Student Conference
Skinner, Lucy, (03-03-2014)

Call for posters--ICON Book and Paper Conference
McLees, Fiona, (07-06-2014)

Call for posters--International Seminar and Workshop on Emerging Technology
Bernath, Andrea, (09-11-2014)

Call for presentations--Preservation Administration Interest Group (PAIG)
Reinke, Scott, (10-02-2014)

Call for presenters--AIC Book and Paper Group, ACDG
Grafakos, Tonia Effie, (10-21-2014)

Call for presenters--AIC Book and Paper Group, LCCDG
Creech, Danielle, (11-07-2014)

Call for presenters--Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting
Durant, Fletcher, (10-01-2014)

Call for projects--Call for projects--Conference on media in Transition
Laurenson, Pip, (11-28-2014)

Call for proposals--AIC Retiree-Emerging Conservator Mentorship Program
Brown, Heather, (10-07-2014)

Call for proposals--ALCTS Creative Ideas in Technical Services Interest Group (CITS)
Leach, Erin A., (10-06-2014)

Call for speakers--ALCTS/PARS Book and Paper Interest Group
Doyle, Beth, (04-25-2014)

Call for tenders--Ligatus Research Centre
Velios, Athanasios, (03-19-2014)

Call for volunteers--AIC Book and Paper Group, ACDG
Grafakos, Tonia Effie, (07-22-2014)

Call for volunteers--AIC Book and Paper Group, APDG
Facini, Michelle, (07-17-2014)

Call for volunteers--AIC Book and Paper Group, Education and Programs Committee
Facini, Michelle, (07-14-2014)

Call for volunteers--AIC Book and Paper Group, LCCDG
Creech, Danielle, (07-10-2014)

Barratt, Siobhan, (04-07-2014)

Carrie Beyer appointed Head, Collections Conservation at Library of Congress
Drewes, Jeanne, (10-08-2014)

Cascadia Art Conservation Center, LLC
Krueger, Robert, (02-25-2014)

Verbeeck, Muriel, (01-23-2014)
Verbeeck, Muriel, (04-03-2014)
Verbeeck, Muriel, (10-02-2014)

Cleaning lead type
Alvis, Alayne, (01-19-2014)
Rossol, Monona, (01-30-2014)
Green, Simon, (01-30-2014)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (01-31-2014)
Grillparzer, Alexander, (01-30-2014)
Storme, Patrick, (01-30-2014)

Cleaning marble fountains
Bowser, Jennifer, (08-19-2014)
Kemp, Jonathan, (08-23-2014)

Cleaning photographic negatives
Shoemaker, Heida, (07-09-2014)

Cleaning wool on suction table
Dessaints, Rachel, (09-17-2014)

Collaborative doctorate
Laurenson, Pip, (05-06-2014)

Collaborators on identify ancient Egyptian pigments sought
Scott, David A., (02-15-2014)

Collections care resources available
Foley, Lori, (05-20-2014)

Collections management system
Wilson, Bindy, (01-30-2014)

Colloquium on adhesives in library and Archives
Schneider, Cheri Lynn, (09-04-2014)

Colloquium on standards for cleaning masonry buildings
Williams, Donna, (06-25-2014)

Colloquium on standards for cleaning masonry buildings--addendum
Williams, Donna, (09-17-2014)

Color of Art Pigment Database
Prins, Steven, (01-29-2014)

Coloured cotton swabs for cleaning tests
Lee, Judith, (06-02-2014)
Portell, Jean D., (06-13-2014)
Jordan, Marie, (06-17-2014)
Braun, Tom James, (06-25-2014)

Conference and workshop on atmospheric plasma and self-diagnostic coatings in restoration
Buchhorn, Sabrina, (08-13-2014)

Conference on Amaravati
Verri, Giovanni, (07-31-2014)

Conference on Egyptian collections
Suess, Jessica, (05-06-2014)

Conference on History, Technology and Conservation alloys
Choudhury, Abigail, (03-07-2014)

Conference on Integrated Pest Management
Arenstein, Rachael Perkins, (01-04-2014)

Conference on LED lighting
Wolff, Jesper, (02-07-2014)

Conference on Regency interiors--addendum
Oestreicher, Lisa, (02-21-2014)

Conference on Rembrandt
Wright, Ann Stephenson, (09-15-2014)

Conference on architectural records
Matijkiw, Anastasia, (05-08-2014)

Conference on authenticity and conservation
Hermens, Erma, (09-24-2014)

Conference on conservation in Wales
Henderson, Jane, (11-14-2014)

Conference on conservation of ecclesiastical artifacts
Karydis, Christos, (05-25-2014)

Conference on conservation of hair
Bacon, Louise, (05-03-2014)

Conference on conservation of hair--addendum
Bacon, Louise, (08-20-2014)

Conference on creating and conserving art in public places
Zagorski, Anna, (12-11-2014)

Conference on cultural heritage conservation science
Morris, Richard, (06-10-2014)

Conference on cultural heritage conservation science and sustainable development--addendum
Fournier, Alban, (01-08-2014)

Conference on heritage research
Johnson, Hazel, (01-20-2014)

Conference on illuminated manuscripts
Watteeuw, Lieve, (02-22-2014)

Conference on leather in warfare
Rowley-Conwy, Ellie, (10-02-2014)

Conference on maintenance of totem poles and canoes--addendum
Dean, J. Claire, (05-21-2014)

Conference on metals and composite objects conservation
Wesolowska, Catia Viegas, (10-16-2014)

Conference on modern conservation
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (06-26-2014)

Conference on modern materials in medical archives
Hick, Emily, (10-21-2014)

Conference on performance assessment for church buildings
Gaspar, Pedro, (06-19-2014)

Conference on photographic conservation
Cartier-Bresson, Anne, (09-26-2014)

Conference on scientific methods in cultural heritage research
Casadio, Francesca, (03-27-2014)

Conference on sound and image heritage
De Brisis, Isabelle, (12-04-2014)

Conference on teaching conservation-restoration
Borchersen, Karen, (02-24-2014)

Conference on technical art history
Wadum, Jorgen, (04-11-2014)

Conference on the care and display of Egyptian collections
Suess, Jessica, (01-23-2014)

Conference on wall paintings
Humphreys, Berenice, (03-06-2014)

Conference on wood science and technology
Seymour, Kate, (07-02-2014)

Conference: Authenticity in Transition: Changing practices in art making and conservation--addendum
Hermens, Erma, (10-16-2014)

Conference: Conservation and the Bigger picture
De Silva, Megan, (05-15-2014)

Conference: Dyes in history and archaeology
Han, Jing, (08-18-2014)

Conference: Meant to Last? Preserving the Modern and Contemporary
Matijkiw, Anastasia, (08-11-2014)

Conference: Synchrotron Radiation in Art and Archaeology (SR2A)
Bertrand, Loic, (01-27-2014)

Conservar Patrimonio
Cruz, Antonio Joao, (02-24-2014)

Conservation By Design acquires Archival Aids
Parkin, Eve, (02-19-2014)

Conservation equipment available
Little, Martha, (01-02-2014)

Conservation equipment for sale
Jones, Toby, (09-24-2014)

Conservation study trip to India
Greenwood, John, (01-14-2014)

Conservation supplies for sale
Naugle, Bonnie, (10-03-2014)
Naugle, Bonnie, (10-03-2014)

Conservation workshops in Melbourne
Cotte, Sabine, (08-20-2014)

Consolidating chalkboard
Russick, Susan, (06-02-2014)
Pataki-Hundt, Andrea, (06-10-2014)
Wiggin, Vanessa, (06-07-2014)
Kyriazi, Evangelia, (06-08-2014)
Stewart, Rod, (06-09-2014)

Consolidating textiles
Milbled, Solenne, (09-23-2014)

Consuela Metzger appointed Head, Library Conservation Center, UCLA
Aveline, Dawn, (10-15-2014)

Consultant for storage renovations sought
Weldon, Marianne, (01-05-2014)

Cornell receives Luce grant--addendum
Eden, Barbara B., (12-11-2014)

Costume Society of America (CSA) Symposium
Barks, Brenna A., (05-12-2014)

Costume Society of America (CSA) Symposium--addendum
Barks, Brenna A., (06-16-2014)

Costume Society of America (CSA) event
Barks, Brenna, (07-07-2014)

Costume Society of America (CSA) events--addendum
Barks, Brenna, (01-15-2014)

Course on 'hidden libraries'
Lupi, Theresa Zammit, (04-07-2014)

Course on 19th century American publishers' bindings
Smith, David, (02-27-2014)

Course on cultural objects worked in skeletal hard tissues
Kingham, Emilia, (02-07-2014)

Course on examination and documentation with ultraviolet radiation
Choudhury, Abigail, (03-24-2014)

Course on fasciculing
Abbas, Siham, (05-14-2014)

Course on fiber identification
Church, Jason, (08-01-2014)

Course on glass conservation
Black, James, (06-17-2014)

Course on handling, packing and moving Collections
Verger, Isabelle, (08-14-2014)

Course on health and safety
Greaves, Pieta, (02-24-2014)

Course on historic book structures
Metzger, Consuela, (03-05-2014)

Course on identification of handmade paper
Letendard, Laetitia, (01-28-2014)

Course on identifying modern photograph processes
Waldthausen, Clara, (12-27-2013)

Course on identifying proteins with ELISA
Sawicki, Margaret, (05-16-2014)

Course on mould management
Walker, Alexandra, (04-28-2014)

Course on mould management--addendum
Walker, Alexandra, (06-06-2014)

