Title Index

The Abbey Newsletter

$50 Million Offered for Research on Digital Records, 1997

100% Alkaline or Neutral Paper Companies in the U.S., Aug 1993

1988-89 was a Big Year for the Commission, Nov 1989

A Discussion on Deacidification and Pollutants, Oct 1992

A Dry Disaster in Pennsylvania State Library, Nov 1997

A Few Excerpts from: The DEAD MEDIA Project: A Modest Proposal and a Public Appeal, 2000
Sterling, Bruce

A Few High Points from the NARA Conference on Exhibitions, Jun 1990

A Further Note on the 'Illusion of Intact Signatures', Apr 1981
Huttner, Sidney F.

A Harvest of Planning Reports, Jan 1987

A Legal Mandate for Preservation, Nov 1983

A Loan Kit for Environmental Testing: Outreach in Minnesota, Jun 1992
Herskovitz, Robert

A Method for Storing Additive-Free Wheat Starch Paste, Dec 1989
Stone, Janet L.; Morse, Elizabeth

A National Preservation Program for Libraries, Dec 1981

A New Approach to Treating Fungus in Small Libraries, Nov 1991
Chamberlain, William R.

A New School for Binders & Conservators, Jun 1986

A Paper Drying Rack, Oct 1982
Dast, James C.

A Proposed Registry of Contested Inventions and Writings, 1997
McCrady, Ellen

A Quick Report of Two Important Conferences, Feb 1992

A Regional Center for Latin America, Jan 1988

A Regional Center in Wisconsin, May 1985

A Report on 3 Discussion Groups at ALA Midwinter, Jan. 1998, 1998
Frost, Gary

A Report to Readers and Supporters, From the Editor, Oct 1991

A Request for Historical Paper Specimens, Feb 1985

A Resolution from the Distant Past, Nov 1991

A Robotic Book Return, Jan 1988
Stevens, Norman D.

A Short Research Project into the Permanence of Thermal Fax Papers, Dec 1989
Jackson, Cheryl

A Strategy For Promoting the Use of Permanent Paper in the Private Sector, Dec 1996
Michaels, Jan

A Tribute to Frazer Poole, 1998
Bush, Stephen E.

A Tribute to Those Who Preserve Original Sources, Sep 1996
Vandiver, Frank E.

A Visit to British Binders & Binderies, Feb 1981

A Visit with the Schärf- Fix Engineer, Jan 1987
Eberhardt, Fritz; Eberhardt, Trudi

A pH Study of an Embrittled Rag-Paper Book, Dec 1990

AATA to be Available as a Free Online Resource, Apr 2002

AIC & ALA Cooperate on Collections Conservation, Feb 1992

AIC 1989, Oct 1989
McCrady, Ellen

AIC Definitions of Conservation Terminology, Sep 1996

AIC Meeting & Developments, Sep 1988

AIC Meeting: Sun Bleaching & Other Topics, Jul 1982

AIC News, Aug 1981

AIC Washington Meeting, Jul 1985

AIC Will Find Good Archival Homes for Treatment Records, Apr 1990

AIC, Chicago, May 1986--a Report, Aug 1986
McCrady, Ellen

ALA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, Aug 1992

ALA Honors Walter Henry, Apr 1994

ALA Midwinter Highlights, Apr 1994
Clareson, Thomas F.R.

ALA Midwinter in the Windy City, Feb 1991
McCrady, Ellen

ALA Midwinter, Feb 1989
McCrady, Ellen

ALA Midwinter, San Antonio, Feb 1988

ALA in Dallas, June 1989, Nov 1989

ALA's Third Resolution on Permanent Paper, Feb 1990

ANSI/ISO Update for Permanence and Physical Properties of Imaging Materials Pt. 2, Apr 2002
Nishimura, Douglas

ANSI/ISO Update for Permanence and Physical Properties of Imaging Materials; Pt. 1, Feb 2002
Nishimura, Douglas

ARL Preservation Statistics Reveal Trends, Sep 1995

ARSAG Conference Papers, Pt. 2, Nov 1994

ASHRAE Could Use Some Help, Apr 1984

ASTM/ISR Paper Permanence Research, 1999
McCrady, Ellen

Abbey Newsletter Needs New Home, Feb 2003

Accelerated Aging Research at CCI, 1997

Accelerated Aging Test for Binding Adhesives, 1998

Accelerated Aging and the Effects of Enclosure, Apr 1984
McCrady, Ellen

Access Unlimited, Nov 2002

Acid-Free Paper Production Reaches Halfway Mark, Dec 1990

Acid-Tolerant PCC: Changing the Way Paper is Made , Jul 2003

Activation Energy & the Arrhenius Equation, 1999

Advances in Environmental Control, May 1989

Akzo Decides to Drop DEZ, Nov 1993

Albumen Prints, RH and pH, Apr 1984
McCrady, Ellen

Alkaline Copy Papers, Oct 1987
McCrady, Ellen

Alternatives for Halon, Feb 2003

Alumni of the Columbia U/U of Texas-Austin Conservation & Preservation Programs, Aug 1995

American Archivists Plan Certification, Dec 1985

American Library Association Preservation Policy, Jun 2001

Americans Who Helped in the Florence Flood Rescue Effort , Dec 1996

An Analysis of Dust Cloths for Library Materials, Jul 1983
Cloonan, Michele V.

An Ancient and Honorable Form of Preservation, Dec 1989

An Archives Association With a 5-Year Plan and Its Own Conservation Service, Aug-Sep 1994
Hill, Rosaleen

An Encapsulation Workstation, 1997
Gilderson-Duwe, Caroline; Matz, Melissa

An Ethical Principle not in the AIC Code, Feb 1988
McCrady, Ellen

An Expert Assessment of North American Preservation, Mar 1996

An Interesting Case History of a Photographic Enclosure, Feb 1991
Reilly, James M.

An Unprecedented Conference, Aug 1986
McCrady, Ellen

Anne F. Clapp is Dead at 89, 2000

Another Disaster Recovery Service, Jun 1986

Applications Invited for Preservation and Conservation Studies, Feb 2003
Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen

Apprenticeship Workshop II. Finding, Nov 1981

Apprenticeship Workshop IV. Types of Apprenticeships, Oct 1982

Apprenticeship Workshop: III. Keeping, Nurturing, Releasing, Dec 1981

Archival Storage Rooms, 1999
McCrady, Ellen

Archives Becomes Independent, Dec 1984

Archives Expands its Conservation Staff, Feb 1985

Archives' Plan Stresses Storage Conditions, Apr 1985

Arizona Puts Teeth Into Preservation Law, Dec 1985

Attention All pH Pen Users, Aug 1993

Audiovisual Collections: A Conference at NARA, Jun 1989
McCrady, Ellen

Australian Conservators' Annual Conference Emphasizes Outreach, Dec 1990
Lyall, Jan

Authors and Publishers Pledge to Use Acid- Free Paper, May 1989

Automation and Preservation: Bring on the Empty Horses, May 1991
Elkington, Nancy

Availability of RAMP Studies, 1999

B & G Bubble for Fumigation with Inert Gases, Dec 1990

BMS CAT Open House, Dec 1988
Frost, Gary

Balls of Pyrite Crystals Found Growing in Old Books, Sep 1997

Benzene Exposure Level Now 1 ppm, Dec 1987

Bibliothèque Nationale: A Building Hostile to Preservation and Access, 1998

Binders' Price Competition Seen as Threat to Book Life, Dec 1992
Campbell, Gregor R.

Board Reattachment, Apr 2001
Brock, David

Bob Lucas's M.A.S.H. Program, Oct 1982

Book & Paper Group Annual, Jul 1985

Book Conservation Catalog Takes Form, Jul 1990

Book Conservation's Professional Cousins, Dec 1985

Book Preservation Month in Rochester, Dec 1989

Book Repair in Research Libraries, May 1995
Grandinette, Maria; Silverman, Randy

Book Review, Apr 1982
Huttner, Sidney F.

Book Review, Feb 1981
McDonald, Lee

Book Reviews, Jul 1982
McCrady, Ellen

BookLab Returns to Life, Feb 2003

BookLab to Close Down Nov. 30, 1998
Jensen, Craig

Bookbinders International, Oct 1989
Gourley, Paula M.

