The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 26, Number 5
Jul 2003

On the Move

The Better Image® moved to a new home at the Milford Opera House on May 15th. Its new address is PO Box 48, Milford, New Jersey 08848, phone: 908-995-2600, fax: 908-995-2200, email:, web site:

Conservation Resources relocated effective May 25 to Unit 2 Ashville Way, Off Watlington Road, Cowley, Oxford OX4 6TU, England.

Heritage Preservation has a new address at 1625 K St., NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20006, phone: 202-634-1422 fax 202-634-1435. Their website remains the same at

Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artist Guild (CBBAG) moved on May 15 to 60 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 112, Toronto, Ontario M6K 1X9, Canada.

Carraba Conservation has moved to a larger space at 9002 Anderson Mill Road, Austin, Texas 78729-4501. Email is

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