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Subject: A death

A death

From: Nancy Odegaard <odegaard<-a>
Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Dr. Werner S. Zimmt, Conservation Scientist, passed away peacefully
on September 12, 2014.  He would have turned 93 on September 21.
Werner was a member of the Arizona State Museum Conservation
Laboratory for 29 years.  Since 1985, over eighty conservation
professionals and interns had the privilege to learn from him. While
he always made people laugh and think, he also made us hope that we
could be as warm, friendly, and intelligent when we reached our 90s.

Werner was born in Berlin, Germany in 1921 and he and his twin
Gerald were two of "1000 Children" brought to the United States
(Chicago) with the limited American Kindertransport as Nazism rose
in Germany.  After service with the US Army in World War II he
earned his undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees in chemistry
from the University of Chicago.  In 1951 he began his career as a
polymer chemist working for the DuPont Co in Philadelphia where he
developed the paint used on most GM cars produced before 1971.  He
was an invited speaker at the 1979 AIC annual meeting in
Philadelphia.  In 1981 he was awarded a master's of science degree
in archaeology from the University of Pennsylvania. After retiring
from the DuPont Co in 1984 he moved to Tucson and became involved
with numerous organizations and activities.

While working in the ASM Conservation Laboratory since 1985, he
contributed to nearly every research based treatment undertaken. He
was a critical member to at least seven federally funded projects,
participated in guiding graduate degree research, and co-authored
numerous professional papers, posters and presentations.  His
scholarly career included numerous publications and patents in
chemistry and recently he was a translator for the 2014 book A
Jesuit Missionary in Eighteenth Century Sonora, The Letters of
Father Philipp Segesser.   In the conservation field, his noteworthy
publications/ presentations include:


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    Archaeology meeting.

Nancy Odegaard, PhD, FAIC, FIIC
Head of Preservation Division
Arizona State Museum
The University of Arizona
1013 E, University Blvd
Tucson AZ 85721-0026

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