The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 5, Number 2
Apr 1981

Editor's Page



An apology to Wei T'o is in order for the ambiguity created in the "Polyword Prize" note about a long noun phrase in the September issue, and in the correction regarding the air sampler that followed it. No criticism of Wei T'o or the grammatical correctness of the phrase was intended, in the note or the correction.

Abbey's Equipment Editor

Paul James, a bookbinder of Alexandria, Virginia, has agreed to serve as the Abbey Newsletter's associate editor for supplies and equipment. All notices, catalogs, ads, and samples will go to him, and the material both for the Newsletter's pages and for any special mailings will cone from him. His address is P.O. Box 3330, Alexandria, VA 22302, and his telephone is (703) 370-0133.

Mr. James is the Newsletter's first associate editor, and a most welcome partner in this enterprise.

The Abbey Newsletter: Bookbinding and Conservation is issued 6 times a year by Ellen McCrady. New subscribers automatically receive all issues published in the current year, unless they request otherwise. All subscriptions expire on the last day of the year. To initiate or renew a subscription, send name, address, and a check for $12.00 to Abbey Newsletter, 5410 85th Ave. #2, New Carrollton, MD 20784. Institutions nay initiate subscriptions in their usual way, by requesting then through subscription agencies or by sending purchase orders.

Written contributions and bits of news are welcome. Claims for issues which are defective or damaged in the mail and for back issues paid for but never received will be honored without question within a reasonable period of time after issue. Write the above address or call (301) 459-1181 persistently, evenings and weekends.

Simple news articles and announcements may be freely reprinted in other newsletters without attribution and without explicit permission, according to established custom. Signed contributions, however, may not be reprinted without permission.

Copyright 1981 Ellen McCrady

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