The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 8, Number 5
Oct 1984


Leah Wollenberg, who visited with Elizabeth Greenhill while she was in England for the "Horizons" conference, writes that Duval is going to publish a retrospective and bibliography of Ms. Greenhill's work. However, the location and ownership of some of her work is unknown. If anyone has information about the following books, please contact Lash Wollenberg at 180 Dorantes Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94116.

1. The Bindings of Tomorrow. The Guild of Women Book-workers (Sold by Maggs to Zeitlin)
2. The Golden Asse. Golden Cockerel Press
3. Venus and Adonis. (Sold by Maggs)
4. Printing with the Hand Press. Allen Press (Bought by Chiswick Bookshop, N.Y.)
5. The Papermakers Craft. (Bought by Philip Duchnes, N.Y.)
6. Printing as a Pastime. Winston Churchill (Sold at Abbey sale 1970)

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