The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 12, Number 4
Jun 1988

The Opening of Booklab, Inc.

On April 4, 1988 Jim Larsen, President of Bridgeport National Bindery, Inc., and Paul Parisi, President of Acme Bookbinding Company, Inc., joined together with Craig Jensen of Jensen Bindery to form Booklab, Inc. The goal of this new company is to provide quality book-related services.

Booklab will be located in Austin, Texas, at the former site of Jensen Bindery and plans to relocate eventually to the Springfield, Massachusetts area. Mr. Jensen, President and part owner of Booklab, will head the operations. With over 11 years of service in the library conservation and bookbinding fields, including five years as library conservator at Brigham Young University, three years as book conservator at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center and nearly four years as owner of Jensen Bindery, Mr. Jensen brings considerable experience to this position.

Booklab will be divided into three divisions: library and archival conservation, fine edition binding and custom and edition boxmaking.

Library and Archival Conservation. In May 1988 Gary Frost joined Booklab to head the library and archival conservation division. Mr. Frost is well known to the conservation and library communities. His experience spans nearly 20 years and includes 14 years as Associate Conservator and Supervisor of the Conservation Lab at the Newberry Library and five years as Assistant Professor at the Columbia University School of Library Service. Mr. Frost has been tireless in support of the conservation and binding fields through the workshops he has given and the countless talks, lectures and articles he has written. Under Mr. Frost's direction the conservation division will focus on the development of standardized treatment responses to the most common recurring problems found in today's research libraries.

Fine Edition Binding. Booklab will offer the same high quality, fine edition binding services that Jensen Bindery has become known for. Under the supervision of head binder Priscilla Spitler, Booklab will build on the mix of hand and semi-automated techniques developed by Jensen Bindery to continue offering economically priced bindings of superior quality. Priscilla Spitler brings talent and experience to her position. She joined Jensen Bindery in July 1987 after serving as binder to the Press of the Palace of the Governors at the Museum of New Mexico in Santa Fe for four years. Ms. Spitler's educational achievements include a B.F.A. with high distinction from the California College of Arts & Crafts, a Certificate of Craft Bookbinding from the London College of Printing and a certificate from the first session of the Institute of Fine Binding and Conservation taught by James Brockman, at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center in Austin, Texas.

Custom and Edition Boxmaking. Jensen Bindery established a reputation as a consistent source of solidly designed and well built cloth covered boxes. It was also a source of oversized and one-of-a-kind boxes. Booklab will continue to build on this tradition and will be introducing a line of standard sized boxes as well as some standardized pricing and ordering procedures to insure quick delivery.

Adding support and strength to Booklab, Inc., is its association with Acme Bookbinding Company, Inc., and Bridgeport National Bindery, Inc. With decades of experience in the library binding field, well-developed communications with libraries in the Northeast, advanced knowledge of computerized systems, and expertise in the safe transport of large amounts of materials, Acme Bookbinding and Bridgeport National Bindery contribute to Booklab a breadth and maturity not often found in a new company. Together Booklab, Acme and Bridgeport National offer a commitment to quality and a full range of services unmatched in the industry. [From the news release.]

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