Course on parchment
Choudhury, Abigail, (03-12-2014)

Course on photographic conservation
Mazzini, Mauro J., (04-04-2014)

Course on photography for conservators
Mazzini, Mauro J., (04-04-2014)
Mazzini, Mauro J., (10-10-2014)

Course on preventive conservation
Choudhury, Abigail, (09-12-2014)

Course on project management
Vince, Andor, (10-16-2014)

Course on project management corrigendum
Vince, Andor, (10-20-2014)

Course on reducing risks to collections
Verger, Isabelle, (04-09-2014)

Course on structure and mechanics of paintings and painted materials
Goossens, Angele, (02-10-2014)

Course on synthetic resins in conservation of furniture and wooden objects
Bainbridge, Tristram, (08-04-2014)

Course on wirework and composition ornamentation
Sacorafou, Suzanne, (02-21-2014)

Courses at Centre for Photographic Conservation
Moor, Angela H., (01-07-2014)

Courses at SUPSI
Vanessa, Frieden, (04-02-2014)

Courses at West Dean College
Campbell, Liz, (01-13-2014)
Campbell, Liz, (05-07-2014)
Campbell, Liz, (07-01-2014)
Campbell, Liz, (11-18-2014)

Crowdsourcing Consortium for Libraries and Archives (CCLA)
Manzo, Christina, (08-27-2014)

Damage patterns in oil paintings
Stols-Witlox, Maartje, (12-02-2014)

Dawn Walus appointed chief conservator of the Boston Athenaeum
Reid-Cunningham, James, (01-15-2014)

Deadline for FAIC Kress Conservation Fellowship
Choudhury, Abigail, (12-11-2014)

Declaration on Environmental Guidelines
Voce, Graham, (11-05-2014)

Definition of obsolete media
Downey, Anne E., (05-05-2014)
Nadal, Jacob J., (05-12-2014)

Degradation of Tinuvin 292 in varnish solutions
Ellison, Rebecca, (07-01-2014)

Denese L. Easterly Conservation Training Pre-program Grant
Ustun, Ozge Gencay, (01-06-2014)

Display cases
Hunter, Shona, (01-14-2014)

Displaying neon art
Neuman, Ingrid, (03-18-2014)

Ductless fume hoods
McNeal, Carrie, (08-15-2014)

Alvis, Alayne, (10-01-2014)

Editor sought for ALCTS News
Drewes, Jeanne, (03-25-2014)

Editor sought for JAIC
Naugle, Bonnie, (08-04-2014)

Electronic cigarettes in museums
Perkins, Beverly, (06-26-2014)
Rossol, Monona, (07-01-2014)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (07-02-2014)

Embossed marks on manuscripts
Webster, Brittany, (11-25-2014)
Sanders, Douglas, (12-02-2014)

Environmental monitoring system
Connell, Sharon, (07-31-2014)

Equipment available
Higgitt, Catherine, (01-21-2014)

Equipment available--corrigendum
Higgitt, Catherine, (02-05-2014)

Ethics and material evidence in court
McCraith, Iona, (10-22-2014)

Ethics displaying photographs
Hancock, Mathew, (02-09-2014)

Ethylene glycol monosalicylate
Hawk, Alan, (02-12-2014)

Etruscan Foundation Conservation Fellowship
Walker, Wendy, (09-23-2014)

Event on cultural informatics
Hattersley-Mitchell, Corinna, (07-04-2014)

Exhibition on conservation bookbindings by Mark Esser
Hebard, Barbara, (08-10-2014)

Exhibition on conservation research
Casadio, Francesca, (03-27-2014)

FAIC Latin American and Caribbean Scholars Program Scholarships
Pourchot, Eric, (07-29-2014)

FAIC edible art cookbook
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (09-15-2014)

FAIC online forum on digital resources
Fuentes, Ayesha, (11-28-2014)

FAIC scholarships for symposium on platinum and palladium photographs
Choudhury, Abigail, (09-05-2014)

Tomlinson, Valerie, (11-12-2014)
Gatenby, Sue, (11-19-2014)
Henniges, Ute, (11-18-2014)

Fellowship at Art Institute of Chicago
Owen, Antoinette, (01-23-2014)
Penichon, Sylvie>, (01-29-2014)
Wade, Shenice C., (02-12-2014)
Casadio, Francesca, (07-17-2014)

Fellowship at Bard Graduate Center
Holling, Hanna B., (02-22-2014)

Fellowship at British Museum
Saunders, David, (02-11-2014)

Fellowship at Chrysler Museum of Art
Lewis, Mark, (05-07-2014)

Fellowship at Crick Smith Conservation
Schulze, Henning, (12-08-2014)

Fellowship at Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Evans, Debra, (04-04-2014)
Ouye, Maddy, (04-04-2014)
Ouye, Maddy, (04-04-2014)

Fellowship at Fitzwilliam Museum
Ricciardi, Paola, (01-15-2014)
Ricciardi, Paola, (11-24-2014)

Fellowship at Getty Conservation Institute
Baroody, Reem, (10-07-2014)

Fellowship at Guggenheim Museum
Torrence, Hillary, (05-19-2014)
Phillips, Joanna, (06-13-2014)

Fellowship at Harvard
Kennelly, Kathleen, (09-02-2014)
Kennelly, Kathleen, (09-02-2014)

Fellowship at Historic New England
Neiro, Michaela Z., (02-20-2014)

Fellowship at LabEx MiChem
Bellot-Gurlet, Ludovic, (03-14-2014)
Bellot-Gurlet, Ludovic, (08-07-2014)

Fellowship at Metropolitan Museum of Art
Scaturro, Sarah, (09-26-2014)

Fellowship at Museum of Modern Art
Coddington, Jim, (06-24-2014)

Fellowship at National Gallery of Art
Skalka, Michael, (02-12-2014)

Fellowship at Northwestern University Library
Grafakos, Tonia Effie, (03-04-2014)

Fellowship at Notre Dame
Dube, Liz, (06-02-2014)

Fellowship at Peebles Island Resource Center
Trupin, Deborah Lee, (05-09-2014)

Fellowship at Philadelphia Museum of Art
Wasson, Christopher, (08-20-2014)
Wasson, Christopher, (12-11-2014)

Fellowship at Preservation Society of Newport
Moore, Jeff, (03-04-2014)

Fellowship at Queens and Agnes Etherington Art Centre
Rousseau, Chantal, (04-25-2014)

Fellowship at Smithsonian Institution
Moffett, Dana, (04-14-2014)

Fellowship at Tate
Mitura, Joanna, (09-25-2014)

Fellowship at University of Oslo
Streeton, Noelle, (04-09-2014)
Streeton, Noelle, (06-07-2014)

Fellowship at Walters Art Museum
Gordon, Eric, (01-23-2014)

Fellowship at Worcester Art Museum
Albertson, Rita, (02-07-2014)
Albertson, Rita, (02-07-2014)

Fellowship at the National Trust
Whittam, Kath, (06-23-2014)

Fellowships at Balboa Art Conservation Center
Compeau, Becky Hawketts, (01-21-2014)

Fellowships at Harvard
Kennelly, Kathleen, (09-02-2014)

Fellowships at Preservation Society of Newport County
Moore, Jeff, (01-07-2014)

Fellowships at Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana (SUPSI)
Jean, Giacinta, (04-09-2014)

Fellowships at Smithsonian Institution
N'Gadi, Ann, (10-03-2014)

Fellowships at the National Museum of the American Indian
Kaminitz, Marian, (11-06-2014)

Felt saddle
Wiggin, Vanessa, (01-27-2014)

Fire retardant plastic sheeting
Baker, Whitney, (05-16-2014)
Rossol, Monona, (05-17-2014)

Fire suppression systems
Jones, Lauren Janet, (01-09-2014)

Flame retardants
Moller, Berit, (10-10-2014)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (10-13-2014)
Thorn, Andrew, (10-12-2014)

Floor paint
Brierley, Liesa, (11-11-2014)

Foam deformation during pest treatments with nitrogen
Moore, Simon, (11-03-2014)
Baars, Christian, (11-11-2014)

Forgery detection and dating manuscripts
Al-Tamtami, Fahad, (04-04-2014)
Anheuser, Kilian, (04-07-2014)

Forum on microfading
Miller, Laura O'Brien, (05-23-2014)

Fossilized wood
Kyriazi, Evangelia, (03-03-2014)

Freezing glass plate negatives
Little, Martha, (10-16-2014)
Cullinane, Jane, (10-21-2014)
McKay, Prue, (10-19-2014)
Christie, Nicole, (11-17-2014)
Weaver, Gawain, (11-26-2014)

Freezing musical instruments
Waters, Rachel, (01-28-2014)

Fulbright Scholar Program
Bahneman, Allison, (06-30-2014)
Drinkall, Scott, (11-04-2014)

GCI Conservation Guest Scholar program
Baroody, Reem, (10-02-2014)

Gabo Trust grants
Jarrett, Lianne, (02-07-2014)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Fix, Karen, (05-28-2014)
Kyriazi, Evangelia, (06-08-2014)

Giving back to CoOL
Durant, Fletcher, (12-11-2014)

Glass deterioration on daguerreian jewelry
Passafiume, Tania, (01-06-2014)
Flesch, Ba'lint, (01-12-2014)

Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) scaffolding
Kesik, Natalie, (02-11-2014)

Grants for ICOM-CC Triennial Meeting
Reifsnyder, Joan Marie, (01-10-2014)

Grants for IIC Congress
Voce, Graham, (04-22-2014)
Voce, Graham, (04-22-2014)

