The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 16, Number 4
Aug 1992


An informative five-page handout on this project with bibliography, was made available at the American Library Association conference, where the project was reported in the Physical Quality and Treatment Discussion Group. For more information contact 1) Peter Murdoch, Managing Director, ID Security Systems Canada Inc., 234 Galaxy Blvd., Etobicoke, Ont. Canada M9W 5R8 (416/674-4788, Fax: 5075) or 2) Johanna Wellheiser, Manager, Preservation Services Department, Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library (416/3937128, Fax: 7229).

A radiologist who stole art, photography and mathematical material, and a rare book dealer who was found to be hiding two old maps under his sweater have also been charged. The story is in the May American Libraries, along with a summary of a March 29 story in the Washington Post that tells about the hundreds of thousands of books mutilated or stolen at the Library of Congress.

The National Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History, an organization of historians, has protested the new limitation on access to the stacks, saying the Committee would support a procedure for screening researchers instead, because stack passes are not just a convenience but are an essential research strategy for identifying sources that can not be located through finding aids. The LC staff has also protested, because many of them are working on research of their own after hours.

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