Bookbinding 2000, 2000
Belanger, Terry

Bookbinding Conference in Australia, Jul 1985

Bookbinding Manuals Evaluated, Oct 1994
Dorsey, Jim

Books Microfilmed in 1910, Nov 1994

Books Received & Available for Review, Jul 1982

Books on Demand Symposium, Jul 1994
Frost, Gary

Brief Survey of Investigations on the Deterioration of Leather, Apr 1981

British Library Offers Leadership, May 1985

British Library Stops Weeding Newspapers--For Now, Feb 2001

British Response to European Floods, Nov 2002

Brittle Paper and Plasma Treatment, Mar 1996

Budget Cuts Below the Federal Level (and Some Below the Belt), Nov 1991

Buffering Capacities of Enclosures Compared, 2000

Built-in Orderly Organized Knowledge Device, 1997
Cartier, Marielle

Burglary Case Still Open, Feb 1982
Buxton, Frank; Ceilings, Charles

CIC will Evaluate Mass Deacidification Processes, Jul 1989

CLIR Readies Report on Role of the Artifact in Libraries, Jun 2001
Smith, Abby

CLR to Work on National Preservation Strategy, Oct 1984

CPA Preservation Science Council Draws up New Research Agenda, Nov 1996

Call for Volunteers, Feb 1981

Calls for Papers, May 1991

Canadian Conservation Institute Offers Worldwide Analytical Services, 1999

Canadian Government Commits to Permanent Paper, Feb 1992

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproduction, Feb 1985

Canadian National Archives Lab Joins CCI, Apr 1994
Grattan, David

Canadian Parliament to Use Permanent Paper for all Publications, Oct 1990

Carbonate Content of Certain Archival Papers, Aug 1987

Carbonate-Filled Groundwood for Cash-Strapped Publishers, Nov 1995

Carbonate-Filled High-Yield Papers, Sep 1996
McCrady, Ellen

Carl Wessel Dead at 72, Jun 1986

Carolyn Horton Retires, Oct 1984

Carolyn Horton, Pioneer in Book Preservation, Passes Away, Oct 2001

Carolyn Morrow Leaves Harvard, Jun 1994

Carolyn Price Horton 1909-2001, Feb 2002
Eldridge, Betsy Palmer

Cataloging Medieval Binding Structures in British Libraries, Feb 1990

Cellophane Tape Removal Tool, Apr 1987
Minter, William

Certification of Apothecaries in 1815, Apr 1982

Changing PPM into Micrograms/M3, Oct 1987

Chaos in Scholarly Publishing Makes Waves in Preservation, 1998

Chemistry For Conservators, a Correspondence Course, Oct 1991
Schrock, Nancy Carlson

Choosing Which Federal Documents to Print on Alkaline Paper, Feb 1991

Choosing a Videotape Preservation Format: Some Rules to Live By, 1998
Stauderman, Sarah

Classes at Ascona, May 1985

Cleaning the Indoor Air, Nov 1983

Cleaning the Newberry's Collections, Aug 1982
Cloonan, Michele V.

Clinton Mandates Recycled Paper in Executive Branch, Circumvents Permanence Standards , Oct 1993
McCrady, Ellen

Cloth covered book cradles, Dec 1993
Andersen, Jennifer; Barrios, Pamela; Bell, Cathy; Espinosa, Robert

Cold Storage Facilities in the U.S., 1998

Collections Conservation Training is Nationwide, Apr 1994

Colonial Binding in Williamsburg, Aug 1982
Howell, Mark; Yoder, Sandra

Columbia Library School Will Close, Jul 1990

Columbia Programs Announced, Feb 1981

Columbia Programs Moving to UT-Austin, Feb 1992

Coming Events, Feb 1991

Coming Events, Jul 1990

Coming Events, May 1991

Coming Events, Oct 1990

Coming in the next issue:, 1997

Comment Invited for New Draft of NISO Standard, Feb 1991

Comments are Invited on Paper Standard Revision, Nov 1989

Companies Making Nothing but Alkaline Paper, Mar 1988

Compressed-Air Spray System for Bookkeeper, 1997
Wender, Deborah

Computer News From Australia, Apr 1986

Computer Workshop at AIC, Jun 1987

Computer and Video Camera make Job Quotations Easy, Aug-Sep 1994
Minter, William

Computers For Conservation Records, Sep 1989

Condition Survey of Master Microfilm Negatives, University of Florida Libraries, May 1991
Kesse, Erich J.

Condition of Paper Records in the Presidential Libraries, Nov 1988

Conference Report: Training in Collections Conservation, Aug 1992
Ogden, Barclay

Conference of St. Gall: 'The Mother of All Conservation Conferences', 1998

Conference on Book Theft, Nov 1983

Conference on Microenvironments, Jul 1988

Confessions of a Videotape Restorer: or How Come These Tapes All Need to be Cleaned Differently?, Nov 1994
Lindner, Jim

Congress and Permanent Paper Legislation, Feb 1990

Congressional Action on Permanent Paper, Sep 1989

Consensus Builds for a National Preservation Strategy, Feb 1992

Conservation Email Directory and Electronic Forum, Jul 1990
Henry, Walter

Conservation Graduates and Interns, Nov 1989

Conservation OnLine (CoOL) Delivers Full Text via Internet, Dec 1992
Henry, Walter

Conservation Papers From A/N/W, Oct 1981
Crisalli, Karen

Conservation Research in Canberra, Mar 1988

Conservation Research in the UK & Australia, Aug-Sep 1994

Conservation Training & Education in Argentina, 1999

Conservation Training in the U.K., Feb 1986

Conservation at the Virginia Historical Society, Jul 1994
Rusch, Stacy J.

Conservation of Our Careers, Oct 2001
Stoner, Joyce Hill

Conservators' Votes Needed on ASTM Standard, 2000

Conservators and Restorers Face Flood Hazards, Aug 1993
Rossol, Monona

Construction of Brass-Edged Press Boards, Jul 1989
Kelzer, Marie

Contaminated Aerosol Dusters, May 1983
Leyshon, William E.; Roberts, Richard N.

Contents of Cockerell Bindery to be Sold, Dec 1989

Controlling Mold on Library Materials with Chlorine Dioxide: An Eight-Year Case Study, Dec 2000
Weaver-Meyers, Pat L.; Stolt, Wilbur A.; Kowaleski, Barbara

Cooperative Conservation Centers in the U.S., 1999

Cooperative Programs, Aug 1992

Copyright Revisions for Internet Would Cut Fair Use, Nov 1995

Cornell Offers Training, Consultancy, Information, Dec 1986

Cost-Benefit Analysis for B/W Acetate: Cool/Cold Storage vs. Duplication, Sep 1995
Puglia, Steven

Cotton Paper and pH at Southworth Paper Co., Aug 2002

Courses and Workshops, Oct 1993

Crime Scenes and Conservation, Jun 1990

Crisis Facing the Conservation Teaching Profession, Jul 1994
Pearson, Colin

Crisis in the National Archives, Apr 1982

Customized Tools for Assessing Preservation and Access Needs, Dec 1996
Holden, Maria

Czech Flood Relief Fund, Nov 2002

DEZ Mass Treatment: Testing, Dec 1992
Kellar, Scott

DTPA, a Chelate That Helps Two Ways, Sep 1985

Deacidification vs Microfilming, Oct 1990
McCrady, Ellen

Deacidification, May 1991

Deacidification, Nov 1991

Description of Cooperative Preservation Photocopying Project, Apr 1991
Nainis, Linda

Designing a Book Wrapper, May 1985
Frieder, Richard

Developing Preservation Programs, Dec 1981

Diethyl Zinc Process Licensed, Sep 1989

Digital Camera Reviews, 1997
Vitale, Timothy

Digital Libraries Planned by CIC and NY State, Nov 1996

Digital Projects at the University of Michigan, 1997
Montori, Carla J.

Disaster Conference Report, Nov 1992
Balloffet, Nelly; Hofmann, Ana B.

Disaster Recovery in 1731, Dec 2001

Disaster Roundup, Nov 1992

Distance Learning, Aug 1987

Distance Learning: Chemistry For Conservators, Jul 1990

Does Alkaline Buffering Affect Photos? Hard to Tell, Oct 1984

Double Cross: Nicholson Baker's Assault on Libraries, Aug 2001
McCrady, Ellen

Dressing Leaflets Compared, Apr 1981

EC's STEP Project on Pollution & Paper Permanence is Finished, Oct 1994

EPA Assures NYPL Permanence Won't be Overlooked, Oct 1994
McPoland, Fran

Early American Research on Leather, Aug 1981

Early Books, Nov 1992

Early Returns from the Abbey Permanent Paper Survey, Nov 1993

Echizen Home Stay, Jul 1983
Frederick, Helen C.

