The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 21, Number 3
Sep 1997

Supplies & Services

Column Editor: Elizabeth Morse

Note: Suppliers should send their news and samples to the column editor. She is Assistant Conservator, Harvard University Library Preservation Center, Holyoke Center Room 821, Cambridge, MA 02138 (617/495-7654, fax 617/496-8344).

Description or mention of products or services in this column should not be taken as an endorsement.

Conservation Resources International is pleased to announce a new catalog, Archival Supplies for Natural History Collections, which was made available in July, 1997. For many years a leading supplier of materials for paper, photographic, textile and general art conservation, Conservation Resources International is now offering a new range of products for biological collections. The new catalog will be devoted entirely to material designed for use in the care of natural history collections and supplements the many related items in the General Catalog. Among the products available are specimen trays, clear top boxes, folders, envelopes, specimen mounting cards, genus covers, palm folders, tools and supplies. To receive a new Natural History Catalog or the General Catalog, call 800/639-8422.

Continuous flow respirators with air pumps are available from McMaster-Carr. They feature either a full facepiece respirator or a Tyvek hood respirator, an on/off switch, circuit breaker, air-flow indicator, sturdy frame with handle and 50 feet of hose. They provide you with clean, breathable air from a source that's free of air contaminants. Air flows to you at a constant rate. Phone is 800/329-3200 and the fax is 908/329-3772.

Glove Bag  Inflatable Glove Chamber is great when working with air-sensitive or moisture-sensitive materials. It is convenient, disposable, versatile and economical. Contact Instruments for Research and Industry Inc., PO Box 159D, Cheltenham, PA 19012. Phone 215/379-3333 and fax 215/663-8847.

Conservator's Emporium, located at 100 Standing Rock Circle, Reno, NV 89511, offers the same products you are used to from Conservation Materials, plus a few more. Yolanda and William Foster are the owners and are anxious to meet your supply needs. The phone number is 702/852-0404 and the fax is 702/852-3737. Call for a new catalog and price list.

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