Guidelines for Descriptive Terminology for Works of Art on Paper
Ash, Nancy, (05-27-2014)
Ash, Nancy, (05-27-2014)

HCCH Summer School
Boettner, Michaela, (05-02-2014)

Handling mannequins
Douglas, Kate, (08-27-2014)

Historic Churches
Taylor, Jonathan, (08-27-2014)

Hugh Phibbs retires
Schenck, Kimberly, (03-14-2014)

Human hair
Roundhill, Linda S., (11-03-2014)
Storch, Paul, (11-04-2014)

Human skin
Perugini, Flavia, (03-13-2014)
O'Reilly, Emily, (03-20-2014)
Moore, Simon, (03-19-2014)
Free, Valerie, (04-05-2014)

Hawk, Alan, (07-25-2014)

ICCROM International Summer School
Verger, Isabelle, (09-12-2014)

ICOM-CC Experts meeting on enamel on metal
Gall-Ortlik, Agnes, (04-22-2014)

ICOM-CC Triennial Conference
Reifsnyder, Joan Marie, (04-14-2014)

ICOM-CC Triennial Conference--addendum
Scott, Marcelle, (06-20-2014)

ICON Book and Paper Conference
McLees, Fiona, (03-24-2014)

ICON Documentation Group (ICON-DG) meeting
Velios, Athanasios, (11-07-2014)

ICON Internships
Whittam, Kath, (02-07-2014)

IIC 2014 Hong Kong Congress Registration now open
Voce, Graham, (03-12-2014)

INCCA - Asia Pacific
Ebert, Bettina, (10-20-2014)

IRENE system
Martin, Julie, (04-22-2014)

Icon Archaeology Group visit to Stonehenge
Rowley-Conwy, Ellie, (06-09-2014)

Icon Book and Paper Group postprints
Stevens, Victoria, (11-05-2014)

Icon Ceramics and Glass Group conference
Sharples, Rachel, (03-02-2014)

Icon Chair and Trustee sought
Richmond, Alison, (10-10-2014)

Icon Metals Group conference and Annual General Meeting
Storey, Cymbeline, (10-13-2014)

Icon Photographic Materials Group tours and Annual General Meeting
Miles, Saya, (03-23-2014)

Icon Stone and Wall Paintings Group Conference
Pinchin, Sarah Eleni, (02-23-2014)

Wahl, Laura, (06-30-2014)

Infrared and Raman Users' Group (IRUG) Conference
Satomi, Kay, (01-23-2014)

Infrared and Raman Users' Group (IRUG) Conference--addendum
Satomi, Kay, (09-03-2014)

Institutional policies on the use of permanent inks
Maheux, Anne, (09-14-2014)

International Association of Museum Facility Administrators (IAMFA) plenary day
Brown, Carol, (08-19-2014)

International Mountmakers Forum
Lowry, McKenzie, (02-19-2014)

International Mountmakers Forum (IMF)
Gatley, Sam, (12-05-2014)

Internship at Andrea Pitsch Conservation
Pitsch, Andrea, (08-11-2014)

Internship at Bowes Museum
Whittam, Kath, (06-30-2014)
Whittam, Kath, (06-30-2014)

Internship at British Library
Atkinson, Catherine, (09-26-2014)

Internship at British Museum
Whittam, Kath, (06-24-2014)

Internship at Chester Beatty Library
Baldwin, Jessica, (07-28-2014)

Internship at Citywide Monuments Conservation Program, New York
Djuric, Christine, (02-10-2014)

Internship at Denver Art Museum
Moomaw, Kate, (12-08-2014)

Internship at Guildhall Art Gallery, London
Wade, Nancy, (05-30-2014)

Internship at Historic Royal Palaces
Whittam, Kath, (06-03-2014)

Internship at Houghton Conservation Studios
Cornish, Nelson, (12-03-2014)

Internship at Huntington Library
Moore, Holly, (01-30-2014)

Internship at Image Permanence Institute
Nishimura, Douglas W., (01-10-2014)

Internship at International Conservation Centre, Acre
Waas, Michael, (02-19-2014)

Internship at Judd Foundation
Carlsen, Mette, (06-16-2014)

Internship at LACMA
Gilberg, Mark, (01-13-2014)

Internship at Leather Conservation Centre
Fletcher, Yvette A., (08-13-2014)

Internship at McMichael Canadian Art Collection
Douglas, Alison, (05-28-2014)

Internship at National Gallery of Ireland
Jameson, Kate, (07-08-2014)

Internship at National Library of Ireland
O'Connor, Louise, (07-04-2014)

Internship at National Library of Ireland--corrigendum
O'Connor, Louise, (07-16-2014)

Internship at National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci
Cappellina, Marianna, (02-27-2014)

Internship at National Trust for Scotland
Whittam, Kath, (06-03-2014)

Internship at Pocantico Center
Hansen, Rachel, (08-13-2014)

Internship at Queens
Anastassiades, Amandina, (08-25-2014)

Internship at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Farley, Jonathan S., (01-23-2014)

Internship at Royal Collection Trust
Howard, Anna, (11-19-2014)

Internship at Royal Museums Greenwich
Christensen, Birthe, (09-12-2014)

Internship at Science Museum, London
Finn, Bryony, (06-25-2014)

Internship at Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Smith, Vanessa Haight, (02-18-2014)

Internship at Staffordshire Record Office
Whittam, Kath, (07-04-2014)

Internship at Trinity College, Dublin
Neligan, Clodagh, (08-14-2014)

Internship at University of Chicago Library
Byrne, Sherry, (01-22-2014)

Internship at University of Edinburgh
Honeybone, Ruth, (02-13-2014)
Honeybone, Ruth, (08-19-2014)

Internship at University of Glasgow
Robertson, Louise, (08-07-2014)

Internship at University of Kansas Libraries
Baker, Whitney, (01-21-2014)

Internship at University of Virginia Library
Gilligan, Eliza, (01-16-2014)
Gilligan, Eliza, (02-27-2014)

Internship at University of Washington Libraries
Johnson, Justin P., (01-28-2014)

Internship at Windsor Castle
Raeder, Philippa, (05-23-2014)

Internship at the Frick Collection
Day, Julia, (01-06-2014)
Day, Julia, (12-04-2014)

Internship at the National Museum of the American Indian
Kaminitz, Marian, (11-06-2014)

Internships and volunteer opportunities at Library of Congress
Drewes, Jeanne, (10-20-2014)

Internships at Agora excavations
Tziotziou, Maria, (10-08-2014)

Internships at Art Conservation de Rigueur
Rousseau, Elise Yvonne, (04-08-2014)

Internships at Central Park Conservancy
Reiley, Matthew, (12-04-2014)

Internships at Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
Ryan, Gwynne, (01-13-2014)
Ryan, Gwynne, (12-08-2014)

Internships at Institute for Aegean Prehistory Study Centre for East Crete (INSTAP SCEC)
Hall, Kathy, (12-09-2014)

Internships at Library of Congress
Oey, Mary, (10-20-2014)

Internships at Tsurumi University
Kitagawa, Miho, (12-01-2014)

Internships at the Hamilton Kerr Institute
Page, Regine L., (11-26-2014)

Internships at the National Museum of the American Indian
Kaminitz, Marian, (11-06-2014)

Iron corrosion in leather boot
Hawley, Andrew, (12-16-2013)

Iron gall ink and discoloration
Gindroz, Florane, (04-13-2014)
Knight, Barry, (04-22-2014)
Gindroz, Florane, (05-01-2014)

Iron gall ink corrosion
Cakar, Piinar, (04-02-2014)

Jeff Koons sculpture
Molly, Lambert, (12-04-2014)

Jim Reilly receives Banks/Harris Preservation Award
Hart, Andrew, (02-07-2014)

Jixiang Shan receives Forbes Prize
Voce, Graham, (07-24-2014)

Journal of Islamic Manuscripts
Kropf, Evyn, (11-14-2014)

Journal of PaperConservation
Seidel, Wolfgang, (01-01-2014)
Seidel, Wolfgang, (07-01-2014)

Journal of the Institute of Conservation
Berry, Janet, (04-07-2014)
Berry, Janet, (10-06-2014)

Julie Tyrlik and Elizabeth Ralph awarded CXD Nicholas Hadgraft Scholarships
Parkin, Eve, (06-03-2014)

Kristen St. John appointed Mary R. and Elizabeth K. Raymond Conservator and Head of Conservation Services at Stanford University Libraries
Tierney, Catherine, (02-20-2014)

LED UV light source for compound microscope
Boyce, Emma, (07-31-2014)

Labels for boxes
McMann, Joanna, (09-18-2014)

Laminated parchment manuscript
Genua, Giada, (09-07-2014)
Angeli, Ketti, (09-16-2014)
Knight, Barry, (09-21-2014)

Lascaux 498HV
Margariti, Christina, (09-26-2014)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (10-08-2014)

Latex and foam masks
Antequino, Stephanie, (02-04-2014)
Shiner, Jerry, (02-16-2014)

Latin American libraries
Reinke, Scott, (10-09-2014)

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification
Arenstein, Rachael Perkins, (01-08-2014)
Rossol, Monona, (01-11-2014)

Leafcaster for sale
Cenci, Simona, (06-06-2014)

Miller, Mary, (06-10-2014)
Egan, Isabelle, (06-16-2014)

Lecture and workshop on letterform
Yeager, Nicholas, (05-08-2014)

Lecture on Offgassing
Saretzky, Gary, (07-28-2014)