Editorial Notices, Dec 1996

Editor's Page, 1997

Editor's Page, 1997
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Education Offered in Many Forms, Sep 1983

Education in Italy, Feb 1990

Education, Jun 1989

Educational Events, Apr 1994

Educational Events, May 1993

Effectiveness of Commercial Mass Deacidification Studied, Apr 1991

Electrochemical Deoxygenation In Display and Storage Spaces, Nov 1994
Grattan, David

Electron Beam Radiation and the Permanence of Paper, Apr 2002
Baum, Gary A.

Electronic Lists, Web Sites & Resource Guides, Sep 1995
Henry, Walter

Email: The Cons DistList, Aug 1992

Encapsulation Research, Feb 1986

English Bookbinders in the De Coverly/Cobden-Sanderson/Cockerell Tradition: A Teaching-Genealogy, Feb 1990
Conroy, Tom

Environmental Monitoring Just Got Easier, Oct 1991
Barford, Michael

Enzymes Remove Lignin, Apr 1985

Eraser Crumbs of Staedtler Mars Plastic and Eberhard-Faber 1954 'Magic Rub', Feb 2002
Minter, Bill

EtO Reevaluated, Jul 1982

EtO Study Group Meets, Dec 1984

Etherington to Join Binding Firm, Oct 1987

Evaluation of Spot Tests for Detecting Lignin, May 1993
Brandis, Leanne

Events In The News, Aug 1987

Events In The News, Feb 1989

Events In The News, Jul 1987

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Executive Director/President of CCAHA Resigns, Nov 1989

Experiments with the 'Archivist's Pen', Jun 1990
McCrady, Ellen

Experts Agree Potassium Lactate Ineffective, Oct 1984

Facsimile Publishers, Jul 1987

Federal Law Sets Up Preservation Program for Sound Recordings, Apr 2002

Final Report to Congress on the Joint Resolution to Establish a National Policy on Permanent Papers. Part I, Sep 1996

Final Report to Congress on the Joint Resolution to Establish a National Policy on Permanent Papers: Part 2, Dec 1996

Finally! A Lignin Indicating Pen, 1999

Financial Support of all Kinds, Nov 1992

Finland Requires Permanent Paper for Government Records, May 1989

Folklife Center Sponsors Bookbinding Event, Feb 1981

Follow-Up: PVAs Evaluated in 1975, Jul 1983

Follow-up on Los Angeles Library Fire, Aug 1987

Foolproof Solutions for the Foolhardy, Aug-Sep 1994

For Activist Conservators: Copyright, Nov 1981

Fore Edge Registration Hand-Cradling for Top-Down Scanners, Feb 2003
Baum, Kristin A.

Formaldehyde, Jun 1987

Foxing in Four Dimensions, Dec 1989

Freeze Drying, Oct 1986

Friendly Interest, Jan 1987

Friends of Dard Hunter Meet in Chillicothe, Dard's Home Town, Nov 1994
Watt, Marcia

Friends of Paper Museum Meet, Apr 1985

From the NARA Annual Report, Dec 1989

From the Pilot Apprenticeship Workshop, Aug 1981

Fulbrights for Librarians/Archivists, Apr 1994

Funding Doubled for N.Y. Libraries, Sep 1985

Funding for NJ, NEH, LC, & NARA, Apr 1986

Further Comments on Climate Control Guidelines, Nov 1994
Lull, William P.

G. Herrick on Binding & Collecting, Feb 1981

GBW 75th Anniversary Exhibition, Feb 1981

GBW Seminar on Excellence, May 1983

GBW Standards Seminar, 1984, Dec 1984
Dalrymple, Jane

GBW Standards Seminar, Apr 1987
Cullison, Bonnie Jo

GCI/HRC Research World's First Photograph, Nov 2002
Brown, Barbara N.

GPO Gets Paper Permanence Specs, Sep 1988

Gamma Radiation Approval Seen, Feb 1986

Gamma Radiation for Use in Archives and Libraries, Apr 1985
Hanus, Jozef

Gamma Radiation, Apr 1984

Gamma, Apr 1984

Gas-Phase Deacidification in Japan, 1999

Gebrochener Ruecken (Shaped Spine Case-Binding Techniques), Apr 1987
Rebsamen, Werner

Getting Information About the Product, Dec 1981

Getty Info System to Include Conservation, Jul 1983

Glatfelter Makes Alkaline Paper Easier to Get, Oct 1984

Glen R. Cass--A Tribute, Feb 2002

Gold Prices, Dec 1983

Good News Department, Nov 2002

Good Resolutions, Feb 1988

Goodbye to New Carrollton, Aug 1981

Government Contracts for Conservation, Dec 1982

Government to Get Permanent Paper Standards, Feb 1988

Gracy to Head Preservation & Conservation Studies at U.T., 1998

Grants Received, Nov 1981

Grants, Jul 1983

Grants, Jul 1984

Grants: Money Comes from All Quarters, Aug-Sep 1994

Greener Papermaking--Is It Good for Permanence?, Sep 1993
Green, Simon

Group Supports Latin American Conservation, Jul 1989

Groups for Potential Liaison, Outreach or Alliance, Jun 1992

Hearings on Recycled & Permanent Paper, Jul 1989

Heat-Induced Yellowing, 1999
Beyer, M.

High-Level Workshop in Taipei, Dec 1985

Highlights of the AIC Conference, Sep 1983
McCrady, Ellen

Hill Monastic Manuscript Library, Feb 1986

History of Library Binding, Dec 1995
Henderson, William T.

History of the Abbey Publications, May 1991
McCrady, Ellen

Hornemann Institute Offers to Publish Dissertations on Net, Apr 2002

Hot Preservation Topics from ALA 1994, Miami, Aug-Sep 1994
Clareson, Thomas F.R.

House Action Needed on Permanent Paper Measure, Oct 1989

House Reacts to OTA Report, Sep 1988

House Subcommittee Hears About Preservation, Jun 1988

How AATA Finds all those Conservation References, Jun 1992

How I Use Sticky Tape, Aug 1986
McCrady, Ellen

How Leather Dressing May Have Originated, Feb 1990
McCrady, Ellen

How Stable are Photos on RC Papers?, Nov 1997
Nishimura, Douglas W.

How to Avoid Potential Problems with Employees, Jan 1987
Condie, Blair

How to Open a Book, Apr 1982

How to Switch to Alkaline Paper, Aug 1990

Hurricane Hugo Puts Disaster Plans to Test, Nov 1989

Hurry! Get Your Andrea Doria Banknotes Now! Only $299 Apiece, Apr 1986

ICA/IFLA Seminar on Research Planned, Oct 1990

ICI Names Three Prize Winners, Dec 1995

IFLA Highlights 1997 Conference, Copenhagen Part I: Preservation of Electronic Records, 1997
Whiffin, Jean

IFLA Highlights 1997 Conference, Copenhagen Part II: Permanent Paper & National Libraries, 1998
Whiffin, Jean

IFLA Meeting on Library Preservation, Dec 1994
Manning, Ralph W.

IFLA Resolutions, Oct 1989

IFLA's 1979 Book Conservation Principles, Jul 1988

IPC Manchester, Jun 1992
McCrady, Ellen

ISO Developing Standard for Certification of Persons: ISO/IEC 17024, Jul 2003
Silberhorn, Penny

ISO Paper Permanence Standard Approved, Sep 1993

ISO Work on Binding Standards, Aug-Sep 1994
Grauer, Sally; Ogden, Barclay; Aubey, Rolland

Identification of Spue on Leather Books at Trinity College, Hartford, Jul 1997
DePhillips, Henry A., Jr.; Mader, Michele L.

