The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 15, Number 1
Feb 1991

Products & Services

Dustbunny Source: The supplier for the "magnetic" dust cloths described on p. 147 in the December issue is now Modern Solutions, Inc., 6370 Copps Ave., Madison, WI 53716 (800/288-2023, 608/222-2022). The original supplier seem to have gone out of business.

Supplies List: The revised WAAC Resource File is described in this issue, under "Bibliographies and Other Lists" in the Literature Section.

Permanent Ink: A pen recently appeared on the market which is advertised as permanent. This shows awareness of user needs and deserves comment, however accurate the claim are. It is the Sakura Gelly Roll, XPGB, which is made in Japan. The advertising says, "Gel ink technology; pigmented, waterbased ink for permanent writing; waterproof, fade-resistant and chemical-proof; no drips or smears; uses 100% of the ink." Its tip is a rolling ball, not felt tip, and it gives a very smooth line, at least while new. And it costs only 89�.

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