Lecture on Rothko
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (10-08-2014)

Lecture on Wallace Collection Reynolds Research Project
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (12-24-2013)

Lecture on alternatives to Oddy tests
Bello, Justine Posluszny, (09-22-2014)

Lecture on art theft and fraud
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (05-14-2014)

Lecture on kimonos
Barks, Brenna A., (08-06-2014)

Lecture on likeness and authenticity in Tudor portraits
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (08-29-2014)

Lecture on re-altering the glazing alterations of a Burne-Jones frame
Sacorafou, Suzanne, (09-06-2014)

Lecture on varnishes for paintings
Pardinhas, Pedro, (01-09-2014)

Lectures on Winterthur-University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation (WUDPAC)
Robb, Andrew, (10-16-2014)

Lectures on art conservation
Kuvvetli, Filiz, (08-23-2014)

Lectures on plastic
N'Gadi, Ann, (10-16-2014)

Library of Congress Topics in Preservation Series (TOPS)
Oey, Mary, (03-25-2014)
Oey, Mary, (03-26-2014)
Privott, Ray, (08-15-2014)
Privott, Ray, (11-10-2014)

Library of Congress booth at ALA
Drewes, Jeanne, (06-09-2014)

Ligatus Summer School
Velios, Athanasios, (05-08-2014)

Lime plaster
Negus-Fancey, Miles, (09-04-2014)

List of solvents and solvent combinations
Carlyle, Leslie, (10-12-2014)

Long-necked hangers sought
McMann, Joanna, (11-12-2014)

Low energy light bulbs
Joiner, Samantha, (06-03-2014)

MOMA project on modern photographs
Daffner, Lee Ann, (12-15-2014)

Marble floor
Oliver, Kathryn, (07-18-2014)

Marianne Mason appointed Head, Micrographics Projects at Library of Congress
Drewes, Jeanne, (10-08-2014)

Marie A. Quinlan Preservation Endowment at Northwestern
Devine, Scott W., (03-12-2014)

Masterclass display cases
Vince, Andor, (01-16-2014)

Masterclass on digital photography for documentation
Waldthausen, Clara, (01-29-2014)

Masterclass on plastics
Goossens, Angele, (01-30-2014)

Masterclass on project management
Vince, Andor, (01-16-2014)

Masterclass on use of Asian paper in paper conservation
Pardinhas, Pedro, (02-18-2014)

Cannon, Alice, (09-01-2014)

Foley, Lori, (04-03-2014)

Measuring acidity in paper
Moura, Laura, (11-03-2014)
Storch, Paul, (11-04-2014)
Green, Simon, (11-03-2014)
Warriner-Wood, Leah, (11-02-2014)
Hodgson, Michael, (11-03-2014)

Mecklenburg Materials Archive
N'Gadi, Ann, (10-06-2014)

Metropolitan Museum Studies in Art, Science, and Technology
Schorsch, Deborah, (11-06-2014)

Mold in rubberized fabric
Hawk, Alan, (02-20-2014)
Bailey, George, (02-21-2014)

Mold on EVA
Bainbridge, Abigail, (11-11-2014)
Stavroudis, Chris, (11-13-2014)
Burnett, Nicholas, (11-14-2014)
Welch, Stuart, (11-26-2014)
Allen, Dave, (11-22-2014)
Herrera, Rosina, (11-24-2014)

Montefiascone Project
Fredericks, Maria, (01-21-2014)

Moving collections
Gregory, Jillian Anna, (11-11-2014)

Music roll paper
Kerber, Yasmine, (06-29-2014)
Moore, Simon, (07-02-2014)
Treacy, Analiese, (07-21-2014)

Mystery substance or process on paper
Lockshin, Nora, (02-05-2014)

NEDCC and Nishio Conservation Studio partnership
Martin, Julie, (03-06-2014)

NEH grants for sustainable preservation
Word, Laura, (09-03-2014)

Gill, Victoria, (09-22-2014)
Rossol, Monona, (09-27-2014)
Hodgkins, Robyn, (10-10-2014)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (10-14-2014)
Purewal, Victoria, (10-13-2014)

National Digital Stewardship Residency
Padilla, Margo, (04-14-2014)
Padilla, Margo, (05-14-2014)
Coulbourne, George, (09-15-2014)

National Digital Stewardship Residency--addendum
Nelson, Kristopher, (11-20-2014)

Network for PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers in conservation of contemporary art meeting
Gordon, Rebecca, (09-25-2014)

New MSc program in conservation
Gonzalez-Longo, Cristina, (10-08-2014)

New book on authenticity and replication
Black, James, (03-25-2014)

New book on earthquake damage
N'Gadi, Ann, (10-02-2014)

New editors for Restaurator
Henniges, Ute, (05-01-2014)

New magazine: The Condition Report
Cleaver, Shellie, (02-01-2014)

New online forum:
Dahl, Nola, (06-20-2014)

New publication: Descriptive Terminology for Works of Art on Paper
Ash, Nancy, (12-12-2014)

New site--Archive of Digital Art
Seiser, Michaela, (08-26-2014)

New site--Archives Society of Alberta's (ASA) Flood Advisory Programme
Brunet, Emily Turgeon, (11-25-2014)

New site--Knowledge for Collections
Lensink, Hester, (01-31-2014)

New video--Conference on cultural heritage conservation science and sustainable development--addendum
Rohrs, Stefan, (01-07-2014)

News in Conservation (NiC)
Borghese, Barbara, (03-04-2014)

Nickel plated bronze
Maltby, Susan L., (02-03-2014)

Nordic Conservation PhD Student Colloquium
Christensen, Anne Haack, (07-17-2014)

Nordic Conservation PhD Student Colloquium--addendum
Christensen, Anne Haack, (09-03-2014)

Oak panelling
Lunas, Susan, (12-03-2014)
Deller, Craig, (12-06-2014)
Storch, Paul, (12-08-2014)

Octagonal work order labels
Bubb, Ruth, (08-09-2014)

Oil painting tackiness
Fry, Caroline Mary, (11-30-2014)

Online classes at Northern States Conservation Center
Alten, Helen, (07-24-2014)

Online course on care and conservation of historic iron
Harvey, David, (01-04-2014)
Harvey, David, (04-02-2014)
Harvey, David, (06-23-2014)
Harvey, David, (07-29-2014)
Harvey, David, (10-08-2014)

Online course on collections management
Alten, Helen, (03-24-2014)

Online course on conservation of globes
Weyer, Angela, (02-18-2014)

Online course on conservation of plastics
Alten, Helen, (10-07-2014)

Online course on digital art and culture
Tabea, Lurk, (05-23-2014)

Online course on education collections
Alten, Helen, (10-07-2014)

Online course on establishing a conservation practice
Choudhury, Abigail, (04-14-2014)

Online course on exhibitions
Alten, Helen, (03-23-2014)

Online course on historic copper, brass, and bronze
Harvey, David, (05-20-2014)
Harvey, David, (08-15-2014)

Online course on historic firearms
Harvey, David, (09-01-2014)
Harvey, David, (11-15-2014)

Online course on historic silver
Harvey, David, (02-10-2014)
Harvey, David, (07-07-2014)
Harvey, David, (09-25-2014)
Harvey, David, (11-19-2014)

Online course on lab safety
Choudhury, Abigail, (06-18-2014)

Online course on matting and framing
Alten, Helen, (10-22-2014)

Online course on microbial infestation
Weyer, Angela, (08-19-2014)

Online course on restoration theories and methods
Weyer, Angela, (02-18-2014)
Weyer, Angela, (08-19-2014)

Online course on staff support
Alten, Helen, (10-22-2014)

Online course on transparent coatings on furniture and wooden objects
Weyer, Angela, (08-19-2014)

Online course on writing disaster plans
Alten, Helen, (08-13-2014)

Online courses at
Alten, Helen, (01-09-2014)
Alten, Helen, (02-11-2014)
Alten, Helen, (05-23-2014)
Alten, Helen, (10-14-2014)
Alten, Helen, (12-01-2014)

Online workshop on marketing for conservation
Choudhury, Abigail, (06-26-2014)

Open house at West Dean College
Young, Gemma, (09-19-2014)

Oxygen meters for anoxia
Mina, Laura, (12-11-2014)

Paintings Conservator
Clay, Curtissa, (02-21-2014)

Paintings on asbestos millboard
Muller, Norman E., (04-24-2014)
Rossol, Monona, (04-25-2014)
Sozzani, Laurent, (05-01-2014)
Rossol, Monona, (05-04-2014)
Sozzani, Laurent, (05-05-2014)

Smith-Hunt, Patricia, (10-07-2014)

Parchment for art project
Caradonna, Laura, (05-28-2014)

Parchment sought for radiocarbon dating study
Brock, Fiona, (09-08-2014)

Pecap as a substitute for Dacron linings
Fox, Lisa, (08-08-2014)

PhD studentship at Heriot Watt University
Kennedy, Craig, (01-06-2014)
Kennedy, Craig, (07-28-2014)

PhD studentship at University of West England
Padfield, Joseph, (05-22-2014)

Plenderleith Memorial Lecture
Brown, Carol E., (08-28-2014)

Plenderleith Memorial Lecture--addendum
Brown, Carol, (11-12-2014)

Polyester film as painting support
Weltman, Karlie, (08-14-2014)

Polysulfide resin offgassing
Daniel, Shanna LaRea, (10-14-2014)

Portfolio display at Winterthur
Cassman, Vicki, (09-10-2014)

Position at AOC Archaeology Group
Evans, Gretel, (04-01-2014)