Imaging Nuggets, 1997
Smith, Steve

In Memoriam: Fritz Eberhardt, 1917-1997, 1997
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In Memoriam: Paul N. Banks 1934-2000, 2000
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Indoor Environment Standards: A Report on the NYU Symposium, Dec 1995
McCrady, Ellen

Inexpensive Forming of Ultra-Thin Paper Tissues, Dec 1988

Information on Leather Conservation, May 1983

InterPARES Project Seeks to Preserve Digital Records, 1999

Interior Paints and Indoor Air Pollution, Jul 2003

International Seminar on Preservation Research, May 1991, Sep 1991
McCrady, Ellen

Interview with National Librarian of Germany, Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, Dec 1996

Irradiation of Library & Archives Materials Meeting: A Summary, Feb 2002

Is Digital Conversion Really Part of Preservation?, 1999
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Is the Monkeywrench Story True?, Jun 1988

It Came From the North Pole (A Visit to the Museum II), Oct 1993
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Italy Gears Up, Jun 1989

Jan Merrill-Oldham Chosen to Head Preservation at Harvard, May 1995

Janet Bridgland, GCI Pioneer, Departs for Minnesota, Apr 1991

Japanese Newsletters, Jan 1987

Japanese Paper Hinge Repair For Loose Boards on Leather Books, Aug 1995
Etherington, Don

John Dean's Work in Southeast Asia, Aug 2002

Johns Hopkins to Offer Training in Basic Care & Treatment, Aug 1986

July workshop to plan research on paper aging, Dec 1993

Keeping Newsprint Fresh and White, Apr 1987

Keiko Keyes is Dead, Nov 1989

Ken Harris Moves from Archives to LC, Jun 1990

Kitchen Chemistry Revisited, Apr 1992

LBS Conference, Part I, Oct 1987
McCrady, Ellen

LBS Conference, Part II, Dec 1987
McCrady, Ellen

LC Asks IPI to Advise on Vendor Standards for Digitizing Work, Nov 1996

LC Closer to Choosing Contractor, Jul 1990

LC Deacidfication Testing Program, Oct 1992

LC Has an Action Plan for Deacidification Program, Apr 1992

LC Internships in Conservation, Oct 1987

LC Invites Expert Criticism on its RFP for Deacidification Services, Jun 1990

LC Invites Proposals for Deacidification Service, Oct 1990

LC Mass Deacidification Program: June Update, Jun 1994

LC Rescues Score in Time for Concert, Apr 1985

LC Research, Jun 1984

LC Round Table on Preservation Research & Development, Nov 1992
Nainis, Linda

LC Signs Deacidification Contract with Preservation Technologies, 1997

LC Surveys Collections, Oct 1984

LC Turns Down all Three Deacidification Proposals, Oct 1991

LC's County Atlases: Jobbed-Out Conservation, Dec 1985

LC's Mobile Repair Stations, Dec 1983

LSCA Reauthorized, Jun 1990

Lamination in Spain, Oct 1990
Viñas, Vincente

Latin American Preservation Panel, Oct 1987
Grover, Mark L.

Latin America's World-Class Paper Conservation Course, Sep 1995

Leaky Roofs, 1998

Lean Times for Conservation, Nov 2002

Leather Meeting at IIC, Oct 1982

Leningrad Library Fire, Jun 1988

Letter, Feb 1992
Stam, David

Letter, May 1991
Silverman, Randy

Letters, 1997
Grattan, David

Letters, 1999
Arnold, R. Bruce; Dahlø, Rolf; Ward, Christine W.

Letters, 1999

Letters, 1999
Masschaele, Brian

Letters, Apr 1984
Dubansky, Mindell; Patri, Stella

Letters, Apr 1985
Stenstrom, Anna

Letters, Apr 1994
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Letters, Aug 1982
Ellenport, Sam

Letters, Aug 1987
McIntyre, John E.

Letters, Aug 1990
Jones, C. Lee

Letters, Aug 1996
Grattan, David; McCrady, Ellen

Letters, Dec 1981
Barrett, Timothy

Letters, Dec 1985
Guyot, Don; Frost, Gary

Letters, Dec 1993
Child, R.E.

Letters, Dec 1994
Edmondson, Thomas M.

Letters, Dec 1996
Feller, Robert L.

Letters, Feb 1985
Eberhardt, Fritz; Conroy, Tom

Letters, Feb 1988
Frost, Gary; Whitehouse, Carol Sue

Letters, Feb 1989
Batton, Susan Sayre; Chase, Mary Reinsch

Letters, Jul 1983
Barger, M. Susan

Letters, Jul 1990
Schlefer, Elaine R.

Letters, May 1989
Singpiel, Stan

Letters, May 1993
Casey, Mike; Milevski, Robert J.

Letters, Nov 1981
Crisalli, Karen

Letters, Nov 1988
Geraty, Peter; Jermann, Peter; Schlefer, Elaine R.

Letters, Nov 1989
Boral, John

Letters, Nov 1992
McClung, Patti

Letters, Nov 1996
Comer, Janice

Letters, Oct 1990
McCabe, Constance

Letters, Sep 1993
Kresh, Diane Nester; Kellar, Scott; Bird, Alan J.

Letters, Sep 1997
Sloan, Rob; Dean, John F.

Library Awards Contract for Deacidification, Aug 1995

Library Journal Attacks LC, Mar 1987

Library Networks Get into Conservation, Jul 1984

Library of Congress Manuscript Marking Ink, Jun 1996
Shahani, Chandru J.

Library/Archive Conservation, 1981-2001, Dec 1981

Life-Expectancy Standard for Office Images Proposed, 2000

Lignin on Trial: A Report of the ISR Workshop, Jul 1994
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Lignin, CaCO 3 and the Revision of the ANSI Paper Permanence Standard, Dec 1991
Humphreys, Betsy L.

Like, It Came from the Pole, Dude, IV, Nov 1996
Shelton, Sally

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Literature, 1997

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Literature, Sep 1993

Literature, Sep 1995

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Literature, Sep 1997

Little-Known Facts About Museums, May 1985

Little-Known Facts about Mold, I, 1998

Local Initiative Results in a Week of Fine Training, Jul 1988
Brown, Jane McCuthen

Locating Search Engines, Nov 1997
Stuivenga, Will

Longevity Committee, Aug 1982

Lots of Jobs, Dec 1985

MARAC Highlights, Jul 1987

Major Conservation Schools & Labs in Europe Closing, Nov 2002
Colleran, Kate

Major Grant to Preserve Records of Science , 1999

Managing a Stacks Cleaning Project, 1998
Zachary, Shannon

Marking CD-ROMs, Oct 1994
Lindner, Jim

Mass Aqueous Deacidification, Feb 1989

Mass Deacidification, May 1993

Mass Deacidification: Considerations for Archives, 1999
Jones, Norvell

Mass Deacidification: Writing A Contract, Sep 1993
Bond, Elayne

Mass Preservation Project in Asunción, Paraguay, May 1993
Esteva, María

Massachusetts Gets Law on Permanent Paper Policy, Feb 1991

Masuda Workshop on Oriental Paper Conservation, Nov 1985
Van der Reyden, Diane

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Jul 1988
Dorsey, Jim

Maybe You're an Executive and Don't Know It, Apr 1982

Meeting on Collections Environments, Nov 1997
Preusser, Frank D.

Meetings on Preservation of Electronic Records, Nov 1990

Merrill-Oldham Receives Piercy Award, Jul 1990

Method for Preparing Leather for Slurrying, Apr 1981
Sclawy, Adrian Conrad

Microfilming Brittle Books: Tracking Our Progress, Sep 1991

Microform Packaging Surveys, Jun 1992

Midwinter Meeting Schedule, Feb. 4-10, Nov 1993

Minutes of the St. Gall Conference, 1998

Mobile Labs, Feb 1986

Modern Printing Inks, Aug-Sep 1994

Mold Facts II: The Effect of Mycotoxins, 1999
McCrady, Ellen

Mold as a Threat to Human Health, Oct 1994

Mold: The Whole Picture Pt. 1, 1999
McCrady, Ellen

Mold: The Whole Picture Pt. 2, Assessment of Mold Problems, 1999
McCrady, Ellen

Mold: The Whole Picture Pt. 3, A Neglected Public Health Problem, 1999
McCrady, Ellen

Mold: The Whole Picture, Part 4: Effect of Mold on Schools, Homes, & Human Beings, 1999
McCrady, Ellen

