The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 6, Number 5
Oct 1982

Apprenticeship Workshop
IV. Types of Apprenticeships

The National Council for Apprenticeship in Art and Craft held a two-day "Pilot Apprenticeship Workshop," sponsored by the Connecticut Commission on the Arts, in New Raven during January 1981. Excerpts from the summary report were printed in the August, November and December 1981 issues at this Newsletter.

Studio Apprenticeship

  1. The bare minimum for the apprentice must be:
  2. The bare minimum for master and apprentice is:
  3. An apprenticeship must not be:
  4. An apprenticeship could occur at three different stages for the apprentice:
  5. Apprenticeship could occur:
  6. An ideal apprenticeship should:
  7. An apprenticeship should transmit to the apprentice:

Academic Apprenticeships

  1. Needs and motivations
  2. Summary of guidelines

Institution and Art Center Apprenticeships

  1. Preplanning is needed--consider history and traditions
  2. Consider orientation and philosophy--define roles
  3. Plan funding
  4. Define the structure
  5. Decide what can be accomplished

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