The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 16, Number 5
Oct 1992

LC and Deacidification Suppliers to Cooperate in 2-Year Testing and Evaluation Program

The following announcement came from the Library of Congress, Contracts and Logistics, Landover Center Annex, 1701 Brightseat Road, Landover, MD 20785. It appeared in the Commerce Business Daily (CBD) on August 11, 1992 and was sent September 1 to those individuals or firms who had previously requested the solicitation RFP90-21 issued 09/13/90 for Mass Book Deacidification Services. It is reprinted here verbatim with minor editorial changes.

A. EVALUATION AND TESTING OF BOOK DEACIDIFICATION PROCESSES. The Library of Congress, to encourage and facilitate the development of deacidification technology, will provide testing and evaluation opportunities as well as technical information to interested parties who wish to submit their deacidification technology for Library evaluation. The Library will enter into cost sharing arrangements with parties submitting their technology. For each party interested in participating in this three-step, two (2) year program, the Library will evaluate book deacidification technology and provide an assessment of progress toward meeting the Library's deacidification requirements as contained in its Request for Proposals (RFP9O-21) dated 09/13/ 90 (copies available from the CO upon request). The focus is on the preservation requirements (extension of life of book paper, complete deacidification, alkaline reserve), but additional information will be gathered on each party's potential for mass scale processing, process-related damage, and other challenges to the successful use of the technology for preserving Library collections. Parties that request the Library's evaluation of their process must be able to demonstrate in Step 1 that they are potentially able to provide mass deacidification services by providing with their request to the Library and at their expense, the following information and samples:

After all of the above information is received and a determination is made that the party demonstrates potential for providing mass deacidification technology, the Library will proceed to Step 2 as follows:

Those parties that successfully demonstrate that they have the potential to meet the Library's mass deacidification requirements may request a more detailed evaluation of their process in Step 3. The evaluation will be consistent with those described in the Library's RFP90-21.

Parties interested in participating in this program must provide the information and samples no later than 18 months from the date of this notice to be considered under the 2-year open season. When responding to this notice please cite RFI92-O04.

[Signed] Kaye Klinker, Contracting Officer, 202/707-8608.

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