The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 8, Number 3
Jun 1984


During the first three weeks in July, an intensive book crafts program will provide both artists and conservators opportunity for exploration and practice in book format work. Faculty, staff and participants will live and work together in the lake dune environment of the Oxbow summer conference center, to define and solve problems and to develop new directions for their fields.

First week: Exploration and practice of hand papermaking, using both European and Asian technique. Advanced study of fiber selection, preparation, sheet forming, drying and sizing technique with the emphasis on methods practical for the individual craftsperson. The Oxbow mill will be in operation throughout the program.

Second week: Exploration and practice of printmaking, calligraphy and book format constructions. The interface between papermaking and image production and between single sheets and books will be investigated in detail.

Third week: Exploration and practice of hand bookbinding with detailed study of historical prototypes and investigation of current developments in limited edition hand binding, artist's books and conservation binding.

Typically, the participant's day includes a morning and afternoon "hands on" session with a small group. Evenings include a slide lecture and round table discussion. Studios are in operation throughout the day and evening and a specialized library of important and unusual works is also available. Homemade meals and camp services are provided by the Oxbow staff, assuring participants a productive working day free of interruptions. Swimming, canoeing, hiking, poetry readings and nature study are also part of the typical Oxbow day.

Staff: Tim Barrett, Andrew Ginzel, Kathryn Clark, Christopher Clarkson, Richard Flavin, Gary Frost, Susan Gosin, Mary Hamady, Walter Hamady, Conrad Hilberry, Hedi Kyle, Janet Lorence, and Jan Merrill-Oldham. Special assistants: Maria Fredericks, Janet Huges (Hughes?), Barbara Meier-James, David Morrison, Jesse Munn and Bonnie Stahlecker.

Tuition, materials, room and board for the full three-week period is $1100 (452.38/day); $400 per week for shorter periods. Scholarships available. Write Oxbow Paper and Book Intensive office, P0 Box 3809, Chicago, IL 60680, or call 312/871-2348. For detailed information call Timothy Barrett, 616/349-3410 or (evenings) 616/381- 2331.

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