Position at ARTEX Fine Art Services
Mitchell, De'Aira, (03-21-2014)

Position at Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences
Jaros, Dawn, (02-18-2014)
Jaros, Dawn, (12-05-2014)

Position at Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum
Backhouse, Tara, (09-05-2014)

Position at Alvarez Fine Art Services
Marquis, Jason, (03-21-2014)
Marquis, Jason, (03-21-2014)

Position at Amann and Estabrook Conservation Associates
Amann, Sandra, (04-28-2014)

Position at American Museum of Natural History--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (07-16-2014)

Position at Archives NZ
Byers, Jacinda, (11-03-2014)

Position at Art Conservation Services, Inc.
Robertson, Jennifer, (09-04-2014)

Position at Art Gallery of New South Wales
Sawicki, Margaret, (12-10-2014)

Position at Asian Art Museum
Holbrow, Katherine, (04-24-2014)

Position at Auckland Museum
Jurlina, Elizabeth, (07-02-2014)
Jurlina, Elizabeth, (07-04-2014)
Vulinovich, Evana, (08-29-2014)
Vulinovich, Evana, (11-24-2014)

Position at Audley End House
Stanley, Bethan, (05-29-2014)

Position at Birmingham Museums Trust (BMT)
Roberts, Alice, (01-30-2014)

Position at Bodleian Library
Pouliquen, Anne, (02-18-2014)

Position at Borthwick Institute for Archives
Fairburn, Alison, (09-05-2014)

Position at Boston Public Library
Letizia, Christopher, (06-13-2014)

Position at Bowes Museum
Old, Jon, (01-30-2014)

Position at British Library
Bevan, Richard, (01-21-2014)
Rogerson, Cordelia, (07-07-2014)

Position at British Museum
Foilleret, Estelle, (09-11-2014)
Higgitti, Catherine, (10-21-2014)

Position at CCAHA
Magaziner, Katherine, (03-07-2014)

Position at CCI
Joy, Elisabeth, (09-04-2014)
Spees, Pascale, (12-10-2014)

Position at CCI--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (09-08-2014)

Position at Cambridge
Lewery, Sarah, (06-16-2014)
Warrington, Bridget, (12-10-2014)

Position at Cardiff University
Henderson, Jane, (04-11-2014)

Position at Carnegie Museum of Art
Nance, Valerie, (01-07-2014)
Nance, Valerie, (01-14-2014)

Position at Caroline van der Elst Paintings Conservation and Restoration
Van der Elst, Caroline, (02-03-2014)

Position at Center for Jewish History
Corkill, Felicity, (02-11-2014)

Position at Chester Beatty Library
Baldwin, Jessica, (06-11-2014)

Position at Columbia
Gertz, Janet, (02-27-2014)
Hagadorn, Alexis, (07-11-2014)

Position at ConservArt, Inc.
Schwartz, George, (03-11-2014)

Position at Contemporary Conservation Ltd
Hester, Illana, (08-15-2014)

Position at Contemporary Conservation Ltd--corrigendum
Hester, Illana, (08-21-2014)

Position at Cooper-Hewitt
Choe, Perry, (08-01-2014)

Position at Cornell
Eden, Barbara B., (10-17-2014)

Position at Courtauld Institute of Art
Macauley, Comfort, (08-14-2014)

Position at DC Thomson Family History
O'Dell, Lucinda, (08-04-2014)

Position at Daria K. Conservation, LLC
Keynan, Daria, (09-18-2014)

Position at Daria K. Conservation, LLC--corrigendum
Keynan, Daria, (09-20-2014)

Position at Detroit Institute of Arts
Steele, John, (05-07-2014)
Steele, John, (05-07-2014)
Steele, John, (06-30-2014)

Position at Duke University
Doyle, Beth, (12-11-2014)

Position at English Heritage
Stanley, Bethan, (05-29-2014)
Lankester, Paul, (10-02-2014)

Position at FAIC
Pourchot, Eric, (10-21-2014)

Position at Field Museum
Norton, Ruth, (01-08-2014)

Position at Fine Arts Conservancy
Lewis, Gordon, (10-08-2014)

Position at Fitzwilliam Museum
Brooklyn, Linda, (06-02-2014)
Brooklyn, Linda, (09-16-2014)

Position at GV Art Conservation
Ludmer, Gloria Velandia, (09-08-2014)

Position at Getty Conservation Institute
Manning, Luann, (04-03-2014)
Segler, Tina, (05-01-2014)
Segler, Tina, (06-20-2014)
Segler, Tina, (06-20-2014)
Manning, Luann, (09-03-2014)
Baroody, Reem, (10-02-2014)
Baroody, Reem, (10-02-2014)

Position at Harvard
Bernier, Brenda, (02-03-2014)
Caldwell, Heather, (02-14-2014)
Telepak, Lauren, (10-24-2014)

Position at Henry Ford
Fahey, Mary, (08-29-2014)
Fahey, Mary, (09-25-2014)

Position at Heritage Conservation Centre, Singapore
Foo, Joyce, (01-30-2014)
Foo, Joyce, (05-02-2014)
Foo, Joyce, (07-25-2014)

Position at Highland Archive Centre, Inverness
Aitken, Richard, (02-18-2014)

Position at Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
Ryan, Gwynne, (08-17-2014)

Position at Historic Royal Palaces
Wilson, Jo, (02-11-2014)
Wilson, Jo, (03-05-2014)
Wilson, Jo, (04-16-2014)
Wilson, Jo, (05-16-2014)
Wilson, Jo, (07-04-2014)
Takami, Mika, (07-09-2014)
Wilson, Jo, (10-03-2014)
Wilson, Jo, (11-24-2014)
Wilson, Jo, (12-12-2014)

Position at Horniman Museum
Davies, Mary, (04-04-2014)

Position at Huntington Library
Barron, Sofia, (11-10-2014)

Position at Illinois State University
Huot, Andrew, (05-15-2014)

Position at Image Permanence Institute
Ford, Patricia, (01-14-2014)

Position at Indianapolis Museum of Art
Miller, David, (07-23-2014)

Position at International Conservation Services (ICS)
Bickersteth, Julian, (11-27-2014)

Position at Islamic Manuscript Association
Brady, Beau, (09-24-2014)

Position at Israel Museum
Green, Hani, (03-06-2014)

Position at KS&H Ltd.
Stainer-Hutchins, Kiffy, (05-14-2014)

Position at Katherine Ara Ltd, London
Ara, Katherine, (03-25-2014)

Position at Katherine Ara Ltd, London--corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (04-02-2014)

Position at Kreilick Conservation, LLC
Gerstad, Robin, (04-01-2014)

Position at LACMA
Gilberg, Mark, (06-04-2014)
Gilberg, Mark, (08-11-2014)

Position at LDS
McAfee, Christopher, (11-17-2014)

Position at Lambeth Palace Library
Atkinson, Janet, (07-01-2014)

Position at Lambeth Palace Library and Church of England Record Centre (CERC)
Atkinson, Janet, (09-23-2014)

Position at Library of Congress
Drewes, Jeanne, (02-24-2014)
Stauderman, Sarah, (03-22-2014)

Position at Lincoln School of History and Heritage
Schulze, Henning, (10-06-2014)

Position at M+ Museum
Fong, Yoyo, (08-28-2014)

Position at May Berkouwer Textile Conservation
Berkouwer, May, (06-29-2014)

Position at Menil Collection
Epley, Bradford A., (02-10-2014)

Position at Metropolitan Museum of Art
Castro, Teresa, (07-08-2014)
Scaturro, Sarah, (08-18-2014)
Arslanoglu, Julie, (09-19-2014)
Arslanoglu, Julie, (10-15-2014)

Position at Michigan State University
Alstrom, Eric, (03-19-2014)

Position at Michigan State University--Corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (03-27-2014)

Position at Missouri State Archives
Fox, Lisa, (01-28-2014)

Position at Mount Vernon
Knauer, Karl, (06-23-2014)

Position at Munch Museum
Kausland, Kristin, (11-12-2014)

Position at Museum Conservation Institute
N'Gadi, Ann, (05-16-2014)

Position at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
DiRamio, Diana, (12-27-2013)
DiRamio, Diana, (07-24-2014)
DiRamio, Diana, (07-24-2014)
DiRamio, Diana, (07-24-2014)
DiRamio, Diana, (09-19-2014)

Position at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Pine, Steve, (05-20-2014)

Position at Museum of Islamic Art, Doha
Sakellariou, Aristoteles Georgios, (12-04-2014)

Position at Museum of Modern Art
Coddington, Jim, (02-06-2014)

Position at Museums of New Mexico
MacKenzie, Mark Giles, (06-30-2014)

Position at NARA
Ritzenthaler, MaryLynn, (10-22-2014)

Position at NEDCC
Martin, Julie, (01-13-2014)
Lee, Michael, (02-03-2014)
Lee, Michael, (06-18-2014)
Martin, Julie, (08-18-2014)
Lee, Michael, (09-25-2014)

Position at NEH
Word, Laura, (11-17-2014)

Position at National Air and Space Museum
Collum, Malcolm, (07-14-2014)

Position at National Archives, Kew
Liskova, Lucia, (01-06-2014)
Liskova, Lucia, (02-04-2014)
Runicles, Julie, (03-28-2014)
Runicles, Julie, (11-13-2014)

Position at National Gallery of Ireland
Jameson, Kate, (07-31-2014)

Position at National Gallery, London
Spring, Marika, (07-30-2014)

