The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 8, Number 3
Jun 1984

Editor's Page


Apology to Fine Engraving

On page 31 of the last issue (April), in a news item headed "Fine Engraving Ripoff," I implied that Michael Walker had left this country last year without notifying anyone. Since this item appeared, I have learned from him that he finished all outstanding work and told all his customers about his return to England. (He did not know that he had missed the customer whose letter appeared.) Three of his customers, in fact, have supplied me with copies of the form letter he sent to them in February, telling of his move and giving his forwarding address. (This letter was sent only after considerable delay--five or six months after he left the country, according to the information I have--but the important thing is that it was sent.)

I cannot document the existence of others with similar experiences. I remember only one or two telephone inquiries from people whose names I did not record, on dates I could not remember very well. I tried myself to reach him, placing phone calls and sending a certified letter of my own, and failed. Since I could not reach him, I assumed he could not be reached. By not checking the facts more carefully and by assuming that the single written complaint I received was typical, I have done the Walkers an injustice.

The Fine Engraving letter sent to customers in February gave the company's new place of business as 133-139, Church Road, Hadleigh, Essex, England. They still welcome business from their transatlantic customers.

The Correct ISSN: 0276-8291

For the last year, I have been typing the wrong International Standard Serial Number on the Newsletters. Nobody has complained or corrected me, but it is probably causing trouble in numerous order departments. From now on, it will be on the first page, where it can be more easily checked, and where in fact the National Serials Data Program at LC would prefer to see it.

Anniversary Year Was 10 Years Off

The first modern permanent/durable paper was produced only fifteen (15) years ago, not 25 years ago as stated on page 31 of the April issue. Bad arithmetic (incredibly bad) accounts for this error.

Guide for Book Reviewers

Anyone may submit a review on their own initiative, but the usual arrangement is for the Editor to approach individuals thought to be qualified to review the particular books sent by the publishers. A list of people willing to review books on certain subjects or in certain languages is kept at the Newsletter office. Additions to the list are invited.

If the review cannot be completed within three months, due to the pressure of events or whatever cause, the book should be promptly returned so that another person can have a try. The review book goes to the person whose review is printed.

Reviewers should note on the completed review their job title or status, in addition to their work address or (f or students) educational institution. If between jobs or retired, the name of the reviewer's best-known publication or an office held in a professional organization will serve to identify them to readers.

It is assumed that the reviewer who is employed by an institution is familiar with the institution's policy for reviewing manuscripts submitted for outside publication, and has obtained the necessary approvals.

Reviewers are free to express their opinions, within the bounds of good taste and professional courtesy, but comments and criticisms must be specific enough to permit constructive discussion and rebuttal. Analytical or critical reviews are generally more useful to readers than purely descriptive ones.

There are no requirements for length of text.


Renewal Rate High

Only 67 of the 700 paid 1983 subscriptions have not yet been renewed for 1984. That's a renewal rate of 90%.


This issue had to be shortened in order to get it out before all the events happened and all the positions were filled. Literature and Supplies material has been postponed until next time.

Announcements f or 6 or 8 paper conservator positions were typed for inclusion, but could not be fit into this condensed issue. The text has been separately reproduced and can be sent out on request. Call 212/280-4014, 9 am to 9 pm weekdays, or send self-addressed stamped envelope to the Abbey Newsletter, 0/0 School of Library Service, 516 Butler Library, Columbia University, New York NY 10027.

Two alphabetical subject lists and two classification schemes have been gathered for the forthcoming supplement on information retrieval. More of the same sort of contribution would be welcome, as well as informal reports on the use of computers f or indexing or information retrieval in conservation literature.

The Abbey Newsletter: Bookbinding and Conservation is issued six times a year and has about 750 paid subscribers. New subscribers automatically receive all issues published in the current year, unless they request otherwise. All subscriptions expire on the last day of the year. To initiate or renew a subscription, send name, address, and a check for $20 to Abbey Newsletter, do School of Library Service, 516 Butler Library, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027. (Note: the Newsletter is not part of Columbia University.) The telephone is 212/280-4014.

The Abbey Newsletter is indexed in Art & Archaeology Technical Abstracts, Institute of Paper Chemistry Abstract Bulletin and Graphic Arts Literature Abstracts (RIT).

Editor and publisher: Ellen R. McCrady.

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Copyright 1984 Ellen McCrady Correct ISSN: 0276-8291

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