Moldy Audiotape, 1997
Brothers, Peter

Money is Nice, Apr 1982

More About Gamma Rays, Jul 1984

More About the ARL Project, Feb 1981

More EPA limits on CFCs, Dec 1993

More Easy Environmental Monitoring: Dataloggers, Nov 1991
Barford, Michael

More Subject Headings, Jul 1985

More Survey Results: From the Abbey Newsletter Reader Survey, Mar 1983

More Web Sites & E-mail Addresses, Dec 1996
Wheeler, Jim

Motylewski to Head University of Texas Program, Dec 1994

Movies & TV, Nov 1990

Moving Image Preservation (and Destruction), Aug 1992

Museum Holds Book Festival, Nov 1983

Museum Surveys: IMS and Canny Conservators Help Museums Catch Up with Libraries, Nov 1988
McCrady, Ellen

Music, Nov 1990

NARA Advises Federal Agencies on Selecting Long-Lived Paper, Dec 1995

NARA Conference on Deacidification , 1999

NARA Conference on Preserving Tapes & Disks, March 1996, Nov 1996
McCrady, Ellen

NARA Welcomes its First Research Fellow: Paul Banks, Jul 1997

NARA's 1994 Preservation Conference: Acetate Film, Sep 1995
Wagner, Sarah

NARS Commissions Three Preservation Studies , Oct 1981

NEDCC Responds to Prague Floods, Nov 2002

NEDCC and Solinet Break Microfilming Logjam, Aug 1990

NEH Announces Major Restructuring and New Deadlines, Dec 1995

NEH Opens Office of Preservation, Apr 1985

NEH Sponsors Collection Conservation Training, Oct 1994
Jones, Lynn

NHPRC Grants for '84, Apr 1984

NLM Celebrates Permanent Paper in Medical Journals; Campaign is Succeeding, Dec 1991

NLM Hearing on Permanent Paper, Mar 1987

NOTIS-PIG, Feb 1991
Sagraves, Barbara

NYPL To Dust Books, Apr 1987

National Archives Conference Program, Nov 1997

National Preservation Program Office Expands, Dec 1984

'Natural' Cold Storage, 1998

Nebraska Gets Planning Grant, Oct 1990

New Address for Abbey Newsletter, Nov 1992

New Directions in Paper Conservation, Jun 1986

New Hunter Bibliography, May 1991

New Impetus for the Study of Binding History: The Association for the Recording and Reconstruction of Historical Bookbindings, 2000
Pabel, Angelika

New Italian Conservation Course for Library Materials, Sep 1993
Albro, Sylvia Rodgers

New Labs, Apr 1982

New Preservation Posters, Feb 1985
Moon, Myra Jo

New Schools in Europe; Preservation Course in Argentina, Sep 1995

New Standards in the Works, Jul 1984

New Study Examines Preservation in Academic Libraries, Feb 2003
Smith, Kathlin

New Way to Preserve Machine-Readable Records, Apr 1985

New Ways of Making Paper May Change Permanence Testing, 1998

New Ways to Remove Lignin, Feb 1986

News , Dec 1981

News from Preservation & Conservation Studies, Texas, Dec 2000

News, 1997

News, 1997

News, 1997

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News, Sep 1993

News, Sep 1995

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News, Sep 1997

Newspaper Preservation Around the World, Jan 1988

'Nightmare II' in LA, Oct 1986

Nine Preservation Self-Studies, Feb 1988
McCrady, Ellen

Nonaqueous Deacidification at Princeton, 1982-89: A Progress Report, Aug 1990
Batton, Susan Sayre

Nonprint Experts Speak At NBS, Dec 1985

North American Permanent Papers 1995 Names 423 Printing/Writing Papers, Nov 1995

Not All Mylar is Archival, Sep 1989
Taylor, Thomas O.

Notes & Queries, Sep 1993
Kellar, Scott

Notice To Serials Departments:, May 1989

Obituary: Myra Jo Moon, May 1993

Obituary: Carolyn Hixson Harris, Dec 1993

Obituary: Douglas Everson, Jul 1989

Obituary: Emanuele Casamassima, Dec 1988
Federici, Carlo

Obituary: Frazer G. Poole, 1998

Obituary: George Martin Cunha, Nov 1994
O'Connell, Millie

Obituary: Helen Diana Burgess, 1999
Logan, Judy

Obituary: John H. Jenkins, Sep 1989

Obituary: John P. Baker 1933-2002, Aug 2002
Boomgaarden, Wes; Watson, Duane

Obituary: Judith Segal, Feb 1990
Tremain, David

Obituary: Keiko Keyes, Feb 1990
Futernick, Robert

Obituary: Larry Wood, 1999

Obituary: Paul Foulger (1928-1995), May 1995
Garrett, Madelyn D.

Obituary: Susan Garretson Swartzburg , Nov 1996

Obituary: Sydney M. Cockerell, Jan 1988

Obituary: William K. Wilson, Feb 2003

Offsite Storage at UT Austin, Dec 1992

Oh, That Delightful Smell of Moldy Books, Aug 1990

Old Ink Recipe, Jun 1984

Old Manuscripts 'Transformed', Dec 1989

Old-Fashioned Home Remedies, Oct 1984

Omaha Conference: The Art of the Printed Book, Aug 1981
Fortson-Jones, Judith

On the Move, Jul 2003

On the Preservation of Books and Documents in Original Form, Jul 1990
Ogden, Barclay

Outreach in Australia, Feb 1990

Outsourcing of Book Conservation , 1998

Oxbow Book & Paper Intensive - A Report, Dec 1985
Genest-Côté, Louise

Oxbow, Jun 1984

Ozone Effects: Good and Bad, Jun 1987

PLMS at Midwinter, Feb 1985

PLMS in Chicago in July, Sep 1985

PLMS in San Francisco, Jul 1987
McCrady, Ellen

PLMS, Midwinter, Mar 1987
McCrady, Ellen

PMG Winter Meeting, Jul 1985

PTI Pilot Plant Ready, Sans Freon; Deacidification Services Offered to Public, Sep 1993

Paper & Book Intensive 88, Nov 1988
McCrady, Ellen

Paper Aging Research at TNO, Dec 1996
Havermans, John

Paper Catalogue Presented at AIC, Jun 1984

Paper Companies Converted to Alkaline, Sep 1989

Paper Conservation Update: Bleaching and Fumigation, Sep 1989
Kruth, Leslie M.

Paper Museum Group Celebrates Dard's Birthday, Oct 1984

Paper Washing Machines, Oct 1990

Paper and Binding Quality of Latin American Books, Jul 1988
Grover, Mark L.

Paperbacks vs. Hardbacks, Dec 1996
Baird, Brian J.

Papers from the ARSAG Conference, May 1994, Aug-Sep 1994
McCrady, Ellen

Paprican's Dry Deacidification Method, Dec 1995

Parylene Made Available for Conservation, Sep 1988

Past and Future Disasters, Feb 1990

Patents for Low-Cost Deacidification, Rapid Retrieval in Remote Storage Facilities, Dec 1996

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Permanence of Cellulose Ethers, Feb 1988

Permanence of Magnetic Materials and Optical Disks, Apr 1990

Permanence of Photocopy Images, Apr 1995

Permanent Papers on the Market, Nov 1990

Permanent Papers on the Market, Oct 1991
McCrady, Ellen

Personnel Changes at the Smithsonian, Oct 1989

Pest Control Seminar, Austin: A Report, Sep 1993
Clareson, Thomas F.R.

Petherbridge Moves to Australia, is Active Internationally, Nov 1990

Petherbridge Teaches at Columbia, Oct 1986

Photo Conservation in Spain, Jul 1985

Photocopying on Archival Paper, Dec 1987
McColgin, Michael

Photogard, Jun 1986

Photographic Materials Update for 1992, Sep 1993
Wagner, Sarah

Pickwoad and Morse are Harvard's New Conservators, Nov 1992

Planning Guidelines for an Italian Newspaper Library Part 1, Jun 2001
Federici, Carlo

Planning Guidelines for an Italian Newspaper Library: Part 2, Aug 2001
Federici, Carlo

Planning Your Fire Suppression System, Jun 2002

Plans for Smithsonian Reorganization Challenged, Jun 2001

Please Stop Sending Book Arts Stuff to Abbey Publications, Sep 1991

Polish Archives & Libraries Inundated, Sep 1997

Polly Lada-Mocarski Dies at 94, Nov 1997
Carlson, Lage

Polyester Film Book Supports, Jun 1990
Martin, Susan B.