Position at National Maritime Museum
Christensen, Birthe, (07-01-2014)
Christensen, Birthe, (07-01-2014)
Christensen, Birthe, (12-03-2014)

Position at National Museum Cardiff
Brunskill, Hannah, (05-23-2014)
Brunskill, Hannah, (08-07-2014)

Position at National Museum Cardiff--corrigendum
Brunskill, Hannah, (08-15-2014)

Position at National Museum of Australia
Humphrey, Vicki, (10-01-2014)

Position at National Museum of Iceland
Bjork, Thora, (05-08-2014)

Position at National Museum of Natural History
Levinson, Judith, (07-07-2014)

Position at National Museums Scotland
McClean, Lynn, (03-25-2014)

Position at National Portrait Gallery, London
Moore, Sally, (06-03-2014)
Francis, Krystal, (07-17-2014)

Position at New York Public Library
Springle, Kenneth, (04-16-2014)

Position at Oakland Museum of California
Clay, Curtissa, (02-21-2014)
Burke, John W., (07-16-2014)
Burke, John W., (09-25-2014)

Position at Oakland Museum of California--corrigendum
Clay, Curtissa, (10-22-2014)

Position at Odyssey Marine Exploration
Copeland, Alice V., (12-10-2014)

Position at Ohavsmuseet
Hovmand, Ida, (01-27-2014)
Hovmand, Ida, (03-19-2014)

Position at Ohio State University
Newman, Greg, (01-21-2014)

Position at Oriental Institute
D'Alessandro, Laura, (08-28-2014)

Position at Orleans Parish Civil District Court
DeVille, Renee, (06-16-2014)
Johnson, Sabrena, (10-10-2014)

Position at Otago Museum
Reeves, Scott, (04-01-2014)

Position at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Dion, Judy L., (07-31-2014)

Position at Period Furniture Conservation, LLC
Yanchyshyn, Yuri, (02-24-2014)

Position at Philadelphia Museum of Art
Wasson, Christopher, (11-26-2014)

Position at Plowden and Smith Ltd
Kaufmann, Valerie, (07-09-2014)
Kaufmann, Valerie, (07-09-2014)
Kaufmann, Valerie, (09-12-2014)

Position at Princeton
Grandinette, Maria, (07-08-2014)

Position at Qatar National Library
Montesinos, Sandra K., (09-04-2014)

Position at Queen's University
Hill, Rosaleen, (06-09-2014)

Position at Queens
Spirydowicz, Krysia, (03-13-2014)

Position at Rijksmuseum
Schindeler, Bart, (02-04-2014)
Schindeler, Bart, (02-04-2014)
Schindeler, Bart, (06-28-2014)
Boers, Lieke, (10-09-2014)
Boers, Lieke, (10-13-2014)
Boers, Lieke, (10-20-2014)

Position at Ringling Museum of Art
Ramsay, Barbara, (05-09-2014)

Position at Royal Alberta Museum
Li, Carmen, (08-19-2014)
Li, Carmen, (08-19-2014)

Position at Royal Alberta Museum-corrigendum
Henry, Walter, (08-27-2014)

Position at Royal Armouries
Burnett, Corina, (07-09-2014)

Position at Royal Pavilion and Museums
Edwards, Florence, (06-24-2014)
Edwards, Florence, (06-24-2014)
Edwards, Florence, (06-24-2014)
Edwards, Florence, (06-24-2014)

Position at Saint Louis Art Museum
Barnes, Theresa, (02-10-2014)
Walker, Claire, (10-10-2014)
Walker, Claire, (10-10-2014)
Walker, Claire, (10-10-2014)

Position at Science Museum at Wroughton
Bryony, Finn, (02-25-2014)

Position at Science Museum, London
Finn, Bryony, (08-08-2014)

Position at Sculpture Conservation Studio, Los Angeles
Morse, Andrea, (11-04-2014)

Position at Smithsonian American Art Museum
Doherty, Tiarna, (04-24-2014)

Position at Smithsonian Institution
Ryan, Gwynne, (04-04-2014)
Fallon, Rosemary, (10-23-2014)
Collum, Malcolm, (10-24-2014)

Position at Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Smith, Vanessa Haight, (10-03-2014)

Position at Stanford
St. John, Kristen, (02-26-2014)
Roberts-Manganelli, Susan K., (06-13-2014)

Position at State Library of New South Wales
Carroll, Barbara, (10-16-2014)

Position at Tate
Chrenkova, Jana, (06-02-2014)
Chrenkova, Jana, (07-29-2014)
Chrenkova, Jana, (10-06-2014)

Position at Texas A&M University
Mosbo, Julie, (05-08-2014)

Position at The New York Academy of Medicine
Albritton, Erin, (12-10-2014)

Position at UCLA
Aveline, Dawn, (04-04-2014)
Aveline, Dawn, (05-28-2014)

Position at University College London
Pancaldo, Susi, (01-09-2014)

Position at University at Albany
Brown, Karen E.K., (11-10-2014)

Position at University of Aberdeen
Coles, Louisa Jane, (03-27-2014)

Position at University of Delaware
Peter, Matt, (01-09-2014)

Position at University of Edinburgh
Honeybone, Ruth, (07-30-2014)

Position at University of Lincoln
Skipper, Lynda, (05-22-2014)

Position at University of Malta
Cassar, JoAnn, (01-09-2014)

Position at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Paris, Jan, (04-09-2014)

Position at University of Stirling
Magee, Karl, (06-10-2014)

Position at University of Washington
Lamson, Stephanie A., (04-28-2014)
Leonard, Kathryn, (11-21-2014)

Position at Victoria and Albert Museum
Hackett, Joanne, (02-13-2014)

Position at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Webne, Randy, (12-05-2014)
Webne, Randy, (12-05-2014)

Position at Wallace Collection
Khanom, Saida, (09-17-2014)

Position at Walt Disney Family Museum
Morris, Tonja, (01-30-2014)

Position at Walters Art Museum
Quandt, Abigail, (05-06-2014)

Position at Wellcome Trust
Boal, Gillian, (11-18-2014)

Position at West Yorkshire Archive Service
Jones, Shirley, (09-09-2014)

Position at Whitney Museum of American Art
Skopek, Matthew, (07-30-2014)

Position at Williamstown Art Conservation Center
Haskins, Terry, (11-03-2014)

Position at Winterthur Museum
Price, Lois, (09-30-2014)

Position at Yale
Stephens, Catherine, (02-07-2014)
Pilette, Roberta, (02-26-2014)
Stephens, Catherine, (12-15-2014)
Stephens, Catherine, (12-15-2014)

Position at Yale Center for British Art
Buehler, Karen, (06-25-2014)

Position at the Conservation Center, Chicago
Tonner, Carissa, (01-09-2014)
Lee, Chai, (06-16-2014)
Lee, Chai, (07-15-2014)

Position at the Conservation Center, Chicago--corrigendum
Lee, Chai, (06-17-2014)

Position at the Hampton Court Palace
Wilson, Jo, (02-28-2014)
Wilson, Jo, (06-19-2014)

Position at the Hunterian
Chapman, Malcolm, (11-05-2014)

Position at the National Trust
Grigoropoulou, Theodora, (11-24-2014)

Position in Christchurch
Fryer, Emily, (05-24-2014)

Position in London
Chandler, Abigail, (05-19-2014)
Giles-Myers, Ana, (10-09-2014)

Position in New York City
Vitali, Ava Forte, (12-01-2014)

Positions at Asian Art Museum
Sasaki, Shiho, (08-04-2014)

Positions at Durham University
Branigan, Elizabeth, (02-19-2014)

Positions at Heritage Building Project in UK
Chandler, Abigail, (06-02-2014)

Positions at Jewish Theological Seminary
Armstrong, Amy Gerbracht, (05-15-2014)

Positions at Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program (LAMP) and St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum
Carroll, Norine G., (06-02-2014)

Positions at Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Hand, Rachel, (08-29-2014)

Positions at NARA
Ritzenthaler, MaryLynn, (09-16-2014)

Positions at National Museum of African American History and Culture
Coyle, Laura, (07-18-2014)

Positions at Northwestern University Library
Grafakos, Tonia Effie, (10-21-2014)

Positions at Orientalist Museum, Qatar
Yum, Hyejung, (04-15-2014)

Postdoctoral fellowship at Smithsonian Institution
N'Gadi, Ann, (10-20-2014)

Postdoctoral fellowships at Bard Graduate Center
Holling, Hanna B., (10-18-2014)

Posting at Glenstone
Linton, Laura, (03-19-2014)

Potato starch adhesives
Fuentes, Ayesha, (05-06-2014)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (05-11-2014)

Pottery images sought
Weldon, Marianne, (10-03-2014)

Potting mix
Stevenson, David, (03-06-2014)
Hart, Ian, (03-12-2014)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (03-17-2014)

Presentations on identifying collagen based materials in cultural objects
Jungels, Judith, (03-17-2014)

Preservation Week
Dambrogio, Jana L., (04-07-2014)
Nelson, Miriam, (04-08-2014)
Drewes, Jeanne, (04-11-2014)
Lapkin, Rachel, (04-17-2014)

Printing ink
Martorana, Cinzia, (06-02-2014)

Printing ink stains on paper
Martorana, Cinzia, (05-16-2014)

Professional development fund for conservators
Whittam, Kath, (07-02-2014)

Publication on James Ensor
Nichols, Kimberly J, (12-08-2014)

Publication on fungus control procedures
Sequeira, Silvia Oliveira, (06-24-2014)

Publication sought
Weldon, Marianne, (07-07-2014)

