The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 21, Number 4
Nov 1997

Supplies & Services

Photograph of Elizabeth Morse

Column Editor: Elizabeth Morse

Note: Suppliers should send their news and samples to the column editor. She is Assistant Conservator, Harvard University Library Preservation Center, Holyoke Center Room 821, Cambridge, MA 02138 (617/495-7654, fax 617/496-8344).
Description or mention of products or services in this column should not be taken as an endorsement.

Tungsten dissecting needles are very handy for exacting tasks in the lab, such as work under a microscope, scoring paper or just as an excellent aid for manipulation. They can be found at McCrone Accessories, 850 Pasquinelli Drive, Westmont, IL 60559-5531. Their phone is 800-622-8122 or 708-887-7100. And their fax is 708-887-7764. To get you started you might consider the following:

106-H, tungsten needle holder
107, tungsten needles #1, 2, 3
107-1, #1 tungsten needle, blunt
107-2, #2 tungsten needle, sharp
107-3, #3 tungsten needle, ultra sharp

When you want exceptionally fine quality mats, but don't have the time to cut them yourself, consider the mat cutting service by Light Impressions. As a leader in archival supplies including mat boards, they've been custom cutting mats for museums and galleries for years. Call 800-828-8216 or fax 800-828-5539 for Light Impressions' free 100-page catalog, which includes a wide selection of mat board and plenty of information on custom mat cutting.

Paper Technologies has moved! You can reach them at 6333 Chalet Drive, Unit D, Los Angeles, CA 90040. Their phone number is 562-928-5600 or 800-727-3716 and their fax is 562-927-6100.

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