The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 9, Number 5
Sep 1985

Positions Open

The J. Paul Getty Conservation Institute advertised six positions in the July AIC Newsletter, including the one for Documentation Program Director printed here. The others are for Manager of Administrative Services, Training Program Director, two Associate Conservation Scientists and Conservation Scientist.

J. Paul Getty Conservation Institute

Under the general guidance of the Institute Director, the Documentation Program Director will be responsible for the overall development of the Institute's information network which will be designed to improve international access to conservation literature and related information. Duties will include ongoing monitoring of the profession's information needs, development of internationally coordinated online resources from existing conservation databases, development of mew databases and print products where appropriate and functional responsibility for AATA.

Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Direct enquiries/applications to: Janet Bridgland, Conservation Program Officer, the Getty Conservation Institute, R) Box 2315, Santa Monica, CA 90406-2315.

Joseph J. Marotti Co.

Permanent position at a newly constructed small conservation bookbinding facility in the Burlington, Vermont, area. Under the general direction of the Corporation, performs a variety of tasks related to the conservation of books and paper, rare books, and paper documents.


  1. Disbinds, binds, repairs and/or restores bindings of all types. Makes protective cases, pamphlet bindings, and boxes.
  2. Responsible for paper conservation treatments including but not limited to: cleaning, washing, deacidification, heat-setting, delamination, tissue mending, reinforcement, sizing, mylar encapsulation mounting, matting, removal of pressure sensitive tape, solubility testing.
  3. Works with and maintains tools and equipment used for conservation bookbinding such as hand tools, book presses, board shears, guillotine, job backers, stamping machines, fume hoods, air tables, etc.
  4. Work with chemicals needed in conservation.
  5. Responsible for all work dome in the conservation bindery, assurance of quality control, appropriate selection and approval of all techniques and procedures performed in the bindery including testing and evaluating of new conservation products and techniques, and conducts training and supervision of conservation assistants.
  6. Works with the Corporation in determining priorities for scheduling of work.
  7. Responsible for the maintenance of records and logs, conservation reports, and photo documentation.
  8. Supervision and coordination of in-house security microfilming of materials prior to treatment.


  1. Graduate Degree from a recognized conservation program or equivalent experience.
  2. Three to five years of training in bookbinding or equivalent experience.
  3. Knowledge of all current paper and book conservation techniques.
  4. High degree of manual dexterity and patience with detailed work.
  5. 2-3 years additional work experience desirable.

Salary: $35,000 +

Send resume and three references to: Joseph J. Marotti, Jr., Vice-President, RD 2, Milton, VT 05468 (802/893-4809).

Intermuseum Laboratory

The Intermuseum Laboratory is inviting applications for a Paper Conservation Technician position to begin Immediately. Primary responsibilities for this position will be to aid and assist the conservators in their work. Duties may include some remedial conservation work under a conservator's supervision, depending on the level of experience. This experience is oriented towards those individuals preparing for entry into a graduate conservation program. Some previous conservation experience is required. A paid position is being offered, dependent upon the individual's level of experience.

All applicants should send a portfolio documenting at least three treatments. Three letters of recommendation and curriculum vitae should be sent to Gina McKay, Acting Head of Paper Conservation at the Intermuseum Laboratory, Allen Art Building, Oberlin, OH 44074 (216/775-7331).

Intermuseum Laboratory

The Intermuseum Laboratory is offering a one-year contractual position for an Assistant Paper Conservator, with possible continuation. He or she will work independently under the direction of the Head Paper Conservator in documentation, examination, analysis and treatment of works of art on paper from major midwestern institutions. A knowledge of photographic conservation would be helpful. Additional duties include: assisting in the general work of the paper laboratory, travelling for on-site collection surveys, working with curators, and assisting in conservation training. Candidates should be graduates of conservation programs or the equivalent. One to three years experience is desired. Salary range is $18,500 - $20,500, dependent upon experience, plus liberal benefits.

A curriculum vitae and three letters of recommendation should be sent to Gina McKay, Acting Head of Paper Conservation,

Intermuseum Laboratory, Allen Art Building, Oberlin, Ohio 44074 (216/775-7331).

Public Archives Canada

We require an experienced specialist to organize and direct a comprehensive records conservation program to meet the needs of the Public Archives and the National Library. You will recommend new methods, techniques, equipment and concepts in the conservation of historic books and documents.

You require successful completion of approved post-secondary school training. You must have extensive and varied experience in the direction and management of a conservation laboratory with the emphasis on manuscripts, books and maps, and experience in paper preservation, deacidification processes, and the restoration of paper and historic bindings. Knowledge

of English and French is essential. Please note that in certain cases, language training may be offered.

We offer a salary ranging from $44,837 to $49,286 [Can.], depending on your qualifications and experience, plus other benefits.

Forward your resume and/or application form, quoting reference number S-85-31-5528-49DL-999-G40 to Diane Léger, Public Service Commission of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario KlA 0M7 (613/996-8053).

Closing date: 30 September 1985 [Editor's note: Canadian citizenship is probably a requirement.]

Yale University Library

Available Oct. 1, 1985 - Aug. 30, 1986.

Responsible for:

  1. Administering, with guidance, a preservation project that may include surveys, budgeting, report writing, log-range planning and some staff supervision.
  2. Studying and applying practical skills in library preservation; carrying out day-to-day routines of the Department including bibliographic searching, decision-making reviews, hands-on repair/binding techniques, preparation of books for commercial binding, etc.
  3. Attending meetings as appropriate; participating in workshops and educational presentations in preservation as required.


  1. M.L.S. degree
  2. Training in preservation administration and hands-on conservation techniques. Formal training preferred.
  3. Some experience in preservation administration and conservation techniques desirable. Experience in a research library preferred.

Salary: $21,000. Includes one month vacation pay at completion of 11-month project.

Application deadline: July 15, 1985, extended to September 1, 1985.

Northwestern University Library

This is a three-year position, funded by a grant from the Lloyd A. Fry Foundation. The object of the grant is to preserve materials in the Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies. Emphasis will be placed on the treatment of rare materials. The Conservation Technician will perform a variety of treatments, including conservation work on a range of paper, cloth and leather bindings. Treatments will include work on text block and covers such as resewing, rebacking, paper treatments, repairing existing covers, and constructing new covers. Binding structures will vary with historical period. Other treatments will include encapsulation, deacidification, and making protective enclosures. Other major responsibilities include participation in selection of materials for treatment, and selection of appropriate treatments. The position will report to the Preservation Officer.

Other projects the Conservation Technician will contribute to are the creation and operation of an in-house microfilming facility, and a condition survey of the Africana Collection. The incumbent will also perform bibliographic searching as necessary in the course of preservation treatment.


A minimum of two years' experience in bookbinding or book conservation through work in a library preservation/conservation department, private shop, apprenticeship, or formal training program; an understanding of conservation principles; ability to work independently; a cooperative spirit. The Conservation Technician will be expected to develop ability to make conservation treatment decisions.

Also desirable but not required are experience and continued interest in any of the following: library preservation; microfilming; bibliographic searching; African studies; history; art; chemistry; history of the book; bookbinding structures; library science.

Starting salary is $14,192.

Further information or a copy of the job description are available from: Richard Frieder, Preservation Officer, Northwestern University Library, Evanston, IL 60201 (312/491-7599).

Send applications to: Manager of Employment, Northwestern University, Personnel Office, 720 University Place, Evanston, IL 60201. AA/EOE

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