The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 25, Number 3
Oct 2001


Lorraine Olley became the executive director of the Library Administration and Management Association (LAMA) of the American Library Association. She says in her September 24 e-mail announcement that although she will no longer be directly involved in preservation, she plans to maintain contact with the preservation administrators and others in PADG at conference and elsewhere. Her telephone number is now 312/280-2156, and her e-mail address is

Paul Conway has accepted the position of director, Information Technology Services at the Duke University Libraries, where he will provide leadership for all library information technology activities, with particular emphasis on creating the Digital Library at Duke.

Judith Reed retired July 31 from the New York Botanical Garden Library, and can now be found at home in Croton-on-Hudson, NY.

Maria Skepastianu, a leader in preservation and conservation in her native Greece, died in April 2001 after struggling for two years with cancer. She had earned a master's degree in library studies at University College London in 1987/88, and a Ph.D. there in 1993. Her doctoral dissertation was on Promotion of Preservation and Conservation in Greek Libraries with Special Reference to the Education of Greek Librarians. She was active in IFLA's Section on Preservation and Conservation from 1997 to 2000. She and Jean Whiffin co-authored the Section's pamphlet on library disaster planning (1995), which she later translated into Greek.

James Brockman, who has been a practicing bookbinder for 40 years (including five and a half years as assistant to Sydney Cockerell) has been elected president of the Society of Bookbinders. The Society's thrice-yearly newsletter is small but has about 40 pages; for information contact Mrs. Jenny Codrington, 48 Denmark St., Bedford, MK40 3TQ, UK (

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