Position Sought, Apr 1987

Positions Open, Dec 1991

Positions Open, Dec 1996

Positions Open, Feb 1991

Positions Open, May 1991

Positions Open, Nov 1991

Positions Open, Nov 1992

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Preliminary Program, IADA 1995, Jun 1994

Preliminary Report on the Conservation of Slides with Special Reference to the Removal of Mold, Jul 2003
Caldararo, Niccolo; Griggs, Candis

Preliminary Report: Conference on State Programs, March 89, Jun 1989
McCrady, Ellen

Preservation Activities at the National Archives, FY 199(), Sep 1991

Preservation Administration (Via Distance Education), Jul 1997
Wilson, Paul

Preservation Elements in MARC Format, Oct 1987

Preservation Field Services Cooperate, Sep 1997

Preservation Instruction, Education, and Outreach DG, Nov 2002

Preservation Issues at ALA Chicago, Aug 1990
McCrady, Ellen

Preservation Needs in Science, Jul 1991

Preservation Planning Here and There, Nov 1990

Preservation Reformatting Conference: Digital Technology vs. Analog Technology, Jul 2003
Gonzalez, Maria E.

Preservation Research at the Library of Congress, 1999

Preservation Training for Archivists, Feb 1992

Preservation in the Future Tense, 1998
Smith, Abby

Preservation of electronic formats, Dec 1993
Jermann, Peter

Preservation vs. Conservation, Nov 1985
Darling, Pamela W.

Preservation-Related Web Sites, Sep 1996

Preservation-Related Web Sites, Sep 1997

'Preserving' Newspapers, Dec 2000
McCrady, Ellen

'Preserving' Newspapers, Part 2, Feb 2001

President Signs Permanent Paper Law, Nov 1990

Pressure Sensitive Tapes and Photos, 1999
Wagner, Sarah

Pressure Sensitive Tapes: A Report, Mar 1983
Smith, Merrily A.

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive United States Stamps, 1999
Lawrence, Ken

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive United States Stamps: Part 2, 1999
Lawrence, Ken

Prevention (i.e., Preservation) Gains Acceptance in the Conservation (i.e., Treatment) World, Dec 1992

Preventive Conservation in Latin America, Oct 1993
Raphael, Bettina

Prices of Scholarly Journals Triple; How Does This Affect Preservation? And What Will the Outcome Be?, Jun 2002
McCrady, Ellen

Priorities In Library and Archival Conservation, Apr 1981
McCrady, Ellen

Priorities in Library and Archival Conservation II. National Preservation Program Conference, Dec 1981
McCrady, Ellen

Products & Services, Apr 1991

Products & Services, Apr 1992
Mowery, Frank

Products & Services, Aug 1990

Products & Services, Dec 1988

Products & Services, Dec 1990

Products & Services, Dec 1992

Products & Services, Feb 1988

Products & Services, Feb 1991

Products & Services, Jan 1988

Products & Services, Jul 1987

Products & Services, Jul 1989

Products & Services, Jul 1991

Products & Services, Jun 1989

Products & Services, Jun 1990

Products & Services, Jun 2002

Products & Services, Nov 1988

Products & Services, Nov 1989

Products & Services, Nov 1991
Mowery, Frank

Products & Services, Sep 1988

Products & Supplies, Feb 2001

Profil: An International Database of Watermarks, Aug 1992

Program for Erice Conference Announced, Dec 1995

Project M.A.S.H. Makes Bold Claims, Mar 1983
McCrady, Ellen

Project PAPER, Aug 1992

Provenance Paper Preservation, Nov 2002

Publishers' Page of Shame, Apr 2002

Pyroxylin vs. Aqueous (Acrylic) Coated Cloth, May 1985

Quality Linen Thread for Conservation, 1997
Minter, William

Queries & Requests, Jul 1990

Queries from the Cons DistList, Aug-Sep 1994

Queries, Apr 1982

Queries, Apr 1995

Queries, Dec 1982

Queries, Dec 1984
Buchanan, Sally

Queries, Dec 1987

Queries, Dec 1993

Queries, Feb 1985

Queries, Feb 1990

Queries, Jul 1982

Queries, Jun 1989

Queries, Mar 1987

Queries, Nov 1989

Queries, Nov 1991

Queries, Nov 1995

Queries, Oct 1982

Queries, Oct 1991

Query, Apr 1987

Query, Apr 1992

Query, Aug 1990

Query, Feb 1991

Query, Jun 1984

Query, Jun 1987

Query, Jun 1988

Query, Nov 1990

Query, Oct 1984

Query, Oct 1992

RBMS Activities, Feb 1989
Cloonan, Michele V.

RIT Acquires Middleton Library, Dec 1983

RLG Photocopying Guidelines, Mar 1988

Radiation of Mail: Delays in Delivery, Apr 2002

Rare Book School 1985, Feb 1985

Rare Book School, 1983: Historical Bookbindings, Sep 1983
Spitzmueller, Pamela

Reader Survey Results, Jul 1997

Reader Survey Results, Part II, Sep 1997

Reader Survey, Nov 1996
McCrady, Ellen

Real Popcorn as Packing Material, Apr 1992

'Reality' Bytes: Conference Presents Variety of Views on Electronic Records Preservation, 2000
Clareson, Thomas F.R.

Recent Disasters, Feb 1986

Recent Meetings with Preservation/Conservation on the Program, Dec 1989

Recent Preservation-Related Events, 2000

'Recent Research Shows...' An Essay, Jun 1986
McCrady, Ellen

Record-Breaking Floods in Europe, Aug 2002
Guentzel, Meiling

Recorded Sound: The March 89 ARSC/AAA Committee Meeting, Jul 1989
Paton, Christopher Ann

Recovery of Mold Damaged Magnetic Tape at Vidipax: a Procedure Sheet, Dec 2001

Recycled Paper Mandate Now in Effect: A News Report with Commentary, Sep 1989

Reformatting Discussed at ALA , Sep 1988
McCrady, Ellen

Register of Pest Control Actions, Jun 1988

Rehabilitation of Book Abusers, Dec 1984

Relative Costs for Three Preservation Modes, Dec 2000
Walls, David

Removal of 19th C. Ships' Lists Embedded in Metal Painted Drawers, Jun 1996
Girod-Holt, Jayne

Report From RBMS Midwinter, Apr 1985
Milevski, Robert J.

Report to Congress on the Permanent Paper Law, Feb 1992

Report to Readers and Supporters, Jun 1992

Report to Readers for 1993, Jun 1994

Report to Readers, Aug 1993

Reports of European Events, Dec 1989

Research & Testing at the National Archives, Jul 1989

Research on the Dressing & Preservation of Leather, Apr 1981
McCrady, Ellen

Restaurator, Aug 1981

Review, 1997
Saretzky, Gary D.

Review, 1998
Rotili, Rossana; Valenti, Paola

Review, 1998

Review, 1998
Saretzky, Gary D.

Review, Aug 1990
McCrady, Ellen

Review, Dec 1995
Blank, Margarita

Review, Feb 1989
Dalrymple-Hollo, Jan

Review, Jul 1989
Buchanan, Sally

Review, Jul 1990
Atwood, Cathy

Review, Jun 1987
Buchanan, Sally

Review, Mar 1996
McCrady, Ellen

Review, May 1997

Review, Oct 1986
McCrady, Ellen

Review, Oct 1990
Plunkett, Wilma

Review, Sep 1995
Schrock, Nancy Carlson

Reviews, 1998
Fitzgerald, John D., Jr.

Reviews, 2000
McCrady, Ellen; Potje, Karen

Reviews, Apr 1984
Roggia, Sally; McCrady, Ellen; Henry, Walter

Reviews, Aug 1987
Spitzmueller, Pamela; McCrady, Ellen

Reviews, Aug 1992
Manning, Ralph W.; McCrady, Ellen

Reviews, Aug 1993
McCrady, Ellen

Reviews, Aug 1995
McCrady, Ellen

Reviews, Aug 1996
Saretzky, Gary D.

Reviews, Aug-Sep 1994
Harrington, Richard M.

Reviews, Dec 1982
Barger, M. Susan

Reviews, Dec 1986
Smith, Anthony W.; Wilson, William K.

Reviews, Dec 1987
Smith, Margit J.

Reviews, Dec 1992
McCrady, Ellen; Calmes, Alan

Reviews, Dec 1994

Reviews, Dec 1995
McCrady, Ellen

Reviews, Dec 1996
Wrightson, Robert J.