Publication: Polyglot glossary on paper restoration
Barone, Linda, (03-20-2014)

Publication: Surveying the conservation landscape
Henderson, Jane, (03-05-2014)

Publications from conference on bioaerosols
Geiss-Mooney, Margaret, (06-02-2014)

Publications on Monet and Renoir
Zuccari, Frank, (08-13-2014)

Queen's Art Conservation Newsletter
Murray, Alison, (03-27-2014)

Queen's alumni
Murray, Alison, (07-09-2014)

Questionnaire on biocides and fungicides for isinglass
Goto, Rika, (08-15-2014)

Questionnaire on flaking acrylic emulsion paintings
Barani, Olivia, (02-12-2014)

RFID tags
Benson, Jake, (03-19-2014)

Rakow Research Library and West Lake Conservators Ltd.
Dumville, Moya, (12-08-2014)

Realtime environmental monitoring in display cases
Paine, Shelley Reisman, (09-16-2014)

Recommendations for equipment?
Jones, Kohleen, (11-07-2014)

Reducing light levels
Wachtelborn, Talitha, (04-20-2014)

Reflectance transformation imaging (RTI) app
Thomas, Tessa, (07-09-2014)

Removing pressure sensitive tape from garment
Bencatel, Diana Ornellas, (09-09-2014)
Stavroudis, Chris, (09-24-2014)

Removing pressure sensitive tape from paper
Caldararo, Niccolo, (12-21-2013)
Pearlstein, Ellen, (01-07-2014)

Removing sword from scabbard
Stubbs-Lee, Dee, (04-29-2014)
Carlson, Molly, (05-02-2014)
Cottier-Angeli, David, (05-06-2014)

Request for proposals--Wooden object
Ludington, Link, (04-22-2014)

Request for qualifications--Flag conservation
Johnson, Carey, (05-01-2014)

Request for qualifications--Metal garden urn conservation project
Moroney, Erin, (06-09-2014)

Request for quotation--NARA
Ritzenthaler, MaryLynn, (09-18-2014)

Research on paintings coated with mud in floods
Caldararo, Niccolo, (08-13-2014)

Results of survey on preservation statistics
Robertson, Holly, (09-02-2014)

Reverse foxing
Werthmann, Josefine, (09-24-2014)

Riker mounts and pesticides
Waters, Rachel, (11-17-2014)

Keating, Frances, (08-18-2014)

Rundbrief Fotografie
Seidel, Wolfgang, (01-01-2014)

SPNHC Annual Meeting
Purewal, Vicky, (01-10-2014)
Carter, Julian, (03-14-2014)

Caldararo, Niccolo, (12-25-2013)
Richmond, Alison, (01-06-2014)

Sampling textiles
Shirazi, Shahrzad Amin, (05-18-2014)

San Gemini Preservation Studies Program
Vakalis, Nikolas, (03-14-2014)

Scanners and photocopiers
Downey, Anne E., (11-13-2014)
Allen, Dave, (11-22-2014)
Waymouth, Robyn, (11-25-2014)

Scholarship at Metropolitan Museum of Art
Southworth, Georgia, (11-14-2014)

Sculpey modelling clay
Pigat, Heather, (09-16-2014)
Flack, Carla, (09-21-2014)

Seminar and preliminary workshop on petrified wood conservation
Kyriazi, Evangelia, (08-01-2014)

Seminar on deconstructing and reconstructing paintings
Casadio, Francesca, (12-30-2013)

Seminar on risk management
Vince, Andor, (02-04-2014)

Seminar on risk management--corrigendum
Vince, Andor, (02-12-2014)

Seminars on conservation of modern and contemporary art
Fuster-Lopez, Laura, (03-06-2014)

Seminars on emergency Preparedness
Saretzky, Gary, (03-24-2014)

Seminars on identifying prints
Homburger, Hildegard, (03-14-2014)

Seminars on tracing paper conservation
Homburger, Hildegard, (01-28-2014)

Sheet mica mends on pith painting
White, Grace, (10-08-2014)

Short course on Islamic codicology
Walker-Arnott, Charlie, (05-23-2014)

Short course on pigment identification
Gorman, Christine, (05-22-2014)

Shrapnel shell
Pienimaki, Aleksi, (08-04-2014)
Knight, Barry, (08-25-2014)

Silicone oil for vegetable tanned leather
Pavitt, Rebecca, (04-24-2014)

Silicone release adhesive tape
Tragett, Caroline, (09-16-2014)
Amann, Sandra, (09-22-2014)

Silk banner
Mirabootalebi, Reyhane, (05-12-2014)

Sintra board
Woods, Chris, (06-17-2014)
Hinde, Laura, (06-26-2014)
Braun, Tom James, (06-25-2014)
Watson, Robert, (06-25-2014)
Svoboda, Marie, (07-02-2014)
Korenberg, Capucine, (07-11-2014)
Kim, Jennifer, (07-24-2014)
Potje, Karen, (07-28-2014)

Six free issues of JAIC available online
Collinson, Jennifer, (01-13-2014)

Sketch on waxed canvas
Dumville, Moya, (08-20-2014)

Sliding panels and earthquakes
Huber, Joachim, (04-16-2014)
Tomlinson, Valerie, (04-24-2014)

Socratic dialogue on energy and sustainability
Wei, Bill, (04-01-2014)

Source for beta radiography plates sought
Haqqi, Saira, (03-04-2014)

Source for ionic fixatives
White, Grace, (02-03-2014)

Source of MS2A resin sought
Griffin, Amy, (07-03-2014)

Spiral bound sketchbooks
Norton, Alison, (06-10-2014)

Spray gun for varnishing paintings
Boyce, Emma, (03-17-2014)

Storing cellulose nitrate artifacts
Bengston, Lisa Ann, (04-03-2014)
Elwing, James, (04-18-2014)
Shashoua, Yvonne, (04-19-2014)
Mullen, Kathleen, (04-22-2014)

Storing paintings
Bassett, Marcia, (09-09-2014)

Storing plastic
Silva, Ana Sofia, (04-10-2014)
Roundhill, Linda S., (04-13-2014)
Rossol, Monona, (04-13-2014)

Student attendance at ICOM-CC Triennial Conference
Neale, Emma, (05-18-2014)

Student research presentations
Tindal, Claire, (10-14-2014)

Studentship at Centre for Doctoral Training Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology
Strlic, Matija, (05-30-2014)

Studentship at Science Museum, London and and Imperial College London
Langfeldt, Jannicke, (06-09-2014)

Studentship at University of Leeds and British Museum
Hacke, Marei, (09-10-2014)

Studentship at University of Leeds and British Museum--addendum
Higgitt, Catherine, (10-09-2014)

Studentships at Centre for Doctoral Training Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology
Strlic, Matija, (06-11-2014)
Strlic, Matija, (07-28-2014)

Studentships at Centre for Sustainable Heritage, UCL
Strlic, Matija, (05-26-2014)

Studies in Conservation
Reedy, Chandra L., (02-21-2014)
Reedy, Chandra L., (04-02-2014)
Reedy, Chandra L., (05-05-2014)

Sturgeon glue and matte paint
Ornhoi, Anne Apalnes, (03-26-2014)
Stewart, Rod, (04-03-2014)
Cheney, Jennifer, (04-14-2014)
Thompson, Jack C., (04-21-2014)
Waters, Linda, (04-28-2014)

Survey condition surveys and in situ mosaics
D'Izarny-Gargas, Claire, (08-09-2014)

Survey copper alloy coins
Somerville-Woodiwis, Wendy, (02-23-2014)

Survey on AIC Find a Conservator search tool
Unruh, Julie, (09-25-2014)

Survey on Cultural Heritage Disaster Preparedness and Response
Chulia, Inmaculada, (11-26-2014)

Survey on Digital Cultural Heritage Roadmap for Preservation
Giorgio, Di, (07-28-2014)

Survey on Guidelines for Descriptive Terminology for Works of Art on Paper
Ash, Nancy, (07-01-2014)

Survey on Saving Antiquities for Everyone (SAFE)
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (11-24-2014)

Survey on approaches to treating beaded Native American objects
O'Shea, Colleen, (02-12-2014)

Survey on benzotriazole
Farrell, Erik, (02-17-2014)

Survey on bookbinding research
Peach, Caroline, (06-23-2014)

Survey on choosing materials
Turner, Robert, (11-12-2014)

Survey on cleaning silver
Palomar, Teresa, (02-14-2014)

Survey on cleaning terracotta
Matteini, Irene, (01-13-2014)

Survey on communications between conservators and non-conservators
Narvey, Megan, (07-10-2014)

Survey on conservators on archaeological sites
Bellini, Margaret Ramos, (11-15-2014)

Survey on degradation of chrome yellow pigments
Holland, Peter, (02-12-2014)

Survey on digital media art preservation
Reidell, Sarah, (01-23-2014)

Survey on digital resources
Pourchot, Eric, (05-06-2014)

Survey on digital resources--addendum
Pourchot, Eric, (06-13-2014)

Survey on epoxy impregnated iron
Becker, Kate, (02-05-2014)

Survey on food management in institutions
Newberry, Rebecca, (04-16-2014)

Survey on gelatin
Dumont, Barbara, (11-07-2014)

Survey on intermediate materials for mounting paintings
Wollenhaupt, Jasmin, (05-08-2014)

Survey on laced-on paper bindings
Jones, Hillary, (03-26-2014)

Survey on platinum prints
Devereux, Nicole, (03-21-2014)

