The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 15, Number 2
Apr 1991

Products & Services

Steam Generation Tools Compared

Nick Hindhaugh compares the Ministeam with an early model of the Orde Solomons Steam Pencil on p. 11-2 of Paper Conservation News, December 1990. He discusses safety, noise, warmup time, spitting at the nozzle, and ease of handling, and gives British sources of each.

Equipment for Sale

Harcourt Bindery has surplus equipment for sale:

1 small nipping press
1 Hickok board shears, steel table and back gauge (like a Jacques), 32" blade
1 18 1/2" job backer, all metal
1 Kensol Library model stamping press, swivel head
New stocks of English calf, natural and medium brown, aniline dyed, excellent quality @ $12/ft.

Contact Sam Ellenport, Harcourt Bindery, 51 Melcher St., Boston, MA 02210 (617/542-5858).


Special uses are being found for pocket-size temperature and humidity loggers that run off batteries, accumulating a record that can later be printed out on a computer. Besides those described on p. 147 in last year's volume of AN, there is monitoring of objects being frozen as a disinfestation measure. Lydia Preiss has a report in the AICCM Newsletter of a project in which some tapestries were frozen. Freezing will become part of their annual maintenance program for the tapestries.

One company that makes these devices is Giffords Services Corporation, 61 Brightside Ave., Central Islip, NY 11722 (516/234-1350; fax 516/234-3808). Three of their customers are Columbia University, Johns Hopkins Medical Archives and Pace University.

Suppliers' Catalogs Received

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