Reviews, Feb 1988
McCrady, Ellen

Reviews, Feb 1990
Atwood, Cathy; Gullick, Michael

Reviews, Feb 1991
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Reviews, Jan 1988
Garrison, M.A.; Lull, William P.

Reviews, Jul 1983
Merrill-Oldham, Jan; Klinger, Jane E.

Reviews, Jul 1985
Cloonan, Michele V.

Reviews, Jul 1991
Haskins, Scott

Reviews, Jun 1984
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Reviews, May 1991
Barrios, Pamela; Mason, James W.

Reviews, Nov 1985
McCrady, Ellen

Reviews, Nov 1992
Schrock, Nancy Carlson; De Stefano, Paula

Reviews, Nov 1993
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Reviews, Nov 1994
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Reviews, Nov 1996

Reviews, Nov 1997
McCrady, Ellen; Brown, Karen E.K.

Reviews, Oct 1992
McCrady, Ellen; Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor

Reviews, Sep 1983
Olcott, Lois; Boal, Gillian

Reviews, Sep 1993
Parker, Thomas A.; Clareson, Thomas F.R.; Chalmers, John P.

Reviews, Sep 1997
McCrady, Ellen

Revised ANSI Standard Appears, Sep 1993

Rounding & Backing vs. Flat Backs, Jun 1996
Cullhed, Per

Royal Edict, Concerning establishment in Versailles, of a Storehouse for Public Papers from the Colonies, Aug 2001

SAA Conference Highlights, Dec 1984
McCrady, Ellen

SAA Conservation Concerns, Feb 1981
McCrank, Lawrence J.

SAA in Atlanta, Dec 1988

Sally Key Chosen as Binding Instructor at N. Bennet St. School, Oct 1994

Saving Art History, Dec 1989

Science gets Preservation Attention, Jun 1992

Scientific Studies on Best Conditions for Long-Term Storage, May 1997
Behrens, U.; Bellerstedt, T.; Scherer, K.H.; Schmitt, R.E.

Security, Aug 1992

Selecting Fluorescent Lamps for W Output, Aug 1992
Lull, William P.

Selective Mass Deacidification at Harvard: Status Report, October 1992, Nov 1992

Selling Collections Care to Funders, May 1995
Drewes, Jeanne

Seminar on Excellence in Bookbinding Planned, Nov 1981

Senator Pell Seeks Legislation on Acid-Free Paper, Dec 1988

Serials Currently Received, Nov 1985

Setting Up Guidelines for Attribution Practices, Jul 1990
Atwood, Cathy

Six Fields of Preservation/Conservation Compared, Sep 1993

Smithsonian Conference on Collections Environment, Aug 1996

Society of Bookbinders and Restorers, Nov 1981

Soluble Nylon Reevaluated, Feb 1982

Some Papers Given at AIC 2000, 2000

Some Permanent Papers for Dissertations, Dec 1995

Some Preservation Administrators Have Reservations About Digitizing, Jul 1997
McCrady, Ellen

Some Third-Year Conservation Students & Their Internship Sites, Dec 1995

Some Thoughts on the Recent CAL Press Release on Climate Control for Cultural Collections, Nov 1994
Real, William A.

Some permanent papers available in the U.S., Dec 1993

Sound Recording in the Digital Age: Notes from the Field, 1999
Hardy, Charles III

Sound Recording in the Digital Age: Notes from the Field, Part 2, 1999
Hardy, Charles III

Sources of Funding for Digital Imaging Projects, 1998
Smith, Steve

Speakers' Bureau, Pt. I, Mar 1987

Special Collections on Books & Paper, Oct 1987

Special Reviews, Apr 1982
McCrady, Ellen

Spiral Bindings in a Hard Cover--An Alternative to Rebinding, 1997
Minter, William

Spread the Word - Prevent Information Deprivation:, Oct 1993

St. Nicholas Meets Them--(Another Visit From St. Entropy), Nov 1993
Shelton, Sally; Simmons, John

Stability of Barium Ferrite Tape, 1999
Brothers, Peter

Stability of Black-and-White Photographic Images, with Special Reference to Microfilm, Jul 1988
Reilly, James M.; Nishimura, Douglas W.; Cupriks, Kaspars M.; Adelstein, Peter Z.

Stackable Drying Racks, Apr 1985
Kellar, Scott

Standard Colors, Jun 1987

Standards News from ISO, 1998

State Laws Concerning Permanent Paper, Oct 1990

State Permanent Paper Legislation Encouraged, Jul 1994

Statement on Conservation, Aug 1990
McCorison, Marcus A.

Statistics Reflect Healthy Growth for Preservation, Oct 1993

Stella Patri, 1896-2001, Jun 2001
Riley, Dominic

Stephen Blumberg and His Stolen Books, Nov 1991

Stop Destroying Ancient Bindings, Sep 1989
Szirmai, J.A.

Storage of Microforms: What are They Doing in the Dark?, Aug 1992
Unger, Carol

Student Projects Recently Completed, Apr 1995
Smith, Wendy

Summer Fellowships In the LC Preservation Directorate, Nov 1993

Supplies & Equipment, Apr 1981

Supplies & Equipment, Feb 1981

Supplies & Equipment, Oct 2001

Supplies & Services, Apr 1982

Supplies & Services, Apr 1994

Supplies & Services, Aug 1995

Supplies & Services, Aug 2002

Supplies & Services, Dec 1981

Supplies & Services, Dec 1994
Morse, Elizabeth

Supplies & Services, Dec 1996
Morse, Elizabeth

Supplies & Services, Jul 1994

Supplies & Services, May 1995
Morse, Elizabeth

Supplies & Services, Nov 1993

Supplies & Services, Nov 1995
Morse, Elizabeth

Supplies & Services, Nov 1997
Morse, Elizabeth

Supplies & Services, Oct 1994
Morse, Elizabeth

Supplies & Services, Sep 1997
Morse, Elizabeth

Supplies &c., Dec 1984

Supplies and Services, Mar 1996

Supplies, 1997
Morse, Elizabeth

Supplies, Apr 1986
Espinosa, Robert

Supplies, Apr 1987

Supplies, Aug 1981

Supplies, Aug 1982

Supplies, Aug 1986
Espinosa, Robert

Supplies, Dec 1982

Supplies, Dec 1983

Supplies, Dec 1985
Espinosa, Robert

Supplies, Feb 1985
Espinosa, Robert

Supplies, Jan 1987

Supplies, Jul 1982

Supplies, Jul 1983

Supplies, Jul 1984

Supplies, Jul 1985
Espinosa, Robert

Supplies, Jun 1987

Supplies, Jun 1996
Morse, Elizabeth

Supplies, Mar 1987

Supplies, Mar 1988

Supplies, May 1983

Supplies, May 1985
Espinosa, Robert

Supplies, Oct 1981

Supplies, Oct 1982

Supplies, Oct 1984
Espinosa, Robert

Supplies, Oct 1986

Supplies, Sep 1983

Supplies, Sep 1985
Espinosa, Robert

Supplies, Sep 1996
Morse, Elizabeth

Support Group for Latin American Conservation Formed, Sep 1989

Survey of Abbey Readers, Jul 1988
McCrady, Ellen

Survey of Preservation Efforts in Law Libraries, Jul 2003
Turpening, Patricia K.

