The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 9, Number 6
Nov 1985

Editor's Page

Preliminary Report of a Survey

In August the Editor wrote to all U.S. paper distributors who handle the kind of paper this newsletter is printed on, Ecusta Waylite, and asked then whether they would sell it in amounts as small as one carton at a time. The purpose was to identify sources of permanent/durable paper for printing purposes. Eight replies have been received:

  1. Process Materials Corp. (301 Veterans Blvd., Rutherford, NJ 07070, 800/631-0193). They are putting together a list of acid-free papers available in one carton or less from the 60 mills they deal with. They will ship Ecusta or any of the other papers they handle anywhere in the country.
  2. Clampitt Paper Co. (4707 Blalock, Houston TX 77041, 713/690-7171).
  3. Unijax, Inc. (845 Rosewood Dr., Columbia, SC 29202).
  4. Unijax Printing Paper Marketing (3rd Floor Gulf Life Tower, 1301 Gulf Life Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32207, 904/ 398-3181) sent a list of 19 Unijax distributors, including #3 above, saying they can all sell Ecusta Waylite. They did not specify that they are willing to sell it in amounts as small as one carton; this can be a separate inquiry. They offered the information that Miami Paper Corporation of West Carrollton, Ohio manufactures a complete line of uncoated book publishing grades that are acid-free, and which is sold by Unijax distributors. Nearly all Unijax distributors are in the Southeast. A copy of the list of distributors will be sent from the office if a self-addressed stamped envelope is enclosed with the request.
  5. The Zellerbach Paper Co. outlets in San Francisco and Los Angeles stock Ecusta Waylite but only in 35 lb. weight, which is too light for most printers to handle for sheet-fad offset printing, the process used for most newsletters. This newsletter is on 40 lb. Waylite, too light to run on most folding machines. It is folded by hand.

    Zellerbach enclosed a handsome brochure advertising a line of acid-free coated papers from Potlatch, which they carry. It says, in part, "Acid free - the lasting impression. ... Unfortunately, many works of historical and aesthetic value are deteriorating at an alarming rate because of the acid nature of some printing papers. the acid in these papers attack the fibers causing discoloration and loss of strength. Papers printed over 200 years ago are outlasting papers printed 30 years ago. Paper can be made acid free, capable of lasting hundreds of years, and not compromise accurate reproduction." Etc.

  6. The Zellerbach distributor in Salt Lake City, however, sells 40 lb. Ecusta Waylite only in amounts above 44,000 lbs., which is the same as 550 eighty-lb. cartons of 1000 25 x 38" sheets each.
  7. Dillard Paper Co. (2100 Jefferson Davis Highway, PO Box 34748, Richmond, VA 23234-0748) says they cam provide the 40 lb. Waylite in amounts as small as one carton at a time. Their home office is at P0 Box 21767, Greensboro, NC 27420-9963.
  8. Lindenmeyr Paper Corporation (444 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 3430, Chicago, IL 60611, 312/222-1890) can supply the 40 lb. Waylite (no mention of minimum quantity) and can also supply acid-free paper from the following manufacturers:

    P.H. Glatfelter Co.
    S.D. Warren Co.
    Finch, Pruyn & Co., Inc.
    Eastern Fine Papers
    James River-Curtis Division
    Hammermill Paper Co.
    Strathmore Paper Co.
    Rising Paper Co.
    Kimberly-Clark Corp.

    Lindenmeyr operates in the Northeast: New York, Boston, Chicago, Hartford, Lancaster, New Haven, Philadelphia, and Rutherford. Process Materials (#1, above) is part of Lindenmeyr.

A simple but effective pH test kit will be sent to all distributors who replied. It can be sent to anyone who en-closes a self-addressed, stamped envelope with their request. It consists of dehydrated chlorophenol red, instructions, and a little stick to spread it with after reconstituting it.

Empty Envelope Received

On September 6, an empty air mail envelope was received from London, addressed to the Editor at her home address. The envelope was slit open at one end, and there was no return address on the envelope. If any reader recognizes this as a letter they could have sent, please communicate with the Editor.

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Editor and publisher: Ellen McCrady  
Copyright 1985 Ellen McCrady ISSN: 0276-8291

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