The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 7, Number 1
Mar 1983

Positions Open

National Archives and Records Service

Duties: Incumbent serves as senior conservator and section leader to determine treatment of individual records and establish work schedules, Prepares training plans, materials, instruction manuals, and audiovisual teaching aids. Advises on conservation methodology and treatment of paper and related artifacts. Examines objects, to identify their nature and extent of treatment needed for their

preservation. Prepares written proposals for treatment of objects including: selection of treatment procedures, methods and techniques, and material to be used. Seeks modern, scientific answers to problems in paper conservation.

Qualifications: Candidates must possess three years General Experience and three years Specialized Experience. General Experience is any kind of experience which provided a good basic general knowledge of the principles of organization, management, and administration. Specialized Experience is operating administrative, program, or managerial experience in a type of work or a combination of functions directly related to the position to be filled, or in comparable work or functions. Candidates must be on an appropriate Register with the Office of Personnel Management, be career or career conditional Federal employees or have reinstatement eligibility.... Education may be substituted as outlined in the X-118 Handbook.

To Apply: All applicants must submit a SF-171; a signed copy of the Privacy Act Statement (with SF-171, Revised 12/77 or 1/79, the Privacy Act Statement is not needed); and a GSA Form 3413, Supervisory Appraisal of Demonstrated Performance or Potential.... In order to receive full consideration, the applicant must insure that his or her application provides clear, concisely expressed evidence of levels of accomplishment and responsibility in the areas of the KSAOs relevant to the vacancy. The applicant should recognize that it is entirely appropriate and in moat cases necessary to supplement the SF-171 with narrative statements of qualifying experience. Send all forms to: NARS Personnel Branch (HPON), Room G-7, 8th & Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20408.

Please indicate the grade or grades you wish to be considered for. For further information, please contact Laverne Ellis on (202) 523-3016.

[The "Supervisory Appraisal" form to be submitted has to include ratings on:

Knowledge of paper and media types
Knowledge of paper conservation treatments
Ability to evaluate the work of others
Knowledge of a wide variety of cultural material, including: books, paintings, photographs, furniture, textiles, and glass, metal and ceramic objects
Skill in treating paper, including: art works, maps, manuscripts, and general archival material

Colonial Williamsburg

Duties: 5-7 year training program concentrating on learning and becoming proficient at all forms of 18th century hand bookbinding including stitchbooks, publishers' bindings, and full leather bindings (blind & gold-tooled) using the most authentic techniques, tools, and materials; also includes 18th century methods of making marble and paste papers, modern techniques of restoration and repair.

All of the work (both training and actual bookbinding) is done in front of the public and it is the responsibility of each member of the staff to learn and explain to visitors to the museum not only the 18th century techniques of bookbinding but also the history of Williamsburg in general, the specific history of printing add bookbinding practiced in Williamsburg and the history of bookbinding in general. This is as important a part of the job as the learning and practice of the craft.

Qualifications: Previous bookbinding experience preferred, graphic arts background helpful; ability to deal with the general public and co-workers with enthusiasm, tact, and courtesy; ability to read and comprehend historical and technical material; ability to work flexible schedule including weekends and holidays.

Salary: $4.96/hour

Those wishing to apply, please send a resume and slides/ pictures or examples of work to: Director of Employment, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, P0 Box C, Williamsburg, VA 231B7.

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