Sydney Cockerell Honored, Jul 1983

Symposium 88 Oct. 3-7, Ottawa, Dec 1988
McCrady, Ellen

Symposium on Periodical & Newspaper Preservation, Apr 2001

TAPPI Paper Preservation Symposium, Dec 1988

TAPPI Papermakers Conference, Jul 1991

TAPPI Symposium: Full Report, Feb 1989
McCrady, Ellen

TLA Conference Report: Conclusion, Dec 1982

Talas Produces a Catalog, Oct 1986

Teens and the Utah Centennial Permanent Paper Law, Dec 1996
Stone, Eileen Hallet

Temperature & RH Guidelines Challenged by Smithsonian, Aug-Sep 1994
McCrady, Ellen

Ten & Twenty Years Ago, May 1983

That 'Good Times' Virus is a Hoax, After All, Dec 1995

That New Spot Test for Lignin is too Hazardous to Use, After All, Sep 1993

The 5-Minute Phase Box, 2000
Cullhed, Per

The ACS Symposium in L.A., Sept. 28-29, Dec 1988
McCrady, Ellen

The AIC Meeting in Richmond, Jul 1990

The AIC Meeting in Vancouver, Jun 1987

The Acid-Free Paper Pledge Six Years Later, Sep 1995
Sagraves, Barbara; Welsh, Jane

The Advantages of Low RH, Feb 1990

The Archival Aids Conservation Award, Dec 1989

The Birth of the Air Conditioner, Oct 1991

The Book Arts Conference, Jun 1990
Frost, Gary

The Bookplate Question, Sep 1988

The 'Bottle Trick', Jan 1987

The Budapest Conference, Nov 1990

The CPA Science Workshop, Nov 1992

The California Earthquake, Nov 1989

The Challenge of Keeping Artifacts in Historic Structures, Dec 1992

The Concept of Intrinsic Value, Oct 1982

The Cost of Providing Access, Jun 2002
Smith, Abby

The Dessicant Drying Business, Mar 1987

The Document of Pavia , 1998

The Editor Endorses Low RH, Apr 1991

The Effect of Light from Flashbulbs and Copiers, Nov 1996
Michalski, Stefan

The Effects of Thymol on Paper, Pigments, and Media, Sep 1997
Isbell, Lisa Hall

The February NISO Meeting on Z39.48, Jun 1990

The Ferguson Slipcase, Sep 1989
Smith, Wendy

The Fires in New South Wales, Nov 1993
Howell, Alan

The First Photograph, Nov 2002
Brown, Barbara N.

The Forum, a New Feature, Mar 1983
Feller, Robert L.

The French National Library is Sick, Again, Feb 2001

The Future of Abbey Publications: An Editorial Speculation, Apr 1992

The Future of Preservation Education: Notes from the PI Institute, Sep 1993
Hart, Andrew

The German Mass Deacidification Project, Sep 1993

The Great Spine & Box Label Mystery!, Aug 1996
Boral, John

The Greater Digital Crisis, 1998
Marcum, Deanna B.

The IIC Conference, Oct 1982

The ISO April Meeting, Jun 1990

The Idea of Whole-Discipline Preservation in Libraries, Archives & Museums, Apr 1994

The Idea of a Central Depository, Jul 1990

The Ideal Preservation Building, May 1985
Cullison, Bonnie Jo

The Inserted-Flange Case Binding Structure for Rebinding Heavy Folios Without Leather, Dec 1983
Kellar, Scott

The Jan Sobota Appeal, Mar 1983
Smith, Philip

The Koppers Deacidification Patent, Dec 1986

The Laced Limp Paper Binding, Feb 1982
Kellar, Scott

The Library Company's Corrugated Clamshell Box, Oct 1991
Krupp, Andrea

The Lithco Deacidification Process, Jul 1989

The Loss of Early Video Recordings: The Nixon-Khrushchev 'Kitchen Debate', 1997
Lindner, Jim

The Man Who Saved Books, Apr 1985
Stevens, Norman D.

The Mellon Foundation, Aug 1982

The Mold Conference in Munich: A Report, Aug 2001
McCrady, Ellen

The Mold Workshop at AIC 2000 , 2000
McCrady, Ellen

The National Library of Medicine's Preservation Practices, Apr 2001

The New Museum Climate: Standards & Technologies, Sep 1996
O'Connell, Millie

The New York State Program for Conservation & Preservation of Library Research Materials, Dec 1996
Shubert, Joseph F.

The Nickety Split Method to Repair Record Album Jackets, Aug 1995
Saretzky, Gary D.

The Nickety Split Method to Repair Record Album Jackets, May 1995
Saretzky, Gary D.

The Opening of Booklab, Inc., Jun 1988

The Permanent Paper Law, Dec 1990

The Proper Care and Feeding of Videotape, Dec 1994
Lindner, Jim

The Quarter-Joint Case and Its Potential as a Conservation Binding, Oct 1991
Szirmai, J.A.

The Queen's University Program in Book & Paper Conservation, Oct 1987

The Quest for P/D Paper: An Exchange of Letters, Nov 1985

The Role of Alum in Historical Papermaking, Sep 1993
Brückle, Irene

The Round Plough, Jun 1989
Conroy, Tom

The Safest Solvents, Feb 1985

The Shrink Wrap Project at Rutgers University Special Collections and Archives, Aug-Sep 1994
Stagnitto, Janice

The Transition to Alkaline Paper Production, Apr 1990

The Use of Gamma Rays in Book Conservation, 2000
Sinco, Patrick

The Use of Lasers on Art Objects: An Investigation of the State of the Art, Dec 1996
Pietro, Giovanna Di

The Walgren Amendment in Context, Oct 1989

The White House Conference, May 1991

The Yale Survey, Sep 1983

The pH of New Library Books, 1976-1993: A Compilation of Survey Results, May 1997
McCrady, Ellen

Three Deacidification Methods Compared, Dec 1991
McCrady, Ellen

Throw These Records Out with Impunity, Feb 1982

Title II-C Grants, Jan 1988

Too Many Translations, Sep 1983

Top priority research projects chosen by CPA group, Dec 1993

Training Gets International Attention, Jun 1986

Training at Canberra, Nov 1985

Training for Archive Conservators, Nov 1989

Trobas Book-Washing Machine, Jul 1985

Two Deacidification Processes Evaluated; Reports Available from LC, Dec 1994
Harris, Kenneth E.; Shahani, Chandru J.

Two Face-Up Copiers Marketed in U.S., May 1985

Two Midwestern Programs, Sep 1983

Two National Preservation Plans, Apr 1994

Two New Advocacy Groups, Oct 1987

Types of Government Documents with Enduring Value, Feb 1992

U.S. Publishers Aid Preservation, Sep 1988

UPC Disaster Workshop, Feb 1989

UT Austin Conservation Interns and Graduates, Aug 1996

Union Carbide Acquires Wei T'o Rights, Nov 1989

Universal Preservation Format, 1998
Shepard, Thom

Update on Bookkeeper, 1998
Burd, James E.

Update on LC's Deacidification Program, Sep 1993

Update on the Permanent Paper Resolution, Part 2, Apr 1992

Update: ASTM/ISR Paper Aging Research Program, Aug 1996
Arnold, R. Bruce

Variability of the Vapor Pressure of Oxygen in Accelerated Aging, Jul 1997
Wilson, William K.

Videotape Restoration - Where do I start?, Oct 1994
Lindner, Jim

Vital Records Protection Issues, 1997
Moore, Pat

Volunteers Sought to Develop Standard for Archive Adhesives, Aug 2002

Wanted, Jul 1994

Weakening of Paper on Immersion, Jul 1983
McCrady, Ellen

Wei T'o Workshop, Aug 1986
McKern, Debra

Welcome Allies: Vendors, Librarians, and the Public, Aug 1996
Schrock, Nancy Carlson

Whaling Museum Restores 50 Logbooks, Jul 1987
Hauser, Robert

What It's Like to be a Systems Person for a University, 1997

What Paper Conservators are Expected to Know, Apr 1982

What RLG has been Doing Lately in Preservation, Apr 1995

What We're Hearing IFLA's 67th Council and General Conference, Feb 2002
Molgat, Lucie

What are Appropriate Standards for the Indoor Environment?, Apr 1995

What is a Bookbinder? A Panel Discussion, Jan 1987
Palmer, Patricia

What it Takes to Activate a Fungal Spore, Feb 1992
Florian, Mary-Lou

What the 13 CIC Libraries are Doing to Get Mass Deacidification Under Way, Jul 1991

Wheat Starch Paste: Recipe and Storage Preparation Procedure, Nov 1995

Where Preservation is Taught, Jan 1987

Who is the Library Conservator?, Sep 1989
Kaplan, Hilary A.

Why Library Preservation Should Plan for a Digital Future, 1998
Stewart, Eleanore

Wilhelm Book Published, Aug 1993

William Anthony, 1926-1989, May 1989

Wooden Writing Tablets and the Birth of the Codex*, Jul 1991
Szirmai, J.A.

Work of Smithsonian Scientists Revises Guidelines for Climate Control in Museums and Archives, Aug-Sep 1994

Wrappers With Magnetic Closures, Oct 1986
Schlefer, Elaine R.

Zeolites, Dec 1996

dBASE III for Conservation Surveys, Sep 1985
Pyatt, Timothy D.

pH is Hard to Measure, Dec 1987
McCrady, Ellen

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