The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 5, Number 3
Aug 1981

Editor's Page


Neither the February nor the April announcement in this Newsletter of Heinke Pensky-Adam's recent appointment was accurate. In order to clarify the situation, the following statement has been submitted by the President, Mrs. Rhoda H. Clark, together with Ms. Pensky-Adam.

Monastery Hill Bindery is one of the oldest, continuous hand bookbinding firms in America. From its beginnings in 1868, the firm has been solidly established in Chicago, Illinois. Since 1906, Ernst Hertzberg & Sons Monastery Hill Bindery has been located at 1751 West Belmont Ave., Chicago, Illinois, 60657.

In 1978 a formal conservation studio was built and established as a separate entity on the second floor of Monastery Hill Bindery, known as Studio Lariviere. During the first three years, book conservation and restoration was performed by John Lariviere, and paper conservation was performed by Janet Ruggles.

On January 3, 1981, Heinke Pensky-Adam, a fellow in the AIC, assumed responsibilities as Head of the Conservation Department which has been renamed Midwest Book and Paper Conservation c/o Monastery Hill Bindery.

Persons wishing to visit the facilities may do so by appointment with Heinke Pensky-Adam.

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