The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 17, Number 2
Sep 1993



Charrette Laser Paper Selector, 100 Series. Charrette, 31 Olympia Ave., Woburn, MA 01888 (800/367-3729, fax 800/ 626-7889). This is a sample paper book of colored, white and transparent laser papers and an order form, with a guide in the front giving paper sizes and special features. One of the special features is "Archival quality." The criterion for inclusion in this category is not given, but 20 out of the 30 papers meet it.


The Daniel Smith catalog of artists' materials, Reference Catalog 1992/93, has a "Comparative Paper Chart" for papers used for making prints. It indicates method of fabrication (handmade, mouldmade, machine-made), whether it has deckle edges, sizing (light, heavy, moderate), printmaking uses, and whether it is acid-free. Thirty-three of the 36 papers are acid-free, including the Arches, Canson and most of the Fabriano papers. There is also a 4-1/2-page "Glossary of Paper Terms" which would benefit from a revision with input from the paper industry. In fact, both the TAPPI Paper Permanence Subcommittee and ASTM Subcommittee D 06.20 on Permanent Records Papers are considering compiling such a glossary, and might be good partners, especially the ASTM subcommittee, which has been considering a standard or guide for artist papers for several years.

For information about the Daniel Smith Reference Catalog, call 1-800/426-6740. For information on ASTM's guide for artists' papers, call or write Rolland A. Aubey, 1561 Fourth St., Port Edwards, WI 54469 (715/887-5273, fax 887-5555).


"Degradation of Archives and Library Materials vs. Permanent and Durable Paper for Archives; Proceedings of the International Seminar, Bratislava, April 22-23, 1993." Compiled, edited and technically prepared by Jozef Hanus. Slovak National Archives, Bratislava, 1993. 80 pp. English titles, long English summaries and occasional complete translations make this easy for English-speaking readers to follow. Forty-six participants are listed, with addresses. Most were from the Slovak Republic, but some also came from the Czech Republic, Slovenia in the former Yugoslavia, Austria and Hungary. Printed on alkaline paper with acid cover stock.

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