Survey on polyurethane
De Sa, Susana Franca, (02-09-2014)

Survey on preservation statistics
Robertson, Holly, (02-17-2014)

Survey on preservation statistics--addendum
Robertson, Holly, (04-08-2014)

Survey on sustainable practice
Cutajar, Jan Dariusz, (07-25-2014)

Survey on use of sheer overlays in textile conservation
Breeze, Camille, (05-01-2014)

Survey on use of ultraviolet visible fluorescence in paper conservation
Weller, Aafke, (03-11-2014)

Swimsuit collections
Bienvenu, Eva, (01-27-2014)
Shiner, Jerry, (02-16-2014)

Symposium on Magritte
Epley, Bradford A., (02-10-2014)

Symposium on Pollock
Rivers, Laura, (04-23-2014)

Symposium on Robert Winthrop Chanler
Drapala, Lauren, (07-29-2014)

Symposium on archaeometry
Kyriazi, Evangelia, (09-19-2014)

Symposium on atmospheric plasma cleaning
Storme, Patrick, (07-26-2014)

Symposium on cellusic materials
Henniges, Ute, (09-30-2014)

Symposium on exhibiting books
Mesmer, Renate, (07-09-2014)

Symposium on exhibiting books--addendum
DeStefano, Rhea, (10-20-2014)

Symposium on preserving archaeological remains in situ
Esslinger, Nicole, (05-19-2014)

Symposium on technical drawings and reproductions
Martens-Monier, Valerie, (05-12-2014)

Symposium on technical drawings and reproductions--addendum
Udina, Rita, (07-02-2014)
Martens-Monier, Valerie, (09-04-2014)

Talk on Allan Ramsay
Thuer, Chantal-Helen, (03-08-2014)

Talk on conservation of organic objects
Kingham, Emilia, (10-13-2014)

Talk on polyester sculptures of De Wain Valentine
Voce, Graham, (01-16-2014)

Ferroni, Alice, (09-01-2014)
Florian, Mary-Lou, (09-06-2014)

Technical analysis of modern bronzes
Van der Molen, Rozemarijn, (02-22-2014)

Tenting on historic tiled floors
Humphreys, Berenice, (10-06-2014)
Thorn, Andrew, (10-16-2014)

Thai temple paintings sought
Kyrian, Jitka, (08-17-2014)

The Condition Report
Cleaver, Shellie, (03-24-2014)
Cleaver, Shellie, (05-18-2014)
Cleaver, Shellie, (07-03-2014)
Cleaver, Shellie, (09-25-2014)

The Garibaldi Panorama
Martin, Julie, (05-15-2014)

The Great Parchment Book
Smith, Philippa, (04-28-2014)

Keddies, Jutta, (08-10-2014)
Storch, Paul, (08-19-2014)

Titanium white
Van Driel, Birgit, (07-01-2014)

Titanium white in plastic objects
Van Driel, Birgit, (09-05-2014)

Traineeship at National Museum Cardiff
O'Reilly, Emily, (01-21-2014)

Traineeship at Royal Armouries
Burnett, Corina, (02-14-2014)

Training day on adhesives
Antony, Oliver, (02-27-2014)
Antony, Oliver, (07-01-2014)

Training opportunities in Peru sought
Perkins, Beverly, (06-03-2014)

Tru Vue scholarships for AIC Annual Meeting
Choudhury, Abigail, (12-03-2014)

UV filtering materials
Pigat, Heather, (07-11-2014)
Appelbaum, Barbara, (07-14-2014)
Knight, Barry, (07-16-2014)
Lewis, Gordon, (07-19-2014)

Underground display case
Abelskamp, Karin, (05-19-2014)
Shiner, Jerry, (05-27-2014)

University of Texas, Dallas
Carlisle, Vicki, (10-14-2014)

Videos on Foldscope and Biobus
Portell, Jean D., (03-25-2014)

Vinegar syndrome
Sutherland, Deborah, (03-12-2014)
Elwing, James, (03-19-2014)
Rohan, Deborah, (03-20-2014)
Wahl, Laura, (03-19-2014)
Shiner, Jerry, (03-23-2014)
Elwing, James, (03-25-2014)

WAAC Annual Meeting
Holbrow, Katherine, (08-12-2014)

Washington Conservation Guild
Loudermilk, Kristen, (02-24-2014)
Loudermilk, Kristen, (03-11-2014)
Loudermilk, Kristen, (04-07-2014)
McManus, Edward, (08-18-2014)
Bello, Justine Posluszny, (10-16-2014)

Water soluble coating and glazes on oil painting
Zagora, Jelena, (10-23-2014)

Wax emulsion for cleaning painting on masonite
Himmelstein, Paul, (02-19-2014)

Web resources for artists
Cameron, Becky, (10-02-2014)
White, Grace, (10-06-2014)

Webinars on crowdsourcing
Manzo, Christina, (10-22-2014)

West Dean/British Library courses
Young, Gemma, (12-01-2014)

Western Archives Institute
Jarosz, Ellen, (01-14-2014)

William Minter appointed senior book conservator at Penn State University Libraries
Munip, Lana, (02-03-2014)

Wine label
Zych, Katarzyna, (04-06-2014)

Wooden tacks
Monaghan, Meaghan, (12-14-2014)

Work placements at University of Stirling
Magee, Karl, (11-12-2014)

Workshop on Asian lacquers
Wiseman, Annabelle, (01-29-2014)

Workshop on Asian papers in Conservation
Smith, Holly, (12-12-2014)

Workshop on HVAC for conservation environments
Lull, William P., (02-17-2014)
Lull, William P., (05-07-2014)
Lull, William P., (05-07-2014)

Workshop on IMAT
Seymour, Kate, (09-15-2014)

Workshop on XRF
Wiseman, Annabelle, (05-09-2014)
Purewal, Vicky, (05-28-2014)
Wiseman, Annabelle, (07-01-2014)

Workshop on aqueous cleaning
Fuster-Lopez, Laura, (05-20-2014)

Workshop on architectural drawings
Weaver, Gawain, (03-11-2014)

Workshop on cleaning acrylic painted surfaces
Wiseman, Annabelle, (03-17-2014)

Workshop on collaboration between conservators and librarians
Schwoll, Sonja, (01-08-2014)

Workshop on conservation of metals in Southeast Asian collections
Parisi, Flavia, (03-05-2014)

Workshop on digital prints
Nishimura, Douglas W., (09-08-2014)

Workshop on exhibiting textiles
Breeze, Camille, (06-18-2014)

Workshop on gilding
Barnes, Stephanie, (01-10-2014)

Workshop on identification and conservation strategies for color and digital prints
Baroody, Reem, (01-06-2014)

Workshop on identifying hair
Bacon, Louise, (02-18-2014)

Workshop on identifying wood
Deurenberg, Rian M.H., (09-15-2014)

Workshop on lapped paper case binding
Green, Arthur, (09-23-2014)

Workshop on metallography
Goossens, Angele, (12-08-2014)

Workshop on packing and transport
Guidess, Gretchen, (04-13-2014)

Workshop on paper covers for limp vellum bindings
De Stefani, Caroline, (02-03-2014)

Workshop on pest species in Scottish museums
Wilson, Keeley, (04-28-2014)

Workshop on photograph identification and preservation
Matijkiw, Anastasia, (01-14-2014)
Matijkiw, Anastasia, (08-27-2014)

Workshop on pigment identification
Church, Jason, (02-03-2014)

Workshop on platinum and palladium photographs
Choudhury, Abigail, (01-27-2014)

Workshop on porcupine quill embroidery
Brozio, Patricia, (04-30-2014)

Workshop on preservation of audiovisual materials
Van der Meulen, Anna, (10-21-2014)

Workshop on reproduction of archaeological objects
Chaviara, Artemi, (02-24-2014)

Workshop on risk management
Privett, Helen, (07-28-2014)

Workshop on salted paper printing
Maloney, Amanda, (12-09-2014)

Workshop on storing audiovisual materials
Bulsink, Mirella, (06-05-2014)

Workshop on sustainable preservation practices
Ogden, Barclay, (08-18-2014)

Workshop on sustainable preservation practices for managing storage environments
Ford, Patricia, (04-23-2014)

Workshop on tear mending for canvas paintings
Gillespie, Simon, (08-26-2014)

Workshop on technical aspects of Monet's paintings
Rushfield, Rebecca A., (01-14-2014)

Workshop on use of Asian paper in paper conservation
Choi, Yunsun, (01-22-2014)

Workshops on artist interviews
Graham, Margaret, (01-09-2014)

Workshops on collections care
Compeau, Becky, (08-27-2014)

Workshops on sustainable preservation practices
Ford, Patricia, (09-04-2014)

Wrapping material for plastics
Bassett, Marcia, (03-18-2014)
Shashoua, Yvonne, (03-22-2014)
Bassett, Marcia, (04-09-2014)

X-ray radiography service sought
Fairbanks, Theresa, (10-06-2014)

Yale Preservation Lecture
Pilette, Roberta, (09-10-2014)

Yale Preservation Lecture--addendum
Pilette, Roberta, (10-02-2014)

Yale Preservation Newsletter
Pilette, Roberta, (10-06-2014)

Yale digital preservation policy
Pilette, Roberta, (11-12-2014)

Yellowing polyethylene bags containing Pacific Silvercloth
Godfrey, Jakki, (07-25-2014)
Shiner, Jerry, (07-27-2014)
Shashoua, Yvonne, (08-03-2014)
Barger, M. Susan, (08-10-2014)

Tapini, Laura M., (01-07-2014)

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